The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1941 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1941
Page 5
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APRIL 1, 1941 BLYTHEVI^LR, ( A RK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVU Ambitious Marigolds Win Three All* America Awards New Styles Are Developed lo H a rm o n i ze With Architectural Types Spring repairs often focus the attention of the owner upon the need for fences. Perhaps a path has been worn through the lawn ' and he tecLs that a fence is a »n>- : requisite to seeding or that it i s ' useless 10 plant Spring flowers un- '' til some steps are taken for their protection. Many people look upon fences as unfriendly barriers erected to pre- ' vent intrusion and to ex-hide neighbors and friends. The reverse is often true, as a good fence built with an eye to beauty and mted to the architectural character of the house, may be an asset to many properties, The flower grower will find the ience a protection from wawlerin" neighborhood pets. A fence hehxs to confine the activities of small children, and prevents them from straying into the street. Fences come in a variety of sizes and makes. Wire and metal fences once associated with farms and fa*- tories, are now marie in smart styles for private homes. Wooden fences, long in use, have been developed in many architectural styles to serve as complements to homes of Cape Cod. Colonial. Modern, Village, Gothic, Concord, and other designs. v Fences as well as landscaping and the construction of walks and drives are eligible for financing under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Marigolds, all American flowers w°n Ujree All-America awards for ----- determine the oest new flowers produced by the hundreds of patient workers throughout the world who are trying to make life more beautiful, marigold Spry won a silver medal, marigold Goldsmith a bronze, and marigold bcarlet Glow honorable mention. _ In the last ten years remarkable improvement has been achieved by this Rower family, which by the way Shakespeare did not know. His "marygold" was not our marigold- it was the calendula, which is still called "pot marigold." Our marigold is native in Mexico, and was not introduced in Europe until after Shakespeare's day. But "for centuries it stood still, with small improvement, until suddenly breeders began to get "breaks" as" they term them. Why do some flower families improve so fast, and some apparently refuse to respond to plant breeders' efforts. That is a secret yet to be discovered. But, pending that discovery, gardeners may well be grateful for the breaks which have given such attractive new forms to a flower wb'ch responds so gratefully to a little garden care. Spry, the silver medal winner is a miniature form of the dwarf double variety Harmony. Growin" m compact 9-inch bushes, producing flower with a golden center Now Marigold Goldsmith Is iho ( Best of Chrysanthemum Type. bordered by maroon, it makes an ideal plant for ribbon planting. Giant marigolds are now obtainable m carnation and chrysanthemum flowering types. Best of the chrysanthemum types is the silver medal winner Goldsmith, which bears globular flowers with incurved petals, borne on long base branching stems three feet tall. Scarlet Glow is a smalMlowered double marigold of dark maroon which in the sunlight has a scarlet glow, justifying its name. ' Plans Are Announced For $9000 Vocational Agriculture Building OSCEOLA. Ark., April l.-Plans are About complete for the new $9000 Vocational Agriculture building to be built on the Keiser school campus this Spring, it is announced by C. M. Dial, superin- i ten i Jem of Keiser Schools. j Leslie Taylor, Little Hock nrchi- i tect, and Mrs. Taylor wore at KcvU ; ser this week going over further i do tails with Mr. Dial. ! The building will be of brick veneer and contain class rooms, shops, offices and storerooms and will hu ready for the 1941-42 term of school. The school district will furnish approximately $4000 in materials with the balance supplied from WPA funds. Jesse Wiggins of Bly- htevillc is WPA engineer. The building, scheduled to begin within the next, few days, will make the fourth on the" Keiser | -school acmpus; others arc the main j building, elementary school build-' ing and home economics building. A Smith - Hughes Agriculture teacher will be added to the faculty next term. Building Briefs Day by day, thousands more "f America's new army of recruits are moving- out of their temporary tent shelters into soundly built, permanent barracks and canteens. The new buildings have wood walls, complete heating systems and arc roofed with colorful asphalt roofing, selected by the Army because of its fire-resistance, of application -anti lone life. * * * Kitchen tables and chairs can be made alcohol and boiling waterproof by coating them with bake- hte varnish. The varnish. whHi resists almost all types of stains Serious Consideration Wise In Buying Mechanica Equipment The average individual selecting mechanical equipment for modernization of a home or for installation in a new home is faced with great variation as to type, and advertised advantages. Federal Housing Administration officials say. Because of this, it is too easy to lose sight of the fundamental purposes of the equipment, with a resulting selection poorly suited to house, jascfcetbook. and comfort and convenience requirements. Under the FHA's Modernization Credit Plan a \vay is provided for the financing- by lendiner institutions of home installations. Mechanical differences are often ~ „ „ of ""nor importance in comparison is available in both colors and Wlth the reliability of the lo<*al clear finishes. Usually two coats firm selling and installing the se- are required for surfaces which Icct cd items of equipment, FHA Defends Jaywalkers MONTREAL (UP > — Pedestrians may cross the street wherever they feel like it. according to a judgment handed down by chief Justice R. A. E. Grecnshields. The chief justice cautioned, however that jaywalkers should exercise greater caution than at regular crossings. Read Courier News wnni t.nuL buucv makes excellent because of its food 's n .s M-oU. as its good Haver. M,* ^;'Hiwiclu- s moy bo perfectly -Jain, but they seem to inste bet- I* when somcthtaK crisp, .some- imnx Mverl, or something sour l,s MU.N1. For oi-Lspiuxs, ctioppecl car- 'Ol or onion is good. Jolly, jajj]) or honey might, be added for sweetness, or belter still, chopped dried Mich as rtlLsln{5| (Jnl(;s oj . es. For something tnn, chopped pickle. cuLsup or chill .sauce muy be udded. Dr. W. S. Eastburn Chiropractic Physician Day and Ni^ht Calls •Office 801 Chick. phone 801 The important points to remember in using frozen foods are to we them as soon as possible after they come out of Irco/ln^. un d to keep them us cold its possible until they are used, Vegetables should bo put on to cook while they arc .still fro/en. :»nd then cooked hi very little water for jusi it u-w minutes Frozen fruit is used in cooking — , - ^^•^•••Ml ABOUT YOUR —I I luit new homo you aro contemplntino will !><• u m ™r Sf -n llP °r (ant ] "^ [ »» ^ many "e,i" ; 1 °, r r 1 before . . . you owe it to voursdi make sure it ,s exactly as you WH,,| i|. You «fll us what you want. . . « ur w j rin , ' ( " complete the job just that way. In Correct Wiring The "LITTLE THINGS" COUNT FOR A LOT! NIC number of sockets . . . ;{. W:IV comfort. '«•« ..... ""'""'• - • »'•'» , -•"-*•-» *^/>.^«xii WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP like fresh fruit, but frozen fruit •served uncooked is best thawed slowly in the refrigerator. Rend Courier News wnni ads The average American transport airplane flies more than,60 per cent farther-In'one year than the average plane of any European national b'ystem. We Have Several F. H. A. Approved FOR SALE Because we have these building lots available we can olVer you a complete ONE-STOP SERVICE. Just select the lot you want and the type of home you desire to build and we will do the rest. He/ore you know it your home will be completed and you'll enjoy the many comforts and conveniences of home ownership while paying for your home in small monthly payments just like rent. Come in Today—Let Us Explain Our "One Stop Service" To You THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 receive fuch wear. Tree nrots in limits sowers can be removed with a root culling knife attached to a flexible steel shaft, turned by an electric motor. The knife literally "cores' 'the pipe; the roots are then (lushed out with water. Many plumbers have this equipment, available. Itniiiel FJwmc Home IVlnrkeU LEXINGTON. N. C. lUP) — A monument marking- the boyhood officials say. j The home should be cquippe-i . m^ha^ntN. up to thc slanriard homes of like : in the neighborhood in order to maintain the value of the whole property. However, FHA officials warn, equipment 'added over ancl above this standard may appear desirable to the immediate user, but in case of resale, over- cquipmem. may tend to lower rather thnn raise the value because of dif- icvenco.s in human desires and ob- solescense- in equipment. , - kv&* 'When you see ihls sign yon know the REST Plumbing Fixtures A re Being FURNISHED and INSTALLED BY ONE WHO IS RELIABLE ii £ and STi Plumbing Fixtures At Prices To Any Other Brand! \t), ' J i Illustrated Modcl251-S : sr W /' Here's Why ABC Gets All of the Women's Votes! More clolhes washed at one time . . . shorter woihdays, lower coil per wash! That's tlia platform ihot elected this handsome, hard-working ABC Giant. Socked by more than thirty-one years of engineering experience, ABC is-now more lhan ever-your best buyt ONIY ABC-BUILT WASHERS Offtr All These Features! • 27-GALLON lub, porcelain finished Armco metal. New "Turtle Neck" design. » NEW FRENCH-TYPE AGITATOR with provision for "lop" end "bollom" agitation. • ONE-PIECE SOLID STEEL CHASSIS for e/lro strength Minimizes wear an moving parls, • STREAMLINED SWINGING WRINGER with no-;as steel bosc. Locks firmly ond securely. • WRINGER TRIPLE PRESSURE SELECTOR with Visible Indicator for instant adjustment. • WRINGER "TOUCH RELEASE" inslonily releases and automatically stops rolls. Ovcrmc Balloon Rolls. • RUST-PRQOF TUB COVER with vibration-proof rubber edge. • AUTOMATIC DRAIN PUMP with moulded robber extra-heavy drain hose. (On mode) 25!-SP only.) • NEW SUPER HI-BAKE ENAMEL FINISH. Sanitary, easy to clean. With Every A-K-C Washer Sold During This Sale We Will Give FREE at No Additional Cost Two A-B-C Extra Tubs with Stand On, Casters and One Carton of 60 Packages of RINSO. Regular Price of Washer .... 69.95 Two ABC Tubs at $5 each 10.00 1- Steel Stand with Casters 4J !-10c Packages of Rinso ...... .6,1 89.95 Price LIBERAL CREDIT TERMS [SK FOR IT 'HARGE IT Phone for FREE HOME DEMONSTRATION .,, TODAY On Easy Terms Just Another Special Purchase That We Pass On To Our Customers. See This Offer on Display today — This Offer Also Good on the A.B.C Farm Washer at i r t v l ^SH^ R COMPANY

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