The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1939
Page 7
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IT (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS." CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING iNFORMATtON Daily rate per line for cohsecu- ive insertions: For Sale Kurtz Mmlnlhin Singers, Guaranteed. Ideal Christmas (jltts. Ke- Ifcl yours early. Mrs. Ben Darby. 3 miles on Clear Lake Road. GOING HUNTING? 3rie lime per line ,^ Two limes per line per day....08c' Co '- ^_ 25-pk-t If you're hunting for u (rood 2 suburban groceries. Thomas Uind '' st>( ! ttlr <"" 'ruck you don't s un 25-ck-2 have to look far. Our lot is Honcst-To-Gootfncss iards of Thanks.........500 & 15c Minimum charge 5Cc Ads ordered for three or six imes and sloped before espira- ion will be charged for (lie iniin- xr of times the add appeared and Vdjnslment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy •ubmltted by persons residing out- ilde of. the city must be uccom- c. Call 280. 25-nk-29 Stucco dwelling, six rooms, mod-' '38 Vord l)cl»\e Tmlor cg. sx rooms, inort-,»h Plvlllnil , u crn. 404 Eait Davis stieel. Pt-lecd « '>»"""" . . to sell. Coiivonienl terms. Cliirence Snoivclen, Senrcjs Ark, Pigs, shoals, meat hogs. Vaccinated, b. n. Onrner, Arraorc), Ark. 18-pk-l2-18 '37 Ford Deluxe Tudor $337 '37 Teiraplane Utility Coupe $325 '30 Ohevi-olcl CoacJi §193 '31 TvrrajiIaiVc 2-l)oor $181 "re' table "" \ BcBllliful Advertising ordered for irregular r con '"" 011 insertions lakes the one time rate.I SL,5™*iV' No responsibility will be 'taken'""°" cs 571 _ ion of any classified ad, For Rent Perfect, *«»• wi » «« '» 1 ™ terms. Tclc- s. Live, 15c ;)ound. j mil dressed, 25e pound. 1416 W. -jMnln. Phone 125, 4-nk-12-1 I Scvc-rnl ! room joining bath. 701 VV. Ash pliohe'- >9D. good mulc-s, Il01 ' scs - Paul mares und 24-l)k-20 I Lnte model traci-ors '35 f'oril Tudor 'W Tudor $181 December, my. oil Shoe Repairing (lUA'l.lTY'Slim? SHOP Invisible half-solinff. l-'nll solo for every vluic and boot. Crcjie, u.^ i leather, riiljber, or Oroeonl. Shoes ohaekasawba (tyed any i-(ilor. roltsti, luecs and: of for sale nt (own in such inim- Ihe liihnbll.inu wuro 'ouhty of District, and H'c call for anil deliver. Phone 120. H. H. Campbell. Slfitc «Hd Iftntls Coiinty hi NOTlCK 01' SA1.K IN THE CHANCEUY COURT OP »"«n»v« ijimner (NW'.O aild MIBSISSlPl'I COUNTY, ARK- Noilhwrst Quarter (NKM) of [he AMRAW ' : Nfth'll*vvni:i rs........... ...'....., - .. Arkansns. ( 0 ju c best blilitc'r. (he fol mirl prupoiiv in the > MIssLsslppI chicjcnsnwbn DlslrliM Slule ol Arkansas, to-wlt: tlio Soillhwost Qimrter (SW'.O of Nci-thwon (jimrter iNW'O aild ANSA8. ChiAasnK'bn District. A. O. DOUGLASS, Plnmllrr, vs. No. C9H. ALEX UAKEH, el al, Notice Is hereby R|V ulerslRiied. c o ini« Chancery, w(i|, order of the C o Co url |NOI'lhwesl Quaiier (NW'U of Section Eleven (II), I'Wvushd) IMiil-tcpii North (14 N.) Halino Klgla Knst 18 K.( m,d toWnlrtlliE t Ijjnly ^50> ucro.s liiore or l^ 1 * I,,,,. V SMri u1 ; nlL ' will be held lhc aflci'no ol o'cloek hi the Nice bedroom with twin beds. Con- Venieht to bath. Men preferred. - . : 300 W. Mnln, phone 176. 24ck2-24J* Allis-Chalmers accktt "11 Chevrolet ncbnllt and I s new. Paulj'38 Ford l\f, 2c-ck-t,r - TRUCKS - '31 1'oril "CO" I'k-VJp S315 'M Chevrolet TleV-Up '35 Chevrolet Pick-Up . , . . ° , rollolwl »» I" 1 '"*, lo-wll: fC(IU ol ""'" 1>1Dhths - ' ri '° "" , n » S » W «>", *«« >"> >*lo(B ' vc UDllrt ' wl "' «l>l>l-oVc(i SC T lllc l'»> lmc »l «•'« "'' « ll(> " Ton -,- -..., ^..l.ln.Li^ l/lflflt Ui linnt* ' Mississippi Grimly, Arkansas, „ <" Chlckasawua District, romtcrctl on the 25th day of September, 1039, In a cutisc therein [lending where- . D--... is plalntliT and Alex linker, 1'enrt Baker Manila ." lc 1> ' 11 ," 1 " 1 . -•.$175 i (School District No 15 of Miss s- reUll »«l o» snlrt Iniuls furltu'V ..,. I MM county, Arkansas, shirty i'° . sm "' c s " c " l'«''C).n«o tiioucy. •'»•", Grove School Dlstricl No 30 ol'' wllncKS '»>' band this 25 day of November, IfiM. HARVEY MOUlllS. Commissioner in chancery. Safe * - Arturftlc Ymir Prescrlpttpn Druggist Fowlor Drug Gc. FK13B DtiUVRRY 109 W. Main '.St. I'lionc 16 , $3M ^''sslMlpp! County. Arkansas M1 i. I ligan Schocl Distrlet No, 8 of MIs- ' Combines. Easy yrum. 'JC-ek'-U with bath. Ht5 W. Main! Phone 125 or 510. • 24-pk-l i rooms furnished or unfurri. Furnished. Balh. 914 Hearn. 2'3-pk-12-23 Notice NOTIC& I am now salesman for Thomas Land Co. Have good _ on farm and city properly. room furnished ' miarliiienlT 1001 i JL£: ^"'P^ 1 -' 16-i>k-'l2-io W. Ash. 23-ck-tfi ', room nicely furnished apartment, Utilities furnished. 1123 W is!l - 20-ck-l!7 Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut, Phone 102 after four. iTcktf Unfurnished apartment in Shane .Apartment Building on West Main-St. Call 671 or 197. 8-ck-tf Nice bedroom, convenient to bath Steam heat. Phone 280. 19-ck-lt Found Bargains In USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONH 35 Laundry on Higlnvay C ( ,, Ml . ofrt Hickory Inn. Man's, woman's and I -_L child's underclothes. Owner may j UM> " dn 3' bed or studio ; - couch. Wanted To Buy . have same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News Office. Two automobile keys, of Geiieml Motors make, •ing. Owner m laying cost of News.'pfnce;;. . Phone 524 before 5 P.M. 23pk2tl Want land. Have buyers for 20's- 40's— BO'.s and larger tracts. See , em ........... 0 - ,...-^,. On small wire us at once - Thomas Land Co. have keys by this nd. Co'uflof 1839 Arkansas % Ton Trailer License. Number 281-363. Owner may have same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News. _ _ lC-ck-12-lii ; WE l-AY CASfTFOft^ ~ r ' : ' Used Furniture; Roy Kooncc Furniture Store 111 W. Main 23-ck-ll-2c Tailo ors Wear a lailor-made suit Ibis CHIUS'lTHAS. $23.50 up. Gcbrgt L. Miiir Blyllicvllle's Only Tailor Wanted PECANS! HlGIfEST PKtCJEg TAl!) Plione us when ready to sell. Our truck will come for your pecans same day we buy iheiri JONESBORO HIDE & FUR CO., Joiiesboro, Ark. Phone 426. Repairing J lnnt early bearing Pecan and B|p% -, ssx. r ^ 0 ^r« 531S sisstpiil County, Arkansas, lilack Water School District No. r.3 nt Mississippi Cotmly, Arkansas. Rocky School District No 54 of Mississippi County, Arkansas Luxora Schocl District No. 2 of MIs- i.ialppl County, Arknlisns, Dell School District No. 23 of Mlssls- . , - — . —- - s'l'P 1 County. Arkansas, and Ullnk- rhonie 818-851 for !)rti!ons«Ja<lon ley School District No. 52 of Mls- DlythcvJUe, AiS. P H I LLIPS MOTOR CO. Comer 5th & Walnut Land Foe Safe 12 acres, with two good "houses i mile S.E. of 131y()ievi)le on cleat- Luke Road. Will sell all or part. Small cash payment and easy terms at B7o interest. See E. Recce. 24-pk-i Number One Light Domestic FUEL OIL FOR Stove and Furnace PHONE DAY .TO DAY 1)71 HAUNHDAIJ, IMMN'INO COKI'OUA'I'ION Amovicii's 1'ii-st Oil NltiHT Kill C. B. Wood, Jr., flgent WINTER CONDITION Your Car THE PHILLIPS WAY Here's Whn( We Do: Drain out heavy, worn lubricants mirt refill iranstnisslon and M -|(h llcw wln(et J.oar OlI-np lo 0 pounds. Extra chnrgc for extra quantities, Drolii OH) (uiriihrr vntlght oil anil rtnil crailkcasc.-wllh the correct grade O f fresh, clean .vVltiter oll~ti|i to S quarts of 2jo nil. Ks(r;i ehiirgc for over S quarts, nrcinlittn Krni ] cs , or fur lliisMiur on. Complete lubrication of eluvils niiif all 'moving parts. Clean ,iml Inspect Bp'irk phiss imti reset for colil weather Ktnrllnjr, rtcmons biittery from car anil liii Inl carrier, test cells and elenn terminals. l-'lusli raillutor with special r.i- cllalor dunicr and lushed nil nnil cimni'ctlons. eel lieulcr nhil windshield wiper. COMl'LKTR SERVICE $3.95 For iietler I'urfittiii.iiicc Phillips Safety-Check Sccvh-e PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. LAND FOR SALE in MISSOURI 165 acres al! in cultivation on sravtl road, half mile lo gnml school, five, acre grnvc. Good house and barn, a real place. I'rici: 550.00' per acre. 125 acres, 100 in crop, iikc grove' of 10 acres, good house and harn, ami an extra gtmil piece of laud, 1 simio frnil on iilnce. Price fCO.00 j per acre. • ' 255 acres, all in cultivation, oh':' Qt-avcl road, t«o large barns, hvo I sood houses and live small ones. ALLEY ftfli No Letter lain! and location won- dertul. Price $70.00 per acre. fourth cash, balance , see E M Blytlievilte Arm COAT OF ARMS 1 Coat of arms of a warfiitg nation. 7 This land has compulsory military -—. 12 ftalile bird. 13 To eject. 15 English title. 16 To roost. V Qualified. 8 B^nk br^lcial, 20 Neater pronoun. 21 Artifice. 22 TO erase. 3-1 Iviinds. 23 Pronoun. 35 Measure. Ebb of water. 36 By. 25 Portuguese 37 Flng. coin. 2C Foot movement. 28 Bench. 29 To \vinnovv 9 V/ealhcrcofclc. 10 To annoy. 11 Lenity. n Southeast. 16 Its chief line vi»»«fi>-H of defense. ifflra"»<^-, 10 To exist. 19 Its parliament 21 Intellect. 24 Baking pan. 25 Less common. 27 Dutch measure. 28 Place o£ . 30 Therefore. 31 A'rivaiVcc Of troops. . 33 Uncle, . 39 Insurgent. « FnlhoV. •13 Ten-cent pieces. M'RolIs up. 45 WooiJen pin. •!6 Iniquity; 47 Amphitheater contcr. ^.Distant. i, , 49 This coimtiy 30 Hymns is ruled by a 31 Dumpj. -- •• 33 East. 50 This land's 35 Pertaining ( 0 capital. osmium. 4 Mama. 5 Peeress. GChrisfmar 7 Street. 8 Kingdom. VERTICAL nn- o ,, ... 30 One tnat rues 2 To discharge, ^o Eagle 3 To putrefy. 41 TO tattle. 42 Fairy. 44 Away. 45 Chum. ' 47 Proposition. 48 French. These tlir gains, one i'our years. We liavc cut over lam! well located tin Highway, hn cash payment, siv years to pay, only to those who cari build and start cJearing. 40 acres, six miles from Ulytlic- villc, all in cultivation, house and jfiarn. Trice $50.00 iwr acre, Conway & Houchins Uiytheville. Ark. Coal WASHED $4.95 Washing, Ironing and tronfng. Cheap. Rougli dry and finish. 0 quilts 51.00. One day service. Willie Green behind City Ice Plant. Lost Elgin Railroad watch. Gold case. Lost Nov. 12th in front of iloore's Garage on 61 Highway REWARD. E. E. Jfawklns, Route 1, Steele, Box !»?. 20-pk-21 ^nlu.•!I• Sl'ijfgisli Liver, work off the hile to rid yourself of constl- 'ation. gas pains, and Hint sour, mnk fnelira. Tnks one box of KIRIJY'S ACTIVE. LIVER. PILLS 25c ot all klrhy Stores RXPRRT AND ACETYLENP WELDEliG nc and heavy vri siiCciaity. Garksdale Mfg, Co. Drag line Phone 19 or Res. Freshest Stotk Guaranteed Rest (' Kirby Drug Stores Wert Optometrijil AlAKKS 'EM SKK" Over Joe tuiutf Start Phone 540 Now Lnratcil at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON fclHVAUDS, Proprietor All Mnkn of Rebuilt Typewriters, Adeline Machine, Calculators— ill! TOWII'K Moiintst M;iti You Life TQ LIME,VOW, , f-MtS.\MnHERS .' Ws A Wcfe. J00o,M OLD Vinvteft^ WHEN HIS Wlr'E.ISlAr rj THAT WHAT BRING YOU KE.RS.TXIR •SCHOOL (?oor-\ A ST«AN a Si i IERE - THOUGHt l|c_J> r iis Vuftienififc, Too WOTTA MESS! NOT A - ••-• — WHEM OUR. , FRIEWDS RE- TLJRNED TO TRpy y ALLEY OOP WALkED OFP IM A HUFF. WE NOW FINP THE "GENERAL" AMID THE OF "THE CITY WHOSE MILI7ARY GARRISON HE At GME 7/ME COMMAWPEl? JUST A GEMTLf^ UTTLENUDC>& CM THfe COMK.' i-:i>(;,\t( iMAK'i'iN $''K|$t^ - WASH run'ns Hooked at Liisi i=oc /.;: ao PUFFER HKE ME LUCILlf, HOW KIM t EUEC THAMK VA? K ! YOU\Jt J.VATJE { f) WE THE HAPPIEST LITTLE 6IRL ' ' \VJ TMfe FRECKLES AND HIS AMENDS ;y iyiQRYst*ssR\icE. ivc. T- H. REG, u. s. P*T, KY MBUHJI.L UKOSSKK I'D LIKE T' LOOK UNDER WHEN I STOOD UP L DUSTED MY SUSPENDERS , so IF'N Vau DWr WIND , ILL SET DOWN AW IN .' PJIONE 700 Persona] —-

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