The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 12, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE BLtTHEVlLLE COURIER NKW8 XHB OOUKO8 MBW8 CO, PDEUBUM " • a k. auOOCK. Bdltor R W. HAIKU, idremuac Boto Nttkxul AdferUsm* Arkuuw Diiliee, Ice, N.» Oetrclt. 6t Louta, D*l)H, S»? York, , City, Memphii. Publtahed Every Aft«rr.ooD occrjt sunaay. Entered as second uisss mailer nl Hie pojl otllcc at Biyllievllie, A:- kansas, under act ot Congress, Oc- lobcr 9, 1917. Eervcu 01 Onutd Vref* SUBSCHUTION HATES By curler in the city 01 i&vUicvlllo, 160 yet week or $6.50 pet ycnr In advance, By mall within n ra'ilus ol 50 roUe», |3.00 per rear. Jl.00 for slz months, 85c (or (i.rtc monllu; by mall In poftnl zones two to six, Inclusive, IS.50 per year, In zones seven aus> eight, HQ.OO per ysai 1 , payable In »dvanc». Too Many Pupils The prospect thnl llio Rlylliuvillu schools will liavc ;> siilislniiliiilly in- ci'eai'cil enrollment this ycur is en- fi'om a inimlicr ol' sttiwl- ts lint it also suggests that the school district may .soon lind itself faced with the nwossily of meelitiK 11 problem with which it is not liiinncinl- ly prepared lo copo. It is a matter of .^itisl'aclion that the boys and girls of this community are taking advantage in increasinjr numbers of such educational opportunity as is available to them. Particularly gratifying is the increase in senior high school enrollment despite the fact that this department of the local school system liuist be supiwrted l>y tuition fees. The increase seems to reflect either mi improved economic situation in the community or a more genera! determination lo obtain the advantages of secondary schooling. Whatever the explanation it is a good thing. Parents of high school pupils may take especial satisfaction .in,,it because it wll|. no doVib'i make possible an' early reduction in the tuition rate. Enrollment in the lower grades is nenring Hie point at which additional classroom facilities must be sought and ibis, in view of the district's Ihian- cial condition, is the disconcerting feature oi' an otherwise highly pleasing situation. In a number of rooms in the lower grades seats were not available Tor all of the pupils who re]K>rtcd. Whether this condition can liu eliminated by shifting of pupils remains to be seen. In any event it is plain that it' enrollment continues to grow the time is not far on" when additional space must be obtained. With the district already so burdened with debt th;il i( is unable to meet the charges and at the same time make adequate provision for operating the schools il is difficult to see how this situation is to be met. Perhaps the community will be forced to call upon churches or owners of vacant business buildings provide space for classrooms. BIA'THRV1LL!^(ARK.) COUK1KH NKWS to The Maine Election The Maine election, which revealed the Democratic party stronger, in general, than it was in the landslide year of 1932, ought to put a clamper on Ke- publican prediction.* of subslanlial gains in next Nim'inljc.T'.s congressional clectioiiK. As Maine, goes, so goes the nation," is ii.'i old saw tliat in the past lias proved (rue more often than not simply because (lie nalion has gone Kcptiblicfin more ol'li-n than iJciim- cralic. Maine Inis been i-omistcnlly Republican since 1800. Her re-election yesterday ol' one of the very few Democratic gover -s she has had in 75 years, and her election of Di'iim- crals In two on! of her Hirer seals in congress proves (hat lh,> Denmrralic parly, under the Icader.-hip of J'Yank- lill I;. Koosevell, is now ;ib|e I, the Republicans ( ,n even terms last stronghold of Ihe latter. meet n (he Wlicii tlic Old DenWs Col Through at Mot Springs A modern Diogenes, looking fur endi-iiu' of political liberalism hist Salimliiy al the |vn:i>- rnHie sliilc convention :it Hot Springs. wouldn't liiive found what lie was hunting lor. Two ycais ago the rank-and-lilo l)i' era:.-. cl Aikansas were con(;ratulatlni; llii'insclvi-.s nn the. ovcillnmv of u political machine Una hail in jinpoiltiiu pally mailers njdncrd thi'in in riilitcr Mumps. This oligarchy, miU-rjns i,i Iliu ni'inuLTOlIc S!;ue Cwlrnl G'oimnlitcr. hail UiOttii arrogant as well as |Kweiiul. fJuL now Him- was to IK u New I3eiil in |:avly alfalis. The people got [sosltlvc prom vhat llu- old order wnx out when (he 1932 stale convention adopted three new puny, rules. One w.i.s d:sisot- ecl lo keep Ihc Rlnlc Central comniillce Iroin Iwlns a ne.M. of oiriccboldcrs ami Un-ir clo.-.j associates. The oilier two were meant ID keep llit> hiindful of stale contra] conumliecuien Ircim merlins behind closed doors lo hnml- picl- jiarly noinliiccjs—reitlly appuinurs-io fill vnrant iilliccs. an<l lo name the /Ukairas d?lc- Giili'.s lo IH-incicmllc niillniuil roiivrntlom. Now n-aclionaiiei lire buck in the .saddle uijiiiii. There- arc Kiiine neiv laee.s—and MIIIIC finiiillar old uncs- -in Hie mtle Krinip (liat is lu m!e tin; parly, lint (lie .s|>lill and purjiosc of llif pruKiiiii) (lni)ii K |i at Hot, Springs is unmistakably Old u»u|. Onre iiKuin otlleeholders cini doimnaU' .1 eom- nilllee wtiich, onec again, can till vacant ol- (icm and a]!]:oini nalional ddrcan-s wliito the Di'mocratic voting s.ian.l milsicl... not evin lookiiin in, UI-CIIIIFC (he v:ind«;v siiiid t .. s will be down. That will hi- a negation anil itmtkcry of I lie fiiiuliinii-iilal pohliual pLlndpl'.- ,,f di'inocrecy. Hut It's wbal. the Dnnwrat.s or Arknnsas liave Jiad liuiutccl back lo llirin. Wrilini; in anntlier i-oinieclinn, Hi,. Wrai'liliLs Cnminerclui Appeal .said thai "miax arc .stranj:e- l.v eomplwsiii aniinals." Tut: u-iniKT.ilif voters of DiLs Male now have a mouthful for their complacency to wvidlow and — Gazette. Kiscism has broiiRtn war nearer than u ever has Ix-ni la-fore in Hu- |10 M-war iieriixl. —W. M. Cilrine, secretary liriiish Traik-.s Union Congri'ss. * . . Uon'l (ell Lucille I'm honcsl: she Ihinks I'm a high-class cniok. —Jauies Morris. Binning- liam. who iwsed as lough lo win his girl. * • T The American Legion is slili death on Communism. —c. C. Kapichull, Illinois Mule commander. There OUT OUR WAY i.-, ,nu jiu-liriration for allcmpling to ;h c i,ul,!;r ; ( i ho.ird canned fowls un- ol a mine! ion of Ibi-n- .supply. — IJr. C., AAA consumers' counsel. By George Qark Jiikt like most other good men. But Hie tree Is heavily laden with fruit now and it Is ripening and fall- Ing (o the .ground. Help yourselves, gentlemen, thl chickens hare tome home to roost. W. M. Tucker, BlyUicvllle. _WEDNKSDAY. SEPTEMBER 12, 1934 Old Christ Church Given C. H. K. Curtis Organ 1'HlLftDELl'HIA. (UP) - Mrs Mnry Lout5C Curtis flok, daiieiiier of the ate Cyrus-H. K. Curtis, has presented the pipe organ owned by her father to historic Old Christ inu'cii here. The organ will be brought from Ciniis'b fe.'iner home, Lyndon, ai Wimcole. Pa., and will be' installed in ibe church dining ihe oxl feiv montlLs. "Mrs. [Jok felt because hur father was Hie publisher of the Benjamin Franklin magazines and jpaiKM-s hl.s organ shoulr] be In the I church willed Franklin helrx-d to build," Ihc Rov. Dr. Louis C. Washbinn, lector, said. Franklin's print shop was originally located near the old church and lie is buried In (h c chinch- Wayburn Seeks Crown As Follies Producer THIS CURIOUS WORLD B Cr MANV SCIENTISTS BELIEVE FIRMLY THAT A TRIP TO THE MOON, &Y fi.OCK£]r Is A NOT FAR.- Dl STAMP ACCOMPLISHMENT OF /MAN. A RARE MOU-USK, IS WORTH A SPECIMEN. £:• GREAT SALT LAKE, UTAH, CONTAINS S,OOO, ooo. OOO TOMS OP TABLE SALT/ ops. Ihe orgaiiisin.s ivhieli t-auso! Ik-Jl.s h.-u-c been dcvctopcd which rlii:cpini> cou-li nrs beinj spread j hi Ip lo Mipiiorl the abdom"n -inci ibout to thosi- in contact with Uipi.-b-M of Ihc child who is coughing nfecled pmson. Thc;,e (iig.ini.snr 'ilK.'-c en-m to give a ceu'iiii ;vl into Ihi: linings of Hie breath-! amount ot relict. " R "' ilcl - ' - Vi with other infectious dis- Pcrsons who an- infected arc scl- '"•w*. the complicalions are far ioni sullieiently sick lo be isolated i <nme terious in cntutng death than ing tho early stage of Iheir in- Ls t' 11 -' disease Itself, fcrtioti. During Ihis stage lli'.-y lougli and ihe ilroplcts of sputum conttilnlriK ihc germs infect othei tiv Williams REMEMBER, NOW—X RUN A BICYCLE REPAIR SHOP, AM 1 T. DON'T kWOVV A THING ABOUT O AUTOMOBILE ' TACKLE ' .— I'M Jus , IS ALL SOMKBODY SMOULOA Tft^e THAT BUSIMESS) OP-THERE'S TWO / PUTOMO8ILES IN! /, TOU-W , RIGHT NOW. / ^ /~^\, -^, '-". .,.7 "I'm afraiil i shouldn't stnj) now, Air. Alarkham. I gollu ol (his milk clclivoreil." Time to Stop Whooping Cough Is Before the Whoop Begins HV Dll. MOKKIS PISIIRKIN idilur, .liiiitiial nf Itii^ Amerirun , A>si:nal!i)n, anil nf tlyscln, (In- Ih-allh Mapi/ine 'I'll? most contaijious lime in rlicwpiii;; coiiRh Is before the th'uop. liven bi'fure the type of coil MI.- nf ui.n i| las i jnr[);a-iiig that ai- hiiks human beings. l-'roin time lo liiric all sorts of I'l-niedies have been suggested for IIM- in controlling the condition. Actually, nothing thnl is rubbed on ! llii- skin, no vapor that can be in- pecullarly. haled, has been found lo be of devcl- intuh value. If il were possible -to isnlat • viM'yonc who hail bneu in conUut wilh Ihe patient having whuopi:ii: cough for a IOIIR enough lime '.a iw tt-licihiT Ihe one imposed svas ;oing to v;ct the disease, whoop:m; cough -miRlil be brought under complete i-ontrol. Oir.i of the nifot dchali'il ;.iiii- iccls aiiiuni: .••iionalisis todav is value of dillcicnt l.v|v>s n! vaccines m prr-vrutlns nnd irrat- whi'.jiims; cough. .Most <l.-n;U':'.i jcliuvr that giving the vaccinv c.'i- ly in th: intecliun will shorten Us duration. Moil, nf i hem also believe thai he vaci-ino:, do hule. if anv. ^oo:l when they are given to tliOM.- wliu ire already whooping. The i'N]ier;- nenls Hint have been made h lau- orntorirx .shoiv ;.ome value to sucli vaccine.- for producing siibatancM which oppose bacteria. The £ditor'> Letter Bez The Danish investigator. Mads- dcn. was able to study an rphii'mi" of nhoopiui; coii^h in the 1 Faroe Islands. He loinid lhr,l the results |t n of whoiiping co-.igh wer; much! il ('hivkvns Home lo Roost iTo the editor:) Our veiy worthy citizen, Mr. John B. Driver, is thoroughly disgusted with, politics in Mississippi county. He says, "The most out-, rascously corruptly conducted clcc- tryii." etc. He nnmc.s certain unlawful abuscK and laments that there will be nothing done about il. Even so, Mr. Diiver, our chickens arc coming home lo roust. Such is the. inevitable end of a jmlicy of "Rugged Individualism" too loin; practiced. "Uiiagcd Individualism" has carried with it all alonj; the seeds of us own destruction. What we see te but the inevitable end of n system that our good citizen, Mr'. Driver, and most, other men • have sponsored moic :mwn in those who did nnt' niidthc: nil along Hint was bound to end in corrupiion—for like a cancer that poisons the blood if you cure at one place It breaks out at get any vaccine than in those «no did grt vaccine, and also ilial in Ihns; -Abo were injected with vaccine llio'disease was much milder and did no! last, as Ion::. Followiiii; injection ol the vaccine, there are occasional cases which them is a slight rise in ipeiatuic- sue! semi-time's n lilti? owelline at ihe spot where the vaccine «a« injected. Ueyoiid this there An':, no; <; cm 10 be any iv- nctlon hi the;., vaccines. Fiisl, certain well to do men are pciri.'icd in oflice. tlirough their ability lo buy votes with money, favors and promises. They make laws favorable to their class. Wealth becomes concentrated. The tight tor what men ctavc and need becomes c\er harder. As this ftruggle intensifies men stoop to things inimical lo every noble impulse of the conscience. The biutc instinct picvoils. The "nig- ged individualist" now becomes a DiilingtT or AI Ca|wnc. bank lob- nol be injrnrd onrt ber or into cln-dmi mulei- one ti-omh .1! WhoopiiK lonjh. is •.•.••i-.rr.iii; cntdcd ty |x.o;;!e as a m-Hi' case. whe:ea.5 aclualK kidnaper, bribery, gamulin_. prostitution become ways ot NEW YOHK. (Ugt-A formidable aspinint to the musical production crown of the late Florem Zicgfeld was in the Broadway arena today in the person of Ned Waybnrn. producer of imiiibcrle.Vi vaudeville and slagc shows mid musical comedies in a career extending over more than a. generation. Wayburn, who produced ninny of the most famous editions of the "Follies" for Zicgfeld, nnd helped ln lwcllt Ma'S S,«c SSl "nd a M 1 fflvn W M. 1 ,T *"'" ^^ thousauU ''^ ««"<•** ^w c^np.eTbT 1^ ler. T relieving a revue "The "*,' CB ™ ilU ° bei " 8 - T " C takc ' nlth *«« h ^™* *-™ W»« Year 'Round," his firsl personal " effort in this field since the moils "Town Topics of 1014." 1 ft Great Salt I,ikc is the result of the settling of the earth's crust. years, geologically speaking, the district noiv known as fa- lias'an average Ueptll of only 15 feet. NEXT: Docs cutting an earthworm in two kill it? CLUB GIRL h:iniUi>nit: Mvimnilni: Instructor, l.rvruise hi-r nrlilp hint lirrn hurt fc.v some rfllT »nuli4. Itii** flin-a II* Sllnml. promising l<t nvnil 1' r her later. I,IH>I» pr(» n Joi, l« n ih-luirtniml jUorr. Slit 1» l«inp In n il,,, ,t,,,n In Krir.i- nl.-k Vill:, Br ,,1, VH „!,;. u ,,ri,.t,n nlib Innurnrn. IM2MS FK.MVAY, jiinn'c niiihor, h?frleji«l* her nnJ I.Vtrr [ntritrittocft hrr Id «nmr i>C MB frlrnriH. llnuta llnJfl hrrArlr ficnllnjc Ihc procM-Mtvc nlr hrnti- IICiil KAY CHILI, I.-VUKOUII kn» irrofK her Illnrx* Hoot:* rr- i-'l n tclt-Kr:im trlllni: hiT UI^M hern klllrd In n miviorliuiit rn'i'Mrni. She cncs hark tt, ihe Klnr? In nork. ton pronri I,, nt 1 - IK-nl lo hrr pan-i!!*. She MT.* I:I}\VA|[|I VAX b'i;i\'i:it. unc- ur Drnli' [ripndK. frrijurnlly. now r.n ON WITH run sronv CIIAPTKR XXX CI'ltlMJ days with a hint o! •ftrmth in the uir; rainy days with rililwns of silver mist Homing in from the river and fog horns blowing. . . . Hoots lived through them all. F.dwaril wenl lo N'a??ail on a Into March cruise ami she missed Jiss voice on flic telephone and bis laugh am) hi^ admiring glance, ft was lonely anil hcr robin was full of ihe restlessness ol spring. It was tin illingly gainful on one of those lilac-tinted evenings, wilh a o,uick. earlier rain drying on cily pavements, lo wall; along tbo narrow streets, to see harrows ot daffodils by the curb stone or a huckster with his wagon lilleil with plants for window ttn\cs —pansics, pink geriuiiunis. ngera- was not of lluss slio was tlio moment. He 'and nil the events of the past summer scametl far way. Why, already U was May. Soon the awniut'3 v/oiiid go up at llio club out in I.arclmcek. There would 1« fresh sain] rnked into Hip siiacc he.siilc ilic babies' pool. There would be young. Ixiro. enter feel on Hie. hleachcrl iioanls ot Hie raft. . . . "You were just a kid. Vou ilhln't know ivliai il was all almiu." aur- Iilieil Ililila gravely, consuming bakcrl Iwaiis. "You were just all for a good time. . . /' "I was iusl a hcacli cluli girl.". finols enulriliiiieil with llip;rtney. "I've come a Ion "I'll say! way since liivn." "1C il weren't for my mother I wouhln't cave younger girl MCIII on. wriler hurriedly lnvan.=c Ircaclierniis lump in bcr the e ,,i,,j nB of that world. Make people fespccl her for her a'Uainmculs. Let Kay Chilling-- furd with her soft, suiierlor. throaijr voice angle for the attention of every man preseut. . .. 'Her heart began to beat thickly, p.iinfally whenever she thought ol Kay. "Slio lias everything," Boots thought rcbellionsly. Ycl there was a certain hanlnesa, loo. uniler Kay's air of completa femininity. Kay hail made n success in the world ot affairs, loo. Kay bail a fat salary check, had her own modern apartment (Ed- wanl had sniil) over in liuckman I'lace. All angles. Edward had .,...„, and chairs maile of cork nnd silver tubing, wilh a ilccp purple ceiliiig scattered with silver stars. . . i Once only recently Biots hail "nad a glimpse of Kay in Ihe store. Kay, in a charming spring frock of dark "It's—I w-ish I could see her am! j''hie with louebes of scarlet, had be friends." i Iwcn wandering about with one ai Hilda Apfrl palled the baud that I tho buyers. Miss lievan. touching notation:;. Vliss .•aljcil Ibe baud that nervously \rnl a lattoo on Ilic table loji. "Di:n'l worry. Yon will." "I'll come mil of thb." Hoots said suddenly, licrcely. "I'll nia[;c :?oiiicfliin- of mvsulf: be somebody. ',Tlicn I'll .^o borne anil show them." j Ililrla .cave her a slivcwd glance. I "How alxuii the boy fi icsil I've I sec:i wailiiiK for ynu al tlie corner I of Tiitrly-fonrlli onro or twice?" f Hool.i colorcil. "H*hva;-d? Oh, lie's i just a fricliil. A nice boy. . . ." j "ile's f'ieh. isn't ho.;" i Slic sbmgscd. "Yes ... I guess so." "Yon ^ue.~s! 'Course he is. I saw that cur of his. There was a fellow turn. And to lie alnno in ..... ,,„ , in springtime. Doots discovered, is! c " mo "P ln Hunter's Falls in the an experience al onco tad am! swecl. Sbo wanted somoone lo enjoy ibe leTiglbening days wiib her. someone to hum the music dial every Imnly gurdy Kalian playpi] on his wbrozy ! glance hnrrel organ. The radios along the : yon ; ,r t . .„, „, vl ,,, u . ,„,,„ ,,,„ shabby streets gushcrt music, too. for you. You've got a-1 don:i know •limner onco wilh one like thai. .Minerva, isn't il?" "I don't know honestly. I never noticed." Hilda gave her a wondering "You're a riot, lloneillj- No wonder the men fall —a little girl way aboul That's wlial they like." Ami sins was young, she along on ibneing feel. , Once she went to the movies with • tall, blond, serious-niiniled | TJOOTS flii^lied " Apfel who lind been a simlcnl nurse ! -IJ "\veil take il but hailn't heen able to Flrmd ihe j someone lo li.m- 0 i igors of training. was popu-1 fcreil. bullerin- Hie haven't." from me lie's lo." Hilda of- last bil ot that end at Ihe moment. American iuveator i9#»'Motorisb ask to do making a living from pressure. 1 The iysicni makes moral cowards) out of Hi all. We are Influenced) by some fear. It robs us of our conraje nnd independence. It cl- fccts our vciy'btet people. Insurance coinpanies have lost heavily on properly belonging to church members of undoubted integrity. The truck loads of men voting illegally did not do it of their own volition or because they were m- liereiuiy mean, but they voted nt the behest of some one who held !i:c whip hand. He who controls you.- food controls your life. The landlord controls the tenant thru 111? uje of the land." The landlord is continued by the or.e wlio holds the mortgage. The law enforcc- num olliccrs arc ;iot stria bc- caiuc iViey are afraid also of something lha.1 Is In iheir Ihes. and not only In Mississipji; county. Mr. Dilvcr. but al! over Ihis broad land. just, as at Wii=on. Kct;cr. and McFerrin. where ever Capl- lolisin lint )j;ri HA KigJilliig hand j Ihe heaviest, t'r.eic you wfll find! more corrupiion. trait, bribery. 1 and poverty than cl;ewhere. r'or corruption, graft, biibci^. and pov-' crty 3if but liie fnuls of tills en- ' pitJliittc tree lhat our good Mr.' Diner has cesn nuluv:!-,; all th«e ;-ea:i r :i'.\ his vole and Influence.' gorso tranng. a was ix>pu.fere.i. hiiiierin; the ast bit ot lar on the seventh floor of I^cy's. brown bread and ealitm It with She was a quick, easer. pica Earn [ evident relish. "This man's low,: ln ii, c ino'Millnic f cswouian. There was talk of hcr ; is a liar ,| OIIC fo . n fM n]t>nf Sl]rc 1 1)crh . (e ^ ™"™* eni nniile some S f u ' " 1 fabric, making UJ ncvan bad been openly subservient, l-'rom a distance Roots lind watched Ilic y o u n B Kiiglishvvoman. hid board her delicious, low-toned laugh. Slie had not been able to «p!ain Hie ilccp sealed resentment she had fell lor Kay L'liillingfoiil. "Anyhow she hasn't announcer! her engagement to Denis yet," limits had saiil hotly, proudly. "Anyhow It Isn't settlcJ." « • * "IT was only. Boots reminded lier- A self, that Jleiifs ami E |i(. would no longer be frieniTs, nnr c Kay liart inarricil him. Kay wuuld be—you could see--[he violently jealous son. And I)i)n|., ,I|,i | ong t n . s< : 9 Denis, just to talk in him—nothing more. To feel his bandclssp. sw bis lons-hirbert, iiark WHO py^j ciinkle up with .-.urlilen laughltr. .. Once she sat wilh (he telephona receiver in her banit in Mrs Mooncy's stuff;- littlo lialUvay, thli nnmlier Irembling nn her lips. lint ?li<? hart put the receiver down, again. She bar! realized it trouM never rl.v When she could pay Denis back, and not before t'tic'B, she would telephone to him. w;ic savin; mailly Io»ar4 In Ibc file Ilvefl BO- enig some SOT t of supcivi.or !_eyed .Miss Apfel | noar What about getting older and •" "• '" •«•».--. "Sure, r like ail i losing your looks ami all? I'd like Iho girls, but there's something to work up to be a bnvcr or soaie- nhnni vrni I rfinlil c(i.'« V.AH n-jim • it.: «.••..- *»- .. ."- it," the will I to liool?. ere j thing like Miss Madden or Mrs . * •••- (-'HJ u.l^lll ID tlic balliroom of M, s . Mooticy's fiat, wandering railior aimles=ly 14 ' movies and museums on Sundays. Sb« . •- vil OUl It was lonely, it n ,< b!cal! . Ja , was learning one Inril l C3 « on aflet another. Soiuelliin: , , nl and crvs . about you. I coubl se used to better things. ..." | O'Harrigan. but von can sec for She knew the whole story naw. | yoi.-rself they're bolli miridle-as«l. tallinc came to iv-,. n" ~T t low Boolihad elopeil with Ku, s: j They've fougl,. their way inch br hcr gtrlW, Ue iml An " %h! nu«s death; she knew all about | inch anil over dead bodies, too. ft | no longer grumb" ' , ' ^ St " the liny, cramped Hat in Astoria, j u, e trnll, were know,,." fj u1sU cd but twk tbfb ,er ,hh ' al ' dshlps with Gloria culling oiil sleazy blue | Hilda will, her hcaitv lancli. win, ™ cerUir nl , S *i?* and red silks under the glare of j "I'm working my "way through than her ycart. In ihc as t sht Slie rmiln't know* 'i"t of lliinks a( V -- I 1 III "Uir\LLI D Jll,> « Li J lillUUgll the lixtincs. Bools had j this particular hard time." Hoots lold her nil everything. . Iier xi rents' anger, lold her. liclp. "Vou'll get over (t. Things will "1 don't wanl an>one's come Bouts Yet afterward when she hail left out all right." Hilda told j Hilda the. conversation returned to fcnoiisl- .••< 1-055 n cafeteria hcr in its entirely. Hilda didn't table. The vinegar cruet, the catsup botllc. Iho heavy glass pepiior and salt cellars were hilweon them on the gleaniinq while table. There lllirtt'island. slid tohl herself, wilh EooK-r.ii.i'.r?'.! contempt. Like many other girls. Hilda believed Ldward Van Sciver was sent directly from •' — .^. . «, t. t- . » ull ijmci ivrta acui, uil UULl j 11 Oiti were, nliiir.b.iiidlcd knfve:-1 licavcii. N'ot that Kilward bad ever ere ln-|suii |;ald auj'tliliig definite (o Boot? than Iier year: harl been silly. how to make r I'omc. If she fcari u al , , o do t ngam she would know heller. Sometime, deep in (he night he* PUlow would bo wel will, tear* "til in the morning S |, e s ,, on - e ^ t smiling face to the world. She «•»! brnshc.1 anrt tidy. The darns « her stockings were exquisitely neat. ^'.rsM"-* 1 """ 13 " 1 " and forks. paper napkins and heavy glasses 'about "liiarrijge. "uuT there "wai ' ('u''^''^^^^^'^"'!'"!' 1 ' 5 "', , ,I at ,l r a °, d " Wlr |llal€5 ' h " pcd somelblng lately In his altitude', her own ea „InJ hlr u fJ Ii,» with the simple. F all=!yini tnod. Ihar InnirntPrt his ihn,,rti, *«.*, t>,» •.,..-,.™ as her " Vln 8 wlt » Baked beans, dort salad. . . •• t ..-N^u. ^v-i-^u euuieiuiujs jaieij ill lil^ tn[lttllic with the simple. Ealisfyinj tnod. lhat Inriicaled his iboughla might Brown bread. Wai-! be direrted into those channels. s ' g I N'o. she was finished witb mar' " " | rlage. finished wiib men. except as tiT K.NOW. EAott 1 eyst>tr& far • fcliymill!. Sis wu jclaj to tjit •"•°" ="'---'- enough, It I her W»T to the tco tn tlw huilneM the best ot them. Anfl Ihsn riulte suddenly Bumnwt soul down upon ih s world. A tot' breathless, broodinj; suxm«. Ttiy 1 ^ ITe : Coattoaed) y t'il.

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