The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 9, 1936
Page 7
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MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1!)36 France Must Extend Defense Lines ___J^™™£J^:!y_ wuniRu NEWS "Non-Fixable" Ticket Seel Rebounds on Inventor 'i" ions m .. . ; her, AUBURN. N. Y. IUP) - C. si. JrvMll, Nlagnru Fulls, sold a set of new "iion-flxable" traffic violation tickets to the police dopnrt- nicnl n few months ngo. Recently ho appeared In the city clerk's office nnd paid ft Si flue—lifter rc- .•Flvlng one cf his own tickets. •U ™ ^ city authorities for build mi Asbestos i The log cabin Is refintnlng its ! populiivlly In Arkmisns us n type 1 ciHjIiwer, 1 permission towe In for pinns of fnrm structures to lie huMt from loi;s nnO rocks, "iiull- iMipreciiitlon of Di'. I'edro Piic.. director of liw .symphony orchestra inuhv of Ecuador, Is otic instructors. nnd n of (he Hie city fntliers, dresscU cerise robes. Normal temperature of the hu- uw body Is nbout 98.0 degrees. ; Log Cabin Coming Ha r |< t'AYETTGVILLE, Arli. (Ul'J I MKI.BOURNK (UP)-MM- 1 , iKiu-ne's Children's Church, the joiilj- one of Us kind In (ha world,! lu\s celebrated Us-liOlli minivers-' Read Conner Nous Want Ads.} ^"'i"' 1 ! 0 ' "";. fnmoils M«8i»°t 1-iiie of formications along the Belgian nnd Swiss tnrders is German in BELSli BIjTEil BLOW IB FfiEflpOPLE Sen War lime Ties Forgotten by Tlieir Erstwhile ' Alli es I'V .MOKKIS GIUMiRT NEA Service Staff Correspondent PARIS, Nov. 9.-— "Kings forget— Hollywood Story' —in Real Life" , . . the people remember!" So says France, which still trying to digest the Belgian King Leopold's announcement reaffirm Belgian army chiefs can still get togftlier to frame, united plans for cnDperation against •' some future '"rag." Pine, says France. But what if Belgian nrmy chiefs start lidding "staff talks" 'with German rTicers too? sliould France tell Belgium military secrets for ins Isclmum's pre-war position of Belgium, to 'pas 'oiv to Germany? i:ci'.tral!ly. Siignr-coated ns .tlic That question needs a lot of an- fnnouneement was. it was n bit- swering. ter pill for the French. Belgium Leopold Kducaleil in Flaniands .represented the only corner,of the French frontier where anti-French. About Leopold,: there arc certain facts well, known to French- nnll-rcpiAllcan doctrines were not men. In the nrst place tlie young dcmirmnl. To the northeast: Ccr-1 king, hi character and training' many: to the southeast: Italy; to is the product of a very nearly' ° • " *-"«~« iJ^w ^'y.^.uno. VVUJ01, UI ml He SPOKC pokl is a king, and kings forget '-little - cr' no Flemish the t6h"ue . . .So says Prance. j which half Belgium'uses. It-was • ^~- . Tear Uelgian Trcacnerj- IK ted handicap. of a handful of nionkey-wrenrh« invi 1 te nC tl' !0l fr th r l K ' mS ^ COPOW n ^' ifEn °°^ elaoin shrdli,. cms «''«ch the Feuhrer is planning to iiivitc.s the French army to pro-; So when Albert cnme to the 'wave?. Disillusioned Paris sus lect the Belgian land again, in throne, lie vowed that his son nects "the latter ' , '™.™' cnso of a new Invasion; but de- g Leopold should not suffer from' ' ' "'"' 13nt what France now faces is tradition. It would riot be un _ '"" another idea, which is quite ap- natural therefore, in view of earlv "~ pMlin? to her: Will Belgium, in' development and tcndcncv for sonic future vrar, decline to de- Leopold to feel :norc kinship for fend her own territory? Will she devout, Flemish-speaking than for give free access to German troops French-speaking, comparative!^ to cross her land and attack the free-thinking influence.?. And so it sc-far undefended French north-' has apparently turned out crn fronlier? ] Scc i li( i cr ' s „„...,: i France's famous Msginot Line rf fcrtincalions doesn't go as far as that. Hitherto France has and French s!ood~"stde""by7fde"ln counted on Belgian cooperation; defense of what they considered and a Belgian "Maginot Line" has liberty, it is clear in Paris thit Irnif. been projected along her Ihe Belgian people have certainly rastevn frcnticr to link up with been high-pressured by N-i Gcr Ihe French defensive system. With many. "" this dream of cooperative defense Tlie Resists ,lcd by the celebrat- Fhatteral. France now will fortify ed Belgian "Puehrer," Degrelle, | Meanwhile, if Leopold's Wrecker Service Gas .OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 777 - 810 THE COMPLETE ELECTRICAL STORE ' Featuring electrical futures from . „,. ~- — J "• "tiBiim uerer. Dearelle ^' °!?' Wcs " n E | "«»sc appliances, l'cr BclEian frontier and, while are frankly Nazi. And the limino-' a " li ""' 5 nf la "'l*'' "'expensive aut " lr!dc "'"" alul a linc cf he ,.,,„, " f - '"^ IIUIIMJ »u£i. ftiin me llluinw , », about ,i, will extend the Maginot of the royal announcement smeUs° tnd f c T''" I.IPC along the Swiss frontier as in Paris, very much like the Wil- Bra<lc loys '', V llc "- i henistrajvjp i ... . V, i • ! nemstrasse. i ,,- ; i ri' . /,, ^t "staff ^alks "wlir^co 7n™°" IS "^ Ba ^ n aCti ° n I ? itle '" s ' " al P° le E| e Ch-IC Shop giunv Is concerned^^French and valualioin br Vtt" Just The ffrst ____^ 3U TAKE ATIP FROM ME"$AY5 THt KANGAROO ORDER WINTER BEER, IT'S THE THING TODOf FROST. »' the original wmm BEER in Bottles / C£. Hop To It 1 ! Try Winter Beer! The big Fall thaw is on as thousands turn on the heat with Falstaff Winter Beer. Get set to give Old Man Winter a warm reception with this sensational bottled cheer. Order today. Ask about the handy six.bottle" bags. The Choicest Product of the?8rewers'Art ] College Teaches Hhumba . OLIVET, Mich. (UP) - Olivet Collrjjc stiKlTOis are /liidlii B one my. Tlic church .selves a coiiBra- moi'B Interesting KMm ilRC( , from G (0 1Q n[) . (i ; Iheh- cluiwos DR. SAL1BA \ Kye, }'.ar, time & Tliroit" •: GMSSHS FirrBl) | Itoom 210 Insrain .Bldst tics, rhonc 410 . Oflicc V\IHV pay ior a Cocoanut and Get a Peanut? nu * YOUNEED AT LOW PRICES Men's Pants All Wool S UIT S IScaullful <" issl '™' | " ill si u tfc' 1! '»n S il ll "" lllc *19" 5 Curlee SUITS I.IIIIK weiirliic, "(mil limiting Cialunltiirs.. Slunly ducks. llolh .shown hi Unlit unit • il;irlt shades vllli tlie- ICRS liiilnrtil to 1)1 iitiTtrll)'. Kvoiy sr.uii slrongly bl ',u'il anil ri'-Iiifon-i-d ;\l iiiiints of stiiiln. $69 I Wens Winter Unidnsuits All kinds and \velgl)U...siioil sleeves-, long slee\es, light welglil ribs nod extra heavy llecccd unloas , 59c ?9c 98c $1,49 Men's LEATHER COATS Genuine fmewiaifcr liorsehUlc, ftf\ flC~ fancy buck. The ti e s I li.ilher $Gf.?U Coat 'wB'vi' ever been able la sell Vtr Ihis moiifv. slunly liullt C:i|ie.sliin (,'n:il.. .S|>orl liark..'Cnod bij;. A llcal Uiiyi *7.95 Melton COATS All mini, 31 m, Million Co.iis fnr IILCU. .. H'nrni .nul Boys' Leather and Melton Coats Men's I)reis^ and Work Shirts 79c A hcitiitlfill . selection of new patterns and solid, colors' In a'itinality that Ls sure, to .meet with your . -approval.., You'll find a shirt here you like at a . price you'll like, too! • 98ctoT 5< FLANNELF/ITK WORK SHIRT HEAVY TWILL WORK SHIRT $ 149 1 Iloj's 1 Leather Coats In A n yood styles. $-l.!>5 to ,. •? I . Boys' heavy, nil wool Mellon Coats. $193 Men's and Boys' Rugged Leather Boots Heavy iliKy'Hoofs aml ofrfccrs Kldt,, T BOMS in n h,r«'ns- sortinc,,t...Kvcry pair fully B ,,ar.,,,tcnl. 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