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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 5

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York • Page 5

Brooklyn, New York
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THE miOOKlAN DAILY lUGLK. NLW YORK, MONDAY. OCTOBER 10. 1027. or behind programs, but at any rat: the drinking goes on Just the same Justice who was appointed by Mayor Wa.tter to serve the unexpired term of former Justice Adam Caristmann.

who retired from the bench four months szo. is hem? GUESTS AT DINNER TO JUSTICE SMITH ATTACK DRY LAW 25,000 MOB DOORS AS NEW UNIVERSAL THEATER IS OPENED Crazed Venezuelan Student Kills Girl in Paris Hotel As Offering to Pagan Gods boomed lor a new term by the asso BRIGHTON LINE TlEUr Three trains on the Brijhtn IT. of the B. M. T.

were tied up lvtaJ' 7 37 and 7 49 this morning by "mechanical trouble." the nature of has not yet been determined. Tb ueup occurred at the Cartel on id. station. The first train stalled because cf a fault somewhere in the cars and the other two trains had to wait for it to move. Trains coming after t.iess three were routed over the expresi tracks during the 13-minute tieup.

I Presented With Cocktail Set at Testimonial of Merchants Association. A dinner tendered last night to Municipal Court Justice Edward J. Smith by the Myrtle Avenue Mer ciation. In expressing his thanks for the testimonial, he pointed out that there have been only three appeals on hu luaxmrm of more than 400 cases during his four months on the bench. "The majority of litigants coming before me have no lawyers." he said.

"They rely entirely upon the discretion of the presiding Justice, and I fully realise the responsibility of such trust. Mine is truly the poor man court, where Justice can come only through an honest effort to be fair and a thorough understanding of human nature." County Judge Frank F. Adel. under chants Association of Ridgewood de Read the chapter on Tleas-anter Dentistry" (painls ness) in our descriptive book-UL Sent free on request. Our Banking Department A bank a neceity to evlmosft erery oim.

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We solicit your banking and trust business as well as your title insurance and mortgage business. Title Guarantee and Trust Co. Capital Funds $28,000,000 BANIIHG ADDSESiM IT Broadway, New lis Itemoea IS fcMt 4tD 81.. N.W TOTK. lWMf Will) SI0 East MSI II.

New Tort. 19 llwtaflie SI. Brldee P'eea ftortk. L. I.

1S0-US Jasaaico Art, JaaMsco. veloped a decided anti-prohibition angle. Attacks upon the 18th Amendment by United States Senator Robert F. Wagner and practically every speaker of the evening were topped his pod, he seized a raaor and, bent her backward over the table. And in the ashes of the burned cloth he kl'fd her.

The young woman's last terrified cries aroused the personnel of the hotel. They broke down the door and found the young man still bending over his victim, muttering rhythmic phrases In a language they did not unrlorstand. She would not accept god. The gods demanded her," he said In French. Briceno had not been long In Paris and few knew him well.

He was belli ved to be well to do. His father was understood to be a rich land owner of Caracas. Attended Chorch Daily. Brlceno had money, but he did not spend it on the gay life traditional to rich students of the Latin Quarter. He kept to himself, had few friends and went every morning to mass.

His religion, though outwardly Chris Folic Lock Door and Hold Off Crowd That Swarms Around Entrance In Boro Park. Echoes of the late lamented World Series were revived last nigrht as an unruly mob of more than 25,000 persons attempted to "crash the I ste" the irand opening of the new $1 500 -000 Universal Theater of Boro Park, 48th st and New Utrecht ave. The only difference was that instead of King Baseball being the drawing card this time It was Queen Vaudeville and her silent partner, the cinema. It was one of the most disorderly first nights ever witnessed In Brooklyn. Shortly after 8 o'clock several thousand fans had already taken up Koltloru In front of the theater, and fore another hour had passed many more thousands had swarmed in the vicinity of the new palace, forming an unbroken line of humanity for several blocks around.

Eagle Bureau. S3 Rue Caxnbon. By CUT IIICKOK. Parls. Sept.

29 The cruel gods found four centuries ago by the Spanish conquerors in Central and South America reached out of the past to Paris yesterday and exacted (heir traditional human sacrifice. Marguerite Odette Gallier. 20 years old and pretty, knowing nothing of these gods, died on an Improvised altar In a hotel room of the student quarter as an offering to them. Henrique Briceno. a law student from Venezuela, was the self-appointed priest.

Exhorting Mile. Gallier to accept his god, breaking from time to time into incantations in an unknown tongue now believed to be a South American Indian dialect, Bri-ceno built a sacrificial fire of the curtains of his room. The girl attempted to escape, but the door was locked. As the curtains burned and their smoke filled the room Brlceno off by the presentation of a silver cocktail set to the honcred guest. The dinner was held at Trommer's Hall, Bushwlck Parkway and Conway St.

whom Justice Smith served as chief clerk before his appointment, praised the character of his former aid and termed his elevation as a marked loss to the County Court. An address of welcome was delivered by Joseph H. Burkard, Ride-wood lawyer. Presentation of the cocktail set was made by Harrv Schleslnger. president of the association.

Jacob Fetnstein, attorney for the association, acted as toas tin aster. "I have great connaence mat we will rectify the great mistake wo made when we passed the 18th 314 Fulton Street Vnrnmr Rttrum flmf SS TEAKS AT THIS AUl'ltE3fl Amendment." said Senator Wagner, "and that we will modify this unreasonable and unjust law. I returned from Europe last week where there Is beer and contentment. Everywhere I found people drinking beer, but I saw very few cases of intoxication." Supreme Court Justice James A. Dunne derided the hypocrisy of Prohibition and taking of drinks "behind programs." Jostle Dnnno Not Ashamed.

"Some people are ashamed to take a drink openly. I am not," he said. "They resort to drinking behind doors tian and Catholic, was obscured by the pagan traditions handed down through centuries In Venesuela. When she first met him a month ago Mile. Oallier realised that he lived in a singular religious exaltation.

But she knew nothing of South American Indian theology. In Brlceno's long exhortations con hale Averted, When those In the rear realized that they had no chance of getting In except by bettering their positions, a veritable raid was made on the entrance, and a panic was only averted by the quick action of the management In throwing the theater open to the public long In advance of the scheduled hour. A temporary wooden barricade placed In front of the entrance and supported by the combined efforts of employees and a cor turned again to her. The Gods Demanded." In a strange jumble of ancient pagan mysticism and Christian terminology he told her that ha was a descendant of gods who demanded human blood. Mile.

Oallier. who had known the young Venezuelan for only a month as a mild youth, believed that he would soon become calm and reasonable again. But he continued to tell her that he had received mysterious signs of divine origin. cerning his own divine ancestry, his TEMPLARS OBSERVE incantations in a tongue she could not understand, she saw no prelude to human sacrifice with herself as LET PEOPLE CHOOSE, CAMPAIGN SLOGAN the offering. 50TH ANNIVERSARY She thought that he was a nice boy, but a little excitable.

That much don of police, who were powerless to she told her friends. Again calling on her to acknowledge effect machines clouds are constantly BELLA NCA URGES CALM passing over the ceiling, which gives the audience the same effect as sitting in an outdoor garden. stem ine numan tide, was beginning to splinter and give way under the crush when the management stepped in and relieved the situation. Police Lock Doors. No sooner had the support been removed from the wooden barricade than it was bowled over by the surging mob, which rushed the door and hurtled its way into the richly appointed place, which In a moment's time took on the appearance of an Dressed In the full regalia of their order, 100 members of Damascus Commandery, No.

68, Knights Templar, last night attended services marking their 50th anniversary at the Clinton Avenue Congregational Church, Clinton and Lafayette aves. The knights formed an arch of swords at the entrance of the officers and color bearers of the commandery, headed by Em. 8ir William J. Wagner rnmmander. raver was offered Pan Mlcnaiove, general manager oi Your Future Success! If you intend to be a success and who doesn't? the thing to do Is give your good intentions a practical background.

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M. Ettablithmd 18S1 Amti txcttj f300.000.000 Mr. Mrs. A. J.

Weber TEACHERS OF DANCING POUCH MANSION Cliotoa ami LafayilU Avti Brooklyn BEGINNERS CLASS Monday Evenings at 8 ALSO Club Dance with Instruction Mondays from 9 to 1 1 30 POUCH ORCHESTRA "Collegiate" Club Dance Saturday Evenings at 9:30 the Universal Chain, had charge of the building arrangements. The staff of the new theater comprises Arthur M. Brilant, managing director; John A. Matthews, house manager, One of the slogans of the campaign of Edward Casain, Democratic candidate for Municipal Court Justice, 8th District, running against Justice Edgar M. Doughty, Republican, la "Let the people choose." "I believe that the voters have the right to say whether a judge who has completed his term should be reelected or not." Mr.

Cassin said. "It does not seem the proper thing for the political bosses to make that choice for the voters by agreeing in advance on a bi-partisan indorsement. "I have nothing to lay against Justice Doughty. He has served on the bench for many years. If he has served to the satisfaction of the majority of the voters ha will be re and David Love, musical director.

overcrowded stockyard. In less than three minutes nearly 4,000 persons had for the departed members of the order. A special sermon on "The Making of Life'' was preached by the Rev. Friti W. Baldwin, pastor of the church.

VIEW OF FLIGHT DISASTERS "It Is fortunate Indeed that while hysteria swept the country recently after several attempted flights a law prohibiting flights was not put Into effect, which law, of course, would be very detrimental to future aviation," said Giuseppe M. Bellanca, Brooklyn airplane Inventor, at a testimonial dinner tendered him by the Supreme Lodge of the Independent Order of Sons of Italy, held at the Hotel Commodore last night. Mr. Bellanca now has a plane under construction for a trip to Rome, which, he said, will be backed by prominent Italians In America. The transatlantic flier, Clarence D.

Chamberlin, also shared honors with Mr. Bellanca. Other speakers were Congressman P. LaGuardia, Francesco M. Ferrari.

shoehomed their way into the house, which has a seating capacity of 3.000, and it was not until a warning was snouted to those outside that the MZARENE CHURCH IN NEW QUARTERS police would be requested to use more than their hands on the mob that WEATHER FORECAST it fell back and made it possible for the police and theater workers to lock the doors. Although there was no chance of anybody gaining admittance then, several thousand persons continued to mill about the place, howling to get in. A few did get Local Probabilities. w.i vnt miinh Bhenea In temperature Graded Clasiei in all branches Children, Adults, High School Student TeL Prospect 6789 Writ far Initrnctor In IinHnr I Ht, Angtli'i Hall rid Bt. Joarfth's Academy, Brentwood, Members of the Nazarene Congregational Church yesterday opened services In their new building at Lef-ferta pi.

and Grand formerly tonlsht and Tueedajr. Ufht ooria wlnda S. Bollatl, Italian consul, and Dr. inside by climbing up the lire es Francesco Trapani, supreme venerable capes. HIGH WATER TOMORROW.

(Standard Tims.) I BIrh Water. II lam Water, i iii i u. i All. i Pat. oi tne oraer.

Officials Canght in Rush. Among those who were caught In Hew Tork I I II 1:11 I 1:41 the crush were Boro President James SDN RISES AND BETS. n.inh.i in I Oeteher 11. J. Byrne, Meier Bteinbrink and Oarl elected.

If he has not, I suppose I will take his place. In my opinion such a periodical vote of approval or disapproval by the people is a healthy thing. It seems the truer American principle." Committees Meet Friday. On Friday a joint meeting of Mr. Cassin's lawyers', business men's and campaign committees will be held at the Hotel Clarendon to devise ways and means to boost Cassin.

Former Deputy Dock Commissioner Henry A. Meyer Is chairman of the campaign committee A. Lloyd Lott heads the lawyers' committee and John Mclnery is chairman of the business men's committee. Today a lawyers' committee to further the re-election chances of County Judge Alonso O. McLaughlin meets at the Clarendon.

Manasseh Miller Is chairman of the committee. The vice-chairmen are George E. rower, of the Boxing Commission: Rlseo.COl Bats 1:11 I Klsee.l:01 Sets I n3 occupied by the Universalist Church of Our rather. The first sermon In the new building was preached by the Rev. Dr.

Mordecai Johnson, president of the Howard University, Washington, C. Dr. Johnson termed spirituality as the most urgent need for the advancement of the colored race. He urged educated colored youths to spread their learning to the less enlightened of the race and to devote their lives to racial advancement. The Rev.

Dr. Hugh Porter, pastor of the church, expressed hopes that Laemmle, president of universal Chain Theaters, which put up the building. During an. address made from the stage during the show Mr. SHIP NEWS Byrne requested the crowd, practically ARRIVED AT NEW XORK.

hln. Vrma. all of whom had done a "One-Eyed Connolly," to reimburse the management as they filed out. The management announced that all money taken in would be donated to the Associated AT 34TH STREET FIFTH AVENUE Havre Norrom Norfolk Callao telephone: Murray kill 7000 Roehambeott Alberta Chae. h.

O'Connor Bma Crua cslba Buffalo Bridie Coatno Creole Seminole Philadelphia El Die Bercensfjord Commercial Pioneer Cornelia William N. Dykman, Jackson Dykmanr Kingston Pedro San Juan Orteane Charleston Baltimore tialveton Bergen Hampton Boade Juan its move toward the heart of Brooklyn will make it a center of religious education and social service for the colored people of the boro. The evening sermon was delivered by the Rev. W. J.

Faulkner of the First Congregational Church of Atlanta. Addresses were made by Miss P. E. Gunner, secretary of the Ashland Place V. W.

C. and A. Comlther, secretary of the Carlton Y. M. O.

A. Brooklyn Charities. The theater was designed by John W. Eberson and it is said to be the first atmospheric theater in New York City, It is of the Italian garden style of architecture. The stage is equipped to accommodate every kind of production.

The entire effect is that of an Italian garden, the dome representing an Italian sky, sprinkled with twinkling stars. By means of Leo j. mckey, Edward Ward Mc-Mahon and Peter P. Bmith. Frederick Heck Is secretary and Albert Conway la treasurer.

Ponce Clare American Merchant London Stations A and A A Out Eaoh Other Seasonal ale of Delaware Wilmington. N. u. Fort St. Oeorf Bermuda Cristobal Cristobal SHIPS DTJal TOMORROW.

flfctn. From. Lapland Antwerp Jlajestlo Southampton Berlin Bremen larmnnla Southampton Republic Bremen Southern Croae Buenoo Alree Slboner sHvans Carrlllo Berrlne Munamar Naesau ALTMAN sKS Interference between A and A A of Jersey City, has been noted by a number of Jersey City listeners, who have made complaint that the programs of both stations are drowned out in a blast of whistling and noise. The explanation lies in the fact that A A operates 6n 1,220 kllocyles, or twice the frequency of A which operates on 610. The radio inspector's office in Manhattan reports that only a shift In the frequency allocations of the two stations can remedy the situation.

Today A goes on the air from its 60-kiyowatt plant at Bell-more, L. on the same wave length as heretofore. ADVERTISEMENT. SHITS DUE WEDNESDAY. ehin.

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so. 2 -ei- I er.a Vta Giuseppe Verdi Genoa I.ttuania Densle Marthe. Washington Patrae Patrla Beirut Saco Antwerp snip. From. 6HIP8 SAIUNO WEDNESDAY.

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Mueia. tron Fnoutir I3l LocaUob Moi1rt RtB. Ml eVfrar. 7a--Hoo, ff. hi "Alt man's for Yard Goods" fKiCNrA.

8peniih, German. I-eitn, ttntfllahi eonvritttial eleeeee; tutonpg. bnrtkhM nlled. Lantuage fechool, ISO lHatl.uer. iv.

De.nHn. 21 Yeara at Ou Ad drew Mcaaa Soattaiaf Sxciusivt Start 34 court eVeoart VOGUE AND BUTTERICK PATTERNS FIRST FLOOR ALTAIAN SILKS FLRST FLOOR iREMEy GtfosiTz THt Municipal wilding at court Strbet-vrooklyn ftCHOOV FOR DANCING 1X7 ('olumhna Aie. (At Mh) THAW A MM I17t-2M7 Tearhea all aortal daarra the rirrr4 way 10,000 pnplle annua Mr take adtantaae of oar Private) Ieaone toura--gnar MfMt'rate ratra. antenna- all Rail Ron Daawaa. Other Store News on Pages 9 and 10 far Frti UUetraftae.

Book. at A.

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