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St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 27

St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 27

St. Louis, Missouri
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I V. I I i 1 .1 i I I 1 4 6, I 4 -71. ota5 1 tots or unmson dify i 1 omes bou ht tor esa voiligel AV 1 A i ibm100 1 t' 1 One of the biggest problems In ing for Franke and Assoolates. g. I buying and selling the new Gun- which is sponsoring the sale of ir--'.

I 1 13 i i 1 41 nison pre-fabs here has been over- the U. S. Steel-subsidiary homes, 1 I I i come. Suitable lots, where- the acquired 46 lots in Legion Terrace i i 1 i -N $62.50 home can be erected and last week- and will market them 1 elf 1 eal TO a 's, 1 approved for financing, are avail- The lots front on Wanda .1 .,.4 able in large numbers today in al today avenue and Haven street in- the "dr .4 ,4 new subdivision acquired for this located on the north ort express side of Loughborough avenue be- REAL ESTATE NEWS AND ADS DEATH NOTICES LOST AND FOUND-EMPLOYMENTAUTOMOBILES -4 1 I Federer Realty Company, act- tween Morganford -road and I it 1 I 1 Gravois, avenue. 5 1 It 1 1 L.L12, "The subdivision Is already Im- SECTION C--Pages 1 to 10 Sunday, Dec.

41, 1949 proved, having streets sewers, 1.4 laslics hill water and electricity Installed. I Erection of some of the Gunnison 1 i I homes will be itarted there next 1 ek officials of the Federer i I ive Cweemiany i I eases 0 The lot ill average about 38x135 feet and will front A brick building at along two sides of Wanda avenue tt. i i 1657-69 Olive at. and adjoininz and one side Haven street. 35 YORK BRENTWOOD, was sold by Mr.

and Mrs. Louis 1-1' Esselmann to Mr. and Mrs. John T. Murphy ix' arking space was recently leased Pece is estimated at approxi- 1 1 1 by Sanford Products Corporation! 1500 to 11600.

i I I through the realty office of Margaret Caradine Wright. .1 1:.,...1,,,. 'Ill 1 maltel for an undisclosed term of I bles plastic novelties. is headed sem I 4 1, It i The products company. which as- understood that the ground 1 I was acquired from Louis Schim- p- I I 0' I rmer, who had originally developed 4.

le P4 by Le Unger dl-- ni c' the tract for subdivision purposes. i 1 The building leased Mr. Ray D. Mueller acted as his 4 5'44q -t ...4.... and Mrs.

J. H. Douglass has building is fireproof, equipped with agent in last week's transfer; 300 square feet of floor space. The Federer Realty Company was 42.4'''') agent for the ar men a large elevator, steam heat and I I tl 11 0 I -'-sTh. rive-in doors.

It was originally i 1 a ,...4., i 4 I ...41 21 Is built for a Ford automobile DO YOU HAVE 11 I i I 0 .1.... -1 I i Ill 1 .1 111 1 i 1 il i 10111 LI 1 11.10 dnk I agency' agents said rEelloommilort a a t.goui VAMP low- glow zoo LOST AND FOUND-EMPLOYMENT-AUTOMOBILES REAL ESTATE NEWS AND ADS- DEATH NOTICES SECTION CPages 1 to 10 ii tabc lentricrat 0 r.j Sunday, Dec. 4, 1949 -4 35 YORK BRENTWOOD, was sold by Mr. and through the realty office of Margaret Caradine Wright. i F.

t- I I I' Mrs. Louis 11. Esse 'mann to Mr. 'ert and Mrs. John T.

Murphy t-'''--'-tilAparttlient in -G tots or unnison Ioflles I D11' i -ought, for esale One of the biggest problems In buying and selling the new Gunnison pre-fabs here has been overcome. Suitable lots, where- the $6250 home can be erected and approved for financing, are available in large numbers today in a new subdivision acquired for this express Federer Realty Company. I PlastIcs Fir Olive leases on A two-story brick building at 36.57-69 Olive at. and adjoining parking space was recently leased by Sanford Products Corporation! for an undisclosed term of The products company. which assembles plastic novelties.

is headed by Leo Unger. .1 The building leased Mr. and Mrs. J. H.

Douglass has 300 square feet of floor space. The building is fireproof, equipped with a large elevator, steam heat and! drive-in doors. It was originally built for a Ford automobile agency agents said. sale Lnd Assoolates. rig the sale of bsidiary homes, Legion Terrace I market them 'ont on Wanda I street in the it.

on the north igh avenue be--road and Is already im- treets, sewers, icity -installed. the Gunnison led there next the Federer average about and will front Wanda avenue Haven street. at approxi- L600. 1 that the ground I Louis Schim- nally developed vision purposes. acted as his transfer; Company was r.

WAVE ing for Franke and Assoolates. which is sponsoring the sale of the U. S. Steel-subsidiary homes, acquired 46 lots in Legion Terrace last week- and will market them today. The lots front on Wanda 1.

avenue and Haven street in- the subdivision located on the north 1 side of Loughborough avenue between Morganford -road and I Gravolz. avenue. The subdivision is already improved, having streets, sewers, water and electricity installed. Erection of some of the Gunnison 1 homes itarted there next week, officials of the Federer stated. The lots will average about 38x135 feet each and will front along two sides of Wanda avenue and one side of Haven street.

i Price is estimated at approximately to' 1600. 1 It is understood that the ground I was acquired from Louis Schimriner. who had originally developed the tract for subdivision purposes. Ray D. Mueller acted as his agent 1it last week's transfer; Federer Realty Company was agent for the buyer.

1 ND YOU H1AVEm .4 1 I I 1 Randell S. Dodd. Realtor, represented both the lessor and the lessee in the negotiations. WOOD-SCREENS. SCREEN DOORS.


1320 k4 Likes 6024 letter Semen Siace 1415 t'SE E5 El) I the D1P 1 24 IITES basement with leek for wed crocks sealed 2. a. Examine all lied le concrete. mos. lower port hies.

lechers leis's. end bow. idow frames. If trolls of mud I termites. your home end ors.

onoble. VICE A. 1042 Swami's. 32,13 dation I basement with leek for mad crocks sealed Examine all sealed lit centre. frames.

lower part hies. lechers. joists. and basm, window frames. If trails of mad termites.

your home and years. reasonable. SERVICE A. 1042 control hominess. foundation C1 7ERMITES Inspect flashlight.

tubes or wits mud. pests door of coal ends of meet yew see you have we treat it for 5 Prices termite al La 11 troublad with stop therm scinntifically. LOUIS 14, CALL PA. 7340 County Trade 1 0. 7 "s- I tl -14 -11t 44.1! vs -116.

ncoati I 4 --0- 1 i mr ie e- I dolt us. quaroote I UNC, 4105 NFL: 20 Years io Calt es. guarantee DUNCAN 405 WALNUT 20 Years In EEL-NOR RESIDENCE. 8310 Ards ley was sold by Mr. and Mrs.

Carl J. Zeit ler to Dr. and George E. Gitchoff. The David P.

Leahy Realty Company represented the sellers. Londolf Realty Company the buyers. I A big 36-unit apartment ii? Richmond Heights changed hands last week. Valued at a reported 000, the building is located at 1330-38 Hawthorne et. Mr.

sand Mrs. Albeit Weinhaus, former owners of the property, transferred it to Bernard is understood that several varcels were traded in connection with the deal. The apartment building, one of the largest in Richmond Heights, Iis divided into three-room, room and five-room apartment units. 1 The realty office of William S. I Seltzer ez Company represented all 0 parties in the transaction.

1 ,4 Corzcrete Block Has Bria-Like Facing VI rift VENETIAN to) The VSPIE LINDs a i lot, scq. Co- FO. 8331t. 900 NO. 'KINGSHIGHWAY Opole Evenings Till Ckri StMOS VENETIAN LIN DS 2 0110,1 Co.

FO. (THE FREEMAN SYSTEM) PAT. PUMPED PIERS EXCLUSIVE I INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU INVEST i INV EXCLUSIVE if you are cracks wo STONE HOME BUILT ON FOUR LEVELS is located near Accommodation and Car- le rico roads overlooking the Missouri River. It was purchased by Mr. I and Mrs.1111chard 1: E.

Bell Sr. from the Mississippi Valley Trust Company, trustee of till Shelbyfl. Curlee Jr. estate I 16 Call us tad I- and settlinl FREED1 1012 II FOR Call us today and settling FREEMAN 1012 CONTRACTING 10 IRMA ST. 'ESTIMATE 4 Businessman Buys River Island, Castle-Like Home is 39 cents per block.

H. C. Reichard manufacturer, said last week. The advantages of the block are numerous. Reichard said.

Not only is it moisture proof. non-fading. and attractive in appearance. but it has the outstanding feature of being low-cost. Setting one block in place is the equivalent of laying 12 bricks at a time, the manufacturer continued.

Therefore. labor costs are reduced by about 35 to 40 per cent. Walls. chimney and above-grade foundation made of "Bric-Block" will cost. less than $750 for an average -small home, Reichard re- ported.

The blocks require no upkeep and carry the minimum in surance rates. Building Work Commitments Up' Over Last Year Investment commitments building ilding and engineering works, as measured by contracts awarded. last month amounted to 681,000 in the region comprised of eastern Missouri. southern Illinois, western Tennessee and Arkansas to show a decline of 4 per cent from September and an increase of 10 per cent over October last year. it was reported today by Carl G.

Momberg, district manager of F. W. Dodge Corporation. a fact-finding organization for the construction industry. October's volume brought the cumulative value of projects for which contracts were awarded in the first 10 months of the year to $434,118,000 or 2 per cent more than in the corresponding period of last year.

1 Non-residential a wards last month in the region aggregated S16.3.57.000, a decline of 10 per cent from September and a drop of 21 per cent from October. 1948. The 10-month cumulative nonresidential total was or 21 per cent less than in the corresponding period of last year. 1 Residential building awards in I the region last month totaled 1 867,000 to show an 11 per cent de-I crease from September and a 21 Iper cent gain Over October of last year. The cumulative 10-month residential total was $148.528.000 Ior 8 per cent higher than in last year's corresponding record, with 1 a 10 per cent increase in single- family houses built to owners' or1 ders and a 17 per cent gain singlet family houses built by operative builders being the most notable characteristic of the 10-month trend.

i Heavy engineering awards to1 taled S13.457.000 last month. up 16 per cent over September and up i 64 per cent over October of last Iyear. with the cumulative 10- month volu me of $139,014.000 showing a 37 per cent increase over the corresponding period of last year. Committee for Home Show Now 0 I 1 Foundation i 1, 36 Months to Pap Roofs Instal 1 Foundatio Ili l'! ri Foundation 1 36 Months to Roofs Installed 1 Foundations IV Ill ri Foundation, 36 Months to Roofs Installed Foundations A castle and an island, fit sub- as an Island retreat. Bejects for story-book romance, sel- it's overgrown with brush dom find a place in St.

Louis real overrun with wolves." (Palm estate news. But last week a local and orangoutans still seem businessman bought. both. to be prerequisites for an ideal Richard E. Bell railway sup- escapist's isle).

ply dealer, acquired the former Known as "Possum Hollow Shelby Hammond Curlee Jr. estate Farm," the estate consists of apon the Missouri River near Car- proximately 464 acres on the 1 rico and Accommodation roads. mainland and 589 acres on the The home is a stone mansion built eastern end of Pelican Island. on four levels. having numerous Over 2000 apple trees grow in the Richard E.

Bell railway sup- ply dealer, acquired the former Shelby Hammond Cur lee Jr. estate on the Missouri River near Car- rico and Accommodation roads. 1 The home is a stone mansion built on four levels. having numerous escapist's Known Farm," t) proximatf mainland eastern Over 2000 A I rz Lill LAIC I rl Cracks Stopped by hydraulic Pressure Fully InsuredAll Work Guaranteed PayEstimates FREE-100 MilesIllinois and Missouri i and Repaired, Houses Reshingled WaterproofedFloors Leveled i 3 ED CONSTRUCTION CO. 4 i S627 Nanchostac STorling 6161 -), NIGHTS AND SUNDAY CHestmost 51106 I 1 W41 IISED ANDISTABILTIZED BASEMENI 1 OUNDATIONSETI i I 11 0 I RESSUR 3 f.

OR GUARANTEED TAP OVERED (It tR11111 It A foe 1 GAO 0 ISTIMO ATEs -e I 0 4414411 i di Nowlin I is, 454 DMON I 0 A 4 A (MbaCEZEI VUEZEEk'11) Cracks Stepped by hydraulic Pressure Fully InsuredAll Work Guaranteed PayEstimates FREE-100 MilesIllinois and Missouri and Repaired, Houses Reshingled WaterproofedFloors Leveled ED CONSTRUCTION CO. S627 hanchestsr STorling 6161 NIGHTS AND SUNDAY CHestmost 51106 5-noora et BUNGALOW 1 INSULATED If kJ Ceiling of Average size bungalow 24)02 completely insulated to a depth of 4. Writt; A LifeVme Factory tee nos toriCest 9 Othr Sizes 11 SEAL-041001- cOi. 11110t1 5385 COMBINATION t. STORKIAND SCREEN 1 DOORS IF 8 (1141 Al 11E1 li itl 1111 1 nti IN Sere" Storm Panel IN SUMMER --1 IN WINTER Floe Mesh KIWIS Out CMS Breazio Wire --lc) Saves Fuel 2 DOORS IN ONE Mad.

of vt.r Selsmted Ponderosa Whit. Pine, II-It. Gloss Panel. BM'S. Wire Seem 'Panel.

name aro tn. finest Combination Doors'atad. CHICLE HEAD I 3xio'9" 44.57 2 11 44.39 rx71" 44.95 SQUARE TOP I6i40 I 3x69" 18.40 1C45 18.45 Vireo' 1 1 1 2239 S. Vandaventer MOhawk 4000 la 'orchard on kToindi, nd out- buildings include an 1 enormous ,8 apple shed. i i I apple shed.

I uteri 1: The main! house sits high on a duff overlooking the Minor channel Of the river. Built. oti several levels, it has a billiard; rOom, dining room, kitchen and'utility room on the first level, living iroom, I brary and guest rooms, on the sec- ond, master bedrooms, and baths on the third, and complete servants' quarters on fourth. The property wasP sold by the Mississippi yalley Trust company, trustee of the Shelby Curlee Jr. estate.

I I I 1 1 -IL ALIJA ILA I Enjoy gleaming! ne w. svalls of Clay, Plastic, ANIminum oi Vittolite. So priced to meet any' budget. NO NONEYi DOWN. 36 NIONINS TO PAY CALL OR FREE ESTIMATE 'TILE AND RAINBOW1 C-B1NET Co.

1433 CI4OUTEALI I GA. 6068 Seitiloy I Doily: i 1.4(Airs 1.6.4 4otot4 7 to 1 Perfect Christmas Gift. 7 Fits Right Over Year Steve lei 4'9 MORE GREASY ri MORE CREASY lie 10 KITCHEN WALLS frIT 4100 Wkita Siove Canopy; wi Whit Siove Canopy with Fan It lights the stove opi Whisks iq Kn away odors! Traps mrase 1 In a re- movable paid Size i for any stove! Iv Wipes with ciotM Takes a cooking heat Biggest kitchen lc improvement in years. i Write for ti literetere4 We IWive! anyWhere. Easy In to instail.4 CLEMENS CO.

335 Gravols, le Phone PM 0195 4zsmrezommcmiltimmtatzmcw. i 1 1 0 LEU I I LINOLEUM Rubber-Asphalt Tile Aluminum-Plailick Wall Tilt i O. KNELL CO. I 3524 Gr'avolli LA. 0535 ir ILE 1 l': IL- )it 'M iW Fits Risk Over Year Steve' 11 1t 'It) MORE GREASY qi KITCHEN WALLS it i 411111 4100 II i I i A' LI, 4, A I 14 le LINOLEUM Rubber-Asphalt Tile Alumi a um-PI ailick Wall Tilt i 0 I A KNELL CO 3524 Gravith i LA.

0535 I- 7 1 PHONE AEI W. 8798 3027 LOCUST le COMBINATION STORM WINDOWS 1W(vp. 11010 11011110019S MIMS 0 Old All KONG SUMS 7D, FOR LENNOX HEATING SERVICE SEE SOUTHERN HEATING CO. 125 Looney Ferry 4742 Gravels LO. 5616 FL.

5600 III ZUMWALT Atir OINBINATIONS I fhe finest aluminum window money can buy. Full floating self-storing, trouble-free Recommended for homes apartments, hotels and institutions. 1 1 Please send more information regarding Kaufmann Windows. Nauss Address I tits Atat. I 11-4-49 In 1 ReptsentaHvi Wooled Zumwalt Corporation 1617 Lafayette LA.

6500 St. Louis 4. Me. Established 24 Years i gaitc9tOVERDooRs Thu 'holes of boyors who oveotilato bolero buying MI 4 Garai Doors Dist do toot fft worst. sotostostorily Sr tos woke shook nd taw Is REPLACED NOW with Barcol OVERDOORS rwr retideptiat or einwertial use On Barrie! OVERDOOR it thr setwer dentitdabln traubte-free pratteei.

All nes FEATURES rallied lay sae Sarc.S OVERDOORS tt Safe. Quint Twin Tern, Strings acov PHONE I1 loot) Thu elwiee of boyoro who owtotilato Wort blame IA rn 1- iii-1111111--1 Li (--- i. 43 il til OCIEUED lk 4 1 4. I I Machinery to produce a-revolutionary type of building block was set into motion hene last week. 'nit H.

C. Reichard Brie-Block Company, SOU Manchester ave, recently 1 acquired the necessary machinery to manufacture a con trete building block with a facing that looks just like bricks. Each unit is shaped like a standard concrete block. but has a rough texture on one side and is grooved to resemble six bricks laid in conventional fashion. Cost BLINDS STEEL AS LOW AS 2 Phone 1 Days Wolk 8 a.m.

io 10 p.m- OFFICEPR. 7122. FACTORYMO. 2002 Thy ORIGINAL TILLMAN4340 ARSENAL WE HAVE NO "RANCHES II Se. Et 'CLAY TILE Itarnociall your home nowt Semi, colors evailablo.

Clay Me walls and caramic floors and cc'ssotios For baths. kitchons, store fronts, inst4w4ions. Asphalt nd rubber floors installed. Cali EV. 5473 for estimate PAUL BAN TILE CO.

5510 GILMORE to AS 4,0 IID! I DO tt CREE WOR (t 0 Cs.E.0 Quick-Sander ATTACHMENT. For Converting Any Electric Handsaw I info a Belt-Scmder gip go. Coomplet Withot Sew IMMEDIATE DELIVERY IiId onsuctioR quipment company 01 Pima. Pk 1211 4111S Forest Park 7, e. -1 0 i .1164 A .11 'IAN a.

1 1 4 A th 4 itonstuctioR la. quipment company Pima. U. 1211 4115 Forest Park I Il gables and towering chimneys. i Across the river from it is the eastern end of Pelican Island, also figuring in the deal.

Mr. and MrS. Bell will make their home in the big stone resi- dence designed by Architect Bev- erly Nelson. But the island prop- erty. Bell said, is in the process of being resold.

"Can't afford romance," said Bell yesterday when asked why he would part with something as to- tions of the '50 show. announced it will bring in a nationally-known economist to be in charge of its kitchen display. 1103IE OWNERS! HY Aluminum Covers Will keep Rain From Falling in YOUR OPEN CHIMNEY i nv-c co. vi4-- ItO. 5304 5116 Vermeil I ETh.


Ulm 6222 1ALUMINUM or REDWOOD-1 Combination Self-Storing STORM and SCREEN DOORS WINDOWS Sore am! Be Comforted, la With itat Market's Bast Value TRADE IN Yiker Old Storm SASH OR SCREENS I 0 ALUMINUM 5199LREDWOOD $123 LL-A-SIA SS" densonstretioe wed estieseee Tine. poyonesss desired PHONE co' 6796 EVE141116 ODEL WINDOWINSWATING CO 511 CISPLAV AT 3357 GRAVOI5 Some LocHen 1174 Inselatia I I id log ottet teatiotarhe pts desired resLATING ide 6796 CO 3357 GRAV015 a Salto 1 1176 -T-'------ 1 4 A( Arliq' VI 1. Irv' 6 -F-V-- itt ae, i- 4. ...,0,4., Call for Free Estimate 14, -r, zr Call for Free Estimate )0', WALL AND SETTLING FOUNDATIONS l.f I oluio A 16. 2 I I I 1 i I ----n- GIVE YOUR HOME A It I A 44.

---410 JUST Itki GIFT JU let 2(r ir cnc 404t OF A Lt: Bill PLASTIC- Per at TILE 1 -1 NI" Day mw a.41:Ziri For Bath Kitchen Walls Choose from 37 Different Colors. Won't Won't Won't Install It yourself or wet will Install Stain Marblehead or Pastel. it for yea. RUBBER ASPHALT FLOORS- THE CO. ELGIN SINKS AND.

CABINETS FL. 5921 OPEN EVENINGS 4462 CHIPPEWA k--, SKCIAL OYER 100 SIZES sT Ortra-'slisti SIZES MADE 4 r- IN STOCK OF TO -4 fi- COMPLETE STOCK OF 1 DOORS Knotty Pine 2.11" 1 vs. Gates, $2.25 Panel On Panel 13 35 ,,,,11 0' with' 1 Tien Panel I I I 100 S. 7C. $14.00 ..1 Asesos emen Ct, Sig Panel $14 1,0 Ono Light tau 117.413 Board 4's8' 14" G.

E. Four tight Glass LIS 75 S3.58 -Light Bulbs Ti. Liiiht French $17.02 Carton ef II Prested, 1-; Zaono-lite 60 Watt. 7116 bt 7 PLASTER BOARD Insulation Heat Lamps Keette Pill. Plollth Covers 17 sq.

ft. 3 nfr G. E. Ltd Iared. ...1 4.N11 sAl" $7.09 Thick.


21:01. e'---- 1 -I. ---ter 0,,,, 1 Quick; Permanent, LowCost Construction Steel Buildings are Alsynite skylights give available in any width, you a well lighted shop 1r) 116 13 I-17 EDEV)110) House 1548 REGISTERED ENGINEERS I ESTABLISHED 62 TEARS, ALL BUILDING FAILURES CORRECTED p.s DAY PHONES (CONSULT AN EXPERT( GR. 3012 HU. 1741 GIL 3013 Executive Show Committee f1 the fourth annual St.

Louis Nttional Home Show at the Arena. under the management of Ira Curry. was Announced yesterday. The show is to be hettl Apr. 16-23.

The members of the committee are: H. S. Vandergrif. of C. J.

Harris Lumber Company: Carl E. Sahoe. of Iron Fireman Corporation; R. W. Moore.

of International Harvester Company; Frank Afton. of F. V. Clemens Company; R. W.

Sonderman. of McCabe Powers Auto Body Company; Joseph A. Mrazek of Mrazek Moving and Storage Company: Li Frank Grasso. of Grasso Coal and Oil Company; L. C.

Wickett of St. Louis Boat and Motor Company; Elmer IL Dabb. KluthoDaab. Incorporated; Harvey Frohlichstein. ARA Distributing Company; W.

Stanley. of W. H. Stanley Appliance Company, and Darwin E. Scholl.

of Biederman Furniture Company. The Show Committee. which will decide on all features and attrac Dah ann motor l). Klutho- ed; Harvey Froh- 3istributing Com- tanley. of W.

H. ce Company, and )11. of Biederman any. imittee. which will tures and attrac- i boa Pt ante- priael ei.

Chou'. sel-- sarteated Rubbot A straaal weatherstrip 74a Rapped CeastrtattiaaEaso et 0 is. Phone Rler S. Free Cloaf O. Nal, VI 5707 Manchester ST.

8616 0 1 1 11 weettoor-tinitt sod Platt le-rowel Cant Csininn Ache. irsierteated Rubber Astrapel weatherstrip Rapped CeastrtattieEsso et 0 ise Piero for Fre Isfimet VORIS. CO. 5707 Manchester ST. 8616 e- omiw 4 wEr DAcculENTscis WALLS iRrAllose 83 RII3L ICtIA JO! 1 Kr A 17 tim ot I 16 ilDermsnma TIEU I rtillitilmocetoA SUND-AT Wte sod stoat Ospatolfut colors- Untimely Waterproofs.

Daterotes sod Re- 6 pairs oil mimosa', sod stelm'so h' rteces: laud. or outside. fissile Milted owl 4 0 --A 1:119. All 4ed Vil.04N3 toS FO. 5587 WET BASEMENTso Whits sad tairt bspotaitut colors.

Waterproofs. Decorates and Repoirs mouton, sad Inside or outside. Easily" Milted sod WALLS i i'irt I il DAT! 0 il 1 Cracked Walla I co AFI 0L 0 Rs I RAISED Applied wilit Brash. Waterproofed Egload's Wartime SWIM brneiters ono Underonsood fectory walls. Used Ws world over.

U. Goveranatat Specifocalloos. Tested wafer Pressure resistaace op to IOC lbs. per square lochs. Certified by licensed Laboratory.

Lasts moony years. 10 FHA I lbs. of S3.45 smokes, 2 cosino only $1.73 Per Oaf. 100 Illi. rocket 20 FinAticED nquire, or roper Correction sesfing only $1.45 per' val.

Free city deliverie or shipped BELIABLE SOIL STABILIZATION CO. anywhere Limit Post Zeoes 1 and 2 odd 35c for 10 44e for 25 lbs. Extra for C. O. D.

10 25s: 25 35c. Pre hestractiv Q1411 D7, ai 11, tiA 1 any They cost -or The new- i 41 11 s'" "119'14 less. save time and are est thing in modern i a 0 fit AB( .1 OM NSURAI I. CENTRAL STATES FOUNDATIOI tO I designed to meet your building. Call us for in- requirements.


Fee Pia I nc DE 6490 2414 11. 22nd St, CALL MA. 3561 FLOIIS LEVELED liferstore. CI. 2Ie0.

CLOSED SATURDAYSFREE CITY AND COUNTY DELIVERY ll 8870 LADUE RD ALL WORK EN 7 ....7 7 .11411 MISSOURI STEEL WIRE CO. 1404 N. Broadway St. Libmis MANCHESTER i 6445 1 LADUE SUPPLY, MC 411P I 4 I I I tt 1 1 I i i I I I 4t I'IDATIOL'IS Cracked Walla? itnoniro tor Proper Correction BELIABLE SOIL STABILIZATION CO. 2414 PI.

22nd St, CALL MA. 3561 FLOIll LEVELED 1 ALL WORK Applied with Brash. Waterproofed iglawfs Wartime tomb Shelters end Uodergroorml walls. Used the werld ever. Meets U.

Governawat Speciticatioes. Tested water Pressure resistaaco op to 100 lbs. per square Inch. Certified by Goverment's licensed Laboratory. Losts moony years.

10 lbs. of $3.45 wakes, 2 costing only $1.73 per gal. 100 ibi. wakes 20 eh? SI.45 Pro city deliveries ee shipped salywbere P. O.

Si. Louis. Fee Portel Post Zoos 1 owl 2 odd 35c for 10 41 for 2 lbs. Extra for C. O.

D. 10 25c: 25 35c. Pree hostructive literstore. CI. 211,00.

CLOSED SATURDAYSFREE CITY AND COUNTY DELIVERY MISSOURI STEEL WIRE CO. FHA 'F'UB fY41-0-181 FIHAHCED 1 Al 1 CENTRAL STATES FOUNDATION-- 0.1 Inc. 1 0445 LMANCHESTE.R1 A. I Ii any length. They cost -or warehouse The new, less, save time and a'r est thing in modern I designed to meet your building.

Call us for in-requirements. I 1 EASY TERMS CAN BE ARRANGED LADUE SPPL UY Ille DE 6490 8870 LADUE RD. 1 1.

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