The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on December 19, 1931 · Page 9
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 9

Brooklyn, New York
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Saturday, December 19, 1931
Page 9
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BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, NEW YORK. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1931 9 Paramount, Strand and Fox Offer New Talkies Theater News Rian James Mf IN NEW TALKIE D. MONTGOMERY The Cinema Circuit Reverting to Type By RIAN JAMES By MARTIN DICKSTEIN 'Heaven on Earth Portray Life on the Mississippi at the Paramount 'Speckled Band and '-Good Sport Also Have Local Premiere as it is about to go hurtling over the falls is effectively depicted in p ' I H5yA I;' J Rewards of Merit Outhrie McCllntlc has engaged Mary Michael, who has been general understudy for all the feminine roles except Elizabeth Barrett in Katharine Cornell's company of "The Barretts of Wimpole Street at the Empire for the part of Mrs. Clemens with Pauline Lord In "Distant Drums" as recognition of her splendid performance of Henrietta which she played for six performances, during Margalo Gillmore's illness last week. She will be succeeded as understudy at the Empire by Stella Moore, niece of Mrs. Patrick Campbell. Edward Potter, who has been acting Charles Moulton Barrett, one of Elizabeth's brothers In "The Barretts of Wimpole Street," also is being promoted In futherance of Miss Cornell's and Mr. McCllntic's policy, by being given the character of Nathan Pike In "Distant Drums"; Ian Emery, son of Edward Emery, and nephew of Charles Waldron, the elder Barrett of the Cornell cast, succeeds Potter at the Empirt Theater. p'.v " teilllf 'Heaven on Earth' A Universal picture based on the novel, "Mississippi," by Ben Lucien Burman; directed by Russell Mack and presented at the Brooklyn Paramount. THE CAST States Etty Lew Ayres Towhead Anita Louise Captain Lilly.. Harry Beresford Vergie Elizabeth Patterson Merchant.... Slim Summerville ACROSTIC IN DEFENSE OF MODERN POETRY Ah, friend, lament the Shakespeare nor the Keats, But be content at least to compromise. All folly lor the poet now who bleats Love's tender lays to stars in ladles' eyes! Loyal, of course, to fundaments of love, I - And differing but to look to no illusion, Do we, the moderns, seek our stars above-Ever to find them in Divine profusion. I am not prone to strike discordant notes. , Nevertheless, I feel that you are wrong Do you not know there's music in our throats ' Endeavoring vainly to burst out in song . Forced back but by the wisdom we have earned? Ever must modern progress trample under! '. Nothing Is sweet, my friend, when we have learned ' Spring 14 the mistress of a brute named Thunder I End your lament! - And meet your fate half way. ' Odious, true, romantic rhyme is dead; Free verse like, love may hold Ignoble sway; Moonlight and lines of romance long since bled ' Our hearts of passion's brilliant hue, I think Do we seem less the poets if we make . Even our poems with a lighter ink? Read them and criticize them (while we quake) ' Not giving thought to all that I have said! Pity no heart whose red has turned to rust! Only the truly famished relish bread 1 , Envied by no man for their humble crust! To pens of the Great, I bow with grace benign-Resting with brows beneath the laurel vine You write your rhymes, but leave me, Prince, to mine! ELEANOR AUSTIN spite of the fact that it was probably all done In miniature. BEST SCENES: An excellent shot of the floating shanty Town taken from the deck of. a passing river steamer, and that cleverly faked scene of the rescue on the brink of the falls. BEST PERFORMANCES: Lew Ayres, as States; Harry Beresford, as Captain Lilly, and Elizabeth Patterson, in an important character role, are excellent. PHOTOGRAPHY: First rate. AUDIENCE RECEPTION: Applauded at finish. FAMILY SUITABILITY: Excellent. FOR CHILDREN: Recommended. GENERAL RATING: A finely acted and directed drama of old days along the Mississippi. Russ Columbo and the Mills Brothers again feature the Para-mount's stage show this week. Buck and Bubbles, the former Ziegfeld Follies stars, and Eleanor Powell also are on the bill. A special Christmas overture is played by the concert orchestra, and Merle Clark and Elsie Thompson offer Yuletide selections at the twin organs. Cast 'Gifts' Rice When Elmer Rice arrived at the Plymouth Theater last night to bid goodby to the cast of "Counsellor- at-Law" prior to his sailing at midnight for a West Indies cruise, he found himself the guest of honor at In the revival of 'Fata Morgana,' coming to the Royale Theater ChrUtma night. a surprise gathering of the entire TYPE OF ENTERTAINMENT: Drama. STORY: Lew Ayres plays the role of States Etty, a lad who leads a happy life chugging up and down the Mississippi on Captain Lilly's old river packet. States always had believed that Cap'n Lilly (Harry Beresford) was his pappy, but when he learned that both his parents had been "poor white trash" who died in Shanty Town years before, he left the white-haired skipper and went back to live with his kinfolk in the rickety old houseboats from which Shanty Town got its name. There he fell in love with Tow-head (Anita Louise) and everything went along smoothly enough until Old Man River rose up and swept the houseboats away. And when it looked as if Slates and Towhead and old Vergie (Elizabeth Patterson) were going to be drowned in the flood, there was old Cap'n Lilly and his trusty hind-wheeler standing by to pick them up and take them off to some happier existence far from the squalor of Shanty Town. COMMENT: "Heaven on Earth" (it was called "Mississippi" in Ben Lucien Burman's original novel) is company. Louise Pressing, In behalf of the cast, presented Mr. Rice with a copy of "Counsellor-at-Law" specially bound and bearing an illuminated inscription page on which appeared the signatures of every member of the company. Paul Muni, near-star of the play, also made a little speech. that the husband isn't worth the effort, is related in "Good Sport" at the Fox Theater this week. It is not one of the best pictures the Fox has shown this season, but, thanks to good performances by Linda Watklns and John Boles, it Donald Cook, appearing with Dorothy Mackaill in 'Safe in Hell,' current attraction at the Manhattan Strand. At the Strand Those who like Sherlock Holmes mystery adventures (and who doesn't?) should go to the Brooklyn Strand this week to see "The Speckled Band." This film was produced in England, and Raymond Massey, who appeared on Broadway recently in "Hamlet," impersonates A. Conan Doyle's fabulous master sleuth. This time Sherlock sets out ought to do very nicely for moviegoers who aren't too particular. miss watklns, who was the girl No Let Up "The Social Register," starring1 i FORE AND AFT Lenore Ulric, will not suspend per reporter not so long ago in "Sob Sister," plays the neglected wife. Mr. Boles Is the sympathetic young Plays and Players According to the rumorlsts, the defunct SUndee World may have Its face lifted. ... And to hear Martin Dickstein tell it, that Flat-bush Ave. beauty parlor is advertising "Permanent Waves for a short formances during next week, but will continue its run at the 48th Street Theater. man who ultimately convinces her that husbands are not always worth bothering about. Alan Dinehart is the husband, and Greta Nissen is to solve the mystery surrounding the sudden death of a young heiress, discovers that she was poisoned by a deadly reptile and fails to appre Russell Hardie of 'Society GirV Lost Motorcar Job and time only.'' , , . One of the funniest things so far was to hear that rose peddler outside the.Roxy Theater complain that he couldn't do any business because of all the "panhandlers" around. . , . Oh yes, and AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN hend the villain who engineered the Took to the Stage Adams-Skinner Going South Stage Gossip whole dastardly plot only because the snake beats him to it. "The Speckled Band" Is capably 2 1 the hardboiled James Cagney, who is one of the screen's swellest .emoters, was once a chorus boy. . . . Rudy Vallee, who, In the estimation of the Vallee fans around town, Isn't slipping whatsomever, will retire for a much needed rest when "The Scandals" folds, which prob a beautifully photographed and sensitively Interpreted story of old days along the Mississippi. Its particular the very blond and very attractive hussy who is responsible for all the fuss. "Good Sport," as we said, Isn't very good . . . but we've seen a lot worse. A feature of the new stage bill at the Fox is Tess Gardell, the famous "Aunt Jemima" of the radio. The Fanchon and Marco revue is called "Vacation Days," because its scenes acted not only by Mr. Massey, as If Henry Ford had not dismissed the resourceful Sherlock, but by in Theodore St. John's play, "Adam's Wife," which will open at ably won't be for a long time to come. . . , Elmer (Counsellor-at-Law) theme Is the long-standing feud between the proud but impoverished Russell Hardie from his employ. "X MARKS THE SPOT" "white trash," whose dilapidated the Ritz Theater, Dec. 28. Mr, Dressler's last New York appear Rice, whose ;name wasn't on the passenger listsailed for the West Indies on the Kungsholm last night but Heywood Broun, whose name William Brandt might still be looking for a leading man for his houseboats line the river's banks. ance was In "Lysistrata." Others Athole Stewart, in the role of Dr. Watson, and Lyn Harding, who makes an appropriately sinister villain In the part of Dr. Rylott. Nancy Price and Angela Baddeley do good work in the two leading feminine roles. It's a picture worth seeing. new play, "Society Girl," which be and their traditional enemies, the steamboat men, who take keen delight in making the shanty towners' gins its career at the Majestic, Henry Santroy ct Orch. Al Mtmsai Formerly B'klyn Dodfers Joe Browlni-Vol a Walters-Bert Natl Brooklyn, next Monday night. lives miserable. was, didn't. ... Incidentally, until you've heard Nat Lief's "Song of the Columnists," which will erupt with Heywood Broun's new show, you haven't heard anything oh yes, they warble It In street-cleaners' garb. .. . Havana's. Sevilla-Blltmore Hotel, which is swankier than that even, will be dormant for the season, to hear the tootlers tell It. . . . And a lot of the boys around the office had a lot of fun last week mak are laid In a number of America's most famous holiday resorts. Among the performers are Zelda Santley, "Little Miss Everybody;" Three Jacks and a Queen, in an adagio number; Lee and Ralph, Kathleen Kay and the Sunkist Beauties. Hal Beckett's organ songfests are still a popular feature at the Fox. It's a subject which hasn't been Hardie was secretary to the man Midnight Shows Tonite approached very often by the movies (at least, it has never been used VALENCIA BANCROFT Jamaica, L. I. ''Rich Man's Polly" engaged for "Adam's Wife" are Sylvia Field and Victor Kllian. A Busy Little Singer Ethel Merman, featured songstress In George White's "Scandals," at the Apollo, has played 21 benefits since "Scandals" opened, 14 weeks ago. vVolvea in January Maurice Schwartz, co-starring with Helen MacKellar in his production of Ernst Toller's "Bloody before In the talkies) and, consequently. "Heaven on Earth" im ager of the Ford office in Buffalo, his home town, when the automobile manufacturer sent out orders to cut down the force. This was in 1926, and Hardie was the first to be glred. He got a job with the McGarry Players Stock Company. For your added entertainment the Strand is showing also this week a new Ted Huslng "Sportslants," an amusing Looney Tune cartoon entitled "The Fox Hunt," and Horace Heidt in a musical short called "The Melody Master." John Hammond continues at the organ. At the Fox The story of a young wife who ing ice cubes out of a gallon of anti-freeze mixture in the Home Guild ice box. . . . Now that Lillian Roth and Earl Carroll have outsed, the KINGS AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN Flatbush-TlldenAvs. former's spot will be occupied by Lillian Dawson, whom,. Earl Carroll presses one mainly by the freshness of Its material. Later, In the flood scenes, in which States swims the rapids to rescue his beloved Tow- PITKIN discovered selling sheet music in a Winnipeg, Canada, store. "TOUCHDOWN" Rlrhnrd Arlrn Jack Oakie PSCT Shannon ttrgim Toomcr Pltkln-SaratoiaATS.I head, the picture does revert to a type of old movie thriller that has Subsequently he appeared with the Court Players in Buffalo, the Empire Players in Newark, the Lyceum Players in Memphis and with the GATES long since gone out of fashion. But tries tojearn the secrets of holding a husband from a group of ladies of the evening, only to decide finally even these sequences have oeen Wagner Company in Buffalo. He did so well in stock that William filmed with so keen an eye to fine dramatic and photographic effects, that they stand out among the best AMUSEMENTS BROOKLYN Harris Jr. cast him in the leading juvenile of "The Criminal Code." MAJESTIC The Great Germs Brrecn Operetta "Zwei Herien I "Two Heart. im34TktH liniWalUTimt" I Noon Tntll P.M., Me: Bros. Me Next W: "SOCIETY GIRL." Stats Now things In the production. When the New York rnn ended, HELD OVER 2nd BIG WEEK! Those police department autos now have raddio equipment. . . . And the reason that Russ Columbo no warble from the Waldorf, over the ether, is that his contract with a local broadcaster no permit. . . . And speaking of raddio although a large ciggie outfit paid less than a hundred dollars for a Havana band, for one of its programs, it cost 'em over five thousand dollars to broadcast that band from Havana! . . . Ukulele strummers can't get union cards because the Union doesn't consider the Uke a musical instrument! . . . Although the reviewers have It, Christopher Morley's swell new tome, "Swiss Family Manhattan," won't be out officially until the 7th of next mo. but the lines are forming Particularly impressive in the new DEBATE CAN SOCIALISM ELIMINATE ECONOMIC DEPRESSIONS? "ORRIS HILLQUIT v.. CEORGE CORDON BATTLE Sunday, Dec. 20,8:30 P.M. Brooklyn Academy of Music 30 Lafayette Ave. near Flalbush Ave. Tickets $l-50c.-25c. at Box Of fi,RatidBookStore,7E. 1 5thSt.,N.Y.C. Sunday, Dec. 27th. Lecture ALEXANDER W00LLC0TT Auspices B'ltlyn Forum Socialist Parly Laughter," at the 49th Street Theater, announces that "Wolves" will be his third production of the season. This is a play by Romain Rol-land, best known as the author of "Jean Christophe," and will be given in the authorized translation by Barrett H. Clark. "Wolves" was originally written as one of a trilogy of dramas. Mr. Schwartz will probably present it about the middle of January. "Bloody Laughter" is scheduled to run until the opening of "Wolves." Hardie went West to appear in a Coast production of the play. He film at the Paramount are tne handsome outdoor scenes showing Cap'n Lilly's proud old packet came back to New York to play in Pagan Lady" with Lenore Ulric. This season he played opposite Mae West in "The Constant Sinner," and now he is to share acting re steaming majestically down the river. And the episode in which the big coal burner tows the drifting houseboat back to safety just KLYN fuHon 4 Sockwtlt Sherlock Holme now. . . . They found another crop of that Marlhuanna the drug weed the locals smoke In ciggie form growing In a vacant Flatbush lot. . 'n The Speckled Band Mldnlt Show TONITE Kioim on I!!.: lyiVf j? sod MCOVouhvills ti - Spain 'i Famous Dancer ?i$ib''-L and Seville Troubadours nXn AMUSEMENTS MANHATTAN AMUSEMENTS MANHATTAN sponsibilities with Claire Luce in "Society Girl." , Adams-Skinner Tour The tour of Maude Adams and Otis Skinner in "The Merchant of Venice" will be resumed a Ford's Theater, Baltimore, on Dec. 25. The reason Toscanlni is quitting the Philharmonic Is that he's ailing, and will flit to Europe shortlee for treatment. . . . Add: Things to Make a Scribe Sit Down and Think: Although Vachel Lindsay achieved world fame as a poet, he left an estate of less than a thousand dollars THE GROUP THEATRE presents E by Claire Ac Paul Sifton 19 3 1 John Tin Drnten'i Comedy Dmi AFTER ALL With HELEN HAVE BOOTH Th.. 43, W. of B'way. LA. 4-B348 when he passed away! . .' . The fair sex is doing all right in certain local speaks which serve 'em all they want at noon time and toss In Under the Auspices of The Theatre Guild Em. 8:40. Matinee Today J: 40 They will visit the big cities of the South and Southwest, playing one or two nights in most places. No announcement regarding a Brook a luncheon too. for two dollars! . . . That caricaturist down at El HALPERIN TeHi yov fjbort wofitMt Vm?? m MsVrOTondon UcsmAvtx "IT H An NOKr. KXUIIHntnr lis II THAN ANY OTHER PLAV IN TOWN" HEYWOOD BROUN. MANSFIELD Thea.. 4"th St., W. of B'way Ergs. 4: Sat. 60c to t'2. 50. Thlirs. Mat. 50c to til THE THEATRE GUILD presents REUNION IN VIENNA A comedy by ROBERT E. SHERWOOD MartlnBeckThea.,45St.4Ar. FEnn.-IOA En. 11:40. Matinees Today V Thnrs. :40 lyn booking has yet been made. Another Record Goes FRANCINE LARRIMORE i-gRIEF MOMENT BELASCO Thea., W. 44 St. ru a. in at,. Matinee Wed. Sat. S:30 tl, 0.4U MUf Chico's, in the Villich, who is sketching the guests nightly, is Arroyito, whose rep is .something to write home about, in Spain. . , . Matinee Idles' can now check their' Christmas packages in the lobby of the local Fox. . . That Tess Gardell, starring there, Incidentally, reached the heights as the Aunt Jemima of "Show Boat," and Is now playing in "white face" for the first time being Just another local girl who WITH CAPITOL THEATER STAfiE REVI'E, "HIGH HAT REVI'E" LOEW'S VALENCIA, Jamaica AV GKOBt.E BANCROFT In B1CH MAN'S EOLLT WITH LOKW'S "ACE" VAUDEVILLE I.OEW'S PITKIN, Pitkin 4 Saratoga.. Touchdown: Richard Arlen; Cliltord A Marloa LOEW'S BAY RIDOK, 72d ft 3d RONALD COLMAN, Unholy Garden; Bah LaSalle LOEW'S 4HTH ST., 46 ft N. Utrecht. .. Ronald Colman, Unholy Garden; Frank Convllla LOEW'S GATES, dates ft Broadway.. RONALD COLMAN, Unholy Garden; S Bl( Acta ON LOEW'S PERFECT TALKING SCREENS LOEW'S KINGS. Flatbush ft TUden... TOUCHDOWN, Richard Arlenl LAUREL HARDY LOEW'S HILLSIDE, Jamaica Men In Her Life, Lois Moran; Harry Lander Short LOKW'S BEDFORD, Bedford-Bergen, v RAM A V aa. Mjasvow m a A fJ LOEW'S WILLARD, Woodhaven ( in "Tha Unholy Cardan" LOEW'S KAMEO, m. Pkway-Nostrand. ' A Zasa Pitts A Tbeima Tadd Comedy FOJ ORTWCS The endurance record of the R-K-O Palace, established by Lou Holtz, William Gaxton and Lyda feAsLDEE Robertl, will be tied today when JAMES B. POND presents CORNELIA OTIS SKINNER la her sensational novelty hit "THE WIVES OF HENRT VIII" lOALM SQ.WAImn the current bill, with Eddie Cantor made good. , fVeuoa. and George Jessel as the stars, enters into the eighth consecutive The world's swellest German dialect belongs to your V. O. Eagle's A V O N I Every En. Inrl. Sundays at :. W. 45 St. I Pep. Price Mate. Thiirt Sat. LAST PERFORMANCES Bonclcanlt's Comedy Melodrama STREETS OF NEW YORK J QiL ST. THEA. Certains t:40 4k :4 OUIs.0f B'way I Nishts gl.OO to 1.1.00 Popnlar Matinee Satarday. SOe to $2 KATHARINE CORNELL "P Barretts of Wimpole Street EMPIRE. B'way 4r 40 St. . 30 Sharp Mats. Wed. . Rat. 8:30 ' Maurice McLoughlin, who is Irish! . . . You can't get into the visitor's week. Can- in New Play Alexander Carr, who appeared gallery of the Stock Exchange these days, even with a pass, what with the execs being wary of bomb-throwers. ... It may be the Four Marx FEATURE FILMS SHOWING TODAY rOUNSELLOR-.t-LAW By ELMER RICE, with PAUL MUNI PLYMOUTH Thea.. W. 45 St.P .?0 LA. 4-B720. Mots. Thur. Sat."'1- P'" nere last in "The Wooden Soldier Brothers at the Palace, if the present Cantor-Jessel thing ever peters at the Biltmore, has been engaged by Charles Rowe for a leading role In the comedy, called "Half a Life" out. . . . When that new Sunday tab emerges, come the 10th of January, PHILIP MERIVALE i A modern piny from tht novel "An lmprUot Loiter' It'll have a roto section all in color. . . . Buddy Rogers, who isn't going YNARA to do any more flickers after all, may go Ziegfeld, and may lead a MAX GORDON presents JHE CAT AND THE FIDDLE by JEROME KERN and OTTO HARBACH GLOBE THEA., B'way, 411th St. Evs. 8:30 Good Bale. Seats at Box Office SI to :on Matinees WEDNESDAY and SAT. 8:30 BAY. RIDGE SECTION TOMORROW Partway, 6Bth-Pt. Hamilton Pky. . . . Yellow Ticket: Sidewalks af W. T . O. Bohlasoa Park Theatre, 44th St. ft 5th Av Four Mars Brothers, Monkey Business. .John Gilbert BEDFORD SECTION Apollo, Fulton St. ft Throop Av S Features Tauirhl Plastered) alsa Tab National Thea., 720 Washington Av.. .The Reckless Hour: also Arlsona Lew Avrea Regent, Fulton St. ft Bedford Av The Last Flight; also Penrod and Sam. . .Lew Ayrea Savoy, Bedford Av. ft Lincoln PI Vaudeville; Are These Our Children, Special Cast BOROUGH HALL AND DOWNTOWN SECTION the Joint work of T. Reginald Arkell and L. F. Levenson. The play will open on Broadway on Jan. 18. Brady Hires Dressier William A. Brady has engaged Eric Dressier for an important role at tht Duffteld, Duffleld ft Pulton Sts Five Star Final; also Arlsona SaaM Momart, 590 Fulton St t Features Palmy Days; alsa Beloved Bachelor St. eore Playhouse. 100 Pineapple. . Features Palmv Days; alsa Clsea Kid Terminal. 4th Av. ft Dean St Five Star Final: alsa Arlsona. . .Foar Mara Brother RESTAURANTS MANHATTAN FRANK LIBUSE& GILBERT MILLER presents HELEN HAYES ia MOLNAR'S New Comedy THE GOOD FAIRY "One af the few triple-starred, immediately recem-eaendable entertainments In town." dilbrrl Ciftrtel, N. y. American HENRT MILLER'S THEA.. 184 W. 43d St. ETga. :"0. Mats. Thnrs. and Sat. 8:40 BRIGHTON BEACH SECTION Tniedo, Ocean Pky. nr. Brighton L. . Are These Our Children; Huckleberry Finn. . . . Sama Vw'dk :- until MADH02I awaaon local band or both. , . . One of the Movie Mags for January announces that Gloria Swanson MAY become the wife of that Farmer feller which she became about three months agol . . . Although Ruth Etting has been offered an amount of Whaf It Takes that would make you gasp, for a series of radio broadcasts, what will make you gasp even louder is the information that she refused It, and Is now holding out for double the original amount, which she'll probably get. . . . This Is the likable Abe Lyman's last week at the local Fox, a couple of million Lyman fans will be sorry to hear. ... Noble (Park Central) Sissle and his ace band have gone Loew Vaude on the side. . . . The Roxy Theater has installed a flock of voting machines by means of which the customers can register their reactions to the programs. ... "The Little Racketeer" has gone Into rehearsal again and will probably debut on Beeway any day now. . . . And the reason Nellie Revell never takes her coat off in a night club these days is because she's afraid they'll steal the buttons off it. ... Or don't you C. . .A. . .D? RALPH ' MorogcoThe.,4a,W.ofB'y.Evi.8:4ft.Mt.a:40 PARL CARROLL VANITIES with WILL WILLIAM MITCHELL MAHONET DEMAREST DURANT Company of 200 60 Glittering Scenes 75 of the World'! Moat Beautiful Olrls NllhtsEntlreOreb.$0 Entire Cfl.TJa at Unusual Price Balcony 'ut Sat.Mets.S0e-K.50. Xmas Day Mat. 50e-tt Tickets For New Tear's Ere Now Selling EARL CARROLL THEA.. Hi. 4 M St. EVERYBODY'S WELCOME The esnsleal comedy of eons hltsl ft HUBERT Thea., 44th St., West of B'way Ers. 8:30. SI to M: Mate. Wed. ft Sat. t:80 THE THEATRE GUILD presents EUGENE O'NEILL'S Trilogy Mourning Becomes Electa Composed of 3 plays presented on 1 day Homecoming. The Hnnted. The Haanted Commencing at 5:30 sharp. Dinner Intermission of one hour at 7. No matinees. GUILD THEATRE, Sid St- W. of B'way Z E L AYA GRAVE!' BUSHWICK SECTION Colonial, Broadway ft Chauncey St... One Way Trail; also Platlnam Blonde. .4 Man Bros. CROWN HEIGHTS SECTION Congress St John'sPl.-BtiffaltrAv. . Sin of Msdrlon Claudet; Sidewalks af W. T W. Rorera Rivera, St. John's PI. at Kingston Av. . Yellow Ticket; also Cisea Kid William Hainea FLATBUSH SECTION mamm DYKER Be a 4jSSbM. VISIT THE SENSATIONAL BALLYHOO RESTAURANT 203 W. 48th St., just west of B'way Presenting Nightly mt ' 7:80 Midnight t A.M. ELMER RICE'S COMEDY SUCCESS THE LEFT BANK w'ete"k A Play f Life In Paris LITTLE THEA., W. 44 St. Tel. LA. 4-BB8J Evgs. 8:50. Matinees Wed. and 8t. 2:30 rwur ESsCOKi sXMMD Flathnsh. Church ft Platbnsh Av. . . A Miracle Woman; alsa Arizona Sama Glenwood, 1475 Flatbush Av.. Rebound: also The Lawless Woman Ellssa Landl Granada, Church ft Nostrand Av. . , Spirit or Noire Dame; also Smart Money. M. Nlioa ,i',drr,5S,t'y 'I Av--Newkirk Av...Are These Our Children; Range Feud. .4 Man Bros. Newklrk Thea.. E. 18, nr. Newklrk... William Haines. Get-Rlrh-Quick Walllngford HOPE WILLIAMS I SOCKWHl rarasiue. natousn ft fargslda Avs.. . Norma Shearer. A Free Soul 7 a... JHE PASSING PRESENT ETHEL BARRYMORE Thea., 47. W. of B'y En. 8:40. Matinee Today 8:30 , PARK SLOPE 8ECTION JACK f'H I T E In a One-Ring Revel af Riotous Rhythm Carlton, Flatbush ft 7th Avs Four Man Brothers. Monbev Business .. Sanders. Prospect Pk. WestftHthSt. . Wm. Haines, Get-Rich-Quick Walilnsford. J. r.UK-.I KHSSOHO KEITHS I Hlli. EXPLORERS of the WORLD Bobby Sartford'a Ballyhoo Parade with JERRY BLANCIIARD and 8H - ma"-" tumm ataawrn 1 I " RONALD A COLMAN I GREEK?! MMOUUTM stMrf AVt Straleht-fram-the-ramera adventore classic bresthtaalm thrill fiTin( A Xnowsmith" ULYOU IfotyaW qn GORGEOUS on BALLYHOODLLMS 44th St. Twir uany Albee Square FRANKENSTEIN An Epie of Terror Trial oaiiy if Criterion 6:45-8:411. Sun. H"l. 3:uu-HserTed Seats. l - Hit tH HTI JAIITY off imsaaaal swit m iii DYKER BSth at nr s.h av. SEATS NOW ON SALE NEW YEAR'S EVE SHOWS 'la Dinner 2M ORPHEFM . Fulton ft Rockweli ) 1'K HOIT- -RALPH GRAVES S ALLY BLANR KEITH'S . ." .' Richmond Hill GRFFXPOfNT AOS U.nK'n lum Dancing Harry Felton't Orchestra THECHA1VIR Wallace BEERY JackieCOOPER ASTOR Theatre, Twice Daily, 2:40 .40 t times Sunday and Holidays, S 1 S 50 Mate. (Eie. Sat.) Sfte to SI.OO Eves. Sue to i.00 TILYOU . . opp. Steeplechase 1 " DANGEROUS AFFAIR" BROOKLYN OX THE WEEK'S BEST BETS WITH MUSIC: "Everybody's Welcome" . . "The Scandals" . . . "The Vanities" . . . "The Bandwagon" . . . and by all means "The Laugh Parade." . . . WITHOUT: "Springtime for Henry" . . . "Cynara" . . . "Counsellor-at-Law" . . . "Brief Moment" . . . "The Barretts of Wimpole Street" . . . and "The Passing Present." . . . FLICKER FAVORITES: "Tonight or Never" . . . "Explorers of the World" . . , "The Champ" . . . "Arrowsmith" ... and "Frankenstein." . . . AND JUST FOR FUN: Robert Montgomery in "Private Lives," at the Capitol . . . the Murals at the Ballyhoo Club ... The Mills Brothers at Connie's Inn ... the Hartmans at Will Oakland's . . . Escallopinl of veal at the Parisien . . . the genuwine shore dinners at the Hotel Taft ... Morton Downey, who returns to the Central Park Casino come next Tuesday night ... the warbling of Howard Joyner at Tlllie's in Hahlim . . . that new switch that cuts off your phone bell In the mornings . . . Kouznetzoff and Nicolina at the Russian Kretchma . . . stage femmes who pester you for an interview and then don't show up for it . . . Kay Lazell at the Little Club . . . and the West Indies for Christmas, New Year's and a Winter tan. . . . How ve yuh been? PROSPECT . 9th St. -5th Ave. Flatbuth Avnwt ond Navitii Sir) SHORE ROAD 86th St. -5th Ave. SARAH AND SON Ruth Chatterteaj Reservations, Rudy Baum, LOngacre 5-6630-6631 tJ'lr "Maker of Me." V Kith Jack Bolt IW RuthEttine iJrff NO COVER CHARGE EVER Norma SHEARFR R. Montgomery I "GOOD SPORT" sntk LINDA WATKINS JOHN SOUS On tftw atofo TESS GARDELL IAat Jamima) ABE LYMAN in staraon and his BAND mris A Manw'a "VACATION DAYS' Maa aa CENTURY CIRCUIT THEATRES : 20th CENTURY ENTERTAINMENT Bnrrah Mineritrh snd the Ie Msrco's a "PRIVATE, LIVtY' sm. a-vHu.Viihft Ranch iik -Orch. -r anions Symphony Orchestra. c FLATBUSH SECTION APltOL ft'sYsW"" ESTABLISHED 1882 Patla. Flatbush ft Mldwood A DANGEROUS AFFAIR. Jack Holt. Rlk K Ingsway. Kings Hgy .-Coney Isl.Av.. A DANGKROt'S AFFAIR, Jack Holt. Ralph Graven Klalte. Flatbush Av. ft Cortelyou Rd . . R TAT T n' Hit ktL, LJ B'way at 42nd CLOR1A SWANSON in "Toniarht or Never" Albemarle. Flatbush ft Albemarle. . . . IX7VT Avalon. Kings Hiv. ft E. 18th St aramount m tarragnt. Flatbush ft Rogers Avs. . v Marilyn Miller B'wmntiSta Mldwood. Ave. J ft E. 13th St Marine. Flatbush Av. ft Klnas Hev. LEW AYRES in "Heaven On Earth" ,tii ur inn riu bassuE, Wlltt Lea Carina GRETA GAHBO In Sasaa Lenox, with Clark Gakle . GRETA GARRO In Susaa Lenox, with Clark Gable . 3 Keatmes Men in Her Life and Sporting Chance . FDIllE CANTOR In Palmy Dave, with C. Greenwood . EDDIE CANTOR in Palmy Days, with C. Greenwood . Features I.asca of Rio Grande A Sporting Chanca . t Features Girls About Towa A Lasca of Rio Grande . .S Feat Monkev Business A Are These Our Childrea ,.! Features Palmy Days and shanghaied Lava Lean Errot W. C. Fields RUSS COLUMBO R IVOL1 ARTISTS at 49tl "SOOKY," with Jackie Cooper-RoWrt Coofaa 'Her Majesty LOVE' Manor, Coney Isl. Av. ft Ave. K . . . . Mayfalr, Coney Isl. Av. ft Ave. O. . , Sheenshead. Sheeo. Bav ft Voor. Av. Oemcitsf MILLS Br BUCK E BUBBLES "Smartest las al the season" Mirror Copyright, 1831, Brooklyn Dally Eagla, Empress, Empire Blvd. ft B iiyn Av .

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