The Spokesman-Review from Spokane, Washington on April 19, 1989 · 1
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The Spokesman-Review from Spokane, Washington · 1

Spokane, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 19, 1989
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A. 41a,. WEDNESDAY APRIL 19, 1989 25 CENTS 50 cents outside metro area 106TH YEAR, NO. 240 . r I ;. DOW JONES AVERAGE SURGES The stock market posts biggest gain since October. JAIL TERM ORDERED FOR CHAINING WOMAN - STATE EDITION BUSINESS, A10 WASHINGTON, B1 I i r , ' - - -- ,, , ,- ,-.- ,,, , ,,,,,,,,....,,,, -,,F. p-,-.04 ,04,,,,,,i3e,,,,11. ,,,,,,,,r, ,-,,,,,,,04 V,.....r., '...,, .144,- ...., 7 rit'..- .,,- ...,.... rt,....,,r,,-,TrAir ...r.l.i,r, ,.Vt".071e .m-F 1,,,,,,, .:,....,,...,1, rp4,,,,,,,,, f .5,:.!vFn 41. e 7.,,.,.,.,..,,,,,,s V. 1 . ...2.4.yty, f t, v.. wv -,,,,,r ,.6 a r ,9,-,,,,,,",,,,,,..f.,,,v,0-,- ,,.-,e,-. .,,,, .,,-,,,,,-..4.-rt ,r, mr.r,,,,r , :,,,,,,,,i1, AIT, 1 b ..,-.1.14cb, , . . e A , ,-,, r f:--.-.,,!:,-,-....-;s-, . i Ai t . . r) fct F. , , , v ,N v, ,--, 1 4 o LI ' ,,,, ( : -- k. , ', . r,,,,,,,,1,1,- ) ( ii) V.ct L-, tk ,I , ,, ti,,, r1::,,-, c t) c.,, -i-,, , A 1: , ' , . , t , ,,,A (-; , , : ; t,2 ,, i CI,-,0 -, ,:); 1 ' yrr 4.. r. ) - ,, i ,, ,,,,, , ,, .... ' . ,,,!..:" .."" .,...,.. t - ,, ',,, Ei,----' , - . -,,, ze'-' ..!, ' . 1-- ' ", , . I ; ,' ; , t 7 .. , ', . - ' - ' "-' ' : "--;,1 , ':- 'il . . . , : : . . , ,, '.t . 4.I.,l' ..:., ,, ,i ,,,,,,,,:-' . . ,,. i" ;:,,. ..'. -.:.:.: ..,.., : i!, ,. : :, : , T . ,17, ,,I i ( ,.. ,,? . ,, , , 4 - . ' ', . -- - , - - b . !,4-':A :'1,,, ''''.::2r"' ,.:';'-cn-"'"- 7:1.,;',1":41',:'s.n.f .-'''.'' ---'-:'" VIII.-..3:C v--4-rlifZilltli.M,Se.,r'',1ar,Iter--,...-271...97.;M1.,,1!;..!.-y--nr,-"k,,e,,,,,iTr.!- ---.:-, 1,,a,7..,,,,,, - - .,--rr.e.,m,.,,aotr.aazobre-,,,.,,x-r.,ri,,r,,,,,,,T.,1-,I,---,r.1,--- --r,, ,,,,,,,...-,-.,...,-,.......,........,.,..r.,.,..,.......- ,,,.. . ,,,, ,,,, ,-. - ,-- -,........,,A Wright: By David Hess Knight-Ridder WASHINGTON House Speaker Jim Wright moved Tuesday to arm his Democratic colleagues against adverse voter reaction to House ethics committee charges that he repeatedly violated House rules. Concerned that his colleagues might succumb to voter backlash to the charges, Wright methodically laid out the main elements of his defense in a 40-minute speech behind closed doors to some 240 of the House's 260 Demo Ex-cop still sad his story has doubters Last year he reported 3 left him for dead By Bill Morlin Staff writer Shooting victim Doyle Wheeler drags on a Camel Light and simmers with anger that not everyone believes him. The former San Diego police officer was tied up, shot and left for dead a year ago today. He says he was the victim of three gunmen who entered his Suncrest home, northwest of Spokane. The mystery about who committed the crime is as intense today as it was a year ago. "It's been a nightmare," Wheeler said of the past year, "but it's getting better as time passes." Investigations by the Stevens County Sheriff's Department, the California Attorney General's office and a federal grand jury in San Diego have failed to conclusively determine who was responsible. There are those, including his former fellow police officers in San Diego, who theorize that Wheeler staged the shooting. But the 37-year-old ex-cop emphatically denies that and criticizes the way Stevens County authorities handled their investigation. "It's done several things to me and my family," he said Tuesday during an interview. "This last year we've spent putting our lives back together. "The crime itself was traumatic," he said. "I was treated totally like a suspect and not like a victim." For example, Wheeler said he was "threatened that if I didn't take a polygraph examination, the investigation would be stopped or slowed down." He balked at the lie detector test because he said he doesn't believe in their accuracy. He did take a voice comparison test that showed he didn't make a tape recorded telephone call made from his home to the San Diego Police Department during the incident. "Speculation in the press and some of the media's handling of the shooting only intensified the pain we went through," he said. "I'm troubled that there are people out there that tied me up and shot me that haven't been brought to justice," Wheeler said. "It's difficult when you have to literally fight on an almost daily basis to even Please see SHOOTING ORDEAL A2 Price-fixing victims can sue on antitrust grounds Associated Press WASHINGTON The Supreme Court on Tuesday gave consumers a chance to recover, through antitrust lawsuits, the extra money they spend because of illegally inflated prices. By a 7-0 vote, the justices said state laws may allow those indirectly affected by illegal price-fixing to sue for monetary damages. Lower courts had struck down such state laws, ruling that they are precluded by the federal antitrust law's bar on suits by "indirect pur. BEHIND BARS: LINK AND BEACH FIND PRISON Fast life for pals turned to hard time in a shot By Jim DeFede Staff writer Lonnie Link and Don i aid Beach are back in hiding today. Aftcr a five-day visit to Spokane to testify in the second-degree murder trial of Billy Mc Ewen, federal marshals escorted Link and Beach back to an undisclosed prison Tuesday. Link and Beach were the prosecutor's star witnesses against Mc Ewen, who is charged with being an accomplice in the 1983 shooting death of Spokane police Detective Brian Orchard. If today is typical of others for the past live years, they woke up about 6 cm., had breakfast 'I intend to fight, and I intend to win' crats. "I told them I intend to fight, and I intend to win. I told them that I've done nothing to dishonor the House and I never will," Wright said as he emerged from the meeting. Wright urged his fellow Democrats not to be stampeded by ill-formed public opinion during their upcoming four-day weekend at home. "The recess will have some role, because every member is undoubtedly aware that if we have to make difficult votes in defense of the Doyle Wheeler says the unsolved crime has chasers." "This is an extremely important victory for the American consumer," said Ramon Klitzke, a Marquette University law professor who had studied the case decided Tuesday. "I foresee many cases in which lawyers representing consumers will pursue antitrust remedies in state courts, and consumer associations will file 'class action' lawsuits in behalf of numerous consumers," Klitzke said. The price-fixing decision reinstated efforts by 'KIND OF ROUGH' and were at work in the prison's industrial shop by 7:30. They'll make parts for some U.S. Army gizmo until 3:30 and tonight while Link reads, Beach will work out in the prison gym. To the other inmates in their unit, all members of the prison version of the federal witness protection program, they are known only by their initials LL and DB. Even the guards are unaware that Link fatally shot Orchard on a street behind the downtown Spokane Holiday Inn on July 18, 1983, or that Batch was convicted as an accessory. Their most recent trip to Spokane followed a trip hcre last month to testify against Alvin lisegge for his role in Orchard's murder. ''-qte ;;;;;;? r IC''',-,- lot, a. .4-,, '' '1' e i - -k. .1- ',,-,A, ' ,!. ''' ....., . ..::, . .'-',',. ...,:!,'... ? ... ''- 1 . 1,,,-;;-7:::'...,: - ': , -,' '. ,.,:' - .,-.''.;' , , 1..--,-,i.;;.:;..!, ,. i , . - ,. ., ,,:, ,.: ,.....,:,,,,,.,: - ,... ' ' ',.' , ' - :-;1;t1 ,,.; .;:-.,; i:,-;:,,!pfl;it:4,., ,- ..c..,0 .!.:!,..-,.?,-.......- , , ,...,;,,, . . - ','":''', -', : -:,,i'..1-:,....' ,e-, : s'i:. :.-::-;;,';.::: '. - ' ,. ..; .Z..--'47' ' .:. ' ,L,:, '-'4 , ;'-'.''' - .. , '''' --' ' ' ;- :; x .''; . .!...:- ' qt.'''".,,,,,,,...., ''''' r , ;: , 4 . ,-. :., ::.';,. ,..,,,,f- ! ., ''.-,. , ;,,e,,:hfvriP:,,,,,? " ',,,',..';.;1, ,, .. ,,,'," ,-:-;',.! ,,f',, -'et: .,,,,,',,,q, ;,-;4, A - ' - ' -;',.".:.. -.,... , , .', ' i ' ''' ,-:i .- . -,.,-, , .. , - :e'' i'''. :''',':.'!i',..:!:;.;:. :'e.;,- ,. .-',. '''''' . 7.144 . !- ,'.'. .' :' , .b,' . 4 4 . , ' -, ,i';'-' ;;., . t't, ;,i ?.,,.'1.,:,',.. 41.,: .44 . . , ' , . ,, ';,,,;:;''';'44',''';?-i'N4tN 4.-';',. If" .:,- . ;1'.' ' ..:. '.... . . -t , :"'- e . .; ' .. . . , - e e, .' ..' 4; ., It ." '''''''5 ,' ," ,:. :: ::,;.' , : : , - .,,' ' '. - : .. . . ' , or et -) ',- .0 t gd' 4' , . 41 . 1 ))( : ' ,'',,:;-'1' 4.',.-';,.ri,'4 ,,..,'' ....-- , ,...., : '-'., '-' , ,4., -, . . ,. , . !',;.:''j' ':',.3-,;- 14-: - - , , , -.- , - ' - ' '-, i , i ' ' ',,, ,,,.,1- -,, , ,--.,,,,, ,,,t,,., - - :,-,: . , . .. , '7,'",;,,;',',1:4,,..'" ''- ,.,, , ,,, -41 ;,... . -,:,,, A'-' 1 t . i: ,;: . , )s. s.......,....,,,,s,.....,.............. i- - ' , . , tz ' , an. T".--ZIMMittarra2,1172."1,31-,-1,T-41:z7,24417.,kw,acestiaraimitutox7:1.- TZ-V..'7,:rimrmraZ:Y1-1-s,-tt zerz-tasota speaker, those will be used in 30-second Republican political ads against us" in the next election, Rep. Pat Williams, D-Mont, told The Associated Press. "The easy thing for Democrats to do is to throw Jim Wright over the side and instantly install (House Majority Leader) Tom Foley behind the wheel," Williams said. "It may be that the toughest political vote of our lives will be the one to save him." "It's not going to be about justice," added Rep. Ron Del lums, D-Calif. "It's going to be Staff photo by Kit king been a nightmare. four states California, Minnesota, Alabama and Arizona to participate in a $32 million ' settlement of an alleged nationwide conspiracy to fix cement prices. At least I I other states and the District of Columbia have enacted antitrust laws giving indirect purchasers the right to sue. The states are Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Wisconsin. They told the juries in the two trials that Ilegge and Mc Ewen helped plan the extortion of a Wenatchee gun collector, and when Six)kane police tried to arrest Link and Beach, Link shot Orchard. Link, 30, and Beach, 40, talked to The Spokesman-Review this week about their lives before and after that July evening in 1983. It was the first time since entering the witness protection program in 1984 that the two men agreed to be interviewed. Both look tired and worn. Links face, which appeared so fresh and young during his 1984 murder trial, shows more Please see FAST LIFE: AS about how it'll play in Peoria." Wright entered the written equivalent of a not-guilty plea Tuesday to the House ethics committee's charges. Committee chairman Julian Dixon, D-Calif., informed Wright in an earlier letter that he could not schedule a hearing until the speaker responded formally to the charges. In his response, Wright denied "each and every allegation" made by the conunittee, repeated his request for a speedy resolution of the case and said he was "prepared to appear Prosecution labels North the Joe Isuzu of the government Defense attorney I , rips comparison of North, Hitler . Associated Press WASHINGTON Oliver North was portrayed to his trial jury Tuesday as a liar who couldn't stop, and as "the Joe Isuzu of the government" who followed Hitler's maxim that "the victor will never be asked if he told the truth." Said prosecutor John Keker, in final arguments at North's trial: "If 011ie North wanted to get it done, he didn't care if he broke the law." But, in return, defense lawyer Brendan Sullivan said anyone "who links Colonel North to Adolf Hitler is not credible and should not be believed." He called the comparison outrageous. "This man is not Adolf Hitler," Sullivan said, "and he doesn't do things like Adolf Hitler." The defense lawyer was scornful of his opponents, saying everything the government sees North as doing "is through a dirty glass." Why shouldn't North have thrown papers away, he asked, when they referred to the secret operations of the government. "In this case," Sullivan told the jury, "the government is off track and running wild, and you should stop it." Keker said when North was questioned in November 1986 by the attorney general and aides about the diversion of Iranian arms sales profits to the Contras, "they thought he was telling the truth." Floating not a big deal; winning is what counts By Jim Camden Staff writer Gonzaga University engineering students are sure their concrete canoe won't sink like a rock, but that's only the first test the boat must pass at Lake Coeur d'Alene on Saturday. They must also paddle the 300-plus pound canoe faster than teams from 10 other Pacific Northwest universities gathering this week for an annual civil engineering conference. The concrete craft is a little tough to get started, civil engineering student Bob Turner said recently as he and nine other students slapped paint on the sides of their boat. But once it gets going, it's got so much momentum that, well, you don't want to get in front of it, he said. The concrete canoe race challenges engineering students to use the knowledge i 00 01T 51. 71 riL 1 , 2 it ' : - ALI STATS DEATH WAS STANLEY CUP AND BATS SUICIDE PLAYOFFS Baseball's Abbie Hoffman Hockey's best numbers game took his own life, battle for shot big hit with fans. coroner says. at title. EMPIRE LIFE, Cl NATION, A3 SPORTS, D3 A complete Index for today's newspaper appears on A2. as early as tomorrow morning" to defend himself. Wright is accused of breaking several rules by evading limits on outside income and accepting gifts from a business associate who had a stake in legislation Wright could influence. At a briefing for reporters, Wright also released affidavits from two Texas business people in which they detailed their dealings with his wife, Betty. AP photo Oliver North Ex-White House aide goes to court. But, said Keker, "he was by this time the Joe Isuzu of government." "Isuzu" is a character in an automobile television commercial who tells lie upon lie. North, the former National Security Council aide who was at the center of the Iran-Contra vortex, sat stone-faced at the defense table as prosecutor Keker methodically tried to dismantle his American-hero image. "Telling the truth is something you learned at your mother's knee," Keker said. "Government by deception is not a free government. Government by deception is not a democratic government. Government by deception is not a government unPlease see NORTH: A8 they've learned on materials and structures, to take a design from concept to reality, and to test the builders' faith in a product of their own making. But mostly, GU student Dale Harris said, "It's a good time." The race is also a chance to prove that engineers aren't the dull, book-bound crowd that many believe. The canoe races usually are anything but dull. There are four official races one each for two-person teams of men, women, coed and faculty paddlers followed by a demolition derby, Turner said while other team members kept painting. "It's not supposed to be a demolition derby," added team member Vernie Morris. It's really supposed to be a relay race for different teams, she said, and organizers get a little upset when the students call Please see CONCRETE CANOE: AS ORNIN-e r'41, kIN ' . - 1 7!'74 ': r 41, '' ', , 1 tM11r1,11': ' gosote.4 ' - t Ito ...4

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