The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 1, 1941 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 1, 1941
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, '(ARK.)* COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL J 420,000 Units In 1940 Represented 77 Per Cent Of City Building A feature of the recovery in residential construction is the great Poor Documents Delay in processing: applications for FHA-mortgage insurance, as well as possible rejection of. the loan or reduction in the size of the mortgage, may result from .submission of badly drawn, incomplete, or ill-conceived plans, Federal Housing Administration officials Redrawing of the plans, in order that the minimum standards ofliv- ability and architectural attractiveness may be achieved, Ls sometimes necessary. In many other cases, PHA officials say, specifications are returned because proper advance resurgence of the single-family treatment and planning are not home, Federal Housing Admin-is- given. trator Abner H. Ferguson said j Tue experience of the FHA has recently, in calling this fact one of supported the importance of well- Excellent Proportions Give This Modern Atmosphere of Dignity and Charm the FHA's greatest, achievements. Of an estimated total of 540.000 drawn and complete contract documents upon which it can, with con- new dwelling units built in non- | iidenco, issue its commitment to in- farm areas in 1940 throughout the sure ft mortgage in cases involving nation, 420,000 were single-family homes, a total closely approaching ncw construction. Lcose . UKl irregular contractual nracua the average level for the 1920's of . agreements in home building may 427,000. .Single Family Unit Ahead It is significant to note, Mr 1 . Ferguson said, that the single-family house now represents a much larger percentage of all nonfarm dwelling construction than in the 1920's. In 1925, single-family units made up 61 per cent of the total number of residential units constructed, as compared with 57 per cent in 1926, 56 per cent in 1927, 57 per cent in 1928, 62 per cent in 1929, and 64 per cent in 1930. From 1934 however, this ratio,,.-.., has been almost consistently around ( letin No. 3, entitled "Contract Doc- .75 per cent, and last year the j uments for Small House Construc- 420,000 single-family dwelling units tion." This bulletin is obtainable lend to unnecessary misunderstandings, legal entanglements, and other avoidable difficulties resulting in loss to * the prospective builder and owner, The degree of detail to which working drawings and specifications should be developed is determined somewhat by the 'Character of the structure to be built. For the purpose of developing a realization of the value of well- drawn documents and to assist in their preparation, the FHA has prepared and issued Technical Bui- II \\ LOI1E Thera are QfJCO .saunas and loan associations in the United States, v.'ith tctal resources of S6,OGO,- OGC.CCO. constructed represented 77 per cent of _the total nonfarm building. The from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office. increase in the number of single- Washington, D. C., at a cost of 5 family dwellings was 20 per cent j cents, over 1939 and nearly 11 times larger than the depression level of 39,000 in 1933. The recovery has Tidal Discovery The Phoenicians arc credited with the discovery of the relation family houses than for other types \ between the tides' of the sea and of residential construction. " 'the motions of the moon. ', • A house to delight those who need only a few rooms but wish them t generous in size. The screened porch, deep casement windows, and double-purpose arbor give distinction and a sense of size that is impressive. The plan is economically and conveniently arranged. There is much light and a feeling of openness. The dining room, opening from the well-proportioned living room, gives a feeling of additional spaciousness II Modern Quarters To Be Bu'ill For Cleaning And Laundry Business The NuWa Cleaners and Laundry Ls to have a new home. The company has purchased the lot south of the American Legion Hut on Second street and plans are being drawn by U. S. Branson, architect, for a modern plant. The building, upon which work Ls .slated to start within a lew weeks, will include laundry and cleaning facilities, as well " as a cleaning plant, for furs and .storage for furs luid other wearing apparel and certain household equipment, it was announced today by" O. E. "Dutch" Quellmalz and J. G. "Bob" Barnes, managers. The 75 by 150-foot lot. purchased from East Arkansas Builders Supply Company, now has a house on it oc-upiccl by I-Ar. and Mrs. Harry Taylor and this will be "'moved at once. The new location, which will be much larger than Uic present quarters in the Ingram building, will have a brick structure along the most up to date lines for a business building, it is said. NuWa Cleaners, long a cleaning plant, entered the laundry business .soon after Mr. Quellmalz became a partner in the incorporated firm four and a half years 'ago. No Job Too Small or Too Large! FREE ESTIMATE "No A r g u m e n {.—0 u r Service Is the Best* WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP WIrny—Fixtures—Appliance:; 1IC So. 2nd Phone 314 Gold threads are made so fine in India that 1100 yards weigh only one ounce. CONCRETE STORM SEWER For Sale ALL SIZES Osceola Culvert Co. 1'hones 253 & GO IX S. Laney Ed Wiseman Osceola. Ark. DISTRIBUTORS: JOHN MILES MILLER 123 W. Asli Phone 1188 or 375 WOULD BUY LIMITED AMOUNT Classed 1 1-8 Glcncoc Hotel Building PHONE i)9 •FLOOR -PLAN*° SI)accii5 a«tPlc closet space Ls provided of >, the pic; located i ,., — , .jml I he excellent proportions ^aS^ ^ffi^;^^ We take our water J'or granted . . . it's there at the turn of a hamU But, truly, we're -.fortunate ' to~ h'avy? : an 'infallible supply of pure, healthful water avail- 'able 24 hours a day. To a nomad on the desert a small .supply of water is more precious than gold. To millions of others it means the difference between decease and health. We iivBly- theville can well be proud of our modern water system. It's one of the finest. REMEMBER-No Home, Reirnnliess of how beautiful and well made can be modern & comfortable without a modern water system. BLYTHEiflLLE WATER CO. BERNARD ALLEN, Mgr. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" Theater Is Being Redecorated ! The Ritz; Theater building has been undergoing an improvement •i.s now virtually program which completed. Features ol' the work arc vivid blue curtains for the the rcdecoralion of walls with a special wainscoting treatment, new lighting fixtures for the entry. Venetian blinds for the stnndcee and redcc- o rat ion of the marquee. A simulated mahogany finish for the wainscoting is especially effective as a background for the? lighter upper walls and the colorful stage curtains. Tins theater has been redecorated several times since it was erected by Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCutchen nine yeans ago following a fire. uestions -^Answers Q. Where is the most convenient location for living-room electrical outlets used for portable lamps? A. .Suggesting .the 'most coim-n- lent location i'or.c-Jectrical outlets is serviceable. However, when it Low Areas Often Subject To Floods In many cities certain low areas are subject to period:;: floods. While floods are frequently nothing .nore than a temporary inconvenience, they are sometimes at- U j nried by serious property damage. | ard ':rc-at danger to personal i safety. ,Uire. such as sofas and chests of drawers, arc to be placed in the should consider this possible drawback when choosing a location. This and other hazards ar center of wall spaces, it is desirable , if](i , Y . r , Ht . ., to locate the outlets to one or either i , /: u . side of the center. Outlets wm ™» lst ™ tw » m ratm* then be accessible without moving i l01 " mor ^sc i the furniture. , j Q. Does the shape of a house a'K f feet its cost? ' ; A. Yes. The square is the most <»ii- Ad- properties' .»,_. A w **u«w».v viv/i. J-^* - v-^CUt'i A^-.-li. LJi.fcHUl.olot • -^ i«.«,!•.* v, j .1 n u, IIIU.T L' difficult unless the contemplated i economi ca! shape since it provides furniture arrangements 'and avail-, ly inaxilli um of floor area with the able wall spaces are known. In 3? nst amount of wall area. Corner general, it Is preferable for outlets, to be distributed through the room! •so that each lamp, in its desired position, will not be more than (5 feet from an outlet. Usually, outlets located in the center of wall .spaces arc- the most costs more *' a11 con ^ ni ^ion w than «l»arc and rectangular- less costly than years. More Space-Econoirfjr • In Smail Homes To«hi The application of technical skill to the planning of small houses means that the $3.000 house of today i.s built with far greater economy in the use of space than the expensive homes of other „!, .. shape usually simpii- A further construction economy, which at the same time has re- Payments Convenient lite n ousew By Marion Cunningham Home Economist ^^^^'^"''^^^^'"g.^tem!suited in greatly improved appear,>,~, '. ^QOi, and i.s thus ance, is siivmlicilv in architprhiral moic economical, to erect. dosign . This i ias .%^£*^ extent, from' FHA encouragement of simple design for small homes. TO FIT YOUR NEEDS e - .If you plan to build a new home, remodel, or just Clean Up and Paint Up we have just the plan best suited to your needs. Without obligation just Phone 100 and "The Man From the Umber Yard" will come and make you an estimate and talk it over with you. In buying \\ home under the FHA | I'VE been cu'caming about i\ plan, annual taxes and insurance model kitchen. It would be premiums arc divided by 12 and sunny, casy-to-clean and wonder- added to the monthly payments so fll ^y labor-saving. And some day that nil lixcd charges may be met ma > r be we'll all be cooking in " ' • dream kitchens, because everything that goes into mine is made and sold right here in the U. S. A. Here's what it's like. It has panels of glass blocks that let the sunshine in but insure privacy. Its floor is of spotless linoleum, and it is compact rather than spacious. It will havr walls of Icmo'i yellow and green - rundled utensils, or palest blue walls with accents of cherry red. The pride and glory of this kitchen will be tih e main functional units, a Frigidaire i c- frigeraior and electric range of gliste n i n g w h i t c. Mine will be no ordinary refrigerator, but one that is styled xvith beauty and distinction. It xvill hax^e a generous cold- wall compartment for preserving fresh foods and left-overs and a utility storage space at the bottom for staple,foods that require no refrigeration. The electric range will be equipped with fluorescent lighting shed from slim modern tubes. It will have a five-speed.radian- tube unit and insula'tcd oven. It will also have a cookmaster for automatic timing so that I can pop the food in, set the timer, and go out for the afternoon without a worry in the world. Th&re will be ample cupboard space with graduated shelves to eliminate messy stacking of: pans and uncomfortable stooping to reach them. The pots and pans themselves will be stainless, durable and shaped for practical cooking. This dream kitchen will be the : best that money can buy. for \ highest oualitv in equipment receiving hard, every-day u&c is— over the years—truest economy. •The best bowl for mixing is fairly deep with smooth sloping .sides and a rounded bottom with no j it takes about 142 dnvs under ciac^s or corners where food can j Pacific Northwest conditions from S 1°?;:, A de T" b ° Wl lS ncecicd ! thp time the Delicious apple tree 01 Duu.,,ir w:th a wy heater b in full bloom for the fruit to than lor ,mxm s or beating with u : reach good catin- quality spoon, as a rotary beater splashes i 1__L__ food more. H.rnri Courier News want ada. Your Home! On F. H. A. Terms TtTarion Cunningham x - f. ir*. »s xw Doivt accept a sii!)stituie Gas. CENTJRAL HEATING SYSTEMS- HOT AIR * ROT WATER * STEAM all Gas operated Economical * Clean * Convenient Whether you build a New Home, office or store building:, we; have the particular gas healing- system to fit : the job. . , ; Our engineeriiio- Depl. will gladly figure y Din- jab and give complete estimate. * PRIMUS b (K. C. \Vers), Pnij). 418 West iVlain-.itiyn-.-.v.i!?.-. Select Ysar Pattersi: Our Slock 0! if* Faulty. inadiMjuato \«, irins not onlv is a definite danger trt your home and family but' it keeps you from securing the greatest cor.iforl and enjoyment from your hcme. We will gladly arrange F.H.A. Terms for you on a complete wiring' job. It costs little . . ^ the payments are small. . '. .' and your home will be modern and convenient as never before. Call or see us TODAY! CITY V^A .L J, C. V. Scbaugh FLUORESCENT HEADQUARTERS »» \ t O * ''1 At. our oervice YOUR CHOJCE OF SEVERAL HUNDRED DESIGNS, PATTERNS AND COLORS, per Roll I'A'rry ronm i u y o u r litjinc will look bellLH- if it is papered with our waiipaper. Kasy Lu put on . . ; easy [o clean. Inspect our most co stock X(;\V! Special Kuwn Lois—Sidewal! and Korcier for S|.'I3 an average 12x12 roosn for i IUJY YOUR PAINT AN!) WALLPAPER HERE! \VE'LL GLADLY ARRANGE AN .F.H.A. LOAN. BLYTHEVILLE'S ONLY EXCLUSIVE 1'AIN'I'- GLASS & WALLPAPER STORE. 105 E. Main John Burnett. Mgr. Phone 711 I?. C. Colt-ma.!! Dick Stone

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