Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island on February 3, 1962 · Page 2
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Newport Daily News from Newport, Rhode Island · Page 2

Newport, Rhode Island
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 3, 1962
Page 2
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2 NiWPORT, ». I., DAILY NIW8, UTUROAY, Ff». 3. 1M2 » .6 Hurt When Veering Auto | Hits Another In Middletown u ',. Five persons were hospitalized ' "as the'result of a head-on collision j i n Middletownshortly before mid': night. Both cars were demolished. '-"' At 11:45 p.m., the car of Joseph ; P.. Reiss Jr., of the Officer Cani. didate School, went out of control - while rounding the curve on Aquld- ~ neck Avenue 100 feet south of - Reservoir Avenue. It veered widely I- and left 228 feet of skidmarks, ac. cording to Middletown police. It gatory ROM), a pUMnc«r la the Simpson car. Simpton, who was traeted released, wffered a sprained rig hand and bruises. Reiss' pane gers were Urry H. Stewart, 23 Theodore H. McNeeley III. 22 and John M. Court, 23. Middletown police will chtrg Reiss with reckless driving. At 1 a. m. today the car of I,eon Jackson of 72 Chapel Term . .-U.UUI5 vj .u(uui*,iuirii pvuic. 11 jdinoun oi t£ uiapei TtiTac - crossed the highway, smashing in- struck thai of Edward Drager I * to the car of Alton L. Simpson, 25 of 25 Park-Holm, at the intersec ; of the Naval Justice School, wh " 3 had come to a dead stop. Reiss » car continued for another 34 fee before coming to a halt, whil Simpson's ear was driven back 1 I feet from the point of impact. Reiss and t h r e e passenger from his car,-a!l from the OC School, are in Naval Hospital today with head and facial lacerations and concussions, as is Mrs TTieresa M. Reese, 24, of 30 Pur- Cigc Cigarettes Lull Brooding Chimp Who Lost Mate BARRY, Wales (AP)-When her mate died a month ago, something in Melody seemed to die too. She wouldn't eat. She wouldn't drink. Then she began smoking. First a few puffs, then a whole cigarette, soon 10 a day. Melody is a 3-year-old chimpanzee. "Smoking certainly soothed her nerves," said the chimp's owner, George Palmer, who has to pay out nearly $2.24 a week for her cigarettes. "But when I get her another mate I'll cut her cigarette ration." tion of West Marlborough and Frank Corridon Street!. Drage and Mrs. Mary Drager, 32, were treated and released at Newpor Hospital. More than J100 damag was done to each car. Police reported Jackson wil be charged with driving without a license. At 9:55 last night, reported Portsmouth police, the car of Joseph G. Rochette, 32, of 36 Cora Ave., Portsmouth, failed to nego- iate a turn from Mill Lane to Middle Road. It struck a stone wall on the property of Joseph J. Carvalho of Middle Road, knock- ng down eight feet of wall and ausing an estimated $1,000 dam- ige to his car. Portsmouth volun- cer fire department rescue work- rs treated Rocliette for a split pper lip and injuries to the calf | his right leg and transported him to his home. Tipsy Driving Charge Denied At 1:38 a. m., Mrs. Dorothy A. Eveland. 35, of 35 Underwood Lane, Middletown, lost control of! her car here on Farewell Street when her head scarf became entangled in the steering wheel. The car struck an iron fence at the Island Cemetery. More than 1100 damage was done to her car. Mrs. Rockefeller In Seclusion 6 INJURED IN THIS CRASH -- Four persons were taken from this car to the Naval Hospital last night after it struck another car head-on In Middletown shortly before midnight. . (Middletown Police Photo) Vice 'Dead' Ohio Dentist Dies Charles E. Lake Erie pleaded "not Kielbasa, 37, 143C St., guilty Middletown, in District Court today to a charge of driving white intoxicated in Middletown yesterday. Judge Arthur J. Sullivan continued the case to Feb 9 on $200 bail. Four women and a man were ar raigned for alleged revelling on West Broadway last Wednesday. Injuries to the man resulted in a head wound requiring 37 stitches, the court was told. David B. Harris, IS, of the USS Yosemite, who suffered the head wound, pleaded innocent to the charge, as did Ella Mae .Tones, 34 of 4 Cozzens Ct.; Rose Collier, 18 '. of 44 Warner St.; and Betty Jones] · 18, of 34 Poplar St. Bernice Ma · son 21, of 30 Thames St.. pleadei . guilty to the charge. All casp were continued to Feb. 9 in $2. . bail each. William A. Leslie, 19, of the USS Yosemite. was placed on pro bation for malicious mischief as ,;1he result of breaking a window -In a Spring Street home on Wed- · nesday. He. paid $8.50 court costs :~for indecent intoxication. ' Robert E. Brinton Jr., 20 of , 131 Beacon St., Middletown, was ; fined $10 for revelling and S5 for r being indecently intoxicated. ^ T ,.?, ta f for(1 Q uick ' 19 of Mullen -Hill, Little Compton, was fined $15 : : for speeding. ~ Yesterday, five men w e r e ^placed on probation by Judge Sul- L-livan. They w«rn Robert W Tivey -. and Charles C. Millet, both 22, of :-the USS Fulton, for a malicious ^mischief charge due to breaking -·windows in the Music Box on :-',Thames Street; Ronald T. Brown, . 20. of the Naval Base, for carry- a concealed weapon; Marcus -,J. Hammett, 58, of 29 DeBlois St ~for RENO, Nev. (AP)-Mrs. Nelson A. Rockefeller settled down in carefully guarded seclusion at a nearby.guest ranch today to wait out a six-weeks residency requirement before seeking a divorce from New York's governor. Mrs. Rockefeller announced through her attorney Friday that she planped to end her 31-year marriage under Nevada's lenient divorce laws. In New York the only ground for divorce -is adult- ~ry. Sources close to the governor's 54-year-old wife said she was nervous and upset. Her lawyer, William K. Woodburn, said she definitely would not meet with newsmen during her stay. Woodburn said that if newsmen persisted in trying to see Mrs. Rockefeller, the daughter of a CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP)-The expected end came Friday night in the strange medical case of Dr. Jerome A. Streem, 37. The dentist, whose heart and breathing stopped twice within 24 hours and once resulted in a trip to a funeral home Sunday, died at Mount Sinai Hospital. After a thorough check, hospital authorities reported the death --nearly 128 hours after a doctor mistakenly had declared the patient dead at his home in tub- urban Cleveland Heights. Dr. Streem, who gave up his - , . , ~for leaving the ot an acci- *- ----....£, lllv o^uiie Wl (111 clLCl- :rdent: and Robert J. Lima, 19. of .71 Callcnrler Ave., for revelling A charge of revelling against Douglas R. Tamlin..2C, of the USS -Yosemite was discontinued anc .-costs were remitted. prominent Philadelphia family, "She'll really go into seclusion." Gov. Rockefeller said, "I have no comment" when told of his wife's statement. Some political observers say divorce could weigh heavily on his future political career; Rockefeller is a candidate for re-election in 1962. He has been mentioned as a leading contender for the Republican nomination in the 1964 presidential election. Neither of the Rockefellers has said publicly what caused their marriage to break up. Mrs. Rockefeller's sister. Mrs. Philip Wallis of Bala-Qymvyd. Pa., is staying with her at the ;uest ranch. : BSTARMMIBD 184H Published dally except Sun. days and certain holidays by · t h e Edward A. Sherman Pub- ...lishlng Company. 140 Thames Ne ... . . St., Newport. R. Telephone Second-class postage paid at Newport. li. l SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier-- 42c per week. By mall, payable In advance--one year. S.M. throe months. J6. on« month. "MEMBER OP THE ASSOCI- . ATED PRESS. The Associated Press Is e n t i t l e d exclusively to the use for republlcatlon of all local news p r i n t e d In this paper as well as all AP news all- patches. Averages dairy net '.oald circulation for 1 I 70j4 · December, 1961. ' I|»T1 Mass. Capitol Betting Center BOSTON (AP)--The concern of he Massachusetts Legislature wer widerpread gambling opera- ions centered today on illegal letting under its very own roof --the slate house. Capitol police raided a state house janitors' room Friday and confiscated what they described an several numbers pool slips. They also' found pencils and a pad of paper like those used by bookies hidden in the emergency telephone compartment of the elevator used each day by Gov. John A. Volpe. A. Volpe. Earlier the U.N. Expected To Pay U.S. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Sen. George D. Aiken, R-Vt, says $30 million of the proposed J200-mil- lion U.N. bond issue would be used to pay U.S. claims against the world organization. Aiken said in a Senate speech yesterday "Something in the neighborhood of 530 million of the United Nations debt is owed to the United States, mostly to the Air Force, and. . .we are being asked to buy $100 million worth of the 25-year bonds of the United Nations so that it can turn around and pay $30 million to the United States." Aiken also told the Senate it took 10 days of "frustration and exasperation" to get the State De- pariment to provide him witr the names of U.N. creditor nations. He said he was given a list of 27, including the United States "but I was requested not to make it public." President Kennedy has urged Congress to approve the purchase of half the proposed $200 million bond issue to retire U.N. debts. The bonds, bearing 2 per cent interest, would be retired · over a 25 year period out of general U.N. assessments. Kennedy has said that nations which refuse to pay their share of special assessments--Russia is one--nevertheless pay their annual assessments to retain their denfal practice more than 10 years ago when felled by multiple sclerosis, never regained consciousness. He was in a coma in the latter stages. Two sisters were outide his room when the last ember of life flickered out. Ironically, Dr. Streem's father, Harry, 72, was discharged from the same hospital Friday after more than a week's stay for a heart ailment. The father, aware his son was in critical condition, was given the news of his death. But relatives kept him shielded from the bizarre circumstances, fearing it might have an adverse affect on his condition. "It's been an awful strain on all of us," said one relative. Funeral services were set for ·Sunday at the Miller Memorial Funeral Qiapel. It was at that mortary that the sfrrange turn of events occured last Sunday. Seventy-five minutes after a doctor had checked Dr. Streem's respiration, heartbeat and pulse, a funeral attendant was wheeling the stretcher into the preparation room. He was startled to see the form breathing. Two brothers, Leon and Larry Miller, administered oxygen, used -- Senate president and the House speaker moved jointly to fire Robert G. Connolly, head of the legislative document room, allegedly for taking part in bookie operations. Connolly retaliated quickly by charging the legislature with hypocrisy, asserting he knows of a dozen legislators who frequently place illegal off-track bets on the dogs and horses. Connolly denied he was a book-- He described himself as an amateur handicapper who often was called upon for his advice on which horses to bet on. He claimed he never placed a let in his life. vote. Failure to buy bond. Ken nedy said, "would serve the interests of the Soviet Union." Aiken replied sharply "I do not intend to accept this kind of dictation from anyone." He said he believes Kennedy's advisers are trying to discourage a full airing of U.N. financial affairs. MRS. MURPHY RITES The funeral of Mrs. E1 l.e n Leonard Murphy, widow of Hugh J. Murphy, of 1 Conrad Ct., took place today from the O'Neil Funeral Home to St. Augustin' Church A solemn high mass wa celebrated by the Rev. James F FitzSimon. pastor. The Rev. Fred erick W. Rogers was deacon am the Rev. Joseph D. Schenick, sub- deacon. In the sanuctary were the Rev Peter Maguire of the Sisters of St Cluny Novitiate and the Rev James P. Casey, pastor of 'St Lucy's Church. Burial was in St. Columba's Cemetery, where Fathers Schenick and Casey read the s e r v i ce. Bearers were Lee Dias, William Finn, Frank Lalli, George Randall, Frederick Scheibl and William Zisek. closed heart massage, and sped Pr. Streem in an ambulance to the hospital. The following day Dr. Streem's breathing and heart stopped .again --but only "for a minute or two," according to doctors. External heart massage, oxygen.and an in- .eision of the windpipe did the job. Later that day the patient was breathing without aid. But doctors were.frank in saying chances were "very slim" for recovery. Dr. Streem rallied some Tuesday, then, began sinking. Savage Wants License Check State Sen. Joseph A. Savage, Newport Democrat, said today that he is having a bill drawn up to make known names of those people connected with corporations who obtain or transfer liquor licenses. Savage said work on the bill had started earlier in the week and preceded an expression by Mayor Charles A. Hambly that such a bill would be desirable for better control of liquor licenses given out or .transferred by any community. Mayor Hambly said yesterday Photo Exhibit Opens Monday "Under the Sun: The Abstract Art of Camera Vision" is the title of a new exhibit to be on view at the Art Association from Feb. 5 to 26 under the auspices of the American Federation of Arts. The display presents the work of three photographers, 'Walter Chappell, Syl Labrot and Nathan Lyons, and includes 28 photographs; in color and in black and white. Among them are non-objec live prints, and recognizable as pects of nature seen in new ways The exhibition is touring univer sities and art institutions through out the country. Photographs by this trio, each of whom has hac several one-man shows, were ex hibited in 1960 at the Poindexter Gallery in.New York. City, and are reproduced in the book "Un der the Sun,".published by George Braziller Inc. In the west gallery, a group ol water colors by Kaiko Moti, young Indian painter now working in Paris, will be on display. All the paintings have been loaned by private .collectors in the Newport and Boston areas. $earch Pressed For Two Boys;' PEMBROKE, Man. (AP) Hope dimmed today (or the safety of- two young. playmttei mlMlnf iince Thursday, but March tor them continued without letup de- Wit* Incline cold and litht mow. More than 1,000 penom, includ- lni.,Marin*i and utton; Marched In woodi and bogi for Stephen Benedict, 3 and Robert Gulllck- ian, 6. ' Sklndlven broke throufh Ice to March in the many small -ponds where the youngiten might have wandered. State Police bloodhound! led Marchers yesterday to the vicinity ot Oldham Pond. Sklndivers went Into the frigid water but found no trace of the youngsters. Lawrence Benedict, father of one ot the missing boys, is a Marine taff sergeant at Wey- nouth Naval Air Base. Many of his f e l l o w Servicemen were among the searchers. EUGENE FIOLA BURIED The funeral of Eugene Fiola of 27 Clarke St., a World War II veteran, was held today from the Murphy Funeral Home to St. Joseph's Church. A mass of requiem was said by the Rev. William Jen- rinson. Burial was in St. Columba's 'emetery where the Rev. Peter G. Young read the service. Bear- rs were Manuel Marshall, John . Segerson and Joseph P. Silvia f the Veterans of Foreign Wars, nd Rudolph and Norbert Fiola and Robert Silvia, nephews. Music Students Heard In Recital Students of the Newport School of Music held a recital last night in the Art Association, attended by about 100 parents and friends. Taking part were Eugene Stuart, James Cometa and Thomas Perrotti, accordion; J o y c e l y n Drummond, Barbara Faaland ani Judith Morel,, flute;- R o b e r Seelinger, Beverly Kingston am Allan Booth Jr., clarinet; Rober Power, William Greene, George Stokes and Paul Rasile, trumpet; Thomas RankowsM, violin; Rober Radcliffe · - · ODERRA--Feb. 2, I962/at New- S irt Hospital, a «on to Mr. and rs. Edward G. .Coderra (Wanda Perkowski) of 75 Mill Lane. Portsmouth. ENNY--Feb. 1, 162, at th« Naval Hospital, a daughter to Machinist's Hat* 2. C. and Mr«. Frank F. Denny of 141 -Sinn St. RURY. Jan. It, 1962. at Hanan, Germany, a son, Michael Patrick, to Capt. Peter F. Drury Jr., USA, and Mrs. Drury and grandson to Mr. arid Mrs. Drury Sr. of Knowles Court, Jamestown, and Mrs. Prank Jones and the late Mr. Jones of Narragan- «6tt Avenue, -Jamestown. LANG--Feb. 2, 1962,-at the Nava! Hospital, a daughter to Engine- man 2. C. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lang, of 43 Franklin St. MOORE--Feb. 1, 1962, at the Naval Hospital, a daughter to Seaman and Mrs. Thomas L. Moore of 27 Holland S t . . . . MURPHY--Feb. 1, 962, at Newport Hospital, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Murphy (Kath- erlne M. MacDonafd) of 641 Mitchell Lane. Middletown/ PELKEY--Jan. 25, 1962, in Rutland, Vt., a daughter to Mr t and Mrs. Gordon Pelkey (Jacqu«. line Carpenter) of Rutland and g randdaughter to Mr. and Mrs. rederlck Carpenter of 12! Spring St., Newport. PINTO-Feb. 2, 1962, at Camp Lejeune, N. C., base hospital, a , UB £J,?£,, to c "'- Manuel Pinto Jr., L.SMC, and Mrs. Pinto and Pinto of 485 Thames St., Newport. WINDLEY-Feb. 1. 1962, at Newport Hospital, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs: Daniel C. Windley (Alice K. Sands) of S3 Lee Ave. DIED trombone; and John Souza Brian Gillson ant ^ -- ..~...u v ocuu j/esieiuiij that he has considered the possibility of asking the Council to request such legislation from the General Assembly. The mayor's remarks were prompted by difficulties the Council experienced in finding out the names of officers of the Crown Bar and Grille Inc. and the Levin Street Cafe Inc both of which had taken over liquor licenses previously given others. The Savage bill will affect such liquor licinses trroughout the state. At present corporations may obtain or transfer liquor licenses n their name without making known the name of officers ana principal stockholders THE WEATHER , Rhode Island, Massachusetts -Occasional light snow changing to occasional rain with rising temperatures, tonight. Sunday, partial clearing and t u r n i n g a little colder. Boston and vicinity--Cloudy tonight with occasional light .snow changing to light rain and rising emperatures with the lowest near 30. Winds becoming southwesterly 10 to 20 m.p.h. Sunday, partial Alfred Stein, saxophone, anc Jeanne Perrotti, piano. Carroll W. J. Ball of the faculty played piano accompaniments. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Bernard Morel, assisted by Mrs. Orazio Basiie. Mrs. Gene Perrotti and Mrs. Allan Booth. RAYMOND BOYLE RITES The funeral of Raymond Boyle 13-year-old son.of Mrs. Jame s P. Boyle of 7 Kay St. and a student at St. Philomena's School in Portsmouth, took place this morning from the Murphy Funeral Home to St. Joseph's Church. A solemn high mass was celebrated by the Rev. Edward D. Johnson. Theh Rev. Kenneth A. Angell of St. Mary's Church was deacon and-^the Rev, William Jenkinson was subdeacon. Burial was in St. Francis Ceme tery in Pawtucket, where the Rev Everett W. McPhillips of St. Ag nes Church in Providence, rea the service. Honorary bearers, classmates at St. Philomena's, were Clyde W. Godfrey, Peter T. Cruser Stephen J. Restivio, Michael F Kelley, Gerald J. Walsh, Matthew J. Faerber Jr. and James Bean. The active bearers were Judge Matthew J. Faerher, William H. Wood Jr., Francis J. Kelly and Leon V. Hagopian. TOWNSEND--In Brooklyn, N Y January 31, 1962, Warren Herbert Townsend In his 83rd year. Services at St. George's Church, Brooklyn on Sunday, February 4th at 2 p.m. . Committal cervices at the Island Cemetery, Newport, Monday, February B, at 2 p. m. THURSTON--At Portsmouth, Vlr- ^=ginla, February 1, 1962, Wil- ^llam Thureton, in his 58th yea Service at the Hambly Funer Home, Erick House,- 30 R Cross Ave., on Tuesday, Febri ary 6, at 10 a.m. Relatives an friends are Invited to attend. Friends may call Monday 7 p. m. Please do not send flowers'. WEST--Suddenly in N e w . . Y o r City, February 2. 1962, Charle Gifford West, husband of Dor (Schauble) West. Resldenc Ledge Point Cottage, Road, Newport, R. 1. Services at Trinity Church Tuesday, February 6, at 11:3 a. m. Interment at Putnam Cemetery Greenwich, Conn. iy MEMORIAL In Loving: Memory Of HELEN' B. JACKSOX 1951--February 3--1962 Husband and Family clearing colder. and turning a little mHam WEATHER FORECAST -- Rain is expected tonight in the Northwest and rain mixed with snow is expected in the upper Mississippi valley -and- from the lower lakes to portions of the Middle and North Alantic states while showers are expected in the northern Rockies. It will be warmer from he west Gulf to the upper Mississippi valley and east to the Middle and North Atlantic stttei. it will be colder in northern New England. (AP wirephoto Map) Eastport to B l o c k Island- South to southwest winds 10 to 20 knots tonight. Sunday northerly 10 to 20 knots. Cloudy tonight with occasional light snow north portion and occasional snow changing to rain south portion. Sunday, partial clearing. RALPH BUDD SANTA BARBARA, Calif (AP) - Ralph Budd, 82, internationally nown railroad builder and re- labilitator, died Friday Budd be;an his career by running' the ranama railroad while the canal was being built; later served as president of both the Great Northern and Burlington lines. ANNOUNCING the vpenln* of n THRIFT SHOP St. George'M Church RliOflft iKlnnri Avemir Tnem!ay, IVhrimry 6(h 11 A. M. ANNOUNCEMENT MOSS MUSIC CENTER 91 Broadway Dicil VI 7-5844 Will B* CLOSED MONDAY EVENINGS From 6:00 P. M. tfftctlvr Through April 33, BRICK HOUSE 30 R«d Cross Avenue Telephone VI 6-0698 Funeral Home 375 BROADWAY Unquestionably the Finest FUNERAL SERVICE at loweit cott Charles A, Edenbach Aquidneck Memorial Park t Miinnnlrum. f]nr1#«« Thr P. O, HIII ft. SvwiMtrl, H -TH COTTMLL'S MfMORlAL WOfUCS -- 01. in* ·( t. m. wrrHfcu* in. JAMB* t. 4MVTHMI.I. t S " "HOCK Of* AUBi All MM* ·( A«M ·«»»·«· -m Winrt il. rWni.rl. K. I. r.r Aftmlflmrml Olll , V I LORD BROS* MONUMENTS AMftn MM TAramiT MAI AMI not* ANT HKuni AIM III tr»M ·« Vlllllll. Omtlrrr l.rtlrrlBi, ·!*. RUG SALE AMERICAN ORIENTAL AXMINSTER Rug (9x12) reg. $ 79 98 Sale S 64 93 (WOOL BLEND) Rug (9x12) reg. $ 159 50 BEST GRADE ALL . WOOL SALE *129 50 John H. Kazanjian Co. Beilevua Ave. at Bath Road Tel. VI7-0055 -OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS- OPPORTUNITY FOR RETIRED OFFICER OR SOON TO BE RETIRED OFFICER With expanding tompany In profe*sional field of personal financial planning, Including Mutual Fundi, American Guaranty Thrift Plan* and Life Insurance. Intensive training and continuous field assistance provided. Proven high earnings potential in one of the fattest growing and most satisfying fields in the country, today. Full time - or can ttart on a part-time basis Phone MM. Blackburn at GAspee 1-7540 or write for an interview UNITED PLANNING CORPORATiON 146 Westminster Street Providence 3, R. I. 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