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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 1

Brooklyn, New York
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Tuesday, January 12, 1932
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BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE STREET CLOSISG PRICES -A- -A- 3 X X o I p 0 91st YEAR No. 11 NEW YORK CITY, TUESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1932 36 PAGES THREE CENTS THE WEATHER By Tj. 8. Weather Bareaa , CI.Ol'OT AND WABMEB TONIGHT AND TOMOBEOW WITH RAIN TOMOBBOW Teajaeralare 12 as 4 Year afa cteaa n Mesa. Average 10 years eale . . . 13 Ceaplate Baaart aa rata II REPORTED WED City Shelves $110,000,000 DOUBLED INCC'ssE TAX ASKED BY GC . ERN0R GOVERNOR DEMANDS K FARLEY ANSWER TO CHARGE HE IS UNFIT, In Projects Economizes in Return TO WIPE OUT DEFICIT for Aid by Bankers Sends Details to Legis MUST ANSWER 5-Cent Fare Is Safe lature With Budget - Hoover Studies Hawaii Crime Justice Holmes Says Farewell to Bench At Mayor Walker's suggestion to Wants Gasoline ana day, the Committee of the Whole of Seabury's Brief Made Public Sheriff Accused of S wearing Falsely on Giambling in Club Story on Tin Box Held Unbelievable the Board of Estimate created a "suspense calendar," deferring action Stock Transfer Levy Doubled Also to Give indefinitely on local improvements With Cabinet costing $110,115,121. All local improvement items are Surplus of 12 Millions Governor Judd Attacks to be referred to the "suspense calendar" until the city's present financial difficulties are ironed out. Controller Berry who has been at El 2m,mmmwr 15 ; f!t- ;) y&v -V Basle Bareaa. Capital Bailaiaf. Br CLINTON L. MOSHER Navy Data Sailors Let Into Honolulu loggerheads with the Mayor over the city's finances, attended the meet ft t ) ing. It was the first time he had ' . Albany, Jan. 12 Governor Roosevelt today sent to the attanded a meeting of the Commit Washington, Jan. 12 OP) At the Tuxedo, N. Y., Jan. 12 UP The former wife of Tom Mix," Mrs. Mabel Victoria Hannaford, and Manuel A. De Olazabal, Argentine Embassy attache, reported married in Washington dispatches, received a marriage license here Jan. 9. There was no local confirmation of the marriage report, the acting pastor of the local church, the Rev. Patrick Fay, being out of town. Mrs. Hannaford was better known by her screen name of Victoria Forde. Tirislature the details oi nis White House and on Capitol Hill tee of the Whole in two months. First Compromise Step The action of the board is under proposals for erasing the red crime conditions in Honolulu were ink Irom tne oiaie s icugcia discussed today. He m-edicted $124,418,729.21 dell Meanwhile the Justice Department considered whether to send a high cit by June 30, 1933, the end of the stood to be the first step in a compromise with banking interests which will save the 5-cent carfare but will involve temporary retrenchment in public improvement official there to investigate. The problem growing out of a re next fiscal year, and advocated doubling the income, gasoline and stock transfer taxes and increasing ported series of assaults on white women was brought up by President Hoover at the regular Cabinet The only item today that was not Inflation Bill i Eaile Bareaa, Capital Baildiaf. ' Albany, Jan. J2 Governor Roosevelt today made public the charges on which Samuel Seabury asks the removal of Sheriff Thomas (Tin Box) Farley and sent them to Farley for an answer "at your early convenience." Seabury, who recommends in his capacity as a private citizen that Farley be separated from his $15,-000-a-year Job, his listed 11 points in his brief agauist the Tammany office holder who made the tin bos famous as a repository of unex-' plained wealth. ! Roosevelt wroU to Seabury announcing that he had asked Farley for an answer rand explaining that the delay in a:ting "has been due to the obvious necessity of reading the two large volumes containing the transcript of testimony." He also directed Seabury to furnish Farley with the two volume of his testimony before that the registration fees of the heavier trucks and buses to wipe out the referred to the "suspense calendar" was an appropriation of $11,000 requested by Borough President Hes-terberg for lighting fixtures in the At the same time, a subcommittee was being named In the House to shortage and leave a surplus of $12, 681,270.79. . The rise in the income taxes i tr. mil anri 1932 incomes, the for new Brooklyn Central Courthouse. go over details of the latest incidents presented to the Naval Committee by Admiral Pratt, chief of The appropriation. was voted, with Thomas M. Farley Due for Quick Congress Vote Controller Berry casting the only negative vote. naval operations. mer to be retroactive. The boosts on the gasoline and stock taxes are to be in force from March 1, 1932, Judd Denies Navy Data As the committee went into ses to July 1, 1933. The increased tax on trucks and i 1 iJ kannma a l-tArTYIS. sion, it heard irom ueiegate nous- Measure to Broaden ton of Hawaii an assertion that the attack on Mrs. Thomas Massie was Dusea tuuiic to lu ucwmo k1- nf the State's tax struc Projects Not Abandoned Mayor Walker, in making his suggestion for a "suspense calendar," said it was not to be presumed that matters placed in that category would be abandoned, but that they would be laid aside until a later date. Items referred to the "suspense calendar" ranged from a proposed ture, with the rates to be fixed later Auction Gives $310 Toward Sherwood Fine unprecedented in Honolulu so far as he knew. on a sliding scale. Tne largest increase will be a tripling of the registration fees for the heaviest trucks Rediscounts Up asBank Aid Act Passes Senate Escle Bnresn, ' Colorado Bulldlnr. By HENRY SUYDAM Washington, Jan. 12 Assuming Referring to a cablegram he received today from Governor Lawrence Judd of Hawaii, Houston said there had been only one other case of attempted assault on a white' and buses. ... No New Sources Seabury Please Turn to Page 14 The principal counts makes against Farley are: ' Thue tha lpariinor candidate for his woman. party's nomination for President The Judd cablegram denounced final passage this week of the 12.- reports to the Navy Department wrote a prescription ior me Dime o financial ills, which calls for no new sources of taxation and makes only 000,000,000 reconstruction corporation bill, Congress will turn its at that there had been 40 assault cases. Judd said such reports were "malicious and exaggerated." tention to the next item on the economic program, which will focus one of the new levies permanent. The whole scheme is based on the tViAnrv thai: t.VlH rler)HSSiOn Will have Details of the discussion at the White House were withheld. Secre lifted by the Summer of 1933 or, tary Adams would not say whether an effort would be made to have specifically, tnree monins aire? ie President elected next November attention on the issue of whether there shall be an inflation of the currency. This momentous question will be raised in the bill to broaden the rediscount facilities of the Federal Reserve . Board, which President Mrs. Granville R. Fortescue, Higgins Aided At Rum Trial By Police Head Never Saw Him at Long Beach, Says MeGowan, as 17 Face U. S. Jury , i mother of Mrs. Massie, extradited enters the White House. rvia rinvemnr apnt hid tax recom Half of Money Realized on His Stocks to Go for Expenses Stocks owned by Russell T. Sherwood, Mayor Walker's missing financial agent, were sold under the auctioneer's bammer today for $310. . This sale was carried out in the rotunda of the County Court House in Manhattan on the order of Supreme Court Justice Thomas W. Churchill toward the collection of the $50,000 fine imposed on Sherwood for his failure to answer a Seabury committee subpena. It lasted, about half an hour. Some 75 persons attended, and Auc That Big Tom "falsely denied" and "falsely swore" before tha Hofstadter- committee, for which Seabury is chief counsel, that thera was no gnmbling in the rooms of the Thomas M. Farley Association in Manhs ttan. That Farley's tin box story, of-ferred as an explanation for bank accounts of approximately $400,000 when Ills salary totaled but $87,. WO, is "utterly unbelievable." CkIIs Him Incompetent Than Farley is so "incompetent and unqualified" as a Sheriff that he never heard of that section of the .penal law which requires a Sheriff to inform against viola to this country for trial on a mendations to the Legislature as a murder charge. part of tne executive Duaget ior inio .tVu m-nu buriaer. is 1323.231.- Hoover, in a recent message, recommended should Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes In the library of his , vv : ; . ington home, . Sailors Enter City . 000. The budget reaches s net total of $291,291,114, or $16,624,000 less than last year's appropriations. The ' Honolulu, Jan. 12 (JP) Soldiers and sailors, warned against violence, reentered Honolulu today for the first be passed with all possible promptitude. ' The bill for this 1931 budget represented a cut in time since the killing of a native 11 SJ purpose, which tne 1930 ngures. Economies Realized : , Please Turn to Page 23 Senator Arthur H. U. S. Supreme Court Veteran, 91 in March, Re signs, Due 1o Poor Health President Ac-, cepts Noted for Minority Opinions Washington, Jan. 12 (JP) Oliver Wendell Holmes has re Vannie Higgins, principal of the 17 . persons brought to trial in Brooklyn. Federal Court today. V a n d e n b urg of Roosevelt's economies were by refusing all but a few minor tioneer Henry Brady tried very hard to run up the figure. He tfttually Michigan has introduced, provides that new forms of securities admit succeeded in getting it up to $325, signed as Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Burma to Get Home Rule Bid but the purchaser of one block of charged with conspiracy insmug-gling' liquor Into Long Beach, L. I., was never seen in Long Beach during the eight years that Capt. Thomas McGowan has been a member of that city's police de ted for rediscount President Hoover today accepted the resignation. the stock found he did not have the shall not be made cash to pay for it and it had to be The Justice, in a letter to the President dated Jan. 12, a basis for curren resold, for $15 less. Increases in salaries and personnel, by giving 11 State departments lower appropriations this year than they had last, by recommending a one-year moratorium on increases in State aid to puoiic schools and by slicing the highway appropriation $7,700,000. Saying he had been some 15 percent too optimistic in estimating the income from State revenues dur- fsaid the condition of his cy issue. Since this bill was In health made the move neces c . ' troduced, how- Half for Expenses The stocks proved to be less than blue chips. The first block con French Cabinet tors of the gambling law. That he has appointed to office binder him "incompetent and unworthy persons." TJhat Farley refused to testify at private hearings before tho Ifolfstadler committee. Parley will be given a reasonable amount of time to reply to the cha rges. Roosevelt will study them with his counsel, Samuel I. Rosen-man, and either remove Farley or dismiss the charges. Me may also appoint a commissioner to inquire into the case and report to him. Seabury's charees partment, the captain today testified. McGowan is now acting police chief of Long Beach. McGowan and James J. McCabe sary. "" ever, there has been a decided increase in senti The veteran Justice will be 91 on sisted of 1,500 shares of Alexander March 8. ment in favor of increasing the Please Turn, to Page 5 Offers to Quit Industries common, which went to Sam Black, a stock broker, for $25. The strength of Mr. Holmes has been markedly lessening in late of 1416 State St., Long 'Beach, led the long procession of Government witnesses with which the prosecution seeks to establish that between That an attempt will be made to London, Jan. 12 OP) Prime Minister MacDonald announced at the final session of the Burma Round Table Conference at St. James' Palace today that the British Government is prepared to grant Burma a constitution providing for the first steps toward self-government. Wide powers will be reserved by the British Crown, however, he said. Matters of defense, foreign affairs and to a large degree financial question, would remain under the control of the Crown. Black soid he thought it was worth months. His step became somewhat en do so appears probable, and it is Please Turn to Page 23 October. 1928, and October, 1931 To Solve Crisis Stocks React After Early Gains liquor was continuously landed at feebled at times and he has become stooped. . He frequently required the resort with the knowledge and about 5 cents a share. The second was 2,000 shares of Nordon Corporation capital stock, for which Sam Dubin, anotheT broker, paid the same amount. TCoosevelt on Dec. 30. On Jan 4. tne nelp or court pages or of his fel connivance of the force, including Ministers Place Their low Justices to take his seat and rise after the session was over, at re- Please Turn to Page I The third lot, consisting of 300 1 Bank Robbers Get $50,000 its currently suspended chief, Mor ris Grossman, another of the defendants. Describe One Roundup shares of Canadian Marconi, was. Portfolios .in Laval's Cent meetings of the court. Last Opinion Yesterday bid up to Black for $275 and Black. lacking the cash, went to Dubin fori $260. M'Quade Wins Hands 3 Courses Seen It was noticeable yesterday that The pair testified to a roundup CMer Justice Hughes held a firm Dynamite Bomb Kills Janitor in Theater Kansas.City, Jan. 12 W) An ex by Grossman and several patrolmen of 17 men and two trucks in the More than half of the totall hand on the aged Justice Holmes' Paris,! Jan. 12 &) The entire realized, it was said, would go for arm as he took nis seat. canals of Lido section of Long In Giants Suit expenses. plosion which arson experts attrib French Cabinet today followed the example of : Aristide. Briand and placed their portfolios in the hands Although his speech has at times been halting and a cough more pro In the Brooklyn Supreme CourtJ Beach at 2 a.m. of Jan. 15, 1930. McCabe, a private citizen who was uted to a dynamite bomb killed a Samuel Seabury today filed briefs Magnolia. N. C, Jan. 12 tJP) The Bank of Magnolia was robbed today by three men who slugged the assistant cashier, locked him in a vault and escaped with a sum estimated to be $50,000. Magnolia is a village of 802 population. Bank officials said they had of Premier Laval, leaving him fret nounced, Justice Hblmes has delivered his share of opinions in the Negro janitor and damaged the lobby of the Midland Theater, one with Justice Byrne opposing a stay of the Hofstadter Committee order annoyed by the activity at the canal and reported it, was definite as to the Jan. 15 date. McGowan thought to do as he wishes in reconstructing the Ministry. brief period of Uiis term. He deliv of the city's largest motion picture citing State Senator John A. Hast Prices of stocks turned reactionary in the last hour, after moderate early strength. In the early afternoon, the advance, which beginning in the rail group had swept into coppers, oils, amusements and miscellaneous groups, became plainly labored. Not succeeding in breaking measurably through the peaks of last Saturday, offerings from professionals increased and the downturn followed. Bonds moved more or less with stocks, there having been frequent periods of profit-taking during the day. However, some of the lower-grade rails, which stand to benefit most by early adoption of the Reconstruction Finance measure, maintained a substantial part of their advance. There have now been six days of recovery in second and low-grade bonds and uninterrupted gains resulted in realizing sales. As the trading day drew to a houses, after the final show last This action,' not unexpected, fol ings in contempt for his failure to it was the 10th, and when the 15th was suggested to him he ventured lowed' a conversation between the an unusually large supply oi cur ered one only yesterday his last. Holmes' letter submitting his resignation to the President said: "In accordance with the provision night. The victim was Frank Alexander. 24. Please Turn to Page 2 Premier and M. Briand, whose ill- rency on hand. that it might have been the 30th. The 17 men, it developed, were Former Magistrate Francis X. McQuade today won his fight against Charles H. Stoneham and John J. McGraw, president and vice president of the New York Giants, when Supreme Court Justice McCook in Manhattan upheld McQuade's complaint in so far as it demands $10,000 a year salary for McQuade under a tri-party agreement made by the three men 1J years ago. .. . charged with disorderly conduct and health impelled him to ask last week that he be permitted to retire as Foreign Minister. '. Please Turn to Paje 3 Please Turn to Page 2 This development, coupled with the sudden death of Andre Maginot, Minister of War, precipitated the Frank Bailey Moves From Brooklyn With Hint He Is Planning to Retire Senate Orders Probe Cabinet crisis Reds Release Eddie Roush After he had received the Minis Of Radio Advertising ters, the Premier sent for Edouard Herriot,. chief of the Radical So Washington, Jan. 12 P) The Sen ate today called upon the Radio cialists, whose support he needs if he wants More Leisure for Home and Office in Man SAYS GOODBY Commission to make a survey on the is to form a National Union Gov Foe of Racketeers Is Slain in Chicago Chicago, Jan. 12 UP) A new war in Chicago's turbulent cleaning and use of radio facilities for purposes of commercial advertising. Recreation, Declares Financier hattan Now After 43 Years Here Cincinnati, Jan. . 12 () Eddie Roush, for years one of the National League's most brilliant outfielders and a former batting close the recession broadened and losses of 1 to 2 points were noted over a fairly wide list. Leading stocks, including Allied Chemical, Consolidated Gas, Auburn, Case. American Telephone and others dropped. There were moderate losses in the lower priced speculative favorites. Stock Table on Page 33 champion, was given his uncondi HELD IN AUTO DEATH Antoine Marandon, 47, who said After 45 years of active associa dyeing industry was believed by police today to have been responsible for the killing of Benjamin Rosenberg, 46, manager of a dry cleaning tional release today by the Cincin nati Reds.. tion with the financial, real estate and social affairs of the borough, Frank Bailey has pulled up stakes and moved to Manhattan. he was headwaiter of the Lido Club, Long Beach, L. I., where he lives, was held in 2,000 bail today by Magistrate Renaud in Homicide Court for hearing Feb. 2 on a charge of concern and campaigner against racketeering. Roush, who formerly played with the New York Giants, said he is through with baseball. Memphis, Tenn., Jan. 12 oT Bill Not only has Mr. Bailey trans Rosenberg was slueeed near hia ernment, something, like Oreat Britain s. to face the impending international conferences. Heretofore M. Herriot has declined to collaborate with the Laval Government, and only yesterday said in an interview that a Union Government was Impossible. The Premier has three alternatives: He may siep . out in case the Radicals should decide to enter the Cabinet; he may resign to form another government drawn from the Right Center, or he may simply reorganize the present Cabinet. A communique, issued after a Cabinet session said: "Premier Laval placed his col-Please Turn to Page 3 ferred his office to the borougn across the bridges, but he moved his homicide. It is charged his auto Terry, star first baseman of the New home in suburban Maywood last night and shot six times by three assassins while he lay helpless on the street. residence there, too. He has taken ran down and fatally injured John Thompson, 55, of 139 W. 67th St., Manhattan, yesterday on the West suite of rooms in Essex House, an apartment building at 160 Central York Giants, said here today he would not accept a 40 percent salary reduction if "I never wear another uniform." -"I am not going to accept any sal Drive on Central Park. Park South. His new omce is in the National City Bank Building, 17 E. 42d St. ! ary cut unless there is a general cut 'SICK LITTLE BOY' Pasadena, CaL, Jan. 12 UP) Four- The Baileys formerly lived at 338 all over the. league," he added. Clinton Ave., one of the attractive year-old Herbert Hoover 3d, grand old mansions of the thoroughfare.! plete retirement from business including his official positions with some of the concerns he helped to found, was intimated today in a conversation with him at his new quarters. Hard to Change Now He spoke with mingled sadness and resignation of his shift from Brooklyn to Manhattan. "It was a hard wrench to pull away from old ties associated with practically my entire life," he said, but it had to come sooner or later and I figured that the time had arrived when I should begin to shed the things that demanded all of my time. I am here training my son-in-law to work out my remaining business problems and to carry on the burden when I have weighed anchor. Wants More Leisure "I have but a few years to go to reach the 70 timepost, and I intend to take my remaining years of life leisurely, devoting more time to the pursuit of my outdoor recreations than I could in my more active business career." Mr. Bailey in a reminiscent mood spoke of his achievements in the son of the Presi- They closed it shortly after the death of their only son, rranK Bailey Jr., last June. ! I .V" dent, was a "very I sick little boy" t0" B ,?V::H(lal,i according to Wife, Million, Mansion Gone, Brewster to Lose Small Home Havana Results FIRST RACE Newt Reel, 113 (L. Ens-er. 2 1. 6. 3 S, first; Spero, 113 IE. McLaughlin), 6 1. 3 1. second; Cornelia Clara. 113 (RaUsl ,1 1, third. Time. 33 4-9 . xChant Club, Luca Menifee, My Joanne, Polymera. Flitsome, xEspoir. Betty Terry, Benson Ormont, xEllzaoeth O. alto ran. xField. THE EAGLE INDEX rata ATiatiea II Classifle Ail It-S Death Notices 17 Dr. Brady. Dr. Cadataa, Patrl Jt Eerie Baste Gall IS Eafle Beaaers' Private Eiekaare a Eaiterlal JO Ftaaaclal JI-15 Last aa Paaaa, Persanal t Navel, Ceasks ! Baal : Sal News 1) Satiety S Hearts - Theaters, Blsa Jaaue tl Teaiaa's Paaa IS )t tjbu&3n SAUSAGX The breakfast 4ia taa (alfcjha and. aamlies. AdT, Furnishings Moved Last week a big van pulled up at 1 H1VW""" Gave Ad for Three Days, Rented in One "As you know, It's a real surprise to have something good happen when you least expect it," says Mrs. J. M. Keenan, 12 8th Ave., Brooklyn. "Imagine my delight when the three-day ad I ordered materialized suddenly the first day. I rented my double room a few hours after your paper was on the street." The Eagle acts promptly, bringing quick results to advertisers who have rooms to rent. Fill your vacancies by telephoning an ad now. Call an ad-taker at MAin 4-6000 and charge it. the Prudence Company Building at Frank Bailey 162 Remsen St., in which was lo they regarded nis condition as satisfactory. He underwent an operation for treatment of a sinus infection yesterday. His father, Herbert Hoover Jr., is an instructor in busi- cated Mr. Bailey's office as chairman of the boards of the New York Investors, Inc., and the Prudence Company. It carted away the contents of the big room at the rear of the first floor and about the same time a van transferred the Bailey household effects to his new Manhattan home. Hollywood, ' Jan. 12 (P Once a millionaire magazine publisher, later reduced to meager means, Eugene V. Brewster is about to lose his small home here. Two suits were filed yesterday by the Security First National Bank of Los Angeles against him, his estranged wife, Corliss Palmer, and her mother, Julia Palmer, for foreclosure on four small houses, id one of which, Brewster, has been i living since his mansion was taken from him last Summer. Unsatisfied notes of $8,500 are set forth. "I have another house and lot here, but another bank will take that in a short time," Brewster said. "I have a lot of hope left, though." Last October he announced separation from his wife,, whom he married after she had won a beauty contest conducted by one, of his magazines.. neck, president of the Vanneck Realty Company and the Equitable Holding Corporation, who, with Mr. Bailey, was one of the losers in the $3,000,000 stock brokerage crash last year in which Harold Russell Ryder figured. That Mr. Bailey's departure from Brooklyn Is the prelude to nis ness economics at tne caniornia y, Mr. Bailey's new office adjoins Please Tun, to Fscs that of his son-in-law, John Van- i O

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