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St. Louis, Missouri
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mita Comes 0171 n.1Q'Dorffel's Son 1 I Atkib Pogrom Out 1 i 4A Ole nuts friday, ty 5 1 5 Agains Polish Jews 0- frida, July 5i 174 I U. 1 1 Ole y- 5 S. ..,0 Rag in 12 1 a Pogrom I Son ogrom Brec.s Out 4A rvItt i -3 Agains Do an a Nation Born Polish Jews -A '1. EILL.T) i 2 GJorious Trips 4 i 00,. Plemec 001711.

iss: 10a1.6,4pat a ORILUXIOASCII 0 pm 1012 s'" Ea. 40) ,,3 2 GJorl000 2: 400a- 4, ....3. ak incloc omits A 114164.. 1 IttiA.0 at oa Es4 CS '1 A' A 012 41 Nirig ii.11S111 11.4.IL 7 1 BAN ON GAMBLING 1, I BELVIDliatE. -ILL Jiiy 4 forms of gambling horse punch board s.

number jars and slot macabines--have been banned in Boone Colmtyi by order of State's Attorney i Strom and Sheriff Fred Smith. nazi- ON GAMBLING 1 BELVIDliatE, July 4 forms of gambling horst Itkottivto, -in Ennne CnuntYf ed nann State Attorney i Strom and Sheriff Fred SMil i I 1 1 9 e''. i i 9 't 7 I la, 5 4 '1 1 i 1 4 I 1 I riot WARSAW. July 4 Foreign Ministry spokesman said today that a 'small pogrom" had broken out in -Kielce, south of Warsaw, with- Fascist elements attacking Jewish homes because a Polish baby had been reported I First reports said more that 10 Jews were woutided ansl that 1 some probably had been killed. The government dispatched reinforced militia units to Kielce.

a city of More than 500,000, and the spokesman said the situation was now in hand. WARSAW. July 4 iA Foreign Ministry ipokesan said today that a 'small pogrom'. had broken ou irs south 'of Warsaw, with 'Fascist elements attacking Jewish homes because a Polish baby had, been report. ed 1 slain 1- 1 First reports said more that.10 i Ey AI, VALIMSCIA CI the Associated Press Idanila 841, ILAINTILA, July lowered the American flag today.

A friend has said good-by. A part of me is The Filipino flag stands alone. It la one of the proudest moments of nty life. But I can't help feeling a sad-visas in seeing that American- flag go down. 1 was born under that flag.

millions of Filipinos, and thousands who fought and died on Bataan and Corregidor to preserve that flag, were born under it. have mixed and confused feel: What does the future hold? Ey AL VALEVCIA 6r17, oervoor arnet What does the lowering of the American flag mean? I saw that flag coma down ince before. That was a dark day in January, 1942. I saw the flag of the Japanese invader fluttering In the bright sunshine in almost the same spot where we Filipinos and Americans assembled today. There followed.

three of the blackest years within memory of Filipinos now living. The American flag has meant every 'good thing I have ever Imown. And now this jubilation the gun salute the applause. And High Ca; nlissioner McNutt saying, "A nation IN born! Long live the Republic of the Philippines! May God bless and prosper the Filipino people and keep them safe and free! If I could speak for the 000 Filipinos I would say to you good people across the Pacific, "God bless you. We will never What does the lowering of 'the Raises Rents 0 Pct.

DALLAS; Trx, July 4 (AP). lira. Mike O'Daniel, daughter-in-law of Senator Wb Lee Daniel of Tens" rad Wesley Brient tenant in an rlipartment building bore owned by the Senator's- son, confirmed report today 'that Mike O'Daniel and Brient had engaged In a verbal tiff over a rent increase and that Brient had been asked move. Young O'Daniel bought the 16- unit building several months ago. Attention was called to the Daniel ownership when Brient.

recently Pacific war veteran, reported that he had been threatened with rent increase from $70 to $100 and later received an eviction noUce. O'Daltiel said rent In- crease the apartment building average 10 per cent or less. She said efficiency apartments- which had rented! for $52.50 to $57.50 were being to $60, to simplify bookkeeping. She that Brient had been nailed an eviction notice and given 30 days to vacate. She said a member of the O'Daniel Immediate would move into it.

Rents 10 Pct. tlise.s i 1 DALLAS; Tirx. July 4 Mike O'Daniel, -daughter-in- law of Senator W. Lee O'Daniel of Texas. rad Wesley Brient tenant an 1 in partment building bore owned by the Senator's-ion, con- firmed i a report today 'that Mike O'Daniel and Silent had engaged in a verbal tiff over a rent in- I t.

ti i. 1 I 1 i 1 -CroPt2is Cusses Go in Service I on Lee Line Extendecl and increased service with reduced intervals between vehicles will be provided when busses replace tstreetcars on the Lee line Sunday, the Public Service Department announced yester- day. The new bus route, replacing the Lee and Eighteenth streetcar I routes, will be extended to Halls Ferry Circle over Riverview bou- levard. The present Lee line ends I at Lee and Taylor avernes. tgrA eft Its ore OTIL11011 I ILtill eSIXOLEPACIE" 73 testa oolt setting itto ohm to visor.

Anemia, -power sod siority. loot' botoro too butt Fro, dooloostrotioa. CL 1327 I smooth, meenrate, trouble ifree 'casting fie yours with the new 1 fii Al a p2121 Try OR. Basic Patented Shoos Self 606 705 Olive American Medical-Assn. to Meet Here in 1948 has been chosen' for the 1948 convention of the American Medical Association, it was disclosed yesterday at the convention in San Francisco.

The eneeting will be held next year in Atlantic City, N. and New York was tentatively chosen for the 1949 meeting place. Dr. Olin West, 70. of Nashville, who served for 24 years as secretary and general manager of the A.

M. was named president-elect of the association, to take office in June, 1947. CHOSEN AS 117110ST PHOTOGENIC" from more thcm 1500 photographs submitted by Scott Field enlisted Inentll was Miss Shirley i Esmon (second from left), I9-year-old University of Indiana coed, shown at the army base following her crowning asLMiss Liberty From the left, are Col. Neal Creightogaf commanding officer; Miss Fomon, Pvt. R.

E. Kennedy, 19, of Noblesville, who submitted her photograph, and "Miss Liberty Belle's" mother, Mrs. Arthur Esmon of Indiandtpolis, Ind. i 1 I Man Dies at Wheel of Boat in Slough 1,1 11 CASTING ROD I ADVERTISEMENT 225' Frossard; and two daughters, Miss 1 Al Ili. -a ilinneys Dolores Frossard and Mrs McCloud.

I 0 en Dring V. AUTO DAMAGED? I a vp MOP NEIF N-1111111E ME, 1 MI, Ott the latest on fashions, values, store events front Nancy Dixon! Radie's shop. ping sleuth sees all, sells all! Listen ta Ming Dixon Ivory day, Monday thru Friday tisD 11243 P.M. TO 11:00 P.M. John W.

46, of MI. Weston a member of the Richmond Heights Fire Department, died yesterday of heart disease while at the wheel of a motorboat in Mississippi Slough, near the mouth of Dardennes Creek in St. Charles County. Surviving are 'a son, Richard gbh sOgil tp3ss Igtr 00110E111 A liT complIV31SIzItyl -a-- 7 7 77 1416.18 DBLMAR BLVD. Doctors say your kkIneYe Can Uhl 15 'EON of tiny or Inters whach help to purt13 CH.

6041 t- the blood and keep you healthy. When the) 1 tioctara say your kidneys contain 15 'miles of tiny I tubes or filters which help to purify the bloOd and keep you healthy. When their 1 i li OtMM Dr. J. Graber Wipe 'em out with a special, made.1 to-murder powder for ants only! Just sprinkle a half -inch line of Peterman Ant Killer across their fltvorite entrance door, window, crack so they have to cross the line to get in.

Your work's clone-1 Merely crossing the 'powder is sure death to ants. Odorless, economical comes with or without DDT. 11 11 Flown to us from cflfozn1LbyT Air Express, this smaning new post-war scientific casting rod ,1 eliminates wind deflection, tangled 11 fishing Lines because the line is loterstally gstided thromgh the sibs 11 ler rodl- Casting with it is eon. trolled. It results in rifle-shot aocuracy, puts your bait exactir I where you want it, :1 1 a 1 1 Sporting GoeitSeconil Noel get tired and don't work right in the daytima many people have to get up nights; sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kid- neysit bladder.

Don't neglect this condition and valuable. restful sleep. I When disorder Of kidney function 'permits polsonone matter to remain in your blood. it may idea cause nagging mg Pains, loss of I pep and ettgl. 'Welling.

Milligan under the eyes, headaches. and dizziness. Don wait! Ask your druggist for a( stimulant, diuretic used succeessfullyi by millions for over 40 years. Doan's rive ller and will help the IA-. tulles of 1 lkidney tubes flush out gelleeetle Wang from your blood.

Ott Doan's Pills. i 716 DENTIST 77 8 aert te 6 APPLY ot7 620 Olive (1) CHestnut 92551SOOTHMO Gas- on fATI-ni I ilVitt PLY ti ')141aftisei CV A 7161 MIT LtiLLErz AT YCX2 LTJGC51, Relieved In sleeve et dada Seer witty beck Whom excess sumach acid causes delield mete-eating gas. sour itestecti and Imembiarn, doctor' entails prescribe the tilitallt belles medicines bomb tor abootoloatio rellotmaedlolites Him these le Bell-anto No laxative. 8441 ens brings mentor la a Illts or beidle le ea double weed beet. 25- Zoo to Get Penguins Soon After Being Four Years Without One Penguins, an Indirett war casualty at Forest Park Zoo, are expected to be in residence there next week for the first time in four years.

A shipment of the tuxedoed Antarctic birds has just arrived in New York, where Zoo Director George P. Vierheller will go Sunday to make selections. In addition to penguins, Vierheller hopes to recruit from a shipment from West Africa additional young chimpanzees, to take part in next season's chimp circus. Be-11 cause of inability to import animals during the war, performing chimps have fallen to an all-time low in numbers and penguins which died were never replaced. The New York "shopping trip" i is Vierheller's firstfor animals at leastin nearly five years and will probably be followed by many more as he replenishes specimens lost during that time.

Zoo population has declined to around 1400, compared with a peak of 2032 in 1941. ADVERTISEMENT. Rheumatic! Happy; Relieves Pain Quid Thousands of Ruggiero from the torturing pains due to rheumatism. sciatica. lumbago neuralgia and neuritisare mighty happy over the discovery of NORITO.

Now they have found a quick-acting formula which speedily relieves those exhausting muscular aches and pains. NORITO is trustworthy and dependable really works fast. If you want to feel again the joy of relief from painen you cm stork in and sleep in comfortbe wise and try peace and under this ironclad guarantee. If the very three doses do not relieve that crud pain to vvur salisfactionyour money will be refunded. Don't suffer.

See your druggist today and get NORITO on this guarantee. Antiseptic UNGVENTINZ soothes ell the little injuries that plague a simmerscrapes, scratches, iserea bites Arad skim imitatioas as well as Ell IL: FOR YOUR BONDS AND 0 VALUABLE PAPERS 0 RENT 4. Booklond Trust Cmpany SAFE DEPOSIT BOX 0 '4 716 Locust itroit OrtGUE111711110 La Norwich Product "Pr 1 Mod. to Rigid Navy SpociRcations '11 Now At Approximoto Govornmont Cost Stint for Maxim- iins Lon. wearing Sorvics Hard To Boat For Any Work Shoo Purpose Syllabi.

'for: wants a maximum sitnrice wiwit shoe fanners, Construction men lumbermen, -all outdoor Ivorkenin. 1 GICIttlESS AND ACCIDEliT ItISUiZATICE After pay' for the year 1944 General Electric added $35,000,003 more in employee I which, plui company-contrilouted social security payments, WILS much as the stockholders got.1 I In life insurance; $26 million has been paid to G-E families over a ieriod of years. In cash for employee suggestions, $1,800,000 has been paid to workers since the plan began. employees' security la not new. Such 'activities have been going on for years.

with fewer worries work more eMciently, face the future with more conftdence are better citizens in the community where they live. Every employee hasia stake in ttte future of General Electric. For out of its succecsand only out of tRUM3 conle further advances in livirig standards. That is the aim of General :0 not alone for emloyets, but for the gem by new and better continuotely I i illi 11 1 i tio tO i. 10 tt Open end Saturday Night Till 9:30 1 1 tj ItO 7111' 1 I Ica ad.

1 1 i 1101'1 I 11? i i nill 7,.. It IF l'rS NAltlf -i 411P 4117) 1 it; 11, 4, il -I- ital II 1 11 11), 7. 4 I 0 Ad ihr, 1 11 ft 1 1. 1 1' al S. I 1 d.

I' NJ .0 0 I 1 4 1 1 Li I 1 1 a eta 0 I DV km-maga, 1 4t) 1 4 a a 4-, ftft ,1 i lC-------, 11 i 1 I 0 0 0 AiittlESS AND 7 4 4 i ACCIDEFIT ItisurtAticE 0 1 Rf I 111 C4 01 I I I -i i Quality Sold i 5.9 or i l' i 1 1 b- 4. p4 I 1 I 1 0 0 1 rrillErsititT 'Ns. 1 i 1 int ou rt-, I ittcot.1 1 kf 1 gt! lP3'111 1141 1 141 a I 4 I 'a a 7.4 1 a I i a aa A4Z teu "4 I i i 14k 1 1 1 I i 1 1 l'' 1 cl' '4 all'. 41) Ad dj A- 1 1 ,) 11 ,4 rA 4 1 1 1 1 i rah, I 44 1 Mad to Rigid Navy' I 114s'f 1 1 4 4, 4 a tat Specifications N- 'lle-- -N 1 1 rb I Tr -0 Now At Approximat -I--7-- -4'- 1 a' it, a. Geventment Cost u- :41: -se -e--; ---11- gailt for Maxim- am Len2- a 0.

wearing Service c-- i I Hard To Boat For Any Work Shoe Parpose 1'41 44.,.... i 4, A 1 1, 'r fte i '-'7---- i i d. a. 0 WI I I 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 After IL1.1 ng paY 411111tittP014 for the yeer 1945 i employeie security Is not new. Suolii have 't Electric added.

,000,003 more in employee been on for i i I 1 pl company-contributed socal- ty Employees wtth fewer more eMciently, 1 payments, 'Was much as the stockholders' i face the future with more Confldence are better eltizqm 1 4 In life insurilnee $26 million has been paid to G-E I in the community where they live. over pi i i 3 0 d. Of years. Every employee hasia stake in the future of Gertral i 1 i 0414, tanik I r- 4 Suitable for. any, manwho families a i cash for employee irtiggeetione $1,800,000 has.

Electric. For cut of its su' ccecsand (mil, out of EtICSM3 I l'. 1 eoestet looStm elo- -4 wants omaxinguen se wi)dc- i per. moo side 11 isoreeesi, pert el 444.) 4 .4 menc lumbermen, infireaderse been paid to Isrofkete since the plan began. I can iceaMe fintlier advances in living 'e ten(larda That I Ink stile set for 4t1tok Wits) inkiest.

eine sho fantutrs, construction 1 1 lastdo teeters. highest evellty I In income paid to retired employees, over $42, I. le the aim of General 21, not alone for fink's triers fer lolibik 4 leek uoril robber 1 t' iretereseisfine lil nesetio a 'i ll eutdoor vtarianen. I Lon has been paid to date i' i 1 i. but tor the bi bc'tter, i 1 1.

1. The irractiOal interest Gral Electric takt3' in Continuovrly G000loo Good. 1 i 1 Ver 6.1 1 4, Co I 1. Iii Noss. toe oort Sea.

IS I rCrtge 0 i II! gay; sowoods COO. 1, i l', feet Mo. oil-loos or mos ass l'f--71, (7-3 47-1 47--) tr----) --------) t---', 73 i Liao Ileather geom. tiw sad glade volosho pocket lialLte staocA mew logger wors pill visas charAtt. Sate leettwor envie, lf Oa tbelSid, el000lor pocket coo haus sTa.331 Reis.

tookeer wer 224 an SI 11 ti WAY at Casten Craves It. I..

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