The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama on December 19, 1939 · 7
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The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama · 7

Birmingham, Alabama
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1939
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1939 THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS The South's Greatest Newspaper W. F. Jordan Ends His Work; Spalding, Santas Aid, New Havenites On BY TURNER JORDAN Radio Editor, Birmingham Nows ONE OF THIS COLUMN'S clos-0t followers has gone. In the death of the radio editor's father. W. F. Jordan, your conductor has lost one of his best readers and contributors. He was one of the first radio fans of the city. When radio be gan he had an earphone set in his home and 1 elose listener In later years with failing health, like so many others, he found the kilocycles brought him one of his greatest comforts. His room and his radio, like so many shut-ins, afforded him infinite pleasure. Perhaps he read more of the radio columns under the present editor than any of the radio fans. Many of the items readers have found in this column were garnered from his listening to the radio. His opinions ofttimes were those of the radio editor's quoted by your Correspondent verbatim. One of his favorite programs was WSGN-NBC's Breakfast Club And perhaps he was one of Don Mc-Niells greatest admirecs, getting great joy out of McNiell's fun and philosophy But he listened to a wide variety of shows, to the Birmingham Barons although they kept losing to Charlie McCarthy, to Fibber McGee and that vast host of entertainment that comes off ev-ry one's set. So this column wiil miss his comment and the information. So this column now has one less f f AeJUjusea, 000 2 LIQUID - TABLETS SALVE-NOSE DROPS foM: reader, one of its best of all times It has lost one of its best commentators. The editor hopes to live up to the high measure of confidence that his best fan had in him and his work. QUEST STARS. SUBJECTS AND RROQRAMS TONICHT SECOND HUSBAND (WAPI. SJOl Brenda Cummins ha lost her bu6nd, and after fruitless search for him decide to return to stage and career which he had diaearded. OPEN ROAD TO SUCCESS (WBRC, 6;30- -Organ, steel guitar and vibraharp make up the "Rainbow Trio with songs of Donald Novis; trio in "Out of My Heart." and Donald Novis Bings "Can't j You Hear Ms Calling Caroline?" ALDRICH FAMILY (WSGN. 7 p.m.) ! Henry Aldrich gives away Christmas pres-j ent he has worked sc hard to rarn, thus surprisme his mother and father, for reasons of nis own. Henry invites new-found i hut boastful friend to Aldrich home for , Christmas Eve; one boastful word '.tads to another, and party ends with Henry be-i ing sent to his room. BIG TOWN (WAPI. 7 -Edward G. Robinson, as Steve Wilaon. managing editor of The Illustrated Press, fills Santa Claus role, making his annual Christmas rounds- finds home for orphan, saves poor girl from disgrace, and regenerates rich woman who had lost her hold on life. INFORMATION PLEASK (WSGN. 7:30 p.m.t Albert Spalding, v.oliniat and composer. pits his rjiusica! genius against inquisitive intellect of Clifton Fadiman. se-1 onded by Christopher Money, essayist and novelist, who will be filling return date in company of John Kieran and Franklin P Adams. COURT OF MI88ING HEIRS (WAPI. 7 30 Drama and mystery behind many j of America's unclaimed estates - strange : tales, indeed often involving great sums j of money unfolded during this new Co-j lumhia network series POT OF GOLD i WBRC. 7 :30- From St. Louis. Horace Heidt and Musical Knights offer dance music while Ben Gru-er, in New York, gives a wav another 11.000. WE, THE PEOPLE (WAPI . Charles W Howard. Santa Claus' chief helpmate who st St. Nicks request conducts school for auxiliary Santas, heard as Gabriel Heatter's guest, also on program. Mary Martin. My Heart Belongs to Daddy girl, Deems Taylor, who will introduce a 7-year-old piano prodigy, Phillips Schuyler, snd Meredith Nicholson. U. S minister to Nicaragua. BATTLE OF THE SEXES (WBRC ft) -Conducted by Frank Crumlt and Julia Sanderson. Women Employes of New Ha ven Chamber of Commerce s male members of New York Chamber of Commerce ORGAN REVERIES (WFGN ft:15 p m - Dick Leibert plays "Neapolitan Nights," "The Palms." "Always" and Ill See You In My Dreams " MEET MR WEEKS ( W8GN. 8:30 p m J Informal Introduction of Margaret Fish-: back, exponent of laughter in literature, feature, with Edward A. Weeks editor of Atlantic Monthlv, she discusses "Humor in Prose and Verse." UNCLE W ALTER H DOGHOUSE (WBRC. 9:30i "At Iaat You Could 8av Hello." songful complaint of Virginia Vernll. contralto to beleaguered brethren: Doghouse Fingers chime in with "All In Favor Say Aye " and Bob Strongs Orchestra plavs medley of songs saluting University of South Carolina. Kansas State College and the University of Santa Clara: Uncle Waiter (Tom Wallace relates drama'ical-Iy sor of Johnny Drake, orchestra leader, entitled "Sing and Swing" nr Rells Poppin'." RADIO PROGRAMS Pilot Sticks To - Plane And Lives; Aid Jumps Dies strong wind pulled them over the i ground. Seamans' body was brought here. His home was Scranton, Pa. Neal is from Nashville and Zielinski from Georgetown, HL 5 E V fc N ON OTHER STATIONS TUESDAY NIGHT 5:45 Lowell Thomas, WLW (700). 6:30 Magnolia Blossoms. WSM (650). Melody Grove. WLW (700). 6.45 inside of Sports. WLW (700). 8:00 Caivacade of Soorts. NBC-Blue 9:00 Cuban C. of C. Dinner. NBC-Blue. Concert In Rhythm. WABC (860). 10:00 a P New. NBC-Red Paul Sullivan WJR (750). 10:05 Hugh Gibson. NBC Red HILL CITY. Kan. LT'i A crew I member jumped from a floundering army bombing plane and was ! killed late yesterday but the pilot, true to the creed that the commanding officer is the last to leave a shop, rode the powerless craft to earth and escaped uninjured. Prvt. Kenneth C. Seamans plunged to death because his parachute failed to open after he j followed Lieut, Harold Neely's com-i mand to bail out. The ship's twin i motors died as the pilot switched to a fresh tank of gasoline at 9,000 feet. j Neely, of Nashville. Tenn., said he saw the parachutes of Lieut. John O'Neal and Prvt. Henry F. Zielinski in the dust-filled air but was unable to locate Seamans'. Believing the latter still was in the craft. Neely stayed at the controls and brought the ship down in a perfect belly landing on the farm of Amos McCubbin. Seamans' body was found 100 yards from the ship, the partly opened parachute tangled on a barbed wire fence. Neely said the heavy mittens Seamans wore apparently made it impossible for him to pull the rip cord. Zielinski and O'Neal landed more than a mile apart and suffered scratches and bruises when the well-brought-up young fellow. When he and his four brothers were children they had an allowance of 30 cents a week, out of which they had to "save and give " Later they got $1 a week, with 5 cents more if they kept their accounts accurately, and 5 I cents deducted if they didn't. The E A. L. officials had at-! tended the "Gone With the Wind" premiere in Atlanta, and Mr. Rockefeller thought it was "a great picture." He has never read the book. He was accompanied here by his wife, the former Miss Mary French, of New York Citv. Frank Perry and Rocky Patierno, Statesville. N. C., fired into a covey of quail, but missed. The birds rase with a great flutter and flew straight into a billboard. The hunters picked up 10 and went home TRIMMING STEEL OUPUT NEW YORK The nation's ' steel mills will trim operating schedules this week to 90 per cent of the industry's capacity from 91 2 per cent last week, the American Iron & Steel Institute said today. The decline of 12 points was the third successive drop from the peak for the year of 94 0 per cent I touched in the last week of November. A month ago output was at the ! I rate of 93.9 per cent of capacity and 'a year ago 517 per cent. With your Holiday meals serve Wine A fine table wine like ruby Burgundy or golden Sauterne its soft fragrance mingled with the savory aroma of good food! Each piquant, appetizing taste invites you to enjoy dinner to the full. Why dont you try it, this year? Youll find that wine adds to enjoyment of your main course and flatters even your most important guests! This advertisement is printed by the wine growers of California, acting through the Wine Advisory Board, 85 Second Street, San Francisco. The Symbol of Friendly Hotel Service Theti traveling in the South this winter watch for the Dinkier Hotel. Each standi for traditional Souther Friendliness, which creates an atmosphere of cheerfulness and comfort, making your stop-over or long visit a real pleasure. All rooms with private bath and radio . . . dining rooms and coffee shop t popular prices. The SAVANNAH SAVANNAH. CE0KG1A TheANSLEY ATLANTA, GEORGIA The TUTWILER BIRMINGHAM. ALABAMA The ANDREW fACKSON NASHVILLE. TENNES5EI The JEFFERSON DAVIS MONTGOMERY. ALABAMA The ST. CHARLES NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA The 0. HENRY GREENSBORO, N. CAROLINA MODERATE RATES Illustrated folders sent upon request. DINKLER HOTELS CAR UN C DINK ICR, PRCS. 3 OOD Roomu SOUTH! Rfl HOTELS SHORTWAVES TUESDAY NIGHT Attend the Semi-Annual Shoe SALE! Shoes for every member of the family, including men's and boys' boots and house slippers. Quolity footwear at low cost. Come in now! Save! $2.95 VALUES SAVE NOW BOYS' BOOTS $2.49 Tan or black elk, all-laatH. r sola with knife pocket, moccasin toe style. Sizes Save on House Slippers for the Entire Family Men's Slippers $1 to $3.45 Women's, Children's Slippers n79c to $L95J 1 I Alabama's Largest Family Shoe Store 1923 3rd Ave., Birmingham TOKYO. 7:30 P M The Tokyo Bro.0- casting Orchestra. JZK, 18.18 meg., 19,7 m. EINDHOVEN . 7:45 P M Happy Pro-gram, PCJ 9 59 meg 31.2 m PARIS 15 p M Drama n Engi'sh. TPB1 1 . 11.81 meg . 25.2 m . TPA4, 11.71 meg., 25.5 m. LONDON, 8:45 P.M, News Summary. ! G8C, 9.58 meg . 31.3 m. PARIS 9:30 P M News TPB11, ILM meg , 25.2 m : TPA4, 11.71 meg.. 25,6 m. BERLIN. 9 50 PM Talk (English) 0X6 9.61 meg . 31 2 m. : DJD, 11.77 meg . 25.4 m. TOKYO 11:40 PM Popular Songs , JZ. 9.63 meg . 31.4 m. AH kN'v8 In Birmingham Those Gumms Were Made So Glumm They Changed Name To Garland TODAY AND TOMORROW MISS MARY K NEFF of Maitrm. India. wil! lecture t 8:15 o'clock tonight it the Tutwiler Hotel on From Savage to Superman." THE F.FF1E MOORE CHAPTER Order of F.setern Star, will mee at Elylon Maaonlc Temple at 8 o'clock tonight (or the annual Chrietmaa party. THE BIRMINGHAM CHAMBER MUSIC SOCIETY will hold a buainea meeting et 7:30 pm today in the Southefde branch of the Birmingham Conservatory. Meeting will be followed by an hour of chamber music. DR MARVIN A FRAN'KLJN. pastor of Highlands Methodist Church, will sjeak to the Eachaoge Club luncheon at 12:30 p m. tomorrow in the Redmont Hotel on 'Chrietmaa: What It Means To Ua. THE ROTARY CLUB will meet at 12:30 p.m tomorrow in the Tutwiler Hotel. BY REBECCA FRANKLIN FRANCES ETHEL GUMM became Judy Garland" because of George Jessel and a typographical error. At least that's the story according to Bill Gumm. who manages the shoe department of a Birmingham clothing company and, incidentally, is Uncle Bill to Judy Garland, alias Frances Ethel Gumm. Mr. Gumm gives this version of , the name-swap- What I Like, closed a few days after its opening about two weeks ago. Critics, however, said it was the fault of the play, not the actors. She was co-starred with John Beal. HE'S MODEST Laurence S. Rockfeller. third son of the billionaire philanthropist, John D. Kockefeller. Jr., lives up to the family traditions of modesty and self-effacement. He was here last week-end with Capt. Eddie R i ckenbacker and a party of Eastern Air Lines officials, but he was so u n a s s u ming several persons who met him got the impression he didn't belong to THE Rockefellers. Although he was born fabulously wealthy and is a member of the board of direc- LAURENCE tors f E. A. rockefeller L., Rockefeller Center and dozens of corporations, he behaves just like any other 4. .sweet aND l0vv Their heels arent high and their heels aren't flat. A happy medium. Try on these smartly styled Lnna Jettick (Words. They 11 put gwing in your step. OTHIft STY12S $5 to 6 SIZES 1 TO 12 AAAA TO Elf OXFORDS Ji. "CHILDREN THEY'RE MADE OF ALL-LEATHER SHARK TIP OXFORDS $3.45 voluo. For hard wear at school or ploy. All areas For boys and flrh. Alto block patent strops. 4 t, MK . m . ping: Back in 1933. he says, Judy and two older sisters, Virginia and Suzanne, composed a vaudeville singing team which was appearing on the same stage at the Chicago Fair with George Jessel. Comedian Jessel, according to Mr. Gumm. became i n t erested in i Mi PLAN YOUR CHRISTMAS AROUND Gin FOR THE HOME Smokers $1.98 fc w Hind om smoker with 4,coc k t i 1 tny top. Fume less ash receiver ft 1 e a m Ing nickel trim. The Gift of a lifetime & BUIOVA! Com In and 1st Brackin'! I show you the newest Bulov; I styles. No obligations. ! Other Smokers 9c to $3.49 Cord Tables Your Delight for Years to Come Bed, Chesl, Vanity $5995 $5 Down $5 Month Small Carrying Charge $6995 Brackin' Gives Eaaiest Terms and Lowest Price FL ITARFTH Wear a Bulova Now I. . I Py 75c Weekly 1 Jewels Next Year BRACKING 20th St. ot 4th Avt., Birminghom Same value alto at Brackin Stores In Montgomery, Mobile. Qadsden, Pensacola. Jackaon, Mies., and Weet Point, Ga. Mall orders Invited. c Bed, Vonify end Chitforobe This exquisite modern bedroom suite will be a constant reminder of a wonderful Christmas gift. New waterfall design . . . dustproof construction ...genuine plate-glass mirrors ail the quality details of a much more expensive suite! Better buy now! Ys ... .... . Mr -A,- Black fiber-board top. Sturdy c o n-i I r uction hard wood legs. Nickel-plated corner brackets. 8 JUDY GARLAND the Gumm sisters, particularly Judy, and suggested several times that they take stage names. However, since their parents, Frank A. and Ethel Gumm, had also been vaudeville stars, the ?7rls were reluctant to change the amily name, until a typographical error made them believe Jes- AUhomas Largtil family Shot Store 1923 Ird Art., Birmingham sel knew best. A theater prop billing. "The Gumm Sisters. emerged "The Glumm Sisters, and that did it. Next day the girls agreed to change their name, and at Jessel'a suggestion, they took the name of Garland, which was the name of a good friend of his in New York. Frances Ethel chose "Judy" for a first name because shed always liked it. The Gumm sisters, therefore, became the Garland sisters long before Judy went to Hollywood to become a singing starlet. The two older aisters are now married and retired from the theatrical profession. leaving Judy to carry on for the family in filmdom. ADD TALENTED TEACHERS The interesting extra-curricular activities of Birmingham teachers continue to win our attention. Add these to the list: Hattie Follis and Virginia Kelso are authors of textbook which have received national recognition. . . . J. D William, J. V. Pogue and H. B. Norton have been camp counselors at Camp Winna-taska several Summers, while Hanson Keller has counseled at Camp Cosby. . . . Lee Brown and Les Waller are active in operation of Camp Winnepe in Wisconsin, which la owned by Coach Homer L. Thomas. .. . J. R. Gardner and Tracy Kegley are prominent members of the Birmingham Philatelic Society. , , . Velma Arnold, Beatrice Hannon, Catherine Strickland and Lucile Hambrtck are member of choirs in the city. THI PLAY FLOPPED Helen Claire, the Union Springs girl who made good on Broadway In "Kls the Boys Goodbye." had leas success in her second starring vehicle, "I Know What I Like. Kim the Boys Goodbye ran nontha and montha. but "I Know NOTICE! 1150,000,000 waiting for missing heirs Does any of this money belong to yoa ? Thousands ot people today r the rightful heir, to fortunes and don't even know It ! Throughout America it Is eetiinated that tliere Is more than glW, 000,000 waiting for missing hein to claim. People who never suspected they had wealthy relatives have suddenly found themselves rich beyond their fondest dreams. Listen tonight to radio's fascinating "Court of Missing Heir.'' Already It has been of real service to radio listeners In helping them to collect more than 2,500,000. From actual court records Every case on the Coart of Missing Heirs" la authentic with actual names, dates, and planes. Highlights etf family histories are thrtllingly portrayed In one at radio most dramatic presentations. Tonight a fegaciea total 98,000 COURT OF MISSING HEIRS Ton don't have to be a missing heir to rollsct money. Substantial rewards also offered In many cases fwr Information leading to dleoovery of missing heirs. WAPI 7:30 P. M. rrr; Occasional Tables ONLY I EACH So attractively styled you wouldnt dream of getting these pieces at such a low price! Solid hardwood, beautifully finished in rich walnut. Choice of radio tables, end tables, lamp and coffee tables. Make grand gifts. Why not add to your own living room with one or two of these bargain tables. MIRRORS Vary smart, vet low pricad. C lear gists with cUvtr dacora tivt touches. Frames finished in imitation fold leaf suitable for in? room. Easy Chairs Fo OTTOMAN INCLUDED! $11.95 sy Hours INDIRECT Floor Lamp s7 A silk .hide lamp with night light In base! Artistic cast metal baae .' . . brunts plated ur Ivory and gold finished. 8-way reflector type, lirand gin great value I Othsr Floor Lemps From $6.49 to $12.50 $2 DOWN $2 MONTH Small Carry ing Charge Heres a choice tidbit in Sears Christmas value feast. A gift that will he appreciated hy every member of the family. All one of a kind patterns and colors every one so outstanding it will be hard to decide. Wonderful workmanship large I and so comfort-1 able! Ottoman hasj matching upholstery. Buyt yours now while youre sure of a good e lection SAVI MONI Y ON 50,000 ITIMS IN SIARS CATALOG, UM OUR CATALOG ORDER SERVICE SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. SEARS SEll ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TOTALING 10 OR MORE ON THI EAST PATMINT PLAN

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