The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 9, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 9, 1936
Page 4
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II, S. PRACTICES IERIIL Uncle Sam's Bombers Lea ni Deadly New Tactics With Cameia's Aid By NBA S«nic« " *'"' ' .WASHINGTON,—Wrwn Colonel Lindbergh recently startled tlie world by warning- that, aviation was developing air bombing into n potential menace lo civilization, he spoke, not only to 111 e troubled Old World, but to the relatively carefree New Wprld. For America cjr now 02 bombed from aircraft car liers or Island liases by new'melh ods which American aviation is dls coveting and practicing. ' These grim new tricks arc no cv?u kept sjcret, although they en able air bombers to learn with an dreamed quickness nnd chcapnos how Ip shatter cities and town with high-cxplosUes, 01 slrangl them «Ith gas or disease-germs A American air Holds like Mnrcl Field, Kheulde, Calif., nnd Ran dolpli Field, Tex, today more American pilots thnn in any p:ace tune jear arc learning new nm devastating techniques. "Bombing" by Hailio If jou v,cre In one or their tivlil- cngined bombing planes, two miles up In the blue, any day now yon \\ould ha\e a striking glimpse of ivhat science is doing to mnke the neH war more than e\et lo be dreaded Abo\c tlie drone of |xn\s crfui engines, jou woud hear (he voice of the marksman who dro|>s tlie bombs, calling thiough the telephone to the pilot "Steady on coinse. Turn right —stead.)-—stop. Turn left—slop." The bomber tenses His eyes arc Blued to the bombing sight. NOW, Its cross-haiis center exactly upon' the target on the giound, far below and nhend of lhe lushing plane, at the propj. distance an-J angle You catch a glimpse of a black muzzle-like apertuie, polntlm-- np- ward Then, with n heave, the bomber "dumps his load " He ]iiu that Uigrot with shattering effect -but, he drops no bomb. Instead of n ste) caw flllcd «lth n hair- ton of TNT. he has "dropped" a radio impulse, that has been "SWIieci" by a remarkab'e camera obscura 0,1 the giound, walling for just thai Inslniit Bring Bombed In Safely Tlie camera obscura. or "target station" ft n portable black box mounted on four wheels and pulled by a-truck bearing a two-way'ra- dio . apparatus As the bombsi .plan? approaches, its swooping im• nge is projected through a lens In the roof of the box, upon a large square of papr, or chart. Inside a small, light-proofed chart-room >ftf tl ! E SC ° rcr traces "1C pnlh of the plane and records hits and miaes in the radio truck, an operator faces his transmlttm* and receiving panel, connected by radiotelephone v,ith the piano's crew T.ije opsralpr listens eagerly for a single word "Fire " How Bombers Get Practice BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Manila Society — Personal Mrs. O. W. Sellers™ Rev.~ and Mrs. Oalhwrlijlit, Mrs. E, Crimes, Lorlnc Alston, Rev, and Mrs. Whitoley, and Mis, jolumey Herder attended the Mississippi County Association Rally i^j wec x in Luxora. Kl|) Moore, manager of Manila I'Uirrtcr Co., went to Peorln, ill, Thursday on business, Mrs. W. E. Green, Mrs. W O. Green and (heir guests,. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Grqen of Memphis visited friends in Osceola Friday fiev. and Mr*. F. M. Sweet, nnd ton, Frank, of Moncltc, spent Thursday night and Friday wllh Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Cowan Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Thompson, Uev. John Harrison, and Mrs W T. Coats attended the annual'un- dci'laker's djanquet Thursday nlglit. In Lcachville l Parachute nare capable of lighting whole cities and droppedl" cloVe lo (lie ground by nil pinned convoying the bomb carrier—here h one of the weapons the U. S. Army Air Service has been quietly developing to hel|> spread Ipvror back of (he of war. enemy's lines in event ire, finally, they try dropping a ew real bombs, to get the feel of 1. In Hint they are ntded by nn nonnons new camera recently ested 'at Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio. 11 will pliologmpli the vast rea of GOO square 'miles hi a sin- le exposure. "This Hying giant's eye has nine cnscs-and takes nine separate 'holographs on a film 23 Inches wide and 200 feet • long, as the )lniic soars above Hie landscape, rne nine negatives are then pro- ectcd on a single sheet for a composite photograph 35 Inches square 'he completed picture replaces six o twenty aerial photographs.made 'itli a single camera with pressnt icthods. This camera was design- by (he Coast nnd Geodetic sur- cy and look two years to build 'error for Nort-ComlmUnts :u\wllh photographs such as " lr ll comes ' •->> l"a speaks it At that *»* i^Tt iiT£"« papar. The operator pounces- ma as upon the paper, the exact spot where the shadow fell as he Heard that uord-Tircl Then rapidly, he chaits the plane" Path, marking Its new position at each second's tic of a metionom*. Twenty-three seconds after that Fire! he makes his final note The bomb had landed Follows a calculation including the plane's speed and height and the time of fall And then, he and the others on the ground, know whether they are "dead," or still living-tor the target the plane «as trying to hit. was the camera obscura nnd the radio truck. x-ture ol Accuracy Simple, accurate, and cheap- costs a mere fraction of lhe $500 of a bomb-full of TNT. New pilots do this ridio-bombing for weeks iiesc,- thp, pilot : can hardly' miss, specially after he has completed is ••.training w ilh another device i UendeU to assure thai the real lombs he drops will not be wasted n a specially constructed room e:climbs .near to the celling, lo t In an apparatus that simulates art. of a bombing plane, with controls, bombing sight nnd release hnndlo for, tlie "bombs." These lie droiis^oiie by one, upon r\ "miniature range" beneath him. This is a landscape painted upon a strip of canvas, that revolves upon two drums, n , OTSS cs beneath the bomber as would n real landscape H he were in n. real plane it shows hl m bridges, railroads airdromes, cities, ammunition clumps At them he shoots, and a scorer notes liis hits nnd misses. To make hits more numerous at night, when frightened city-dwellers spring from their beds to llec screaming to cellars, another new method Is being developed. Tlie 19th Bombardment Group arc experimenting with night-bombing with (lares. Two planes dart forth together, but while one soars to 8000 feet, the second stays at 2500. It bears a load ot parachutes, and attached to each parachute, is n flare which, when touched off is brilliant enough to illuminate a city's roofs and slreets with a ghastly white glare. Floating, drifting for minutes, tlie nare turns on a spotlight, into which dive, screeching death, ih = grc;l i 3000 pound demolition bombs from the bomber 800D feet overhead. To tlo that job successfully, takes most careful teamwork between the two planes, and split-second timing. A new law authorizes the All- Corps to have 1300 Reserve Hying officers on extended active duly for five-year periods, so cadi year now, the,-o can be selected some 270 graduates from the Air Corps Training Center, "the West Point of the Atr," at Randolph Field Tex., for duty -with [>i r squadrons They get there their primary nnd basic training including ground and primary Instruction in planes, cn- Bl". radio, e umiery, airplane main-' Icnance;, and n t ,thc advanced school nt Kelly Field, they learn Ilvlni! tncllra. m the last few years about-2500 cadets have been taught tlie myriad neiv tricks of aerial wnrfarc. Mr. and Mrs. G, c. Tipton of Monctlo spent Friday wltli Mr Tlpton's iiarents, Mayor and Mrs C. w. Tipton. ; ong tlia out-of-town 'visitors i wuo intended the banquet clven by the VV.M.U. in honor o r t h" Manila Lion's club were Marcus nr V '' a !n M 0 ' i " ls ' tl ' evl| l<;. Mr. Ryan of Uly hcville, Mf. Roffe ,. s 'of M ach i lllc ' """' T - J ' G '-^n 01 Mempht-i. Mrs. Nate Penix and Miss por- cthy French of Forrest City, who Jiave been visiting Mr. and Mrs «. .). McKlnnon, returned to their . homes today. I Mr. and Mrs. I* ' E. • Moblcy and i sonn U E. jr., left Saturday nlghti to visit Mr. a r^j M' E. F. Rogers of Hardy. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Be» have rttumcd from n short visit In Hot Springs, Little Rock and Memphis, Mr. Bell Is a plantation owner of the Little River •community. Miss Galois Sllmon of Manila Coiiricr News Wnnt Arts. is rejwled to „_ „..„„.„ at licr home. Miss Thslnw May Smith, who Is leaving for New Mexico in the near future, was honored with a surprise parly given iiy Miss Kaiherlne Tipton in- her homo last Friday evening. The; hostess was assisted In receiving by Miss Almeda Beny. About sol Biicsls, members of Miss Smith's'^ high school class, attended the' ' function. Mr. and Mrs, Edward McCain, of Hives, Mo., Mrs. Ollie Keith I and Mrs, It, w. Stuttus visited' Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tipton Sunday. Mrs. Vcra Price and young son, Howard Glen jr., have returned- from Cape Girardcaii, Mo, where' Mi-s, Price completed a six-weeks course In lhe college lliere. Mrs Price is the primary teacher In the local school. The second half of the nine months term of school opened today with an attendance, according to Supt. W. W. Fowler, of 450 in the grade schools and 115 in tlie high school. All teachers returned to fill their positions except Coach i Buddy Stoij of Scnatti, Mo who'rv^m.t u hns acwutcd u IWltlo;, etowhere li^^ ^ T"?!"' to Wftttord a Anctliei teacher «i to S & b , l9c £ * lto ^ Mcr » )l ( ch lle EJio.tly to take his place ^ '^ ln f!lls *»*> s "lb Ho saUU Bui ten Dale of Senatl, M o spent Sunday in Manila IslUnJ re * MONDAY, NOVEMBER »,_' relatives and fiieiid.5 " l3 A WUSe re5u|ted '" ,*"°' lulr spU * f of * lx>cleSt but in school If t slmplift^t nethvj of BhonfUc qwljing wid.'orirjo «y3J teni ol weights and mtifartf'ip* Oon't Sleep When Gas Presses Hear} 9dorrt?d, De»n College, said oress here i' Reindeer meat is of Northlanders. , FURNITURE , for your entertainment and comfort Continuous Showing—From '£ V. ;U 'TO' n P. M. PICKAKD'S GROCERY THE SAFEST PLACE TO 1UJY YOUR MEATS & DAIRY PRODUCTS We receive Swift's Premium Beef twice weekly. Green's Grade A Pasteurized Milk twice daily. We li a v e tlie most modern Frig- idairc meat equipment. 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