The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 6, 1952
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST «, 19M BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ZSA ZSA GAHOK AS A STRIl'I'ER—"All my ex-oosbands vill be so surprised Wi«s Are Hotter than Ever— • IZsa Zsa's Hunting 'Big Star' Label jA/fer Hollywood Discovery by TV PAGE XIYK Williams, Moody Wm /n Michigan Election DETROIT I/Pi—Two scions ot De- troit'a Gold Coast,—C>. Mennen Williams and Fred M. Alger Jr.—will light H out for the governorship of Michigan this fall as the result of Tuesday's summe primary election. Williams, the Incumbent Democratic governor, won a whopping I Cla "' courtesy vote In his party primary although unopposed, and Atecr, making lib second iry for the Republican nomination, roared downstate Into his home county nf Wayne (Detroit) with a plurality the voles counted In the unofficial total. And it will, be U. S. Sen. Blair Moody, the Democratic Incumbent, against Hep. Charles E. Potter, 11 Hi District congressman since 1947 and legless World War II vet- Moody, standing; on his own feet politically for the first time since Williams picked him from Ihe Washington press gallery for Ihe Semite, rolled easily over his sole Democratic opponent, passing- 60,000 with nearly half of I Schwlnsor of It's Hard to Convince Prodigy He's Like Other Youngsters ) By EKSKINE JOHNSON si HOLLYWOOD (NEA)_Until television came along, jjorgeous, sculptured chinned Zsa Zsa Gabor's design for -fiv- was collecting jewelry nnd husbands. As of July, 1951, internationalist Zsa Zsa had collected reputed $750,000 worth of diamonds and baubles and three bands. The husbands, in order Turk"—Buriian Beige. Tllrk-i !h propaganda minister whom Z.ia! married at 16 and divorced at. Conrad Hilton, the millionaire *,.)(el owner who enjoyed her af- ^ctions Tor six years, and current ^.ibby, synical British actor George Binders. Then Hungarian horn, nome- here-in-her-thirties Zsa Zsa start- 1 collecting something else—tele- 5ion and movie fame. As an advice to the lovelorn ex- >rt on a Los Angeles TV show illed Bachelor's Haven, Zsa Zsa ;nt TV antennas with her flashy anionds, her zippy manner, her Hungarian accent, her low-cut i>»-n3 and the greatest collection |f hilarious • epigrams and quips {.card since the days of John Bar- vmore. |ll w« s*ich a shork, in fact, to jiubby George Sanders, who had pne to England to appear in s lovie, Hint they separated *hen he Upturned to Hollywood. But now Jf^ey are reconciled and George ap- jjnrently is resigned to the fate of •"ing her straight man. Zsa Zsa says about it: "Yen Srrge vent to England T was *\l. Vhen he returned I vas actress. It vas very confusing George." . "But there was no confusion about -ha Zsa's flip advice on Bachelor's JDven. She advised t, woman with j straying husband to "shoot heem ze legs." explained that "Men T •\i\ do weezout—but not for long." Vuded with feminine guest* and rushed off the diamonds she wore !) the telecasts" with: '*''Oh, >ese—zese arc joost my vork- g diamonds!" Hollywood knew a good 'thing hew it saw it—nnd Zsa Zsa was jnshed into one movie after anoth- |!f. Nor she's In London playing a |l)xy French night club warbler on- llpslte Jose Ferrer In John Huston's §!M°ulin Rouge." • * • .1 jln k«c fourth novfe, MGM's Jll," she's .a strip-teasing model |hd «he's chuckling: "All my ex- JlKbnnds vill be so' surprised to me undressed on ae screen. >j Hollywood had seen and heart of their incumbency, were Movies are hotter than ever, says Erskine Johnson, ace Hollywood reporter for XEA Servlc* and the Courier News. Here's thn tlilrd o/ his eye-popping rtls- [Mlches on the newest trend In Movlelown'i battle agalnit TV— anri the prominent, er, figures In the big romtbaek of Sex Appeal. In a loto I living rooms." Zsa Zsa socially for 10 years- six of them as Mrs. Conrad Hilton—but It took television to put her lippy personality in the public's eye. until I got on TV'," she confides. "Nobody knew I va« an actress "Maybe I never acted on stage or screen but believe me, doillng. T've acted in a lot of living rooms." In Hungary, her stage was th« home of her parents. Her father was a Hungarian army colonel and her mother, Jolie Kande. now is In the New York Jewelry business. There are three Gabor sisters—Zsa Zsa, Magda and Eva, who was a movie bit player just before the war. • • • Ai 18, a» the bride of "The Turk." Zsa Zsa's stage shifted to Ankara, whej-e she was the belle of the diplomatic set. After her divorce from "The Turk," Zsa Zsa came to Hollywood for a movie career , and "acted" In the living room of a tiny Hollywood bungalow, met Conrad Hilton at a party and married him. Her second marriage was no surprise to her mother and two sisters. At various times, mama, Zsa 2sa, Magda and Eva had had a total of nine husbands. In 1947. Zsa Zsa wasn't acting when a burglar surprised her in bed in Hilton's New York penthouse and lied with $225.000 worth" of her jewels. After her divorce from Hilton, Zsa Zsa was the life of Hollywood parties and at one time she was swept off her feet by actor Sanders. She was swept off so completely, in fact, that she gave up -525,000 a year in alimony from Hilton to marry Sanders. The thought of the money still makes her wlnco "Don't remind me about It, dolling. It breaks my heart." TUJUNGA, Calif, i/fi — Leonard Ross' parents are trying hard to lake him believe he's just like ther youngsters, but It isn't easy. How many 8-year-olds are sturiy- g radio engineering? Or like io ;iul encyclopedias and almanacs? r can add fractions in liieir ends? Or can memorise the times of the kings of England nd presidents of the United States ust for fun? Lenny attracted considerable at- ention when he recently passed wo stiff Federal Communications 'ommission examinations, one for novice radio operator's license nd the other for a commercial adio operator's certificate. A prodigy? Lenny's mother, a ourt reporter, tries to scoff at he Idea. But she admits that her lender son with the big bright yes has been reading since he vas 3. He's used an electric type- ISA ZSA EMOTUNG — "I've acted in a lot of living rooms." It's the "Bis Star" label Zsa Zsa is after now, but she admits:. 'I'm a woman born for leisure If I can't become a big alar then I vill have to marry a millionaire But I vill become a good actress I'm working like a dog." * • • Gorgeous ZM Zsa Is a man killer but she's the type of gal who make: wives turn into jealous monster r.nd single dolls into cut throats. A; Zsa Zsa sees It: "Beautiful vomen with no talent hate me. But all the aijtors seem to enjoy vorking with me—and beside. 1 ; I can't help It I every man I meet vanta to marr; me." Tile tempestuous Hungarian pep "per pot has. feuded with severa movie queens. Of Corinne Calvefc she says: "He: talk about my wearing too much mink! The truth Is that she Is dy ing to have minks." Of another Hungarian born act tress, Lisa Ferraday. she hissed, don't even know this Liza Gerrel. Lisa hissed back: "Zsa Zsa say only champagne ever touches he lips. If she gets close to me. I wit pour » whole bucketful on he head." (TOMORROW: Hollywood lost IU dienity.) [Residential Hopefuls May Be (forced to Civil Rights Stand BT JACK BELL li; WASHINGTON W| — Mounting I'jrore over civil rights may force two presidential candidates to IjUrify (heir views on this conlro- al issue, ] Conflict ing interpretations crop- ll'cd up in Hie Democratic camp jji the stand being taken by that Virty's nominee, Gov. Adlal E. 'ievenson of Illinois, JGcn. Dwight r>. Eisenhower, the ftjOP nominee, said in a Los An- !es speech night he favors I baking the promise of equality fa living fact for every American" miiigly a stronger .statement any made in his party's orm. * At about the time Gov, Hugh jvhite of Mississippi was coming |UL of a conference with Stevenson Springfield, 111., yesterday to .. he lliinks the governor will e a moderate attitude on civil Rights. Sen, Herbert H. Lehman of Brew York was sounding a different |xine here. Lehman said in a statement he Jxpects Stevenson to "accept the i]ll letter and spirit" of the Demo- Jratlc platform civil rights plank. || That plank called for federal leg- Ihlation for equal opportunity In iiinploytnent. .security of person Rind for equal participation in polit- Hhal life. Another section pledged j [if or Is to modify the Senate debate rule under which filibusters have prevented action on civil rights legislation. Stevenson has said he favors state action on Ihe FEPC issue, with the government stepping In only when the states fatl to act. Lehman, who fnvor.s a federal FEPC, said that by calling in their platform for state action on civil rights, the Republicans had demonstrated they are "publicly committed against FEr^- He ridiculed a statement signed by 16 GOP leaders last Sunday asserting that election of Eisenhower would speed the enactment of federal FEPC legislation. This statement, signed mostly by officeholders seeking re-election Indicated the group may have been putting pressure on Elsenhower to alter his view that civil rights Issues should be left io the slates. On the other hand. Republicans who Ihink the GOP nominee has a chance of breaking Into the i usually solid South apparently be- i lleve that if Eisenhower came out f for a. compulsory FEPC he would f be washing away his chances i there. ' j If the contacting pressures on j the two candidates continue, both \ soon, may feel it necessary to lay down new definitions of their positions. B-36 Plunges Into Pacific SAN DTEOO, Calif. W) — A B3 bomber, coming in for a landin plunged into the ocean carrvlng tv, of its crew members to death. Si others aboard v:ere rescued. All of the crew were employes Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp which was modernizing the plane. 4 Convair said the two lost were D. j H. Franks, the pilot, nnd W. W. ' Hoffman, first flight engineer, both of San Diego. wrllor, adding machine and an office calculator for three years. "He has a photographic mind Kiie smiled, "lie gets much of his love of mathematics from his fallv ei 1 , who heads tin accounting firm.' Lenny will lie in the second half of the third grade this fall. He skipped a half year and his teachers wanted to skip more. lint, said Mrs. Ross, he is u bit small for Ills a^e and she wanted him to stay near children his own size as a mutter of "social adjustment." At Don Mai'tin's radio school in Hollywood Lenny keeps tip pretty well with adults in radio engineering. He is in a class with his brother. Daniel, 13, and a cousin, Dick Soniers. 15. This ' '(earn" plans to build a radio transmitter. Dick, already has one. The two olders boys got Lenny Interested in radio. Callanan Loses Out in St. Louis Most of His Men Lose, Too, in City Democratic Vote ST. LOUIS. Aug. 6 «V—Tliomiu P. Callnimn, accused by his opponents of trying to become a "boss" over the state, lost his own nice for DemomiMc re-nomiimtlon as slicrirf todHy, Most Cnltannn - supported candidates in other city offices'also met defeat. Martin L, Tozcr, comparative newcomer lo polittcs, led the veteran Northsidc Demoirnllc leader. I F7.813 to 63.0S1. with all tjllt eight, St. I.ouis prec'lnct-s reported. Tliomtii Howling, seeking the pnriy's nomination as circuit attorney with Callanaii's help, was swamped by young Edward L. Dowd. a former assistant circuit altorney. Rainmakers Help Bring Storms to Connecticut 91.710 to 46801. also with eight pre- clnct.s unrepaired. Another up?et took place on the Republican, ticket for nomination for sheriff. Miuirire ZnmwflU. St. Txiuls bua- nos 1 man, v.'ho entered the nice because I thistle businessmen hould take an active part In poH- Irs, led John Ledbctter. who' had nost of the party's ward support. ^uinwuU- polled 32.22fl votes to 24,- T43 for I.edbotter with eight precincts out. Emergency Fund Is Sought To Help in Drought Battle ATLANTA WV-Federal officials, neeting here today to study Irought relief, planned to Pres- dent Truman to make available an emergency fmid for the stricken areas, A spokesman for the U. S, De- pariment of Agriculture said Raynond Kolcy, chief of the depart- gency, will meet with the Presi- menl's housing and home finance dent and ask that an emergency )e declared and money appropriated to meet pressing needs of I fanners. Farm home administration directors from 10 .states are here for the two-day conference aimed at speeding quick government loans drought victims in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi. Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma. In 'a preliminary meeting last night, government farm experts told the FHA directors that farmers In the drought areas need help ''in a hurry" in addition to FHA loans already approved. The experts went on record as favoring federal aid to finance feed shipments into the disaster ureas. Reds Encourage Young Children to 'Tattle' VIENNA (;!>) — Communist Hungary looks upon children who run with tales to teacher as the best type of pupil. This crime to light in a report of a teachers' conference held in Budapest recently in the presence of Hungary's Communist boss. Premier Matyas Rakosi. The programs made in encouraging tale-bearing main theme of (he conference. Hie slogan : "One child must control another 1 ' was adopted. The Communist teachers,' plaudcd enthusiastically when one of their number addressed the conference and said: "Who would have thought, who would have dreamed. that the pupils themselves today control the truancy of their coin- elect control commissions who rades. The best and model students watcli the lazy students and the truants, who reprimand them and report them to the teachers, if their behavior does not Improve. "How much nicer this is than In the past, when the pupils protects themselves behind the backs of the toachers." ap- Famuk Loses $2 Billion to Government CAIRO, Egypt iff — Exiled ex- King Farouk's vast holding!! In Egypt were ordered impounded last night by the reform government (hat kicked him oft his throne. Estimates of the pudgy King's loss ranged as high as two billion dollars. T h a t enormous estimate stemmed from unofficial reports IOIIB current tllat the royal family owns one-lliird of Egypt's six million arable acres. Such a chunk of the fertile Nile Valley would be worth at least that much. Such holdings, if Farouk actually had them, would rank him—Along with the Nizam of Hyderabad— i\f formerly one of the two richest men in the world. The inventory was expected to Itikc several weeks, nt least. The Cabinet's order impounding Farouk's Egyptian wealth gave no indication of the plans for It. It is generally believed, however, tha !he government will distribute the properties as part of a vast land reform program now being dis cussed by Premier Aly Maher nnd his Cabinet. U.S. public parks embrace mor? land than the combined areas of j Vermont, New Hampshire, Massa-' chusetts. Rhode Island. Connect!- j cut. Delaware and half of New! Jersey. FREE CATALOG lUJtNElMJ, FARMS, MNCKIS, IHCOME PftO*I«TT FOR SAII THROUGHOUT THf WC9T Contains name*, locations, groit, leai«. rent, price, etc. BVKCIFV KUMXBS9 OB PROPERTY AND I.OCATIOX KKRiftF.n, and we place your request In Special Service Bulletin icnl to •wntrv." No ohltgftdo n. Write fo/ Catalog No. 6 MA. 1 W. 3rtf9.,l«ln?elts5,C»tif. . mentine rectal itch are often l*- tsOe BJcnB of Pin-W ort ni...tJE]y parasites that medical experts say infefit on« mtt of ercrtt thrte per- enrij rxamincd. Entire famili** may be victims *nd not know it. To E?t rid t>r Pin-Wormi. thcfc pesU rnuu not only b« killed, tut kilted in the larte Intestine where they lice und multiply- That's «*! actly what Jajne'a P-W tafeteU do ...•nd htre'i how thty do it: firii-x ncfentific coatinfr rar- ri« the tnhteU into Ihe bowels h<w fore they disnolv*. Then- Jarnc'a modern, medically-Approved in- RredtGnt ffcwfl right to worX — AiUj Pin-Worroi quickly aad eaiily. • Don't Ufce chaneca wilh th!a dnizerouB, hiphfy contaRioua condition, At the fint «i Kn of pjn- wornni, nk Tour rfrngfftat (or -. . . the small, e&*!cU perfected hy famon* I Jr. f>. J Son, Bcwclaiist* In worm r for over 100 y«* for or iM-ms CVGXQCVSf EMPLOYEES DOW'T LOOK. AT THE: CLOCK AMVMOXE. NOWADAYS "WEY ALL HAVE WRt£T WATCHE6 The only watching we do is watching for you to come in. We Ihink you'll like the friendly welcome and interested service. CREDIT JtWEURS ros iOCAt ffOPlf ' 6V LOCAL PfOPU GIFTS 114W.MAI COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE is hereby given that Hie .mdersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of R Decree rendered by the Chancery Court the CliickRsnwba District of Mississippi County, Arkansns, on :he l-Uh day of July. 1952. wherein Life Insurance Company ot Georgia, and Max B. "Reid. Trustee were PtoSntUfs, No. 12,053 and Ellis C. Burnett, Judy Burnett, ct- al were defendants, will sell nt pub) EC auction to the highcBt nnd best bidder, for cash, on a credit of three months, at the south door of the court house, between the hours prescribed by ]aw, In the City of Bly- thfiville, Arkansas, on the 30th day of August, 1952, the following real estate, to wit: Lot Two (2) of the re-plat of 1*13 Twenty-two (22>. Twentythree <23> and Twenty-four (24) of Irregular Lots in the Northwest Quarter of the North w es t Quarter (NV/'-i NW>/i) of Section Sixteen (16), Township Fifteen (15) North, Range Eleven (11) East. Said Bflle will be bad to satisfy ssld decree In the sum of $10.449.25, with Interest. 01? $7,144.02 thereof from the date of said decree at ! ,£ per cent per annum, and with interest on $2.705.23 thereof from the date of said decree at 4 per cent per annum; nnd costs. THE purchases at sold sale will be required to execute bond with approved security, to secure the payment of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon said property as additional security for the payment of such purchase money. WITNESS my hand and the seal of sold Court, on this, the B day of August, 1952, HARVEY MORRIS, Commissioner in Chancery Reid & Roy, attys. for ptfs. 8,6-13 By The Associated I'ress i Nature — or professional rain-' makers — brought crop-reviving storms to Connecticut's dust-dry tobacco nnd vegetable farms Tuesday and more scattered showers sprinkled the dought-senred South. Less than 18 hours after a firm hired by farmers seeded the clouds ivlih chemicals, electrical storms raced from west to enst across Connecticut. The storms dumped from ^ 2 to I 1 /-?, inches of rnin over most of the state. Some of the heaviest ruin fell in Connecticut Valley — target area for the WnllRoe E. Howi-il Associates of Cambridge. Muss. After Ihe downpours, the Disaster Relief and Research Admin-1 Istratfon, Inc.. formed to .sponsor the project, put Ihe rainmakers on stand-by. An advisory committee was appointed to determine when and if openilions would be resumed. The rainmakers were not ready io innke any claims, however. A firm spokcsinnn :snld rosnlls of n single day did noL constitute conclusive proof. It LooliS Like Success "But," he added, "this is what success looks like." The rain nlso hit oilier parts of jiarrhcd New England, Host on recording 2.'J3 Inches. It marked the first substantial rainfall In Eastern Ma.ssiichu.seUs during the 31-day, multi-million dollar drought that has withered crops nnd caused hundreds of for- fires. More scattered light showers were reported from Virginia to the Carplinas, Georgia nnd Atabn Another area of .scattered showers was spreading southeastward from Missouri and Southern Illinois. Shower* Were Too T.fgM Recent showers in the Southern drought belt litive been too light and too scattered to afford widespread relief. In some places, with the bulk of the corn nnd vegetable crop burned out, they en me too late. The long drought has destroyed more than a half billion dollars worth of corn, tobacco, cotton and vegetable crops in the South and East. Withered pastures have caused a feed problem for livestock. Agriculture Department officials have arranged n meeting In Atlanta today and Thursday lo discuss means of getting aid to farmers of drought - stricken Southeastern states. Tiio Interstate Commerce Commission has authorized cut-rate rai rates on hay shipped into the. dis aster area, hut some railroads west of the Mississippi River, announced in Chicago H !s "obliged to refuse" because "rates on hn-y already are oti a low basis," Cool weather prevailed in the upper Mississippi Valley, Northern Plains and Great Lakes region. The weather continued warm in the South and in Interior regions of the Pacific stales. Communists Seek Reversal Of Conviction I.OS ANGELES 1*1 — Pound gull. y of plotting to advocate violent jvetlhrow of the government, 14 }»lifornin Communist leaders KO hack to court today In an effort o rei'erse their conviction. They were convicted on n fetl- :rnl indictment yesterday after n iix-inonlh I rial, longest in local 'ciiornl Court history. Trial and conviction of U Communists on similar charges in New York City n 1(119 required nine months. Defense lawyers said they would As a means of protecting the "our men nnd eight women jurors, A. S. Judge William C. Mathes decreed that no one may commit- licate with them aljout the case and that no photographs may be taken. He discharged them from he case but retained them indefinitely as jurors under the protection of the court. Read Courier News Classified Ads. have balked at this. The Western Traffic Association representing 47 railroads operating BUSINESS FOR SALE EstiiIrtishcd Wholesale Ice Cream business fur sale. Equipment cnn- sintR of Iwn frtezers, nil eqliip- mcrit fnr making alt novrlties, refrigerater tnick, 27 Iwxes, hardening rntim equipment wllli compressor, hrinj tank, and all merchandise stock on hand. Present owner wllinj only because of bar) health. This Is a wonderful opportunity for a pood man unri the price Is HRht. Write lo ]>ixle he Cream, Box 377, Slki-slnn, Ml. WAIINI.VO ORDKK In Hie Chancery Court. Cltlrkii- wlia IMslrlcl, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Shirley Snydcr. jr.. Pit. vs. No. 12.120 Dollle Snyder, Dft. The defendant. Dollie Snyder, U hereby warned to appear within thirty days in Ihe court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Shirley Snyder. Jr. Dated this 2lst day of July, 1952. Harvey Morris. Clerk By Anita Sykes, D.C. Fietz end McAdams, attys. for |>H. H. G. Partlow, ally, ad lltein. "* T-J3-1J THEATRE OSCEOLA YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE \*CootAid\ IBUY6PKGS.-SAVE!! TOP COLD BEFOR. IT ENTERS YOUR HOME! NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Comrmmily Center" MANILA, ARK. Malinecs Sal. & Sun. Pliorte 58 WED.-THUUS. "LOVE IS BETTER THAN EVER" Eli/.alielh Taylor Larry I'arka Yes, cold is slopped before it gets Inside when * I*nnox I'eriina-flo Heating System is guarding your comfort. Slim air diffusera in the floor put a curtain of warm, clean air over cold windows and walls. Draft* can't start. Floors stay warm. No other heating system can match I^ennox Perima-flo for true indoor comfort. Jdeal for any type of home . .. old or new. CITY ELECTRIC CO. 109 S. FifihSt Phone 81 81 >\Coll iis tOdoyJ,,Wc ore YOUR CERTIFIED ItMNOX OtAlFR Kill PAY "THE RED BALL EXPRESS" Jeff Chandler .Susan Rill RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WED.-THURS. 'The Big Trees' Starring Kirk Douglas AIR CONDITIONMiD HY KKKU1GEKATION •••'••••••••••••••a«i LAST TIMES TOXITR Diinlile Feature "IH'IHIY MTKS" 2 For I'rice of 1 m CRO, I Till! STREET' "*"•• pi-iirtri ti Wl*^ 1 ! BRO«. <§ Cartoon & Shorls THuilS.-Ftti7 2 HITST \VKI).-TIH!RS. 'ON THE LOOSE' Joan Evans & Melvin Douglas Kill DAY 'IT HAPPENS ON 5th AVENUE' -1'I, US- Gail Storm Don Dcfore KRROL OLIVIA ANN SHERiDAH .Stooge Comedy ('arlonn

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