St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri on November 15, 1925 · 78
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St. Louis Globe-Democrat from St. Louis, Missouri · 78

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 15, 1925
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'p -.16a MUSS lobt-Ptintrant,Sinnbag Morning, Robenthtt 15,1925. t .. GRANITE CITY MAN - KILLED BY AUTO Driver Flees from - Scene and License Number , Is Unknown. Prank Shister. 08, a widower. 2042 -P-street. Granite City. Ill. was instantly -killed near his borne las$ , night by an auto, which fled after dragging the body 40 feet. Si , Miss Anna Laub, 1923 P street. and other witnesses said Shister had stepped from the curb when the automobile. traveling thirty miles per hour.P struck him. The license plate of the automobile was not observed by the witnegses. Shister was on his way to barber shop. - Dies at Age of 87. CARLYLE. ILL.. November- IC Mrs. Adeline Childerson. 87, died to Petrova Says, $7500 Verdict Against Her .A for Play' Is Unjust "If 'IV hi t e Peoclii Was Stolen, Why Not All He Sued Me For?", -.-. 1 Olga yetrova, her faith In jurieS, shakeil. reached St,. Louis last nightl 1 to teU the story of her wrongs from twelve good men and true Monday In New York City. Wearing a gray hat over her dark red hair, the stage and screen star flashed a pair of very blue eyes as she spoke of the "confectioners and clerks" who dared order her to pay MOO damages for plagiarizing Ideas for her play, "The White Peacock," from a drama written by a former British naval officer. , "I just say to you this," she said, "If my play was stolen. why did they not giVe him all he asked for? I tell you why, they see me every day in the cou'rtroom. wearing a different dress. And they see his wife, wearing the same dress every day. and, they think, 'She is a wealthy woman. She will not miss MOO.' They do not think of my good name." - - Sued for $35,000. William Henry Roberts, author of "The Red Wig." had sued Mme. Petrova for $35,000, charging that she used hie play as the basis for ,"The White Peacock." "But you must not say that I think the Jury was more unfair to me than to Mr. Roberts," the actress hastened to say. "They Just did not know. poor men. They did not understand.- All of them, they went 14o sleep while the plays were read. now could they understand in six h urs two plays?" 4 . me. Petrov& pushed aside 'a redfl ered scarf and leaned forward. " ask you, did you ever read a play of Spain? And if you did not, what would you expect a play of Spain to contain? Brigands? Yes. Lovers Yes. Gun play? Yes. Violence? Yes. "Have you not heard In plays of Spain of ladies who entertained their lovers when the husbands were' away?" The actress gave a rich laugh. "Even in America, ladies have-been known to do so. Yes. Well, now I tell you, here are two plays. They have the same .brigands. the same lovers. I can't say I invented the brigands. I do not invent lovers." Did Not Steal Passions. Mme. Petrova turned to a startled male listener. "You are a man, I am a woman. Do we not have the -same passions. desires? They are -not new. I canont steal them to write a play. I can only invent variations of them for my play. It is like chess; there are millions of variations in the moves of the pawns.' - Asked if she would appeal the verdict against her, Mme. ,Petrova said: "Of course. And-I shall ask that expert Judges of plays be called to say if my-play W115 stolen. Bah! I did not have to take ideas from Mr. -Roberts' play when there are so many classies lying about to be rewoven. Ei,'en if the verdict is against me and I are called a plagiarizer. I shall be in good company; rEvery day they argue about how much Shakespeare took from Bacon. , I do not think there is any play that is original." - Praist.a Stand of Pram Mme. Petrova spoke kindly of the newspapermen who - wrote the stories of the trial... "They can be flippant when they wish." she sale. "and they can be cruel. They were not cruel to me, and they were flippant only when rtodolph Valentino kissed my band. That is the cue-torn in his country, and it is the custom of the country from whicti l come. , "Since I came to America in 1911 this is the lirst scandal- that has touched my name. In this I have been singularly fortunate.- But t, I do not care about this suit. I am like the player in "The White.Peacock." who says, 'My friends won't ostracize me. Why should I care about the others?' " Mme. Petrov& will appear for a week', beginning this afternoon, at the Orpheum Theater fa a dramatic playlet written especially for her. STATE OPPOSES RETRIAL OF 'CH I LD-WOMA W SLAYER By Associated Press DENVER. COW.. November The state will resist efforts of attorneys for Dr. Harold E. Blazer to bring about a retrial of the aged country physician on a charge of murdering his 84-year-old "child-woman" daughter. Hazel. Joel E. Stone, prosecutor of the trial which ended with-a deadior.tked Jury and subsequent dismissal of the murderc charge, announced tonight he would fight all attempts ) retry the ease and '"place Colortdo In the position of legalizing, that character of crime." , Large Audience Much Pleased with Ganz's .Symphony Program Mme. Easton Scores Again with Her Beautiful Singing. At the Odeon last night, despite uncomfortable weather. a large audience gathered to partake of the repeated program of the second pair of concerts by the St, Louis Symphony Orchestra. conducted by Rudolph Ganz. Beginning with Itachmaninoir E1 minor masterpiece and ending' with Dukes' , Scherzo, "The , Sorcerer's Apprentice," the orchestral. numbers, Including excerpts from Faure's setting of Maeter1inc101 "Pelleas et Melisande," the. selections were cleverly performed and especially with the Dukes humoresque was the audience put into an enjoyable mood. - Here the entire apparatus was not alone fully exploited on the side of finesse, but the added ability of the bassoons, bass clarinets and heavier woodwinds was well displayed. That Dukes Scherzo, by the way. is an orchestral showpiece of which no orchestra can make too much In that it demands high-grade solo skill from all sections of the band and is a most thankful number on that account. It ranks high, too, in the realm of so-called descriptive music, telling as it does the episode of a magician's aid, who gets hold of the "abracadabra" of his master. by which the froward youth works a charm but doesn't know how to make said charm cease and determine. Meanwhile. the broom he turns into a man whom he commands to fetch water, forgets. as it were. the number of his license and thereby floods the inn where the magic experiment is undertaken. Not until the master comes upon the scene and speaks the charm that charms. does the inundation stop. The gurgling and swishing is neatly imitated by the woodwinds and the fiddles. which, in their own neat way. tells the story to the last gurgle and swish. Some beatsteous mystic locutions were heard in the "Pelleas et Alensedide." The composition is in the best modern French vein and written with due respect for the native and acquired talent of the Paris Orchestra oboe players, who are said to lead the world in their particular As -on Friday afternoon, the third movement of Rachmaninott's Symphony in E-minor for Full Orchestra (Nod 2 opus 27) made a fine impression. The great Russian here proves that he can ascend to glamorous sentiment and voice it in the note of unalloyed restraint. He intimates the difference between resignation and despair, not a :tittle thing for a Russian. to do, by the 1 Mme. Florence Easton's contributions to the program, the familiar "Queen. of Sheba" aria (more regal in his low estate) of Gouni)d and the Lia rcitative and aria from "The Prodigal Son" cantata by Debussy were even more beautifully sung than at the matinee. Rapturous applause. as on Fridayo greeted- the MetroOolitan prima donna. - who again offered for her ,encore her abbreviation of the Jewel Song;from "Faust." But for the rule,,so far unbroken at these concerts, Mme. Easton would have sung another morceau. - 4f STAR IN "ABIE'S IRISH ROSE" SUES FOR DIVORCE CHICAGO. ILL, November 14. Everything would have been all right if there had not been another man and booze. But when the.3e complications entered his marital life. Stanley L. Price, a Hebrew. and the title haracter in "Able's Irish Rose," 'tiled sulefor divorce against his wife. Mabelle , Estelle Price, who is Irish, who was his "Irish Rose." not on the stage, but In his home. She was well known on the stage as Mabelle Estelle, prior'to her--marriage In 1920, but she did not play the stage role of Rose Murphy In the famous play. "It wasn't religious s differences which made us quit," said "Able" I today. "Mixed marriage can be successfut but there were other elements that combined to break up our home." In his bin be 'seta forth, as one of the "other elements.' an inciNlent In the Congress Hotel, which Involved his Irish Rose and another man. And he also makes a charge of habitual drunkenness. Mrs. Price. - who lives In York. in her answer, denies both charges and asks the court to allow her expense funds for attorney fees and witnesses to fight her bus-bands suit., " '' Aithual F4hibition of Work of St. Louis Artists Is Opened Paintings, Sculptures, ' Etchings and Water 1 Colors on Display at , Guild. The thirteenth annual Aithibition of the St. Louis Artists' Guild, 612 North Union boulevard, eontaining more than150 oil paintings,- sculptures, etchings and water colors by St. Lout," artists, opened last night with a reception of the guild members. The exhibit will end January 10 with the awarding of ten cash prizes ranging from $350 to PO by a jury, of three artists. 1 'Among the oil paintings are several portraits and figures with a large.number of still life and landscape." canvases. - "Mrs. Raelisler Lee.." by Paula Penske, is an excellent work. having a beautiful finish, and is one of the beat at the exhibit. The "Portrait of A. A. Wallace." by- T.- Kajiwara, Is another very good portrait, with a light yellow background that brings out the features readily. I Pine Japanese Exhibits. Two of the most striking oils lat the exhibit are by Kajiwara. They are "Kiyohime" and "Head of Man." "Kiyohime" is the artist 'a conception of a scene from a Japanese drama. Klyohime. a Japanese woman. loved &priest who could not return her love. The priest lied across the water and hid under la terrible bell to escape the fury of her passion. Kiyohime followed him. and the strength of her passion Was 'so great she became half dragon. half woman. The canvass shows her. with the torso of a woman and the limbs of. a dragon. discovering the edge.-of the priest's robe protruding from underneath the bell. Her wrath and fury destroy the bell and the priest. "Head of Man" Is a head of unusual character and strength on a background of dusty tan. The long hair and strong features of the head . bring to mind the "Head of Christ" In the cathedral at Antwerp. Bet-glum. H Roe Canyaems Remarkable. Three small canvases by tred Rushing Roe show an appreciation for color and shadow surprising in a modern artist. "Back from the Seas" and "Mystical Asalrision" are remarkably good, with ,rDays of Yore," a Watteau scene proof that Roe- can- handle light as t well as shadow. "The Enchanted Hour," by Martin Kaiser. has captured the ineffable charm of a hazy summer afternoon. - "A Decorative Landscape," by Paul P. Berdanier. stands out among the landscapes at the exhibit. The calm sweep of earth. sky and lake holds the truth of nature. su GAR In 1 a. 8' a lu Grante 460' ulad. - With $1.00 other 27e.tods French Blend ti gc Coif ee, 311as ,D 1 0 French Blend Cl 115 Coffee, 311as I a 11.1 , si lbs. Sweet Drink- ing Coffee - " S1 Very Best Coffee, ng pound . . .. b New Dates ; '1 - pound (1925 crop) ..ldb Celebrated Idaho Honey, 1925 crop, S1 25 5-111. pail $2 Stamps with 1 lb-. qc A pure Dutch Cocoa b - - - Just arrived, fresh crop Holiday Nuts, all kinds; also new Fall crop of Beans, Lentils, Split Green Peas, Rice, Barley, Prunes, Raisins and Apricots. tgk7.N, IRtirgo, 4 South Broadway - , Why Carry It? Order by rhoni Phones: Free City De Sooty Satisfaction Main 2552 Guaranteed or Money Refunded Main-1263 A. "A Maid of Pueblo." by O. E. Berninghaus. and "Down to the Sea." by I T. P. Barnett, are both intereating 1 canvases and show the skill of the practiced artist. Pour black and white drawings by Charles P. Quest. done in the manner of Aubrey Beardsley. with an infinity of detail and satire. are very clever. Grisella Loeffler is represented by several very good 1 water colors of fairy tales and myths. Mildred Bailey Carpenter's "Romance." a water color scene of a Prince wooing a Princess under a full moon, is also exhibited. The sculpture on exhibit is composed mainly of portrait busts and bas reliefs. "Valentine." by Dorothy Young; "Warren Ludwig Painter." by 'Victor S.. Holm. and "Juan Pir10... by Heinz Warnecke. are representative of the best in busts at the exhibition. The exhibition is open to the public free from 1 to 5 o'clock on week days and from 3 to 5 o'clock on Sundays. a . 111. 17: li'll 13. ri:: 1:1:.' 17.,,.. rt.- VI.: 17 111 Vt VII Tit VI: , VI" 11.'4 . U. VI: VI VI. VI VI, VI II: 17. - VI. 13 UI Palmolive Soap, Cake 7c Dozens 77c Hike's Antiseptic, 3 for 50c Dralle's Illusion Asst. Odors 49c $1.00 Manuel - Tablets 69c 1101 Gg idnetn Shampoo, tPI 3 for 50c I Germicidal Soap, 1, 3 Cakes, 50c r 1 ,!;:if Scrneurt Wfints; boss 20 pkgs., 63c . S. a $2.49 1-11 ! l3q3 I e-sch Pi'xfunies . MOIVDAY'S SALE 17 $1.75 Roger & Ga Jade, ounce.... .1 $1 A9 1:1 April Showers oz $2.00 $1.50 Guerlairl's VI ounce $129 hi $6.00 Caron's Black to Narcissus, ounce. .$498 Id $2.00 Spring Maid vor Narcissus, ounce. .$1.48 $2.00 Spring Maid slasnun, ounce.... .$1.48 $6.50 Rosine's Nmt de Chine $5.79 Li $4.00 Guerlain's L'Heure Bleue, ounce.. $3.39 I $5.00 Ciro's Chevalier de tot la Nuit (Knight of the Night), ounce .$439 j Citron's Christmas Eve Perfume (original bottle) ......$26.00 Over Two Million Prescriptions j Filled in Our Busy ti I Prescription Department J We fill your prescription Ls just as the doctor wrote it, and after compounding it,. Idouble check it, so as to till avoid any possible error. 13 Rubber Goods puJ ,? 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Williams. it is said. has attracted more attention than any modern evangelist who ever came to St. Louis, because of the simple sincerity of his message and his winsome personality. This personality In the closing days of the campaign h4s won for him many friends among the centre; figures of St. Louis. and it is understood these men. prominent in the Chamber of Commerce. Rotary Club and Optimists' Club. are attempting to get Looking for Office Space???? We have desirable OFFICE space on second floor, exceptional DISPLAY space on first floor, and a BASEMENT (20,000 sq. ft.) to let to responsible tenants in one of the busiest sections of the West End. : Apply to General warehousing Co. Delmar at Euclid. Get Up on Time ..Livith a Wilsonia Alarm Clock. Top bell alarm., no Sale price... UOC (lee extra bY man.) $3.50 Waterbury Alarm Clocks in two styles: Large household size and small traveling size. Your choice, 6-1 A 11 Soap Specials MoNTDAY's SALE Pos lant Soap..19c; 3 for 55c Woodbury'., Cuticura, Resinol or Packer's Tar 3 for 63c Pear's Unseented 3 for 35c Germicidal....17e; 3 for 50c Sayman's 3 for 29c La-Mar, veducing 3 for 93c Ivory ioap, guest room size, dozen ...... Glover's Dog. 3 for 39e 25c Sargent's Skip Flea...19e 19e; 3 for 55c Chez Soap.....19e 3 for 55c 47-11 White Rose Glycerine, 19e; for for 55c Kidney Remedies MONDAY'S SALE Swamp . ... 47c, 93c 60c Doan's ..44c De Witt Pills.. 75c $1.00 !Athlete Buchu....83c $1.50 Carey's 777...... $1.23 80c Urotropin Tablets, 5-gr.39c $1.25 Mayr'sStomitemecly,98c $1.25 BILIMSVOIrt Tablets...98c KI (for removing eold cream from the tam). , Professional aloe . .53e Regular- aloe 29e Professional also . .53e Regular- else 29e Electric Maid Heater 12-Ia. eter copper rettector g- 415 value. - --, . 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I probably will rest for the leemainder of the year in anticipation for the biggest year of my life in 1926." Fifteen hit the trail last night at the tabernacle for one of the biggest Saturday night totals Williams has experienced since becoming an 'evangelist, 'Tape's Cold Cdmpound" Breaks a Cold Right Up Take two tab- --- - lets every three e r! hours until three 4. - , - doses are taken. ,kt The first dose al- 1141; 0111.t! ways gives relief. to.7 The second and - 4E!' third doses completely break up the cold. Pleasant - and safe to take. Contains no quinine or opiates. Millions use "Pape's Cold Compound." Price, thirty-five cents. Druggists guarantee it. Advertisement. 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Drug Specials MONDAY'S SALE Spirits Camphor, 2 cos. 25c Tincture Iodine, 2 .ozs... -25c 100 Phenolpthalein Wafers, 39c 100 Corn. Cathfrtic Pills 39c 100 Lapactic Pills. 290 Castor Oil, pint bottle. W. W., 49e Rhinitis Tablets (100) 29c 4-oz. Cascara Aromatic W W., - 39c Bay Rum, pint (Puretest).49c Witch Hazel; W. W. pint-27c Boric Acid, pOndetr, Seidlitz Powders, doz. W. W. 190 91.25 Elixir Iron Quinine And Strychnine, pint 98c Hinkle'. Pills, bet. of 100. 18o t 100 2-gr. Quinine Pills., 83c Bayer Aspirin Tablets, doz 15c 2 doz.; 25c; bottla of 100, 93o - Face Powders it; MOMDAY'S SALE b 50c Spring Maid..., 341c tor 60c Pompeian,. onts too 42c lid 50c Java Rice .., Inv 34C 11 $1.00 Djer-Kisa 69c 35c Roger & Galletes , y Rice 2ax 27c 16 60c L'May 42c ye, 25C Dirlove 18c $too cotes VOrtgan-79c b Cosmetics MONIDATS SALE - $1.00 Boncilla Clay, tubes, 794 50c Stein's Face Powder 39e $100 Stein's Alpine Cream, lb. -4 79e Theatrical Cream, lb. can 39e 50e Dior-Kiss Lipsticks 37e $1.00 Tang Lipsticks 33e $1.00 Golden Peacock Bleach Cream ,..79e Sempre Giovine 49e Elizabeth Arden's Velvs Cream..$1.00, $2.00, 33.00 $1.25 Trejur double Compacts .. BSc 50e ZAary Garden Rouge...39e ri 1:11 VI 17 VI tuJ 17 111 1:1 1:77, -till i 111 p : : 17 ; 17 4 1 : 17 VI still VI tel VI till vet $1.00 Boncilla Clay, tubes, 7941 50c Stein's Face Powder 39e $1.00 Stein's Alpine Cream, 13 lb. 79e Theatrical Cretan, lb. can 39e 50e Dior-Kiss Lipsticks..37e $1.00 Tang Lipsticks. .83e $1.00 Golden Peacock Bleach T.! Cream sak Tee Lou Sempre Giovin 49a .1 Elizabeth Arden's Itelve Cream. .$1.00, $2.00, $3.00 11J $1.25 Trefue double Compacts - .. 98e 50e tlary Garden Rouge...39e VIIJ - , - r - - ,t t $3.50 Icy-Hot Lunch J,T1 h Complete with pint si no bottls . a '419 Tj t Ve P(Y1 t -Ne pol 1 Cel 192 1 5-11 1 $2p1131 Jui I Ho. ; aim BeE Peg Rai ( 4 H I s 10 1131 I. - r Glint o 1 .d ei i : . :10 t W 2 :901...3.2 !3 for 50c I ..-!S 4:: I ,,, r .--7, . .6- A -- . --...,,,,,,, Glcic7r1 Imi aor, :1SOP' I 6. 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