The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1934
Page 5
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1934 BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS >MEDV DAN THOMAS — GEORGE SCARBO ^ in inducement for cotton on call with 12c .1 pound guaranteed. One prominent firm tod«y advertised its vUltngnesi to purchase from producers their participation trust certificates in the 1933 producers pool at 20 points on October New York and pay cash [or the difference between thai purchase price and any accrued charges. WRY MOWN, FATHER cf ! R3RM6R! A SCREEN CP BEING- JUST \ V TOM BROWN'S 1 DAD'i for numbtr 2 while. Shipping do niand remains slow. Provisions held within narron limits. _. M9E FAlENDA, wOTEO FOS. nea DJV.B ROLES ou -THE •z ACTUALLY I? A SUCCESSFUL OPcRATOS?.. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Sept. 13 IUI') — A smart recovery in u. S. government bonds wns the ouisland- feature on the slock exchange loday wliilc stocks drifted aimlessly In a dull turnover. Other markets yerp dull nnd Irregular. A. T. and T 110 3-3 Anaconda Copper 11 Bethlehem Sice! 27 1-1 Clnyslci 31 Cilies Service 17-8 Coca Cola General American Tank X General Electric 18 General ivlotois 28 1-1 International Harvester 25 3-3 Montgomery Ward 23 7-8 New York Central 20 3-D Packard : 31-2 Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp SimmonsyBeils ... timdard of N. J. The Editor'* Letter Box ]>ri\cr Welcome* foulest (To tr.e editor:) I herewith enclose n letter 1 \io\x yen may publish. I want to say that some one 1ms the nrrve to lite n contest in a .jrlmary election, us 1 feel thai it win be the menus of showing to our iwople how our primary elections lire conducted in this county of into. Of course, there are mnny ieotuves in connection wllh these election-) tlinl won't be exposed, such as the pur- ci:nsiny of ixjll lax receipts awl oilier criminal practices. Now Jusi look »l tlie Wilson liox, where ever 977 vo(es were cast while there isn't over 200 votes in the precinct. Then Kelser. MeFcrrln, and some of the Osreola boxes. One of our citizens was in Osceola Scientist Sw Meteors As "Key to Universe" PHILADELPHIA (UP)—Meteors aie the key to (he universe, according to Dr. Charles p. Oliver, director of the Flower Observatory of itie University or Pennsylvania. 'As meteors arc renlly Ihe debris or blstjcr bodies, we cnn leiiru semi-thing of (he nature ot tile liu'si'i 1 todies by studying meteors minutely." [>r. Oliver explained recently. He added that In his opinion Hie iiiniual shrwer of I'eiseirt meteors "hnven'l the faintest lo do with the weather." PAGE FIVE liuvc been fnvor the timber, t s ders. iniuh'. hard bill us iifillvi-.s of Inking lha to cntch ollen- l''cdcui Lund Bunk has iinnouiicetl. of si, lauis, Compuring with the basic period o[ 1912 to 1914 McKlnney wld the land is valued at H per cent. Last year tlic value was 80 per cent. Crop nirt rillinciu and two suc- ccoslvc drouths with consequent better prices lor products 1m ve miule farm investments desirable, McKlnney s«td. vs. Arkansas Farm Land Shows Increase in Value PINE B1AJFP, Ark. (Ul'i-Value of :.i:.n lund in Arkansas lins in- ciTBcnl six i«r cent over last year for C-.s gain In H years. S. V. HIUDOEl'ORT, O, (UP)—WlicnjKt Liquid or T.iWrts Cbttks M»i- McKlnney. Held agent here for Hie HID Jury wheel WHS spun for the arta In Thnc !>»>». Sure Preventive (•11 term of common pleas court here, slips carrying the names at William and Albert Reed, brothers, came out togetlier. 66* MALARIA Ozark Moonshiners Cause for Oak Barrels dixy of election EMINENCE, Mo. lUl')-lX"limild loi bum-Is by iniinufnclnreni ot illicii liquor in the Ctemks Ims resulted in a nourishing business for boutlefiders of barrel slnvc Umber. Owners of lurgc tracts of while oak have complained lo nnthorl- Itlcs th:it thousands of feet of tim- to vote and lie lold them that | (hey wanted I Urr tire being cut. A few urn'sU, 5 1,3! he had voted at Luxora and thoy | [j [_j. replied thiit imule no dllfercnce. | 42 i_>l'rhcre were two truck loads of men 1 Texns Co .............. il 5-1' c;lrric( l f rom Liixora tu .Wilson and S. Steel at I-'.'. S. Smelting 113 l-'J DOK NOT KWCNl HOW OLD' LOUGHS, Today's Markets Chicago Wheat open high low close 105 1-4 105 3-4 104 3-4 105 ICG 106 1-4 105 1-4 106 Chicago Corn Scp Dec New York Cotton < fmm NEW YORK, Sept. 13 (UP) -Colton closed barely steady. open high low close rao 1292 IMS i;85 1303 1304 12!V7 1297 ISflfi 1300 1299 1290 1313 1315 1301 1304 1321 1321 1310 1310 1326 13M 1313 1315 Ocl Dec Jan March May .tidy Spots closed (inlet at 1310. oil S.' New Orleans Cotton quarter but light hedge selling and the lack o[ demand forced prices gradVrally downward. The closing s.-.owcd losses for the das- running from 6 10 12 points, the near months the best. ' The growing seriousness of the strike was shown by a statement from the mediation board that it Had given up the attempt to agree with the mill owners on a basis for aibUration. nnd the new outbreaks in the New England territory with indications that, it will be neces- NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 13 lUP) — Cotton closed steady. Ort Dec Jan -March Mas- July .open (1W5 '1OT5 I3f3 i;eo 132U high low 12!)5 123TI 1MX5 -ilaOO 13H 1320 1324 1303 1310 1315 1280 1302b 1503 130811 131T. Spol:, closed steady at 1301, oft 7. W. K. RICITMONT) A: CO.'S AFFBRNOON COTTON LKTTEIt NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 13.—The sary to call in federal troops to restore order. Little cotton is moving toward Ihe mills. Memphis reported that in t'nat territory alone mqreMhan 50,000 bales were withheld il-om shipment because of the strike.'. Recent reports that UK processing tax might be revised were set at rest by ii statement today from Secreuiry Wallace saying te had nol, been approached in regard to this tax and that any change at this time would be a disrupting influence. o]K:n 18" 1-4 19 high 78 3-8 79 1-4 low 77 1-2 78 3-8 clos? 77 3-4 78 5-8 W. E. RICHMOND & CO.'S AFI-KKNOON GKAIN LET'I'ER CHICAGO, Sept. 13.—Liiiuidation apparently by tired longs, was un- nll voted. None 01 them hud n poll lax receipt and were not allowed lo vote at Ihb picclncf. where we '.Jiavu honest and (jonsclnticus JIK\B- cs, and where all elections me on llic sininre. Our Democratic central committee should have thrown out, several crooked boxes and i' they had done so this might have a tendency to stop It In the future but this lime they crawfished and repudiated their promise made by a resolution at Blythcville just before the first primary. This act encouraged this crooked bunch to repeat al the run-ofT primary, which will be shown up by this contest rewntly filed, I hoi>c. Yes, Mr. Editor, T sincerely hope that this contest will prove to the crooks that it Is best to be honest der utiy in wheat at Intervals to-1" 1 tlle future, not only in elections cotton market sagged slowly today I conditions, interior ]>oints report day. but nearly all of the moderate losses Incurred were regained as pressure was not heavy. Nothing appeared in the news to account for the selling, but with the numerous uncertainties in the general economic situation and the failure of the market to maintain its upturns recenily, despite [he strong cash markets and the bullish fundamentals, Ihe dis|>osilion appeared to be lo stand aside until conditions show a change lor the better. Corn tcld to a rather narrow range and closed lower. News of importance was lacking. Temperatures in parts or Conada were at the freezing point and lower readings lire likely in parts of North Dakota by tomorrow and it is possible that there will be a change to colder weather over the entire com bait by the end of the week. , Country offerings of cash corn In spite of unsatisfactory market j to arrive were only 32,000 bushels under t^"e weight of ilislurbiiig ctriki* news and highly fnvorablc weather over nearly ihc entire belt. There wns no particular pressure brisk demand for new from large spot firms. the one firm is offering free storage and insiiriincc to next July as although buyers paid uroimd the crop cotton I same price for grains to come for- It was said ward as was given for spot corn. or dround 2c over December for number 2 yellow and around 7 over but in nil kinds ot business. A man sad just us well sleal my money as an election. Stealing is stealing and applies lo elections as well business. Yes, let the legislature amend the law, If it is notj of , llsc _ p , t strong enough so as to reach the aml ab50t , ltcl j. harmless, agent of a candidate for offlce who makes a purchase or poll tax rc- ceipls in block or otherwise for 'he purpose of voiing unless he caj-. show an or'dsr'rrom (he jwison r- 1 - quiring the receipt. Besides this, prohibit the purchasing of nny in blocks or Quantities. JOHN 11. DRIVER, Luxora, Ark. Shivering with Chilis Burning with Fever Sure Relief for Malaria! Don't try homemade trvnlnicnts or newfangled remedies! Tnko that Good old Grove's Tasteless Chll Tonic. Soon' you will be yourself again, for Grove's Tasteless Chil Tonic not only relieves the symptoms or Mnlnrin. but destroys infection itscir. The quinine in Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic kills the Malarial infection in the blood while the iron It contains build's up the blood to overcome the ef- lects of the disease mid rortlty against- further allnck. The twofold elTcct Is Absolutely necessary •to the overcoming of Malaria. Be-1 sides being a de|«ndable remedy 1 for Mulnrln, Grove's Tiislclcss Chlll r Tonic is also nn excellent tonic lo take Sato to iilvc children. Now two sizes—50= and $1. The ?1 size contains 2Vi times as much as the 50c sire and gives you 25'.t more for your money. —Adv. 7 family Laxative CHILDREN LIKE THE SYRUP SHONE 134 FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO, INSURANCE DEFT. "It's toasted" V Your throat i>rateclion~against irritation—against tonfk clean center leaves are used in Luckies—because the clean center leaves are the £§£;*;.:>:.. U mildest leaves... they cost more..,they taste better. HUBBARD'S FURNITURE SPECIALS Compare our merchandise, quality and price, wilh >mail order houses and we'believe we can save you money besides the freight and too we deliver ours free put up in your house. Bed Room Suites 3-l'luce, Now Style Walnul Finish $29.75 Living Room Suites 2-l'iece, Overstuffed And ISrund New 29.75 Cane Chairs, best grade - 90c Maple Rockers $1.95 Mattresses, 50-lb. Cotton - $5.95 Mattresses, SMI.^^*^ $7,95 Bed Springs, v™*™ <o " in s M $2.25 Beds, Simmons 2-ln. iron post $3.95 Mattresses, Siramonss K' ng Floor Covering Felt Base 5 S e 39c 9 X 12 Felt Base Rugs - $3.95 9 X 12 Gold Seal Rugs - $7.95 Axminister Rugs $27.95 Comforts, large size $1.95 Blankets, full double size $1.25 STOVES! STOVES! We arc headquarters for stoves and have the largest slock in this parl of the state. All of our stoves are bough! in car load lots therefore we can sell you cheaper. No. 7 Cook Stoves - - $05 No. 8 Cook Stoves $8.95 Black Diamond Cast 'Ranges $23.75 Small Oak Heaters $6.95 OIL RANGE, Florence 5 burner, built in oven, light weight $37.50. OIL RANGE Florence best grade, finest oil stove made $49.75. We also have Cabinet Heaters made by HEATROLA, the world's largest selling cabinet heater. Also the Moore's fine Cabinet Heaters. i- See and price them before yon buy. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO.

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