The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama on November 15, 1931 · 14
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The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama · 14

Birmingham, Alabama
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Sunday, November 15, 1931
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mm TWO W ' THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS AGE HERALD if The South's Greatest Newspaper if SUNDAY, NOVEMBER IS, t 9 j f AUBURN AND SEWANEE BACKS ADVANCING -s A r f, , ' ' ' '! ZIPP NEWMAN Sports Editor Auburn Plays Consistent Qame T o Beat 12-0 JERRY BRYAN JACK HOUSE Asst. Sports Editors WYNNE HOLDS BACK HIS FANCY ATTACK Shock Troops Hold Sewanee Early in Game and Regulars Make Scores BY BOB PHILLIPS Auburn uncorked a consistent brand oi football Saturday afternoon at Legion Field for a 12 to 0 victory over Sewanee in the Plainsmen's first, last and only 1931 appearance in Birmingham. Sewanee, showing here for the second time, differed little from its exhibition against Alabama, breaks of the game against the Purple Tigers and Alabamas rather ruthless offensive as compared to Auburn's probably accounting for part of the excess pointage in the Crimson Tides favor. And then Auburn no doubt was revealing as little of its fancier football as pos sible, keeping in mind an engagement that is to be filled at Columbus a week hence with Georgia. Chet Wynne started bis shock ' f troops, something that he has not ' often dared, and found the procedure I suitable enough, although It was an aggregation composed almost entirely j of first-stringers, sent fresh into the J affray, that broke through Se- wanee's defense for the opening touchdown, early in Ithe second period. Likewise, varsity hacks and linemen procured the touchdown that nr DL marie the game comparnitvcly safe j I OUCilOOWnS Of BOtfl TeafTlS early in the fourth quarter. The nhoek troops were realty inadequate to anything except a safe defensive performance during the first quarter and the remaining as- I Hignment was entrusted to the eleven -men that wie Plninsmens coaches j considered the best combination, j TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 14 (UP) This group easily stared off any- ; South Carolina's aerial game brought thing that smelled of an offensive ... ... and kept the Sewanee eleven busy j lhe Oamcocks a 66 tle wlth Ior-for the most part pulling down or- Ma in a Southern Conference foot-ange-shirted ball carriers trying to j ball game played before 10,000 fans bleak away for a tally. here Saturday. Both touchdowns re- Paa Defense Weakness . . . suited from South Carolina s passing Weakness in pass defense was the flaw in Sewanee's armor during the alaclt- manufacturing process of Auburn's; In the second period, one of the first score. Williams flipped a 20- heaves thrown by Hambright, South yard pass to Hitchcock to place the Carollna haIfbftck, wflH intercepted hall on Sewanee s three on the first , Rogero, Florida star, who raced play of the second quarter. 63 yards for a touchdown. Auburn had taken the ball on Se- , WoIf d to K,Rmlnc late ln the wanecs 42 following a punt, then , fln, quarter for n yards and a had brought It to Sewanee s 3-1. ! touchdown for South Carolina, principally through a pass, Kimbrel i Xelther team was successful in trys " The scon,, backfie id ; f CHATTANOOGA UPSETS i MERCERS TEAM, 27-19 Andy Moores Mocassins Strengthen Claim t On S. I. A, A, Grid Championship CHATTANOOGA. Tenn., Nov. 14 (Ah Chattanooga, already homing i the S I A. A. leadership, materially strengthened its prospects oi a j championship here Saturday afternoon by winning 27 to 19 from the i Mercer Bears. The question may be settled here Nov. .6 in a game against the Centre Colonels. ..... . . ... , , Despite the ihabilitv of Pinkev Walden, thetr bright backfield star, to get going, the bear's staged a rally in the second and third periods 1 that brought them within one point of the Moccasins for a time. Walden I was well blanketed throughout the game. Haswell. Farioletti and Smith car- . - ried the burden of the offensive work : for Chattanooga. Walden's passing was the bright- j est spot of Mercer's play, ono of the touchdowns resulting from a 24-yard toss and other passes paving the way for the other two. Hollingsworth and Ciniperman both had more luck over the Chattanooga line. j The game gave Chattanooga vie- , tories over Oglethorpe. Loyola, j Howard, Birmingham - Southern, j Presbyterian and Mercer. Before j Saturday noon the Bears had lost only to Centre and a victory Sntur-day would have given them a good prospect of consideration for the season's honors. The contest was played ln Ideal weather. 'Nooga Starts Fast Chattanooga made a fast start, j Haswell carrying over the Nov. 14-CffV-Northwesterns grid- BY WIILIAX WXEKES Associated Press Sports Writer DYCHE STADIUM. EVANSTON, wryius v.nrri dash I Nov. 14-WV-Northw I touchdown on a nlne-jara a.tsn around tackle soon after the game Iron machine, rolling toward urdis-! started. Jlis kick for the point was j puted championship of the Western good. A few minut later Olason. o conference, was almost stalled sat-1 .Mercer, blocked a Chattanooga Kick 1 . ! and Reddick recovered behind the , unlay. but managed to grind out a goal line. Hollingsworth evened the J one-point victory over Indianas score with a place kick. to Hatfield. was still ln the game, except Williams at quarter. They ran three ; plays and were still shy a first d0)Tn ?s J10 quarter ended. ! nlng plays. South Carolina threat- Ilitchcock and Rogers, the latter f.ned in the flm prod, making lr8t Strong defensive power was a fea-; ture of the game, neither team being able to gain consistently on run- only lately promoted to first-string over Hatfield, were rushed onto the field, with Dupree remaining at fullback and Williams at quarter. With them came the varsity ends, Ariall and Grant, and Molpus and Bush, varsity linemen. On the first play, Williams passed to Hitchcock, who made a 20-yard gain all told before being rushed out of hounds on the Sewanee three. The Purple's defensive right half-hack was nowhere near Hitchcock as he raced out to receive the pass. Foot Short Of Gosl Dupree made a yard in each of two bucks at the line then Hitchcock. needing only another yard, was thrust back only a foot short of the goal. The Purple was being hard-headed about It and continued so, stopping Hitchcock still a foot shy on a fourth down trip around right end. Sewanee punted out, Phillips getting away a nice 43-yard kick. But Hitchcock returned It to Sewance's 33 -yard line. Gee, Castleberry and Cravens were substituted Into the Sewanee backfield at this point and after Hitchcock had been thrown for a four-yard loss, the Purple's pass defense again went awry. Hitchcock sent a 22-vard sailer into the arms of Grant, who sped out beyond Castleberry, and raced 10 yards after the catch for a touchdow'n. Hitchcocks ty for point via placement kick was no good. Allen Rogers, a less downs ln succession, hut lost the hall on a fumble. After the opening quarter, the Gamecocks kept up their passing attack without success until the final period, while the Florida team chose to play a defensive gume throughout. The line-up and summary: South Carolina (6) Laval, left end: Adair, left tackle: Hughey, left guurd: Hajek. center: Freeman, right guard; Meers, right tackle; Raby. right end; Shinn, quarterback: Ham-hright. left half; Clary, right half: Blount, fullback. Florida (01 Williamson, left end; McClellan, left tackle; Bernhard, left guard; Spiers, center; Osgood, right guard; Simpson, right tackle) Goodyear, right end: Culler, quarterback; Davis, left halfback: Kmmel-halnz, right halfback; Selsby, fullback. Score by periods: South Carolina 0 ft 0 6 6 Florida 0 6 0 06 Scoring Touchdowns: For Florida. Rogero: for South Carolina, Fleming. Officials: Referee. Darwin (Vir ginia); umpire. Pitts (Auburn): headllnesmaq, O'Sullivan (Atlanta Athletic Club); field Judge, Sholar (Presbyterian). Farioletti made Chattanooga's second touchdown on a 17-yard drive over right tackle early ln the second quarter, but Haswell failed on the kick. Haswell went over again through the line a few minutes later after Cerasole had recovered a fumble by Ztnkowski, Mercer substitute quarterback. Haswell made the point. Walden got loose for once and put the ball where lxng could make i4 and a touchdown on Trommer-liausers pass, but Hollingsworth's kick was wide. Bears Come Back Mercer's comeback was starting as ; the half ended, and they fought on scrapping Hoosiers. The score. 7 to 6. indicates Just how .ig a scare the Wildcats suffered before a crowd of 19.000 spectators. The Hoosiers fought the great Wildcat line off Its feet from the start, and through two periods and part of another, were considerably the better. Their touchdown was the result of a 51 -yard run by a negro substitute halfback. Jesse Babb, of Fort Wayne. Ind. Babb streaked over North western's left end and or. until be was knocked out "f bounds on the Wildcat four-yard line. The period ended a moment after. I -r.. 'Xi.. 7.,ij 1 but Boh Jones, Indiana's fullback, e" "t over for a touchdown as kicking on tho third down and pass- I ond perlod openpd. vie Bauer. ling often. ,, : llposler quarterback, attempted to Early ln the final period Waldens, v -s ( i carri ed t' I M alden tossed another pass to Zin backs already In. And got no success at all, Hitchcock's Interception giving Auburn the ball and Initiating the second scoring drive. At that than i60-jtlme. of course. Auburn was only 6 pounder from Greenville, Ala., and points out ln front and a touchdown a- sophomore with It, personally es- by the Gee-Castleberrv alliance certed Auburn's second touchdown would have cast a different aspect afcross Sewanee's goal ,A pass Interception by Hitchcock tfiat nullified one of the two or three halfway Sewanee scoring chances, wsas the starting point of an 83-yard nfarch up field by Auburn. Hitchcock caught the toss on his own 13 apd returned it to the 28. Rogers yards as he was run out on Se-began to ramble, knocking off 27 wanees 45. Passes To Rogers .Hitchcock made a yard at the line, then passed to Rogers for a seven -yhrd gain out of bounds on Sewanee's 36. Rogers then made five and first dwn on the 30. .The quarter got the attack there but on the first play of the fourth period. Rogers was away again, for 17 yards and a first down on Kf wanees 14. Brown and Hitchcock rrgade nine yards in two tries then, with a yard needed for first down and only five for a touchdown, the little Greenville chap went wide afonnd his left end for the score. Ivltchcocks pass to Grant for the pelnt was knocked down, leaving the ssore at its final. 12 to 0. In three other drives. Auburn advanced the hall well Into Sewanees territory. The closest thing to a tailing attack was in the third quarter when Brown fumbled after he and Rogers had been Instrumental in advancing the ball to Sewanee's 13. First down and 10 to go from that point. Brown fumbled and Wellford recovered for Sewanee on his own 10-yard line. 29-Yard Pass A pass. Hitchcock to Brown, gained 2$ yards and placed the oval on Sewanees 32-yard line as the first half ended. Then the final whistle nipped another potential threat, runs of 14 yards by Dupree, 35 by Hitchcock and 20 by Hatfield having carried the ball to Sewanee's 15 -yard line Just before the enfl. Only twice until the last few minutes of play did Sewanee pass mld-fleld toward Auburn's goal. The Pjurple took the hall to Auburn's 39 early ln the game but was held and forced to punt. The best chance for action before it was too late came in the third quarter when Bull Patton, Sewanees star tackle. broke through and blocked Rogers' attempt to punt. Stlmson fell on the ball on Auburn's 39. But Instead of shooting ln Gee and Castleberry. reputedly the Sewanee scoring machine. Coach over the horizon. This pair had been put into the game, It will be remembered, in the second quarter when Auburn had the ball, and It was over Castleberry that the first touchdown pass was completed. Presumably, he and Gee are not quite up to snuff on defense, and it looked to he bad manipulating of men that accounted for their presence when Sewanee was being shed against its own goal and kept them out ln the fourth quarter, following Patton's block of the Auburn kick, until the Plainsmen had regained the ball. Sewanee perked up near the end of the gume and drew fairly close to home but was checked before reaching the 20-yard line. Wellford threw a beautiful pass on the dead run. after dodging two or three tack-lers, to Jeffries for a 29-yard gain and a first down on Auburns 38. Gee and Castleberry bucked It through the 27 but a bad pass from center was costly and a pass over the goal line gave Auburn the ball on Its own 20, from whence the Plainsmen hauled It to Sewanee's 15 Just before the whistle. And yet the game was conclusively Auburn all the way. The Plainsmen vastly outgained their opponents. some 350 yards to 100, and made 20 first downs to Sewanee's six, one of which was through a penalty. Beautiful Passing The Auburn passing was beautiful to behold. Hitchcock completed most of the six out of 10 tries, with Williams and Phipps connecting once each. A total of 117 of the 350 Plainsmen yards were accumulated through the air, either a fine testimonial to Auburn's passing or a poor commentary on Sewanee's pass defense. Perhaps both. However, Phipps, who rates a shade above Hitchcock in passing, was used little in this phase of attack. Maybe he will have his try against Georgia. Sewanee's tackling grew rather ragged as the game bore oh, and Rogers and Biown were! making yards and yards In the second half after they had been tagged by one or more Purple defenders. Rogers, ln particular, picked up many yards after he might well have been thrown. Gee was not the rip-snorting fullback against Auburn, however, that he was against Alabama. He gained Clark essayed to make out with the pnly 20 yards In 10 tries, an average The Peoples Finance & Thrift Co. 1927 FIFTH AVENUE. NORTH Announces A PREMIUM FINANCE PLAN FOR THE PA YMENT OF FIRE AND CASUALTY INSURANCE PREMIUMS IN INSTALLMENTS AT SMALL COST FOR DETAILS, SEE YOUR OWN AGENT Less than S7.S3 per (100. Agente write us for details. BY BEK XEBEK AuocUted Press Sports Writer BALTIMORE STADIUM, Baltimore, Nov. 1 4 (IP) The Navy's football ship, tossed about uncertainly In Its campaign so far this season, ran afoul the Notre Dame hurricane here Saturday and floundered to a 20 to 0 defeat. The green shifted raiders of South Ben smashed over the Navy goal three times ln the second period, but after that a stubborn Middy defense halted the fast running backs and played the powerful line on almost even terms to stop every scoring threat. The Middies, in holding Notre Dame to three touchdowns, surprised those who had expected the gold helmeted steam roller to smother them under an avalanche of scoring. Even at that, the 20 points scored by the Ramblers was not a criterion of the difference between the two teams' in everything but stubbornness of defense. Not one first down did the Navy register while the South Benders were counting 14. Tars Hold Irish Although the Notre Dame first string backs ripped the Navy line almost at will ln the first period, the Tars held when the threat entered the scoring zone. Not until the second period did Notre Dame get the scoring range. Then it came quick and fast. An exchange of kicks gave Notre Dame possession of the ball on the Navy 33-yard Jlne. Schwartz shot a lateral pass to Banas who shot through left tackle to the Navy 15-yard line. With perfect Interference opening the entire left side of the Middy line, Schwartz dashed through and over the goal standing up. Tho sfcond touchdown was the result of a sustained 66-yard drive that started after Devore returned the Navy kickoff to his own 34-yard line. Banas, Schwartz and Murphy ripped the Navy tackles to shreds for two consecutive first downs. Schwartz shot a pass to Murphy who raced to the Navy 34-yard mark. 8ehwartx Doss It Schwartz poked through the Tar left tackle to the 15-yard line and then tossed a lateral to Banas. who was thrown on the one-yard stripe. He plunged over on one try irut Murphy's kick for the extra point was blocked. The final counter came as the direct result of a 15-yard penalty on the Navy and a pass from Mlllheam to Murphy. T!e Navy attack could not get under way and Gordon Chung Hoon, the Navy'B Hawaiian backfield star, got off a poor punt to bis own Pass Wins For W. & L. First Time Over Tigers, Who Drop Sixth Game rnoioB d nuw KMer. ew bwi riiowgraparT. Tho hsavy Sewanse backs try plunging thajins while the light but nifty Auburn ball carriers speed around ends. Tha photos above show the contrast in attack by tha two elevens. In tho top picture Jimmy Hitchcock, tha stepping Auburn back, ia skirting and for a gain of about five yards. A Sewanee Tiger ia threatening to pull him down but Jimmy got loose from him and moved on up a couple of yards where the Sewanee back, shown at tha extrema right, cams in and got him. Morton and French, Noa. 44 and 21, respectively, are setting out after Hitchcock in a vain effort to overhaul him. In tha lower photo Gone McLuro hit tho middle of the lino for about a two-yard gain. Ha waa pulled down by Lindloy Hatfield. of but two per thrust. This Indicates a rather steady piece of work by tlie Auburn forwards. Patton and Morton, the 190-pound Sewanee left end. were strong bulwarks of defense for their leam ln the earlier stages of the game, with Patton's steady work driving more than one play right Into Mortons arms. But they, along with the rest of their mates, were brushed aside all too frequently luter on. Hitchcock was the truckhorse or racehorse dimensions for Auburn. He carried the hall 15 times for 137 yards gain, a high average for the day of nine yards a shot. Besides this, he did most of the passing and did it well and attended to all other chores ;n his regular line of work. He was not up to snuff In punt returning. however, hauling back but one kick and that for only eight or 10 yards. Close Second Rogers was a close second in total yards with 106. WelUprd was Sewanees main advances Ho carried the ball 11 times for an average gain of four. The game was markedly free from penalties, although Auburn drew two for 15 yards, one for holding anyone for roughness, and one offside assessment. the total being but 35 yards. Sewanee went through the entire 60 minutes without a penalty of any kind, a rather unusual thing In this day of rough-and-tumble football. , Auburn's play was not necessarily Impressive, but thoroughly satisfying. The defense held Sewanee In check better, by far than any opponent has this year. And the offense clicked oven better ln comparison than has any team that Sewanee has .met, except, of course, Alabama. The generalship appeared to he on the upgrade, too. Williams handled the situation nicely ln the role if quarterback In the absence of both Davidson and Parker, heretofore regarded as first and second men for that post, and It would not be surprising should he continue to draw the Job. He sensed flaws In Sewa-neo's defense to a nicety. The lineup and summary: Auburn (12) Egge. left end; McCollum, left tackle; Searcy, left guard; Chrletzburg, center; Jones, right guard; Prim, right tackle; Senn. right end; Baker, quarterback; Klmbrell, left halfback; Hatfield, right halfback; Dupree, fullback. Sewanee (0) Morton, left- end; Patton, left tackle; Clark, left guard; Sterling, center; L. Thompson, right guard; Glass, right tackle; Stlmson. right end; J. Kellerman, quarterback; McLure, left halfback; Wellford. right halfback; Phillips, fullback. Score by periods: Auburn 0 6 0 6 12 Sewanee 0 0 0 ft 0 Scoring: Touchdowns. Grant. Rogers. SUbstllutloris: Auburn; Williams, Grant, Molpus. Chambless. Hush, Ariall, Hitchcock. Rogers. Brown. Phipps. Sewanee; Geo, Castleberry, Cravens, French, Blair, Jeffries, Eg-leston, Lawrence. Officials: Referee, Mouat (Ar mour Tech): umpire, Phillips (Georgia Tech); field Judge, Halligan (Massachusetts State); head linesman, Haxton (Ole Miss.) kowski who went over. The kick was blocked to prevent a tie in the score. : Smith plunged over for the last i Chattanooga touchdown near the end of the game after he and Fario-ilettl had carried the hall from mid-; field, llaswell's kick was good. Mercer Iteasor. left end; Reddick, left tackle; Sperry, left guard; Idch-tor, center; McNabb, right guard; Olsson. right tackle: Harrison, right end; Lamson, quarterback; Hollingsworth, left halfback; Walden, right halfback: Ciniperman, fullback. ) Chattanooga White, left end; I Cerasole, left tackle; Keyser, left i guard; Koeniger, center; Nardo. right guard: Merritt, right tackle; Ellis, right end; Matusek, quarter-! back; Smith, left halfback; Haswell. right halfback; Farioletti. fullback, j Score bv periods: Mercer 7 13 13 ft 19 ! Chattanooga 7 20 20 0 27 ; Scoring Summary Mercer: touch-j downs, Reddick, Long, Zlnkowskt ; ; point after touchdown, Hollingsworth (place kick); Chattanooga i touchdowns: Haswell, 2; Farioletti. 1 Smith. Points after touchdown. Has- well 4 (place kicks). Officials Cheeves (Georgia), ref- I eree: Collins (Vanderbilt), umpire; I Thomason (Georgia), head linesman: j Wilson (Miami. Ohio), field Judge. 47-yard lino. There the penalty was plastered on the Tars for holding. Four smashes at the line put Notre Dame on the Navy 28-yard line. There Mlllheam dropped back and faded to his right, sidestepping three would-be tacklers. Dodging the last one he passed 45 yards diagonally across the field to Murphy who raced tho remaining seven yards to Navy-goal. Lineup and summary: Notre Dame (2ft) Kosky, left end; Krause, left tackle; Greeney, left guard; Yarr. center; Hoffman, right guard; Kiirtli. right tackle; Mahoney, right end; Jaskwhlch, quarterback; Schwartz, left half; Skeeketski, right half: Mellnkovltch, fullback. Navy (0) Smith, left end: McCrea, left tackle; Thompson, left guard; Harbold, center; Underwood, right guard; Bryan, right tackle; Pray, right end; Davis, quarterback ; Tachlrgl, left half: Chunghoon, right half: Hurley, fullback. Score by periods: Notre Dame' ft 2 ft 0 20 Navy ft 9 ft ft 0 Notre Dame Scoring: Touchdowns. Schwartz. Banas, Murphy. Point after touchdown. Juskwhlch and Murphy (drop-kick). Referee. D. W. Very (Penn State); umpire, C. J. McCarthy (Philadelphia); head linesman, M. J. Thompson (Georgetown); field Judge, F. R. Wallace (Washington). PRINCETON. N. J.. Nov. 14 ((Pi A slashing Washington & Lee eleven brought gloom unprecedented to old Nassau's campus Saturday by banding the rrineeton Tigers their sixth consecutive defeat, 6 to 0. It was the first time the Oenerals from Lexington, Va., have triumphed ln half a dozen tussles with the Orange end Black. By their victory-, which came on a forward pass tossed by Halfback Wilbur Mattox to Halfback Joe .Sawyers, the Generals piled new woe on the most funereal of Princeton's seasons. Princeton, taking to the air when its ground attack proved too weak, tossed passes all afternoon, only to see most of them grounded or tnatched by visiting hands. The Washington & Lee team's only pass tallied. The teams fought hard and ling, with only three substitutes for both. Mattox. Sawyers, Mosovleh and Bailey wrote their names large in the record by sterling play for the Southerners, The Washington & Lee score came late in the second after several Tiger breats had been wrecked on the rocks of the visiting line or stopped by aerial gone awry. Mattox started things by dashing through tackle eight yards to his 47-yard line.' Then Bailey and Mattox split the Tiger line for several short gains. Sawyers ran 13 yards to the 27-yard stripe. After a couple of Ineffectual line bucks to the 24-yard line, Mattox looped his pass to Saw-vers, who went over unmolested. The Tigers bioeked Mitchells boot. The rest of the game was a saga of Southern fighting spirit, with Princeton's hopes waning under an avalanche of passes intercepted, muffed or poorly thrown, woak line attempts and fumbles. The Tigers made nine first downs to the visitors' four and gatned 86 yards by rushing to 61. They failed to gain at opportune spots. Only 13.000 saw the game. Lineup and summary: Washington & Lee (6) Mosovleh, left end; Boland, left tackle; Bolen, left guard: Mitchell, center; Tilson, right guard; Morris, right tackle; Hanley, right end; Wilson, quarter-lack; Sawyers, left halfbdck: Mattox. right liulfhack: Bailey, fullback Princeton (0) Fulrman. left end, Guhagan. left tackle; Billings, left guard, Hlnmftti, center; F'lsher. right guard; Garrett, right tae.kle; Lea, tight end; Craig, quarterback; Me-Tartland. left halfback; Seyfarth, right halfback; Armour, fullback. Score by periods: Washington Lee ... 0 o 0 6 Princeton , 0 0 0 0 0 Colgate IFins By 21 To 7 Score Over Syracuse Eleveh SYRACUSE. N. Y Nov. 14 Mi A crowd of 30.000 persons saw Colgate stop Syracuses winning streak. 21-7. ln the thirty-fourth renewal of their traditional rivalry ln Archbold Stadium Saturday. Syracuse had won seven straight games, but the Orange proved no match for the hard hitting Colgate backs today. It was Colgate's fifth successive triumph over the Orange. Syracuse's lone touchdown c.-mie ln the fourth period after Colgate had idled up three touchdowns to lead 21 -ft. The first Colgate touchdown was scored by Orsie in the second period j d ...I . t. . nl, . wmn T (tutor Iinl4 1 back Into the field. Northwestern began to pick up speed In the third, und a fumble, rs covered by FencI, gave the Wildcats their opportunity. With the ball on Indiana's 22-yard line. Keb Russell, playing bis first game In five weeks, with help from Kentner and Knge-bretsen, walloped his way to a touchdown. George Potter, Wildcat quarterback, stepped up with Jlarvll holding the ball and sent It between the posts for the extra point and victory. It was Northwesterns fourth straight ' Big Ten" triumph and left only Iowa to be conquered at lows City next week, to give the Wildcats the undisputed title. Northwestern made four first downs, to the Hoosiers three. Indiana gained 120 yards from scrimmage. one more tiian Northwestern. Northwestern completed cue pass out of 12, for a six-yard gain, while three of Indiana's four aerials were intercepted. Two Fumbles Help Missouri Win Over Oklahoma Eleven MEMORIAL STADIUM. Columbia. Mo.. Nov. 14 (P) The Missouri Tigers, taking advantage of two fumbles, scored a touchdown within the. first two minutes of play to defeat the Oklahoma Sooners, 7 to ft here Saturday before a liomecomifg crowd of 8,000. Missouri won the game when George Stuber, Tiger quarterback, threw a 15-yard pass over the goai line to the Missouri captain. Frank Bittner. Percy GUI added the seventh point with a placo kick. But after Missouri went Into Unload, It was a fighting and at times dangerous Oklahoma eleven that carried the battle. The first costly Oklahoma fumble paved the way for the Missouri touchdown and the second halted Sooner attack after Capt. Guy War-j ren had taken the ball to tho Missouri one-foot line late in the final when he took a pass from Litster and . ran 4ft yrrds. In the third period, 1 Reynolds ploughed over from the two-yard line after Orel had inter- . cepted Fishers pass. The final Col- ! gate score came early In the fourth period on a drive by Samuel. Colgate made 16 first downs to Syracuse's seven and piled up gains of 169 yaros on rushing to Syracuse's 72. Syracuse completed six forward passes against Colgate's four. Holt Defeats York To Continue Streak YORK. Ala., Nov. 14 Holt High School's football team continued Its winning streak here Friday by blanking York ln a 27-0 game. It was the first time York's goal lino lias been thus treated this season. Four touchdowns and a safety turned the trick. Granger two. Rogers and Landers accounted for the touchdowns. Dougherty added one extra point. r Michigan State Ties Michigan In Rain, 0-0 ANN ARBOR, Midi., No-. 1 1 (Fi Fifty thousand wet and shivering spectators saw Michigan State College battle through mud and rain to hold the University of Michigan eleven to a scoreless tie Saturday for the second time in as marj years. A cold rain that began wit the opening whistle and continue! until a few minutes before the final gun prevented Michigan from using its effective aerial attack. Ahe Ellnwltz, State's husk, fullback, punted consistently over the mud-spattered field to keep t b"1 away from States goal. The slippery ball caused frequent fumbles. Each team was given breaks which brought the dripping spectators to their feet, but uncertain footing wrecked any scoring chances. 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