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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 28, 1939
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VOLUMIC XXXVI—NO. 215. Blythovllte Courier Blylhevllle.Herald Blylheylllo Daily Mississippi Valley Lender Molotov Denounces Soviet-Finnish Pact Against Aggression Com- . MOSCOW, Nov. 28. (UP)-Sovjet . Bll VA>m . missrii' Molotov informed the Finnish minister tonight thnf Y'c Soviet Union is denouncing the Soviet-Finnish non-ajf. Molotov .said that Russia dc-+ nounces the pact because of Pinland's anti-Soviet policy which, he said, wns inconsistent with the treaty. ivfolotov informed the Finnish minister of Russia's denunciation of tlic pact In a 20-mlniilc conversation which began at 0:30 p.m. Mololov replied lo the Finnish note of yesterday and rejected the Finnish explanation of the frontier Incident in which four Hussion troopers were said lo have been killed, insisted ngaiu - sored by a brewing company and was leading in the race lor the grand prize of tin automobile today was charged with using Ihe mails to defraud, Officials of the company, which awards cases of beer to the best score-pickers of 20 or so games each reply to Ihe Russian frontier de- week, became suspicious when Rll- mands "constitutes a document of i chey won the contest three weeks lhat Finnish troops be withdrawn from the Finnish-Russian border. Soviet denunciation of Hie treaty with Finland is effective immediately, Molotov said. The Soviet note announcing the denunciation said that Finland's Prison Suit May Be His 'R For Grid Ticks' ATLANTA, On.. Nov. 23. <UP>— William M. Hitcliey, who had WC n three weekly foolball contest JTIIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AUKAN8A3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BI.YTHKVII.UV ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, NOVICMHKK LAS, lid!) NEWS 1ES! SUIT s spon- deep hostility against the Soviet Union which shows a desire to bring the present crisis to a head." Meanwhile the staff of the military district of I^nlngrad ordered Soviet troops to "return the fire" it Iherc were any more provocations by Finnish troops on the border. A communique said: in a row. Bond Suit Ruling Expedited; Green's Suit Must Follow Usual Order Tlic stale supreme court yesterday advanced for early adjudication us a mailer of public interosl i losl suit from Mississippi ( . :lm t y t iian- cery court Involving coiistltullon- allty of a proposed $57,000 countv ond issue and at n 1L , s;llm . ,.[,„•„ ! refused to advance another lesl suit frcin Mississippi county drcuit court involving the question O f whether a person nol "learned in Ihe law" may serve n.s Mississippi county judge. The bond Issue lest, suil was advanced to Dec. II by the high court. The case Is an appeal by John B. Walker, nominal plaintiff, frcni a decree of Chancellor J. p. Gautncy denying .an In junction lo prevent (he special clcclloii called for Dec 30 by County Judge S. L. Gladisli came in a little lale. They called poslal Inspectors who Investigated and found: iiilchey worked In the postoffico He had been addressing letters to himself in pencil before the Friday contest deadline. He erased his name and substituted lhat ot the "In connection with provocative' lie(!1 ' company w ;, cll the letter was i,- ,,. , J - J uily&v- K>. LJ. UHIUISII ncy noticed his picks always on (he bond issue. Walker brought '" " "iu»=,m ' artillery firing upon our troops by Finland. Soviet troops are ordered io return the fire in the event of repeated Finnish provocation until those who start tlic shooting are annihilated." The Leningrad district embraces the Finnish-Soviet border area on the Karelian Isthmus. delivered and. inserting the ccrrect outcome of the games after they had been played, sent tile latlers on to the brewery. Ititchey was bound over lo the, U. S. grand jury on mail fraud charges and wns released on $500 bond. Finns Itcmain Calm HELSINGFORS, Nov. 28. (UP) — Finns went about their business as usual today maintaining a strange aplomb in the face of Russian threats and abuse of their government. There were no crowds around government buildings and very little to Indicate that a crisis was in the offing. The popular calm seemed lo spring either from the belief; that- Russia- would not iri- ^vade Finland or if she- did that Finland's Scandanavian friends would come to her aid. 'S FUR 10 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS U-ttoal'Cotnmaiider Claims Cruiser Sunk BERLIN, Nov. 28. <U1»>—All uiiicial nmioiuu'i'meiil tonight said thai ft 10,000-lon British mil*'.; ||io tenth British warship lost in sen warfaro, lind been «mk l, v „ i;.^ <. 0 imni\u<fert by the youtliful German hero whose simmnrlne .sunk tlic bnlllesmp Royal Onk in Seapa Flow. Blond rosy-checked Llculcnnnl Commander aueiilher Prism, who amazed the world by inking hu u-lioiil Into 6'vrut Urllnln's miKhly Scnpu Flow naval bnse, niMi'd i,, his laurels by dlicctinj the ntlnck on the Brilisli cruiser c:,si of die Slu-tlnnd Islnmis. The .sliikliig-as announced by Itic aeniinns-lirought (ho dentil toll In the 10 sen victories lo at li'asl 1,782 Urlllsh. •J'lie cruiser sunk In Prlen'S .second e.fploil, mnioimeccl today was of the lamlon type-either Hie Shropshire. Hit; Sussex Uio Devonshire or the Ixmilon. All four were completed In 102!) nml mcli Imd a complement of 050 men. The London-type cruiser 1ms eight, elghl-liu-li BUI.S right rour- liicli (,-im.s m,,l 20 sm ,uitr fjtms eight (nrpcdo lubes mid e.mles one nlriilunc. The cruiser was apparently norlli of U 10 srnpn Flow tinvnl base In Hie Orkney Islimds when sunk. The clnte of the Kinking was no! uiven, HULL GULL suit in the chnucery court at Osce<la as a citizen and taxpayer al- le.iriiiir that the .bonds would ]>c Invalid If issued, the election an additional expense to Ihe county and other technical objections. According I 0 attorneys: representing parlie.s In tl lc test suit the supreme o:urfs decision in the case will decide all material nucstlons ns lo tthe validity of the proposed bond issue before" Ihe election is held. Should the high court rule that the county has no nuthcrity to issue such bonds the election win not be held. If the tribunal Bailey Wants Return To Economic 1787 Rights Of LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 28 (UP) — Gov. Bailey called loday for re- storallon of economic liberties in O. A. MoMciilvic the United Slates-a step which! Cokcr, former dlsl Remsburg Gets Two Year Term lONESBORO. NOV. 27. <UP)~ "• B. Hem.sbtiiK, former district WI'A engineer, loday was .sentenced lo two years and two days in Jed- era I penitentiary on n .guilty pk>a on charges of using the malls lo defraud, istrict offi- finds that the State Counsel Makes Final Summation In Leader's Trial New York Cotton NEW YORK, Nov. Cotton closed steady, open high Dec Jan. Mar. May Jill. . Oct. G72 9G7 952 931 897 850 067 951 330 89 G ii-lG Spots closed nominal nl 980 974 SGI 940 903 056 (UP) — low close 971 976 971n 957 933 B9B 847 !)97. up New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 28 (UP) —Gotten futures closed steady today with net gains of from 19 to 50 cents a bale. open high 981 988 comity can legallv Issue the bonds lhat question will be out of the wny before the date of the election and should the bonds be voted there will question of their validity lo have any deprecialini; efTecl on the sale value of the bonds and will make it possible f:r the county to sell its bonds at a much better price, attorneys in Ihe ca-se contend. Holland and Taylor, local B U II d law Iirm ' '^Present Walker while G e .B. Segravcs of Osceola, Bruce Ivy. v as.dislrjct prosecutcr.jind Rose Lou<?hi!orough. Dobyns and House, NEW YORK, Nov. 28 (UP)—The Little "Hock law Una, represents the state summed up his grand larceny , count >'- j charges against Fritz Kuhn today i Denial of the motion to advance find General Session Judge James the "prc-elccli-n" i«t suit broii"ht G. Wallace announced he would by Roland Green, deputy county present the German- American ( treasurer, to determine if a person bund leader's case lo Ihe jury to- | who is not a lawyer can be county morrow. judge will cause that case to be Wallace made his announcement' submitted In regular order to Ihe after Assistant District Attorney high court which means that it Herman J. McCarthy, described by will probably n:tbc decided before the defense as perhaps the most, February. handsome man in New York, had! Mr. Green, a former county asked the jury to nml the' love treasurer, plans to-be a candidate making bund leader guilty of j for county judge at the Democratic charges under which he would be primary next summer if a favorable liable to a maximum of 22 years -'--•-•--• • imprisonment. McCarthy, denying defense in- • , , ....... -i* ..... *-•• ; •"".•-., iu*mi-i src o- he said would' mean lower freight, dais, were placed on probation /or "les for Ihe south. \^ tcc ycni . s fo , (1 lverlin B sponsors Asked nt n press conference whnt fluids oil projects to llielr o ' jhe most desired for Christmas ' Bailey .said he wauled cqu'rillzatloii of freight rales for Ihe south and southwest with the official territory and the opportunity for farmers to sell produce on a protected market ns long us (hey are forced to buy in n inriff protected market. "I most desire," he said, "a restoration of economic liberties established when the constitution was approved, in 1187, which would bring about these things." Jan. Mar. May Jul. Oct. 9G1 940 900 859 979 9G9 9-19 91<! 863 low close 981 985 870 073 Oiil 940 907 854 907 943 907 Twelve Educational Meetings Arc-Planned In Os, ceola Dish'ic! decision is rendered. Circuit Jud",. O. E. Keck held in ordering Grcon% - _ -- — clni| n for pay for service as o t-imntions that he had paid court special ccimty judge allowed that to the most sensational of the! legal learning was not a required state's witnesses Mrs. Florence '. qualification of a Mississippi county Camp and accusing Kuhn's ccim- judge. County Judge s. L Gladish sel of fabricating testimony asserted lhat the defendant had stolen $1,217 from the organization he dominated. McCarthy denied the existence of any "Jewish plot" or "political plot" to persecute Kuhn as defense counsel had suggested. Ct 859 863 854 854 C^-^L M HrL spots closed steady at 987, up 9. i racturcs Nose' When Stock Prices AT&T Anaconda Copper Associated D G . Beth Steel NEW YORK, Nov. 28. (UP) — An attempt to rally the slock market under lead cf steel shares failed today and prices turned irregular. Trading turned dull near the close. ... 109 3-4 ... 31 3-8 ... 9 1-S ... 81 1-2 Boeing Air 225-8 Chrysler .54 3.4 C:ca Cola 132 1-2 General Electric 391-8 General Motors 535-8 Int. Harvester 581-2 Montgomery Ward 547-8 N Y Central 181-2 Packard 33-4 Phillips Radio Schenlcy Simmons .. .• Socony Vacuum Standard Oil N J Texas Corp U S Smelt U S Steel 40 1-2 5 7-8 13 5-8 23 1-2 12 5-8 45 1-4 4G C2 3-4 C7 1-2 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Nov 28, (UP)—Ifogs 11,500. Top 655. 170-230 Ibs 545-555. 140-160 Ibs. 450-515. Bulk sows 425-485. Cattle 3550. Steers 790-985. Slaughter steers 625-1125. Mixed yearlings & heifers 750950. Slaughter heifers 625-1125. lieef cows 475-575. Cutlers ft low cutlers 350-450. Car Overturns Sunday Mrs. W. If. Barber, of Holland, received a. fractured nose when the car in which she was riding collided with another machine Sunday night en Highway 61. near Holland. Mr. Barber said that another car side swiped his machine which caused his car to swerve across the highway and into a ditch. Removed to the Walls hospital, Mrs. Barber is resting very well today. Rev. J. L. Woolman Will Deliver Sermon At Christian Church Thursday The program for the Union Thanksgiving service t:- be held Thursday mornim; nl ten o'clo-k at Ihe First Christian church was announced today by George w: Patterson, president of (lie Ministerial Alliance which I: the service. The Rev. J. L. Woolman. past-r of Ihe First Church of the Nazarene, who recently came here, will be the principal speaker. His sermon theme will bo "What Shall I Render Unlo God?" Taylor represent The program will be opened with Green while Reid and Evrard, local the Dpxolcgy followed by a response had previously denied the claii a tasis for the test suit. is sponsoring law firm, and Mr. ivy represent the county. Luxuries Worry Japan IP)—Increased depart-1 inent store sales, largely in luxury' goods, are causing the government ccmern as an indication that its thrift and savings campaign is not as successful as had been believed. from Psalm 19:14. The song, "Count Your Many Blessings" will precede I prayer by the Rev. E. B, Williams. Japan .Diet to Get Sterilization Measure TOKYO (UP) - A bill providing for the compulsory sterilization o! all Japanese suffering from serious hereditary diseases will be introduced in the next session of the Diet, it is understood here. The measure, to be offered by the welfare ministry, wruld make operatloas mandatory only In cx- Ircme cases but would open the door to voluntary sterilization ot tlr.GO less seriously affected. Tree Climbing Too Much For Forestry Applicants NEWTON, Mass. (UP)_A civil service examination on paper for city forestry jobs Is one thing. Actual tree climbing l s another. Fittccn job applicants suddenly suffered cold feet when Jined up before two tall trees, outfitted with ropes, and instructed to climb to the top. Their hasty exodus left only 20 candidates, only 16 of whom passed the test. Stack of Silver 'Buys' New Baby . ° f (hc Pirsl Mc«'odlst " 1 il't'»-e from Psalm 110 read by (he Rev. James A. T1 ' c «'»' "e . . Overliolser. pastor cf Ihe First Presbyterian cliurch, afler whlrli "Showers of Blessings" will be sung. An announcement concerning the offering which Is to go to charity. will be made by Rabbi Herman Pollack, rabbi of the Temple Israel. Prayer by the Rev. Matthew A. Curry, priest-ln-chargc cf the si. Stephen's Episcopal church, and offering will preced the song. "Faith of Our Fathers." After the sermon, Ihe Rev. Alfred Carpenter, pastor of the First Ilan- I list church, will give the benedlc- , lion. [Pelt Experts Baffled By Mink on the Hoof I NEW YORK (UP)—Fm- dealers , In New York's congested fur district where more pelts are handled than anywhere In the wcrld. clustered about a man leading a glossy \ little animal by a leash. "What is ft?" they asked. I "That," said Louis T. Lalcr, "Is my pet mink." And thus Later proved his contention that "99 per cent of the fur dealers In this town" wouldn't know a live mink If they saw one. .'OSCEOLA, Nov, M. -.."-A series <C twelve"'odi'irnlinml 'meetings lo be held throughout Ilic Sollth Mississippi County section Monday and Tuesday, Dee. 4lh nnd i Sth, are announced todnv bv B, H. Burns, eoimtv demonstration arotit f<r the smilliern end of the county, and Cov E. Sclfrcs. AAA ndmilils- tralor for the .same territory. The purpose of (he meetings is to explain prbnosed changes In Ihe D _ 1.140 Agricultural Conservation Pro-. Baby Overturns Coffee (tram and discuss the ortton slliia- tlon ns It exists at the present lime In order that farmers may have an opportunity, lo fully Inform themselves ns to the cotton situation Iwfore voting cji the referendum on Dec. 0. Cliiummn Kstes Points Out Reasons Why Q n o I u Should Be Raised With Hie Chickasawbii district short or » s Hed Cross Holl cull Q":ta $259.07, B. i). jistiw, rhiUnmin »t the local ohapU'r. unnomici'd today llnil a linal drive would be iniiilo Wednesday lo raise (In; amount necessary lo put Iho dls- Irlcl over (he lop wilh lied Cross iiimibmiilps for this year, Mr, lull's .said Hint "In view cf (lie outstanding .services rendered (Ids section by (he Red Cross In recent years, it is Inconceivable Hint IhLs district would not reach the reason able quoin which had been assigned to It, There arc numerous firms and •indlvldimls In Dlyllicvllle mid Ilic Chicka.sawba district which have not yet enrolled and, In view cf (he fuel Dial this Rod Cross work Is a volunlary prop- josltlon. It docsn'l .seem Mint any | firm or Individual ivould wait, for somebody to call on them lo get their membership.'rim planters and farmers of the Clilcltasnwba district nre not enrolling ns they should, neither are (he business firms nml landowners of Ihe dlslrlcl. "When we think of the many thousands of dollars .spent here fir relief during the 1937 cpier- sency 11 seems that our quotu should have been renched long before this lime, We urc having n final effort made tomorrow with Ihe thought In mind Mint mane firms rind Individuals will be willing .to make some addlll:nal enrollment In order to finish tills lied Cross Job as it should bo finished." Mr. Kste said lhat mure than volunteer workers had been engaged -In enrolling members Ihroughcut, the district ami had done n fjood Job /but that It was Imperative that n special enrollment effort be mnde in order to complete Ihe Roll Call by Thanksgiving Day, and that a force of 25 women Imd voliink'cred to make this effort Wednesday, lleadtiuarler.s for the Roll Call are at the office of the nlythevtllo Chamber of Commerce and all those wh;. desire,,lo.make ndilUion^l.con- tributions nrc urged lo call' Iclo-' phone No. 291 and n worker will be sent tn pick up ihe money, Firms nml individual.-! who have not already enrolled arc urged lo do s:tomorrow, clllicr by sending In their memberships or by giving It to one of the workers. Mr. Bstes .said. Orders For Seizure Of German Exports Formally Prepared or LONDON, Nov. 28. (UP)-The allied orders for seizure (,01'imin exports on tho high seas will become effective Ilio coninlniiits of nculrnls, Primp Minister iM'liiin announced today in the House of —— + Commons. Tlie niinounccnient was made soon nflcr King George had opened a new session of parliament with n speech from the throne. Hie klnu emphasized lhat all of the energy of Ilio empire wns con- ccnlrnlcd on winning the wnr and dcclm-cd that the British navy mis' keeping open ti, c highways of the sen "for tinnsportatton of supplies' 1 -despite the furious Nazi Here is Good Wiiy To Dampen Wnr Enthusiasm ATLANTA. Cla., Nov. 211. (Ul>) — Fimr cieortila Toeli .students lodny begnn » diet based on Gorman war nil Ions to determine let (heir own snllsriicilon ho»- Die NnxLs will get nlonji without fancy food. The students planned lo diet vm- III ChrMmn.s, ii'lion (hey will com- pnrc lliolr weight, appearance ami suite or iiilinl with what they wore before lliey begun (he curtailed eating. pi'cgrain. The dlclers arc Henry Mayo, 10 of Norfolk. Va., Ed Schmidt, 10 \ang Island, N. Y., George Strlb- liiiK n, Point Pleasant, N, Y., and James T. Scanlon. 21. of Ilellc Alro, N. Y. For their int'nl, Ihe hypo- thcllcnl Nazis each nlo one and cne-fourtli frankfurters, one-fourth he.-irl of cablwKo, three slices of ryo bread, four, tablespoons of blnck- cyed iwas, one-half pal ot liuUcr mid (i Klnss of skimmed milk. That was lunch, and tor supper "'" cnch ato u saucer of potakcs mixed with one-fourth ounce of onion and mi ounce of salt, four ounces cf salt pork In stew, one linlt of a tomato, four slices of bread, hair a stewed apple and a Rlass of skimmed milk. Tin; rattcnlujf program was obtained from a New York newspaper account or Gorman food allowances. Tlie food Is being prepared tit one or the sclio:l'.H dining halls, Cup And Is Burned Jodie Lcvon Hall. IG-montlis- cld son of Mrs. Ruby Hall, wns burned on Hie fnce and body when lie ovcrlurncd n cup of coifce on Communltr commlltecmoji, whose him while enlinu supper last night duty It will be to hcln administer jnl his home cm Sycamore street, Hie 1040 program, will Ije elected nt Program Calling For $750,000,000 Expenditure WASHINGTON, Nov. '28, (UP)— Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wnllnco announced n KMO farm program today calling for moic Ihnn $150,000.000 In government subsidy payments. The program provides for Increased payments l-:r soil conservation practices In line wilh Wallace's plan to shift etnphasts from acreage control lo soil conservation. The national soil depleting crop e:nl wns unchanged at 270.000,000 lo 285,000.000 ncrcs. The 1010 program does „_ He Is resting very well at the the cotton acreage goal of 27,030,001 next week's meetings. Delegates (o Wnlls "hospital today and iiir. burns to 29,000,000 acres. Cotton pinnt'lno Hie county convention to be held --- • - - - ... . . ... later in December - - - - _ also bo chosen. These dclefjates will meet at n later dale to elect a county committee for 1940. Cotton quotas propped for next year must have the approval of two-thirds'of the farmers voting In the election Dec. 0. The meetings scheduled are: Monday, Dec. 4: Whlll:n Community building, 10:30 a.m.; Joiner Vocational building. 2:30 p.m. Marie. Farm Security blinding. 10:30; Wilson, Vocational building. 2:00 P.m.; Dyess Community building. 10:30 n.m.; Kctser high school, 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 5; West Ridge high schorl, 10:30 a.m.; Osceoln courthouse, 2:00 p.m.; Etowah gimna- i slum, 10:30 ajn.; Mllllgnn Kltlgc! school, .2:00 p.m.; Luxora, Vocational building, 10:30 a.m.; Durdctlc school, 2:00 p.m. Voting places fcr tlic referendum to bo held on Dec. nth announced by Mr. Sclfre.5. AAA administrator arc as follows: Osccola courthouse, Luxora Bank, Burdcltc strre, Rosa store, Victoria store. Kclser bank, Laney-Marshal Gin, llldgc store, Hatcher schoolhouse. Elowah, Wllmoth store-, Slillmaii. Basin store; Dycss Community House, " - .- Cnrson; building; Whitlon Community h:usc. Checkerboard store, Dossetl; Farmers Gin, Joiner; Pecan Point postofflcc; Frenchman Bayou. Speck's slore; Wilson, gin cfflce; Lowrancc Brothers. Driver; Scgravcs store, Hightower; Millleim Ridge. Bird's store. Community commit teem en will hold the elections. Polls open from nine ill five c'clock. are not expected lo prove serious. ' 1(>s been reduced by nearly 10,030,' 000 acres since the sum c f the fnvin program In 1933. AAA benefit payments to cotton growers were reduced from 1.8 ccnls to l.G cents a pound. Grass Fire City firemen burned nlT an acre of '"" on Sollth lcl " • stwcl yesterday afternoon after answering n fire alarm there. There wns no damage. Christmas Carols Through the Ages Cromer Brothers store, Marie. Farin Security r 'h>c(ifju Wheat Dec. May. open high 83 V-8 I Pickpocket Burglar [ Goes Back for More ! BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (UP) — Sydney Massey learned that thieves, as well as lightning, can strike twice In the same place. A robber reached through on open window <f Masscy's bedroom and stole $26 from his trousers— 0 , ]en |,| gri and Ihe trousers. A few nights lalcr Dec 501-2 51 the thief returned and took $13. ' May 52 3-4 53 close as 3-t HOW^BRIGIITLY BEAMS "How brightly beams the morning sfar! Wiiat sudden radiance from afar Doth glad us with its shining. ..." y™ first appeared in ™ , „ „,, - in 1593, a popular selec- 1-4 87 1-4 86 1-4 87 1-8 "°» with the chime players in many cities. Bach's later linrmon- izattoji of t!ie music adds the touch thai makes Ihe pitco enduring. Chicago Corn low close 50 1-2 50 1-8 52 5-8 53 7 -1 Shopping Day, &I.THI rJ,«.; e /«,« Till Christmas Mrs. J. F. Clark Dies At New Liberty Home Mrs. J. F. Clark, who had continued lo live on her faun in the New Llbcrly community since the dcatli of her husband ten years auo. died lit her home there al five o'clock Ihis morning. She was 10. j Funeral arrangements nrc in- j complete pending Ihe arrival of i relatives believed to live ot Net- jtlcton, Ark. Mrs. Clark, who was stricken ill last Thursday, was not believed to be In n serious condition and her death was unexpected. Cobb Funeral Home Is In charge. mine offensive. Chamberlain had told Ibe house Hint the allied powers will avoid nny effect lo "Impose n vindictive peace on Europe when tlic war is over." Tlio blockade was foimally invoked loday wilh publication ' l|i the official gazelle and all neutrals, Including ilaly , V nrt Japan despite lliolr nngiy protests, were being notified thai German goods me henceforth barred fiom -the seas. Meanwhile rei>orls in navnl quarters said that British warships blockading the North Atlantic had captured or sunk 12 German merchant Bhi|is which had sailed fiom the United States dlsgui-wd (is neutrals. The Intensified sen warfare claimed Its Hlh ship in n d nys Ilio British freighter Uskmoulh of i.'ui^ ions, it, was announced flint 21 of tho Usk'mouth's crew wcro picked up by a passing steamer imd (luce were missing. Cause of Ilio s hiking W ns not disclosed. warships senichcd tho fogg bound North Atlantic -In- ciisely for the Nn^l sea raider UeulsclilniHl which sank the nrrhed merchant cruiser Rawalpindi. Tho story of tho Rawalpindi v ns loilows: Lust .Wednesday, while on pa- .tl-ol, she captured n Oermnnt mordant ship, put n pflze crew aboard nnd sent It to a Biitish port, .'Hie next dny she encountered the Dctilschlnnd, n-warship so fast ami. powerful, .with its 11-Inch ed Us. match, -The" Dcutschland New, Un-namerJ Chemical Is Effective Coagulator ST. LOUIS (UP)—Dr. O. G. Broun, member of the St. Louis University Medical Sclicol faculty, lias reported "encouraging clinical results" with the Intravenous injection of a new synthetic chemical capable of wider use as a blood coagulation agent limn vitamin K. In his report to the St. Louis Medical Society, Brown said the new substance—which' he hns not named—would be of great value. End of Tuberculosis Forecast in 100 Years PHILADELPHIA (UP)—Dr. A, J. Cohen, medical director of the Eagteville Sanatorium, predicts that tuberculosis will be .virtually eliminated within the next hundred years. Dr. Cohen said the tuberculosis mortality rate has been cut 15 per cent In the last 30 years. He nre and ihe Rawalpindi replied feebly, with six-inch guns. /MlhoiiBh lai'?er, the Rawalpindi was no match In battle and was blown- lo piLccs In n short whlb. Most of tho Rawalpindi's crow of iOO went down with her."' Eleven were picked up after 23 hours. by tho Ohttral which had nbon'rd tho crew of 34 of n German merchant ship. The Germans had scuttled their ship when the Chltral approached It, nu News Chronicle quoted ono of (lie Chilral's crew that the German prisoners were masquerading their ship as Norwegian and called her the Ada. He said Hint the Ada was outward bound from the United States and was one of 12 such German ships that the British Imd captured. Appliance Firm To Occupy Dunlap Building The Hardaway Appliance Com- puny lias leased the former Dunlap building at 212 West Main street and will occupy the building late this wcoft, It was announced lodny. The firm will, continue to also have a slore n't 501 West Main street but Ihe office will be movea frcm the present location to the new store on Jan. The 50 by 140 foot building, leased by the Dunlap building for several years from Hie owner, Mrs. A. M. Bull, has been vacant since the store left here a year ago. ;' Expansion of the firm was decided upon because of the field for electrical appliances in this section at this time, according to J. W. Adams Jr., manager. :.•'• George G. Haynes, 67, Dies Monday Night George G. Haynes, Clear Lake farmer, died at the home of his ilaiighler, Mrs. Dan .Beard, last- night, 6:30 o'clock. He was 67. . Funeral rites were conducted at Hlplcy, Tenn., Ihls afternoon where bin la! «ns made. Born in Ripley, Mr. Haynes came lo, Mississippi county 17 years <igo to take up farming at Clear Lake. He Is survived by two daugh- :crs, &frs. Beard and Mrs. Irma Lou Andrews, and three sons. Urban, Alvle and Buford Haynes, all . of Clear Lake. ' Hanna Funeral Home was in charge. WEATHER Arkansas — Fair and continued colti wit!< temperature below freezing tonight; Wednesday fair .with slowly rising temperature. ,' Memphis and vicinity—Fair tope inlcd out that the disease has night nnd Wednesday, lowest tern-", dropped io seventh place ns a ' cause of death. , perature 23 to ?2; warmer Wednesday. somewhat

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