The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1934
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United VOL. XXXI— NO. mTHEXJLLECOTMmi NEWS Bbtberllle DUrj Ken BlytlieriUe OcurUi Utebtippl V»Uev Utder Blytherille HenM K, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, SKl'TEMBER 13, 1984 ROOSEVELT READY TO USE U. S. TRO HOME, t —~ x SINGLE £OHp5g«'lV£ CENlBi' Approved by Censor Feed for Livestock Only Real Problem Says Secretary Wallace WASHINGTON, Sept. 13. (UP)— There will be cheer in the drouth irea this winter—riiore than half a billion dollars o[ it—Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace told the United Press today. The drouth left only one real problem. Wallace said, and that is feed for livestock. There'll be plenty lo eat for human beings, work tor those who are destitute. C.C.C. camps (or young farmers, and 1587.600,000 in cash fcr farmers to spsnd in the channels of trade. The money will go to the individual farmers, "cash on the barrel head," in checks for cooperation in the land rental and crop benefit payment programs. These programs involve the crop years 1533, '34 and '35. A large proportion of the payments, however, will be made this year. . Millions Going Out . In the 24 drouth states the rental and benefit payments will total approximately $587.600.000. Of this total more than J282.882.000 already has been paid to farmers in the area. "Checks- -have been going out steadily," Wallace said. "Next Monday approximately $60,000.000 will • be paid to farmers in the stricken area. "We are making every effort to meet the livestock feed problems, too. , Supplies of corn fodder in the areas which were not seriously affected -t»j- the drouth are being spotted^hi ordet-tliai" they can be made avaiUWe/ib livestock producers in the burned over area. .. "To _ encourage corn farmers to bale their fodder -trie AAA has guaranteed them a price ranging from $8.50 to $9 a ton." Of ess Names Commission ~ LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 13 (UP)— W; K. Dyess, FERA state director, announced today the appointment, of a commission to study changes which, will-be made .within the next few days in methods of handling drouth relief. : Members of the commission are Floyd Sharp, PBRA's executive secretary, Edgar Hodson, assistant administrator in charge of rural rehabilitation, and W: E. Castler berry, chief of the correspondence division. The announcement was made upon Dyess' return Irom a convention of-State-relief administrators at San! Angelo, Tex. Most Repar Advances Dyess said that ail drouth aid would be given in the form of advances under the new arrangement. Tlie recipients will be required to repay advances either in cash, in kind, or in work. A federal livestock-Ieed agency will be set up !n Kansas City, Mo., to allocate livestock feed in drouth Thls>lafe;s t pK o t o : reveals not only Jean H a.r 1 o.w, but some; leniency OB the part ot the new motion. picture censor board; headed by Joseph E. Breen. The approval • tamp, right, must adorn all Urn'publicity. Front Line Taclics Rout Strike Riote Attccmeiil Gives ' Dupcail • Exclusive Rights in Eu-. areas on tlie basis of supply, he said it was decided at the Texas meeting. A survey of feed needs will be made in Arkansas by the new agency. It also will assist farmers I "h", in arranging transportation of livestock feed. rope and South 'AJnerca WASHINGTON. Sept., '13. (Upi^'. Evidence that the dui'ont r-oinjialiy; entered ;iif: agreement. which, it e.xch bivo rights for powder sales 1 'in Knropc and South America aiid that war llniv bonuses o[ $17.0*1. OCO u-enl to dul'out executives was aid before I .-.u Ee.n:iU>. munitions i investigation today. ; Thi> powder sn!c-.i agreement »'as I entered Sito between duPoiit anil I in? Imperial Chemical' Industries, 1 Uct., in 193V. It was testified, the I. C. I. reserving Asm as its territory. .. . J . The bonuses ranged from $171.! 000 in 1014 lo 11 nigh of SC.514.0W hi IQ1G, when the E. 1. diiPont do Nemours company of nilawnro was selling great quantities ot explosives lo t::e- Allies. War Husincs'j Itcvculcd The Dn pont corporation was ,Fhown before senate ninntions investigators Wednesday to haw [done a war order business tolallng $1,245.000.000 bet ween 1914 and 19. 8 j .--part of the profits from which [went into General Motors stock. Pierre du Pont, member of the munitions manufacturing family, told investigators lhat $47.000.000 the. corpora lioy/s profits wtr« of spent lo buy one-fourth of the common stock of Geneial Motor.-;. First lo Grt War Orders ;• Testimony brought out that dur Pent 'was the first .-.merlcan com- linnv to receive world war. orders. In the. firs', yenr/cf the. jvar t(pm September, IBl-i. to September, -1015 it - received S2S5,00 0.000 worth 'of war orders from Euro])?. In all of 1015 onlt-!,'i totaled S323roOOO-T During the year before the wnr I I the company's business amounted With Rprtinn Ovpr to only $36.000.000. LtLLllOIl VJVCF Pierre du Pom 'then testified that France, which entered into large contracts with du Pont in 1014. was forced Jo pay a heavy premium for powder In order to Advancing behind nation-wide strike a barrage of tear g B5 . national guardsmen on duty at a textile mill closed by 'the are shown in action at Saylesville, R. I., during the riot In which two strikers wounded in nn exchange of shots. As In wartime, the soldiers arc carrying full strikers were disperse! by the carrying gns. field equipment. were Tlic (MEETS REST [E S. 0, ,S. From Japanese Ship Received by Radio i~,~. . . * help ths corporation build plants to take care"of the huge contract 1 !. At the start of the war Franc? New Orleans Enjoys First Quiet in Two Mouths NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 13. (UP) —Witli the victorious Senator Huey P. Long In Baton Rouge "for a rest.'' the national guard dispersed J. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 13. (UP) : —The.Mncway Radio and telegraph station at Lobltos reported today It had Intercepted nn s.o.3. sent out by Hi paid dnPont $1 a pound. 'Kls price i a "d homeward bound, and the "Old dropped to aroinii: " .- . . . .. I pound by 1916. | The end of His war brought a j cancellation of S2CO.OOO.OOO In tlic du Pont com- a great erre, '"u Handicapped Children Inspired Dr. F. L. Husband to Study Medicine Had it not been for "backward" children who attended his rural school in Mississippi 28 years ago, Dr. p. L. Husband, head of the tracts pany. "The war's end mranl change for us." said F great change." Protested V. S. Tax Evidence that the dn Pont company had strongly protested a federal munitions levy during one years also of its most prcsperoiis was introduced. their lessons, r realized it was often diseased ' adenoids and tonsils which kept them from bsing alert, and I promised myself that I would ig atiut It." Dr. Hus- | The munitions tax -a SI3.I57.05j icyy—was paid in idle. «-hen til" ccmr.inv was offering ]OD per cent dividends on Its common slock Evidence wr,s presented that the tin Fonts, in a memorandum s:ockhold3rs. had termed 53 cents n {Regular" organization crushed and silent after a devastating defeat In Tuesday's primary, New Orleans settled down today to the first nc- tiial quid it hns known in two months. Long whirled out of the city last night. Later he was reported In conference with Gov. O. K. Allen at the capltol. His doctor had ordered him to retire for at least 24 hours sleep. The investigation of the New Orleans city administration by Long and his nine legislative, investigators Blytheville Negro Drowns Near Frenchman's Baytu BASSETT. Art., Sept. I3.-Mar- cillus Johnson, Blytheville negro was drowned In the Mississippi river near Frenchman's Bayou about 9 o'clock last night. The negro was employed on U S. river fleet No. 12. The negro's body was recovered within lo minutes after he fell into the water. A physician tried unsuccessfully for an hour to re- Vive tlic negro At that time few children under-! went operations for the removal of and adenoids. In is Dr. Husband came in contact with hundreds of children who were seriously handicapped because of diseased tcnsils and adenoids, and the situation aroused in him the desire to help make these chtlren healthy and normal. "As I saw them stumble-through Frankie George Held for Trial i n Dycus Death CARUTHERSWILLE. Mo.-Follow ng preliminary hearing before Justice A. Elliott 1+,^,-r...... 28, held in Wilson School Opens With Large .Enrollment WILSON, Ark.-The Wilson school opened Monday with an enrollment of 350. the "largest in recent years. Tr.e senior class Is the largest on record, with 23 members, faculty is Phillip McR,ie. of Ho;><?. I Among the new members of the Ark., principal and science teadi- |er. Mr. McRae Is a graduate of the University of Arkansas and for five years has been principal of the school at Sparta. Mo. A commercial course has been added this year, with Miss Mary connection Georgi with He soon abandoned his career ns a sct-.ool teacher and enrolle.l in the University of Tennessee Medical school, where he sp3cializ"d in i surgery. "Even- t!ni3 i became discouraged while studying." ho. said, "the memory of those children spurred me on. I remembered how difficult It to it "rc- grellable Mint (he United Statc.s government has made our stock victims of excessive taxation." the during the winter, months when they walked miles to school through rain and snow." For a while after he graduated, Dr. Husband engaged in general practice. Then he took up si:r<rerv. the branch of medicine In which he is most interested. He has performed (,'rousanris of tonsilecloinies and cpcrations for adenoids. Apree on Court Test of Itinerant Merchant Law Prosecution of Meyers BarfMin Center in municipal court for failure lo comply with Blytheville's "itinerant merchant" ordinance is planned by city officials, following a conference with counsel for the firm yesterday. An airceinent was reached lo brins only one charge against tile firm and. in tlic event of convic- lilisalion to the one suit on np- y a Japanese ship somewlicre In ic weste*i Pacific ocean. Col. and Mrs. Lindbergh Forced Down in Oklahoma WOODWARD. Okla., Sept. 13. (UP)—Col. Charles A. Lindbergh brought hll borrowed ship down 20 miles east of Woodward today with engine trouble. Neither Lindbergh nor his wife was Injured. Mechanics said Die ship would have to remain here for repairs. Engineer Killed When Train Hits Washout KNIGHTDALE, N. C., Sept. 13 (UP)—An engineer was killed, t- flrcmau badly injured, and eight cars of government relief cuttle Finds Cripr/ed Pistol And Mask On Fugitive probably will not be resumed until I tllrn "' loos " when " Norfolk South- next Monday. crn railroad freight train was derailed by (i ivasliout here early today. The engineer, c. G. Sullivan, was instantly killed. G. Lloyd, the fireman, was rushed to a hospital at Raleigh. Andy Prichard, alleged horse thief! .^ c " glM1 , and1 ci ? ht ra " '<*<• and jail breaker from sharp coun- j Illrni ,^ .„' 'Uf loconlotl ™ °vcr- ty. must have been dreaming B f a ,'""'"* n " d , the , ca , rs , s P !i "t«ing. future as a big hold-up man when ! A ^* > " eaci of cflttle wor » M1 - Democrats Name His For Fifth Term: Renotninatcd in Georgia Bv Ilnilfd Prtts Two prominent Democratic ex- d'litivcs. Oovernors Albert C. rhi-j. of Mnrvlaml, and Kuecne R. Talmadgc. of. Georgia, today won Mii'lr romlhntlin n?^t.s to succeixl themselves as the week's New D» pr'marv l"sts fontlnued. .Neu- York-stnte todav was votln? on cougrcsslonni • nominations coiun!ctc a wccVs hc.ivllv crowctcrt pnllllcnl calendar, which stnrled wilh the traditional Maine clectlo: nnd took In eizht primaries Tucs- dsv anil two more yesterday. m»chtc defeated Dr. Charles H Conlcy in his M?ht f'>r n fifth term Ham- W. Nice was leading rctlrin? Ken.itnr Phlllliw for tlic Rcjiiibllcan Goi-lsbaroiu'' eiibsrnatoria tafccn into cuslodv by Arch I.lnd- sey, deputy sheriff, at a tourist camp nenr here last night. A search of Prichard's clothes revealed that he was carrying a small leather home-made face nidi!: and a small calibre pistol. The pis- toy lo- , 9 thc .«7™ ' ' ™<l ab:ul flCWs """ R«cue Ship's Captain Dilatory, Is Charge .._ . NEW YORK. Sept.. 13. (UP)_A Rethcr with a heavy rubber band, i conference of under officers of the W!-cn the band was removed the rescue lines S. S. President Clevc- nomluallon Comparative return indicated Ritchie may have a stlfT lioht to win in November, George I,. Radcllffe. rrrsouol friend of President Roosevelt, won tre M-irylnnd Democratic senator i Inl race. The Republican flelil was rto?c. wilh Dr. Joseph I Prance former senator, lendlir?. Talmadge. won htindilv in Georgia over Jud<?c Clauds Pitlmtin, whi h:>d charged tlie .cxccnlivc wit': lukewarm sunuort of the New Deal Returns from even-- onn of tlii! IS9 counties, some still Incompicl? but no: exp;clcd to change the sit- n.itlon. assured T.ilmadge 15G roun- tl?s wilh a ronntv unit vole of 394 Resolution by.State laturc Necessary to mil Such Action HYDE PATIK. Sept. 13. President Roosevelt Is prepared move federal troop.; Into strike torn " livode Island if the occasion arls'^ ' is. although no orders for them have yet been Issued, It was learn- .•?d. today. ' ": .' An official while House statement I said: ''".,.;.'•'. "The president Is ii> complete, and conttanl touch with the R,ipde Is- 1 Inud situation. U la of course hop^- • ed tluil dtscrdsrs caused by Irre!- spotislblc and disorderly Individuals will terminate before nightfall. "\"No orders have'been Issiied for fctlcrnl troops to go to Wconsoeket r elsewhere." It was explained that the- prtk-: ietil could not cull troops on &t. nupeul cf Gov. Tlieodore F. Ortep • alone whan the legislature of the slate Is in session. '' : - The'Rhode. Island legislature now- silting. '.-- ; -' That body. it was added, would. rave to make'the appeal through formal resolution. . ••.••_ In sources close to the summer White House It .was clearly indicated that Mr. Roosevelt would act- act promptly should the legislature put in its request. By Untrd Press Federal troops ln p ihe : Ne'^ England nren prepared today,far posf Ible strike duty in tlie turbulent Rhode Island -Tone "where secret if trxUlt *i«trlkers .^7«ree*ipouridfd t and , one *3lfllrr'tn^^CtftshCBT ^rtth>» President Roosevelt aas exnected to decide on'troop orders.after > survey of the situation by !secre- tan 1 nf War George Dern and »p- nroval by the Rhode Island legls- lal'irc. Strike leaders In Washington.,refused to call off pickets despite a rcnuest from Governor Theodore Green of Rhode Island that de- mr>nstrnlloa < ! at Woonsocket end.. Federal peace efforts by President Roosevelt's special mediation bo«rd meanwhile had broken down. Francis J. Gorman, strike. chief- lain, appealed to all striker*—un- Inn nnd non-union—to "make, rib rc.<-nrf. to violence." .-~.A» Sullen armistice developed -ta Rhode. Island as the governor'"jsTly ed out 1.000 world war veterans nnd decided to augment state TJrtr ice bv 500. A special session of Jtl>6 lature was called to vp{£~ funds. .. -•.-«:,.'. Communists were ordered rounded 'in and llnuor stores closed • in a drive to prevent recurrence of riots tonight. . tol. which looked more like a than anything else, was held gun fell apart. !n the Morro Caille disaster while pittman Irroe counties was with county i:iilt vote of 1C. sure of only an aggregate lion in the lower court, to confine ! Prichard is alleged to have slug- resulted in an agreement to pro-1 ped a Sharp county Jailer at Har- : lest to the line the action of t^elr [ dy prnl to circuit court. „ . ... . asalnst the city in municipal coil: h^ C - ?S«? d thp 10C!U hospital would have, the effect of render- nore in 1926 and lal{-r was forced ] ing the ordinance Ineffective th* to cnlarec the building to accom-|snme .is if a higher court should" es-aped -ft-r !•» h:H i.-»n master. Captain Roberl Carfv. Dii.! A decision! acrt f0r llorsc tt\en. He is being : federal inquiry board brought 0'it I Iclpal court' IlcW f0r Har<I J' """icors. today. ] WILSON. / Will Hold Zone Meeting at Wilson not ate the patlenls who came here only 'rom this county, but , from Soulr-east Missouri. Tlie hos- pilfll is modern In every respect and will accommodate CO patients. rule the ordinance invalid. N'o date hns yet been definitely Set for trial of the case In municipal court. The offense is 'n misdemeanor if the ordinance is up- Ark.—A Methodist Mis- ..<. slaying of William ,Woyd Dycus, operator of a country store in the Davis communiy near Braggadocio, *3S bound over to the November term of circuit court on first degree murder charges. Bond was granted In the sum of »1000 Dycus was shot in the back with a srolgun as he »-« s sitting on a counter talking. to an employe. The killer, who Bred through a screen door whUe concealed In the shadows of the porch, esc»ped into the nliht. vi- auuvu IIIJA yciir, witn MISS Maryi.,- ,, .. rore tou McDanlcl. of Steele. Mo., as 1 Hold Nep""o Following rge, instnictor. sixty pupils have en- r,|,| U' • r- n- • t> rolled for this work. Miss McDan- ratal Hlgtiway ColllS!' lei is n graduate of Blue Mountain college and has done'graduate work at the University of Chicago, she taught at Union, Miss., last year. Another new faculty member is ROCK. 13. (UP)— Bernard Rommel. 19. died s>'l a local ro>.jllal early today from head injuries sustained Miss Louise Phillips, of conway.|i-otnrrycle collide.-) who will teach ttxnch' and soolil I mobile south nf l Elstner . — —° i" v>i..iiti: 01 mansiauo ^! te .f nd ..S^!!! te ._ 0 M h ? " nl - * q™«toncd by D?. versity of Arkansas in tl-.e class .of 1934, Eiiceedi! Hudson Wrenn as instnictor in agrkulture. nl'lit when h ! s witii an auto-. Liwsin. C. . . . Aday, coroner. wltnes.';ei said Ihe. automobile was abandone;! after UK ITfCk. Assessments Raised In Negro Residence Section Tlie first, second, and third offi- ! slon!>r .v ™ne meeting will be held cers of the Clcveliid gave testl nt (lle Wils011 clubhouse Tuesdav Sees Cure for Children • mo " 5 ' s ««cssivciv at todays scs-1 ' q(i "'««tKr 13. Mrs. AKC? Einoit, of r I\- t isio " of thc lnflul fV «nera)iv rr-i-1 Tvrcn ". will preside. The Rev. H From Diabetes ; dcmuing Captain Carey's allegedly M ' Ilfv '* lvl11 conducl trc mornln' BOSTON (UPI - Dr. Elliott P.| c ™of (he Massachusetts DC- ; dilatory tactics in going to the res- Carey, testifying in his held. ' partment of Public Health and in i Cwn defense, asserted lie had done authority on diabetes, hns an-'" cm >' thi "E humanly possible." nonnced that disease. In children i under 20 no longer is fatal. -.. _ _ "If the disease Is even more via-.lnOOn UVCr LOW Shed orously treated with diet and in-' f j r I 11 After •, «:„«•«• f ,1 ir in i s " Ul1 nnd tllB paUeilt tcll:r '"-1 taused raise Alarm After a suney of lh» HollI-1 formed rcpardintr his own perils. the mortality rate between the pcter-Sbonyo nojro addition C. J. Evrard. chalrmtin of (lie co'iulv rnuanrntlon Iward. has ordi:i-o;l aFsewnenis a^air^l consldernble property In the nridltlon incrnosod. Improvcni?iiLs in (he form of bi;lldiiiis have bo«i! made on a number of lots still carried on the lax books ns unimproved properly, it Is understood. The Increases while small are considerable in number. ' revotlonal and the Rev. Ram B Wiggins, of Jonesboro, presiding elder, will be in charge of the afternoon serf»x>. Towm reorescnled will be Marion. Turrell. Joiner. Gilmore. Tyronza. Lcpanto. Tnimann Keiser. O«ceola. I.uxnra. and Blv theville. Tlic meellng will open a 10 n.m. Enrollment Is Smaller at Carnthersvillc High -. —- --, WEST CHESTER, P«. (UPl-Ai nge-; of 50 ond 43 also can be low-job; nnd hrlghl September moon I cred and (he average age of thoso caused a false fire nlnrm here i .succumbing to the disease be! Mr. and Mrs. Prank Seeds.! Dr. Joslln stated. farmers, looked out their bedroom! window and saw a glare in their smaller this year'tran ian."wiilk SkurVs Hrad Stnfk in Bottle KEENE. N. H. (UP)-Axel Lagerberg discovered a'skunk with its head in a milk bottle. He got his .22 calibre rifle and broke the hot- burn. Thinkine the building was ablaze, they called the fire department. When the firemen arrived, they discovered it was only the moon . the mde school enrollment shows an increase. Last vear there wen 2152 249 hi»h schoo pupils this year. Grade as agalns school en!>„ n.uu^ . . ., ;,— *,"• — — t -'^ u * v " 0;> v " l y me muoii. roumcn tie nithnut hurting the skunk, "coming up over the cow ihtfl," | Ms this rollmcnt ras 620 last year, and is \Vmntlinr Dflav* t.« PROVIDENCE. R. I.. Sent. 13 JP1—An exlraordinarv session 'ot the Rhode Island legislature, railed to consider drastic strike measures, was delayed this afternoon by wrangling of Democrats In caucus over the ouestion of supporting the emergency program. Sfltr Shirt for Banner T1EIMONT. N. C . Sept. 13 (UP) —Union pickets today tore the hirt from the hick of bltchen. Miller, manager of the Knit Products company, and used it as » battle flag. Alarm aoread rapidly over the situation here as hundreds " of nickel,* roamed the' ?treets, stAg- ne wild demonstrations despite .» downpour of rain. .,.^.. Mother Sparrow Feeds Babe in Porch Cafe CHEI^SEA. Mess. (UP) — Mrs. Anna Smith found a fledeling EiisHsM snarrow nnd put It in a case on her piazza. Tlie care door was left open. Soon. the. babv sparrow's mother visited It. bringing food. Regularly, since then, the mother bird hss appeared on the Smith porch, caring for the little ones. As soon as the fledgling is abls to fly, Mrs. Smith plans to release It. WEATHER Arkansas — Increasing c!oudin;sj tonljrht mid Frldav. nrobablv shower: In north portion Friday. Memphis and vidnlty—Partlv rloudv f:nisht and Friday, possibly thundersho»ers. little change in temperature. Tne maximum temperature tim yesterday was 91, minimum .tt, clear, according to Samuel P. rls, official waiter

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