The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1934 Mrs. Lydia Fields Rose and Eunice Conway.Wed 8TEELE, Mo. — Announcement »>86 teen made of the marriage o( Mrs. Lydia Fields Rose and Mr. Eunice Conway, which took place at CarmhcrsvUle Saturday. The single ring ceremony was performed by Ally. Sam Corbett. JBLYTHEVILLE, (ABK.) COURIER NEWS "Model T" Truck Is Going Strong After 17 Years Seventeen years of constant service Is ihe record made by an old "Model T" Ford inick owned by J. V Pierce, local dairyman, who 1 using • - milk route. Mrs. Tinnle Alexander was the bride's only attendant, xlie bride * ••*•**., iuv«i utuiyucuu, vniu is wore an autumn ensemble of blueI s - 1 " usln st llie o!d machine on ),ls crepe, with black accessories. ml "' """" Mrs. corTway is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. FYank Fields. She attended Carutlicrsville high school and until ihe past year has spent much of time in phoenix, Ariz. Mr. Conway" Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Conway ,of Cottoirwood. He is at present assisting his father on Ihe latler's farm, spent Saturday night with the lat-1 M( "* thfl , n J60.000.000 ha« b««n tnr'n naranto \«» «..,* \r,.~ up spent m dredcliiiz the tiavlcftble , Mr. and Mrs. W. Walters, of Half Moon. Prayer meeting \vus held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charley nichardson Sunday afternoon. The boll weevil is reported doing .serious damage to new ground cotton In this community. spent in dredging the reaches of the Thames river, England, In Ihe lixsl qunrtcr century. Ekron Club Busy The Ekron Home club has been very Demoivstr Netheriand News Mr. Flynn, of Si. Louis, was a Plprr» \,i, f/,,,,.1 ,. . , *'"* C " d 8UOSt '" lllc llom « ofi Pierce has foimd the truck so Mr. and Mis. M. R Rowland i economical l ^°^ 0l { m ^ e ^«-| s Mr. Mmlln, of CoSer* visited \ several years ago Ihe original en- i'^'imd^us. T'E' Rowland of gne was replaced with a 1927 mod-'Si. Jos eph, „,, visitnig |,, lhc! home of ihelr son, M. R. nowland. ' l Pierce gels 18 miles lo the gal- A' son was born August 29 to Ion of gasoline bill says the o!d Mr. and Mrs. Vergic Martin : vehicle uses a lilUe more oil a,id| Mr. mni Mis. Alma James spent water than newer irncks. His re-j the week end wlili the hitler's l"ir bill for Ihe past, five years. I Parents, Mr. and Mrs Webb of including a set of brake linings,[Concord. i his amouiucd to only $5, pierce said. I Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Whittle and In hauling dairy feed Die ma-. children, of Aimorcl. Ark., and carries heavy loads.iMrs. lltrnmn I'rllchnrd and baby, IF YOUR BREATH HAS A SMELL YOU CANT FEEL WELL f"*r comlni! out ot our laoulr, .ixl c«ll It l«d brraih. w e f,. t .| (he vo'.u,n of tk!i J««>- .11 ovtr our bod,, u ,„,!„, u , • UnK '" - txl decay In Ihe bowejil of it are flowlnv from K>»*1» every lUy, our J "" y •""'• »" »"' (lal j oul , Ui J «• f~l III. . w few weeks. Field peas, souu annles ¥-.1 .r " —' J >"•*"-'• — * .**^mnu tum u.iuy, »nd peaches have been canned \» llvM " lnilc *"" a " alf °" I Ncw I - lbcl ' l >'- wore guest, rece.-.i- and a new quilt lias been com'' |m ' t ' d nl 8 nwa S r on a roneh 'J' hi the lioine of Mr. nnd Mrs. pleted, on which chances are now f U " try r ° : ' (i "" d makcs " le tri » lo A ' C ' bl; "> te *'>il>being sold, the proceeds lote au* '??'" SeV ° rnl "'"<* daily ' """• H plied on ihe canning kitchen i U " c . " lak " lhc ro " !1lis witlt i The club has bought Sough."" 1 »' ' bricks to build a furnace In the! kitchen. • The members wish to thank Mrs. C. P. Baley for the e ' use of a siove during the summer. Head Courier News Wan, Ads. Uiu, U,KI, .kk ' S )u0r(p1>ll ' 1lttl "- fi " ** ' wUl An ice cream supper will be held , Friday nlgln. September 14 to which all are invited. The speed or ihc machine is nn- n certain since It boasts no speedom- bub Pierce declares he has < passed ears going 50 miles an r.cnr. Holland News Notes Roy Scott Utley vas host to fifteen of his friends for a birthday party Tuesday at the country home of his grandparents, Mr and Mrs. Scott Utley, west, of Holland. After a birthday chorus by the Driver Grove Mr. and Mrs. Zeb Gaines, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ketsler, Mr. and Mis. Alex Daniels, Mrs. John Toland, Mrs. Frecmont Scrapes. Mrs. Tom, Perkins and W. H. Springer were guests Sunday, of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Springer. Rev. Louis Schnltz is continuing his revival meeting at Driver _ _., ......Grove Ilils week. guests refreshments were served.' M r - nnd Mrs. TToy Bigham spent Out of town guests were Mrs. Alice! Sunday night with the former's Coplin, of Cooler, and Roy Glover. I parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dock Big- Claude Edwards left Monday for ham, '- — St. Louis following a week end spent here with his wife and daughters, Chiudine and Sylvia Ann. ' Mrs. W. B. Slay ton entertained her husband with a birlliday dinner nl iheir home out of Holland Sunday. Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs. D. Collins, of Steeie. Mr. and Mrs. Will Northern, and 31r. and Mrs. J. D. Best. Mrs. Noble Capehart attended to business in Kennett Monday. Miss Hazel Cohoon relumed Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bigham Monday morning to Cape Girardeau where she will begin her second year of work at the^ State Teachers' College, after a three months vacation spent with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cohoon Mr. and Mrs. Dane Lovell have returned to St. Louis "after a year MALARIA Starlling medical discovery—not i drug but a bio-chemicnl needed by the body. During the past eighl years physicians have prescribed Ihls remarkable preparation and reported splendid results in the treatment of large number of cases of malaria and jungle fevers. It. destroys infection In the blood. 1 WISE O1D OWL Csso J- Far safer P'c and superior than qui- to take. Tolerated Mrs. Virgil Utley, and son; Mu* lyn, were guests of Mrs. Utley's mother, Mrs. Lily Oakley, of Cooler, Sunday. Olhers present were Mr. and Mrs. Dan Newton of Hickman, Ky. Mr. and Mrs. Voris Workman were Saturday visilors with Mrs. Workman's mother, Mrs. George Wilks, in Carutlicrsville. Mrs. Minnie Catewood and daughter, Miss Corinne. who Is associated with an insurance company, at St. Louis, are. giiesls of Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Gatewood. Miss Nellie Pinkston, Orville Pinkston, and L. Garrett, of Steeie, left Sunday for a short visit in Harrisburg, Jonesboro. and Rector. Following a visit as the house guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Best standing and obstinale cases of malaria usually relieved within forty-eight hours and ncgntivo blood tesls obtained within a month. Read what physicians say about Mils remarkaWe preparation: On malaria - 1 do not remember I had any failures and I tvealctl aboul 40 cases I do not that your discovery Is make world tvopical fevers." Dr. "Mrs. H. H. malaria fever. doubt [o make a revolution in Ihe whole the best remedy for came down with intermittent type. years no trace - gave alll blood tests. This was in 1930 and! she . . . . llu . and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ernesl j Dn , Had been troubled with it before. In three weeks of malaria remained. I tests. This was in has experienced no return or (lie ailment." (Dated Oct. 27, ID3'2) House, of St. Louis, have returned to their home. Miss Pauline Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thompson, was admitted to the Blythc- ville hospital Saturday where she will receive treatment. W. G. James, who has been suffering will, a sprained back, is unimproved. Mrs. M. Smith spent Monday in Memphis. d in Horx's Dtath PORT CLINTON, O. (UP)—E;- is an asset to the Iropical medicine. Its virtues are unsurpassed in trcaling various tropical fevers." Dr. --"Dengue Fever. Blnckwatcr nnd all types of malaria are brought under control within 48 hours and f.ire effected within Ihrcc lo four weeks. I have in no case gastric sytnp:o:n>; fomi'l to ap- . intestinal pear as in the case with Hie ad- qnininc in fever." and indispon- Iropical skin ministration of Dr. "Very successful slble in trcatin i,,ii T . tel.i Lowery. colored, was fined. eruptions and various fevers. Your $50 and costs and sentenced lo 10 discovery is a triumph of biolot;- days in jati for tjie death of a horse which her automobile struck She was charged with having fail- leal science." (rial will rmt Dr. convince you. Semi If . Sl.OO for bottle (3 weeks use,. money refunded on ed to stop her car when it hit. „ „„. >a,,*,,ra, money t horse owned by John Pick while! return of emply bottle Pick was hauling a load of loma-1 II. ItlSKY, Kept. 85 64 East toes from his farm to Port Clin-) Sidney AVF., Mount Vrrnon, N. V. —Adv. • • . . They're New! .... They're Smart! .... They're Economical! That's Why Kvcrybody Is (Jetting Our Guaranteed Permanents Two Together For We specialize in all phases o f nicxloru bcRiity culture. Some ol our better waves are priced at $3, $0 and ?7. BEAUTY SHOP 1'hone 798 - - One Block North of Courthouse . I / ( WITH ESSOLENE YOUlO \\\l//\ MOTOR SINGS \\11' >///, SO SWEET YOUD THINK < QO\'\VOUR CAB HAD WINGS!; '&& 0 GiuMoattM SMOOTHER I Co-Ed and L'aiglon DRESSES Perkj- woolens in novel stripes, plaids and diagonals . . . chic silks in flattering styles nliovvn in appealing color combinations . . . choose your Frock from these fwo famous lines at this one moderate price. $7.95 Other smartly siyled Dresses in silks, woolens and satins in a larjje assortment of attractive styles and Autumn colorings. l¥. •:-*.. SS^i*^:... ("V . $2.95 to $16.50 These New EKCOMOOR COATS -are More than Smart . . . they're Practical. Kkcomoor Coals will appeal to those women who like smart, tailored lines, line fabrics, rich furs . . . we invite your in.sixjction of the IJK'1 Fall and Winter models. $!».» to $39.50 Also a large showing of fur and self trimmed, spoil and dress Coats portraying the popular styles of this season. $7.95 up CHILDREN'S COATS Cliic styles in Coats for the miss of 3 to 19 ... piiiliraeinjr new sport and dress models that will appeal to both mother and daughter. $2.95 to $16.50 CINDARELLA FROCKS Vast color Wash Frocks in the new Autumn pallerninjrs Cor school or play. Sixes 1 to 1G. 79c to $1.95 Jack Applebauni PAGE THREE PIGGLY WIGGLY —•t,4.aa^,., i ,., _•.••^^^^^^^^^B^^BBMlgqi KROGER STORE Catfish Sliced I'lMIIld 'IVnilfHniii I'onnil Shrimp I'ouml Oysters 1'Yi'sli Seli'cf Pinl Cheese Wisconsin 1.on i',!i(i rn Pound Hamburg® "' " !•• Neck Bones Krc'sh INinnd a l,hs. Fresh INiunil ^•^•^^^••••••1 Humko Bulk Pound Bacon Kwick Krisp • Sliced INiunil (ii'.nuine S '<(iiiirter, 1'omul is, I'Dunil I'ouml Roast K. (,'. lii'cf. Thick l(ii) huinil K. (.'. Hoof. Hriski't Pound m Roast or Steak I'D und Salt Meat Bellies Lb. 17K C Plates Lb 15c BuUs Lb 12'/;c Beef Liver Fresh I'ountl BANANAS SKS17 C GRAPES """ "'• ; v t!ii. 15 c: MEAL l! 1,S:ii tk 52 c: MUSTARD Qll ^ilT l!arliiir;i IQC •i C:tns lU Tmoaln. Ann. Fey. Red nc Kipe. M). D' LIMES rrosh - N %.S 9 t: Camay TISSUE Seminole O["C -I Rolls Lt) TURNIPS *•• CELERY Jumll<) Sl N CHIPSO' Smi>111 Yr ( , r 13 c POLISH .Jet Oil 190 1 tot (k> iL COFFEE Cmmlry Club ll> 2S t - Frcni-h, Lb. - - 2:U' Jewel, l.b. - - 1!lc Kvaiiiirale:! MILK :i Tall or (i Small For 17c UPTON'TEA Vi Oranges .Inii-v Calif. Thin Skin Nice Si/e Do/.cn Cauliflower Snnw Hull Nee I.KC. Head Kach Potatoes .Kc. lied Uliss 'J'riumphs 1(1 Pounds Snowdrift i;T Tail Can ICC LL 'I for 13 SOUP v ' Kcta " ie - T;i " ;s io (: EXTRACT Jria... 23 (; All Kliiviirs I'liiviirs IXC :! I'k-is. .{."i KIDNEY BEANS C. C. :t ('-.ins 3-Lb. Pail 35c 6-Lb. Pail 67c GINGER ALE -^ 10 C BREAD rmb - L "" K ^ W CHERRIES N02 S10 C Eatmore 1 GLEO Fresh Lb. ICc •••^••M Guaranteed EGGS Doz. 25c A. & H. POTTED " BAT , ( , ns 5 C ' FLOUR ^Ji^T'aw I'lire, 5«-l,h. C:m §6.25 Hiimko, •IS-Lb. en §1.50 BREAD ^Sg HUMKO Si gr - - 43e Carton - VINEGAR "SIS'LIT Tomato Juice Pure ID INiunds Piira I arH ' j '' 50c rUiei.dtU8.Lb.ctn. ..89c Crackers Cmmlry Club 2-U).' Box Grapefruit Hearts No. '.'. Can Each FRUIT JAR Peaches Avondalc Heavy Syrup I-KC. 2'/2'Can Tomatoes No. 2 Can I! for Butter 27 re SI'UIN(J BROOK, Pound COUNTRY CLUB, OOC I'nunri t)£ Silver Wcddins Plain or S. R. «-I,h. Suck S1.75 21-I.b. Sack P. & C. «irge IJars 7 for

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