The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 10, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE.EIQHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, NOVEMBKH 10, 1930 ( 0n the Outside—Looking In :"DY DUKE" SEdY lllOflBLEFflE Powerful 185-Pound Line d Tr r" O 1 ^ T °' sir, ihose fellows are not 1WO rillC DarKS S0 |,,g w be ( || C |ntcd to by the Thrco Cliwra ;or Professors In I mi, lino [In ' spcrts ' writers and "uptown" ele- Naturally sports wrlK-rs and even in L10I1 Line-Up mia ^ come wlm mny ,-.. r <m«tM wrlu-rs over Hie stale »,. . T~To, r x« - About the only clearly defined llllre llot " lkcm Hie criticism of B\ J P *«»"»" opposition:- Hint, we could nnd to A.A.A. memljors without iinswer- Coach Carnej Laslie fears the „ ,„, | nmcntw , C lnry iilav-off ins. SVhy ihe ijrlddore should have Son la's Kin Out for Ice' Crown That Nerer Give In : .S|ilrll i A.A.A. have Ihclr chance nnd do There's one thing we :can cer- they eat It upi lalnly say about Ihosc school of- No .sir, foolbail doesn't need nny (icials ol. ihe Arkansas Athletic play-off, It would unduly extend association' (something of a mis- ihe loolball season, over-cmpha- nonier, we believe). They've got .size Ihe sswrt, Him It over to the plenty of spunk, "uptown" gambling elements. they certainly toast Ihe best' Cj;fiord—26 .cpnsccullye.-.victoriM. 1 They're favored; ^o'make 'ft 1 .'29,'tic-' fore the dose' of ihej'season kaA money than ve hise undei the as three' weeks now ind hav found business Ixximlng! .-.,'Tbelieve that we will make moic Lions I The BljtheUlle ., .,,„ . big cl c!" made pioposal so thoiouglily snt ;upo|\ lr ' b - ""•' K 0ilts l" st because t the b> Iho deai old A A A,, vvtis'lhat professors flon't agree with .spoils , ,, . Die assoclnlion would 'be bowing writers or lesenl publicity' given deeply concerned o\fr the oul- lo „,„ tt , sllcs of ,„„ (K ^,: ltcrs (,.,„ players nnd liie coaches tins ccme of the coming battle with nml lllc ll|)t<wn . e | cmw i s nn(I not been explained:' Hut Walter '" nggi-egatlon, Filday ,,, nt , uch a ',„„>. ofr woul( j lliiau!j , no bones o\er Ihe fnet (hat lie Is the night, and made it plain to the „, , „ , , Chicks that they are In for a ' whole lot more trouble than they have had this. season. Assistant Coach James Ace Puckett.was In the stands the Lloiis baltled Golden Hurricane to a scoreless to I. deadlock two week's' «|b. nnd had " sc , l ° '« "„ P 1 ' 1 ^. r , nl1 ;. fool .M| lv i, h i, n a ring side seit tail Prldaj night conc !'. nl BljlhcUllc before he quit! ...JL 1 ". when thes knocked <nct Ihe strong c ™' Batesvllle Pioneers,- 21-6, In a eluslvcly lo home coming e\cnt Puckett re- Ocor e c Dcn ' O^cola principal, l-rited that the White county rep- 'V 10 *!?,'!? O-ceolans ray Is slm- resentatUe Is strong and power- »'> « llllle J Lntmil > nml ' Prof . Dll >' full has a hard charging line, and <"", PhlL ' !illlff «l'l»ienlly because two of thc best backs he has seen '^s Isnl Pine Bluffs jear. (he was In quarterback Buddj ' Woods ?" fcl , such fl I' 1 "" last ycar> we lind Cloj Fvans, fullback lcga " to l >ontlcr mcr nn.klcn.' > Ace was especlallj Imnicssctl An<l lltm tlml we lc cocked up with the ill round abllits of ou "• «""<• « clc 6° ln B to |wss It Jr,, editor of the Pine flliilf Commercial, makes the following suggestion In his column "What Do You Think?": Prof. Deer's nonsensical declaration bscddn high school, aided nnd ODctlctl by - our own Prof. Dlnl, P Mann, of Newport.'>cJ £»^''^'to Z? ;^fe tnicnt of Ihe spoils too^TttVmc^i^}?" »' '"'^r scholastic activities/ ">" K1 "" nntl season i and lend lo o t ver emphasis of foolliall. Wlnil Aboul llaskelball?.- Afler the pln>-off pioposal the Jonesbo.o dcftiiUelj Killed, Ihnnti, .principally. J.Voods Possessing to bum, 'Buddy runs like a scared deci, dees the major bulk of the pa-a nltmi! Weic vonderlng what those same high moguls of A.A.A. would .suubtnncc . of Prof. Deer's nonsensical ccliirnlton was- that, school officials would be (slvlns in to' Ihe syorLs .w'ltm. imtl ;thcy ithc poor, dumb sports writers) wore- tho • only ones 'Interested In a plny-off to determine, the si;it<Uc,liaiiip|onshir). • , "Like Mr Funk, of. Literary Digest fnuio. I aniv'astountied. 1 "I mil 'nslou:s;ie<r tlml a lilijh school principal, even If he Is from Orceoln, should be so mtsinfoi'mcd I abcuL jnibilc sentiment and I am: wcn'ck'rlny who I'rof. Dial has. may even finish'as'the sU\t«'s'nriiy undefeated and untied teum. "Undoubtedly ;|hey deserve recognition." , '••' ' fliirry-'Grayspp .•Delation banner, 1 ' asserts' Bozeman. Hearing of the situation, D'I Ado)|jh Doc, wealthy Chicago dcn- tLst who lias ' made billiards his hobby' for years, decided to serve as an "angel" lor tlie national three-cushion tournament which, with all Hie other ivory meets, always has l>ccn conducted by the association. The tournament will be held In Chicago, from Nov. 21 to Dec. 11. Ten renowned expo- '.MEW YORK,—Professional • neiits j ol Ihe gam entered, bll-1 The tournament already have liurd players are on their own for' atcd'entirely by the players, as-is tlie first Umc In history. ...... expected lo l)c thc case in all fu- Dllllarjls, will be Ihe' only- niajor lllr c meets. The players' sola re- garne conducted by tlie players j "Hineralion will' be from tlie re- M'lien , the stars forni a 1 ''national i cc| P's. The only onc.s sliorL-chang- organlmtlon.lnlc Ihlij nionlh. |«d .In this self-management, plan -—'-- -' 'i.-'- ; : '-' .... i will be the various champions who drew sizable salaries from the' as- loclntlon during Iheir reigns. But the,shining light's' of liic billiard industry iiUcnd io show the baseballm,' p footballers,, ;;olf2rs, leniils players^ -and p!irUt, > l])a'nl8 in Ing and punting Once he gets snj If wed .• oposctl right, now „„„,...., IIS ,..„, ,..„,. „„„ „„._ - into the open Jie Ls hard lo catch lie abolition of n plny-off pliin| been talklnr; with lo'arrive at the HIS long suit all 5C«> has been ll 'al has been iuscd vlih officinl grabbing ' punts /and cohvcrtin.E•sinicllon for some time lo dctcr- mino Ihe bnskctbnll championship of tlic stale. {hem into touchdowns. • "He's;:the best taw!; I've seen this jear, 1 Ace mild 'He skills Talk nbout your ovcr-cmpiiasls Ihe ends ,?.nd slips off Incklc be- on football, about, unduly extend- fore "cm cin bit an eje He Is an '"8 'he seison ubout sludenls ctcellent passer nml better than ^ing kept awny fiom tliclr school average- kicker. Place kicking In work loo much, unless we're sndly ''coffin corner" is an old trick, of 'misinformed there's more lime lost lits Against Joncsuoro lie had no '"' piullclpillng sludenls and opportunity to do his stuff be-} "lose vlio onij sit nnd wnlch as cause of a slow field "but. Bates- wcl1 during Die ba.skolball scasoi Villewns unable lo check him, "inn Is ever the case during the The Chicks are sure lo sec plenty loolin.ll season of him before Ihe night is over.' "Fvaus Is a 199 pound haul conclusion lii.'it no one wants a] play-off except ihe .s|)orls writers. Surely Prof. Ducr,_and our cs- lecmrd and good friend, Prof. HU.ilinj! .ibilily seems,to,run In Ihc I It-hie fnmily 61:'-Norway, ntid liccn competition.'; too, for 10-yoar-<ild Murit Ilchlc, above, cousin , of celebraled Sonia Ilcnii 1 , Olympic skatinc champion and motion picture, actress, is prcparittK to fapturo- her relative's crown. Already Hie junior sltritinK ' ch:nn{)ion ' of Norwny, Mnril Hcnie bids^ fnir lo hrcojiic tho second''title iljuklCT of the fuiiiily. children and if they n little bit "screwey" want to go about foot- First, us we understand It, the participants are quite" likely to timing fullback He literally rip- , putlliwt In longui hours practicing pcd the Jonesboro line to thieads, ' Uiskolbill dail> linn football. and- that Hurricane forward wall ' rlu 'n (hey will play, from one to Is not the easiest, in the stule lo three fames a week, averaging lenr apirt, either He repeated the nb ™t l«o probablj, while due sime dose only In a largei qunn-, foothill game n neck Is the aver- tity. against -the -Pioneers. He suf-! n s e , fered: a;'leg injury and was with- And as the cage season whirls drawn from the game lo save him l° w| ircl a finish \mioiis school;. foi the locals \hoM Imllition toinnamcnls, which The Lion line weighs about nic coiiMrteicrt as mctty good sen- 180 to 185 pounds, Thej chaige 'onlng for moic tinpoilant loilrna- liard and fast In the two games nic.its latci on Then came the I saw they completely ' outplayed coiinly Imirrmmciits, lasting prob- the opposing forward wall Thcj nW > two'dajs Then the lucky have a real line defense teams or the best tennis we should .Tonesboro ' ; was wlllith their five En 5'. «'eet In (he district lourna- jard line four times and were not, merits fhcn the best learns In the «ble (u push it ovei Then pass- , * nl lous districts meet In slate Ing attack is strong have three tournaments to rtelcimitio official Ulnl, hnve been having lenolliy linll then It occurs to ihe tliiit It conversations with themselves to Is strictly their business. arrive at such a conclusion. "And If we didn't go a little bit "Every one seems willing lo give "screwey" about football'It would the newspapers of the slate a be something else perhaps worse, slight measure of credit for sllm-i "• • . And it Is none of mj ulnling Interest In foolball In Ark-j business that these thousands of ansas, but several principals. I am' luy-paycrs arc more Interested ii beginning to wonder If school of-' football, If they arc, than liic; ficliils really wunt, (lie taxpayers arc the efforts of those fine mei In lake mi Interest In fooluall. i and women who teach school "Perhaps they nre justified In That 1 cannot help. Ihcir beliefs that all the cheers "Bui I do resent blaming tin should nol go to the star lialf newspapers for such a 'condition back or conch. Maybe we can off- ' think, honestly and sincerels set the popularity of football ri 'hat If thc school people in Ark bit by paying our respects to ansas were n little bit'le^ Jealou school principals and teachers. anything outside strictly schoo . "If It will help, let's arrange to work nnd "scliool funds," Ilia yivc three loud cheers for the "ley would get miicli more sym Liilin lenchers or Ihe math tench- patliy from tho taxpayers. championships Bl| t suppose someone would sug- C c '' 'hat we do nwaj with invlta- tion count}, district and state head coach Carney Laslie views touinamcnts In bnsketbnll because tend lo phce an ovcr-em- good recel\ers and an ace hcavei With a report like that coming from the consenatlve flrit lieu- lenant it Is little wonder tliat the Searcy battle with alarm cr tonight, or the superintendent. "You can bet your last 1 coupl of million Unit if all Ihe news papers ceased lo give that exlr coverage of foolball in Arkansn Blnine Ihe Taxpayers Further, Mr. Sorrels writes: "The newspapers of Arkansas . . . which Is given gladly tm, nre Interested in football and a free to thc schools, that the proposed play-off tor the plain would not lose any subscribers, bu and simple reason (hat the read- football would lose sonic of li which would be re the "plny-off" whulo 1 if lliere was not stale-wide dc- at the gale. manrt for some kind of a plny-off "Of course, no orte would be in lo determine Ihe championship, Icrcsled in thc loss of revenue. Ilierc would 'be no Interest on the "At least nol 'school officials.' crs of the papers nre Interested, supporters, Prof. Deer can rest assured that fleeted at part of sports editors In, the pro- Trie sharks of "liic'green'-cloth were forced-to hai)dlc_, their own affairs when a company, which manufactures GO per cent of the Iliard equipment withdrew its pport; '(rojp'.'ltai;;National,, Billiard s5oelation."pf, : J:Anicri.cai,':WlilcllClt eated an'd,subsidized,... , ..,....., fn tlie past>• the'.•Na'tloriai' nll- ard Association' of America sljn- I the foremost' players each fall, nt them on exhibition,iours, and nnneed all tournaments. Salaries aiigcd from $6000 to $35.000 n sen- oil. ,Thc assoclat-lon 'arranged all ooklngs, looked after publicity, etc. II the player had to do was ful- II his dates nnd collect his pay ":icck at the end of each month. Three years ago. the association mbarked on a better biUlards rogrtun to .build up •:interest'. in le game. More'elaborate exhibl- .on schedules'than ever were nr- nngcd. :" ' "This progrnm was such a suc- ess thai a. five-year schedule was lapped," says Jay N. Bozeman, 9-ycnr-old three-cushion phenom- non of Vallejo, Cnlif., now apiwar- ng in Ihe east. » * * 'ailing to Gel Conlracts, 'tars Engage! Agents "Lnst sprlnjf Ills touring experts vent to thc-lr homes for tile sum- ncr with the expectation of rcturn- ng to woi^; in the autumn. When hey arrived in Chicago several vceks ago to sign new contracts, hey learned that the company had withdrawn Its Hnanelal support 'rom Hie association due to a change In.policy nnd personnel and hat there, would b2 no new con- .rncts. "Some'of the players practically were 'out on the streat.' It was list like disbanding n big league baseball chib without notiea. Most of tlie fellows.spent! in tiio summer what they save during the winter and found themselves in a tough spot with no pay checks in sight," Biit.Bozsnmn sees brighter days ahead for cue wizard: as the result, of this emergency. ' : Willie Koppe took a Job as,.fin Instructor in a New York billiard academy. Bozeman nnd Johnny Lay ton, _five limes winner of the three-cushion, .title, joined'- the 'Masked, Marvel," a pocket-billiard ace, and unyag^xl n booking agent to line up engagements, which wilt take the trio through the middli 1. "Tiie newspapers . . . that is Mr. those (hat survive, do so because of the Arkansas Democrat, Thanks, Mr. Tlldcii Allen Tilden, sports cdlto There seems to be lUtle doubt that I'hnsls on (he spoit I they give thc renders wbnt they ready to hand whatever honoi the gnme will tebt^lhe mettle of Would time be n howl from thc want, not what tlie editors want may' lie available to thc Blytln the Chlckasuws Thir work Is nil. small school big sliol-s In ih 0 the readers lo have. Ann Ihls scr- vlllc Chicks, following failure i cut out for them Under , the •, direction of nnd•; Puckett the entire | A.A.A.? We suspect Hint Lnslie' would be such n howl there only vice costs the newspaper real Am- the A:A.A. lo approve a play-o "It's squad scliooj officials seem capable of buckled down to real busine-ss yes- .rowing. The small schools, be- placed terday ••afternoon. A special scs- cause of their number, control Ihe £lorr in pass 'defense, blocking and A.A.A. in basketball even the tackling, and a lengthy scrimmage smallest schoots have a chance composed, the-workout. j'or stale honors because almost Blocking Improved I »ny school can collect thc neccs- Impro\ement In blocking was £<»rj minimum number of players especially, noticeable in the scrim- tu "lake a basketball team, inage Max Hutchins, Homer Be- "ie snnll schools we'll venture, sharse and 'Alfred "Slick" Meredith, nre already hard at, practice for gave impressive demonstrations of l 'ie coming strenuous basketball gcod blocking. Just before Laslie senson. sent;them In•-Hutchins receivcti n^ Yes sir, its fine to have a bns- bruised leg It is not expected lO| kclball plnj-off two games a keep "him out of daily practices week, Invitation tournaments, and-.the game.; .-•'.. [ county tournaments, district tour- namcnls and Mate tournaments l«Roy 'Broncho' Brown contln-lTlu. small town big wigs of the tied to nurse a,Jhum shoulder and i — was Joined by, 0 OheM Craig. Craig hurt his right shouWer against! HR . SAIIRA Newport, He was not permitted. lo | rcrinimage. •', Onell just recently E >'f. Ear, .Nnsc As Thronl ^rican money. If too much emphasis is on football . . . don't bjamc the newspapers. Blnine the I pro[x>sal. gays Mr. Tilden in his coluir "Every Now'n Then: "Now, witli thc play-off elitnh (lhaiiee For ( Jiicks 'P •JAtcc Hope Toajii, Blytlievllle school officials have met the -challenge of Hope's" dial - Imge f or. n' game Nov., 2U- with an Invitation for Ihe Bobcats 16 play Blylhcvllle on Thanksgiving Day. It is generally regarded as likely that nothing will come of cither proposal: Despite Coach Poy Hammans' suggestion in releasing his challenge to Blytlievllle lo lha press that he believed niytheville had an ' collatlon of • llielr chance to beat Hope uiuier any clrcumsta'ncfs. ;' So it apiwars that 'ft flope-Bly- tlievlllc game Is as'uhllkely as ever n Blytr.eville-Pins Bluir game r'f ' last year. ,' ." 1'ill liis Fewer Journalists P.ITTSBUHGH lUP) — Kegislrn- tlon In journal!. 1 classes at the University of Pittsburgh Is slightly lower than it was for tlie first Ermcsier of last year. Prof. Robert X; Grnbam announces. There are 148 students enrolled IliL'i year, compared with 151 last year. date on Nov.' ha chicks i . have been slated all along lo play 1 rorrrst Oily here on Ibal day. . The Hope Bobcats are seheduhd to meet Hot Springs on Thanks- i giving Day and it Is ,as Imgirobable that they would cancel the Hot Springs engagement ns it is that Blytlievllle would attempt to back! out of Its Forrest Oily game. ' Not only that but the Thoroiish- job of It. The first irestoflicc In Ihe United States was established in Hos- chance. Thc same thing goes for thc Hoi Springs Trojans, Hot Springs is Drj. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Jos Isnars' Stor» "WK MAKE 'EM SEr" Phona 5« Before \'ou l!uy Any OutUnin] - Si't ILe NEPTUNK 2 H. r. Single Cyl. (Olher sizes to 1C H. P.) HU'UiAUU TIIiE & BA'lTKltY CO. Ion in 1C39. Philadelphia had a'defeated but tied Bobcats a postolflcc In 1683. anxious to get a shot at the un- Eiunably would not consent to can- who go out every week atcd. this column Is perfectly win-' r.nd shell out their hard-earned Ing lo vote (he "unofficial" clmm- ricllars lo help supporl an over- pionship lo Blyllicvillc tvnd let It sport. their money, and I go at that. The Chicks may not their have Ihe best team In the state, west, south, nnd far west. . Envln Rudolph, former billiard champion; Welkcr Cocli- ran, former tliree-cusliiou and balk line tilleholdcr; pasquale Natalie, veteran pocket billinrdlst; and Charles Kelly, Philadelphia pocket billiard luminary,--united and turned thc tnsk of- getting them appointments In the east over to a booking agency. • 0 * * Three-Cushion Tourney Backed by Chicagoan ; The hvo groups have been out Made the "SLOW MASH" Way We've Used for Three Generations ~V7"OU'LL relish our Slow Mash whisky— A it's so mighty smooth and rich tasting, iwcket ^=-t is, folks have liked it so well we've ' stayed with it steady since 1870. Just taste Bottoms Up—arid see what a dif- recovered. from n severe knee injury after undergoing an operation on the mem'jer last spring .Captain Byron "Ripper" : Walker turned an ankle and did not par-1 ticlpate in the fun, cither. I Alvin Justice,- 195 pound tackle' from Armorel was sent In early lo make a. knee 'Shoeless* Bill Godwin ~ was working'at'his |»sl- tion Bill shows Improvement with every drill. , fc.yc. Ear, .Nns GLASSES Room 210 lies. Tlionc 410 Iligrnm llldj Office 413 ference our Slow Mash makes! Bottoms U KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY B 3ROWN-FORMAH Distillery CO., Louisville, Kentucky SII.BKKNAGEL & CO. Exclusive ilislrilmlori, for Arkansas Little Rock I'lnc Bluff Dermolt can niiikc your old look its very liest . . . Our modem process removes all trace o I' dirt, brings out the color and restores tlie snap and style of a new lioi. ^ i HATS CLEANED AND BLOCKED 65c PEERLESS OLEAKERS I'hnnc 11)2 Cfrncr Franklin & Clierry TERHY AHSTKACT & REALTY CO. Abstracts, l.anils ft Loans E. St. Terry. 1'rcs. anil Mcr. Phone' 017 Illyilicvillr, Ark. Dan't Be Swept Off Your Feet until yon see fhc car that makes the mosl sweeping' advance! NEW FORD V-8 FOR 1937 NEW LOW PRICE! COMING NOVEMBER 14 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I DONV SEEM TO HAVE THE KNACK OF ROLLING UP NEAT^MAKIN'S' CIGARETTES QUICK LIKE YOU DO THE FIRST THING-IS TO USE THE RIGHT KIND OF'MAKIN'S'. HERE— ROLL. ONE WITH PRINCE ALBERT SAX TH1S 'S I SOMETHING-. 1 ' NEVER. ROLLED A CIGARETTE SO.QUICK IN MY LIFE. WHY IS IT PA. IS WHAT THEY' CALL'CRIMP CUT JUST NATURALLY LIES DOWN SNUG IN THE PAPER AND ROLLS EASIER YOULL LIKE THE WAY YOUR RA. CIGARETTE SMOKES TOO -WILD AND FLAVORY. EVER SEE THIS FREE TRIAL OFFER. THE PRINCE ALBERT FOLKS A££ MAKING IN THE WERS NOW? WoiW |. cleaner nnd oulomalic O' leai axtes give big 1001 seats -• World'i loigesl luggage copacily • World's coiictl closing doors with exclusive nori'ialtle lolacy door locks • World's Hist cars witS buill-in worm air dcfroilc.'S • Only cars with Automalic Hill Holder • World's strongest, safest and quiclcsl oil ileel bodies • Sludebakoi's C.I.T. Budgel Plan otfeis low lime paymcnls. BROADWAY SALES, Inc. Hlytlieville. Arki « b « to ' e ;2.^» 0 ?.r«"* iM "* 1 ^ n -*;^"«--.- of'W^.w''"* 1 """ V >' »-f-^V to ",C"n THAT TIP ABOUT PRINCE ALBERT SURE WAS A HONE* iMAP.A. I ROLL-VOUR-OWNER FAKJ ^—7 FROM NOW ON , BETTER rOBACCO FOR ONE THIN& ft) A SPECIAL " NO-BIT E" PROCESS TAKES OUT THE HARSHNESS (3) BEING"CRIMP CUT" IT SMUGGLES RI5HT DOWN TO THE PAPER-ROLLS QUICK AND EASY- BURMS SLOW AND COOL. W PACKED IN TIM. EASY TO HANDLE. STAYS PRIME TO THE VERY lASTFAKTICLE 2 OUNCE RED TIN FAVOR U PIPE SMOKING? THEM P.A. IS YOUR TOBACCO INGE ALBERT THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE!

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