The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 12, 1934
Page 3
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. SEPTEMBER .12,. 1984 OUR BOARDING HOUSE (Continned from Paw i)' Missouri Power company e»pl»ln- 'd that his company would soon reducing the white way lights il*W the city would »free vo 'pay lor service If h«d been getting free. He pointed put that (he city had ««n p*ylng what it agreed to pay *""••- in 1882 when 'the whiteway was ordered reduced but said that the eipense and trouble incident (o changing the wiring arrangement had been such that the Power company had con tlnued to furnish the service rather than make the change'. Now the power company Is ready to cut the number of whlteway lights burning all ijlgljt trom 60 to lit, Seabaugh said Although hard-pressed for money the city would pay for 50 lights rath«r th»n have the number reduced, the council decided also voicing a wish, that someway to ! provide for full lighting of the' eystwn during the fall could be! found. Sternberg and Hughes' plan' to take up a collection among the i merchants followed. j Mayor Bhane said that he had received reports that' some three .. dairies w»re having rhelr milk dis- V tnbuted here through a pasteurization plant delivery and believed • that all could be taxed either directly or through the delivering dairy on the basis of number of cows «i well as for the pasturiza- tion plant fee. The plant is out- fide the city limits. License Ittat Kaiwd A gin, a short distance out of town, Is engaging In the coal business In competition with firms inside the city It was repoited. "Under certain conditions they, can be made to pay a license and under other conditions they cannot," Mayor Shane stated, urging City Attorney Sam Manatt to look into the matter. Ross Beavers, city . clerk, said he had had protests ftora "every dealer in town" about the gin-coal firm. The city was attacked In somewhat heated fash- ; lor) fey a representative or a coal firm inside the city limits two ytUf ago for buying coal from the."outeide firm"', which did not pay a privilege license, in preference to "inside rums" which contributed to the city's revenue. '^fhf council still wanted to take Ho action, Mayor Shane found, When the matter of the J25 penalty plus actual costs for breaking the city pavement was brought up. "™— mayor told of an .actual case. YEH, DOPE-;—YOU VE KfcN .., COURT SO lAANY TIMES, TW* GAVEL "RAPS A<3A\NfeT VOU WOULU t»\VET*AIV- SP\K£€, A, TX5UBLE Tf^ACK FROM TO T3&NVER;--—"BUT VOU ^ £>OT Ttf COLLA'R-TS^ACj INTO GOLftcT VET "FOR SWINl>LINCb,1^lT "RIPE FOR IT/—1 COT A I _ WORKING pYtRTrA'GOLD fAINE- <5YP YOU (VNE ON / '/^sL^i Him^ BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Today's Markets BvAherr >P-I USEt> TO . YOU APOUND WHEN YOU WERE A TOT,— AND ONE DfxV I W/V£> LlFT!NCb YOU UP TO SEE YOUR "REFLECT ION HOR&E-TROUGH, —AND YOU SLIPPED, — AN'o FELL ON ' YOUR HEA-Dr-<\ND I'VE OFTEN < I WONDERED-vj K}"fi' <30)N6 THRU W\TH IT =' Wide Variety of Building J \ ' p Work Is Now Underway Here convenient, Mr. and Mis. H. H. Lewis- have had built-in cabinets installed. Farm property Is also being im- Everything from small repairs to I A (he construction of modern mi- are (fences is included In a resume of and New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 12 (UP) _ Cotion dosed barely steady. op™ high low claw 001 I25U 1303 iVJi U9I V 01 ' '312 1110 lliO-i 1301 Jan iim IMS ijo,, lm March nas im ,3,5 U16 May 13 TO 133;, I3 . i( , 3 ,, Jlll >' MM 1X18 1325 njs Spots clou'd quid :it 1U15. oil 15, New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 12 illl>)-- Thf cotion iiinrltpt sagged i«i«y due to (airly fuvornblc crop «,-a- icpoits, and Browing t ness of the textile slrlke sHnutUm. OUCH JllKll Joiv clo.s" K'10 1304 12W ISiir, Mairh 1320 );)23 U2U 1315 lly 1335 1335 laatj Eiwls clos«l steady in i:m, O [| II. ««, poanut, ,» addition ,c Only R Irndlng in |iiOb]»cl iiiiill tlieio nro i'l't-iliuie try off«wd fretljr on th» mocnliis bu!«< «iul 275,000 buitwli w*re booked, the Urges! tot several PAGE THREE t*m of school*, An •nolit»at for •utatltut* work •houfftarY • minimum of two ye»ra of college training, including 18 term hoilr* l sit h»vi W * h ' Mho01 Bhouid ^nti'ihn; ihc> nmrkfi. Prtee * | NEW YORK, Sept. 12 (OP) close, stocks displayed u firmer tune to- 0|x-n lilsh low 1<IU 3-1 IK 7-8 lO.'i l-'i 107 1.2 107 3-4 iw IM 1-8 BUtM'^rnmom'bCBJrc^tai. ly the home owners lonn Issues, sharply, Wheat declined more llinn n cent a bushel and cot Chicago Corn Ki'p I),X- open 73 1-8 19 7-8 high 79 3-4 DO 3-4 low 7H 1-2 ID 1-2 I'lOM? 7u o-a •n 1-2 W. K. KIC1IMOM) ,v (;o; S W. K K It II.MOXII x- cos 1 AITKItN'OON (iKAIN I.KTTKK (-IllCACiO, S:-]il. 12—Whcitt rlc- I'doiMMl 11 modi-rule Incronu' In iicllvlly liKliiy. Inn (lie inidrrttmo w;is nervous, and iihll,! idere UIID 11 mud-Miilc lulvaiu.'? rariy. ;;uirH?ni pre.'smo apptMivd in || IL > Killer 'iTKK'piiri ol tin- illusion td biinij alum rolio'i '-I- "•" L~ L '' H la ~ TI>e I " ssl ' s "' imiiiiid u mil. - t.Kct uoiKed ^ruduiilly 'I'lu- Ciumdliiii Kuvniiim-m IVIKIII l«Mr ih,-oj, B l, most of today'., showing So m,wl,,U br^" l k o s oi nnd closed on Hie liotlum wliwil and oats limn inji vi-ui's n-i prices averaging 15 pulnts'snmll outturn, h,,,l ]|i t | L . -,',- no 'thirty I'llVci lierc- or at WT.iiilpuB, The growing -seriousness of the nlllioiisli there was 40111; .ii-lllnu textile .strike niut more favorable '" lllL ' 'Miff market liiu-i- .liu- 10 wraihr/r and crop roiwns prompt- Ul1 ' >^~ that the' irpuit d!d 'nni e<l j.ome solllnn «nd little iiijijiorl. " 1Bkc H'e bullish ihuwlng huijed came from any quarter. The strike , lo1 ' U V Ioil t! s - hns already become more wide-1 Ccm svns ni'llvc diiiUii; the spread tlian looked for nt thft '"ornlns on loual UiiyhiR which llll- sttiri ami loday's nnnouiiccniMit '"'" ' "-' uy imion leaders Ihat they were prepared for another moiilli of l"' lc « n major ducilon. lull ration should be made In writing, full details as (o personal data, training, and experience being given'. If possible a transcript or credits should be enclosed with application. From the list .of applicants nn approved list of substitutes will be provided. Ion losl more llian 50 [•cuts u bale A. T. and T Aiiiiraiidit Cnpjx'r Hcthlrhvm SU-el Chrysler Cilles Service '.... Cora tola .'.'. General AmerU-un Tank (lenerul Klcclrlc Generul Motors Intel nntfoiHil Hiuvi-.ster Montgomery Ward ,.;... New York Central I'ncktml rhllllps Petroleum Hadio Corp si sa:a ricds '1V.XI1S Co U. S. SlCL'l ......'.'...' U. S. Smelting Vodka Is the national spirituous dilnk of Russia. 113 U 1-4 27 5-tt 31 1-4 1 7-8 1M 1-2 18 28 1-4 25 1-8 23 7-B 20 7-3 a 6-8 15 1-2 0 1-4 D 1-2 32 1-2 113 1-2 666 vs. MALARIA l*S I.I<,.U » r T.iblets tberii M»l• rl» In Thrf* Days. Sure Preventive Will Take Applications for Substitute Teaching IIM ui ced w. D. McCluikln thnt • . - l'"er wlih will be received this week for sub ! dnsctl heavy. The comi-stllutc teachers in the cltv svs -• .* * farm. John W. Meyer is having number of Blytheville homes a ! ar ? e 1]arn b "" 1 on being made more * attractive ; C Famevs Ba " k convenient by repairs C : A . ' ™ IlpTa "S' b " ' ard eicrt! »B Khlg fftrm "d Trust torn on at clenr en y repars C : building activities for the past ! Cunningham had His home on week in Blytheville and vicinity. | Hearn St.. repainted and a part I .. A. five room bungalow Is being of the interior redecorated The 1 Bu . sl ™ 5s , Property undergoing instructed by Mrs. Mnry Span n residence recently nurchased hv I r<wlrs "K'udes the Arkansas Gro* constructed by Mrs. Mary Sparin residence and Miss Nettie Gray at their [Mr. and faim one mile north of Osceola, oti Highway .61. The cost is estimated at (3,000. Two new buildings are Reynolds Is having a five his farm room is cottage built and a 'for tea being H. L. room fore- being , recently Mrs. K. West, Ash St., is white. Mrs. P. C. Douglas „ .„,-. Ing extensive repairs made to the'dollars " 1 '' WWch is haVi " E c0 "blocks placed and othei servant room snrl garaKe at the the ware. Irs made several hundred Gutlirie Main King hom, 016 Wes' Orcenwell, who nas a .been closed for the summer, being redecorated and the ;- .trance imp , . that It hit near home >e^«use U was first believed the water pipe leak on a line leading to'hta property. He said that, with pfrmlt, 1t cost $4550 to find, re- |^alr the leak and relay the concrete,'the cost of which must be carried by the prope'rty owner. "II s«ms," said the mayor, "pretty stiff." Commander C. J. Little, of the Legion post, told of plans for a big Armistice Day celebration on Nov. 12. After'remarking that the Legion would need certain concessions on that day- Mr. Little tiki he wanted a promise that the -"city will be nice to us." "We'll do our doggonest," Mayor Shane replied,, adding that lie didn't know Just what Mr. Little meant by.his statement but. that thf city would be glad to extend its hospitality to all visitors. For the. first time in months, since early in trie advent of the new admlnislration^.mc-rithly bills we're read in open council session,. the finance committee referring the bilk council. | Among the bills were several bringing forth comment from the | aldermen and explanations from i department heads. Police Chief. Ed Bice explained that a dentist's bill for til was for a man picked up off the streets by police, his' face beateif and teeth smashed in.' assailant unknown. Five new tires we're bought during the past month, completely refitting the police car. and two new tires for street department trucks, it was shown in explaining rather high service station bills. Considering heavy use of Iractors and street [department equipment bills of •ground J123 for the street depart- i ment's gas and oil were not unusual, it was stated. ..Police Chief Ed nice, in answer- to a query about a J8.60 police! phone long distance bill, said that: nue by Mr. and Mrs. O. Shonyo. This will replace a structure destroyed by fire on that property. the tolls were accumulated in efforts to find the slayers of C A Martin, taxi driver. Such a-reason was -certainly enough for a legitl mate police expenditure, Mayor Sliaue said. Rice explained that long, distance'calls were riot made in cases of stolen-cars unless the owners agree to'pay for the tolls EXACTLY AS PICTURED /JJSjfei** A |h i g h liecl Pump t fi a t you'll like for dress wear. All sixes and widths. $O.95 JOE ISAACS INC. . He eluding a specially The department. arranged gift sawba. In making «t 1037 Chicka-1 c. Abraham has had a number of mprovements made to his store ellcci on uMitlmrnt. Vlolfncc was rumored In rmnc sections as more • troops were c;illed out. both in ihe | Soinh and In New England. With domestic mills lurgcly em of Ihe inaiket. for the pivscnt, there was no clinngc of conrc- qu'encc In the sjxil department. Exiwrts showed another laijje drop due lo unsettled conditions nbroad. | and Ihe repp;i«d slfitt; control of [ all foreign business in Germany I was r^gnrdecl us meaning llmt; ImporU of American cotton by thnt country iniulil be fuilher restricted, Re|»rts In circnlntion ycslorday tlmt lite processing lax mlRht be abandonrrt In order to reach better basis for mediation of the strike were not given much con-' slderatlon today, since It was' pointed out that ihe AAA relies on I this tax for ncreaje reduction, and I 1U plans for 1335 nmy Include the! ^thel^hen ^^52^^^^.-" %£>? ^l "^ F soulh lo inclmle cro]is such ns to- THt WISE OLD OWL fy £,, o •- . Pi- VOURE SURE TO BE MONARCH OF. AIL MDU SURVEY IFYOJW1U.US£ES501£« DAY AFTER DAY.' A Smart TIE KXACTLY AS 1'ICTURED One of the maiiy smart Hew nhoes for women now oil display liere. All sizes widths. and .95 JOE ISAACS INC. US.E irtmrmt of Comment Washington, D.C.— of Ihe U. S.fattM -~V^ CliesterfieUs are /iAe Cliesterfieldj W HEN a trade-mark is registered, it means that no one else can use the same name and the in every way absolutely the same in each and every package you buy. That means that every Chesterfield •—"•""•"•"•'»"•"» v>T%.iy ^_fti^ JVVl UViU same package for the same kind of is like every other Chesterfield—not product. To us the Chesterfield trade-mark means that every Chesterfield is manufactured by the same formula, and like any other cigarette . . , — Ihe cigarette that's milder —the cigarette that tastes better —the cigarette that satisfies

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