Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island on July 9, 1953 · Page 9
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Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island · Page 9

Newport, Rhode Island
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1953
Page 9
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THE NEW8--NEWPORT, R. I., THURSDAY, JULY 9. 1953 NOTE Hollywood Kathleen Hughes First Feminine Sensation Created By 3 D By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD l#- How do you your like or well likes it )londc and Kathleen is meat rare, medium Kathleen Hughes T a l l tawny 24, f u s t new female sensation to be teated by 3D \lthough s h e natl a s m a l l she drew a attention out- kind you make with creamed cheese Kathleen, who neither drinks nor smokes is a Hollywood girl who Kathleen, who neither armies nor AJan Wl i ey she said he had ' piac- smokes is a Hollywood girl who tlca ]] y g i % e n up his professional is finally making good in her home j work , and nad re fuscd parts of- tow-n The niece of playwright F f d { , ms Hugh Herheit, she wangled a con- tiact at 20th Century-Fox without his help although he was working theie at the time When he found out about a he duected her test which helped hei a little, but not too much · I did lb p i t t u i e s in my three yeais at Fox she remaiked I had speaking paits in three and ended on the cutting room floot in ALAN MARSHAL. SUED SANTA MONICA, Calif (*--Success in the movies caused actor Alan Marshal to become antisocial and loveless, his wife testified in winning a divorce yesterda , The suit was filed by Mrs Ma^ after eight years of freedom, will ° I ? w 5..?l al ^SL^ 1 . 1 . ey i.-^ 0 -. S ^?i «ot be deported but will be allowed ito leave the United States \olun- i taiity. i A ruling by the U S. Immigration and Naturalization Service yesterday paved the way for Pabel s legal le-entry as the husband of an Ameucan He plans to Legal Re-entry Set For Ex-Nazi POW CHICAGO UP--Reinhold Pabel, will be allowed to return under a 38 an escaped German war pris- (nonquota visa, oner who was arrested last March P ^ w r o S W h « « o i e r . C a m six of them " ci Hei lack of progress at the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ bosses w e t o im- Kathlecn Hughes plc ,cd w i t h the wav she stood out in the f i l m and gave hoi a 'pad m anothei 3D epic im- "The (..lass \\ cb Otheis at the studio W P I C pressed w i t h the fact that Kath'een likes to eai nothing better than raw meat "What i' this anothri Pipri- Ijuiue - eats - flowcis loutine" ' I scoffed. "No she i rplied w i t h wide eves that couldn t he "I iov e unrooked meat I a l w a y s h a v e I e v e n used to cat inw bacon but mv mothei talked rnp out of Howevei she l o u k l n t t a l k mo out of tiiv love for i iw hambuigci It s m favorite lish Proven Her Point To ptove hoi point, she oitleied a t a i t a i steak in the studio om- nmsai.v It was a laigc. livid mass | of i aw Kiouncl hoof w i t h an egK yolk nestling in Us shell. She Happily mixed in the jolk, plus anchovies ami a p e i s . and sTiotherecl the whole thing in ketchup. Then she proreedod to eat the whole thing w i t h obvious (U light "L'mmm. that s good' ' she enthused ' I lik- tilings t a w You eet bettor moat w h e n vou oidei it that w a v . I liko mv steaks just baiolv «xkel Light a match under it 1 tell the chef 1 m wild about ia\v eggs in milk d u n k s and I love to eat taw peas and t a i i o t s Think of all the v i t a m i n s ou lose fa cooking ' Well it s something to think about So is Kathleen who is a walkinc testimonial foi eating i aw food. She has given a new lift to cheesecake and I 'Ion t mean tho O u t e i I ·studio was because she wanted to ' H e r i p o i t i . i y a good girl she added ' I thoiiKht I w a n t e d to be e v e n sweetei than Jeanne Ciam ' she i c m a i k e d I was the picture of innocence w i t h long black hau and di esses that made mt look like Alice in Wonderland But nothing happened ' Nobody could see me as anything but a good g n l until I saw Paul Hem "id Aftei I left Fox I heaid he was c isting Fot Men Only.' I diopped in foi an intcr- v icw and he immediately saw me as one of the bad guls in the s c i i p t I cut m\ hui short dyed fered in films The couple separated in 19ol after more than 12 years of marriage Mis Wiley was awarded custody of son Christopher, 13. rRODLCTlON CHIEF QMTS HOLLYWOOD UB- \\ilham Ooetz is quitting Universal-Intel national Studio after nearly seven veais as production chief Goetz said yesterday he will leave when h:s contiact expnes in November The studio said Edwaid Muhl vice piesident w i l l take chaige of studio opeiations JANET LEIGH LOSES BABY SANTA MONICA Calif \V Janet Leigh has lost an expected first child. Her studio announced yestetday she had enteied a hospital and was in good condition Less than a week ago the actiess and her husband actoi Tony Curtis, disclosed they expected a baby next Fcbiuaiy Curtis is in Hawaii w o i k i n g in a pictuie Although chiggers in the United go to Mexico while his wife Avis 21 starts legal moves to have Immigration service officials him leturn to this country said since Pabel will leaVe the SfllU 2»lili;e roiyci v» in a«_t»*i. w»\- country voluntarily he prob.ibly ated a bookstore, married a Chicago girl two years ago but he said she did not know he was an escaped prisoner until FBI agents seized him last March. They have one son, Christopher, 1, and are expecting another child. Pabel, a former sergeant in the Nazi Army, was captured in 1943 and sent to a prisoner of war camp in Illinois. He escaped in 1945 and came to Chicago. At the hearing on deportation proceedings against Pabel there was strong sentiment m his favor on the basis of his adjustment to American society. COM'IMJOtS E \10HY DAY FROM 1 P. H. E-T6L 16* it blonde and placed a leal witch ' On tho sti ength of that pu Hire r»miwjfeii v....t, b ^ . - - ----I was sicncd h I - I l \ e been States aie just an uncomfoi table doing well since - plamg bad pest then iclatives in the t a i gills ' pes i Last spiead scrub typhus C A R D P A R T Y Carpenters Union Sponsored By CARPENTERS' Local 116 EVERY THURSDAY N1TE Carpenters' Hall 398 Thames Street At 8 O'Clock LAWN PARTY St. Mary's Church f Main lid ( l i t 11M «*o. Portsmouth, n I Friday, July 10 Saturday, July U FRIDAY Mldrm-r-- 7 T M Old r«»hlonnl lnn«T--H T M. BOr SATURDAY All Iloolll* .t P M. Jeep--Pon--nollrr lon»ter Chlrkrn «itlnil Snpprr 1 til--T 10 · I SO nnri JW- H«-»«TT«tl«n.! Nr.iporl .-.IJ8-M-I I'ortumouth 0 l-\\ ilpeclal Moor I»rl«e» J m h M«l»« THE TERRACES NEWFOUND LAKE Hounekceiilnjc I nrnislieil S w i m m i n g -- Boating Ferollne ortnan f.rlck»on Bristol, cn Hampahlre Phone » WST TIME OF SHOWS: MATINEE 2:00; EVE.. 6:30 to 11:00 O P E R A H O U S E N O W P L A Y I N G l-PAUl CHRISTIAN - PAULA RAYMOND CECIL KFLLAWAY · KENNETH T08EY IJACK PENNICK Sam n«r iv IOU MOMfflM «f«Ei HCIKRCEK CO-HI r SUSAN STEPHEN, "LUXURY GIRLS" A Barrel Of Fun Tiny Sinclair With Conrad Co. *Tina Marlow Extra Added Attraction *SONETTE lAHPtlGHU On tun UKer-Nen Bedford STEAMLK NEW BEDFORD From M « I'OH I II on nil t r i p »i hrltli » \\hnrt t l i l l i l n n uniler 12 t l t l S \ M.. D M 1 Half I Hrr I rom Fnrcn Inrluile ta\ III OCK 1SI 1D f . O O d dBT f l f I M M C 3 IS P ·»! . IJS 1 onl* *Ol N U M l \ I S » I I P M M s REGULAR CASEY PARTY Newport Council 256, Friday Nite At 8 O'Clock Columbus Hall. Mill Street 28th ANNUAL Sale For The Blind Casino Building, First Floor, Bellevuc A*emie WED., THURS., and FRIDAY, JULY 8th, 9th, 10th Mr». \\ Illlnni (.romcnor. ( hnlrninn of the Patronen* Committee. Mm Snlly Ml»*. W o r t h y Mnlrun. \n«ldne«-k Chnpter £7, O I S. llrlu the blind to helii IhvmMplTrii II. I. AmuHlntlon for thr l l l l l i l l . Trut Iril n r , II. I S T O P ! S T O P ! Ladies Are Invited To Attend The USS HUGH PURVIS (DD709) PARTY and DANCE at BEACH HOTEL Thursday, July 9 - 8:30 to 1:00 a. m. OKCHESTKV t.NTEKTAlNMENT BLFFET SLPPtR N 0 w M-G-M's big vacation-time musical! "DANGEROUS' ( WHEN.WET;, It's a refreshing plunge into fun and romance, songs and hilarity! Color by TECHNICOLOR ESTHERWUIAMS FERNANDO LAMAS R.I. PREMIERE SHOWING CHARLOTTE GREENWOOD DENISE DARCEL Hear ibe bit luo» on M-C-M ReconUI DEMAREST · DONNA CORCORAN s| K M ) 11 \ . l ( ) l t 1 I V I L I U . SIX BLACKED-OUT HOURS that branded him...KIUEftf ffl33ESSS^^ MASK STEVENS · JEAN RENT * FRAME Playing This Week | SARA STAMM p i c b c n t s ZACHARY SCOTT In I Week of July 6-11 j I »·» . l i n n Hir SIM nt sito tlnl«. \\eri. . »nH B« -i3O P. M. T i l l (I « "* » ·" · '· _ ^^ CASINO THEATRE M-UPORT. n TKLEPHOK 4OO-401 No Charge For Parking For Theatre Patrons of Jul'j 1 3 1 8 "ONE THING AFTER ANOTHER", (prior to B'\\ii opening), the hilarious West Coast revue. DANCING FRIDAY SATURDAY COUOINGTOlt BIGHWAT -- S P E C I A L -- OMO S O I P A U S H R I M P COGKTMI. PRIME CHARCOAL CLUB SIRLOIN MUSHROOM CAPS -- CORN Of COB -- CHOICE OF POTATO-- HOMU MADE ROLLS-- CHOICE OF FIE -- TEA OR COFFEE. $4.50 SERVED D to 1O P. M. riEST IMPORTED FRENCH * DOMKSTIC WIUS SERVBD IN BOTTLfcS WITH DINNERS. · LAST TIMES TOMGHT · "Glory Brigade"; Also "Down Among The Sheltering Pines", In Technicolor Starting OMORROW YOU'LL BE SPELLBOUND .when shock after shock from a terrifying suspense novel LEAPS AT YOU! ALLIED ARTISTS Production RICHARD CARLSON VERONICA HURST ( w,lh (CATHERINE EMEDY · MICHAEl PATE · HILIAHY MOOKE / ' ftutto m Hourwooo.u s ». CO- HIT! SON OF BELLE STARR" In KEITH LARSEN color « M h DONA BRAKE Price Scale: Matinee 6,c; JUening and Sunday, 85c -- Children 35c, Tax Inch Gladding DANCE Studio M i l l * «1 1 M C \ A l l l » l e » ut U i i n i l n i c 1-or l i i H t r t i L t l o n K Uurinf£ Summer Telenlione 4 t i l or ISSt) IN N fcW FORT, K. I., The City By Tho Roa * PIZZA PHONE 232 * Is I l i o Tali. Of Tho To«n Amcrlcnn -- Italian Food Prepared With Core CAFE 200, Broadway at Equality Park - S T A R T S SATURDAY £_ great Mtonc* Action Meryl RICHARD CARLSON -^g BARBARA RUSH " A L L 3-D S H O W ADPiD! IKTKAI MUSKAl rtATU»tTTI IN NAT KING COLE Singing "Pretend" ft RUSS MORGAN'S^ ORCHISTMA wflh / \^ Stnirtioil RiVOI t ««vmu.imiiunaui mnvnt A L L 3-D S H O

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