The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 3, 1941
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APRIL 3, HMI BLYTHKVILLIS, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Verdun Is Written On These French Faces ! rn Riinnn m V r -LLU ItfiUULL Convincing Peace-lime Test Made In Center Buill For Evacuees MEW MILFORD. Conn. <Upi- Although rtimblngs or' war still have been confined to the Old World, the question oi' evacu'Uion of children from New York—us was done in London—has received consideration here. One such center, the first in ihe country, has been con.siruci.ed and j may serve as a model for others | should the necessity arise. j This model evacuation camp. | located _in ihe foothills of the' i Berkshire Hills in New Milforci. i already has undergone a peace- i time test, with 98 New York .-nib- j debs portraying the roles of "refit- ! Sees" from war. The girls are sin- ' ; dents a; the Dalton Schools, inc., j of New York City. { iiuiUUng's of Tuo Storirs i The center was built on top of i Buck's Rock by ;he Children's! Foundation. Inc. This Ls a Coner- ticut corporation formed last .summer by a group of woulihy New York industrialists to extend financial and educational assistance to child refugees. Housing tor 125 children and 15 adult supervisors is provided for on the 128-acre : iract. Three buildings are for j sleeping quarters and the fourth i contains a social hall and class- I rooms. All are two stories high, j The flat roofs are camouflaged 10 blend with the terrain. The structures are made from redwood with sheet rock insulation. The "refugees" sleep in compact quarters with two-tiered bunks" .set in the walls. They are divided into age groups. As each group completes a months training 'at the center it, is replaced by another. Classes in Any Crisis An important aspect of the center is the fact that it Ls planned to permit the continuance of. education even during an emergency. Classes will continue"" no '"^natter how grave outside circumstances may become. Directing the educational program is Miss Helen Parkhurst, head of the Dalton Schools. Inc., and also head of the International Council oi Education. Miss Parkhurst emphasized ihe .foundation's belief that "education especially during times of emotional stress, is almost as important to a child as clothing, shelter, or food." successively the homo of the Tui'f Club, the Union League Club, the University Club, and now the Manhattan Club, "But whnl of the marriage it litmnced? In January. 1«74, Miss Jennie Jerome wa.s married to Lord Kmuloiph Churchill. At the end oi' the year came the first child, Wln- !.ton Leonard Spencer Churchill, now residing at 'No. U) Downing .street, London, EnR'lanrl." Spring Is Ikro- Tinic For Lciuon Mrr*mj«iio IM cs The Hero of Verdun become the chief of stricken France, Marshal Philippe Petain, greets his lighters of another day in a scene thai portrays ail the drama of the glory and the full of their nation. Note FUNNY BUSINESS great emotion showing on every face in this picture made in SI Lticnne as Petain mot war veterans. St. Eticnno is un important industrial town in unoccupied France. SERVICE. INC. T. M. R£G. U. S. PAT. OFF Cl uirch i 11 In h eri ted Gu s to Of His American Grandfather SCHENECTADY. N. Y. > UP)—Prime Minister Winston Churchill o| Great Britain is no more colorful than w»s hi.s Ai W rlcnn grandfather, Leonard K. Jerome, who installed fountains .spurting cologne nnci uhampngne in hi., .stable, according to Dr. Dixon Ryan Pox, president :jf Union College. Dr. Fox recalls the career of the wealthy financier, sportsman, and co-publisher of The New York rimes, in the Union College Alumni Monthly. Churchill's grand- -athcr was a graduate of the col- "Bridge prize, officer* ^Yar Ends J':>n Friendship SYDNEY. Australia <UP) — Fox mentions that Jerome .served ' as United States consul in Trieste alter leaving Union, and then re- i turned 10 this country and New j York city. He goes on: I "Then by a series of lucky .strokes, especially in the panic day-s of 1857. he' became the acknowledged 'King of Wall Street,' •seesawing millions back and forth, miming railroad stocks l,u high peaks and selling out. organizing mysterious auxiliary financing corporations.. .." Jerome f o u n d e d the famous Jockey Club and three racetracks. The historian quotes from an obituary when Jerome died in IHfll: "His passion for the theater and The — ,..-- ; New ;s$uth Wales Department of rhc center will not remain idle I Education- has requested all pupils during the summer. It \vill be turned over to English evacuees at present living with "foster parents." so that they may spend a summer with children of their own nationality. They will reiu.ra to these "foster" homes next fall. to discontinue correspondence with children in foreign countries. It is feared pen friendships might be used to obtain information valuable to the enemy and to spread Nazi propaganda. In Detroit. Mich., for carrying chickens by their leg.s, upside down, you can be jailed for 30 day.s or fined .$100, or both. Puli the Trigger on Lazy Bowels, with Ease for Stomach, too THEY'RE HERE - - The New Spring and Summe2*Suits At Hudson's ... c:;ns!.~i}»; t u<Mj brings on acid indigestion, stomach upset, bloating, di/xv spelis:. gas. coated tongue, sour taste and bad breath, your stomach is probably "crying the bines" because your bowel's don t move. It calls for Laxaiivc-Sentia to pull the trigger on those lazy bowels ! combined with Syrup Pepsin fur perfVct rase to your stomach in taking. Fur years.' ninny Doctors have Riven pepsin preparations in their prescription;; t:> m.'tkc medicine more agreeahK- to a (oucliy stomach. So be sure your laxative contains j Syrup Pepsin, insist on Dr. Caldwell's Laxative Senna combined with Svrup Pep- ' shi. See how wonderfully the Laxative Senna wakes up ln.7,y nerves and mnscl''- in your intestines to" brina; welcome relief ttom constipation. And" tiic good old Synip Pepsin makes this laxative soeom- forlahle and easy on your :;lomach. Even finicky children love (he taste of this P«easant family laxative, Dr. Calr!well's Laxative Senra al yoiir dnijrkri^t toclny. Try nae laxative combined v;ith Synip Pepsin for ease to yourstomarh. too open* was exceeded only by liLs fondness for horses. He built his stable before he built his house. It \viis of brick faced with marble, slories hiph. ... Except for the Enjp{?ror's Mew.s in Paris, it i.s riouhlful 11 any .stable in the world surpa.s.sed Jerome's. Bhick walnut,, p'nle plays, carpeted floors and tfther costly decorations ornamented the place. "Above the .stable he built a private theatc'r. . . Here, it wu.s nn- nouni-vd. he was to give a bull ____ Two fmmtiiin.s were placed in the center of the auditorium, one piny- ing cologne and the other cluun- Piigne." "In front of this mii^niHcent stable." Dr. Fox continues. "Jerome built d more magnificent house. But some years later It was eon- verted dower Under into cash to provide Die for a daughter's marriage. new ownership it became <:AVNOK The firoi-.oniy budget must always ineii.'de eggs. They arc absolutely essential to yoiir family's health. If i.s seldom wise to buy more than n week's supply of eggs at one time If possible,' buy eggs thai, ure kept in a refrigerator up until they are .sold. Put the eggs in n refrigerator or other cool place as soon as you got them home. Lemon meringue pie is » .spring treat In most home*. Here is u recipe that will make the family for more: UCiMON MICIUNdlXJIC I'll; PASTRY: i cup flour, ' L . tni- spoon baking powder. ', teaspoon snlt, ]-;} cup lurd or other .shortening, 'i afp ii;e water i about). Sift together Hour, baking- powder and .salt. Cut .shortening in with a piustry blender or two knives until the lumps are the .siv.e of limn beans. Add ice water gradually, mixing It in with n fork. When only enough water to hold dough together has been added, put dough together and chill if possible. On n floured board, rull out dou^h to 1-8 inch thickness. Line n 9-ineh hen t-resistant gliiss pie phtfe; trim iind nutc the edges. Place another 0-iuch pie plute over It. to hold crust sandwich .style while baking. Bake in n hot, oven U2f> degrees K) about 15 to 11 minutes or until the pie .shell is a light brown. PILLING: iVt cups .sujjnr, '/i cup cornstarch, '-i cu|) Hour. '/, ten- spoon salt. 2 cups boiling water, if egg yolks, ••> teaspoons grated lemon rind, 0 lable.spoons lemon juice, li tablespoons butter. Mix sugar, cornstarch. flour and salt together in a saucepan. Add boiling water gradually; cook over direct heat 5 minutes, or until thick, stirring constantly. Allow to cook over very low hettt a few minutes longer, stirring occasionally. Mix beaten egg yolks; add to cornstarch mixture. Return Lo heat and cook for 2 minutes longer, stirring all tiic while. Remove from heal, udd lemon rind and lemon juice; temperature. Pour into pie shell. MERINGUE: Three 'egg..'whites, G tablespoons powdered sugar. egg whites to a • soft peak sta'ge and sprinkling the sugar over the top a tablespoonful at a time. Beat sugar in well between each addition. Pile meringue lightly on pie and bake in a moderately slow Dr. W. F. Krewer Dentist IMyllitivilto, Arkansas SPECIALS! Extractions $l.(H) Full Up'r Ai Lower Plates $25.00 (Extractions Included) Big sizes! Little sizes! Bright colors! Quiet colors! YOU ARE SURE TO FIND WHAT YOU WANT AT WARDS! The catalog order department of our store brings you thousands of items we have not room to carry in. stockl Every department at Wards is brimful oj values! And, in our catalog order department, you can buy at low catalog prices . ,. . no postage or money order fees. 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