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St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 26

St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 26

St. Louis, Missouri
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I' 't 1 Caput t9 Pass 'RACING 011 Garden State Results Garden State Results 4 Ar. Jones My Run Ponder GmcFt t.Prr, 1 and Coaltown15 Speedy 1 Fee I ,1 I 1 I I 1 i sl 1 1 11 Up Special I et One1Tiw, Punch TS m- dt-H 'rl 1 'd etn ar as anw to RESULTS AND ENT- RIES NEALE PROTESTS i By ASSOCIATED PRESS Tide CI PLAYING i -Another 1- LAI Inv. 1, 1 i (This is the twentieth in a series of stories on hi ch school, 4. coaches in the St.touis area. Julius Blanke of McKinley will-ED SPRINKLE i be featured op, A -1 4 Cleveland High enjoyed its Public League football charnpron- 47 IL tf-- '4 ship since 1937 when George Mein coached thp Dutchmen' to PRILADELPHIA, Oct.

20 A.z-- the top in 1947. 7rhis year, with Meinhardt still at the helm, the (API. Earle (Greasy) Neale, Dutcmen are heavy favorites once again for the crown. --t coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, In 1937 the Dutchmen shared the title with Roosevelt, while in 2 7' I -lb '''''s .4 A today called for National Football disciplinary action against ,:.4 1934 it was a co4champion with -'t rsi ers LI, Ed Sprinkle, Chicago Bears' end. .) "Action fshoulhd beiltalekeln against 4 Sprinkle or is ga use of arms not only in our game at Ch 1- Roosevelt and 'Bert Fenenga was coach the Dutch en those years and Iso brought AY the title to Cleveland 19201924,1 t.

4. cago last' Sunday. but in other games," I i Meinhardt has one Of the heavi- Neale told a luncheon 19'6 1932 and 1933 1 gathering of sports writers and .,) sportscasters. est teams to grace ai high school fo. squad.

His starting line averages t. 7 'I "Sprinkli i consistently violatd 10f the rules declared Neale. unless around 200 pounds add the back- Ay 4 ha3 done it before an field ar. 4 I I I 1 something is done, we'll take mat- STAR AT DE SOTO I i Up Special if. Ulu RESBUA1OTci5EDpesND ENTRIES 1 Oct.

20 (AP). Earle (Greasy) Neale, coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, today called for National Football disciplinary action against Ed Sprinkle, Chicago Bears' end. "Action should be taken against Sprinkle for his- illegal use of arms not only in our game at Chicago last' Sunday. but in other games," Neale told a luncheon gathering of sports writers and sportscasters. "Sprinkle consistently the rules," declared Neale.

"He has done it before and, unless something is done, we'll take 1 I (This is the twentieth in a series of stories on hich school, coaches in the St. Louis area. Julius Blanke of McKinley will be featured next.) I Cleveland High enjoyed its -first Public League football champion. ship since 1937 when George Meinhardt coached thc Dutchmen to the top in 1947. This year, with Meinhardt at the the Dutcmen are heavy favorites once again for the crown.

In 1937 the Dutchmen shared the title with Roosevelt, while in 2 7' -lb ,4 1934 it was a co4champion with Roosevelt and McKinley. 'Bert Fenenga was coach the Dutch 111' men those years and also brought the title to Cleveland 19201924, L. 4, 1926, 1932 and 1933. t. .7 i Meinhardt has one of the heavi- 4 -vt, est teams to grace a high school squad.

His starting line averages around 200 pounds and the hack- "er Irt 4 field is almost 4 1 1" It i I STAR AT DE SOTO 1 i. I matters in our own hands." I In a hot exchange of I words, Commissioner Bert Bell told Neale that if le has any complaint make it in writing. "The league will take care of Sprinkle and any other player it deems necessary," said Bell, "but there has been nothing come into my office to indicate that Spenkle used his arms illegally last Sunday." Earlier In the season, Raymond (Buddy) Parker, co-coach of the Chicago Cardinals, made similar remarks regarding Sprinkle's play. He later sent in an apology to Bell. 1 4 ,4,..,...,,....,, .,,..4.,...,,,, Jib 0 1 4': s'-- ,,:,4..

4,, A A 4 1 4. GEORGE 1 GEORGE MZINHARDT FIALTThrogE. MD. Oct. so trainer ls willin to race his reit againt Coaltown in the Pimlico Special.

but he wants to part of a Calumet one- two punch John Gaver Greentree Trainer said today that if Calumet starts Ponder with the land Jockey Club can-count Capot out of its winner-take-all a week from Friday. Calumet Trainer -Jimmy Jones has said on to oreasions this week that Ponier we! start and that he won't. Tuesday. he told a Flaltimore reporter that Coal town 'will go it alorte. Yesterday he told the Press it was his intention of running both." The trainer 'Visioned Co altown and his coit running head and head for the first mile and then having the late-starting Ponder come on to beat the tired leaders In the last three-sixteenths.

one of that for him. Gayer said in effect today Carot, Pimlico would like'y find itself without a race. As of the Greentree 3-year- old' is the announced entry bCSideS Calumet. The genelatt feeling hereabouts is that Gayer will have his WIA3r and Ponder will Greentree Trainer Jonn Gayer SAid todAy that if Calumet starts Ponder with the Ntary- la land Jeckey Club can Capot out of its winner-take-all race a week from Friday. Trainer -Jmm iy Jones ha, said on to occasions this that Ponier aril st art and wee that he wont.

Tusday. he told a Baltimore reporter that town will go it alone. Yesterday he told the Associated Press it was his intention -of runn, in- both." The trainer Visioned Coal and his colt running head and head for the first mile and then having the late-starting Ponder come on to beat the tired leaders In the last None three-sixteenths. of that for him. Gayer said in effect today.

Pimlico ould 'Without Caro like'y find itself without a race. As of today. the Greentree 3-Year- old is the announced entry': b.enides Calumet. The genefstl, feeling hereabouts is that Gayer wI ll have his Yot3r and Ponder will Weather cloudy; track fast 1111( maiden 2-yew SI Jo UI. 4.

'Angell), U-80. 19.60. and Bee i Gt1Pert 11 t.0. R60. licauty McGulgon).

I4rro--4 Picture Lady. Pmk Floaer Hat. Sun troan and Trumpet 5: ail also ran t.utItill RA( claiming. 3- And un ept (In-tangs; ale inner tF lemanden). 4 Z.410.

12.60. 1.410. rn rIe4ertol. no. 5.20 4 6o, Sophocles.

Doormen. st aDaytn. Count Display. Cunning and Warmoud also ran. 1.P.1 VIA "um, rum aw and un tux vatortss, (ze tr; lernaudea) 411-40 1 AA Sophoties.

Dr Ytst ()Diretn. count Display. and ran. tzwe: an 3. amt.

THeketi "Os lay IG an. cnn. fm- ItIspy culmonol. 1-5. Revotte Pompeian Storm Ha's A And Teilmehow also ran.

Downs Results feather clear. track fast. I i I I i iLJ 0 DO! Jo and Cats no- v.11 vw 'singer Pala THIRD It tcrs35oe. elolmlos. 2- tp 6.

00. 4...0. a.m. a -A. (.:.

,,.0 Rock Snan orl notwrt.11. on. 3 40. 11 err.4nde,r). 1,0.

T.rre--1 12 2-5. Anactle Trad. IrOal. 4. -8 ik 11 flan Bronm- 1 S'ae: vi Lea and 'i' NL i.

FORH UT etaimilit 3- as 4 So (S. Boulnietls). 7.80. oc Fr3V1, li. 9 5.60.

't; Pk'. 41 i :13 Jet. I' Jet Rnrr.P. nen Danny Gerald and c' ta. 151.

4. 1.tow Cso tin 1 rt. R4( r-itot claiming. 3- t-e and miles: 94 1-. ruiPle 4J- 4 ulmIllPl 10 00.

5.40. et' -Form 0 S. 7 "0 4 04) -Jr 5.7,-.4,,,t Is! TI.s-ii.-.. O. Thme----144 radio.

Anrew. Bold and Rs( rsilodwi. anowances. TWO OF THE NATION'S TOP JOCKEYS, Bobby Perm ol-41 ve. six tirh-sits7 les vest eq.

floollew ECmersrett ii 6n. 44). nf" share adjoining beds in Physicians Hospital in New. Yo sv. 7.

i Dwar, yehriNevrc). 4 WI. in a fall several months ago. Glisson broke' his collarbc week. Taking Glisson's pulse is Nurse Mary Haggerty.

a'" rvn 1 1 year-olds and upward. six furlongs: oi. rtnonwtho, 22.40. 13.00. Sportsmans Park Results pickpocket (L.

Valdes). 21.80. 6.40, is so. 3 On. 1 Weril4, cloudy; track i lICPW.

Fi rst. Command (G. Moore), 3.60; 2.60 remain idle to ke pointed for the Town (J. (1Ittecil. 1 'Zil.

FIRst RACE $2000,1 claimina. 3- Vicitm (D. Madden). ".80. Empim City Gold Cup at Jamaica d715rPrr)ee -Tema 4.on year-olds.

seven furlongs: r. Dale -Maedie. Fighting 1 :41 1-3. Nis- criaAte. nnaunt.

Beverly Burks IH- Lrals) 11-40. 7.20. Gypsy. Time O'Glory. Fencell and Mi.

Nov. 5. 1. Ael Fa-etto al to ran. aa.

guelito also ran. Ct and Coaltown could pro- tnc Francs Cranker (A.Skorcinski).9.t'n. 5.40. FOURTH elamlaa; 3- 1... Avoca Message R.

Norman 5 20. Year-olds. oe mile and 30 yards: vi apo de a stirring race. Both have 1:.. elatming.

4-5. Deck Talk. Freedom Girl Valdes). 4.60. ZOO.

.1 ct I nip Rini. Rptcy Time. Sir 2.40. 4111 up fle. and one-mkteenth Nov.

5 Capot and Coaltown could pro- vide a stirrinz race. Both have 11 14)firPeed THIRD Cr 67'500. "Hand coo. Aa Rork Span of Roberto. 11 no.

8 Ferrilndez). T.ree---1 7 Apactle Tiail, Clean Eoid LA ran, FOURTH oscrS2SOO. claim Is- Ilmiltnetil) el'nrrn Prirtos NC elT3VI, li. 9 t'o. 5.t nym Danny Gera 4-1141 s- -iirld 1 4J- 1:441 -r2() mr.e---1!44 e.4,1,tor,ar amps.

t-napproashan! ran iisir non. lallowan4 s-Nsar-o7ds sled un. stx flrientrn7 leo lime iM 'lassie) 11R0 6 6" 7w. 1 i 6n i 0' Mehrier 0 4 (n. Pr4Ts.

t7.1.;--turneu-:rr'd. arNi als, rIn 1e-4 1 LsonHts fa. isoutn; tiat 22.107 6'6n it Sdut. 45 VI. 3 en ari Fz-ettst altn ran.

0), 1 enr 0-nw, one and 11 -4 A 1 3, IL 1.4 mk ''N" 1 i 1 1 I 1:4 i 0, o' 'frr'' 41' 4. iflt-, 4 .1 TWO OF THE NATION'S TOP JOCKEYS. Bobby Permane share adjoining beds in Physicians Hospital in New in a fall several months ago. Glisson broke' his collarbone week. Taking Glisson's pulse is Nurse Mary Haggerty.

1 Sportimans Park Results 2titi.rang 40, 3.20- cloudy; track. i stow. First Commeild Moore), 3.60. 2.60. Francs Craater (A.Skoronsici).

9. zn. 5.40. Avoca Message (It Norman). 5.20.

4-5. Deck Talk. Join t'o. statua Star. Betsy Time.

Sir 2.40. and G6rdon Perraane (left) was hurt in a tumble earlier, this A. P. Wir'ophoto York. Shol Ha Rct Ocean six (7): Short Red 118 Mlariel Joe 119 Accord 115 FATICY Food 118 Brown Brocade 115 Cross Wave 118 powells Out 118 FIFTH RACES.10OG 3- vear-olds.

six furlongs (7): College 119 Loving Ties 109 Blue Note 110, Ballaw'ee 115 You and Me 109 Simla 112 tVixen Rose 112.. 1 SIXTH RACES2000. btear-olds. six furlongs (8): Two Six 110 All at Once 118 4Hearts Kin .110 Star Pigeon 118 118 So Fair 115 CAta WIlio ril A' ICV g. .1 12.

"ear-olds. six furlongs (14): iEnrieh .109 justayr 104 Do 115 Lexiana I 1 n9 -Spode 1115 Stratwet 106 Viroste 104 '41)-Iajor Nick 7 110T Fair Enough 115 Village -1' 107 iDainty Heels 107 Sharp Tool' 107 'Lady Serenata 107 Liquid Bfeeze 101' I 5 pounds apprentice allowance claimed. Rockingham En tries 4 I FIRST RACEV000. 4- iyear-olds and upward, six furlongs (16): i 120 Yarmouth Flare i 1 -er Nlystry Mark 109 106; Raleigh Lapaeho Ill Walt 109 Ring and Run 109 iUnderlow, i 106 Dodods Girl 111 Oceania 108 Dal, Yit 111 1 203 IMiddleman -104 ItMa I 101' Son Admiral 106 rypor Take Courage 109 Micmac 114 i ECOND claiming. 2 year-olds six, furlongs (16): RarrnitY 105 'Juana -108 Le 1 1 ster Pincus 108 Redeal- Ill 10 I Gay Duty I Burgoo II 8 i I iThree Sevens 106 Lady Jacsun 105 A Keller, 1 108, Its Heit'ler 114- Our odo 100 Miss 131g Snot l08 Brain Sprin I 108 MelO Miss Mss :115 I 1 III Dash for Cash 108 i THIRD RACE-52000.

claiming. year-olds, six furlongs (13): Cozy Corner 108 Bobby- 111 Easy -Don I I I Cirrt thin a Pal Easy -Don I 111. CYnthias Pal 1-03 speed to burn ard the lipecial adds starnina to test. Capot tirme 4-year-old Coaltown in the Syson- by- Mile two weeks, ago- It was 110 fluke win Capot hag proved his form previously by Inning the Preakness and snont alter taking Ponder's dust In the Kentucky perhy. Capot and Ponder are evt12 in six meet ings on four different tracks.

each winning three timei when running together. I I I 1 1 ofigson to res 11 1 V. fr, Nagivrs 1 Tonight 111 411.4bel I 10 11110 ed I Auditorium eature I Lulu' lulu I cal ul wo of wrestling's oue standing will meet a finish match 1 cht at the Kiel Auditorium), 1 Two of wrestling's ouestanding i 3 will meet 10 a finish match at the Kiel i 1 i I i I i FIRST RA(E $1200, claiming. 3year-olds and --up'. flee turlonss: Year.o,ds and upward.

five Seaman's Pal D. 4agner). 7.60, 4.40 3.20. L. 4J' meuerm441 I Clean Slate (T.

MeGonligaII. 6.40. 4.00. Flawri .1 4 60. Miss Cressbow L.

Batcheller). 3.2n. Valr I F. 11. cto flying: TimeI "-5.

Ranahea.d. Little nee Day. lortna Folly. Madtoian. 1-Irtattio Star and Peribnw also ran.

11, 421, at-, es i 1,1 FFFFF irlia F. 4 Flying. Chance Day. SprIng Folly. Madtoian.

Bargain Buyer (R. McLaughlin), 4.00. 3. 40: Sun It (R. D.

Jones). 3.40. 2-5. Blengo. Cotton Bud, Brown Helen.

Censured and Co-Pennant also ran. FIFTH RACE-42000. claiming. 2- year-olds. six furlongs: Mama C.

41-. Zearis. 8.40, 7.00. 5.40. Bernie Moose (E.

Hanes). 32.20.. 13.40. Cherry Path (11. Allgaier), 4.80.- Johrab, Colelco.

Our Equity. Moon Night, Egulhaze and My Freedom also ran. SIXTH RACE-82200. allowances. 2- year-olds.

six furlongs: c-Donke Serenade (M. Parker). 42.20. 16.00. 10.20.

Royce U. Dewitt). 8.60. 6.40. Charleston (R.

McLaughlin). 10.60. 3-5. a-Jumper Pool, Ely Ginn's. Pritty Watch.

c-Katydidit. Hush Money. a-Night Man. Little Captain and Here's Huh also ran. .814.

M. Branham entry. c-J. A. Goodwin entry.

SEVENTH RACE-1)2000. claiming. 4-year-olds and up. one and one-sixteenth miles: Minutes (G. Hettinger).

8.60, 4.40. 3.20. Sea Command ID. Madden). 4.40, 3.20.

Land 'n' Sea (M. Gomez). 2.80. First Reward. Token Rewari.

Olio and The Drone also ran. EIGHTH- RACE-42000. claiming. 4- year-olds and up. one and one-eighth miles: Ramsey (D.

Madden). 19.20, 7.20. 8.20. Bad IP. S.

Boyle). 3.04). Reno Unique (R. D. Jones).

8.40. Irish Count, Marseilles. Rose Canyon. Good Emily and Skim also A lit A At 4 al 1 I-'1 a a The popular. coach attended Maplewood High for one year switching where he wail, a standout in track, ifootball and He, lettered three years I in each sport and noted for his speed.7' 't He entered St.

Lou University where he starred or three years under Chili Walsh. Playing end, Meinhardt recalls one end-around play in his senior year when he failed to be the hero by sj narrow margin. I' :1 The play mine against. Washington when the 1 were 'coached by Jim Cenzelman in 1934. The Billikens were on the 6-yard- line and needed 5 for a first down.

With the end-around play called, the speedy Meinhardt was stopped 2 feet short of the goal line. RETURNS AS COACH -t- After graduation in 1934 Meinhardt returned to DeSoto as coach of all sports and remained for six years. In 1941 he entered the Public gchools system; He did guidance work at the Bellefontaine Farms and continued to work on his masters degree at St. Louis. The following year he was sent to Roosevelt High, where he assisted Otto Rost in 'for one year.

In August, 943, he went into the entering as la Lieutenant junior 'grade, and served on a navy transport in the He waa'1 discharged a Lieutenant senior grade. Returning in 1945. The was sent 1 to Clefeland and became the head football coach in j196when his squad put together is. season of five victories and four losses. I The.

next year the Dutchman went on to thin title and roiled lip I eight straight triuriphs Beaumonttied themj in the final league game of thet St. Louis U. High dealt he first. de-1 feat in the final game of the season, the annual accident benefit i game: 1 Last year Meinhardt's South' Siders had a 6-3 record in regular play and dropped a post-season game to conclude the season. This season theDtitchmen hold Bobby Locke Unclergoes Emergency Operation JOHANNES UR SouTi AFRICA, Oct.

20, Locke, pro golfer. 'Who has spent Much time in the United States, underwent an emergency operation for appendicitis last -night. Doctors said today that his condition is satisfactory, but added "that we operated just in time." Partly Cloudy 113 Queen Clatter '110 Mi Scandal 116 111Daric Glasses -113 Dozo 113 Bushel 11 Eagle Speed 114 Strolfling Moon '113 All Hostess -116 EIGHTH RACE-1300 claiming. 3year-old and upward. fillies and-mires.

one arkd one-sixteenth Marie Egret 115 119 Last Curtain '109- Curiosity 115 115 DiscoVert 113 Lenea 118 O'Give -t 115 Gay Date 118 fanash t. 113 Three pounds. seven pounds. 10 pounds apprentice allowance claimed. one air one-sixteentn milesAlu); -I Marie Egret 115 fMamaloi, 119 1 Last Curtain '109 Curiosity 115 Vert.

113 i Lenea 11 0 8 Give 11 5 ThDraeeteppu nd 118 Iiorvaennashpo-undgt: 1103 Gar I pounds apprentice allowante claimecl. let e4 i I Vt 1 N. 1 A Al, r3 -1 1141. 1 A tl I wo BFIleftvitir ti .4 IIIIW 10 i 0 s--1 i. 711111211 I 1 I IL i 5 1 ii Li i .9 Leering," paid 1 '16 80 THIRD etalroing.

3- 4.20- fvelu--ottis and upward. one mile and 70 ei rtsRgil Good cha, (a. -swans). 3.60. 2.80, Non Ferro and Queen also ran.

when "-Wild Bill. Longson of Sa1t 1 SIXTH: RACE $1300, claiming. Pr Johnson CY Baird) 7.40. 4 AO year-olds, seven furlongs: Lake City and Brotiko Nagurski DZicht 11 Cam.hetro. 5 Jiminy Gash (E.

Coffman), 1,0.40, 6.00, of International Falls. Time 1:45 3-5. Tordan. Instanter. lash in the math event of the 3113- Quarterinch and Svengail also amlinsaistp.

80. 6.20. it). 3.80.11 sissippi Valley Sports dub pro- yorarar ll claiming. I- Best Trick.

Dark gram under the promotion of Mar-Year-olds. seven furlongs: Roundeleer. Frost Bitten. Chicatant and tin Then. suannis J.

Lawless). -AO. tits. 3.60. Sal Prince also ran.

Midnight Queen 4.1.- Bard'. 4 00. 3.00. SEVENTH RACE-22100. claiming.

3- Enrique Torres. the fiery 'Bndcaux Boy (J. R. Mill. 4.20.

Year-olds and up. one and, three-eighths Time-1-Kt Make Taste he mileg lean and Ivan Raspurin. the Rus- it. i S- in- ligter1. 25 SO 9.26 tu-rta 'and Aothra ran.

bSsrl -1 sirin giant. will meek in the semi- FIFTH Rat Estlowl. allawanece. 3- Can. final which is a one-fall match 1 year-nicis.

seVen ViTiOn4451: Hadamar Tenagliol. 6.0. 3.80. Fosters Pride H. tampbeit).

11.20. Spana431111. 4 L. Batcheller) 3.6o. with a time limit of 30 minutes. Time 1:34 2-5. Leonidas. Segundo Torres has made quite a hit here Sm IL Paynei. 5 ort.

3'20. iting' Eves Snmbra. 'Sir Bob. East Shin i SulK'nrraPh tE. Mowert, and Itstchs Girl also ran in the last year.

I 4-5. Four Chances. Flag EIGHTH RACE-112100. claIMIng. Sin other bouts.

Al Lovelock rotain. Structure. Cold War and Chili and up. one and, one-eighth Banes elan ran miles. i meet; Mike Sharpe.

Pete Peterson sivetg Rsi--rgoona. anowsgeeg. 2- Vitalism (L. Norman). R.20.

3.140, 3.20. tackles Ben Sharpe and Paul rear-olds and unward. fire furinngs: Maneen tG. Schreckt.

4.60. Stanlee Bobby Nelson. .111: --tii- 4,.. Du 1 4 (A Pert. Cats- Nelson appeared here and made a Hatevrin Ai- (A.

161.1r1Pg,tefim).5.,-60.. 5- triount.Etieman S. Crack Time and Col-hit last season while Peterson, a 4-c. (lama. Time.

lege Girl also ran. Flue Fawn Bt Brook Gerham and colonel in the famed battle of the tA.i ft os secn-ran. Jamaica Results bulge is one of wrestling's best rVrNTII elaiming. 2- lookinz newcomer I sr.oldp and upward. one and one-six- toenth miles: Weather cloudy: track 'fast.

wonwT RA( elalmlAto 2- Lake City and Brotiko Nagurski of International Falls. clash in the math event of the Mississippi ppi lballey Sports dub program under the promotion of Martin Thesz. Enrique Torres. the fiery Mexican and Ivan Raspucin. the Rus- sian giant.

will meet in the semi- final which is a one-fall match with a time limit of 30 minutes. Torres has made quite a hit here in the last year. In other bouts. Al Lovelock meets Mike Sharpe. Pete Peterson tackles Ben Sharpe and Paul Stanlee Bobby Nelson.

Nelson appeared here and made a hit last season while Peterson. a colonel in the famed battle of the bulge is one of wrestling's best looking newcomers. Leering." Vold S156.840. a THIRD tt-rsit'on. ctiming.

3- and upwa mu rd. one and 70 chance (J. Andinol 3.60. 2.80, (E ('nttman) 4.20. Trrne 4-5.

Al; Reigh. Good Look. Ariel Pal. Outskirts. rsertrourn.

aciso rittri; 3. Weather cloudy: track 'fast. IF I RST RA(' E-413000. ealmtp 2- I Highest Star I 114 Chief 114 Kentucky Red 111 Checkmate 108 Survey 111 Bekkers 111 I Reynard I 120 Hoyt Jr. 111 GIF(mYt 111 rURTH RACE $2000, -2- 'year-old s.

one mile and 3() yards (7): I Loucette 98 Knights Knave 108 Tax Lien :114 Prince Consort 110 Bob Feller 104 $11eathera View 107 I Brilliant Ray 108 1 FIFTH RACE 22000. claiming. 3- and upward, six furlongs (9): Eternal Great 97 Senator 111 1 Sha file 111 Dust Screen 108 Garrett '7 110 Joes Gal 108 Shining Deed 108 Shako 114 Duckberfy 109 SIXTH, RACE S2500. allowances. 4- and upward.

six furlongs (6): Gee- Whiz 11) Model King 115. Flag Drill 120 Mel Eppley 104 Kandy Cal 99 General Don 111 SEVENTH RACE 22000. claiming. '3-year-old3 and upward, one and one-one 'eighth miles (8): over Mci 3ricle (38-13), Belleville (46-7)'' and Roosevelt (27-6)while the lone defettrwall before Memphis' Tech, (40-20). The next league game will be with Central tomorrow.

Meinhardi was also sactive the sumper -playground serving as director from 1934 to 1940, when he was niade aupervisot. He left that post in 1943. 1 OLD-TIME SOUR ONE OUNCE 1 TAS.TES LIKE I IWO! 1 I 0 i 2016' Ros. kg ..1 ottic of 11 i .50 A- v. i dr sot t) AI go i -I Willi i 4 4 .1 ailtial-R, 1 OD a' ilZt SI ail G.

i bt.D:rim i ASOUR MASH 4 illEDLEVe I I Et NCE tYrnit(IS Sol-Taxi) IN SOM. 04div 211 fluke and Tonsie MeCabe also ran. SECOND claiming. 3- Year-olds and upward. five furlongs: (H.

Holcomb). ICAO. 5.00. 4.60. Sun Vigil (L.

Batcheller). 7.00. 5.60. Flynn J. Barnes).

SAO. TimeI Deferred's Son. Bright Jimmy. Velvet Heels. Donna Make It Easy.

Tired Eyes and Red Message also ran. It ILY DOURLFReverty Baran and Sayllird paid $71.40. THIRD RACE $2000. HaaleuiVralrf sill2c Tr'erir-z4lsoctorging 3 ear-olds. seven furlongs7' On (W.M.Cook).

T.40. 4.20. 3.00. attire sPleinegettuml aCxenItue IT. Rates 4.40.

3.00. Batchellerlr; (It. met la Vatican. Wood' Blactt Mittens and Elaine O. also ran.

n' FIFTH RACE 20 FIFTH EIR 1r Als'I ra $20: 3- ivocarrblet da And' D. sevien furlongs: Firm KAt.EIp-r:-.guii. zfarold, up: seven ftwontsfo 4 40 1: 16:60: 9:40 Magnus ON. M. Cook).

i b.coo. Moon Bim (W.Bawksworth 16.60. 9.40. Year-olds. $ix furlongs: Eutaw (C.

Rogers). 42.50..14.10, 10.80- Blue Ballad tR. Bernhardt). 6.10. 4.50.

Risking tH. Lindberg). 27.90. 2-5. Afterwards.

Eternal Pam. Plurnelette. Tourtstette. Nine Friends. Peter Barton.

Besita. Fixed Star and Gro-up also ran. SECOND RACE-43000, elsindate 3- year-old six furlongs: a-scsoner L. Ruttier). 10.10. Peseas 4.1 Renick). 15.10. 7.60. By Mr IEL Woodhouse).

4.00. 2-5. -Crazette. Maruca. Georgia.

b-Top Honors. Navy Flash. Jam Up. Tipster. Red- Banjo.

Trifle. b-Ula and Blenshot also ran. a-M. Rauzin-J. B.

Roggen entry. b-W Noble-J. A. Crawford entrYDatLY and Eutaw paid S15 THIRO RACE-113000. claiming.

2- Year-olds. six furlongs: CbarIlng sH. Lindberg). 10.60. 6.60, 4.10.

Mezzanine (H. Wrisoltiouse). 3.40. 2.90. Pomola (it.

Bernhardt). 3-SO. 2-5. Mr. Willie.

'Woodside. Antoci Star. Minnelintl. Vanetta. Bill Keefe.

1.ihrab and Wise -Bull also ran. FOURTH RA(E-43500. allowances. -Year-olds. NIX furlongs: Beau May t1V.

2.50. 2.40. Bakersfield 4E. Arcmote' 3 40..3.20. Fleet Argo (E.

1:12 1-5. 'Whirling World. Erosion. 011omaryn Bengal. Promptness.

a-Demon-and Steel Blue also ran. a-Llangollen Farm entry. FIFTH RACE-44000. allowances. 41- year-olds and upward.

six furlongs: Plig If ift. Bernhardt). 6.70. 2.90, 2.30. Majn 4T.

Atkinson). 2.60. 2.20. FlYtng Weather 4E. Arcaro).

1-5. Kay Gibson. Task and Filament also ran. SIXTH RACEThe new Canaan classified hrndicap. 115000 added.

3-year-olds and upward one ant one-sixteenth mtlea: Our John Wns i1 Waadhouse), 7.10. 3.20. 2.30. Dart By sE Arearo). 3.40.

2.50. Wins. List 4T. Atkinson). 2.50.

3-5. Pibroch. Tea-Maker' and Splash also ran. SEVENTH RACE 113000. claintine.

anil up. one and one-eighth miles: Fresh Breeze te. FrrietO 300. 3.10 Applause (W. Roland). 2.30. Control aT Atkinson), 2790. 4-5. Buster Hope.

Chios D4hvn. Exeetente. Tick- Out and Peanuts Girl alao ran. EIGHTH RACES30011. claiming.

3Year-olds. one and one-eighth miles: The Globe tr. (iuerlaCw. 4.60. 5.20.

2.140. Bleurv Street tFL Bernhardt). 10.10. Eva Tor fr. Remeryl, 4 rm.

4-5. The -Street. Braggadocio. Mossy Fare. Puff Pomander and Maelstrom also ran- Rockingham Results PTIVPPT elPar: trtric fast.

I --T ACE-112000. elahstlag. and up. six Dar Amber D. Maddest), 6.00.

4.00, 3.60. Atamiin (H. Amnsl. 30.60. 18.60.

Sun Talk f( Aril Brigade. Ginnses Pride. Nett Kee. Seotlyn. Chip Reef.

'Templet. Little and Sea Rees aNe. rah str.CoND claiming. 3- year-olds and up. six furlongs: Fighting Hard S.

Clark). 7.40, 5.80. 3.60. Raw Dattilol. QO.

4.80. Camnlino 411 Niadderil. s'arnC Gal. Partition. St Ginry.

Mountain. Sandy Atlas P-ewar Tare ran. ILI: DOI RILEWar Amber and Firkfint Hard raid S30.80. THIRD RACE-5'20004 CUMWar. 4 I Christopher 109 Sky Hatt 110, Donnas Ace 113 Bull Lead 113, Harem 110 Blue Fedora 1- 116' Play Nlaudeaux; 108 Happy Flora 110 Miss Amelia 0 110 "Ferry Pilot 110 Town House 120, Naval Base 113 EIGHTH RACE-12500.

claiming. 3year-olds and upward. one mile and 70; yards (161: Flash Anna 112 "Silver Putter 110 12ictor 112 Fact Finder 115, Cravache 119 Zest 106, Galami lk 107 -Swing Tune' 114 Dorada 107 Wanima 109 Hash Queen 106 "Uncle Byron 108 Friend Or Foe 115 Cougar 108 107 Reighaway- 119 Five pounds apprentice allowance claimed; 7 pounds claimed. I. Lincoln Downs Entries FIRST RACES1200, claiming, 3-1 Year-olds and UP; live furlongs Dibber 108 Cecelia Wood 105.

Slower 110 All Faith -112 Startle 14 108 Broad Margin- 115, Efhad IOR Count Chuckles 111' Neds Star -113 Dark Native 109. Green Advice 11 Francolt 108: Jacks Neer' 111 Kensington Wo 'fie 110 Gal 102, Judy Cave 1115 SECOND RACESINK), claiming, 0-; Year-olds and up five furlongs 4161: Shirleys Pride 108 Neat Package 107' Wee Laird 11 Cabin Creek 113i Mindanao 113- Bar Grenade I 110i Go Mies Honey 1.10 Burgaway 113; Tweedy 113 Drifting Patsy 107; Helena Dream 105 Fosw.ick 1 115; Princess Laura 110 Hard Cider 1021 A)marty 113 Hadoyou 110, THIRD RACE $1400. 2-year-old; maidens, six and one-half furlongs iNeos star -11d intrk Native 1.09. Green Advice Francolt 108: Wo 'fie 110 Gal 'Jacks Neen 111 Kensington 102 Judy Cave 1.05 SECOND RACES1200, claiming, q-1 Year-olds and up five furlongs (16) Shirleys Pride 108 Neat Package 107 Wee Laird 110. Cabin Creek 113i Mindanao 113' Bar Grenade I 110 Goldies Honey 110 Burgawa), 113' Tweedy 113 Drifting Patsy 1 07' Helens Dreamt 105 Foxvdck i 1151 Princess Laura 110 Hard Cider 1021 Almarty 113 Hadoyou 110.

THIRD RACE $1400, 2-year-old, maidens. six and one-half furlongs 4 )0 i I is Grand Gent 118 Gritty Constable 118 Farmers Joy 118', Betman 118 Boniboyie 115! Uubilant 108 Holly Hill 115 FOURTH RACE-3512W, claiming, 3- Year-olds and up. seven furlongs (16) Dolomite 110A-Chipamink 115 Burning Chips 111 Grey Feng 215 ill Call Back Ticyht IIQ .1141.. Wtsh1. 107 Gay Lookout Light Count 118 Blue Noble Joe SPaagt 118 man 106 Farm Man 110 Zaca Bill 111 Tabosa 107 Shade Ruff 113 Chargrey 115 Latimer 110 FIFTH RACE-31300, claiming, 3 and 4 year olds, seven furlongs (16): River Breeze l07 Flareson 106 Miss Tess, 111 Ann.

Rose 103 Beautiful Ann 107 Blue Emblem 110 Princess Qui lo 106 Jack Blitzen 111 Green. Coin 102 Gladanhod 111 Dolly Dumpling 100 Ancon 103 Foolish Devil 108 Ken Sue 107 Fireside 104 Roniart 103 SIXTII claming. 3- Year-olds and up (The Coventry). seven furlongs. (14): Herbo 110 Truk 117 FabHn 108 Halcyon Cross 105 Silk Bunting 104 Saxon Door High Hunch 113 'Top Raider 112 Hoosier Lad 113 Mountain Time105 Devils Luck 113 Love Story 117 Boyish Love III Colo Springs 109 SEVENTH RACE-31600.

claireing. 3- year-olds and up, fillies and mares. one mile and 70 yards Lucky Birthday 105 Scene 107 Jacks Niece 104 'Gypsy Le a.7 105 Reward All 118 Farm Maid 113 Colleen H. 107 Niecesue 113 EIGHTH RACE--S1300. claiming.

3- year-olde and up. one and one-sixteenth miles (161: Pennypacker 113 Rio Reigh 105 Mumbo Jumbo 105 Tryanguess 107 Romance CM 105 Quick Chance 113 Kels Pride 113 Water Level 118 Pondshen -113 Sunclad 113 Yankee Captain IIS Snow Phantom 115 Devils Bit 107 Vittore 118 Play Stage 115 Billy Bits III 'Five. iThree. Seven pounds apprentice allowance claimed. Jamaica Entries i I FIRST RACE-13000.

claiming: 2- year-olds. maidens, colts and geldings, six furlongs (18): Gay Lilt 118 Beecher Boy 118 tCockpit 111 Kings Spur 118 Tel-Aviv 118 Champion- -Liar 118 North Shore 113 Knight at Arnrs 118 Gold Gin 118 Powken 118 Innumerable 118 Chilcat 118 Spider Rock 118 Triple 118 Tush's Bid 118 Free Verse 118 Sir Mitchell 118 Goose Bay 118 1 SECOND RACES304)0. claiming, 4- Year-olds and up, six furlongs (8): Wee Hal 114 No Bull' -117 GayMoonbearn 109 Blunt Remark .114 Scholarship 118 Sir Flint 118 Texas Brags 126 Landlord 117 THIRD RACE $000 claiming. maidens. 3-year-olds and up.

one and one-sixteenth miles (9): Lot's o' Grit 106 Stark Mad 107 Yorkfields 112 Proceed 112 Arpalette 106 New Natinn 116 Shooters Hill 107 Rosy Scene 111 Hickory Lea 112 FOURTH 4- Year-olds and furlongs (9): Flatbush 113 Son Charlie 126 Head an' Tell 112 Galedo 115 Mayes Riley 110 Fast Matti Nassau 113 Heliotrope 115 Your Sun 115 FIFTH RACES4500 allowances." fillies. 3-year-olds, six furlongs (9)-: Sunny Vale 108 Ochita 108 Night Game 112 Summer Son 108 Tall Weeds 121 Brenton Light 115 Pail of Water 110 Kittyhawk 112 Latest Vogue 115 SIXTH RACE-55000. allowances. 3- year-olds. one and 'one-sixteenth (s)': Rare Mineral, 112 Marabout 11L8 Brick 118 Shakeme 112 Sub Hills 118 Cochise 118 Uncle Edgar '118 SEVENTH RACE-83000.

claiming. first division. 4-year-Olds and up, one and one-eighth miles (14): Equinox 120 Glory Sone 111 Wassermatter 109 Deep Sea Tale 115 Flame of India 106 Blue Sweep Brave Reward 114 Orphan Fibber -114 Sweet Biscuit III Bank Balance 114 Bold Regard 114- Warrior Prince 114 II 120 Gallant Chance 114 EIGHTH RACES3000. claiming. second division, 4-year-olds and up.

one and one-eighth miles (15) Court Jester 114 Transatlantic 114 Marine Light 114 for Victory 114 Chesty 114 Dive Bomber 114 Wherrie 106 Lennie Boy 109 Adlibit 114 Dismal Key 111 Ill 'Silver Plate lort Raking 114 Unequaled 111 Comic Ann 111 Five pounds apprentice allowance claimed. tSeven pounds apprentice alloy, ance claimed. Keeneland Entries FIRST RACE 515o0. claiming. year-olds and up.

six and one-half furlongs (10): Helene 111 Upstate -4-117 Fileeta 112 Laundry Boy' 115 Soheipme 117 Thunder.floof 115 Fionne 112 Park Flame 111 Corrierstar ill Shaws Pride 114 SECOND RACES1500. maidens, 2year-olds' six furlongs (16)-: Foxy Gal 113 In Fashion 116 Bobe- Ace 111 Glar1n 4 113 Pied d'Alouette. 116 Car Par 113 Hillbrook Miss 108 Bold Sis 113 Creede 116 Four Clover 108 Vivante Lineback 111 Lill 113-'BubblingWing-108 Sunny Hour 113 Promission 1113 THIRD RACE $1800. 4gear-olds and up. six furlongs' (5): PUSSY Willw 110 Princess Pine -116 Sniff Sniff 105 Danada Red 114 Safety First 113-71' FOURTH RACE $2000.

allowances. 106 lit 113 110 and 106 103 110 111 HI 103 107 103 3- 'yen 117 10 1-16 112 105 117 109 3- I WIN" rillming' 3- Year-los. at and one-halt furlongs: i Leccng (F. sollmenn). 10.60.

5.00. F. 10.60. 5.00. fit.

Campbell). 4 80. 3.60.. s4v7e4 Up Hatrel.s3 6n. to IRa rt 1-p Hairt.s3.6A.

3-5. ConspirseY. Les. Wes ver Ethel V. Big Beacon.

Noon lir DoURLE sea rather and oiltallivomibere nangerous also ran. A Sea "rather I I rle- 41 -i--z4 fi .1,, MOSIG 1 a I In 1- II S11 I NTAIV' IiiiiiiitOWENSBOR 1 4 ''i I 4.. tr -4 A 3 4 1 il.51 1 ill I 4 -s, I 8 I 0 fit ,7 1 1 1 1 $4:1 vicot 4,. icilip.gtif,s.41, 4, 7- I new Pretty A. Licata).

SAO. 2.110. SportsmansTark Entries 1.1,. itane CI. Andirtol.

320. O. 4 Peauregard). 2 61). FIRS7 RACE 5100.

elaiming. 3- Horny Pun. Newsprint. "car -uicis and upward, seven lia-looss11111 Seem Atrenart ard Blenel also rao. ricotTill claiming.

3- Vallava Date I t'rt Sun Gailahad 113 valir-olds arwl upward. one and one-sixBertra II 6 Sweet Irene 113 teentis miles: Little 1lb Gay Lee 1, A WV. imams IA. Lambs). 4110 3.40.

De- it IsLand 113 Tinuay 113 3RONlargaret II" Fun s.toest 10Y) Coogtee IA. Galthert 33 tlt(1. 1 A. Art. II L.

1-tcht a-notary 11... I Down Town II McDermott). on, ii.ay 110 Polities 1 I AI Tone 1-M1 1-5. Samhs Siren. HI Ftwoal t.o wire ILI Sky Wave 113 T.lnd ma.

Devils Guide. Puerto Si-CONI, RACE-13444s). ciallyting. 3. I Twente Sts.

Kinits Lamp. Ever Playful. raroida and laPabwil. seven lutiongs Liquidator and Invasion Boy also ran. ILI I' I IN-wko wPece Lloerty 117 Markeits -111 Laurel Park Results Tricky Deal 113 Swestoet 11,0 11.1 Yard WI40 '104, ta.t- ti-nies Mate JO I ILeast tjuatity 113 FtltwT RI1CE-P .11.) "'aiming' 3- Fly DOTarIll I I 7 Teil Weil I 17 rttromet Legend 113 Lin Count 1 th Pla Thollw ilk Hitt-bent 7.20.

4.40. 3.06. kressue 113 War Page 11-1 TuiFton tc Ktrk b. a 1er Case 110 Chaltsial 4R J. Martin).

7.641:- THIRD RACE-6-nel. eattnin, 3.. T1me--1 :1 1. Wye CA re. Pen' 31-ITPYear-014s and upwar- d.

l'At fusions. Melissa W. Cisrect Sir AUrnar. Raw 'Cord SOIRbub smi Stroll also ran. 'Mar, 103 Patch Party it 3 I a irfrosi Ils A t-F-41154-10.

claiming. 2- liThall Rea ard J. AtAhill Fancy 113 vear-om, Ix fuennits: 4 PUMAS 109 (ant Catrt 'its ii a Tinset te. Kirk b. in.i411.

3. an. Ameratt Pee NItratrAl Khi Ilh II. 3 tO. Aunt brunt I to rouhie sands 1 'NI I N17 Hurricane 4 Rohertsona.

4 fin. Audi Dare 11.4 Twee Meals 111 I Time-1 41-7i! NteddIesome iLinellal. boy 114i Sty le Queen 10-3 Austarle. Come Ettrly. Lewis A -let EPrrzte 1 o9 Success 113 1 toody LAvrit.

Neds POLLY and Volboy Et At IIII allowances. also ais furlongs 4 15). Is g- I14ll-P4111-Ra Mostly mut TieRAO Putter 1ms Fred Burrell, 101 Ilei 11" Ntls rill Up UK) 1 THIRD maidens. 3- ally 115 Ear Al Ott 104 year-otns and uri- six bobby 1,040 Sane Gal 1 1 4J. Robertson).

t.410. Ell icur los Ito ii .40. 111 Itcl7 115 'Tan 116 1,, 4r10 Lock llT. Hanford). ".110.

kear 1.,4 a-Sate At 1 Soln 0. Mr ITT Mitchell 4. Efrov. reel Home Its 3-5. Snow Hilt- KInics a a'', oy View F4rr9 entre, Guard.

War Dauber. sauimp. Dazzie FIFTH RACE-3-l100. 3. I Post Battle Theme.

Alines Chance and and upward. seert furlongs Hell thor r1" ran c. I I-01 RtH RAt claiming. 2- Pertly Diem 114 Siammy i rzo -ottr-ohlg sin turtorttrt ztt, a-Ftenr-h Navy i It, 1 Friary Raiment i(-. Kirk).

6.20. 3.410. Urt ate 3.,,.. I I 'I Flying Sandy 106 i 3.641- a Yale it) II Wagner). 3 60.

3.00. Dins Star 117 IR RAWPM. 1T.140 Erb entry. Tirrte-1 :15 4-5. Ahlie's Time.

allowanoes. 3 1, our. Snow Brown Theo. Patty and upward- one and one-Ma- Rock East and W'est. rhmt ttght.

alaitreiron in les 17 l- True e'w, ran. t'oerms Ttger.Torrs It LIFIll RAf F. The Chevy chase 1 I I Hill 1 I 7.. stellivie. to OAN't added.

4-yesr-olds Ire-roe-tt -117' Storm I 12 and up. shoot two and one-half miles: Eiiitt I I -1 i Lock and Kryt P. hmithwiekt. 11-40. Keene land Results Weather cloudy: track fast.

FIRST eleindag. 3- year-olds and up. Ex furlongs: Richwood 'Roy AR. Church). 6.60..3.60, 3.00.

Fairy Stream (R. L. Baird), 8.60. 5.80. Lismore Liz Barrow).

5.2o, 3-5. Sir Sole. Bold Mite. Atlantic City. Stiles.

Springs Fiesta. Kansas Pride. flint Heart. Lucky Champ and Ephemeral also ran. SECOND RACES1800.

maidens. 2- Year-olds, six Dorinda (.1. Chestnut). 12.60. 7.80.

1 5.60. Scarlet Wing (G. -Buser). 10.80. 6.60.

Gracious Heart (K. Church). 5.20. 3-5. Hasty Bien.

Marina. Isle of Virtue. a-Diamond Lane. Anphar. a-Rhoda Beth and Londonderry also ran.

a-Irvin and Goff entry. THIRD RACE 1I500. claiming. Year-olds and tin. one mile.

and one-sixteenth: Roytig Church). 3.60 2.60. 2.40: dh-Sweet Reward (T. Barrow). 2.60, J.40.

dh-Leapolino Wicket). 3.60. 4.40. 2-5. Asaider.

flobuck C. Flash Flood. Fighting Miss and Ronnie Charlie also ran. dh-Deati heat to place. FOURTH RACE-12000.

allowances. 3-year-olds and up. six furlongs: Tidy Sum (R. L. Baird). 2.40. Choice Cut (L. Wickert. 6.20.

3.80. Susan IA (K. Church). 3.00. Traveler.

Fertile Lands and Sprittgr Chimes also ran. FIFTH RACEThe Ante vellum Handicap. $500(). 3-yrar-olds and up. about one mile and nine-sixteenth: laseporable (R.

L. Baird). 7.40.- 4.20. 3.20. Mr.

Smuw IS. Adams). 4.00. 340 South Dakota (N. Cartwright).

Stage Light. Castle Beau and Song Sparrow also ran. SIXTH RACE--112000. allowanees. 8-.

year-olds. six and one-half furlongs: h-Lovely Nymph (R. L. Baird). 4.60; 3.00.

2.20. 'Sky Blonde (T. Barrow). 7.20. 3.40.

a-Robin Red (G. Roserl. 3-5. b-Seclusive. Mr.

Bell-- tro. a-Bullmoud. Pendennis. Marketing and Watch Susan also ran. a-Goodwin and Knight entry.

b-Krimendahl and Sholtz entry. SEVENTH RACESIN00. claiming. 8- year-olds. one and one-sixteenth miles: Autan 41.

Adairtst 24.40. 16.80. Burnt Pair (G. Roser). 5.S0 4.40.

Woodford Gal (R. L. Baird). 6.20. 4-5.

Winning Hand. Ray rount Miss. Bidolo. My Chris. Gaby Haugh.

Pharrne and Lucky Al also ran. Garden State Entries, FIRST RACE-32500. claiming, 2- year-olds, six zurlongs (16): Pic One 107 RetinerY 108 -Big Shrew 103 Sheldon Ill. Count Steel lob Cutie .108 Gilded Hour 108 Peace Theatre 109 Duke BlengaY 117 Star Conquest III herry Lady 103 Mr Nibs 107 -Princess Juno 104 Edmyrt 107 Craigs Cmt III Designee .108 SECOND RACE-32500, claiming. 3year-old) and upward.

six furlongs (16): Ruth Ann, 105 Hedgethorn 108 jersey Day 109 Hachette- 110 Pic On Me 106 Miss Haste 110 Cutest Trick 105 Syntet 113 Beauteous 103 Bolo Tie 117 Lady Airy 110 Deep Fen 104 Ascertain 113 Wit' End 113 "Chance Bras 112 Tjay Reveler 108 THIRD RACE-325446 claiming. 3- Year-olds and (New Jersey bred). six furlongs (14)): Monmouth 107 'Champlain 103 a-Miss Fightin' Clover 107 Fighter 103 Royal Knave 114 a-Hard Tr)) 104 'Shrewsbury 104 Aniluk 107 West Milton 113 a Delay 118 a-J. W. Bowley entry.

FOURTH RACE-32500. claiming. 3- year-olds. one mile and 70 yards (16): Valdmara 106 On The Wing 109 Boss 109 'Cancellation 104 Jet Propelled 109 Air Tip 109 Award 113 Marinikin 103 -TurkeY Trot 104 Lets Run 116 Zuzte 106 Conga Boy 113 Lady Harp 103 "Wily 106 Bunchie 114 Silver Clad 106 FIFTH allowances, 3 Year-olds and upward. six furlongs 410)! Annie's Choice I 1)7 I Am 113 Arthurian 117 Black Fox II 117 Silver Queen I 116 Bolo Howie -113, Patinlictri 1 10)4 Fussy Muzzle 108 Toronto 1 117 'Full Speed 115 SIX11-1 RACE-4350o.

allowances. 3- year-olds and upward. six furlongs OD: Cat smeow I 107 Northern Deb 119 Bullet PrnOt I 17 Titien II 11)4 Colonel 0' I 1 122 In Suspense .107 Fif.nd town 107 Bid Seven 103 SEVENTH RACE-3304)0. claiming. 4- year-olds and upward.

one and one-sixteenth miles (15): Houlgate 115 "Napango 108 Too Late to Tara Back ,1 i 1 11 Fl LtAlio FRAZI ER i BOTTLED IN BOND Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 1 ey a 1 -it 1 Icoror Pebble 108 Do Petah MI 111 IChance Morn 111 Leavetaking 111 Holly Star 102 BrziI 114 i Lucky Doo 108 Goody Gumdrop 111 EIGHTH RACES2000. claiming. 3- and upward. one and one-eighth miles -(9): Quatrefoil- 114 Shockoe '111 Most Secret .114 Montree 117 Two Day Kir 114 Rebuke 112 Refresh 108 Bourbon Flier 108 Away 111 pounds apprentice allowance claimed. Five pounds apprentice allowance claimed.

-pounds apprentice allowance claimed. Laurel Park Entries FIRST- RACE $7000, claiming, 3- one and cone-sixteenth miles (16): 1 Hadhamut 113 Kind Marie 110 Battle Clamp 113 Turban 114 Creel 122 Approach' 111 Potato Cake 114 Tuppence 111, Perritc.lay 111 I Suppose 113 111 Camp Play 116 iEllens Pick 116 Rollin Scotch. 108 Harvey 113 Mr. Squirrel 109 SECOND RACE-52000. claiming.

3- and upward, fillies and snares. furlongs (16): i rTear Drop 116 Fancr 114, Petty Cash 113 Nora 11R Dover Road 113 Light Buckle 1091 Rough Cloud -111 Dizzy Dame Jr. 113 I Paramount 116 Need Luck 1181 ISidell 118 Come Alive 114 Linda A. 117 MarY Ann 116 Skydue 116 'Aprils Patsy 113 THIRD RACE 12500. allowances, steeplechase.

4-year-olds and upward, miles (81: Honoured 142 ta-Escarp 137 Lively Man 147 ta-Cambett 130 Greek Flag 147 Gift of Gold. 147 i Kieuterpe 130 Hot 147 a-Cushman-W. G. Jones entry. FOURTH.

RACE $2500, 2-year-olds, maidens: one and one-sixteenth miles (9): 120 Hi Comedienne 112 Gold 120 Syracuse Lad 120 I Bimenark 115 Slip 0 Ned 117 Nictare 117 Garibaldi 115 -Rich Relic 120 I Rich Relit FIFTH RACE-52500. claiming. 3- year-olds and upward. six furlongs (12): 'Chaffee Dee 113 a-A Lady 114 a-Bat Girl 111 Mirage 115 iLido Way 118 Fancy Answer 115 Gary Leslie 116 Ringador 119 Storrn Bird 114 Underenver 111 Navy Ace 121 Dime 113 fi-tr. S.

Horkheimegentry. SIXTH allowances. 3- one and one-sixteenth miles (5): 119 Friendly Frank 110 Loraine, 113 Bearing Clear 107 1 Red Ned 113 SEVENTH claiming. 3- Pear-bids. one and one-sixteenth miles (9): MEE A 11NATURAL" Te011.111Gattri, Kiel Auditorium 11 ONGSON Vs.

Negunkt BRONKO NAGURSKI to a finish Torres Vs. Ruputin 3 'other matches Tickets on Sale. Arcade and Kiel Auditorium General Admission 60 Cents Martin Those. Promoter 11.1.1111111111111 IMBIOMMISIC40141168 MIA WM. 11: II a I a 1 ST.NE'N-i'll 1RA-4L'E- 1 7.140- 1-6- and and one- Ilia Hoots 4 P.

Marcaril. 3 11), 4r4 4.11 mks lo a -ent-an IA av 4T. Field 1. .41 Ike 17.:0 BefrreAt 1,444 T.ros-4-4.i -S 1New track reennil Foori III 1ft North plc, 1 flarnpnn Roads. Big Sun and a-Through rotatat 11 4 ".1 1Zr, 111-: tan Vy ace 114 1 t'd Ker1tark 111 Stables anti Mrs.

Clark Jr. E1-1''artt I I 4 v. Wsner 117 cor i L.rt.;0"..n Int; bINTII it rir-SVWRI4 claiming. 3, en Peter 111 al III V.Ar-"11 Iv fur-I've-iv 117 1 )1 Hy OW Dawns) 6.14a. 4.00.

3.00. 1- cz-iet IR. Sranee 4. Ir 4, 6.20. and uvaartl.

ore one-saxternth mzies IR V. 40 co 4-5. CM Fallitan. Four Ti.trts 1701 Per4orlage III Valev StreAm. So4-1re lb tet-tra toe 11 Carry 1 I.

Too tTs ao44 Putt 441An ran. Fa 1. Twnst 111 1A ov, 1 -Y1 1 11 A li NTH At etaintine. 1... No, 4-scAc-oid.

And up. one and three-sixPooetno It i C-IN, 31 taire 41 "ert', 'V Servant 11 Re te Date 1 ob I 11.aeall 441. 4.40. 3.10. I tt a actble ftnr, 1.

1 i A -v A Nir 1 11 0 Dr 11 Sec F. Moorinol. 10 N1N111 4 4 11rrrt RarIF: Trit Ga Ithild Prosher and upv.ard. i ,1 Piro 4-ark. I.iltle ring Rare 4140 4 Roy.

Itory Jay. Viantr 1. 1 1 1 att, 111 Table alo ran Cit't RA he. i Peter 117 1 etalmina- 3- f.7.,1 .610,1 1 I 4 1' 10411 a and up. one and one-eighth r- '1.

a ee It 1 -TtIntei 1--a-k 1 --4, tresitenteat tit. S1.44o 1 t111. lo II, -I. Loop 11 1 1 ft.ev 4 1,..60. 3, bet tlerat 114.

1 torr rze Ill rt. 11 Qn Cry 110, l'-t- 1.1 'e I I :.:1 41-5 Radiate I floater-Iran vis regime, an; al lowarK a '7' K1r. a Ct. ter. Snow Whirl and el trte4 1-; rs 1.14.

Ve a'Ao ran a-Anerican Way. 4T. Fie ItP. Tro.A--3 tNow track ro(actil Roads. Big Sun and a-Through 111'1 04." tan Alnkeby Stables anti Mrs.

Clark Jr. NINTH claiming. 3- fur-Inca-iv Hv OW Downs). 4.011. 3.00.

3. S'ranart. 7 40 6.20NIc1rcr17cd IR Wilhamsl. 6 40 :13 4-5. Color CM rallat.n.

Up. Roy Ci. 415 fluff Net ran. zt 11, NTH RA( EVt3nat. rtaintint And up.

one and 4. taciNtal. 4.40. 3.10. 1.i.161.- op It F.

Marinol. 10. i Gav Wild' Prothor Fro' t-fark. Rink Racc 'Roy jay. Viantr Ar4 TmNie ailn ran i gnalrill It at and up.

one and one-eighth wArtic-avrat tit. Sistat. 41.1n. 7101.11 3,611 an 1 I or--- -1 1 1 'I ot er 1 -s 1.. arta ,1 i.

1 1 I Fathers- 1 Did you that the way a child scribbles I may tell much about its character? I You'll want to compare. your child's, 1- scribbling with the ex- ,1 amples- pictured in the I i Gravure Pictorial Sec. ion of Sunday's Globe- Democrat. It's really in! I I teresting. DON'T MISS THIS FEATURE Gravure Pictorial Section -I Sunday's Globe-Democrat I at Did you know that the way a child scribbles may tell much about its character? I You'll want to compare your child's, scribbling with the ex- ,1 ample, pictured in the I Gravure Pictorial Sec-lion of Sunday's Globe-Democrat.

It's really interesting. DON'T MISS THIS FEATURE Gravure Pictorial Section Sunday's 4 t.tiiuh 05Inbt-Dtmrtrat. 'Friday, Oct. 21,1949 II1U Ed Dodd Ed Dodd Yil it II Ill II from 0 "4" "e' OAD maw eAcA-? Acw? wyERE? I CAN EAS)f 114D- MY REARTt LEMME WED SETTER TURN BACK THE POAD-5 TOO ALMOST HEAP a FOR PETES. RIGItT UP 0117i- -TM SOmETH I NG WE cAm-r, THEIR TEETH MY GONNA CHATTERING 1111 THROAT, a WALICP -MI.

IF es, FROM trill 4 ir .7 lc li. li, ---c' a. 1 et 1-) C. --AN ali.m... Jr1141 -ye- 'Ks -c7 0 kJ -i A4 7.

1 I '''t, 101( 11111 t4 ir in el roily, e. 14x Nowooll' elk 4 ,4 4P 0. Au" Ai iNh. el Ata .7: )L MY REARTt LEMME RIGliT UP otat- -TM MY COMO a THROAT, WALICY Al 7111. 71 I 5c I5 Pt.1 fla pee a 'SIT STATION'S SAvf Otie Pee mium coupok -I 2.

mit onnEn 11 1.

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