The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama on November 11, 1928 · 20
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The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama · 20

Birmingham, Alabama
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Sunday, November 11, 1928
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THE BIRMINGHAM NEWSAGE-HERALD Ti. South's Created Newspaper IF 4 ft ZIPP NEWMAN Sports Editor ALABAMA IMPRESSIVE BEFORE 7,500 FANS arapbell And Holm Star As Tide Marks Up Win Over Wildcats ' - BY BOB PHILLIPS CRAMTON BOWL. Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 11The Crimson Tide , of Alabama was a more potent stream here Saturday afternoon than it )as been since the opening oi the season several weeks ago against Ole Mississippi; meeting a highly touted defensive machine in the Kentucky Wildcats the Crimson Tide surged over it in great style and in the meantime beat back every Wildcat thrust to ring up a 14 to 0 decision. t It tram the first Alabama-Kentucky game to be played in the capital city AUBURN RATS TRIM and more than 7.500 fans turned out for the party. They were amply re- ,' warded with an admirable exhibition I , by the men of Wallace Wade. not to TuuNE la , mention a highly creditable brand of football put up in defeat by the boys I el Harry Gan-lags. Kentucky coach. , Alabama began its pile driving tac- - tics at the opening whistle when Campbell. sophomore halfback. CI bucked the ball virtually single- Frock" Pate Gallops 60 banded from his own eo-yard mark to the Kentuqty 30-stripe before the Yards For One Of Baby , stidwart Kentucky forwards stemmed - the onrush. I Tinnpow Tii tAhritiutne Undaunted. the Crimsons own right back. This thus, the advance 4 , was halted by the Wildcats on their ' le mark. and again. a territio burst ' around his own right end by Tony Holm put the oval on Kentucky's two-yard line when this third assault was at full swing. -- But for & third time. and this time , with their goal in its greatest danger. the gallant Kentucky forwards refused to yield. That Holm dash was - at the end of the first period. Open, Ing the second quarter. Spicer hurled Nicks down for an eight-yard loss k and the ball went over on fourth . ...down when a pass was complete. Drive Not Long , Driveonumber four by Alabama was not long in Its inception. Three f first downs in a row put the ball on 'F the Kentucky six-yard mark. But , Campbell and Holm were unable to buck it across. Holm being six inches shy of home on the fourth attempt. such relentless pounding could not be -denied forever, though, and on , the fifth march the Crimson - Tide . flowed over the goal. A rather poor punt by Covington ' from behind his own goal set the Crimson in great shape for the sue- , cessful charge. Hicks took the )rick c. , on Kentucky's 24-stripe and returned ' It to the 20. , - Holm charged around Capt. Smith's end for 14 yards and a first down on , the six stripe. Hicks took two of the !,; remaining distance and Campbell ; lunged across the remaining four yards for the tally. Sludmore's 1 placement try for goal sailed high I."; above the bar and right between the ' ' uprights to make It 7 to 0 for Ala4 barna. 4 ;" , A Kentucky fumble paved the way for the second Alabama scoring drive. :About midway of the third quarter. - Sington's 37-yard boot out of bounds , gave Kentucky the ball on its own 40-yard line. On the Milt runningl play. a Kentucky back fumbled and Dumpy Hagler poun4d upon the pigskin for Alabama I Enter A. Brawn , Enter the Brown family of Dothan. Not Johnny Mack. nor Tolbert. bet, ter known as Red. But Billy. the , third of the flock and himself quite aa red-headed as Tolbert. With the , ball on Kentucky's 44, Hicks called for a forward pass. He flipped it himself, a short thing of only three or four yards. Brown bad barely eased ahead of the line of scrimmage and was wandering along in the 5 Kentucky secondary. He grabbed r. the oval and then headed to the left . at a tangent. bearing toward the sidelines with several Tidesmen lead, lag the way. Charging on him from behind were -' two Kentucky linemen but Billy, ' easily distanced them. Then. pass- a... trig most of his interference. Billy '-'' turned just before reaching the aide-I line and headed straight down the ' field toward touchdown territory. He 'was stopped on the three-yard line, just short of his goal. It was a beautiful run. most of the 41-yard gain begin accounted for by , Brown after taking the pass. Holm' bucked the ball out of bounds two yards and on the next try shoved it across. Skidmore again toed the oval with unerring accuracy and Alabama had attained its final score of 14. , Early in the fourth quarter Ken-lucky pushed Its way into its farthest point in Alabama' territory. reaching 4 the 22-yard line before being abrupt ly halted by the Crimson forwards. 'Cats Get Chance A poor kick by Holm gave Kentucky Its chance. The boot traveled most pentine runner. Many times. he twisted his way almost crawling, so low while he was running, through - a rat hole made by his forwards. ha can pnagloo what that fellow Crimson Tide Defeats Kentucky. Wildcats, 14 0 "Frock" Pate Gallops 60 Yards For One Of Baby Tigers' Touchdowns Pato Runs Will. .After & series of long gains by Ha 'field. Young and Pate.and a recovered fumble by Hoirraft that netted a 10-yard gain, Pate carried the ball 16 yards on one play to the Greentee one-yard line and Ha 'field carried it over for the Tigers' second score. Pate failed to ad ki the extra point. Pate intercepted one of the Greenlee passes on the Tigers' 40- yard line and galloped like a race horse down the field for 60 yards scoring the little Tigers' third and haat touchdown. Pate failed to add the extra point. Score Auburn 19, Tulane 7. These Plainernen gained 177 yards. not counting the 60 yards after an intercepted pass made by Pate to the Greentee 79 yards in the at half. and made five first downs to Tulanes one. The lineup and summary! Auburn; Creighton, left end: Holdcroft. left tackle: Kincaid, left guard; Collins. center; Hamilton. right guard: Stone, right tackle; Davidson . right end: Phillips, quarterback; Haley, left halfback: Harding. right halfback.. Wadsworth. fullback. Tulane: Haynes, left end; Decolligny, left tackle: McCormick, left guard; Upton. center; SumUn, right guard; Bankison, right tackle: Strohle, right end; Glover, quarterback; Debuys, left half; Magee . right half; Hai It. fullback. SubstitutionsAuburn Eats: Andrew, Egge, Jones, Jacobs. Locker. Wade, Johns. Bush. Simpkins, Duke, Smith, Jordan, Young, Ha Wield, Reedy, Pate, Smith. Ward, Pybrim. Wybi& Goldston. Tamp lin. Tulane: Triton, Vella, Dirawe, DeJanne, McDermick, Schneldau, Johnson, Erackenberry, Lopez. Hanover, Tipping and Kraft. It$ enance. Tne boot traveted most- I Officials: Referee. Johnson (Tech); 4 ly straight up, netting only 10 yards headlinesman, Hovater (Alabama); a . and putting the ball In Wildcat arma, field judge, Knowlton (Virginia); a on the Alabama 49. umpire, Moulton (Auburn). Score by 10. , Covington's 11-yard dash after a quarters: f shorter gain moved the ball to Ala- Auburn 0 0 0 12-13 '1; bama's 35 and later a pass. Glib to Tulane 0 0 7 Iii 7 Covington, got nine yards and enough .. to net a first down on the Ala- would do with Melvin Vines and Tony ; barna 22. , Holm blocking for him long enough ... On the next effort, an end run by , to put him past the line of scrim Covington. Sington and Bovkini , maga. . ,- . charged through and stung the Ken-1 ' V tucky ace to the ground for a nine- Covington also passed and punted yard loss. The offensive filvvered , for his team. His punting wat pretty a then and there. i good at times but nothing to brag v - Iabout as an average. However. Ala- i, Alabama promptly initiated ita laat ' b ,o ee, e ...40, .eee" en 1"0 49-14.'' would do with Melvin Vines and Tony ama 22. Holm blocking for him long enough I ., On the next effort, an end run by to put him past the line of scrim-; Covington, Sington and Boykin' , mare. . charged through and stung the Ken-1 V tucky ace to the ground for a nine- Covington also paased and punted; for his team His punting watt pretty! yard loss. The offensive flivvered, . ' then and there. ' good at times but nothing to brag - - Alabama promptly Ala-1 initiati.d Its lald 1 about as an average. However. , .!!. march with a pass that Hicks threw' barna'. wag much war"! . As a matter; f tact. neither the nassing nor punt-1 , and Brown caught after Boykin had ' ?- -ac - caught, hut fumbled, netting 24 yards t 'ng was at all exceptional on either I , I side, although Alabama completed i as the biggest slice of yardage. - As you may have figured, Alabama , two or three passes for good gains, 1 I incruding the one that Brown all but -. gained reams of yards In the first' ' ; half, mostly in vain. They tallied 20 scored on. Campbell seam the most effective! - first downs in the entire game and1 , hail carrier Alabama ehowed, with , seven each came in the first and Holm a close second. Captain Smith - '-- pecond quarter& Two were made in 1 . . - the third and four in the fourth. Ken- I got in hia "Sal good game at end. e s . -, tucky failed to make a first down in with the Crimson lin a a allele ! the opening stanza. but got 2. 1 and i . showing to good advantage. Vines' - 2 respectively in the next three pa-1 . , wile very good defensively for the - node. I Tide. and on his only attempt at ball- Wildcats Outweighed i carrying, got away for 11 yards. : Alabama'a giant forwards out- Lineup and summary: r -- weighed the Wildcat stalwarts. who AlabaniaE. Smith (captain). left I are no ordinary sized men a few lend; Sington, left tackle; Miller. left . ' pout. ,s apiece. but nobody expectedi guard: ?are. center: Hagler. right ! ' the Crimson line to be P 0 much NU. guard; Skidmore. right tackle; Weay- . .. perior to Kentucke's. which had been ler. right end: liteks, quarterhaek, . , acclaimed no little for Its previoush'ampbell. left half; Vines. right 11,1.1f, ! I..: performance. I tioltn. fullback. . . .: After the first quarter. howeveri Kentucky Triever left end; ,, when Crimson backs were finding !Vrown, left tackle: Ferquer. left , great holes to go through. the Wild- I guard: Deog (captain). center; . , cat line tightened on defense and be- Thompaon, right guard, Drury, right . Kan to function better on offense. It tackle, Nowak, right end; C,lib,; ' - - more than once made room for Cov- quarterback: Spicer, left half; Cov-1 ington to twist through. Ington. right half; Johnson, fullback.; . ,And right here. let It be written Score by periods: 1 I that Will Ed, as the little Covington Alabama 0 7 7 0-14 3. fellow USA christened. is no slouch 1 Kentucky 0 0 0 0 0 I , of a football player. In fact, he is Substitutiong: eeveral football players of real merit. AlabamaFirst halt M. Smith for Insofar as Kentucky is coneerned."Sington. Eberdt for Pearce: fprond I . Weighing only 144 pounde, the slim I half, Singt E on for NI. Smitrown ! ,.. young brother of Herbert Covington. I for Campbell, Clements fh. or said- . 1 former Centre College star. Was the ; more. Moore for E. Smith. Hoaard for ',', whole show for Kentucky in an of- i Hagler. Lowry for Vines. M. Smith fensive way. Carrying the bell Just I for Sington. Starling for Ni Hier. El- about nine times out of 10. he bucked Us for Dicke. Elmore for, NVeaver. ! , ,1 that giant Alabama line all afternoon. KentuckyFirst half. ortood for 'I Often stopped, often he gained. some- Johnson: necond half. Rose fur For- I I 1 times only two or three yards, but quer Walters N 1 occasionally five or six. . for owack. First DownsAlabama. 20; Ken- ,i 't It was a strange sightthis 144- tucky. 5. Penalties, Alabama 2 for i ;-!. - pounder throwing himself into that came But h men f he-men. 20 yards: Kentucky. 2 for 10 yards. again for more as soon as the referee i i mass o-. e me up , . . -, scoringCampbell. Holm. Extra , ' point, ,zitidmore 2 from placement. I ' could untaegle that pile of giants and - . ' - i . - . CdficialgLambort 4 Oiii0 State), I , give the little man a chance to get . ,- mum vr wd,r -k-,a1 wig x fie "11 311"1 for tzlIngton, St4rling for Miller. El- , . about nine times out of 10. he bucked lis for Hicks, Elmore for tVeaver. ,l that giant Alabama line all afternoon. KentuckyFirst half, Portwood for '1 Often stopped, often he gained. some- Johnson: second half. Rose for For- -) times only two or three yards, hot --- guar. NValters for Nowack. occasionally five or six. i First DownsAlabama. 20; KOn ' f It WWI a strange sightthis 144- tucky. 5. Penalties, Alabama 2 for :) pounder throwing himself into that i 20 yards; Kentucky. 2 for 10 yards. i mass of he-men. But he came up -.- S . again for more am soon as the referee coringCampbell. Holm. Extra could untavgle that pile of giants and point, Skidmore 2 from placement. ' OfficialsLambort 401lio State), ! give the little men a chance to get i refere: Perry A Sewa IMP t. umpire: I- up. How he stood up under th Maxwell (Ohio State. head lines- o pounding was amazing. However, it - ( can partially be explained by men- "Pt n; Severance oberlini, field , 1 tioning that Ed Will is one more ser . pentine runner. Many timed. he SECOND VICTORY BY DICK JONES on the Atwood trophy hieh was put Kicking up the dust of Drake Field into competition this week. McLeod , for a whole half the Baby Tigers i ued with Gari but had copped the I pulled themselves together and de- ! previous win which It him out in , fated the Baby Greentea l& to 7 in i this race. Both McLeod and Oar! 1 1 the village of tho plains Sat- I will have a chance in the bootoff lurday afternoon to win their second I itt the etil of the year for perms-I tilt this year. winning both of them i tent possession of this handsome on Drake Field. The other game :troPhY, they won was their initial battie.! &zeros leads 8 Ow ke karts41! which they had with the Birming- ;41!'. eL 11,,tri 44: 1),-,. t itt,R,rse ... i rk ham-Southern Rats. !PT. A. T. Odium 42 J. Itiddto ....14t 7;4 I Neither team registered a score In Pea Rtritill 42 A. B. Cants 1251 24 , the first half nor came within the !I: 011.'Ir"Aerg :: Ls Jack puhila ..t3t 15 ,danger zone. 'Yards gained the first t Posti!es twit. at 24! ;downs made were In the Tigers fa- Pr. Racks 14 Canis 14 var. Auburn gained 69 yards to Tu- 113":. 21 Itokovs 13 ; t7ari 12 RodstborrY 11 ' lanes 61 yards and made four first ! mei,4,1 14 Jack 11.1,14,a ...... 12 'downs to Tulanes two first downs 1 Regalia 14 ' in this first half. Frock Pate made the longest run In the first half when !ItIolisTRIAL CAGE he faked a pass and went around i right end for 16 yards and the Baby Tigers' fourth first down. Leo Toung broke through the , LOOP ORGANIZED Baby Greenlee' line on the third play of the third' quarter and made a broken field run of 75 yards for' the Tigers' first touchdown. Pate failed to kick goal. Auburn I and Tulane O. Six Teams In Y. M. C. A. Auburn was held to no gain on . their own 10-yard line and Young L , eague: Two Other Circuits attempted to punt but was rushed ! and punted out of bounds on Au-1 burn's 10-yard line. Auburn he!d 1 To Be Forted Again the Greenies tight here for three' downs but Ilaik passed to Haines on I the last play and he stepped over! BY JACK 9401)SE the coal for the Greenlee' lone score G The Industrial Basket Ball League, lover kicked goal for the extra sponsored each year by the T. IL C. point. Auburn II. Tulane 7. i A h. No.11 Pon,' A n tvoel with etv This year victory of Carnegie Tevh over Washington anti Jefferson was the second In 15 meetings. 7- 7 4. .."""..""X'Vlt.".."....NIN't0e-,...P"I'.....:;- IVITEOD AND CARL I GREEN WAVE TRIMS - ! TIE IN TRAPSHOOTi AUBURN ELEVEN, 13-12 Small Number Of Contestants ITunvorth Shines As Tigers Rally Late In Take Part In Birmingham I Game But Final Punch Missing Gun Club Shoot I, BY JACK HOUSE The Industrial Basket Ball League, sponsored each year by the Y. IL C. I A. has been reorganized, with six 4 teams as members. according to W. IW. Abell, industrial secretary of the -Y." follovring a meeting of manager' and other official& i There will be two other league !held under the wings of the -Y" I this year, namely the Sunday School land Epworth circuits. The Epworth !League has nut been completed as I yet, while the Sunday School League I is expected to be completed some! time this week. 1 A meeting of the Epworth League is scheduled for Monday night at the "Y," at which time final plans for the season are expected to be 'mapped out. There will be six teams in each of the three leagues, as officials fcel that three games a night Is enough. ! Nine teams made appliration for , membership In the Industrial League. I but three of these were not accepted as this would force a four-game !menu each week. Wednesday night was again selected as the night for !Industrial League games. the first to start at 7 o'clock.. According to t rrot. Abell. this will give the tans i i three good games !without being over! bearing. I Dairy Men Beck I The Cows of Southern Dairy will !again patrol the floor at the when the dairy men take the floor. Of course, the word "Cows" is mere1 I ly a nick name for the basket ball , players. The other teams in the I league will be Acipco 'Y." Alabama !Power Company Club. Mathews Elec.! I trie. Birmingham Electric and Bryant i Electric Company. Oddly enough. 1 there will be plenty of "power" in the teams, as four of the six are I either representatives of a power company or electric company. The Sunday School League will again play its games on Friday nights, opening up on Dec. 14. to!-lowing the opening of the Induetrial !League on Dec-. 11. It is not known !yet whether or not the Epworth I League 'will open before or after the I other two. iLast year. all three leagues were , run off in fine style, and officials of I the "Y" expect to have a still heti ter season this year. I WAIII WM., wie I NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 10---TuTane is thanking its lurky stars after 1 an escape Saturday afternoon that almost meant deleet at the hands IOn account of the hunting season1 of the Auburn Blainsmen. A boy named Erik Tuxaorth. came down open on game the attendance west to New Orleans with a rejuvenated Tiger aggregation and scared Coach somewhat smaller than usual at thei Bernie Bierman's boys all through the second halt. Tuxworth passed Birmingham Gun Club Shoot Howl to place the ball in Greenie territory time after tiMe. lie hurried ever. more than two squads took part around ends and runted, he placed his part in the vistting defense and in shooting at the featherless tube. his two touchdowns fell exactly one point short of beating the Oreen R. A. McLeod and O. L. Garl tied up t wave. Bkees placement kick, after the first Tuiane score gave the on the et) target race with 44 each.: a . . ,.: , . victory . 1 Ine Odum and Dan Regnus each breket o I 13-12. Arcentes their narrow margin a 42 on a tie for second place. Mc- i Ike Armstrong literalat paved iLeal alto Wen out In the 100 target! himself to glory, his passing was; . I raee when he broke 94 for high gun.1 only outehadowed by that of Tux- Ilir. (Mum broke S3 for next place in; worth. His ball carrying was set- s this match. Dr. Rucks and Joe Bid- i perb, once, in the opening period het I die only shot at 23 singles and let t was unstoppable. and It was then I on:y one target escape. Bucks i that be dwailed through all sorts of 1 IN 0LE miss cAmE :batted out the double tiuget pro-1 opposition for 45 yerds, the longest I :gram straight when he broke all of run of the game from the lime of 1 I 1 the 24 doubles. Rucks has repeated scrimmage. and sent the Wave aheadi Ion this score several times of late Earl Evans played phenomenally int . I when he broke all of the doubles on the Green's line. as ever. the stalwart : rn I -t 1 Brown Runs 98 Yards For :the program. i Tulare center Plared bIoosea t el- - ht -s : i Joe Biddle broke a 22 for secondlfeet, when he intercepted a pass from !Place, In the double match. Oar! with; Tuzworth In the last quarter. many I Touchdown Early In Game !a 19 was third. Geri copped the win I a heart In the west side stands be- t 'on the Atwood trophy 14 hieh was putitari to beat normally once more. He, , 1 into compet!tion this week, McLeod I Wall In every play and when they i To Give T igers L eau I tied with Geri but had copped the took him from the game jun a few( 1 previo::s win which It him out in i minute before its close. the croed : i . BATON ROUGE. I AL- . Nov. 10.--- :th's rare. Both McLeod and Gard stood up and gave hian the ovation; twill have a chance in the hootoff , be deserved. ! (UPILouisiana State kept her con, et the et4 of the year for perms-I Tulane lost to time making its -- ference record untarnished by over- ren k . I ' ' t pussession of this handsome , first SeCtre- After Ranker had Mc ed , powering Ole Miss here Saturday aft-:trophy. I off 50 yards ard the ball had been erneon, 19 to 6. I Szatras maks ea the 14 targets! !returned 49 by Callahan to open the Brown, flashy halfback of the Ti- I .8. A. McLasol 44 gees grabbed a loose WI on his own i 1 t,. I- bee 4ti Dr. Ructs ',IA .). t 7"." '...; 11') game and the Auburnites hail tailed two-yard lire early In the first pertod ! te. A. T. . duos 42 J. pidds. ....,2,m it Ito do damage in the Greente lin th": two-yard o, It,' Own ;and outfooted the entire Ole alias! 1,1111 Revise 4a A. 8 Curtis 12.ii :,e' ball went over to Tulane on t C. Roci,ielrrs SS Jack Bahtla is , -yard line. Hugh Whatley started :squad that folloaed In his wake for , a. a moraine 34 ... S. U:'s et 1 , Doublet tt at 24, t thingl with a 9-yar2 saunter around; 1 first touchdown. The r Dr. Rackea s 14 enrtis 14 left end. v 1 ard run wafollowed s f In the next . - Buld:s 21 Itotwoe 13 Hooper's plunge out of rounds was:period ey .iin of tackle dash for 63! t,ari t 14 Itc4.""" 12' good for a 3-yard gain and Bill Ban- t yards that resulted in another mark- i itel.roft la Jack &Sits ...... 12. Regniall 14 i ker helped things out with a 5-yard er. Seskles his point scoring dashes.1 race at right end. The ball was on ' Brown also contributed much yard-I . , the Auburn 4 from line. The Green-tams em cif tackle thrusts and re- l'i ImotisTRIAL cAGE ies were marchingeight through butIturning punts. i :there was no more need for march- I Reeve pass to Stoyall for a 42- ins Quarterbaek Armstrong eleeted 1 t yard gain that placed the ball on Ole 100P Xavier. "I OliGAMILED i to run a bit, and run he did. Tak- ; trig the 0111 over right tackle, Fran points. ii "Ike" Armstrong was hit; by a few men in orange. Ike shook ' 'M138. five-yard strip resulted in the - ! third touchdown ek hen the fernier teok the ball co er center for six i ; poi , (them off an d the Green!. field gen- i i "Tadpoie" Smith accounted for the!. . teral begen to run again. Some more, i Ole Miss seore in the recond guar- Six Teams In Y. M. C A 1 'boys from Auburn leaped for the, 4,,green s : ut e aas off hrt b "Ik " : I and t ter when he ripped guard for Seven the ball had be:en ad- I -evading the opposing safety men. yards after 1 I iv...:anrTedpasvin,-ith.i.n scoring distance on a League: Two Other Circuits Arrnstrong paased the final marker ea NValker to Wilcox. with ease,. Banker. luckily enough.i ' t Lineup: To Be Forted Again place kicked for the extra point. 1 la S. U.P. alaeon, left end: Tins- Greenies Seers Again iley tCapt.. left tackle: Wilson. left I Just as in the opening period. the:guard; Jones. center: Nesorn. right! ,Greenies lost no time in the second 1 guard; Ellis. right tackle: Swanson. 1 BY JACK HOUSE quarter to make another touchdown.! right end; Stovall. quarterback; Neilld The Industrial Basket Ball League, !Crawford punted 41 yards out of ;left helfback: Brown. right helfback; sponsored each year by the Y. IL C. i 1 bounds to the Wave 3-yard mark. i Reeves, fullback. A.. has been reorganized, with six: ;and then the fun began. General I Ole alissPayne. left end: Burnett 1 teams as members. according to W.; :Armstrong: ordered "forward march" left tackle; Hemphill. left guard: I W. Abell. industrial secretary of theIand forward march they did, those Laird. center: Blenkenbaker, right ; "Y." following a meeting of manag- tOreenies. Hooper to the left of the guard; Morris. right tackle; Pepper. ere and other officials. There will be two other leagueti!lin.' Seetews to the right of the linS, i right end; Smith. quarterbaek; G. held under the wings of the "Y' i Banker to the center of the line. they ; Walker. left halfback: Wilcox. right. : volleyed and thundered. nor did they ! halfback; IVoodruff. fullback. 1 this year, namely the Sunday School i Mop at that. the "tome, mom :score by periods: I-7 6 6-191 and Epworth circuits. The Epworth I step farther back and there must be le - . 6 a League has nut been completed as a way for it and there was. t Ole Miss 0 6 0 0 g yet, while the Sunday School League I I Stibstitutee. L. S. U.. Luker for I is expected to be completed some- Banker drove his way over right (tackle for 17 yards to the Tiger 15- i Neill. Alston for Reeves. Harrell for time this week. l i Brown. Reeves for Alston, Brown for I A meeting of the Epworth League , yard line. Armstrong drew back to ; I pass. He did. Roberts missed it by I Is scheduled for Monday night at :Harrell. Ole Miss. Rushing for Wil- . i : mood, i cox, IL Walker for Smith, Jones for the "Y," at which time final plans inches. Armstrong drew back again. paesed once more in a different! 1 for the seaeon are expected to be I Ile cilrection this time and Roberts was , erete Tolly teewaneen umpire; mapped out. There will he coi y OfficialsStruppe (Ga. Tech). ref- teams in earh of the three leagues,1ther"- A n 18-ard forthe G,ree, nitlapd !tent them into ;as cas e that three games al Pass had scored I Phillips (Ga. Tech). head linesman; offiil frl h i . . . 1 Dahlene 4Karteas Aggies), field Judge.; BASEBALL COLLEGE A baseball college has opened in Los Angeles with Frank Dillon, Jess iOrndortt and Johnny Bassier as professors. The course will last three I months. STARTED AT THIRD Burky Harris etartod out as a third baaeman but was shifted to second by George limo, of Buffalo. Football Rules BY CHARLEY BROWN p OSITION PLAYERS AT SCRINIMAGE--When the ball is put in play by a scrimmage. at least meren players of the aide in possession of the ball must be on the line of scrimmage. Tile line of scrimmage for the offensive side is a line running through the end of the ball nearest them and parallel to the goal line; the line of scrimmage for th defensive side potssP8 through the end of the ball nearest them, so that there is a neutral zone between the two teams as wide as the length of the ball. A player to be on the line of scrimmage must have both feet or one foot and the opposite hand up to or within one foot of the line of scrimmage. Thie is to prevent player s from so Placing themselves as to get out of the line and into the interference unfairly. All players of the offensive side must he either on the line or at least one yard back of the line. If they are not so placed they are said to be (It Nide and are subject to a .yard penalty. This to prevent the Juggling of men so as to make players apparently on the end of the line of scrimmege but really not so placed, eligible to receive a forward pass. The defensive players may arrange themselves in any manner they see fit so long as they are not offside; that is. ahead of their hue 1-tf iterMmage, when the ball Is put in play. No players of the side in posnession of the ball on the line of scrimmage may interlock legs or feet except those occupying the pottitions of guards and center. The average spectator has prob., ably never seen a penalty call for the violation of this rule. V I J returned 49 by Callahan to open the game and the Auburnites had failed i to do damage in the Greente line. the ball went over to Tulane on its Own , 33-yard line. Hugh Whatley started l thinge with a. 9-yar2 saunter around left end. : Hooper's plunge out of tounds was ' good for a 3-yard gain and Bill Ban, ker helped things out with a 5-yard !race at right end. The ball was on l the Auburn 45-yard line. The Greenj tea were marchingright through but !there was no more need for marchj ing. Quarterback Armstrong eleoted i to run a bit. and run he did, Takj ing the oval over right tackle. Fran-!cis Xavier. "Ike" Armstrong was hit by a few men in orange. Ike shook them off and the Green!. field gen- t , , J era. eegan to run again. Some more !boys from Auburn leaped for the j green shirt but "Ike was off and 1 'evading the opposing safety men. Arrnstrong passed the final marker with ease. Banker. luckily enough, place kicked for the extra point. Greenlee Score Again Just as In the opening period. the Greenies lost no time in the second !quarter to make another touchdown. Crawford punted 41 yards out of !bounds to the Wave 3-yard mark. and then the fun began. General jArmetrong ordered "forward march" and forward march they dtd. thosa ,Greenles. Hooper to the left of the little. Seeuws to the right of the IITIP, l Banker to the center of the line. they !volleyed and thundered. nor did they i stop at that. the Plainsmen must !ne farther back and there must be !a way for it and there was. I Banker drove his way over right I takle for 17 yards to the Tiger 15- 'yard line. Armstrong drew back to I pass. He did. Roberts missed it by !inches. Armstrong drew back again. He paesed once more in a different idlrection this time and Roberts was I there. An 18-3ard pass had scored 1 for the Greenies and sent them into 1 a 13-a lead. Banker's try to place lkiek failed. The Tide changed here. The green wave went out to sea and a stormy second half kept it far out !there. A caged tiger eleven broke , avtay from behind its bars more than j once and it took the best trainers the !locals had to calm down those wild j boys from the plains. Tuxworth ran I wild, Sellers lunged his way for subj stantial gains. Auburn was going thing. barnthrough with gains. i Orange shirts were everywhere and i a few green shirts. covering the Ibrawn Of "Sforris Boderger. McCance , and Rucker kept those orange shirts 1 from rampaging to easy victory. Whatley Peopere Line Johnnie Whatley peppered the !Tiger line at the start of the second !half for some neat gains. -Then Ban.. ker stomped his way through for 12. !then 3 yards. It was not so bad the here and anBdiernitheanballsonwetreheplAat-- 1 way !burn 44-yard line. The ball had been i carried straight through the opposing line for 34 yards. but calamity I soon overtook the star brand of ball the locals were exhibiting: that calamity, or break, or whatever you !may choose to call it, turned things lover a bit and when those things stopped turning the west side stand !occupants were praying for Father Time to come around and rescue their footballers in green. Calamity Peake intercepted a forward pass from Armstrong on the Auburn 34-yard line and the official proceeded to touch the Wave-men off for a few of those 90 yards during the afternoon. Tuxworth went racing around left and drew up itt yards to the good. 5-rankle Bey then tossed to Peake for four yards. The officials walked the ball five yards nearer the mettle goal line and Sellers mauled his way through center line for 11 yards. that 1 placed Mr. Pigskin on the Tulane Vayard line. It wasnt a bit funny. one funny thing that happened here. I for Tuxworth fumbled, and Ingram recovered for a gain of II yards, that i j meant meat on the table for the !hungry Tigers. The Auburn boys lit I up with their famous "Touchdown ;Auburn." Sellers got two yards at !center, while Tuxworth rested up a I bit, then Frankle took his turn again. , He made the touchdown. that wild , from the Plains of Alabama, a 13- j yard off tackle jaunt. Ingram failed j to drop kick and the visitors trailed I 13-0. I Banker Loses I That was all right, said the Tulane , supporters, the Orange wearers had I to make more than one touchdown j to win. Fix your eyes and Pquint at I the play of George M. Bohler'si boys !now, Banker boat a yard. John What' Icy made no gain, Banker failed to 'gain at center. The Long brothers. Shannon and Greene, were playing like mad men 1 In the Tiger line. The wave had Pint about rolled itself out with tries; to penetrate their defense. The game j ot"t-sawed along for a few minutes. j and Calamity Peaks stepped forward j to do his duty again. He leaped up j and snatched another pass from I Armstrong right in the fare oesthree 'Greenter on his own 42-yard mark and he didn't stop I-tinning with the j oval until he reached the Wane jla-yard line. It was a beautiful run of 42 yards. . Calamity Peake had j paved the way again. Frank Tux-worth and hie mates. Sellers shoved j through for the second Auburn score and it didn't take long at that Spit-erg made 12 yards off two cent4 Irushes. Tuxworth made one 12 yards. !Seller had his chance to take the j bell over and he miesed it by Inches. !Frankle Bey then parcelled himself j over left tackle for the score. Si-Armco filed the air and the will !cheering of the Auburn supporters I subsided. This try for the extra tonint was to decide the outeome otI I the game. either it was to be a tie I or a victory for the Wavemen. Bill Banker decided that little point for the people in the stands. Bill Tiiipstleaskell rips u p nasReit Eleven With Ease 1 1 NEW ORLEANS. La.. Nov. 10-47i IThe Loyola Woifpack outpassed 1 and outplurged the Haskell Indians there Saturday and came out on the Ilona end of a 20 to 0 score. 1 Although I !ashen came with in ,.coring dietance several times they I were unable to penetrate Loyola's 1 forward defense and lost the ball Ieither on downs or on a pass behind the goal line. Loyola began sooring in the firtit quarter when Weller' s punt trickled out of bounds on his own 33-yard line where Loyola took it by successive line plunges. a forward pats and of tackle plays for a touchdown. Weller starred early in the game with a 40-yard run when he took Drouilhet's punt on his own 3I-yard , line and returned it to Loyola'a 31- yard marker through a broken field. DRIVE INDUCTS GOLF CAPTAIN Following a custom more than 100 years old. Angus liambro. the new captain of the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews. Scotland, played himself into office on the famous old golf links at the Autumn meeting of the club. The ceremony consists of the captain driving a ball from the first tee, while the caddie& mustering on the way to the Bret hole, try to retrieve the driven ball. The one who recovers the "pill" is presented a golden sovereign, equivalent to about S5. Not all captains have driven well, and the caddies have been un-, flattering in the way they took their positions. Hambro had a reputation as a good golfer. and the caddies stood well out for his long drive. Hambro hit a "beauty down the middle." and James McCarthy. a local caddie, got it and the sovereign. Then the Terrace gun was fired, and Hambro wee declared captain. , MEN GO ON MEAT DRUNK , Following the killing of a huge elephant in French Equatorial Africa , the natives went meat mad and tin-ally indulged in a meat drunk. according to Mrs. Kathleen Glover. who im in that country collecting natural history specimens for the British Museum. Having been without meat they fought desperately for pieces of the flesh while dissectors cut up the beast to preserve the bones for remounting. A piece stolen by a native led to a fight and men and women battled fiercely for a taste.' After many hard blows and been exchanged the collectors restored order, but the natives were meat-drunk to such an extent that it took 16 natives to carry the head of the giant of the jungle back to camp. eaught the prise that Tuxworth threw over the goal line and the day Wd8 IC)Mt. After a valiant attempt by the To lane gm-ats and won after thrilling last quarter, Tulane 13, Auburn 12. That last quarter round the Greenles. with their backs to the wall. Banker had to punt Out of danger time after time only to find our young Tuxworth throwing passes right back into deep Tulane territory. Once the ball was on the Greente, 18-yard line. another time of the local 11-yard line. students in the stands were praying for time to pass and pass quiqily. As the game drew nour its close. Tuxworth and Auburn began a drive that carried them from their own 45-yard line to the (;rilie 2-yard mark. Mangum .4top1,ed that rally by intercepting a pass from the boy whose name has been mentioned some 20 odd times above and the game ended shortly afterward& Football Results Notre Dams. 12; Army. 8. Notrts Dams Rosary's 241 Mine. 'eta Rosorvas, O. Maryland, I; Yale, O. Brown, 14; Dartmouth, S. New York University, 711 Alfrodi Tufts, 12; Middlebury, 11. Lafayette, 171 ROW ON ay, y, Is Michigan, S. P.n.. 7; Harvard. 0. Columbia, 14; Johns Hopkins, l& Princeton, 25; Washington and Los, 12. Colgate, 21; Hobard, O. Cornell, 0; St. Bonoventurs, O. Mains. 26s Bowdoin, Ohio Wesleyan, its Syracuse. O. Collins of City of Now York. 131 Norwich, O. Pittsburgh, 25; Washington and Jeffarson, O. Hamilton. 13; Havorford. O. St. Xaviar, 7; Western Relerve 0, Cast Os Wooster, O. Akron University. 52; Baldwin Wallact 6. North Carolina. Os South Carolina. O. Duke. 38; Wake Forest. O. Richmond. 30: Randoiph Macon, O. Iowa. 14; Ohio Mato, 7. Alabama. 14; Kentucky. O. Waist Virginia. 32: Oklahoma, S. CIIIIMS.n, 12; V. M. I., 0. Florida, 25i Goorgia. S. Chattanooga. 14; Howard, O. Carnagio Toch, 131 Goorgatown, O. Arnhorst, 34; Trinity, O. Williams. les Wiselayan. 13. Buffalo, 13s Long Island Univor. sity, O. Tartness' 37. Sawanos O. Michigan Reoorvos 33. Alma (Mich.1 igan) Collego O. Lynchburg la, Hampden Sydney 14: Northwestern 7. Purdue S. Illinois 14. Butlier O. Lonoir Rhyn O. Catawba O. Centre 7, Urtivarsity of Louis. vilia O. Drake 20, Washington O. University of Detroit 39. Michigan Stilts College O. Bradley 0, Illinois Wsaloyart 0. Minnesota 21. Indiana 12. North Carolina Stitt 14 Davidson 7. Rennsoloar 9, Vorrnont S. John Carroll 18. Lombard Il Hiram I. Capitol - Duke I& Wake Forest O. West Virginia 32. Oklahoma Ag gies S. Georgia Tisch 19, Vanderbilt 7. Lowman 19, Mississippi & Union, 13; Virginia State. O. New Hampshire, Os Corn A: & M. 0.1 SuIcluehanna, 21: Juniata. 6. Worcester P. I.. 13; Rhod 0.1 Loyolo tChicagol. 7: St. Louis, 7., Wabash, 13; Chicago Y. & Bucknoll. 40: Lhigh. & Schuylkill, 58; Lebanon Valley, 21. Marquette, 7s Kansas. O. Missouri Military Acadorny, 19; Morgan Park. 7. Ohio University. 40; Marietta. O. Mt. Union. 12; Ohio Northern. O. Penn State, 50; George Washington. O. Westisrn Kentucky Taathers, 13; Kentucky Wesleyan. 0. Laurance, 14; Northwesturit Col. lags, O. Miami 18. Oberlin 0. Temple O. Villamova 0- MillSOUri 19, K Aggias O. Dopauw 25. Indiana Cantral O. V. P. I. 20. Virginia 0 Furman 13. Citathil O. Transylvania 64, Richmond Teach. trl O. Miss. Aggios IS, Centenary 6 (CO. Tulane 13. Auburn 12. Tuskagee 22, Morehouse O. Maryland 6, Yal O. Loyola (Now 4 20; Haskell O. Delaware 24, Gallaudet O. Canisus 12. Thiel 7. Albright 19, Penn Military Acad.1 smy O. - - Dayton 25, Cinci ft i L St. Laurionto 9. Clarkson O. oyola 111 olfpac k Elan 21, University of Miami (Fla.) PR a WV WV M e Arkaniva Theekarla lAtSta PL l Arkansas Teachers . Little Rock raskell l College O. 1 North Dakota 6, South Dakota 0. I th Ease Augustana 7, Sioux Falls College 0. lows Reserves 13, Notrs Gams Rs'. i 1 : CI ' Co. O, Carleton 0. i Grinnell 0, Iowa State Teacher" O. 11-. Nov. 10-1PI I Otterbein 6, Heidelberg O. ack outpassed t Wittenburg 18, Denison 6. . Iaske II Indians t Rio Grande 59, Antioch O. me out on the I Stetson 19, Newberry O. wore. Ypsilanti 18. Kalamazoo 9. came within i Ripon 19, Beloit 12. ral times they I Hillsdale 0. Albion 27. trate Loyola's i West Minister 6, Bethany O. lost the ball Catholic University 21, Loyola a pass behind (Maeyland) 14. I BirrninghemISouthern 19, Missia- 1g In the first laippi College 7. 5 punt trickled Louisiana Tech 15, Milleaps 7. I wn 33-yard line Nebraska 44, Oklahoma O. by successive , Des Moines University 28, Columd pass and of ' bia College 8. cbdown. Creighton 7, Utah 7. r In the game South Dakota State 27, North Da when he took kota State 0. is own 3I-yar4 Findlay 13. Defince 6. :o Loyola's 31- Illinois B 30, Wisconsin 8 13. a broken field. Knox 14, Cornell of Iowa 7. Milliken 25, Illinois College O. )IF CAPTAIN Deriver University 20, Colored more i n i or e. an Teachers 11. t r o he n Tulsa University 13, Oklahoma City than leili) v I and Ancient , University 8. cotland Played ' Alabama State Normal 6, Tenn the famous old state college 0. mn meeting of Texas, 6: Taylor. O. fly consists of Howard Payne. 16; St Edwards. O. ball from the Texan Christian University, 7; Rice Institute, 0. At hole, try toj Holy Cross, 15; Boston College, O. I. The one whol Springfield, 14; Massachusetts Ag is presented a g . ees, Ai. kralent to about University of Colorado. 13; Colo have driven I rado Agricultural College, 7. have been un-el Montana State College, 14; Wyomthey took their I " ,..... 7. i a reputation "' Louisiana College, 14; Southwestern I the caddies Louisiana Institute, 111. tie long drive. Loyola. 13: Regis, 7. ty down the California, 6; Washington, O. icCarthy. a lo- Yale Freshmen, 29; Princeton the sovereign. Fresh. 12. was fired, and Muncie Normal, 6; Hanover, O. captain. Washington State, 38; University kT DRUNK of California, O. i of a huge ele- Providence. 6; U. S. C. G., I. uttorial Africa Utah Aggles, 35; Weetern State . mad and fin- Teachers, O. eat drunk. ac- Colorado College, 28; Colorado en Glover. who Mines, 6. lecting natural Texas Aggies. 19; A. M. Ut it ir the British Columbus. 13; Still, O. 1 'without meat ' Charleston Teachers, 19; Illinois ply for pieces Normal, O. sectors cut up Wheaton, 15; American Physical the bones for Ed. 8. 'mien by a nit-iennessee Teachers. 24; Mars and men and Hill, 6. y for a taste. Stanford, 31; Santa Clara. 0. s and been ex- Southern California, 78; Arizona, 7. restored order. Fresno State, 12; Nevada, 12 (tie). meat-drunk to Monmouth, 13r Lake Forest, O. It took 16 na- Southern State Teachers of Car. d of the giant bondale, 12; Shurtleff Collage, 7. camp. Eartham, 40: Roe. Poly, O. Manchester, 35; Oakland City, 6. tat Tuxworth State Normal (Terre Haute), SO; le. and the day Evansville, O. int attempt by Central Normal (Danville), 26 nd won after Franklin, 8. l'ulane 13. Au- St. Viator, 18; Valparaiso. 7. Nebraska Wesleyan, 11; Morning. Ind the Green- side College, of Sioux City, O. to the wail. Howard University 13, Atlanta UM-Out of danger vecaity 7. ' to find our Florida A. & M. College 0, Morris owing Passes Brown University 8. Tulane tern- Gustavus Adolphus 24, St. Thomas 6. was On the Augsburg 40, Macalester 6. .nother time of Luther 6, St. Olaf O. LATEST SEASON Lower Omuta anti northern states have the latest golf 'season this year In thP history of the :Anon. MORE PUBLIC PLAYERS Buffalo claims more public parks tennis players than any other city, with 400 entries for the parks championship this year. MM....., . the side line, watching hs potential receivers all the while under the COSI r eit. he $aw Branch tit the clear. I. With a mighty jump be threw him' self above the clutching. Panther 14 i tacklers and. with a nisiity heave-the threw the pigskin like a rifle shot into the waiting arms :-'t the trusty endman. southern was ,ffeble and I. the extra point was isiloeed. I The game beloneed to the Panthers who showed a supert,r offense at Initimes. Both teams 'Penn:I stubborn detersive power. and sill!. Lott and Smith. for the vialtors end Black and Hush Lee. of the Indiana made I- a few broken Betd gars of sorre1 citable yardage. the seri: route was the ettly consistent lig a :nil' g play for either team. Many of the tosses wore incomplete. Ogle and Battle, of the panther', and -Treetop Murphy, of I. the Chore, played outstanding hall in the rival linea First Quarter Ritchie. of Mississippi. kicked to Chtnk" Lott, who returned to the 2.1Panther 21-ya4 line. After two short ' line Reins. Ogle kicked to Harland 2.1 who fumbled, Southern covering on 7: the N111,31181Pri 40-yar4 line. Three Iline plays gained five yards. and ogle puntM out of boundu on the 1. Choc 1-yard line. Abernethy sent a low punt which rolled with the wind 1; to the Southern IS-yard tine and Smith returned 10 yards, "Treetop'' Nturphy hit l'ilgren for & three-yard loss- Ogle kicked a high punt which : . the wind blew nut of bounds en the ' Panther 35-yard line. Ogle threw 1; Harlan for a seven-yard loss on an 'attempted end run. and Harlan then 1. tossed to Moore for a 23-yard gain. Two passes were incitonplete. but Harlan tossed to Ritchie who was ' downed on the Southern seven-yard I stripe. Harlan tried the line vainly i four times and Ogle ranted out to ithe Southern 25-yar4 line. Two 1 rouses were ineomplete. a line play I by Abernathy netted three yards and I. Reed kicked over the goal. Two line rte., by smith gave six yards and ogle punted out of bounds on the 45-yard line. Two Choctaw fake line plays were nailed for losees . a pass wee incomplete and Abernathy kicked I. to SmIth on the Panther 12-yar4 line. itaie making a good tackle. "Chink" I I tiLntrlitckslillnirtwas letfetnaelladedfutior26h:l.aLlgs.. '.1and after two line plays. Ogle kicked to the Choctaws on their osn 40-yard I line. Three plays by the Missisetp- 11 plans failed to gein and Abernethy . ' i cent another roiling punt which went j tlover the goal line. Southern hit the ' line for no gain as the period ended. Score: Choctiwe O Panthers O. Second Quarter O. Ogle punted to Harlan. whn was "downed in his tracks on the Indian i 25-yard line. Abernathy kicked weakly' to Lott and Ogle kicked over 0. the t'hoctaw goal after three line , plays had failed to gain. Mississippi trailed to g.ln and kicked out of 1 'bounds on the Panther 45-yard line. Smith made five yards on a fake pass. a pass was incomplete end Smith made three more through the line. before Ogle again kicked Over the goal line. His kick, were going 'a 'high and long, averaging 60 yards. with the wind. The Choctaws kicked I. after falling to gain and Smith dodged through center for 17 Yarde. putting the ball on the Mississippi ?'yard line. Pligreen med. five through I. guard. Smith and Lott made it first down in two tries at the line. Tightening as the Panthers had the period I- before, the Choctaws held Southern for downs and took the ball on their 10-yard line. Abernathy kicked to the Panther 35-yard line. Mississippi was penal- ized for interference with pass on to their own 20-yard line. Ogle passed ,.. to Lott for a first down and with i" the ball on the nine-yard line, the in Choctaw line again stiffened and held the Panthers on the one-foot line. Abernathy punted out of bounds on 0. the Choctaw 11-yard line and the goal was again endangered. Lott Or- :111 cled left end for five yards. Smith made one at guard and Smith tossed t to Ogle over the goal line for a .touchdown. Ogle kicked wide for ,. the point. Battle kicked off. Conn receiving and taking the ball out of ' bounds on the 40-yard line, the Indians making no gain as the half ol ended, Southern it. Mississippi O. Third Quarter Lott returned the Miettiselppl kickoff to his 42-yard line. Failing to in gain, Ogle punted to Black on the Choctaw 23-yard line. Black made 20 yards in two dashee off tackle. ty Metts crashed guard for five and Marian punted to the Panther 10-yard line. Ogle kicked back to the Missinis sippi 42-yard line. Black circled right end for a first down. Metts lo made good gains in two line tries before Marian punted to the Southern 10-yard line. Smith broke through SUNDAY! NOV:MBETto WOSS 0 6 i JtRRY BRYAN JACK HOUSE Asst. Stotts Editors SOUTHERN &HMI'S I CHOCS TO WIN, 19 TO 7i Panthers Outplay Mississippi At Aerial Game In Dealing Indians Defeat PROV1NE FIELD, C:inton. Miss.. Nov. 10From the wraps an the gloom on the bench tAllie CaPt7..SIATIp!let 1.1Lti Saturday atternoot to gTve home-coming crowds a thrill and Mississippi College its only score in the 14 to 7 xictorr of the Birmingham-Southern Panthers. The Choctaws suffered their lint defeat in S. 1. A. A. ranks in 13 starts Stealing the Indian's thunder. the black-shirted invaders had scored three touchdowns on passes the last one perhaps the second best play If the game. Smith tossed to Ogle In the ee"ma State Normal Wins quarter for & score. the 14 Ine corn" bination scored in the third Period. and as the fourth period opend e, Over Tennesseans -sh.rty- ogle tossed 4:i yards to lAdt over the goal line for the final Panther s.-ore. ogie By Touchdown, 6-0 mieeed one Kosil. one of bt4 attempts was blocked and Wailer kicked the NAstiVILLE. Tenn.. Nov. 10--Th final try. The Name wan nearly ever when Alabama State Normal Hornets tenni Hitt drew the spotlight with the most Montgomery cams to Nashville Fri . spectacular play seen here this sea- day and completely outclassed th eon. on his own 19-yard tin. after a penalty and a pass had put the Tennessee State College eleven. V, ball In 1101 lly territory. Hitt westerner's with a fi-0 victory. Ihsikeinatittem crowded closely and foh,ed to retreat Time and again the Alabama backi n , got the ball within close "coring tar fted . rttetry OniV tn Inas the hall sLit tho attempt o n r as s c. k tip. r Injured a n 0 r 'Opening Monday! (Tomorrow) The South's finest billiard parlor opens tomorrow, providing our patrons with the newest and latest equipment, courteous service and pleasant surroundirgs. We Invite Your Inspection NABHVILLE. Tenn.. Nov. 10--Ths Alabama State Normal Hornets from Montgomery came to Nashville Fri day and completely outclaesed tho !Tennessee State College 010,00, tl lemerge with a 6-0 victory. Time and again the Alabama back , got the ball within close scoring ter. iritory only tn lose the hall as tho 'result of fumbling and slipping for the wet field The Rana' Via' PUYed latmost entirely in the Tennesseans !territory and they were not able I !register a single first down while tho !Hornets were garnering a mum' i dozen. IThe tonchdavess came at the be !ginning of the fourth period tele! Frank Lewis stint a pass to Mit.: !Brown for a SS-yin's; lain and the' !another to Viilledge Hall for a 26 'yard gain that netted the winalno !touchdown. Drake played a gam !game at center for Alabama. Stat !and was &Hy supported by Cant !Hardy. A. campbell. Cagey, Mej !Brown. Hall, Moore. Lewis. Fraziel and A. t). Brown. 2nd Avenue and 20th St. Over United Cigar Store guard and wont to the Southern 45- yard line before being stonitcdPtI green and Smith tried the it110 before; Ogle Wale' to Mack. tiio ea downed on hts nine.yard fln. ittrInn made two end run awns before kicking out of bounds on the Choc Law 3S-yard stripe. Harlan intercepted Stritth's paNii and was forced out of hounds on try Mississippi ;9-yar4 line. Iarti punted to Lott who made a tatt catch on the Panther 45-yard lineL Smith to Weller was good for a yard Smith gained four arol Pligreen nothing at the line as Om quarter ended. Southern 6, Choc.; tae O. I ! Fourth Quarter i Smith paeeed to Ogle who went te' the Choctaw 14-yard line. A fin play gained a few 8Cant yards an, leimith toseed to Ogle over the KC'a: t line. The kick was blocked, Let . !rereived the kickoff and male a nea I return to the Sa-yard Brie. Ogl ; kicked to Hester on the Indian i yard tin.. P. Ler caught a peep to' , a 25-yar1 rain but IL Lees M. i tons was intercepted by Smith on the t Southern 41-yard line. P. Lee cov-, ered a Panther fumble on the Ser !Yard line and IL Lee went off tackle for a first -ii0Vill. 1 'Two Tialtses ever. incomplete and p4,- Ohird J. ittlootk g o iainfiretaelown4rT4 P 4-, 1 antifei t lo . o m 1 P 1 tr, hit gua,. for three yeeds. Tucker irl !five in- the.. same hole, and Smil I made first Aown. 1,A)tt cireled If lend for a teat-Amin. Ogle kirked t.., 1 itewter IVA Pana,wrs were penalize' for hitting him on a ftir catch signal H. Lee pasned to liviter for nil yarde and ,l)lette erasierd center to the firet deem. Pligreen Intercepte, P. Lees to on the Panther 35-yar, lin,. Three line plays gained ei yards arid Ogle kicked to I ietVr wh made a neat return to the 4- -yarei line. Pligreen intereepted IL 4,4 tom and went to the choetaw ,, 441 yard line. Ogle failed to g.tin. 8mN1, made a yard and Pilgreen added tw'r -i Ogle pegged Se yards to Chink, Loti for a touchdown. Walier kicked gook Ogle kicked and Atette returned tt the Choetaw 4-yard line,. H. Le -t and Hitt toseed incomplete and Aber F nathe kicked out of hounds on thi' Soltthrn o!ghtyard line. Og',11 punted weakly and the Pantherg wore penalized to the 19-yard line. ;et ehert toss to 11. hee for Hitt we,' rood for a pair of yards and they Capt. Hitt tied over the gnal linl, to Branch for a tow-Mown. Thk Panthers were riff-side and the gam4; en(ied. Choctaws 7 Panthers 13. ;, Lineup: B Choctaws: Wore, left end; Conn, left taekle; Johnson. left guard Murphree. renter; Duncan, rigb 'nerd; Bishop, right tackle; RitchieiH right end; Reed. quarterback; liar inn, left half: H. Lee, right hall .k.T. Abernathy. fullback. f.,,i Birmingham Southern: Waller, lef;,,,. erd: Battle, left tackle; Barnes, lefS, guard; Mann, center; Stricklin, rigb - guard; King, right tackle; Ogle, righ end; Smith. quarterbark: Lott, let - half; Summerford, right halt; PH ., green. fullback. Officiate: Dunote (Auburn). ref ore.: Sullivan (Missouri), umpire Wolfe (Weetern Reeerve), head lines man; Donohue (Yale), field judge. I Scoring: 'Birmingham Southerly; touchdown. Ogle 2: Lott: point all; ter touchdown, Waller. I placement MisaineiPPI College. touchd 0 w ot ., Branch (Southern off-si(le on poin . Play). Substitutions: Birmingham Smith I ern, Tucker for Summerford. Cochek for King. Krobin for Stricklin, Mcc Collough for LOU. Cocliet for Ba'eneuV, 0-Brian for Smith. Jenkins for Bat:4 tie, Sargent for Lott, Neipp for Wali' ler, Cranford for King. Missiesippl, Lee for Ritchie. Sheli,:. ton for Bishop, Slay for Harlan. Hili, derbrand for Duncan. Branch foi,-.' Moore, Blank for Slay, Metts fof.,-.; Abernathy. 'teeter for Bee& lyer, for lifurphree. Young for Conn. '4: Recreation Billiard Parlor 1 , i Mr' try lqn- trig! rAtrti 1 LIM ,uwnie zu-yaro marg. mangum 1,- , tioning that zo ilt i one more er- ws s .,--0 I feet except those occupying the I istrietwm MORE PUBLIC PLAYERS ':.t.1 : - i ' pentine runner. Many times. he SECOND VICTORY , po gurd d ona of as an center. !a me 0 ntat was to decide the notoo" .doppefi that rally hy intercepting a 2n and 20th Si , 3 twisted his way. almost crawling, so I The average spectator has pros., I the game. either It was to be a tie pass from the boy whose name has Buffalo claims more public parks - d venue I '"-", l w r' ow hile be was running, through This yeas victory of Carnegie never seen a penalty call for or a victory for the Wavemm been mentioned some 20 odd times tennis players than any other city, ably e v -- a rat hole matte by his forwards. Tech over IVushington and Jefferson the violation of this role. - I Bill Ranker decided that little point above and the game ended shortly with 400 entries for the parks chain- . 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