Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 17, 1957 · Page 27
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 27

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1957
Page 27
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Monday Evening, June 17, 1937. Josephine Lowmon When Irritations Gang Up, Don't Fight, Just Drift When Irritations gang up, just shrug your shoulders and "let her blow.'' Isn't it funny how life seems tolof sleep, fatigue or some unpleas- happen to us in bunches? We go ant experience or disappointment along smoothly for a while and'in a person. Most often you do not Mien all of a sudden things begin to heckle us. Perhaps you stub your toes when you first get out of bed in the morning. You burn the toast. The hot water heater won't work. One child has a rash. You batten down all these occurrences and rush to get to a 10:30 meeting. You can't find your car key. When you do the car will not even know why you feel that way. You wonder it you are losing your grip. Except for weeding out any known causes, don't fight. Just drift! The mood will pass. The sun will shine and life will begin cooking with gas again. If you would like to have my start and you get a run in yourllca/Jct "Individual Happiness," stocking. When the car does start!s«n<l a stamped, »clf-addre«sed envelope with your request Jor leaflet No. 65 lo JonephliH! Lowman In care of this newspaper. Tomorrow: "Phrase, 'At our Age' Can be Used Happily." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) and you're on,your way all the traffic lights are against you. Finally you make it, 15 minutes late. When you come out to go home it is raining. You have no umbrella. The rain ruins your new shoes and doesn't help your vegetable hair rinse any. You arrive home to find that your husband is bringing someone home to dinner and the dog is having pups. Does it sound familiar? "i*t Her Blow!" 1 myself have become expert at HIT A SNAG MILWAUKEE (Up)—The wedding plans of George Menard, 40, and DoroUiy Crisd, 41, hit a sn when their best man showed up That Personal Touch! •v •<?• -v •v -v • > 4. 4- * 4 4 Jf.:. J>.,. .d:. jf.:. 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Maybe you can tell me, Why is it that when people walk into a restaurant they will sit down at a table that has dirty dishes on it even though there are any number o[ clean tables around that are set up for service? I've never been able to figure this one out. Can you?—MABLE. Fifteen years a waitress And yet you ask ME, Mable, Why it is that people Always choose the dirty table? If I knew this, I'd also know "Why it is on buses. They'll grab a strap and shun the back Until the driver fusses. And I'd know why, in every church The pews way up in front Are rarely ever occupied, While in the rear they'll hunt If I knew all these answers I'd shout them from the steeple- him to go back to his wife and leave you alone. This is a Do-It- Yourself project. Plenty of girls go to work and support themselves. You can, too. It won't be easy, but how easy is the life you have now? If you want a decent future you'll have to cut all ties with the past. Good luck. */ * # Dear Ann: I'm a girl 17 and read your column every day. 1 saw the results of a survey recently that said 42% of all teenagers questioned worried more about grades than anything else. If this is true, how does it happen, Ann, that thdre has never been a single letter in your column, in the last two years from a student who is worried about his grades? Do you think the survey is all wet? Please, may I have your opinion on this?—MISS TEE. I wouldn't say a survey is all It goes to show—we just don't i wet because the results surprise know- Why people act like people.— ?ot soaked when his 17-foot sailboat capsized on its maiden voyage in Lake Michigan Saturday. But he said his devotion to boat- ng has not been dampened. MiK- er is vice president of the Midwest Steamship Co. recognizing these days in their thc rlght buiwin 8 but in the wrong early stages and found long ago that it doesn't pay to fight back. I just shrug my shoulders, get a happy-go-lucky feeling on the in- tide, and say, "Let Her Blow:" We have to learn to ride with the tide. Actually, none of the happenings are tragic. They may take some toll of our pocketbook but they wilt not affect our joy in living or our health unless we allow them to irk us. When things thicken up and we are templed to complain or be irritable it helps t» remember this. The whole thing in humorous if we can get an objocl- ivo viewpoint. Moudg, Too I think we have to adapt to the winds and tides of our moods in much the same way. Kven the happiest person sometimes finds himself or herself in a blue mnod. Sometimes you do not even know •what causes this. It may be loss I room. Judge Thaddcus Pruss performed the ceremony in .his chambers in the civil courts building Saturday after he had the best man, Ernest H u 1 b c r I, retrieved from the wrong room—a cell where he was being held for parole violation. TODAY "Tarmn And Th» Sh« Devil" and "Northwest Putiag*." DfWY STARTS IVUA I TUESDAY "Tho Big Land" with ALAN LAOD JUD Open 1 p.m. Added Fun "Full Of . life" with Y HOLUDAY ALMOST A BACHELOR ARCADIA, Calif. (UP;—Eman- firmed bachelor. Almost. He willi man firmed bachelor. Aimsot. He will lake Mrs. Annie Mabel Weiss, 7-1, a widow, as his first wife O'une 20. ANN LANDERS * * * Dear Ann: Please don't say I'm a fool. I already know it. I'm 23, single, and have a 7-montn- old baby. In April of '56 I started to go with a married man. He told me he didn't get along with his wife and kept promising to get a divorce. I believed him. When I realized I was going to have a baby I told him. He wasn't a bit happy about it. This hurt my feelings and I moved out of town. He found out where I was a few months later and came to see me. By then the baby was born and I was plenty mad at him for not being around when I needed him. This is my problem. He doesn't have his divorce but we are living together. We fight all the time but we love each other. He keeps saying we'll be married "someday," but he never says when- Please, Ann, help this foolish girl.—N.L.B. How foolish can you get, girl? What more has to happen before you wake up and smell the coffee? * * # You've had a baby out of wedlock and now you're playing house again. I can't throw this ut of your house and tell STATE OPEN ] P. M. NOW THRU TUES. JACK WEBB asT/SGTJIM MOORE. US. Marints.. THIS VARMIt li'lK. 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They know I'd prescribe the same formula the teachers have been harping on for years—and who wants to hear THAT again? * * * CONFIDENTIALLY:" C O N FUSED MOTHER: The boy's father should be invited no matter I Woman's Privilege, To Change Her Mind IOWA CITY, Iowa—Team sports such as hockey, basketball and Softball are the most popular sports among college girls but for the "old grads," it's swimming and golf. Margaret Fox, associate professor of physical education for women at the University of Iowa, said girls preferred team sports when they were in school. However, if they had a choice all over again, they'd pick swimming, golf, tennis and social dancing, Dr. Fox said. She based her statement on a survey of graduates who have been out of school for five to 10 years. As one former coed said, "Hockey., basketball and Softball were my great loves in college. But, let's face it, they're not much use to me now as a married gal with four children." SEARCH FOR WEEDS NEW YORK (UP)—Police were ordered Sunday to take an interest in horticulture. Chief Inspector -Thomas A. Nielson issued the order for all men in blue to watch vacant lots, farm plots, yards, roofs and even window boxes for" marijuana plants which sometimes grow wild and some'.im-es are cultivated by narcotics addicts. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune .Eleven Steelworkers Union Favors Senate Probe President David McDonald Says Union Would Extend Every Possible Co-operation to Senate Committee PITTSBURGH (UP) — The United Steelworkers, reiterating "we have nothing to hide," said tod-ay it would welcome the congressional investigation of union affairs requested by protest leader Donald C. Rarick. The union's international leadership, a spokesman declared, stands pat on an earlier statement by President David J. McDonald that the USW would "extend every possible cooperation" if the Senate Labors Rackets subcommittee wanted to conduct an inquiry. "There is no corruption in our union," McDonald wrote last May 2 in a telegram to Sen. John L. McCleHan (D-Ark.), chairman of the Senate committee. "No outside person exercises any influence over .our affairs." Rarick and a dozen other members of his dues protest committee appeared before the senators in i Washington Friday to challenge that statement and demand a full committee investigation. McClellan told newsmen after the two-hour closed door meeting the committee would make a further study of the "corruption" charges hurled by the dissenters. Rarick, a McKeesport, Pa., milt- hanH who lost out by less than 2-to-l last February in his bid to unseat McDonald as USW president, said an committee investigation "is tiie only way we can straighten out" the 1,200,000-member union. He said he told the committes of threats made against some steelworker officials who supported him in the election. " James A. Ashlon, a Pittsburgh I attorney who worked his way through law school with summer jobs in Uie steelmills, accused 'tha USW leadership of spending "millions" from' union funds to help reelect McDonald. Two Taken on Outing In Southern Indiana Johnny Crichfield and Beverly Sparks, both of rural route, Bur- netlsville, received a day-Jong outing Sunday which included visits to Marengo Cave near Marengo, Ind.; Clifty Falls State Park near Madison; Milton, Ky.; and Riverside Park at Indianapolis as prizes in a class attendance contest at the Burnettsville Baptist church. They were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Waller Lindzy, class sponsors, on the outing. a "sliunk" he is. thing—even if he what kind of Do the right didn't. . ONE GIRL AND FOUR GUYS: You win- This column is written by me, and 1 am not three men. R. L.: This is nothing to be ashamed of. Your doctor can help you but you'll have to let him know. * * • (Ann Landers wilj be happy to help you with your problems. 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