Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 5, 1890 · 8
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 8

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1890
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8 OAKLAND DAILY EVEyiXG TKIBITNE, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1890. ODDS FROM ENDS.- East Oakland Police Boxes Do Not Work Well BURGLSRS AGAIN II WEST OAKLAND. Tlii Tlmn They Are Frightened Away From a Widow' House The Tonjp-kin Fond I Full Again. EAST OAKLAND. Evening Star Lodge will confer tbe third degree tomorrow evening. beveral new cases of caved streets and sewers are reported cs a result of tne recent rains. Another of the Alaska Commercial Companys steamers anchored in the estuary for the winter, yesterday. Miss Inez Walbridge of Yreka, Fiskiyou ' county, is visiting at tbe residence of Judge Eosborough of Highland Park. . Wentworth & Smith have purchased the drug store ol George Fowler, on East Fourteenth street and .thirteenth avenue. Italph Stockman, manager of a department of ibe buuiirss of the Alaskan Fur Company, is expected home on December luth from Alaska. Howard Brown, who has been suffering 'v.Jrorn a combined attack of pneumonia, tv-pTioid fever and brain fever, is recovering. A short time ago he was supposed to be dead, but revived and is now improving rapidly. The following officers have been elected by Evening btar Lodge No. 263 of Odd Fellows: Nob'e Grand, James Anderson; Vice-Grand, George Hatch; decretarv, Charles Leith; Treasurer, F. ticbnutue.-pfennig; TrusLee, G. C. Dodge. " The Fire Alarm and Police Patrol boxes , are in a bad condition. When an officer culls for tbe patrol wagon he is compelled to try several boxes, and it is uncertain, -should a big fire break out, how long it would be before an alarm could be turned m. The following officers have been elected by (Brooklyn Parlor, N'uiive Sons : Past President, C. A. Jacoby; President, K. F. Allen; 5 first vice-president, C. Reed; second vice-preident, F. Luib; third vice-president, 0. J Johns; treasurer, H. . Sa&ehorn ; surgeon, Dr, Melvin. . Date yesterday afternoon an elderly gen-'llcmun let t his bundle in the Eat Oakland .wuuine room and went into 0. P. Harden-burga store to purchase n cigar. On his return to the depot he lound Ins package missing. He says that two doubtful characters were standing near the waiting room, and a lady saw them hastening toward the lumber yard, bun search has not .revealed the missiug bundles yet., At about 5 o'clock yesterday morning Officers McCloud and Wells made a raid upon King's barn at Fifth avenue and Tenth street, und succeeded in capturing seven touri-ts, who have been in tbe habit of bunking in the vicinity of East Oakland. ; Tne fact that these tramps have beeu stopping in the Seventh ward may throw some light on the recent burglaries in that vicin-,ity. Owing to tbe bad condition of tbe po-.lice pairol boxes there was quite a deal of difficulty in bringing the patrol wagon to the sceue of tbe arrest. walks will belaid from Seventh street to Fifth street. Court Adeline. Ancient Order ot Foresters o: America, will give a ball od December Jvb .it Montana Hall. Erteos;ve preparations are being made, and tne affair will undauntedly be a success. Work has ben stopped on the filling in ol the Torupkir.s school pond. The recent rain has piruallv covered it wirb water imam, whii h v, ill have to be pumped out before work can be resumed. Rebr-!-:uh Sunset Decree Dodge, No. 100. will fioid it semi-annual elecnou of officers in U't't Oakland Macn'C Hall tonight. Tiie lodge has been established two years and has a membership of 125. It is in a prosperous condition, aud the members nave recently paid for a new outfu'of costly regalia and or a $500 piano. Another burglary was attempted last night in M est Oakland. Burglars tried to enter the house of Mrs. Dempuev at Center sireet station by crawling through a transom. Tbe noise awakened tne inmates of the house, who promptly gave an alarm. Officer Boyce responded and made a search lor tbe would-be thtef, but could not find him. -Mrs. Demnseys husband died about two weeks ago, leaving an estate valued at $10,000. Harbor Lodge, No. 253. of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, held an interesting meeting Wednesday night, in Fraternity Hail. One new member was initiated, and Ihe excellent degree work of the lodge was performed. Altenvards, new officers were elected as follows: E. B. Gove, Noble Grand; James Maddox. Vice Grand: Ed Thurman, Permanent Secre-tarv; ID G, Graham, Treasurer; H. Eagle- , bright, Robert Yates and a rank Hamtnle-!on, Trustees; Drs. Anthony and Raab, Physiciuns. BURGLARY OF A CHURCH. DOWN BI TBE SHORE. The Gay Burglar Trie His tuck With a ( Transom Kntraoce. ' West Oakland, December 5. Albert Walters is recovering from his recent illness. Professor Harry Hall, the musical leader, Is sick with pneumonia. George Bishop, a carpenter in the yards la seriously ill with diphtheria at his'home on Taylor and Willow streets. Six carloads of chickens, turkeys, and peee-e arrived from the East yesterday They will bo sent to San Francisco. Tue cement sidewalks on Adeline street just below Seventh sireet. have been com-pleted. As soon as the weather will permit A Reporters Cariosity Gets Trouble. Sheriff Hale received wordvyesterdav that a man was tryitig to sell some queer articles at a second-hand store on lower Broadway, and at once hurried to the place and caught the fellow in the act of trying to dispose of tbe articles. He had iu his possession a handsome pair of curtains, a sword such as is used by the uniform rank, Knights of Pvtliras, and a sword uped by the uniform rank of Odd Fellows. The prisoner could not give a satisfactory account of how he became possessed ot the articles and was locked up in the County Jail. Shortly after his arrefc a Tripune reporter met Charles Oreracker, clerk d Judge Gibsons court who resides at Niles, and propounded to him the usual question dig up some news. Charley, as usual, looked wise, and all the news he'had gathered wii9 that his wife had informed imn that the church at Niles had been entered by burglars Wednesday night and tbe handsome pair of curtains which had been presented by the ladies bad been stolen. The reporter remarked that the Sheriff had just arrested a man with a pair of curtains in his possession. Mr. Over-ackers curiosity was immediately aroused. He went to the Sheriffs office and examined the curtains. Last evening he visited the ladies of the church and secured a sample of the curtains and brought it down this morning, it matched the curtains found iu the possession of tbe prisoner. There could be no mistake. As a result ot these investigations John Perata was today charged with burglary of the church at Niles, LATEST ALAMEDA NEWS. Death of the Man Who Wai Hnrt While Working on a Windmill. D. N. Thorpe, the old man who was struck by a windmill while repairing it last Wednesday on tbe premises of Mrs. Mm-turn on Santa Claraavenne, died rus morning at 7 oclock. He was 63 years of age, am leaves a wife and several children. He remained unconscious from tbe time he received tbe fatal blow. The base of bis brain was shattered, his noe ma-hed into a jelly, and there was a deep cut extending across bis forehead. Di. Eull. who attended the unfortunate old man, says that he hardly ever saw a more sickening sight. Tbe notorious Timothy family have added another page to their court record. A few days ago the mother and son had a fight, and the latter was arrested for bat-1 tery. He was tried yesterday, but the jury disagreed, and he will have another trial. G. H. Payne of the firm of E. M. Derby & Co. does nor believe in free rides on the local trains. He says the Oakland broad gauge local is a hotbed of vice, and to it is due the cause of the ruin of many boys and girls. This state of things is not so bad in Alameda, but is coming with rhe growth of the city, and he hopes that free- rides will be discontinued. Mr. Payne expressed himself very forcibly on this subject at tbe meeting of the Improvement Association last evening. ON THE IRON ROADS. Berkeley Not . to Have Trains Every Half Hour, THE DENISON LAUNDRY FARM ROAD Borne New Rumors of Extension to the 8au Joaquin Valley Rain Stopped and Trains on Time. ATTACKED A FIREMAN. The Rain Did Good. The rain has had a good effect on the health of the people and checked the prevalence of infectious diseases. It appears to have stopped the diphtheria, for no cases of zymotic disease have been i sported to the Health Office since the storm set in. It has also checked a number of cases of pulmouary complaints that wore becoming prevalent. A Month Crime. Bailiff Mitchell has nearly completed his report for November. It shows that during tne month of November the police made 333 arrests. The grave cases were: Two of burglary, one of grand Jarceu3r, three of embezzlement, sixteen of petty larceny, and one of assault with a deadly weapon. A Cowardly Teamster Tackles Bogeman HoD'idhdU. Louis Hoffmann, the stalwart of the Fifteenth street engine house, was badly injured at the Tenth street fire last night. He was in charge of the hose oil Eleventh and Jefferson streets, and an express wagon was driven up. The teamster wanted to pass over the hose, but Louis refused to allow him and took hold pf the horses head. Tbe driver then whipped up, and the animal reared and struck Hoffmann on Ihe bead and at m, throwing him heavilv to Ihe ground, Although badly hurt the fireman had liis pluck left, and he shouted to the teamster to get out of the wagon and he would make it all right with him without bothering the police. The cowardly driver was, however, not equal to the occasion and got away. A warrant was issued for his apprehension this morning. HOTEL ARRIVALS. Onlitulo. Fred E. Toombs, Los Angeles; George A. .fame. San Francisco; Fred -Bryant, W. R. Martin, San Leandro; L. S. Church, Oakland: Joseph Henry, Milpitas; L. S. Dudley, Dan Bonat, Philadelphia. Albany. Anna Glunz, City; Captain Wallace, Fred S. Wilson, Portland; W. W. Wan-wich, Walla Walla; J. Lawton, San Diego; Robert P. Dev, Ben Randall, J. M. Fill-mote, W. H. Frost and wife, Dan Frost, City. TFIngor, Captain F. M. Markland, TJ. S. A., Benicia; James G. bweetand wife, Benicia; O. G. Waldron and wife. Oakland; Mrs. C. S. Packard. San Francisco; Thomas Ward and wife, Menlo Park; W. H. Dodge, San Diego; Fred Russell, Haywards; J. McDonald, San Francisco; T. Ward and wife, Santa Cruz. THE DEATH RECORD. December 1st Sarah Slocum, aged 68, place of residence, Washington, between Eighth and Ninth streets; cause of death, heart disease, December 1st W. MacKinnon, aged 66, place of residence, Wallsworth street; cause of death, heart disease. December 2d Richard S. Smith, aged 17, place ol residence, 910 Myrtle street; cause of death, biliary calculus. December 2d Albert E. Westover, aged 46. place of residence. 1431 Filbert street; caue of death, cancer of liver. December 3rd Charles: Petar, aged 56, place of residence, 617 Thirteenth street; cause of death, oneumonia. An attempt is being made to have the present train service between the Oakland mo.e and Alameda and Berkeley, increased to a half-hour service dnring the entire day. The Berkeley traffic, m particular, is getting very heavy, and tbe residents of Berkeley have petitioned to have the same service from that suburb that is from Oakland, for during the middle- of the day trains to Berkeley are only run every hour. In order to discover whether such a change would be as beneficial to the company as to the public, a count was ordered of the pay passengers who travel on these two trains. The count on the Alameda was made some months ago, but the count on ihe Berkeley was made on Monday last. The company has come to the conclusiou, however, that this half-hour service is not absolutely necessary, and it will not oe granted lor some tinie to come. WILL IT EVER COME? Attention Acam Directed Toward a Competing Railroad. The re-organization of the Laundry Farm road some months ago has given some Eastern capitalists on interest in the road. It is now believed (hat this road will be made the route by which some overland road, presumably the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe. will obtain an entrance to the bay. There are rumors to tne effect that the little road will be run along the foothills and out through the Haywards pass into the Livermore valley and thence into tbe Ban Joaquin, as this road has an entrance to the water front at the tidal canal. It is, however, necessary that a terminus be secured at some more accessible point, and an effort is being made to raise a subsidy for the road to locate its waterfront terminus on the Oakland side of the bay. It is said that the people in the southern part of the county are willing to grant tbe right of way necessary for the extension of the road to the San Joaquin valley.- '' Construction Work. 1 -The rains have not seriously detayed construction work, but any further rainfall would stop this for some time to coine. A Dining? Car Service. The Southern Pacific Company will begin running dining cars between Truckee and Wells on the 10th. AIMS J -OF1- -a.u7- 99 We are ready to Lave you come right in and look us through, and behold the grandest and most beautiful stock of Richly Tailored Clothing for Hen and Boys ever seen on this side of the continent. Counters upon counters of elegant designs and fabrics made up in every concieveable Style in SUITS. Sacks, Single and Double-Breasted, Frocks, one, three and four button Cutaways, Prince Albert. In OVERCOATS, Short, Lon-don Top.Shorand Long Box. Regular Lengths, Extra Long, Heavy and Medium Weight, a Ulsters, Cape Overcoats, in tact everything that, stock, and when it comes to No llain. No rain was reported along the railroad last night save .02 of an inch at Livermore and .13 of an inch at Niles. On Time. All trains were on rime Today. THE BIRTH RECORD. November 22J Dunghter, to Mr. and Mrs. M. Walsh of 720 Center. Citizens of Oakland Alameda County Continued Case. John H. Church Jr. was to have been sentenced this morning on a charge of being drunk, but. by request of counsel, continuance was taken till tomorrow. A similar disposition was made 'in. the case of Dennis O'Day, convicted yesterday of cruelty to animals. The charge of cruelty against Frank Bruso wus, by request of City Attorney Johnson, continued till tomorrow to plead. The McAllister Case. The defense was ready this morning for the postponed trial-of James McAllister, charged with battery on Jackson, but 'at the last moment Prosecuting Attorney Church presented to the court a medical certificate, signed bv Dr. Adams, stating that Jackson whs too ill to attend. The case was therefore continued to the 20th inst. A Woman in tho Pulpit. Mrs. Louise Perry will conduct the services in the hall on Sixth street, near Market, tonight. 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SAfkFACTIOH CUARANTLEO OR M O X E Y Ch erfuUy KKIT'M'Kl). llllFIEtl & ROM THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHIERS, 840, 842 and 844 Market St., San Francisco. flT STOKKS OPEN EVENINGS TILE 9 O'CLOCK. fXff SATURDAYS TILL 11 P. M. .All Orcleisby Mall, Accompli nic-d by the DEED3. Friday, December 5th. Elijah Higharn to E. C. Varnell Lots 3 aud i, block 7, Putnam tract, Brooklyn township . John J. Aguew to Manuel Enos N Third street, luo W from Chester, W 50xiuu, Oakland Charles W. Knox to Rebecca G. ICnox, wife of Isiael W. N Knox place, 575 W from Telegraph avenue, W 25, R 181, E . 2'.lj rf-Vi, S 1282 j, Oakland..: J. W. Critfis to James J. Pagan 3W Thirteenth and Willow, S 50xlJ5, Oakland, to correct name grautee .. A. M. Bonham et al, to T. J. Walton N Twenty-fourth, 10 E from Myrtle, E35x 69, Oakland.'. Same to Same Lots IS and 19. map plot 5, and portiou G, Dohr truet, Oaklaud town- ship Same to Same SW Thirteenth and Willow, SoUxfio, OHklaud Mrs. Agues Litton to F. H. Long Lots 57 aud 58, map plot 5 and portion oi 6, Dohr tract. Oakland township J. (L McMullen to Mary H. Buck Undivided K interest in lot 10, n, 12, 14 to 18, block 6, Case tract, Oakland township Elsie A. McEtrath to Jennie S. Ross Lots G to 9, block 21U5, Aideu Tract, Toraes- cal Wm. Jf, Ste-.vurt to Frederick L. Taylor Lots 8 end 9, block 2, resubdivisicn blocks l, 2 and 3, lands adjacent town Eucinal, Alameda Same to John uwen Lots G and S, same. . Same to Anna Koebeu Lot 1G, block 3, Same Same to Louis W. Scbroeder Lotl6, block J, Same Same to F. Bammanu Lot 15, block 3, Samo Same to John B. Jloisaht Lot 4, block 2, Same G. W. K. Ridgway and wife to Charles A. Bailey Lot 17, block 12G, lot 4, block 133, Raymond tracr, Berkeley 5 SI ichael E, Gill et al, to John Cobine W Linden. 157 N from Third, N 25x132, Oakland jo H. D Bacon to Young Womens Christian Association E Franklin street, 260 N from Durant. S 50x150, Oakland Gift J. M. Richardson to his wile Sarah A. Lot 25x150, on NE line East Eleventh street, 100 SE from Eleventh avenue, Oakland Gift MORTGAGES. Friday, December 5th. Louis P. Berger to Oakland Bank of Savings SE Eleventh and Jefferson streets, E 70x100, Oakland $ 1600 Alex McBean and wife to Same N Thirty-fourth, ayj.uo w f:om Telegraph avenue, W 42x119 5-iiths, Oakland George A. Fowler to Eureka Loan 'Association Lot 9, HirscluelJ tract, Alameda George E. Van llalrrcn and wife to Homs riecuriry Building aud Loau Association NS Center, 539 X from Eighth, N 40.1,f.-12fhsxW I8jrs Oakland ... H. J. Dykes and ivitc to Citizens Building and Loan Association Lot 4, block D, Newbury tract. Oakland township Manuel Etios to John J. Agnew As iu deed Ansou B. Ilcmcnwuy and wife to Union j savings B mu Lots 1 to 4 and portions 5, j G, h, bloc k 7, Autiseil's villa lots, Ucrko- J Darnel Murray to Oaklaud Building and I Loan Association Lots 23 and 24, block j 24. San Antonio Frederick I., lavlor to Wm. M. Stewart As in deed 1404 John Owen to Fame Same 1146 Anna Roeben t Wm. M. Stewart As in deed r39 Lotus W. Schroeder to Same Same St. F. Batmnaun tos.sme ame nil I Johu B. Moinnttn Same S.iruc j F. Maurer Jr. to M-s. Hugh Morri'on ! 5"xlt-. NE Sn Antonio aveuue, S7 2E j from Morton street. Alameda .. . 1500 I B. Arm- to Marcu.e cc L'.-S-r 30x103 XE I . corner Railroad avenue and Uuluut street, Alameda 10 1000 Only route to the East running a" through daily Pullman sleeping ear line via Ogden to Chicsgo. Through Pullman tourist service dailv to Denver, Omaha and Kansas Oitv. Through Pullman tourist service to Chicago and St. Paul, Tuesdays; Boston. Saturdays. AJl second-class passengers carried on the FAST MAIL, and TWENTY-TWO HOUES quicker time made to Chicago than any line via Ogden and Missouri river. For tickets or information call or address, GEO. B. SEAMAN, Passenger Agt., Twelfth and Broadway. FAST TIME! FAST TIME! For first and second class passengers, is now made by the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad, being from 12 to 21 hours quicker to all Eastern points than formerly. The only route running Pullman Tourist Sleepers daily from Oakland to Chicago without change, fnlly equipped. Uniformed porters. Special select excursions evei'y Th urs&av. See J. J. Warner, Passenger Agent, 972 Broadway, S. E. corner of Tenth-street. ROCIt ISLAND ROUTE EXCURSION, Leaves San Francisco, every Wednesday for ail points East via the New Broad Gauge line Denver and Rio Grande, Colorado, Midlandand ROCK ISLAND railways, via Salt Lake Citv, Leadville, Koval Gorge, and Pike's Peak. Through tourist sleeping cars fully equipped. For rates and sle6pinsr onr reservations call on or address CLINTON JONES, General Agent, 30 Montgomery street San Francisco, Cai Dr. Hanna Scott Turner, Formerly located at 1116 Broadway has re moved her offices to 1065 Washington treet, in tho Blake Block where she can be found during office hours from 10 to 12 a. m. and 2 to 5 p. at. CARTERS . CURE IHck Headache and relieve all the troubles ino dent to a bilious state of the system, such a Dizziness, Nausea Drowsiness, Distress afte ?aung Pain in the Side, &c. While their mos remarkable success has been shown in curing ETrsadacbe. yet Carter's Little Liver Pilu ire equally valuable in Constipation, curini und preventing this annoying complaint, whik thav also correct all dir orders oi the stomach bum-iate tlie Uver &T.J regulate the bowels ijvj- i they only cured Ache they wouid be almost priceless to thoa who suffer from this distressing complaint put fortunately their goodness does not en aere, and Uuwo who once try them will fine tfiese little pills valuable in so many ways tha they will not be willing to do without them But after all sick head Caligraph. Remington, And other typewriter supplies. Sewing machine accessoriesof ajlkinas. he Samuel Hill Co., 29 New Montgomei street, San Francisco. J. L. Lyon & Son buy furniture. ('adu PrompHv tml Carefully -v.y Draiviug and JPalntir. J. II. E. Tartineton and E. Langtry Fait5ncton are prepared to Give lessons in drawing and painting direct from the living craped inov.e'. They mviie attention 'u ihv ptc ure ot Tne Kcstue by f. H. E. Partington, now on exbibi'ion in Messrs. Kohler !c Cha-e's window. Broad-war. and to other specimens of their work at Messrs. O. Krudlanuer & Cos, I0'o Washington street, from whom terms and particulars can be obtained. Those who desire to see tine work in cleaning and djring are cordially invited to call at the Philadelphia cleaning and dying works where they have on exhibition some oi the best work executed by man. consisting of rich laces, heavy robes, rugs and fancy dresses, This establishment is by far tlie greatest of its kind on the coast, as their work fur exceeds even what it is represented to be. Their establishment is located at 8H3 Washington street. Grandmas made happy with perfect fitting glasses from C. Muilcr, tbe Optician. 135 Montgomery street, near Bush, opposite Occident!. tkse is the bane of so many lives that here Is wher wv3 make our great boast. Our pills cure 1 while others do not. Carter's Little Lmnt Pills are very stna; and very easy to take. One or two pills mak a dose. They are strictly vegetable and d not gripe or purge, but by their gentle actio g lease all who use them. In rials at 25 centi ve for SI . Sold everywhere, or sent by mai CABTE3 USS1CI2TS CO., H? York. IhlM, NlFris; NOTICE OF STREET WORK. Notice is hereby given, the 1st day of December a. J. L. Lyon fc Son sell ranges. H. ficbellhaas woven wire beds. J. L. Lyon & Son want to see you. J.L. Lyon fe Son sell carpets. J. L. Lyon fc Son sell furniture. J. L. Lyon & Son will sell you out. 20,000 flowering bulbs in great variety just received. Fowenng plants, roses, trees, garden seeds, wholesale and retail, at Hutchison's nursery aepot, corner Fourteenth and Washington streets. For elegant cabinet photographs at. $1.50 per dozen, go to the New York Gallery on Twenty-third avenue. No. 1115. - A mo't acceptable Xma gift C, Mnl-Icts perfect fitting spectuble. 135 Montgomery street. My Oak J Ifough. j did not use Sperry's Flour. To counteract the desire for strong drink take Simmons' Liver Regulator. THAT ON 3. 1890. the City Council of the city of Oakland passed Resolution of intention number 15,037 to order the following street wors to be done upon 1 bird avenue in ssid city to wit: its sewering with an eight inch diameter pipe sewer from the center of East Sixteenth street to, and to con-nett with the existing old sewer in said avenue. nr a point at or near 150 feet northeast of Fast Fifteenth street, with 10 "V brunches of G inch openings und with one brick ventilating manhole nr head of 6ald new sewer, with one curved branch. Also. ita grading, curbing with wood end macadamizing from the south line of East Sixteenth sirt-efi foa point 150 fcetnorthcRst of Eat Fifteenth sireet. Also that all manhole covers within tue limits of the work be brought to grade, where ;not already doue. Macadam of cless 13: gutters of broken rock. For farther particulars, reference is hereby made to said resolution and specifications for street work on liic in the ofhee of the City Clerk of the City of Oakland. This notice shall be published for six days in The Oakland Daily Evening Triucne, being the newspaper designated by baid City Council for such publication. Oakland, December 5, 1850. J. S. WALL, Superintendent of Streets of the City oi Oakland. MVIUSKMENTS. QAKLAND THEATER. TWO NXOHTfl AND GRAND Saturday Matinee, December 8th and 6th COLONEL GROVER'S ii V AMERICA EIGHTH YEAR Of this the grandest and most powerfol of OX ETIIO STEKEOPICON of the day. By apeoial permit of the U. a Government Colonel Otnvef ex-Consul to Italy, and late U. S. A., will, upon this occasion, exhibit the famous BRADY AVAR VIEWS, For which the War Department paid SPECIAL NOTICE These exhibitions are very instructive and entfertaining. ADMISSION Circle reserved, 50 cents: admission Scats now on sale at Kirklands Drag store, 10th and Broadway aud Theatre dox office. Orchestra, Parquette, Dresg ImiSslon 26 eentfe BLAIR PARK, ON LINE OP New Piedmont Cable. FOFX7XiA.il Trom 2 to 4 P. 31. on , WEDNESDAYS, By Fifth Infantry Begiment Orohestra, (LADIES DAT.) SATURDAYS By Ritzaus Orchestra. SUNDAYS By Fifth Infantry Begiment Band, Transfers Given to and from Fourteenth Street Oar. Finest Scenic Cable Elde on the Coast -THE- Terrace bathsi AT ALAAIEDA. The Finest Bathing Resort fn (he United Slates. Tank, Snrf and Hot Salt Water Bathing. Special apartments for ladle and Children. Spsolom dressing room and suits. Accodmiodntlons for several bnndred. V dmiision free to visitors' gallery. CIANCIARULO BROS., Italian String Band Quartette, Will Famish Music for All Occasion at Moderate Frioes. tUfnctibn 6ur untrod. Order by Mall Promptly Attended to. Dancing Music a Specialty. 1012 FIFTH STREET, Bet. Filbert and Linden, - . - Oakland, Cel. 22 Hoars BaM TO- Chicago, asd all Points East, via Central & Union Pacific For Berths, Ifcfceis, etc., apply to asseng-or A 12th A B'dway, Geo. B. Seaman, II Si

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