The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama on December 25, 1927 · 56
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The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama · 56

Birmingham, Alabama
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 25, 1927
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CONGRATULATIONS To The Owners Of The Alabama Theater On The Completion Of The Building TRANSFER AND WAREHOUSE CO Coal and Coke Dealers Commercial and Household Goods Storage 1824 9 THIRD AVENUE Cordially Welcomes Ther We re soon to be neighbors at Third Ave. and Eighteenth St. You beat us to it by a few short months, but PARISIAN CORNER is now being constructed just across the street! Make Merrier Xmas! Go to the Alabama We believe, as you do, that Third Ave. and Eighteenth St. is directly in line with the hub oi a new and greater business section of a great city. We welcome you in sincerity and congratulate you on your home, Birminghams Finest. 4 THIRD AVENUE Building The PARISIAN CORNER Third Avenue Eighteenth Street RALPH POLLOCK ALABAMA GRAND ORCHESTRA under the direction od JOruee Itrumnltt. render Oouaod't ever-popular Grand Fantasia from Fauat la tb ipirkllnf. youthful, mlnUturr sti rrvur JOE ALEXANDER SONGS OF THE SOUTHERN STATES Merten end Bfene Marftret Bell Llmberiete Udwerde Byron Bletere anlemanla Qlrle Eddie Hill Orfam I Have Played A novelty screen presentation accompanied by tuneful Southern melodies. POPULAR PRICES Week Deyei It A.M. to 1 P.M lit t P .M. to 6 P.M 3 Sc After 6 P.M 60c Saturday and Holidays: It A.M. to t P.M 3 Sc I P.M. to 6 P.M $0c Alter 6 P.M 60c Holiday Price Monday THE BIRMINGHAM NEW A G t - H I; R A I D R FA SxfA'e Cteftf Nawtpaptm ine Record Made In Construction Of Alabama Theater Building mm put up L GORDON PTtfl U. S. And Many Other Nations Contribute Materials To New Show Pa I ACC lifts I 1AM. (AM. Pe M, Bf ttiwl 4 iMavotty. tlr fhn tljrtrfwft! IB MMa 14 Th Mir rni-i iM ylBifo 1111 I NfB, fclifal-IBB i)4 RtrlHi 4i MauBtelR mr IfwBifi h 44i im rg mb puin- ftiNtRi hn In ft lH.tSed The. pMetwre end humidity of lt,e air . ,).lltIM the I liceldteae lit: arid leidtllulie outside tile dieuBifm of to uullid k , cause K n,ioo gsvooeid ae (tatlf Bit tfceee ie m imm of Btauakt The I etna era i loo stem et.UA bee tree I oele lied to Hk! Ike veavUeltaa wee furalafcad by ike IKiiaeu mk - fernugrh ell Umkmmi at L'kieea rets yieei mutt ike water j used la wee lee ead sduUiap ike air 1 aad ie kaMa aa fke COt motkod The retiifferaai le ike kanaieee aad uiuriaed carkoam arid a akka , ta Ike same a treed la ckatglaa a 4s iua t ate at taka TVs usual at 4 hud 1 le to use aattatoMa. tekirk u m ai I iaBR kat tmNMNNNBI Leraueo IIU. tleUf elt Me iwufts) iks parftf at k a air Make Mwea lee Tl-e auw-klaapy, loeglsd ta lh besoMteal. le ike meed laodera laeial ; laima at He klad Aa a tee-autklaa piaai H lie a m parity at fee luae : dally T alve an iHueii aim at Ml Ma nuei.a Ike rxtl kurtir iwuitias i pounds ut l eak day Thus et.oufh Ire U upply lease te.lll-e l)U Pour nd -I equipment a phase ut the mutating eye Germs So Small No Microscope Can Find Them Live Off Other Gems Hdcicit.ipiiijc. Of RaiyindL Or Froitin MietlU, Take Voar Choke, Aid Md Fifht On (HttiM Z !. lukctetla cm teat tats are divided akeei li wkele affair, wkaikar they are lufl iwiutdeagee er tae er ernUtt Mb Peats aay ikey are alive aad earn Ibr ate am li mB It Heredia ebd ulUar worse, V JACK CARLE Career feee Mrs Unit Urn apse tkeir ietii le Pit 'am. Amt Inn Ham have Career fed, ead ta mm at iatimnmm So eioit AuHe lit Mi pan ead tli gwee tar Aad ii uore eu ter they ray that ell rat be trrtopltegr or Ml yrnrt. depending 11 believe in tkent err ta email ihsi ikey . eaiiut be eeee even teitk he tuort yegtifel ttn.iueo.po trims et well, eeterdittgly x-o elute Augur t "Sr "'..K: ju ft:-;:-;;?,:. s tkiU Bilh IM H IUROeled grt.n. In et.ett 4.i lei wkai'eademei if" ikey w m tfer 'UP mmlatata, Ikat ikey ate ptukekly rewutle tan b emn ut ertewtiete mriMalne that three lit tl frilowe will devour a Wv tael fluke of very garaffettr g end made l e rliy e ryrtrmr fflll Plumbing A lleetlag keif r - t Vttip.ny Aiunt ammmrr IMrry Alrtandw fern one group ,h 4 lit ll SnfinUa real! I i foul alt rkattatad j Inor , This la performed j letge fane and a Ml-1 i) 4 wkwft are ton ' Ktoe- ...! ': 'for tide phase of ihe tmtiiauag ey- ipaay New Turk aad Wak frow. .w l- mpt-Oed , immt ! Hefrlperai lee Mrua.wt. The duets weed la run ray Ike air j eehetl t owtpsfty. I'kmaf e. ate toads of eh eel metal made la I Mlllamrk. Rttarbe Lumber A Men ft timing ham, aad If Ikey were In b I ufariurtng rampeny Jacfceott. (flea. if Inrftee wide It i lurmthgletn lo thing Ik K K Milas, 4 (raster ad ike rfly iakorelery amt Mrs M T fwkney ate kot on the trail at Ike lllli fef. Iowa friends among Ike getoS ileis uteiniaia are IrtlM ferine wkkh eat up ike karmfwi germs that nark man Ikat Ida j eat ef iklabtkf aay ikey are alive and ikat ikey eel ead reproduce itaiiiaafvog ead tkal ikatr pel feud ie a alee lei at whatever farm they tike Ikat may prep on map ar elkar aaimale If ikey kappea is ka prefetp Mtteelise they are eilti alive, far II etai 11.01 r tv be I er lea I tele rail a ikiaa wkirk le ike fwadameeiai tu. tutal eeli at a tell, kui duaea'l , kappe ie have pit Ike trim at Inga at a . wkkk fee er ally has keen I keBaveg e be tae aaaallae Utiag hlkg has If II tg an eetyne, lbr Ikaie eoutalhlng etas one may aala an Mra of hoe ey eieki operates a kffief ta umMiti wi Hr an lotloea; ftM h OU( Mjgh 1-Ull bKoVB III Ul I libtfWh ifilliR haltitnl ih4 Utf 144 $ I fttUl lo fill IRlB MM IrAtlld BN Ml nf fl(Aw At) (itlit IF 4 till fttimfVM! i rllltl Ihe Btf IB h III, Aflaf Mil m ritiotH V III (Mtlfll iris I known ib m rone of otnfot t ' ike air le ear-j ttttj thr-uen dune Into Ihe audit-. Hum and other parte of the theater. After getwraHotve of e pertinents -I l Oft. nrlenre has retahllehed whet le railed Ihe "(one of r.itnfort. which ado into hand If inrhes wide III Ttf rolls tei would atroirk from iiirtttitighettt lo t'orniutn, I'otnlng ilvavetner. I UPSepellRf. lull Tits vloritlrel laeteilsUott In "The (am patty. Ivwhford. Ilf Aietaanta'" le lha finest and very 11. Khfilrr sign. I.u-Ml-Nue l in Ik rouNIry S lhtt j -where tool non m New York, ran I Vacuum Cleaning e.Ulpmenl. liar-boael of its equal i aleon Holes Company, i!rtnlngvam The genet el scheme of illemina-1 rireprotd 'dears Mecheii iMwgrde ilon of iho auditorium ta Indirect. CompeApCovingtotCy a hits iho lohhlao. foyers, prom -I ohadae. etc., all have specially de- viguod flktutee Light Ar Varied The llghl rutve which enrltvl I he i valtoue dnmee roticeal VOt I -rttlnro.1 : ligltia Hehlnd IN grille 1 Iho or- j g.n errrrft ef also hidden llghle I All three gt controlled fmm Ihe .main eWIIrklmatd on Ihe uge My -it, ran of "dimmer ,thr inteneiiy f i ; iho lights le varied and striking col- j : nr effect can ho obtained The lighting future, fttmlehed hy Warren Company, r.f Chlrego. all I hava I en especially designed fori IMeeevrr of bsiertepae wae made by l Iteretlo wevklnf si tka j lfur Moepliol la Marie la ifid. Ha was shears leg reaval eae eat dye airy paMonta and tank email tuaalllloa f iho Intestinal dlaeherge from I bees patients ead filtered u though feet retain filler The result was a clear liquid la which the dysentery knrfwrtn would not grow. Ho mar hided Iho Ittiln fellow were friendly bacteria Whirl) possibly could ho cultivated by man gad If ho was el locked with dyaoalery. a What U aa ewaymaT Appat rekody knows, or If they da. a" MU. but eagymoa are Supposed to kid dlgeoti.n oed grow hair on bald hands ar aerelenl aay ori of (action bi i bey dost m need up u Iks prwreee Bui whether II U a r ( ii it i reasonably small thing It boo boon shewn by MW tele to bo less than milliir in dMme ter A millimicron. It i m the gink who signet ghoul Itdllljg 1 beds I heel ghoul II until ike (ley Mb Inal, The iutkg i brie got go mu I. noilx 1 decided io ggi gome, tun hgv g lot nf t. ie eorcaiigd. god I efuiag lhm I know g few ngmrv 1 have hegld l iroig gad hie thi y mock si gay-BRg wh Ihlak dllleir. one ef I hr moin reggoae fay Ilk opposition io l hr theory ef volulloe mgy be rniurly gtcrpuhle, but It'll who hnuw me will awn think so f utl gad tgik ie my one inane msn- Mf, A.i prop 1 1 who gee me believing in li grg euf if must kg wrong i don i rr I m aa gvoluliociiti. Uyiiit in ihle , M UT DUCK I00B IN A Kail Campbell duck, owned by It Pi. It Mggwait. of Thahorojon 'irshgs. ha fuel deklovod ihe fvaeed f laying II! egge In Hi day, wl.tcr lo ctahnvd M bo lbs renting for Kao Tka MSI, hold at I larger - liege, igetad 41 Ism Juet g arentifir way of aaying it wklah I It bird laid Ell i a thing brphrBBprOi at A rntmaiMei I ker bmmbmrbI yea gel ekg In dimter and n millimeter Is about ' kp aa. and recorded for in .me -fort folk at aa tag. fomglaing four wegfcg at a full year tVhaiever le found out oa these 9A at ta Ike grade (rme lhl l the big germ, it A veroggipn fgr bmpb and kgMtr tens ewld probably trill have la he ehlpe fr Ik 1'hlMpplttea hag beer legreed fromregullg beat use n'g fen. signed la Mantis likely anybody will ever ago one. They will pgao through poroelatn fit. probably wfel have U -levels, him lere If they are ever oeon. somebody new gygjom of mlct met peat It la run gee from lo f degreog. fh The Alobame"' and coot over Ul.O'." relative humidity -f from M M W gwneral etoclrtcal work we Ivgreaa This temperaluto was de tmnlned efter e ierful aurvoy ! which covered the rnilr United mates and Included very known weather condition by the American H-ctrty f lloeitng nnd l onillailng Kr.ttnecr ae beet culled lo bodily ) . oft. fori Winter Air Healed In (ho Winter, th air, after II i c v ee the "conditioning chamber. " la healed by being mad lo pane , lb rough aer-fln heater " until II ; trachea Ihe proper tompereture. The ! aerofln hea'era" eonetel of Uny radiator fins surrounding steam pipes Th duet aygtem which rarrlaa ihe n'r nil pari of Ihe building after It ha been "conditioned" I n maze f metal pipes hidden In lha Th gwneral alaclrtcal work waa dene by the Harry Aleiander Company, of New York and Washington Knnugh power le roneumrd by Ihe Alabama Theater la lllumlnalo a fnlr-vlied . Ily. The average hem roneutnett ni. ui It- hilowait hours of eleetrlcliy a tnenlli. The Interior j a bine of title theater require to.ato ' kilowatt houra each month. In other word. It would be amJr for J.066 1 homes, or a city of lO.OOdpeople The venb-1 electric elan on Third Avenue and Klghloenth fttreet aro IE I feat wide end 0 feet high. The letters ant four feet 1 inohe high Mch sign eontaln MOO llghta The marqulae. or ranopy eigne are II faet j high and contain M light. With the 00 light In Ihe two row of ??n. 1 viud light on th front elevation, lha ' total bulb ued In tho outdoor lllu- I Lets Go! rwj Rich in its mafic beauty, the new Alabama Theatre informally opens Its doors to all Birmingham tomorrow. Its restful atmosphere and spacious comfort will dellfht you. On the stajre and screen you are promised entertainment such as Birmingham has never before enjoyed. The Alabama is your theatre. Make your plans now to attend! Gala Opening Monday at 12:30 ,7' lr I minatlon number .oo. L 7 ro The" ta equipped wtlh a utmost large enough for a inu I nrlnle telephone system. wSrut Vhr'h them At.h , termination of the duct ar grille ,8,t" -,ot lx hind which are damper which I serva to dlffun ih air heforo flow I Ing Into tba theater. The foul air I (haunted through grills end "mushroom." hidden an-. dot iho soata In tho floor. Large (ana putl thte air and expell ft (o the outside. Thu there Is a oon-wnt clroulatlon and supply of frh air. Tha aoureg of air supply, tha tm-pemture and amcAint of water used. 1 the speed of the fan, tho dlatritm-I tlon of the pure air aro all automatically controlled In every reaped i hj ' -lellcato thcrmotat which tire .lectrlrnlly operated. Therefore, re-t.ardieis of the outside weather or Hire of tho audience, the lr la perfectly (ondltlone.l ami controlled. The audience I not conecioua of th source of this refreshing air he- One of The moat lnteratJng and novel faalure of th electrical In-e tails tlon Is tha uahara signal system By mean of thl aystem. th usher captain le constantly Informed of the number and location of vacant seat. Thl enable him to direct the patron without delay to then Beat and o avoid unnecessary waiting. At various place throughout Ihe theater sending and receiving station aro located. Tha usher keep n constant check on tha seat vacant and signal th captain Ihe number nnd location. Thle I don by dialing the number at th sending station ICach number shows up In It proper , digit column on the captain" rvcelv-trig station by lamp similar to 1 those on telephone switch board. Tho P. I,. Comes Company of At-luntu was the plastering contractor. The ornamental work In a thea-tei of thl beauty call for the talent of artist and skilled workmanship of the beat mechanics. At the time the foundations were being placed, sculptor were busy modeling out of clny figure and ornament to be used a model. A they were completed, mould were made from which the finished work I was cast. Over a hundred mod! i were used. The amount of material used were enormous Over BOO ton of plaster, 15 rarload of (and. 10,000 square yards of lath, 200.00(1 lineal feet of channel Iron were used. To tie the lath to the frame work of channel more than 3,000 pound of fine wire were used. To perform this huge task an enormous organization of "highly skilled mechanic was required. It v.-ould have taken one man 10,000 days to do thl work, 10 men 1,000 day and no forth. Built By Birmingham Firm Local employment ha been the motto of "The Alabama" wherever It could possibly be used. The magic hall of mirror In tbe-entrance of the lobby and over three stories high, a ' plate glass foyer from the bottom to I the roof, was erected by the Blr-jmlngham Paint & Glass Company. The roofing was put on by the Hahn Hoofing & Sheet Metal Company: Ingalls Iron Works installed the steel work. The brick used came from j both the Jefferson and Stephenson ! lirick Companies.. The many doors of this modern palace came from both Meat-bell Edwards and Kolemein i Doors Company. The excavations and foundations were erected by the Smallman-Brlce ! Company. The modern way of clean-i lng this colossal building is a vacuum system of the latest type, put In by llaralson Sales Company. The acres i of tile came from the Truscan Steel c ompany and the ventilation system, , which manufactures weather for the patrons of "The Alabama" was Installed by the George F. YVheelock ! Company. The following is a complete list of i the firms which contributed to the building of "The Alabama:" Architects, Graven & Mayger, Chicago. Architects representative In charge I of construction, A. G. Larson. General contractor, Thompson- j Starrett Company. New York and i j Chicago. General contractors superintendent, c. !. Hutching. The sub-contractors were: Excavation and foundations, Small-man-Hrico Construction Company, Birmingham. Structural steel, Ingalls Iron Works Company, Birmingham. Ventilating, George F. Wheelock I Company, Birmingham. Roofing and sheet metal, Hahn ; Roofing Heating Company, Birmingham. Painting. .1. E. Andrews Painting j ,v Decorating Company, Birmingham. llrlck Stephenson Brick Company, Birmingham. Sand and tile. Jefferson Brick Company, Birmingham. Portland cement, Lehigh Cement Company. Birmingham. Magnolia cement. Southern Cement Company. Birmingham. Lumber, Barnett Lumber C'cgnpany, Birmingham. Mirrors and glazing, Birmingham Paint & Glasf Company, Birmingham. Plastering, P. L. Gomez Company, Atlanta. Grnamenlal iron, Cole Iron Works, Atlanta. Alarblq, Godfrey Marble Company, Atlunta. Ceramic tile and terrnzzo, Interstate Tile Company, Atlanta. Plumbing, heating and sprinkler , a ESTHER RALSTON Spotlight A Pfmeut Picture With NEIL HAMILTON

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