The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 6, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTH1TVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWf Pat Mullins, Society Editor Bennie Bostic Is Bride of Dr. C. L. Craig MLss Bennie Bos'.ic of Blylheville, daughter of t.ho late Mr, and Mrs George W. Bostlc of Corrivay, nnd Dr. Charles L. Craig, eon of Mrs. C. C. Craie and the late Mr Crilg, were married in the MFthnfJi^t Church in piegott on the evening of July 31. The Rev. Jesse L- Johnson, p;'ir. officiated at the oxchanpa of nup- (.'raiff *hll.V !U. tial vows. Tin; con pin JA Their attrnrirnifs 'jo-re MK*- Polly nnd Mrs. Wrlmo'li l/?nrien- nie, both of here. Mi.^ Cr>? 'yore a dress faOiionorf of rhis'v rof, which featured n. scalloped nerklinc embroidered with sped prarls. Her accessories were, hi -,vhif£ find hlnrk onrt she \\ar, eiv-f*n a rorsnm? of white jjlariioii for tifr shr-uUler. Mrs. Lfndrnnie :vnre a rlrns-? in navy and vmte stirer, which "he complimented with white ar«y<Fo- HP*. She '-vnp pre^ent^d with n ror- saee identical to that of Miss Conner. The bride wore* fur IIT mjirriner 1 nn afternoon gown of navy and white. The houfiRii). skirt was In tiny tiwks from waist to hem. ami the fitted bodice was hichliehted by a u'hiie collar nf (1n!>nv ruf- work. Her hat was of nnvy and sviis closclv fitted cloche with a siig- MARRIED— Bennie Bosti«F bpoanio tho bridn of Dr. Oiai-los !,. IKAV making their homo in WythoviMe, \vht»rf> Hr. Craiyr will continue his jMVK'tice as a dentist, 'Setbacks' To Be Fashionable For Fall and Winter BJ- NAotfANE WALKER , PARIS <JPt — French fashion's Mr. and Mr*. Bill Hudson and' nrw W | n ter hats look as If fchejr'vp family, *ho have been r<!Rldeni.« of, ^ (je.slRned for the lady wto's BlytheviNe, moved, to Little Rock, 1 d(lfl(ipri lo rip .p^^ nH - ha | r , Just Riuiday, to make their home. i the thing to cover » ne 3 tragKHne Soaman Apprentire Billy Ma-1 ends wntlp a short hatrcul ifi gr OW - theny lefl Monday en route for; jn(? in aga j n Japan, whore he will be stationed: ^^ Parts "designers are turning for sevmal mnnthfi. HA l* ihf win o , ]t npw nats that drap€ or r)pp i e of Mr. and Mrs. -Jack Matheny. Iow ^^^ "Bath-icStR," they call Mr, and Mrs, Bill Banister and [j 1Rm " left t/xiA >' to •» thp *»"**« I Ac'to materials, next family of her parents, Mr. and Mrs, G, G, Ashley In Re "MOMS, T>x. Shirley Ueville, Darlone Pierre,. Amy Crook, Deborah StanfieM. BcryJe B^vllle have returned from the State Young Women's Association house party at Feme Jiff i SprinRP near LUtta the pcr- ! ennia] black velvet the No, 1 fa- j vcrltes are furry or satiny fell*. In j a new color range of soft, luscious ! fruit, VP set able and metal tints. j Marie-ChrLstine, in her opening, i followed the trend toward soft, un| lined hat* Mint can be cniKhPd like handkerchief with no ill effects. Texture Is All Important in Fabric This Year they spent- several days, They were j Tpc.ompfinlert by thrir roiin.selor, i Mrs. Clyde Webb, and Miss Frances; I.onjr. Mrs. Sanford Wrhh, Mrs. Well Lowo. Clyde Wehb were in Memphis over the week end. Mrs. I.owe wont rspecifilly to nndprjzo treat- menr at, O.mpbeH', Clinlr and Ls , log-behind Imp. now confined (o hf>c1 at the homn ! rti ^....* „ ,„_ T.__ _ ;J ,...:._! There's an exotic Oriental Influ- •nre creeping in too, Svend. 'he 'oiiTig Danish deRiffner. showed * thre*- basic types—cloche, turban j nnd fe?. | Many of his clothe* sporiod long. i thin sword fpathprs. jutting out b«- J hind to poke the unwary in the eye. gestion of color in the tiny bearierl design. Her only ornament wns a single strand of pearls. She pinned at her shoulfier, lour yeilo7: bidium orchids. cym- Pollowing a brief wedding trip In nf her mother, Mrs, Clyde Webb. Miss Bf*i,ty Prepnel] and Mr?. Kni he rine Rwr-eiipv are .spend in 9, *}i\* wrek ^ac^tionin^ on Rrelfooi I i.ako. ' M is.* M -T rin ri M i» yrp yi M li a VP r\ s Jier 2HPSI for several days. Miw ,Ioy- tiplle ppnrpon of Houston, MJPS., ' w ho v/jl] arrive t/yiay. Mrs, John Blythe Is a patient in Fellowship Meets In Lowe Home Mrnibers of thr Study Group of Mrs. Guerian Is Hostess to WMU deep \ ciivf?s. Drvil red. which looks JHM as il i?oiirid>, is the new Svecid irade- mjii'k color. j The Danish lad perchpd a poni- 1 pon bic-fier th;<n DIP hat on one ; r?hanp;iii Anothi!! 1 danKlPri diamond ij^,,!^ with a th , rd comM „ Bolri ro5f . b]ld 0|1PninB oul , „, rhe , ollch , nf a nn . ,„ a full-blown flower wlth ainmana |)0 |, Pn 6t. Louis, Dr. and Mrs. Cralir are now at home here, where he will , ())IJ hi the Lynch Builrlin?. I l(lss continue his practice as a dentist Christian Women's Fell.-—ship of Birthday Party Given in Home the First, Christian Church met hi hoiwt* of Mrs, Cecil Lowe, hos- und Mvs M. T. Moon, ro- hosUss, Monday niclit. Mrs. W. B. Cohb wfip In rhavce of the propriun, "Hinnnn Richt. Un- flnlshrd Report," Mrs, Cohb spoke on "WhiH Are Hiimnn Richie?" and othffrs on propram wrre Mrs,' Albert Taylor, Mrs. Rn.^rll Hnyes, j Mrs. .John C. McHnney, Mrs. Ben Hiirpnlc, Worshipful reading ot scTl]»1')i'e j WRA Riven by Mrs. ,1, C, Kills, .lr..[ bst nicht to members of Cirrlos Throp and Four of f.he Women's Missionary Union of Calvary Bap. tlsf, Chiirrh for n potlurk Riipper , nnd prnqram turf \I\K. i 'lliii rcrn nirmhri-^ nf Ihr cli^s i nttrncied the mreiinz which «*:i^ : bRRini with the WMU year pona, "All '• Itnll TliP Power" nnri prayer offpr- ! ed by [,ur:ind;i Coir. Simrme. C.Tnge showed O: [ velvet tiirbnn? rich *i * ery. Other models wor? trimmed '• • with downy optvirh feathers. Prepare Baby Now For Summer Visit Nealy (Rusty) Cliapmnn celebrated hU fifth birthday yesterday nt the home of his parents. Mr and . nnd Mrf . rr[?emftn RnhinFnn . Mrs. Bill Chapman, nnri 18 little j Rupf . H] HoyM WftR , n charge ^ , hp guests attended the party. | worship. "To Keep the Vision Clear." His grandmothers, Mrs. Murrny j The Rroup sang "Onwnrd ChH.s- Mr.=. Jimmy Oarne.r was In rhnrpe of the pi-nm-nm. "Conslrler P'nropp." nnri Ihose who tnok pnrf.s \vere Mrs. I.PR Powell. Mrs. Howard Cnldwell, Mr.s. .lini Rnss. Mrs. Huhrrt Pols- J Scrove. Mrs. fx-land ?lnrlse. Miss Ellen Moore, nnrl Mrs. Guerinu, who riipmi^.-pri with prayer. Blyrhevillp Ho^pilRl where her roil- . riition is reported very criijrnl. t ,!. J'. Ewcll. ill. of Memphis ts! the trne^V of his grandmother, Mrs. Ijeslie Hooper, Mr?. D. C. McLean IP the guest r>( a relnlive in Aslieville. N. C. NTr.s, Fred Sic adman and ehil- ' rlren leave tomorrow (or Grfen- I ville. Miss., to visit her morhcr-in- : law. Mrs. W. F. Steadinan. tor 10- clnvj 1 ) before returnlriR to Blythe- i vilJe. Snrnh Ann On tens of KenneH, Mo., IK the cues! nf her aunt. Mrs. Thomas C. Brannnm. and fnmily, Ann Stewart,'of Memphis IR thej First, consult your doctor, and ex- Kuo,=t of Mr. and Mrs. Howard , pi 0 j n the, type of trip, as? well a.<= the Cairi'.vell aiul Mrs. Mary Lyons. ! accommodations t.hnt will be avail- Mr, and Mrs. R. F. Kerbough are! an i c alone the way. HP will be the spending a week in GfltHnrnirg. ] best wrtce of whether or not the retin. imiriiev i<: a BOOri jdpfl. B6 SUtP tO By OAri.K T>UOAS +- NBA Wnman'n Edit** 1 NEW YORK ~ (NEAl ~ TPX-; ture, that nil-important word in i J fabric, nifans that surface interest' has become foremost in fashion. It'//-\ , i I • • /I /i\A/1 * I i J also means that a basically simple! UUTUOOr LlVIHQ ISH t What It S design can gain ne-w intere.sU since! « . t i i -p" n * r* J texture.jnitself. is sufficiently eye-1 Bracked Up 1 O D6 IH bUHimer ISSU€| This is deuiunstrntcd over and! Abollt , h!s time of vear the rtpco . over again m simple. c]a55ic lines ratlnff magazines are filled with coupled with texture. But texture [ your utmost to break And if there is ever drought! more* hi jcoup.ea witn texture. But. texture • nnic!es on vvhat they usually refer! rieci hostess than the planner o Oriental! has other fashion uses. It lends. lo as .. out(ioor Uving ... ! would-be lawn party trying to ^ mbroirt- t for "is'''"'". 'I" 1 l°°* of "ne fabric For all their 6eductive phrasing ! an indoor picnic' for a hun" to another. When a wrinklp-re.=1st- ari( j ant- finish is added .a new and practical fashion is born. Linen-textured rayon [-1 e f M maker a dretw that's just right for the cooler days of summer. It has a soft, smooth weave that's been m a ri e wrinkle-resistant. Anpora trimmine outlines the deep, wide Bv NKA Bca::iv Editor U neck. Over this simple sheath I Traveliner with the hnby f^kes goes a cape-sleeved tassel-trimmed definite planning if you want to i jacket that's not shown here. krep her healthy and happy until i Textured treebark taffeta (right) you rr-arh your de.stination. j makes a simple acetate dress with wide, ^qunre-cut neckline and crisp whit? cuffs.' It's the thousand? of tiny, irrcRUlnr pleats that lend Mns pictures, "outdoor: hoard, you should nominate living" isn't the! Harried-Hostess-o/-the-Month^ simple way of j — — . life they paint. They ignore so many things in their entrancing articles, One — The neighbor's c h i 1 - dren, An outdoor \ party, in the av- ^ e r a ^ e neighborhood, a 11 r a c t. s fabric body terest. and give It surface in- journey ask him what equipment he thinks i f ormer Fj s fa Barge von will nerd. '-. . r . .*., •^-*- Fnce-Litting Hudson and Mrs. Pujik \\ r illi,>, wore special guests. Mrs. Dorothy Smith of Triimann assisted her sifter S» serving the birthday caVre and Ice cream. < Guests spent the ntternoou ih Informal games and in watching television. Topflight Junior Style Auxiliary Holds tiari Soldiers" BCftnnpanieri by Mrs I jo svc fit the piano. Scripture from the book of Psalms WR? given in iinlr-on by Mrs, lx>we and Mrs. t p) • i i , Frank Brown. After Ihe offertory DUSIRGSS /V\6GT prayer and oflcvlny by Mrs. Gc*on;e Barhnm. Mrs. Hayes led the clo.s- B m-nynr. After a bu$]Ji<xs5 sc^i/ui was con- jrted. n socin! hour wns held anrl refreshments were served by the hostess. Game Ends Six Weeks Scries Members of BlytheviUe Country last night at the club to play a seven-table Howell movement which ended fi six weeks series. Winners of the game last- nicht were Harry W. Halnes nnri Mrn. C Mrs, Brulnh Miller, and sisters. Mr.s. Ornrly Ooff, and .sou, Gary. and Mrs. Willie Rrrtdirk of Rteele Once you huve this elcaran havo jus(. returned, from Bnoneville. [ r-hrck with Ihe railroad or airline Miss., where the visited with thniri office, qnd explain what your resister. Mrs. Hurley Mrvsj;. They were j quirfMnent-s will bp. They will tell nipt thr-re hy twn brothers. -Joe ninljyon whether or not you *'iH en- and .linimy Dial, anlrt ft nipce, Mr.s. | counter any difficulty. Cat Smith, all of Galveslon, TPV, Don't worry about giving b»by Mr. and Mrs. J. Max Walters an- the same food she is used to at nonnrc the birth of their first home. Brine: along her favorite. child, a rtnuptUpr, at Walls Hospl- ' most (li^nstible solid toortF In cans, la! Tuexrlny morning. Mrs. Walters i You enn warm them before opening Is the former Miss Virginia Osborne. \ and then serve right, from tlie can. Mr. nnd Mrs. U. n. Wimberly of | If your baby's appetite rioes; not ?rpm up to nnrmal, there v no nncrl ( [or concern. Traveline iisisally changes a younester's eating habits. An important part of your equip- SAN PEDRO, Calif. Wt~- A former fish barge has had a rp.c«nt face- lifting—it's now h?lf a pirate ship. The barRe tvs,s remodeled by Yin Taylor, set dresser, and D. Stcelp. lighting lechmcian, for use in marine films. Fishermen a-ho hnve delivered ca tches nf aibacore to the b,ir^ Coming Event\ Tliursrtay La Kueve Bridge Club meets | the home of Mis. Coleman vens. Mrs. W. B. Mayo entertains n bers of Thursday Rook Club. Rulh Millell hood, attracts BlytheviUe Duplicate Brid| kids like a display of firework*. League plays game. Thrre goe.= that wonderful privacy Mrs. Alex Curtis hostess to rm| Hint jicroYoIng to tlie articles is FO | bers of Kibitzer Club. Friday Osceola and Blythevtlle assett Jake tn. Calif., fire ihe Riir paronf^. Mr. and Mr?, W. A liusinew meeting waK roluliloteri by members nf the American Legion Aiixillnry iMt ul7ht, at the Legion j Cluiln FTut, i of hrr parents. Mr. and %tr?, W. E. Aller Uie nipcllng was culled tojHacen and family for Ivvo '.venk!:. order, the colors were advanced and i Atnonc relativcp of the late Ross r the preamble and pledge to the flng Moore here yesterday for his din- | were Riven. Mrs. Emii Damon led j ernl were Mrs. Birdie Hnrris. Hu- ! Brine tiie croup in repentini? til? I^orrt's berf Pearson of Mew Albany. Mi?*., [ Prayer. Mrs. Willie Dexter of We; ...jiri-Uhe busihf?? session conduct- 1 Ntis?.. Paul Moore of N T P-J- Aliiany. efl.-Hheir future proTram ves dis- [ Chester Moore of Houston, and cussed.'which Includes the starting; Thomas Moore of Columbus. Miss of a Negro unit, a bake sale to be Mrs. W. O Campbell, supervi- heJd Wednesday, find a membership sor of Arkansas State. Collese train- ririvp, tor which an award will be inp school and former commercial] given for largest membership. The | instructor nt. Dell. Is critically ill In I week in August, the Auxiliary.; st. Bernard Hospital In Jonesboro. hnuld be disposable diapers, along water the baby is easily achieved in outdoor living. Two-^Uninvited sue.sts from the insect, world. !n the tempting arti- 0 f"BiinJ," ou "'oirk'has"el30 p"rr7'd| cles about outdoor Hiving there Is j nfr 0t MaOTnic Hall ln B , nhev | never any mention oJ lies, mos- nonormg „ wort hv adi-l" quitoes, chi^ers anci the h«. | MjM Marlan 6acrey of RuKeUvl] ' Three — The little chore of eettins i lood oiitdonrs. and nil the equip- j _________ _ ,. ___ , _ ment back in. Ttiis more than j make* up for t.h* p**y Inrormality . of servmsr antdoor?. Four— The hosts' and hostesses 1 ; HONO KONQ *>PV— The Chitl own children. Th^re seem? to be i Nationalists have agreed to let Fomethin? fibo'.it outdoor entertain- Chinese refugees from the Com.! , ins that brings out the Tnrznn in n | stSi nou - in ~ a refuget camp h| wouldn't renc^ni/e the vessel, Tav- ; even the best behaved children. g O t o Formosa. lor said, ir* frezer house is now a | And it ^ niore than a little dls- 1 They wiU be the first replira of A ship's bridge, complete] cnncertine to try to carry on a con- I such refugees to be allowed on 1 - I V€r ,; 0 (i nn wfo .junior swineine from \ mosa by thp Nationalist Mini! possibly an electric bottle warmer.! the limb of n treo and yelling: I of Defense this year. They tnclf planning for your ] "Watch, I'm goin? to Jump."- | students, 'business and professid ' n;rn. and a few former Chin generals and officers of lower welfare will make her Point' rr?t1rp,s. you should pack Five The wpather. Finn a party thermos, j idea) traveling companion and will ; foo big for your living room In Hie bound to get] vielp to insure a t-rip that is enjoy- j fond hope that you'll be nhle to W. Afllick. first: Mrs.Monroe Grain ; a sorlal " lp c'"»!- an<l Mrs. n. A. Lynch, second, and Mrs. Russell Phillips nnd Mrs. Eugenia Jenkins, third Winners of the six weeks ended In ties for second and third place*. :Ur. Hnlnes v< - on top honors for the series. TieinQ [or second place «'erp Mrs. W. A. Afflick and Ku- . renirv .Jenkins, nncl tieine for third 1 For place were Mrs. S. F,. Tune and Mrs. ! C. C. Councille. . . .. . , wlth tbe ^8">nnnlrc S if TMII tire hnviiiE difficulty ^eop- int your garden tool? clean and free from rust, try applying P. thin coat of shellac to the tools. ASPIRIN AT ITS BEST than '/i< a tablet 8365 11-13 At the Hospitals Mr- C F Crrr*- a:id l»hv. Rt 7. Mrs William D, Pal ton anfl baby. She i.^ in room Walter LoKan of New York is the Theodore l-osan. of toys, and certainly her to take along to bed. Evaporated milk Is a great help, and you should be prepared 'rtth at least a day's supply of empty sterilized bottles. Yiu'll also need a measuring spoon, can opener and guest of his parents, Mr. ami Mrs. variety j able from start favorite' finish, have it in the yard. »nd you've done: Courier Jfews AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION ff- r ..:^n r-j'rr; n in -: 1^ 16. IS Si-r 1? !• ln-h. ; = yaici ecu 1 :;'.!•! Fc; thir. pir'nr', COINS, vo'ir ::iirr. ,u ::!n p.111 Show SI art;, nl i)u>k. '2 Shows K\cry Nile LAST TIMKS TOMTK DOLLAR A CAR a Carlr>;ul fur SI ; r?d nnd in- PATTERN •:, S'j? B'lir"" Box Office Opens 7:00 Sliov/ Starts 7:15 p.m. Admission !lc & 3llc At AM Times LAST TIMES TODAY SILfCTED SHORTS: "Caspsr Takes a Bow Wow" "Songs of the Campus" ood go with Coca-Ccla Tiicmghtfulnesg makes for hospitality. Be "sure to think of Coca-Cola you shop. It's sure to get a welcome. TEK MILLICN ArvlBASSADORS To ds!r ovo.r ten million CARE p.icknjcs have been sent o\vf5cas by Each one of ttie^e is ,1 perr-on-topenon s^dor of hope and freedom. It is impossible to liyc in ihe United Sutcs nncf know \vhnt a simple nnd inndjqmU" diet most ISuropoans and Asiatics live on. SenJ another CARE package overseas today! COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. RITZ GUESTS Mr. S Mis. Homer Nunmilly & Family Mr. X .Mrs. .1. C. Walsh & Family Mr. &• Mrs. Raymond Krills & Family Mr.s. Aiulv Harker cS: Mi-^s 1'epgy Barker THURSDAY & FRIDAY ONU «.f,.M, pRonrax OF-QIO UDIS: COULD M m ^1 *oxn si,Ufrt\n* » ^^"S acaramoiidie- I'tiriimniint News & Short "Hello RITZ GUESTS Mi. *; Mis. \V. 1). "Dub" Kilcy Mr. & Mrs. Oriel) Barnes Mr. A- Mrs. Chester Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Ililey .lories

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