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I I 1 1 ri I 1 4rt AI ID! WON TWICE, BACK ON TIE FOR SEEM) PLACE '1 til I IA IL I TY LUX wHH1 1 16H i a Big Favorite Over Injury-Riddled Bills Tonight COACHES LOOK all; 430104, cc) e) I (BtobrcitieNWat TO NEXT WEEK'S WM ZeWr ii Mizzou a Big over Injury-Riddled died Bills To. night 111'. BEnc44----: sn' 1 I 1 COACHES LOOK TH. to, loin dilleSAp trj 404 TO NEXT WEEK'S wgpmgp 4 (..,,......... I 1 S.

I BOBBY DILLINGEB of the Browns again took over the lead in the American League in the number of hits depart-merit when he raised his total to 202. This is two more than his closest competitor, Dale Mitchell of the Indians. I DILLINGER HAS GOOD DAY, BUT BROWNS DON'T 20th Victory for Brecheen in Owl Game By MARTIN 3. HALEY Winning from Pittsburgh, 6 to 1, yesterday afternoon and 4-1 last night at Sportsman. Park, the Cardinals climbed into tie with Brooklyn for second place, each a game and a half ahead of the fourth-spot -Pirates.

After George Munger beat Pittsburg- in the matinee contest, Southpaw Harry Brecheen rang up hia twentieth victory of the season in the nocturnal battle to give the Cards the series, two gaznes to one, in the final meeting of the two teams this season. TOUGH BATTLEs lIabErf L.Rarn y. October 1, 1948 Page 3C The 'free substitution" rule In footben Is eadtait school coaches in th is arts a mert7 chass so far this fall The 'Ire substitution" rule irk footbsa Is leadlag the high school coaches in this area a merry chase so far this fall. The high-a-or low depending on how you look at itispot ta comic aituations arrived the first weak of the season. A harried coach was biting his fingernails and wondering why his team wasn't doing much of a job Mopping the opposition.

Earlier his squad had piled up the other boys for no gain time after time. Now the opposution was rolling right down ths Taktng quick steno. at the bench to ebe If thero were any posaiNe stoppers there, the mirk switched back to the Taipei be did a quiok double take and pointed at a youngster two, seats away from him. be gurgled ILI only a harried coach can rurgle, 'vitae are you doing here!" 'You took rne out of the rune. coach," the youngster You want I should go back "tieSod nicht yea.

the coach responded. "'We're only tot IS men on the field. That's all were had for tbe last fit. minute. No wonder we stop 'ern." Had this the lone Instant.

of it harpening. it might have been rtaLgeti over Ls one of those more humorous than annoying situations that crop up in the micist of almost any high school game. But we know of at least half a dozen times that it has occurred in the brief two or three weeks that bare gore by In the high school season thus far. I I i it 1 1 I 1 4- 20th victory. 4 4 i for Brecheen t.

4, I it 1, in Owl Game )21 By MARTDI I. HALEY i 1 Winning from Pittsburgh, 6 to 1, 1 TOUGH BATTLEShq 17abErf L. Rtirti5: 5 yesterday afternoon and 4-1 last I oil i-, night at Sportsman. Park, the I Cardinals climbed into a. tie with Friday, October 1, 1948 Page 3C The 'free substitution" rule in football Is leading the high school coaches in this area a merry chass so far this fall.

I 7 1 Brooklyn for second place, each .1, The high-I-or low. depending on how you look at it-ispot in ii a game and a half ahead of the comic altuations arrived the first weak of the season. A harried 4 fourth-spot -Pirates. 1 coach was biting his fingernails and wondering why his team 'r- After George Munger beat Pitts- 1,,, -V burg- in the matinee contest, 1 1 i wasn't doing much of a job mopping the epposluon. Earlier his 7,1 Southpaw Harry Brecheen rang squad had piled up the other boys for no gain time after time- I 1 ,1 hia twentieth victory of the I Now the oppotition was rolling right down the field.

1 't, season in the nocturnal battle to 1 gif 0 .1 lit" Taktng quick alone. at the bench to are If there were any 1 give the Cards the series, two )) S. posaiNe stoppers there the easels switched hark to tho Arid. 'b. lead in BOBBY DILLINGEli American League of the gaz Fnes to one, in the final meeting s- i 1 L.

if- Ttten be did a clukk douNe take and pointed at a youngster twa, 1 of the two teams this season. i I ii.) Browns again took over the 4 il i seats sway from him- the 7', I sNe in the number of hits depart- to 44 -it'. .4 be glirgled ILI only a harried coach can culla. 'when ment when he raised his total oi lint you doing here" 4-- ,..) ..,..,...41,1 I should go back in 1 7.4410 -A" 'You took me out of tbe game, coach," the youngster ar.rwere-d. to 202.

This is two more than Cr" "You want -eol''' his closest competitor, Dale 1 Mitchell of the I ndians. "Good nicht. yes." lb" reeponded. "'We're only got IS Men on the beld. That's all were had for tbe last Ilse minutes.

No wonder we atop 'ern." i .0 a 't i 1' tr- KLINGER HAS i olio P. -wok ''S'Itli Had this been the lone Instance of it harpening. it might have been paised over as one of those more humorous than an 3 si noying situations that crop up in the midst of almost any high school game. But we know of at least half a dozen times that it ft 11" 1 3 has occurred in the brief two or three weeks that have gore by 7, I 11. 1 OD DAY, BUT 0 4 4,., I I I I ti tt 3 '3-- IN I --1, in the high school season thus far.

4, 7 ea, 1-, 4r BROWNS DON'T 1 .1 ------11'- .....36.,,1 A.S.o0100,10111U, A -4-- I mt16' n.4: 7 4- onorimiip tAt -Cs 167' 1.11 1 1 Frrru IN ROW Brecheen yielded but seven bits and pitched a shutout until the eighth inning as he racked up his fifth straight verdict. Only three runs were scored off him in the five games. He had five strikeouts, boosting his National League-leading total for the season to 148. This is the first time Brecheen has ever won 20 big league games in one season. In fact.

16 victories constituted his top mark prior to this year. The Cardinal left-bander, who lost but seven games In 1948, is the, fourth major league hurler to hit the 20-victory total. having been preceded by Johnny Stain of the Braves, Bob Lemon of Cleveland and Hal Newhouser of Detroit. It was Brecheen's third decision without a loss over the Pirates this season. Back of Brecheen.

the Cardrnals totaled 10 hits. seven off VI'? 41- year-old southpaw. Fritz Ostermueller, who pitched five innings and permitted three runs. Kirby Highe blanked the Cards in two rounds and they picked up their last run off Elmer Singleton in the eighth. The Cards' new third baseman.1 ROW FITH LIN Brecheen yielded but seven bits and pitched a shutout until the eighth inning as he racked up his fifth straight verdict.

Only three runs were scored off him in the five games. He had five strike- outs. boosting his National League- leading total for the season to 148. This is the first time Brecheen has ever won 20 big league games in one season. In fact, 16 victories constituted his top mark prior to this year.

Cardinal left-hander, who tiohsTthfebutetaiedvenjogalmes in 1948. 3 league hurler hit the 20-victory total having been preceded by Johnny Stein of tlahnedBarnavdesnaBlobNeLewhmo trolt. It was Brecheen's third de- cision without a loss over the Pi- rates this season. Back of Brecheen. the Cardinals GRAY-BLUE BROWNS THE CLEVELAND OFFENSE, should the Indians meet the Braves in the World Series next week, will be wrapped up in the war clubs of these veterans of swat.

From left to right, they are: Joe Gordon, second sacker, hitting .280 and with 32 homers to his Ken Keltner, third baseman, hitting. 296 and with 30 home runs; Dale Mitchell, left fielder, batting .339, and Manager Lou Boudreau, the leading hitter at .354. P. Wiroploto THE CLEVELAND OFFENSE, should the Indicms meet the Braves in the World Series next week, will be wrapped up in the war clubs of these veterans of swat. From 0 E.

0 By JACK RICE. or .111 By JACK RICE. Two college football coaches skill bo playing peek-a-boo tonight at Walsh Stadium. looking beyond the business at hand to next week's games. These men of vision will go into their act at 8:12 o'clock.

when St. Louis University and the University of Missouri play another installment of their ancient and honorable series. The reasons they have been thinking ahead are as dissimillar as the bookmakers' estimate of each teams chances for victory tonight And that is. Missouri by 28 points if the field's dry; by 14 if it's wet. The Billikens need the weather on their side.

for they're undermanned in every other department DON LOOKING TO SMU Coach Don Faurot is looking forward to the Southern Methodist game. This is supposed to be a Christman-type season for the Tigers. complete to happy ending in somebody's bowl game. After last week's sad start against the Ohio State. the Tigers need to be in command all the way tonight.

It could be a springboard to the SMU game. How that affair will influence Mizzou fortunes is obvious as the scoreboard. Billiken Coach Joe Maniac! outdoes Faurot He's got cause to worry beyond next week and Marquette. to coming out of these next two games with enough left over for Rockhurst In a pro- a fession where tears flow freely enough to put a strain on Boulder Dam. Maniac' truly has cause to weep.

St. Louis tonight will present 1 the odd sight of a home team out- I numbered on the bench by the visitors, about 37 to 23 after the starting teams take the fiela. Maniaci named 34 men who would be in uniform tonight. A half dozen will be window dressing. three of them because of injuries.

His actual reserve strength will be 17 players. Graduation. a 1947 freshman squad that just evaporated, people who lost interest in playing football and four starters I put out last week by Injuries. two of them for the season, make this year's Billiken team just a freckle on the one that last year lost to Missouri. 19-0.

And the main difference between the 1947 Missouri I squad and the current one is sup! posed to Le in improvements. I For all of that. the Billikens will I I not take picnic lunches onto thej field tonight and sit back to admire the Tigers. Maniaci is a stranger to the state, but the ap1 predates the special interest this 'game generates. -A kid told me Just today.

We can always get up for I know the spirit is a heck of a lot better than it was for Drake." Maniaci said. Drake last week was the Bills' second game and first defeat. EXPECTS TO USE 22 By JACK RICE. Two college football coaches svill be playing peek-a-boo tonight at Walsh Stadiu m. looking beyond the bustnese at hand to next week's games.

These men of vision will go into their act at 8:13 o'clock. when St. Louis University and the University of Missouri play another installment of their lent and honorable series. "Tche re ons th have been az e- thinking ahead az. as duisimillar as the bookmakers' estimate of each team's chances for victory nlosnpithintts Aifndthlehattiells.d.311di;433.7bryi by 4 t.

The Billikens need if it's we the weather on their aide. for they're partment undermanned in every other de- LOOKIG TO DON N3111 Coach Don Faurot is looking forward to the Sou Southern Meth- odist game. This is supposed to be a Christman-type season for the Tigers. complete to happy ending in somebody's bowl game. After last week's sad start against the need to be Ohio -tote.

the Tigers umldmabendaalslprtihnegbwoaayrdtotnotgthhte litecti game. How that affair will nfluence Mizzou fortunes is ob- i vious as the scoreboard. nitlikpo Coach in ManiArt out- TWO-TIMING AGAIN 0 DROWNS. DI Unmet, 3b Labour. el tr4del7 211 lilt, It I tend.

rt I Skate. as Ant. lb Ottroirsid I Dreirs. Is-Garver so lb-Anaersea 40. I.

H. O. 4131 5010 3012 4001 3000 4000 aol 10 4 1 A 1 0 0 0 ft 0 0 0 1000 0000 1000 A. 4 0 0 3 0 0 0 Red' Sox, Yanks Both, Win, Pick Up Ground on Indians A. 0 0 0 0 3 0 F.

0 0 I Eddie Kazak. recently brought up AFTERNOON GAME. from Rochester, drove in two of 0r the Cards' night-game runs bn a 111. lei double, after Ron Hopp. "lb 2 0 0 'f, 2 0 0 5 single, then on an ReZel.

'et- 4011 I eighth-round single. after Nippy' ItA, 4 0 I 3 4003 Jones reached third on a single, 3 0 1 1 a steal and a wild pitch. Jones nokluall' il '3 0 0 0 3 0 3 '7 across the other two Car- cKhtt 6 3000 dinal night runs, following Hal Totals 32 I 8 24 Rice's walk and Stan ltusial's in the fifth inning. CAR0112TALL API. IL It O.

20030 40110 40130 40030 30102 30 a 3 000I 32 1 8 )Rice's walk and Stan liusial's sin- 24 Igle in the fifth inning. CARDINALS. AR. IL It O. 02 303-70 In one game last week.

it was noted on three different occasions that one team was short two players. Unfortunately. too, it was noted up in the stands before it was observed on the bench. Spectators were in better position to spot the absentees than the coach. who was on a level with the field.

Were not exactly sure what were trying to prove in britring this matter up. except thet it should be a finger-pointer in the direction of riiies committees, which are in the habit of leaping before they Icvok. High school kids have trouble with the rule mostly because of inexperience and excitement The -free pubstitution" business is supposed to up tbe game. Players now race in to the game and do not have to bold up the proceeding, while reporting to an official. That it hasn't speeded up tht collegiate game perceptibly but has only clogged the aisles le beside the point.

But if the collegiate athletes and coaches are cctnfused by it, hove do you think it affects the high, school kids? I They're busy enough learning how to block and tackle correctly withoutihaving other things interfere. More that anything else, though. It adds an additional burden to the already heavily overworked high school roach. Where the college coach has anyahere from three to six specializing 'assistants, the high school boss is turity if be has one. Where the college coach has only foothall to worry about, the high ocbool coach can allow it to occupy him only in his spare time, ever arid above reg-ular teaching duties.

These high school coeches are the real hercbes et the rune. Without their untiring efforts. the kids who beetime rrest under the El lots and the Faurots and the Lembys and the Holcombe and the Andereons and the Little, and the Crisiers and all the rest would never have been there in the first In one game last week. it was noted on three ores- ietvim tarn bs, Teta 33 2 21 9 0 1 a-Folded eat ter Dirties in neves lb. b-Elled out for in ninth.


A. Y. Ripen. se 2 1 2 0 3 0 Derry, 2 301530 p. rt 412000 Gretb ef 412410 Wakefield.

11'411300 40utlaw. 3b 4 1 2 2 2 2 Viet lb 4 0 0 7 0 Ginsberg, 411501 4 11000 8 1 A. E. 1 Seboondienst.2b 5 1 1 3 7 0 LOSE H. Rice, it 4 1 P.

9 0 0 I ON SEASON Hostel. etct 4 ,1 2 1 0 0 I Kar-ak also started a double 4 1 1 0 0 0 ono 000 to end a Pirate threat in the Ktak, 3b 4 0 1 1 0 0 Transit. lb 4 1 1 11 0 0 marten. sa 4 1 2 3 6 0 1 Huntlisket I '2 0 0 2 0 0 -I er. a 000 Totals 34 6 2 27 13 0 BOSTON.

Sept. 30 (AP). The Boston Red Sox postponed the fatal day of reckoning in the American League race by hammering Washington. 7-3, with a 15-hit barrage that sliced the lead of the idle Cleveland Indiana to games. The die hard men of McCarthy now are sure to cling to a mathematical chance until Saturday afternoon.

although a Cleveland Iictory over Detroit tomorrow would assure it of no worse than a tie. Idle tomorrow while the Indians open their final three-game set with the Tigers. the Red Sox out their season Saturday and Sunday in a two-game atruggie with the New York Yankees. If they can win both from the Yanks. Cleveland must drop two of three to force a Monday after' noon tie playoff.

Early Wynn. an easy mark for the Sox all season. lived up to 1 his reputation. Manager Joe Kuhel -left him in there for a sound battering. yielding 13 of the 115 hits before he was replaced by Sid litidon in the fifth Cia.

Pimbartis Cardinals 1 2 3 4 55 000000 4 00050 7 0 9 0 0 I- I 0 2 6 'rotate B. "tel' 33 7 12 27 9 3 .1 3 4 I R9 row 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0--? Detroit 0 0 2 0 0 3 2 0 -7, 7 Rana batted ta-11 and. Waketteld. Outlaw. Otnbeyp.

Mullin. Grnth. Two-base bitsDilltp leer. Outlaw. Mullin.

bitWakefield. Stolen Arts. darifirenOtrorrsiti. Liven. Derre.

plays Aril (unaasirted); to CitillSerit Left en Woesfit-owns. 9: Detroit. 1.1111,1 en ha I ir-0 et 01- s. oft Gin. 4.

Strnet nutRe (Orowlbt 9r: by Eitel'''. 1: by 4. (b. frer-okt 9 in it innings 4' in ort Deena. none in 1: err rtYean.

3 Laraine plieber-0royeaki tmoireemnparella 14, Time Attendance-2622. 44 407011. cmismrecamme 10- PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 30 (API.

The New York Yankees retained their slim stake in the American League flag race by out-scrambling Connie Mack' Athletics, 9 to 7. in a rain-swept game at Shibe Park today. When Vic Raschi, third Yankee pitcher in the ninth inning. atified the last two Athletic batters with the bases loaded, it meant that the world champions still had an outside chance of winning the pennant they captured by a dozen games. The figures tonight showed that Bucky Harris club could sneak in by batting the Boston Red Sox in both their closing games in the Hub City Saturday and Sunday providing the Cleveland Indians drop their final three against Detroit-.

It was a thin hope. The Bombers came near blowing today's decision after they apparently had it wrapped up behind Lefty Ed Lopars southpaw curves. They led. 6 to 0, after two frames and went into the ninth with a comfortable 9-to4 bulge, yet it took stout-hearted flinging by Raschl in the closing moments to avert disaster. NEW 20812.

21113-ADEI A8.61.0.A. 3 I I 11 4 3 3 Heor1ele.18 4 0 41 0 8 hillotes.111 2 0 I 0 Illsitelt A I I 0 Plrewa.3b 4 2 I reis.14 A .115 I iMargle.el I 2 fi 1ekre.1.38 4 A 2 2 0 0 8 4 I 4 0 I indelLet I I 0 0 A 2 It.eve 5 3 0 Rme. A 0 2 1464.r.28 4 I 4 e611.ra. a 3 3 0 woulail 0 0 0 0 netra21, 3 1 3 4 1 0 0 I 0 I Relleer.8 2 le 0 I 0 0 AViettlead. I fl 0 0 Asoch1.8 A 0 a ligavage.

0 0 0 0 Rano battrd INMnalat. 3: Norther. Marton. Munger. Rintr.

Tote-boto biteMarlon Munger. Re lek. a Homo tuna. Maoist. North'''.

Stolen Double playaMarton to Ilehoend tonal to N. Young: Murtaugb to Rojrk to Stovrtus: deboendlenot to Marion to, N. round (2); Berkman to to Stevens. Loft on 4: Coratnals. T.

Rases ors balls--Ott Chesser. 3. htrork ont--By 3: by 2. mpireslrda. Gore.

Reardon and Dowell Tinto of gains 1.31. A liendanet--14)641. NIGHT GAME PIT-Tsar AGM Aft. R. H.

O. A. E. Itokr la 4 ft i 2 3 0 Hopp. lb 4 0 2 It 1 0 It 4 ft 0 2 1 0 Westlake.

et 4 2 3 0 0 Walker. "I 3 0 '1 0 00 ininth inning. A crowd of 8597 saw the night game, which resulted in the eleventh loss for Ostermueller, who has eight triumphs. The season's play between the two clubs ended Iwith 'nine Cardinal victories against 13 for Pittsburgh. In the fifth inning of the night time play, Coach Tony Kaufmann of the Cardinals was chased off the Cards bench for remarks 'made to Umpire Reardon after the latter had permitted Dixie Walker to reach third base on an interference ruling.

Terry Moore then the game coaching at third base for the Birds. Hal Rice, Jones and Marion, as well as Kazak had two hits each In the night game, giving Rice and Marion four each for the two Contests. iTh.e smallest Cardinal home crowd of the season, 2060 spectators, watched the matinee contest, in which the Cards collected 12 hits to win for the first time this year from Pitcher Bob Chesnes, who beat them four games. ninth inning. A crowd of 8597 saw the night game, which resulted in the eel, enth Inns' Mr Osterrnueller whn 1 They're in the game only because they lave it.

Maybe lime of them have that silent hope that. lightning will strike them as it has Paul Brown and Bert La Brucherie and one or two other-a. But most of them know that their work will be rewarded only as the work of Mike Walker and Jimmy Cook and Bert Fenenga and Ernie Lyons and Lee Carlson and TornStanton and Stub Muhl and Earl Jansen and others has been rewardedin the ever-increasing affection and respect in which they are held by their ions and guished list of graduates. Maybe we're making a mountain out of the familiar mole 1111.1, After all, this whole conversation started out of the rather trivial problem of getting a substitute to replace the proper player on the By GLEN L. WALLAR, Globe-Democrat Snorts AVriter.

DETROIT. Sept. 3n. T-Teld to seven hits by rookie Ted Gray. marching through his first giN year in the biz time.

the Browns lost to the Tigers here this after- noon. 7 to 2. before a nf customers numbered nt 2622. It was the final game of the year between these two teams. and leeles them standin at an even for the season with 11 victories each.

Of those seven hits the sixth. place Browns managed azaingt Gray. three of them went to bespectacled Bobby Dillinger, lifting his outnut for the year to a cool 202. This will give the riv semething to stand on when contract time rolls around, for the last member of a St. Louis American League team to turn the trick was Rin Radcliff.

back in 1940. Radcliff wound up that year with an even 200 hits. ahout which quite a to-do was made for before Rip joined tMs elite circle the last man the Browns had in this class was Bean Boll. He had 212 bits in 1936 and led theleague In '37 with 218. r-Cnattellent 000000 al 311Inti Tme.

Dual Murtaorl. 21) 4 0 I 3 4 0 AR (IA. An Wellman) 4Ib 4 0 0 Ill 2 11 es1111' 4 0 I 0 11131orrIcee 4 3 5 0 Fitygerela 1 0 2 1 0 Revar.211 A 2 3 6 Irloty.3b 5 I I 2 i 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 II talinains.11 f. 2 0 a-Guallne I 0 0 0 a 0 atoorartote 3 1 A Pa narphamens 4 1 3 A mow, 11 0 0 0 1 0 3 1 0 11 4 0 2 3 bTurner A .0 0 0 lb 0 Ilia 5 2 2 A Siottelon. 8 0 k0 0 0 0 Ck otmanas 4 0 I 5 C.doosa.111 5 I 0 II I Forty." 2 2 3 0 Tebbettaa 5 1 3 0 otals leans 32 1 7 21 13 0.

I ft 0 0 4 II 0 I root." 2 I II 0 0 0 I 0 a-FoOed sot for la sixtb Pledsen. It 0 0 0 b-Rolled oat tor Rigby I. "Ightb. a-Flooten I 0 a It Totals 38 1521 12 o-Itan tor Walker la sloth. I I andialp 0 0 0 0 CARDINALS AR.

L. H. O. A. E.

b-Solltraa 1 0 0 0 debeendisnal. 2b4003 4 0 H. Rico. It 3 1 0 0 0 Totals 31 di 2 11 Mostal, et-rt 3 1 i 2 0 0 aed sal tor flodooa Is sereallt. lb 1 10 0 0 et tit (-sadist le elutes.

re I 2 3 4 5 a 7 01 0 Diming, eft 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 sablpfl" 000002.1 4111,1 Razakt. 3b 4 0 2 2 0 n. 024105000-- 7 Morten. so 0 i A 0 enMeltrIlle. WWII rt.

tan PI PI Ir. D. Id le. 3 0 0 0 I 0 Flaky. Geed Mall.

I OtoIMPt till (2). Brialsesia 300000 Parnell. lerreroCoan. Clertslotala, CandloL It Vat bolted le--Oleoart 42). Illeltral4k Ill 111Itio 43).

rook" 42l. Reese Deere. Too-Rato liltDi Ramo fictwars, Ilieesen. daeritteelbleetri4a. Doubt ptaysResar to Torsos; Clarlolsaaa as We-Cardinals par 4) trIMII Rsar to Cattalo's's to Ver.

sop: Steokeas to Doerr to Dever lo Illrahroll to ris11mas litt1 Washinrion. II: Flostoo 13- 514. se 111111t Del Wroll.4: et I'l rantell 4- Winft 67 11.Aula 9 'l Parnell. 3. Ilitn Oli Pan.

13 la Innings: elf Hodson. item la I Of candlnl. lo 2: ele For.011., 7 191 04 7-3; Mt I la 1-3 Wild Maoist 11.1"tallet.".-"' i nut. pal.a la. I 711,11 el 1.1.1.-2111 Alleads.c."..

lal 'rf 11,14 In time, of course this will be worked out. Maybe a yeas from now all the. high-school coaches will get together at g.otnebody. clinic and have a good laugh ever the situation. In time it will be only a pleasant memory.

But only the high-school coaches themselves will know how much extra time and trouble and patience it took to get their squads to fathom one more new wrinkle In the rulesone that d14n1 have to be added in the first place. The worst part of it is, just as soon as the high-school coaches get this straightened out. somebody will coe along with new idea to torment them. He expects only "about 22" St. Louie players to get on the field I tonight.

Some of them may be tired enough to fall asleep in the i dressing room before they can get their shoes off after the game. I because Maniaci looks forward to I some earnest labor as the Bills work on a forlorn hope. Some changes have been made In the Billiken starting' lineup. Bob Astroth will start at quartet-back instead. of Floyd -Lahay.

Augie Garcia will be at left half for Dee Alberts. hospitalized since Monday. Tackle Harry Killroar. Guard Dan Demmas and End Dick Gabrys won't be present. because of injuries.

Alternate choices. depending upon whether the Bills kick off or receive. are to be made at left end between Frank Hummel and Jerry Stroot. It left guard between Al Kondrotis and Ray Stites and at right guard between Babe Pappas and Ray Knoll. Co-captain Tom Hemp will sit out the start of the game.

Fullback Hemp was virtually a 60- minute man against Drake, and before the night is out will probably be up to his hip-pads in football again. Tse preheat atartlas Ilnyurs! meas. PIrsat 119:11 L- f. Dosaaa (T1991 L. T.

Vries T041 a(ius 1195) G. Illaraal 1'217) amass 11 I a) r. Fatal 17.151 asaill1)01) IL 11 Pppet (zom IL T. Iliclialtkcal II tartan 119'!) IL I Obriiisa Awvell 167) Q. 5.

rataamiairat 11112 Garcia 1190) L. IL (was 111-Z1 IL 'Morin I I irtl lit. go.) alwadwilter 42fw.1 tr. Vote 11140 Ofnciaa: KatotiPaSall lbaaaiaas Mats tional. tapir.

AL G. et 41 SabirtabaL Lialrallialle V. Gallia, littamash rum JoaraGrailly 10111almiaa Totals 32 4 10 07 13 0 C1111 1 2 3 4 IS 7 4 Pittaborgb 000000010'1 Cardinals 01002001-4 Kens ballot! hsKaoak (2). 101140 eno Torobato bitalt amok. Janeo.

bateJones. Double playoMrsviaosb to ItoffrOP. kaiak to Ple kern di rout to Jones. I oft on bootyPith bbbbb Cordiosts. 7.

Rowe oo boilloOtt Osbormutiler. 3: off ffrffhero Strock toolffy Itirbo. by rimm-bPo. too It4orteton. I.

nolytyloollor. 7 10 toolors: ott Mese. mono In off Pintiolon. 3 in I. "WA pitch ititorictoo Loolity offeborffolort000ffet Itoado sod Jortla.

Vow ol AlLtoodoneo--L197. Totals 32 4 10 p7 13 0 C1111 1 2 3 4 iS A 7 A A Pitteborgb 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o0--1 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 1 4 Rens balled (2). Isom en. 1110 Torobsoo IlltaResok. Jane.

Hoke basoJoses. Double plarsMorlaosb to Ro. leb to He'll. kaiak la Plit kern di rout to Jones. telt on MonaPith bbbbb 6: Cardloals.

7. Robes oa ballo--00 0.u.,,,,a04.,. 3: off 2 struck mita. Rreraeo. 3: b.

114 11 "felon. I. na- lerinoeller. pe A of yurat. In 'de alotleton 3 in I.

Weld pitch SIM glehm 14.1., pireoCooro. aterall. Reseda and Fords. oo ot rss fatale 36 12 27 IS totals 39 11 i2 -R-I4 tfft Diwit ea to Oath blame. 6-tanottl tee Solloot to elebtle 2 3 4 6 7 111 Prow Took 40110000-9 0011410011-1 nnallnitnell 121.

Rom 121 Silvers. 1t). Lobo ill. Whit'. Ws OvoidVaio.

bode, 4 21. air. PbIUIps. telt211111. llama ballod lonorra 43i.

It lino Broom 13). towel. Row. Roder. Vats Two- base I 12 soar.

ale. Throw-moo lb apneas. 011ralrolos. Nolmo rao botlov. llstortfle tarot, It Decide pis Jeest I.

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by 11 elbeer. bp toped. 2: bp Itaaebt. 1. DiscOff eolootoo.

I. 1 Innis Innen eel in loPrOnn): ele Hir 1144 Pi in 2 2-3; fdt Kolloimr. 3 ta 4 1.3: ett 1 I. oft Lova. 11 PI 1.3: ott to 0 to too ballotalt ott llosobt.

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0414. Seven Players Figure in Red Bird Moves EIGHT ZEROES Munger, yielding eight hits, had a shutout until the ninth inning. He was given an early lead when the Birds scored four runs in the first frame on Musiars home run with two mates aboard and another four-bagger by Marty Marion, his second of the game, and by Munger drove in the final two Cardinal rnarkers in the eighth. That was the thirty-ninth homer for Musial. placing him one back of the league high of 40, owned by Pittsburgh's Ralph Kiner.

whose single drove in the only Pirate run. Northey's homer was his eleventh. Musial. Marion. Munger and Hal Rice had two hits each, Clyde Kluttz three for Pittsburgh.

Hal Rice, recent importation from Rochester. also had a busy day in left field, handling nine putouts, Schoendienst had 10 chaeres at second. Marion nine at short. The game, reeled off in oae hour and 31 minutes, was one of the fastest of the season, and brought Munger his tenth victory against 11 defeats. He won two while losing two against the Pi1 rates.

It was the sixth setback for Chesnes, who has won 14 ganies. Cardinal Notes Southpaw Howard Pollet pitchee for the Cards tonight against the Cubs. Game starts at 8 o'clock. Browns Sign Ten More Young Players Probable Pitchers for Toddy's Games By Associated Press. NATIONAL LEAGI.T..

Chicago at St. Lou: Lade (54) vs. Part (13-8). Pittsburgh at CincinnatiBonham (6-101 or Higbe (7-7) vs. Fox (6-10) or Cress (0-0).

Boston at BrooklynBickford (10-5) vit. Branca (14-6). (Only games scheduled-) A MEE! CAN LTGT. St. Louis at Chicago (2.

tirilight-night) Fannin (9-14) and Kennedy (8-7) vi. Rotblatt (0-0) and Gettel (7-12). Detroit at ClevelandTrucks (13-13) vs. Lemon (20-13). (Only tames scheduled.) Missouri Golfer in.

Three-Way Tie Cubs Nip Reds in Mound Duel Seven players were involved in moves made by the Cardinals yesterday. Joe Medwick, recent'y recalled from Hougton, was unconditionally released. Pitcher Bia Re-der was obtained from Rocbester in exchange for Infielder Bob Young and Catcher John Ruche. Pitcher Ooyd Boyer ices transferred to the Cards roster from Houston in exchange for Pitcher John Grodzzoki and Shortstop Bernie Crerer. Reeder.

2'7 years old. on 19 games and lost 12 for Rocheder this season- Boyer. had 10 sietories sad 10 defeats for HO 2.. ton. They are slated to report te the Cards pert spring.

'Young recently was reclined from Rochester. Ruche yrs." wilsh Houston and Rochester this year. Grodzicki was with Houston and Creger with Rochester and also recently recalled to the Birds roster They row are subject to the baseball draft. PORTLA7sTa OR Sept 30 Ben Hogan, rising young star Fred Haas. Jr.

and darkhorse Gene Webb gave par a five-stroke beating today to share a first round tie in the 72-hole Portlap Open golf tournament. They posted 67s against the par 3547-72 requirements of the Portland Golf Club course. Webb, from 'Springfield. Mo, playing his second season on the tournament circuit-'surprised the early spectators when he came home with a 34-33. Haas, former national Intercollegiate title winner since turned professional, followed with a 32-35, which included a one over par 6 on the 18th.

bring us luck. We haven1 been doing too well, you know." There was mock 'scrimmage on both offense and defense before members of his 43-man traveling squadone of the largest ever to take the road for Missouri packed their football equipment for departure tomorrow morning for Louis. They will reach there shortly after noon tomor Player contracts are Ptill pour-In ginto the Browns' office. Ten more have just been received from Brownie scouts throughout the country. This makes a total of 56 players signed to 1949 contracts during the past two months.

The new crop includes pitchers Howard Wright Carr. Hagerstown. Louis Vernon Hoffmann, 3027 Wyoming St. Louis: John Carroll Herrin, Max Pinkney Huffstetler, Belmont, N. and Adam John Stompkowskl Garfield, N.

J. Scout Paul Dean singed Infielder William Albert 1.1cElduff of Marianna. Ark. Two other infielders. James Joseph McHugh of Glenside.

and Hayward John Gibson. Santa Monica, and two outfielders. James Lee Thomas, Birmingham, and Cecil Thomas Stackpole of Carleton. round out the newest members of the Browns' organization. All of these players have been assigned to Class and clubs for next year.

CHICAGO, rm. Sept SO (AM--The Chicago Cubs brought their home schedule to a close today by defeating the Cincinnati Reds. 1 to 0. in a pitching battle between Cliff Chambers and Ken Raffensberger. CINCLIM 411.

CWICA136. 411.14.0.A. Plattse.Mb 3 1 4 Varlosit.2to 4 4 Limoy.11 Litulbilotat I 1 tomtit 8.111b 4 I I 4-isumowe Psnio.311, silos 1 110 114teest.t4 3 tt Vilipolecte 1 te.rf 3 14 el 1 rrostok. 1 I A lietuttelLs Stallee.An It 0 I 3 Itakenrt-is CkumborLIP 355 a-liar bled A Lantasops. I Teta 29 111 lt Ilattesobc4 It a 11.

.0.. 1.1... i 'STEALS, TOO I At the moment Di Binger tends the league in this department, shading Dale Mitchell of the Ink- dians who is In second place with an even 200. Bob 15,151 tons the i circuit in bases stolen, racking up twenty-sixth against the weary Tigers today. Di Binger wasted TtO time in tieing Mitchell.

punching out a doulble in his first time up as the man. He moved to third on Paul Lehner' sincrie end scored when Don Lund Priddy. who had walked. for the Browns' first run. The Brown scored their final Inn in the fifth to tie the Tigers at 2-all when Roy Partee got a break and reached first when Jimmy Outlaw lost his infield fly In the sun.

Joe Ortrowski sacriJiced him to second and he went to third when Dillinger drilled out a single. Outlaw again helped taking the relay from the infield and, trying to tran Dillinger at first threw low, letting Par-teem. to But that was all for the Browns. for young Gray had no trouble the rest of the way and coasted to his sixth verdict of the paign. OFF TO SHOWERS Going into the sixth.

Ostrowski. one of the better pitchers to join 1 Manager Tavlor's team this year, was doing a workmanlike job. Opening this frame, Johnny Grath I singled and counted a moment later on Dick Wakefield's rumbling triple. Outlaw doubled Wakefield home and Ostrowski to the ahowers. Karl taking over.

Drews got George Vice to ground out. -Outlaw taking third, and on Myron Ginsberg's long fly VIP Outlaw easily scored. The Tigers added their final runs against Frank Biscan in the seventh. on a single by Johnny Upon and successive doubles by Pat Mullin and Groth after a sacrifice by Joe Berry. after a The Ttgers added their final runs against Frank Biscan in the seventh.

on a single by Johnny 'Anon and successive doubles by Pat Mu llin and Groth sacrifice by Joe Berry. Freddie Mills Marries DaUghter of Manager LONDON, Sept. 30 Mills, 29-year-old light-heavyweight champion of the world, was married to Chrissie Broadribk 33-year-old daughter of Ms manager, today. Mills is directed by Ted Broadrib, widely known London fistic figure. Minor League Playoffs row.

St. Louts members of the squad 20 of them were among those chosen for the journeywill remain in St. Louis for the week. end. while others will return to Columbia Saturday morning.

Something NewTigers Drill on Eve of Game COLMBIA. Sept 30 Faurot. head coach ot football at the University of Missouri here, departed from custom and tradition of more than a decade today when be put the Tigers in uniform and sent them through a stiff practice session on the eve of their geme with St Louis University at St. Louis tomorrow. It was the first time in more than 10 years that Faurot has called for a day-before-the-game practice, and marked a reversal of his announcement yesterday that only the turners would practice.

We thought it over this morning and decided we needed another look at our defense against St. Louis U. plays. and we bad a couple of plays of our own we wanted to work out Faurot explained. 'We thought it Light All-Karl TIM Cril 1234b4S lta Paul It Oolue ast larzzaIgartla azwl Aaaarazza: talk-may OMNI INIZUMIMIll.

amiss laza sa 2-1 a boat-of -amen lama Cleveland Nis Add to Gat 6 Record Torah I 17 A 04 19 i a-ree ter liltoiler Se elirbill I 11P-Ran tot Liteiribmi, Ss Welk. I 1 sz567s4 tbkage STANDING OF THE CLUBS Leading Batsmen in Major Leagues NATIONAL LEAGUE I AMERICAN CLEVELAND. OHIO, Sept. SO fans who broke the all-time major league attendance record early this month already have pushed the new mark 10 per cent above the olot, one. 2,265,512 set by the New 'York Yankees in 1946.

4 The Tribe drew its tint million in home attendance in 1946. Last year when the gate hit 1.521.978, everyone said that was going some. By the timo this week. ends three games with Detroit are over, the 1948 home attendance will just about equal the 1948 and 1947 attendances combined. This year's total so far Is 2.49IS,C11.

essiraverretta. IneroNenei, goo bailed lie--Jettesst. Teo-beae Cs warutia I I). nese-law Sates boalaaaaaalwans. daerttlea kil-11-01- 414elereee.

Deal piere--41aeller Se 'setae le Casibtrotta. (2); iettalot to Merlakmall lose.lbat. Lett es Iseee---tIneleastl. CIOtre 8- banes ea belleOtt Chamber 4: ett Ilettraeletiree. 11.

Struck dest--8p Cbea, leg ft; toir flattanaboramt. t. taaparalLobilL iSaltaadaall sad Barbet. Twos ad gatomp, :43. 011111110 Lem 1101000 WIL ImIL PAIL .1567 Lazd 16 EA .647 .11 Boston 94 6S .6111 I New York 94 611 J536 114 Phi lades 4 61 12 Detroit TB TS ZO.1 .4 241,4 BROWN'S IS OS .237 .414 26 Witahiata t4 .2541 414 28 cbcj 41 100.229 AZ 24 1110111103 18 ft .387 .414 28 54 91 .358 Al4 ZS Chicago 41 00 XI ow.

Via Lowbaiiiem AZ3 .11:11 ewe 2141 Al4 .:,541 AO Wit -577 200 111 321 -342 ASS 41 331 7 .331 .884 341 .382 41 .113 7 al CUM WaiLLast. Ins. Boston 8.8 el .891 CARD 6 SS .2.13 Brooklyn 63 61 .550 253 Pittsburgh 62 TO MI 244 New York 77 74 210 -512 PhIladol. 65 ST 428 A31 lantinnatt 13 IS 417 .421 Chicago 413 88 Al? A11 413 87 .428 A31 Cincinnati 413 ZS .417 .421 Chicago 413 88 Al? .421 Privacy BOZOny Foxe neardoa It I Mem erd 4 C. 111.

se 1, 1111 0 :114 gt (:04 1111.111111111 erie AMERICAN LEGUE. Player and Club. G. AR. R.

N. Pet. Wintaate. Weston 134 499 1211 183 .367 geularrell Cleve Leal 148 516 111 193 .354 MI Weal. C1ore las4 137 590 81 200 439 St.

Leal 141 531 75 171 .338 135 514 93 .331 NATIONAL LE 4org Player and Club. G. IL R. Prt. Mettal.

St. testa 151 600 133 2.36 .377 Ashburn. Phi late 117 463 78 154 .333 Holmes. Beaten 136 574 81 165 .331 Slang War. It.

116 541 93 176 .331 Dark. Seattle 133 532 63 170 .330 Vi alkali. Pittelperrh 117 400 39 128 .320 cuur u1011, MIK. Player G. Alt.

R. ft RR. Pet. wiI 151 600 133 126 39 .377 Piertim7 91 233 37 15 11 afl21 Slaughter 146 041 93 116 11 .321 flettatadateal 117 394 63 109 3 .277 Lug 115 321 30 N4 4 468 SNOWNIV OMR VIVI. P.

G. AL It. R. Rt. Pet.

141 52 6 171 11 .318 Illmerer 149 637 107 201 .32 2 'Coke 71 it.4 41 74 4 .296 Prfailt 147 547 95 160 .293 Lebow 101 323 21 91 479 RIMS sArtzle IN Anerleaa League National teepee 11 Mare. Yeah I 33 IlresioL Cat4Insis it, Stephette. Lodg 153 180116 Ots014 114 1101144 114 Krosr ricalos t123 MOWN NUNS plau44. kTaaks 39 Easy, Piraeus 44) Indians 33 M. Gisela 39 31 31,1404 C4.414911 39 A Ashburn.

Phi lade H7 463 78 154 Holmes. Elestan 136 574 St 185 .311 Simagiitar. It. lAsti 146 it41 93 176 .311 Dark. 1 632 S3 170 .310 0 rit9 117 400 39 iatt 420 Plane RR.

Imisia 1 00 1 1 9 51 633 26 3 .317 Minium 91 233 37 15 11 0811 Wilma ter 146 848 93 176 11 .311 414 g11 3i; 74: Ltvz-m 521 371 111 1: 1 244: okes erfatir 247 6:11 9,1 PA "Ruler attN Anerleia loans Motional lassie 1M Miter Yank 153 Cattlinaks 111 11199 153 1999. Gloats 114 ricalse pa 11101.43 SUNS 1114,19. kTmaks 09 11taar. Pissime 4141 Gorton. Imilleas 3'3 Dituk Gissis 39 14Es 3112601.

C9.0111111 39 pr--1ixel P2L- '111, 711111-Fa YESTERDAY'S RESULTS NATIONAL LEAGEM. A3trILICAN tr-tatt. Cardinals. (1-4; Pittsburgh. Detroit.

Brosrna Chinas 2: Ctneinnatl. 0.. New Yok. Plalladelptin, Y. Boston at Brooklyn.

rant. Boston. liVaablettent. Only games ochodtaled. Only games ochodulect, YESTERDAY'S RESU LTS NATIONAL LEAGEM.

A3trILICAN LEAGrE. 1 i i 1 111,0, I 1 I 11 I I P-N I I1i I II LJ) Cio Browns Notes For the twi-night double-header against the White Sox at Comiskey Park tomorrow evening Cliff Fannin and Bill Kennedy will do the pitching for the kt aft an 3 r9wn3 UM) tha against the White Sox et kev Park tomorrow eveninir Cliff Finnin and Bill Kennedy do the pitching for the Comis-I 1 II 1 1 ok'4N TODArS SCHEDULE 4 0,9 COMO'S TOMBALL, Pi Mime lated Prase. Woopouri VI Mier Clioes (eassball. Ma), 111; 01 Same Who.) Usaversith 116 di 16 ,4 11, 't .4 40 1.1 -11Litiams. sat, TOOT C01.1.1011 ILILI Pi Amonetated Prase.

21; 4. Be.24 i411P citess (Wassball. M. Ousirs Vieth.) fUsaverettr. 116 ALIwirwICAlt LEJLGVE.

Brown at Chicara (2) tvilaisitt Detroit at Clavetaral0114, games scheduled. NATIONAL IZAGEM. Chicago at St. Louis, I p. m.

Pittsburgh at Cocianail. Ori4, games scheduled. ,....1 4.. 1 1 i.

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