St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri on August 3, 1947 · 22
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St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri · 22

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 3, 1947
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STAGE 2C gt tnuifl (Slobr-ffgfflgrrat. Sunday. Aug. 3, 1947 I Victor Herberts Popular Naughty Marietta Is Park Offering Tomorrow Night Margaret Spencer, Brian Sullivan Head Cast of Seventh Municipal Opera Revival s AS THE SEASONS ninth attraction, Municipal Opera will present Victor Herberts popular light opera, Naughty Marietta, tomorrow night for the usual week's run. It will be the seventh revival of the piece and will put it into a tie ) with The Desert Song and I presentations in Forest Park. HEADING the cast of the lively musical story of old New Orleans will be Margaret Spencer, one of the stars of the Current '"Chimes of Normandy; Brian Sullivan, tenor, who appeared for the first time last season, and Imogene Coca, comedienne and Municipal Opera newcomer. Also prominently cast Will be Mary Hopple, who will make her first appearance in this, her seventh, Forest Park season in the role of the slave girl, Adah, which she also played in 1940. The cast will include Jack Sheehan, popular comedian, who will have the role of Silas Slick and be paired in comedy routines with Miss Cocas Lizette; Melton Moore, as Etienne; Edwin Steffe, as the Lieutenant Governor; Nixon Miller, as Sir Harry, and Emile Renan, as Rudolfo, the marionette impresario. The producers also have arranged another special ballet sequence featuring Patricia Bowman and Rudy Kroeller, who scored in last week's Chimes of Normandy. 1 ' THE OPERETTA proved so popular with Municipal Opera patrons on its original revival In 1923 that it was repeated the following year. Other Forest Park revivals were in 1933, 1940 and 1944. The story concerns a young Parisian Countess who escapes a distasteful old country mar-' riage by coming to America. As it is being unfolded, such all-time song favorites as "Tramp, Tramp and "Im Falling in Love With Someone will be interpreted by Sullivan and Miss Spencer. After avoiding the prospect of an almost equally distasteful marriage as a Cas-quette Girl, touring as assistant to a puppeteer while masquerading as a boy and being THE NEW FILMS IN BRIEF LOEWS THE HUCKSTERS, Frederic Wakemans novel against a background of radio and advertising thoroughly renovated as a starring vehicle for Clark Ga-, ble and the British actress, De- borah Kerr, in her first Hollywood film. All the author's original satire, if that is what it is, on broadcasting and advertising practices has been re- ' tained intact, even to picturing the big shots of both as nervous , wrecks and nincompoops. As the fourflushing expert who becomes disgusted with it all, Gable continues his rough and rowdy style, and Miss Kerr is lovely. Sidney Greenstreet portrays an uncouth soap company president for all the role is worth, and the cast includes Adolphe Menjou, Ava Gardner, Keenan Wynn and Edward Arnold. ST. LOUIS THT PERILS OF PAULINE, a comedy with music and in ; technicolor inspired by the career of Pearl White, the silent screens most celebrated serial queen. Its a rather irreverent treatment of both 'Miss Whites career and the serials in which ; present-day moviemakers spoof t their predecessors in terms of broad farce with much of the footage devoted to the now ludicrous dardevil sequences out of the serials. These are made I hilarious by Betty Hutton, John Lund, Billy de Wolfe, William Demarest, Constance Collier and t Frank Faylen but some of the films other features are off key. THREE ON A TICKET, latest In the Michael Shayne series of 5 mystery dramas, this one featuring Hugh Beaumont and Cheryl Walker. 4 AMBASSADOR i IVY, a fairly suspenseful melodrama in which Joan Fontaine takes her turn at playing the evil one, ajvife who poisons her husband and permits the guilt to be put upon the lover she was trying to get rid of anyway in the hope she might land a third and richer man. In the order mentioned, the three men are portrayed by Richard Ney, Patrick Knowles and Herbert Marshall and the cast includes Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Lucile Watson and Sara Allgood. BLACKMAIL, regulation mystery drama featuring William Marshall and Adele Mara. FOX I WONDER WHOS KISSING HER NOW, a Technicolor musical dealing with the life and songs of Joe Howard, a famous songwriter and song singer at the turn of the century. Musical features are sometimes pleasant but the plot is a little weak. June Haver and Mark Stevens have the romantic roles and in the cast are Martha Stewart and Reginald Gardiner. THE CRIMSON KEY, mystery melodrama featuring Kent Taylor and Doris Dowling. f ORPHEUM DUEL in THE SUN. the widely discussed Technicolor opus which has been the subject of some discussion regarding its artistic and moral values, or lack of them. Essentially a Western, the film is a gaudy, lusty and often lewd treatment of the. sordid, sex-ridden story of a halfbreed girl, her life with a cruel and ruthless rancher and her illicit relations with his even more despicable son, with - whom she shoots it out to the death in a gory climactic scene more' savage than realistic. It is not a good motion picture by any standards, moral, artistic, dramatic or otherwise, and wastes the talents of an imposing cast headed by Jennifer Jones, Lionel Barrymore, Greg- AND MUSIC ory Peck, Joseph Cotten and Walter Huston, and including Lillian Gish, Herbert Marshall, Charles Bickford and Harry Carey among many others. MISSOURI THEY WONT BELIEVE ME, a fairly absorbing study of a scoundrel, who also is something of a weakling, and the dire end to which his association with three women brings him as revealed in flashbacks while he tells his story from the witness box in his trial for the murder of one of them. Robert Young gives a surprisingly effective performance as the man concerned, supported by Susan Hayward, Rita Johnson and Towa flwaaa POSSESSED, an addition to the cycle of psychological melodramas, a well-filmed clinical study of a woman from a mental ailment with full details of the experiences which brought about her emotional upset given in flashbacks. It is more interesting as a clinical study than as sustained drama. Joan Crawford stars and Van Heflin and Raymond Massey are in the cast. SHUBERT THE EGG AND I, a treatment of Betty MacDonald's book of the same title stressing the humorous aspects of her own and her husbands experiences on a chicken ranch and as appealing as the original. Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray portray the author and her spouse, enhancing the humor considerably themselves and receiving valuable aid from those who portray the assorted characters involved, among them Percy Kilbride, Marjorie Main and Billy House. ART THEATER I LIVE AS I PLEASE, Italian film, starring the grand opera tenor, Ferruccio Tagliavini, who made his debut last winter with the Metropolitan Opera. Musical features are pleasant, but hard- FINAL WEEK OF COATS & SUITS $35.00 formerly $49.95 to $75.00 Other merchandise similarly reduced 909 LOCUST STREET, ST. LOUIS I AMONG FEATURED SINGERS AND COMEDIANS in "Naughty Marietta,' which will become Municipal Opera's ninth attraction tomorrow night, will include (at top, from left) Brian Sullivan and Margaret Spencer, and (below) Mary Hopple, Jack Sheehan and Imogene Coca. Boy Scout News A MEMBERSHIP Round-Up, the first to be staged by the St. Louis Council of Boy Scouts since 1934, will be held this fall, it was announced yesterday. Gale F. Johnson, a vice president of the council, will head the drive to make Scouting available to more youths in the city and 13 eastern Missouri counties covered by the council. Johnson said the Round-Up was a step in the current "50 by 50 campaign, to enroll in Scouting at least half the eligible youths in the area. He said about 30 per cent, or 19,000, of the eligible boys are now participating in the Scout program. "The St. Louis Council of Boy Scouts has led the other 540 councils in the national rating eight years in the last decade, Johnson said, and we are anxious to stay out in front. Johnson appointed the following committee to set the date and work out detailed plans for the Round-Up Campaign : Chairman Roy Jordan of the councils Midland District, Commissioner Ralph Knowles of the Old Trails District and Scoutmaster J. H. Shoemaker of Troop 261, sponsored by the Peter Herzog School Patrons Association. Complete information will be announced early in September. A total of eight units in the councils Mineral District will participate in a Merit Badge Show at the 4-H Club Fair Aug. 15-16 at Farmington, Mo., it was announced yesterday. The district comprises Washington and St. Francois Counties. P. N. Ferguson of River-mines, Mo., District Activities Chairman for the Scouts, sfiid the Cubs and Scouts wqyld demonstrate such Merit Badge subjects as fingerprinting, cooking, first aid, photography and camping. The units which will participate include: Troops 413, 417, Cub Pack 417 and Explorer Post 417, Flat River; Troops 408, Farmington; 455, Caledoiiia; 460, Potosi, and Pack 432, Bonne Terre. ly as much so as the whimsical treatment of Italian peasants and temperamental grand opera stars. Dialogue in Italian with English titles. MISSOURI NAMES BOTH ENDS AGAINST THE MIDDLE By R. L. RAMSAY CONTROVERSY to pass himself off as an unmis- A LIVELY was waged in the newspapers of Madison County a few years ago over the origin of the name of its county seat, Fredericktown. Older historians have all maintained that it was named for George Frederick Bollinger, the sturdy pioneer who led the first large band of German-American settlers across the Mississippi in 1800, and for whom, nine years after his death, the present county of Bollinger was named in 1851. When Fredericktown was founded in 1819, Col. Bollinger was a prominent member of the General Assembly of the Territory; and his name is said to have been proposed by his friend and fellow member Nathaniel Cook, to whom belonged the land on which the new village was laid out. . THIS EXPLANATION has, however, been vigorously challenged, on the ground that it is hard to believe in any such use of a mans middle name, which is seldom well known even to his admirers. Why was the place not called Bollinger, or Georgetown? The rival theory was put forward that the town was named for Frederick Bates, at that time Secretary of the Territory, or even for Frederick the Great, presumably a hero in the eyes of the incoming German immigrants. No positive evidence was ever produced, however, for either supposition. IT IS PERFECTLY true that most Americans today make little use of their middle names. Many reduce them to mere initials; and oddly enough, In a surprising number of cases that middle initial is only a letter and stands for nothing. So characteristic of Americans has become this lonely middle initial that the London Magazine Punch made a jest of it a few years ago, in a skit , entitled Sherlock Holmes Disguises Himself as an American. The great detective was about to venture across the ocean on one of his relentless manhunts. With his accustomed thoroughness, he neglected no detail of dress, accent or personal habits Refine Your Figure fo "Fit" The New Fall Fashions The Accents on Feminine Charms for Fall! FI T R . TREATMENT (CLAYTON) 8123 MARYLAND DE. 4298 (UNIVERSITY CITY) (PINE LAWN) 6649 Enright Ave. 6161 Natural Bridge DA. 2480 CO. 7138 (DOWNTOWN ST. LOUIS) 515 Olive St. 2nd Floor Elevator Service CH. 2072 takable Yankee; and as a final touch, he even had a new set of visiting cards engraved, reading Sherlock P Holmes taking pains to omit the period, for it was just a P and nothing more! THERE ARE STILL some Americans, however, who prefer to write out their middle names in full and use them freely. There must have been more in Missouri in early days, for quite a number of other towns are known to have adopted middle names: Madisonville in Ralls County, named for James Madison Crossthwaite; Racola in Washington for John Racola Coleman; Dillard and Vilander in Crawford for Joseph Dillard Cottrell and Calvin Vilander Lynch, respectively; Wingate in Cass for Gov. Joseph Wingate Folk; Woodrow in Lafayette for President Thomas Woodrow Wilson, and Quincy in Hickory for President John Quincy Adams, doubtless chosen to distinguish him from his father, President John Adams. IN EVERY CASE there was something distinctive about the middle name that favored its use. Such may have been the case with Fredericktown. Georgetown would have been commonplace, for there was already one in nearly every stare, named for George Washington, and Bollinger may have seemed difficult to pronounce, as it still is to many Missourians. I can see no really sufficient reason for discarding the old account of naming Fredericktown. Shaffer and All-Girl Band at Highlands Freddie Shaffer and his allgirl orchestra will begin a two-week engagement tonight as the ballroom attraction at Forest Park Highlands. The band, comprised of 13 girls and the leader, will be making its first appearance of the season at the amusement park. Featured vocalists are Hilda Hamilton and Louis Lust. Also featured are Ruth Mary Mack, girl drummer, and trombone and trumpet quartets. INTRODUCTORY A PERSONAL GIFT TO ALL, PLUS A FREE TREATMENT darlag Opening Week f our New Salon 8123 MARYLAND-CLAYTON DE. 4295 Grand Opening Tuesday, August 5 . . . with no effort at all yea can acquire the lovely slender lines and shapely flrare required by the fashtons this Fall . . . hy the Stauffer treatments . . . thnt contonr, slenderise, stimulate circulation, riving you that flowinr feeling that roes with relaxed nerves . . . riinr you a aelf-possessed, beautifully poised body. 12 Treitments 115-24 far 25-50 itr 50 NOW FOUR CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Music League ' -Ij dr. Attraction for Next Season The Civic Music League has announced the artists who will appear on its forthcoming series of attractions. They are Poldi Mildner, Viennese pianist, who will appear Nov. 27; Jussi Bjoerling, Swedish tenor, Dec. 9; the Markova-Dolin Dancers, Jan. 13; Joseph Sxigeti, Hungarian violinist, Feb. 24, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Mar. 30. Miss Mildner was introduced to St. Louis by the Civic League about 10 years ago. At that time she had a wide European reputation but had only recently come to America, and the league was among the first to give her a hearing. Her debut was regarded as an event, and she was engaged for the following season. Bjoerling is a newcomer to American music. Now a member of the Metropolitan Opera Company, he is regarded as having a voice of exceptional beauty. The Markova - Dolin Dancers also -will be making their first St. Louis appearances after having distinguished themselves with the Ballet Russe in past seasons. The league sponsored Szigetis first recital in St. Louis in 1937 and re-engaged him for the following season. The Chicago Symphony will be under direction of its new conductor, Artur Rodzinski. STAMPS By M URIEL NISSEN TEN-CENT AIR MAIL: Aug. 30 is the date sfet for the newest arrival to the air mail family. The 10-dent stamp, black in color and ,of special delivery size, will have its first day sale in Washington. The beautiful Pan-American Union Building in Washington was chosen as an appropriate design, since the stamp is to be used primarily on air mail to South and Central American countries. In the upper right corner a twin-motor plane in flight is shown. To the left of the plane is the wording Air Mail in dark Gothic. Collectors desiring first-day cancellations may send not in excess of 10 addressed envelopes, accompanied with remittance for the stamp to be affixed, to the Postmaster at Washington, 13, D. C., in time for servicing. The envelope addressed to the Postmaster should be endorsed : First Day Covers, Air Mail Stamp. SWISS RAILROADS: As we mentioned in a recent chronicling, this year marks the centenary of Swiss railroads; hence, the four designs for the annual National Fete set will feature railroading. A special four-value set is to be released Aug. 9, the centennial date of the first railway between Zurich and Baden. The stamps, printed by the rotary heliogravure method, will be valid for postage until the end of 1948. MOVIE TIME TABLE AMBASSADOR Blackmail at 10:57, 2:10, 5:27 and 8:44. "Ivy at 12:04, 3:17, 6:34 and 9:51. FOX The Crimson Key at 11:15, 2:21, 5:27 and 8:33. I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now at 12:27, 3:33, 6:39 and 9:45. LOEWS The Hucksters at 10:30, 12:45, 3:01, 5:17, 7:33 and 9:49. MISSOURI "They Wont Believe Me at 12:50, 4:36 and 8:22. Possessed at 2:25, 6:11 and 9:57. ORPHEUM Duel in the Sun at 11, 1:41, 4:22, 7:03 and 9:44. SHUBERT "The Egg and I at 12:49, 2:59, 5:09, 7:19 and 9:29. ST. LOUIS "Three on a Ticket at 12:12, 3:01, 5:50 and 8:39. "The Perils of Pauline at 1:14, 4:03, 6:52 and 9:41. UP TO For t limited time only, 2 can learn as cheaply as 1. Come to Arthur Murray's right now while you can save money. Have the time of your life at your next party. Name your dance Fox Trot, Waltz, Rumba, Samba . . . you can learn it in a few happy hours at Arthur Murrays. His talented experts know all the shortcuts of his amazingly simple, easy method. Just put yourself in their hands . , . You can leave it to them to make you a skillful dancer, a popular partner. Phone CE. 6867 or come to the studio today. Because of the Many Requests f We Are 1 Extending Our 2-For-7 Offer an Additional 2 Weeks CAUTION HOW TO SELECT A DANCING SCHOOL Anyone can operate a dance studio. No examination, no license is required. Even a person who knows nothing about dancing or teaching can hang out his shingle and profess to teach dancing "a new way. So be careful ask these questions: 1 Who is the actual owner of the school ? What experience does he have in teaching dancing? 2 Will you learn simple, easy steps that you can do on a crowded floor? 2 Will you learn the funda- mentals of good dancing or waste your money learning novelty routines? Arthur Murray's teaching Methods are those developed through his 33 years experience. Only socially correct steps are taught.1 Your dancing will look expert and smooth wherever you go. v. ALL STUDIOS AIR COKDITIOSED ARTHUR Orlal Bldg. 31 N. Sixth CE. 457 Elinor Maxwell LA JOLLA, CAL., Aug 2. La Jolla Medley: Cerulean skies and sandy coves. . . . Rolling hills and rocky cliffs. . . . White-capped waves and glistening beaches. . . Stately rows of Royal palms. . . . Bougain villea running riot over picket fence and cottage. . . . Sidewallfs lined with giant hibiscus, gardens gay with purple iris and the flowering eucalyptus. . , . Sunsets on the sea that dwarf the p&intings of a master. . . . Boys and girls sun-kissed to Viking blondness. . . . Sail-white fishing boats at sea in quest of fighting tuna. Houses that cling on the mountain side, and aloofly command the sand and the sea. Morning fogs and noon-time sunshine. . . . Air that lifts your soul and body. . . . Narrow, winding, little streets, flanked by flower-banked patio and villa, and reminiscent of the Alps. . . . Youths, sun bronzed and valiant, diving all day long for abalone. . . . Tiny clapboard cots, once occupied by hardy seamen, now display rooms for antique silver and fire-breaks, Scottish tweeds and hand-made gloves, period chests and chairs. . . . Wall street and Girard street (in the business section) as dark as a pocket after 10 p. m. . . .Filipino butlers, proficient in service and superb in their poise. Movie stars and novelists, business tycoons and college deans, garbed alike in seaside clothing and all identity lost to the world. . . . Cool, bright stars and clear, sliced moon. . . . And ever and always the sight and the smell and the sound of the sea. 1 ALWAYS KEEP a bloodhound as my house pet, says Bill Allen. "They look so terribly forlorn. Then, when Im feeling lower than a worm, all I have to do to get cheered up is to look at my dog and realize that theres another living thing far sadder than I! THANK YOU NOTE from London: It was ever so kind of you to send us a gift box, and we appreciated your thoughtfulness no end. However, may we be so bold as to request that soap flakes be omitted in the future? You see, their container burst open in this last shipment, and the taste and smell of soap so permeated the cookies and crackers and cheese that even our cat, Lucy (hungry as she is) refused to eat a morsel. NOW TO LA JOLLA, already so rich in the things which make this life worth living, there has been added another attraction. The Actors Company, it is, presenting a season of good theater in the auditorium of La Jolla High School, with stars of stage and screen in the leading roles. Joseph Cotten, Mel Ferrer, Jennifer Jones, Dorothy McGuire, and Gregory Peck are, in the main, responsible for the venture, and the natives of this town are backing it up with whole-hearted enthusiasm. Last weeks offering was, for example, "THE HASTY HEART, directed by Harry Ellerbe, and' presented with a superbly trained cast. RichariYBasehart, the brilliant young actor whose portrayal of "LaeRie in the New York production of this same play brought Mm the Critics Award, served a' star. This weeks vehicle is "THE GUARDSMAN, with Ruth Hussey (famed for her role in the Broadway production of STATE OF THE UNION) and Kent Smith (perhaps best SHOWBOAT I GOLDEN-ROD PRESENTS LURE OF THE CITY1 8:20 P. M . Every Eveninf Foot of Locust St. Phone GA. 8675 Rates to Organizations BRING YOUR DANCING DATE IN A FEW HOURS MURRAY 7742 Forsyth llvd. CA. 4145 known as Ann Sheridans leading man in "NORA PRENTISS) in the stellar roles. Other plays scheduled for the season are A DOLL'S HOUSE, with Dorothy McGuire, BIOGRAPHY with Eve Arden and Barry Sullivan, and "ROPE with Gregory Peck. BARRING A MIRACLE, says Novelist A. Hamilton Gibbs, our way of life will lead to another war a war fought by the children of ex-G. I.s now being bred in huts on college campuses. Will the miracle come from those huts? Or does it lie in the brain of some hitherto undiscovered member of the UN? Or do we really want it at all? HES ONE OF THE officials at San 'Diegos Ryan plant. A big boy. An authority. In fact, a tycoon. Thus, when, surprisingly, he volunteered a bit of business information, we pricked up our ears with interest. We received a fine big order at the office today, he said. Really?" we cried. How interesting! What is it? Do tell! Or dare you? Well," he replied, lowering his voice to a confidential whisper, "Ill tell you if you all swear not to repeat one word. Weve just made a whopping contract to manufacture cups for all those saucers that flew through the air for a while! PETITION FOR HELP in the search for truth: "Grant, O Lord, we pray Thee, that, as we seek the truth, we may find that the search leads us to Thyself. Give us courage to seek honestly, and reverence to seek humbly. . . . And when our minds are perplexed, and we cannot find Thee, give us patience to go on with our daily duties, so that in the end all nations of this world may be united ip peace. 8:30 Chimes of Normandy SEATS AVAILABLE Bus Sorvice ts Mala Ewtra i VttI tonight On Wk Only BBtari9 TOMORROW NIGHT Last Time SnM Aag, 10 Victor Herbert ' Operetta Success NAUGHTY MARIETTA Spectacular Production of Old Now Orleans Witt Catchy Her hurt Tunes ir MARVELOUS CASTII MARGARET SPENCER BRIAN SULLIVAN IMOGENE COCA JACK SHEEHAN ir EDWIN STEFFE MELTON MOOR! EMILE RENAN NIXON MILLER Others, and ir PATRICIA BOWMAN A RUDYd KROELLER Ballet Stan TWO BOX OFFICES OPEN TODAY SEATS for the final performance ef CHIMES OF NORMANDY and all performances ef NAUGHTY MARIET. TA on sale today beinnin at 12 neen at the Municipal Theater in Forest Park. RO. 6000. and downtown in the lobby of the Arcade Buiidina from 12 to 5. GA. 4400. Tickets 30c, 60c. $1.20, SI. 80, $2.40 MONDAY, AUG. 1 1 W MAIL ORDERS ACCEPTED SEASON'S TREAT FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS Victor Herbert's Fairy Tala Ixtravagana mvnim With Gloria Hamittaa, Jack Goede, Eric Brothersoe, Mary Hoppta, Am Andre, Virginia Gariki, Emil. Room, Edwin Steffe, Doe M. Eckley, G. Swayne Gordon, Nixon Miller, Margaret Roberts, Vincent Vernea, Nirska, Joey Preston, others. I'mder the Dlreetlom ml Rmhert Cmmrlet

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