The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 25, 1939
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,LE COURIER NEW! VOLUMR XXXVI—NO. 213. Blythcvllle courier Blylhevlllo Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPEH OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI8SOUIH Blylhevllle Dally News Vinson Favors Boost In Taxes To Jay For Cost of Armaments WARM SPRINGS, Gn., Nov. 25. (UP)-Chairman Cnrl O. Viiisoji (Dem., Gn.) of Hie house navnl all'airs comniiltce suggested after a conference with President Roosevelt today that next year's $2,200,000,000 dofensa budget he fin- tUlCC(l by jncynjisnu in in/vimn nn/i Jnhm-i/ -m™ ,,»^j ,,:>•(,. Mississippi viaiey Lender HhYTIIlOVlLLI.; AKKANSAS, SATURDAY, NOVKMUKR 25, I!).')!) anccd by Viii&on advocates adoption of a ' pay as; you G0 jiolicy In meeting tlie cost of !lie expanded irallotml defense program which Mr. Roosevelt said yesterday will cost, at least $500.000.000 more during the next fiscal year than the $1,760,000,000 appropriated for this fiscal year. As chairman of the naval affairs committee Vinson Is the ndmlnis- trntlon's S]x>kesman in tlie liouse in income mid ii>lieri(;i and KEEP WESTERI French Relax Guard On Snow Bound Italian Alpine Passes on the navy. lie has piloted through tlie house tlie administration sponsored bill under which the navy has been built to the strongest level in its peace time history. He presented Hie first major congressional reaction to Mr. Roosevelt's suggestion that the country decide now whether to finance the increased defense budget by borrowing or by special taxes for national defense. Vinson voted for taxes. "I've been thinking about this for some lime and even have discussed it wit lia number of members of congress," Vinson said. "It seems to me this generation ought to bear the burden of tile cost of protection and an adequate national defense. A proper adjustment of the income' tax in the lower brackets and by Inheritance' and gift taxes sufficient money could be raised to support an adequate national defense.' Star Gam- Says Hillcv Duo For Violent Death ST. PETERSBURG, Pla., Nov. 25. (UP)—The stars say Adolf Hitler is headed for defeat and vlclcnt death. Furthermore, a woman will have a hand in it.. Such dire predictions for the Nazi fuehrer were nmtle last night by Adrian M. Zipglci-, president of the Florida State Association or Scientific Astrologers. Acc:rdlng to Zicgler's astrological observations, an anti-Nazi uprising next June will lead to Germany's defeat in war and Hitler's violent death. "Hitler will die at the hands of female Influence." Ziejler said, "but not necesarily be killed by a woman." He said Hitler's chart read much like Napoleon's "and lie Is making critical mistakes, as Napoleon did, by disregarding advice of his astrologers," ' ; For the United Slate, Ziegler predicted Its worst economic depression beginning In 1941, to be Vinson did not amplify his SUB- , r ° llowe(1 U J' »" unprecedented period gestion that income taxes be ad-1 of P 1- "Perity starting In about justed in the lower brackets but I944 he inferred that lie favors broart- He £aici tllis country will be the determining factor in an allied vic- ening of the base to apply the level to more wage earners than now pay the tax. Tlie current exemption is $1,000 for single individuals and '$2,500 for- married wage earners. Broadening of the base was discussed extensively in the past congress but proposals to reduce exemptions made little progress. Policy Changes Await Survey; FutreH's Contract Lxpires In January LITTLE ROCK, Ark,, Nov. 25.— There will be no changes in the administrative policy of Djcss Colony, the nation's oldest rural rehab- ilitiition project, transferred frcm tlie Works Projects Administration to tlie Farm Security Administration, Wednesday, until a survey ol but will not tory over Germany send men overseas. Ziegler's speech opened the stargazers' annual three-dny convention. sifi'Hl Entire Hollywood Industry May BeiPavalyzed'; Movie Houses Closed HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 25. (UP) — Twenty-seven American Pederalicn of LaBor unions were' expected to call a strike today that will paralyze the motion picture industry and close every movie theater in, the country. Only the grant of a 10 per cent pay raise to 23,000 unkn members In Hollywood—today—could forestall their walkout and an immediate sympathy strike by some 15,000 projection machine operntcrs, their leaders said. PARIS, Nov. 25. (UP)_R a |n nlul sncw has bogued down llio wnr front, halting airplane activity af lor two days of sharp fighting in which 22 German planes were shot down, it wns announced today. Last night's only nction was nn attack by two German patrols east of the Mcselle which the Vrcnch turned back after rapturing fom prisoners. The palrols attacked less limn half a mile apart. The firat wns repulsed by machine gun fire from three sides, Ihe other bi artillery fire. The French took tlie prisoner;, In a counter attack. Brief artillery dues! were reported in the ganr- bruecken and Wissemboerg sections The ministry of war explained lhat the llfling of army zone rc- slrlclkuu from the Italian frontier, except for a small region on the border Itself, was due lo the fact that heavy winter sncws had blocked (lie Alpine passes as obviating the use of army troops. Oilier quarters regarded the return to normalcy In this region however, as .significant of the Improved diplomatic slluatitn. German Ship Destroyed COPENHAGEN, NOV. 25. (UP) — Only 10 of a crew of SO \ver« saved when a 700 ton German mine layer struck n mine nml foundered off Langeland Island, Denmark, today Hie newspaper Berlinske Aftcnavis reported. "Tlierc was nn explosku under the stern, which dropjral out of sight Immediately," according to an eye witness account received by the newspaper. "The members of the crew began Jumping overboard but the v ship disappeared beneath them within three minutes. There wns no time lo Icwer the lifcboals." Denies Battleship Captured LONDON, Nov. 25, (UP)—The I admiralty announced today In response lo Inquiries about reports that the German pocket battleship Deulsrtiland had been captured that 1 it had no knowledge'cf such'n'caii- tiire. . the resources and operating methods) The'producers, led bv Joseph M ^ competed, 5 B. whitakcr, act- Schenck, president of the Produce^ ing PSA regicnal nounced yesterday. director, an- An Investigating committee is expected to . file a report with PSA officials by January 1. Policies of operation will be determined from the report, it was said. Former G:v. J. M. Futrell, attor-1 ney for Dyess Colony, Inc.. since 1937, said yesterday he planned to engage in other activities when his three-year contract with the organization expires January 14, 1910. He would not disclose the nature cf his future work. "It won't be with a federal o'r stale agency," he said. "I am not planning to engage in any public service." The PSA has a legal department and officers Indicated Ihey would not employ adciiti:nal counsel to aid with the work of the Dyess Colony project. The former governor was employed, so:n after he left office, to clear land titles and handle other legal matters /or the colony. Association, said not a cent more would be forthccming for the technicians, plasterers, brass polishers, and other workers in their studios. They said, in fact, that wage cuts would be more appropriate r.t. the tnunlquc said. Berlin Says Disguised Armored Ship And Auxiliary Ship Destroyed BERLIN, Nov. 24 (UP) — Tho hlgh command announced today that a German U-boat had destroyed a British submarine trap, disguised ns a Dutch steamer, nnd' also a 1,000-ton naval auxiliary ship. The sinkings occurred in the U- boats operations area, the com- Lays A Slonc-And a HO Rumor r 4 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS i'ny-As-You-Go Defense Program Would Require More Revenue WASHINGTON, Nov. 2fi (UP)— Ni'vv Im-oini) or roittimicr tuxes np- ifiiiTil today to l)o (liu most Ilke)' .sources of revenue' If (do next $500.000,001) bulsse In national de- fcitstr costs Is (o bo mel on » iwy-ns-you-fio basis. I'icsldmt Hoosevelt susigesled ,'osterdiiy ut Wnvin Spring!!, an., hat tho people should dccldo whether nddc<l defense costs next •car should be llnnuccd by new axes or worn borrowing, Treasury opinion as oitlllncd to he United 1'ress MIS Hint no war >ruflts (axes should bo levied at Ills time for fear they would Jolt iiislncss out of the recovery stride. Coincident with Jfr. Hoosevclt'B Ins siiBtjcsLlous, u now "tax-thc-hix" )lnn turned tip hero us n possible source or $200,000,001) or so ol ad- dltloiial funds. H would hit Individual and corporation •muject lo lucomo taxation. every now When president Roosevelt laid the ccrncrslone for (he Jcffmou Ale- - B moiial at Tidnl 13asin, Polomno Park hi Washington, lie nlso'lnltl me Hwrrlson, (Dam., foundation for ir flurry of ( nm speculation ins dedicatory words. Did he mean ho wants lo come back ns President, or as n private citizen? TRIE FOIJBJECI -ongressional Controversy/ To Center Around Trade Treaties WASHINGTON, Nov. 25. (UP)Secretary of Stale Cordcll mill be- san a fhjhl today for his reciprocal trade treaty program against Increasing congressional opposition to t by members of his own Demo^ cratic party. Solid Republican opposition, coupled with that of western Democrats, threatened to make Hull's .rode program « major Issue in (he 1940 presidential campaign. Democratic 'senators predicted that it would precipitate n "very serious controversy 1 ' In the next congress. moment. William Bioff. Hollywood agent for the International Association of Theatrical and Stage Employes, strode red-laced from his conference with Schenck and other leading pr;ducers, raced by limousine to his raised today, or walked out of the studios. Asked what time he in- It was the first mention in this war of British "Q-boats", devised in the World War lo meet the German U-boat campaign. These "Q-boaU", disguised as impotent steamers, cruised .the merchant ship lanes in the World marines swung out hidden guns "A German U-boat within its operations area destroyed a British Firemen "Put Out" Free-For-All Fight ATLANTA. Ga., Nov. 25. (UP)— The lire department Insl nlghl "put out" a free-for-all fight among fcur young men on an Atlanta street. The hook and ladder boys came to .(lie scene after one of the battlers, reeling from a blow, banged his head against a fire alarm. Christmas producers' surprise." He added that Schencfc and his associates sverc LMWI patrol duty nction oc- T>L L ^1 A currcd in the west and at indi- I JirOHgfl the AgCS Claim uaim P,-™, In 1 I lomised Alternatives Include "litllo man" axes (o bo obtained by lowcrlni! existing exemptions and a lapping of the middle lax brackcla lo tnke .nor« money from persons whose net Income riiiigcs from 510000 to 550,000 annually. But ncllhcr Mr. Hoosnvelt nor Iho treasury hiis endorsed imy -ux plan and congressional opinion Is far from ciyslnllteed. Host lict lotluy Is Ural many congrraional leaders, Including chairman I'm Miss.) of Ihc Kcinuc nuance committee-, will nine that taxes be left as they are In 1040, a presidential election year. Tlie "Uix-lhc-lax" device has been discussed by treasury experts canvassing further KOUICCS of revenue from personal or corpornto Incomes. There are ample precedents, also, for boosting consumption taxes on such Items as liquor, tobacco nnd gasoline. And there Is a long list cf articles already subject, lo manufacturer's excise taxes upon' which rates could bu Increased, although protests would bo lovrlfflc, •''Rising' ns'.nn Imuvmounlnbln obslncle lo a general sales tax Is Mr. Roosevelt's refusal even lo listen lo such proposals, Vice Presl- Not To Interfere With' it . r " .'. Nazi Lxports __ TOKYO, Nov. 21 (UP) — The forclgn office today ordered Mn-! (le " t Jolm N ' Gl> rner and olhor norii Sblgemlpsii, ambassador to I C011 servntlvc Democrats Irlcd to cs- Grcat Britain, lo make a slrom> ! lllhllsl1 l bat tax policy nt the out- protcst against the projected Brit- sct ° r lllc New Dcl>! Ish blockade of German exports I "* r ' m horrified," Mr. KooscveH and Mid Jnpati mny be forced lo c J M » l[l| c<i. "»d D«it wns Hint. take counter measures. It appears, therefore, that nny of levies on A foreign office statement said: "ddltlonal revenue to help pny for "The proposed measure not only lln ' loilll l defense nnd shrink thf! exceeds the limit, of reprisal < lc " c " will come from Income tax- acknowledged under International """" "" " " " L law but violates also the undertaking Iho British government made to Japan not to. Interfere with the export of German goods.' consumption. A lax payer would compute his tax liability In the usual manner nt existing rales. For purposes of Interests of Japan lty "'"ountcd lo $100. The "tax- :ted Japan would tll(! -'« x " plan wculd impose a five Tiie statement said lhat In the '['"stfitlon, assume his tax llnbil- cvent Ihc vital Interests of Japan should be affccled Japan would be compelled to tnke appropriate °'' 10 1>cr ccllL lcv y °" "">'• su »i~" At the Inllcr rate the taxpayer would owe tlie government hot $100 but $110. A taxpayer whose basic liability wjis $1,000 would add 10 per cent to that figure nnd pay the government $1,100. counter measures. Young Hunter Kills Self Accidentally MOUNT IDA, Nov. 25.—Quinloi) Powell, 19, who left his home nl Alamo, IV miles .sriilh of Mount I Ida, about noon yesterday to go' hunting, was found shot to death this morning. The body was found Jacobs Confers With Farn\ Credit Officers Major P. P. Jacobs of Older, "ear a tree trunk. -Sheriff Jchn Arkansas, n director of the I'liml- Johnson said that Ihc youth iiad ers Production Credit Assoelatlcn British Admiralty In Plea For Volunteers To FightMineMenace LONDON Nov. 25. (UP) -TtoTjulmirnlly called for vo Inn cor, lodny to help eomlmt (he German mine 'varia? 0 1 iliBclu that coiHhlioiw had become .so bad that the . o U»l London wns parlia ly closed Thnmlny while mines, Iropiwl by German nirplaiicH, were cleared out of the 1 hanies estiiarv. Is 1.1: llonuinee Or Is It Just Publicity Gag? + Meanwhtlo there was a. report, • neither confirmed nor denied officially, tJmt n Gorman submarine had bcon captured In ft bold attempt tu enter Urn lower reaches of the Flrlli of Clyde, soulhwesC Scotland, nnd Unit It was believed to hiivo boot! the snmc 'submarine and crew that sank the British battleship noyal Onk at Scapa, INow with a lw.5 of 810 lives six wns lu NEW YOHIC, Nov. 25 (UP)-TJlo' weeks ago. 'it !, ''oimineo of 'Uomeo ami The port met' was back lodiiy where It plelcly reopened yesterday, it wns iw days ngo when It landed announced belatedly One channel .1 supreme com-l-dcoi-go r,oiv(licr "ever was closed and all were vc- Kiiinlcd permission lo wco the opened when nn inbound convoy ,1111)01 girl, without parental arrived. A Illlle later the Ameri- iindrancc, providing she agreed CIU1 Merchant, the last American "".'I' .1 p. in. today, ir<, announced slll l> s '!" In British waters left "bout Inlc brcakfnst lime that lie ' lhc l'°rt. "'oiilcl proposed ns soon nflcr Hid I", wns threntenhiK court nction in force the pnrents of .Icbiilnnle I'.llccn HoiTick lo produce her I.owlher got a wilt of hnb'ens corpus 10 days aiio and mis deadline ns he could find hev by by midday he decided her departure from n New York hos- "ml yestenliiy wns n movo by her neiil.H lo keep her from him. unless she Is produced by Mon<my ho will appeal ngnln lo Jusllcu sndoi-e Wnssnrvogel for a dcllnl- Mon of his rlijhls, Uwlhcr said Eileen Is slaying with u friend" Walter Iferrlck, soclr.Wc father of we girl snld. "Her nurse loltl mo •'•" wrnlc a leltor to Gcorgo tew- r yesioniay telling him she did not wnnt him to communlcalo with her In any way. "My client hasn't received am otter from Miss llerrlck", Attorney ill Johnson snld. "it's aiiothci ii-lck. She wns spirited awny in contempt, of court." thor shot himself accidentally. He said wllh CommcnlV On Tuberculosis Educational, Preventive Hi 1 . R. B. sclilrmcr, Mlsstssltiul county ifcnllh Unit director, today Issued the followlii!; slntemcnt In connection with (|, c miicroulosls Christmas Seal sale, which will be romliietort from Tlmnksalvln ff lo Christmas. "H is i;rallfylng ( 0 observe the progress niailR in tuberculosis control In MfsSlssippl county durln? the past year. 'n lc number of deaths from this disease declined from 41 during the entire year of 193d to 20 for the period from •Inn. 1 lo Nov. 1, 1!)M. Most people nro more tuberculosis conscious than ever tefore. They rcn- JlJie lhat Hit; disease Is whnt might be called 'unnecessary,' thnt If Ihe public generally were fully alive to Its clangers, we might gradually bring about Us elimination. '"We Imvc Ihe following pro- grains to bring the facts of tuberculosis before (lie public: tuberculin testing, X-Trnylng. visiting nurse service mid admission to the sanatorium," he slated. Tlie following report on tuberculosis services performed by thn at O.raola, wns Mississippi County Health Unit . there were no indications of foul '" sl - Loilts °" Monday and Tucs- : during 1938-39 were Just released' " Play. diy Just before (lie Missouri "fn 1038 (here were 07 adtnls- ' points on the front there n e ront there responsible or his embarrassment was weak artillery fire On the yesterday when he was forced to | western frontier single fll e °b to surrender to police on a 17-ycar-cld ! Roof Fire Slight damage was done in n roof fire of a house In the Spain row near Kentucky avenue late yesterday afternocn. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. 25 (UP)— Stocks moved irregularly in n narrow range in light volume today A. T. &. T. Anaconda Copper Beth, steel 1C9 7-3 31 1-2 82 5-3 Boeing Air 25 5-8 Chrysler 85 General Electric 391-4 General Motors 531-2 Int. Harvester '. 59 Mont. Ward 543-4 N. Y. Central 19 room of a Chicago saloon. Released on $1,000 bail he said he Intended to fight cxtraditkn to Illinois nnd bailie Ihe men he believed were responsible for reviving Ihe charges. Chicago authority declnrert he had not served his sentence on a pandering conviction. "I will be a hull in a china shop around here." Bioff said. "They'll really take ncttce of me now." Business Tidier In Alberta. EDMONTON, Alta. (OP) — Alberta business men have reported that business in all parts of the province is on the uptrend and lhat the outlook is brighter in spite cf the war. single flights urred while Ger- plancs reach mid France. According to English reports the 8.000-ton British steamer Man- glnore was sunk by n mine on the south coast of England NEW YORK, Nov. 25 (UP>Collon closed steady, open WEATHER Arkansas—Fair slightly colder in Packard 3 3 4 northeast portion tonight; Sunday Phillips ". 40 7-8 falr ' Radio ' 57-8 Mcm P» ls and vicinity — cloudy Schenley 13 3-4 Io " igln ond Su nday, not much Simmons '.'.'.'.'.'. 22 3-4 cha " Be ln temperature. Socony Vacuum Standard of N. J Texas Corp U. S. Steel •... 12 3-4 The maximum temperature here 45 3-4 yesterday was 51, minimum 34. 45 1-2 partly cloudy, according to Samuel ^ OM 07 3-8 F. Morris, official weather observer. I spols closed steady' Dec. Nfar. May July Oct. 8G5 059 944 920 890 849 966 959 947 923 895 853 low 958 959 34! 918 890 849 close Ml 956n 943 920 892n 852 . Armed with a shotgun and riding Thanksgiving lor -a conference with ' slons to service; In 1939 Ihere a horse, with his do;j trailing, the tllc stfctl1 District Harm Credit were 252. There were 20 physical youth, s:n of Mr. and Mrs, Pleas I!oilr ' 1 and officers of the Produc- examinations In clinics during Powell, had -intended lo go lo a tio " Credit Corporation of Gt. lf>38; 4Q In 1039. nurliif; 1938 point about five miles from his L 011 ' 5 - ; there were 140 home visits to pa- home. When he failed to return Major Jacobs is one of nine Hen Is, and 335 In 1939. There homo last night, his parents be- members of a district committee I wcr e seven admissions to snna- camc alarmed and neighbors and elected to serve for one year by dl- ! torlum In 1938 and six In 1939. officers, aided by enrollees of n rectors of the 52 production credit nearby CCC camp, spent the night assoclatlcns operating In Arkansas, - 1 searching for the young hunter, Missouri and Illinois. Olhcr Ark- The horse nnd dog returned home ! ansns members of the committee Ibis morninj. The body wns found j nrc W. E. Williams of Garland 12. Spots closed nominal at 882, olf Cnttnti NE\V ORLEANsTNov 25 (UP) —Cotton futures closed steady today with losses ranging from 35 lo 40 cents a bale. about 9 a.m. one and a half miles '.mm Ills home. The slutgun charge had struck (lie youth near the heart. 0 LITTLE TOWN OF BETHLEHEM "0 lil'tlc town of Bcllilehcm! IIov; still we sec tlice lie; Above lliy deep and dreamless sleep The silent sirtrs go by . . ." One of the youngest of the carols, this one lias a purely American origin. H was written in 18G3 by Phillips Brooks, Phila- nec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. 864-G 955 931n 002 855-7 at 975, off 7. sir.g. open high low close delphia minister, for the children 975 908 955 931 SOI 855 Dr. and Mrs. W. F, Brewer Attend Nephew's Funeral Harry c. Brewer Jr. of Smllh- land, Ky., nephew of Dr. W. P. Brewer, died In that city early 'his morning after an Illness of pneumonia. He was 23. Dr. and Mrs. llrcwcr left at noon today to attend the funeral services, to be held tomorrow. They will return Monday. U. S. nines Collected CLEVELAND, O. (UP)—Wllllnm 875 968 956 933 905 070 968 952 920 900 Hcckcr collects firearms—especially and P. H. Vandyke of Newport. Major Jacobs reported l.'iat since Ihe production credit associations were first organized six years ago, they have leaned more than $108,000,000 to farmer-members In Ihc three states of Ihe Sixth District. The associations do not think In terms of dollars loaned, lie explained, hut In terms of service rendered farrws by providing low cost credit that fits Into their crop nnd livestock operations. The con- Irlbullon being made by the production credit association district commute Is to assist In improving the service rendered association members of which Ihere nrc some 12,000 members in Arkansas. Chicago Wheat 97111 | in his Sunday School classes to rifles and carbines used by United States government. Doc. Shoeing Days Till Christmas lacks only two of those known to Iho May He 1-8 . 3-8 87 3-4 i 1-4 In 1938 there were 32 X-rays taken and 90 in 1939. Tuberculin testing In 1939 numbered 1H3 and 29 In 1939." The report explained Dint "the above figures arc for the entire yar of 1D3B, and only to Nov. 1 of this year. The greater part of the luberci'lin lestinir Is done during November and December; this explains the small figure on tuberculin testing for 193!)." It was further mentioned t.hat "the x-rays and tuberculin Icstln; were made possible bv Iho Tuberculosis Association funds." "As n result of the report.' show- Ins what can be done with Uie fund's raised through the nnmnt Christmas Scat sale, the people of the Chickasawba district should be more convinced than ever as to Ihc Importance of this canmal'n, nnd should readily respond to the Ohristmos Seal sale this year." Mrs. Rodney L. Banister,. general chairman of the sale, poinlcd out. _„.. „ ._.„ „ The quota for nlythevlll» this; the boys in jail at Lumar. yrnr Is S500, an amount lliat Is , This admiralty urged men be- Iwren the ages of 18 and 45, with fishing trawler experience, lo volunteer lo cope with tho plague of ' mines, some of which had been* dropped by German airplanes within vlcsw of the shore. . In an effort lo learn more nb'out Ihc airplane-dropped mines, authorities have nsked all persons who sec such activity to report nt once, paying particular attention to the hcljht Ilia piano wns flying when !ho mlno fell and the llmo II was released. • •' In addition to' the mines washed ashore, It wns reported that trawlers lind been sweeping many of them up, Hint In one case a trawler m.'iicd IS mines In one sweep, seven of which exploded when touched. Tlie swarm of mines 'Irlfllng ashore .was believed a result of the trawlers' work In JUtllnj them from Iheir moorings. Tlie mine peril was not confined to Britain. Conditions had become so bad on (he Danish coast lhat tho Danish navy built a log bairl- cnde In front of the'' coast soulh of Copenhagen to Intercept the mines drifting ashore" Ihcrc. Britain's answer lo Ihls mine warfare—Iho blockade^ on German exports iiow.tlua-.l6:.go into effect icxt Tueqdiijr'wlth:. the. prcmulga- ' j lion of an order In comjcll—wns j drawing attacks from many'neu- tral countries, ' And It was understood that Jnpan > would protest Tuesday whe came official. At Stockholm, Sweden, Ihe newspaper Tidncngen, clminenllug on Ihe general situation, snld: "As usual, In a war between great powers, iiciitrnls arc (jetting the worst of It." Germany announced Us Intention of laying mines within the four-mile limit of tlio Swedish const. The newspaper pointed out Hint the narrow straits between (lie North Sea and (he Baltic lie vliolly within either Swedish or Danish- lerrllorlal walcrs, • and ^altl. ". . . We can expect pressure from bolli sides but 'see no reason to show weakness. The to*B- Ics of trying to frighten us will not be successful no matter from, what source." (At Berlin, responsible _ Nazi luartcrs, not denying that 'mines had been laid near the British coast, said the purpose of Gorman mines there was primarily to mch- ice British naval bases, and that "in view of the mine danger which undoubtely will continue, neutrals would do well lo cease trading with Britain altoielhcr and divert their commerce to Germany," • (German newspapers, which previously had bitterly denounced tho United Slates "cash and carry" arms policy, now changed their Lone antl recommended the Unlt- ,d States' policy to other neutrals.) Man's Belt Buckle Deflects Pistol Bullet ROGERS, Nov. 25.—Joe P, Kerr of Rogers probably owes his life to, a belt buckle, nnd two youthful gunmen have that" buckle to thank for being held tnly for Dyer Act violation, rather than on murder charges, officers srtltl here today... Mr. Kerr, owner of a grocery nnd filling station west of here,' was shot Wednesday by t\vc youths, one 15 and the other 17, who obtaked eight gallons of gasoline and two quarts of oil without paying him. When Mr. Kerr jumped on the running b:ard nnd demanded his pay, llie boy nearest him shouted: 'Get off or I'll kill you." and whipped out a pistol nnrl {ired through window over Mr. Kerr's shoulder. As Mr. Kerr Jumped to the gr:und. the youth fired asain. The bullet ricocheted off Mr. Kerr's belt buckle, dug into the leather and scratched his skin. The wound was only superficial. Tlie pair was captured at Anderson, Mo., and federal officers placed have been Issued by the govorn- nient, beginning with early muzzle- Dec. SO 3-B 85 3-8 85 3-4 Chicago Corn i tn, i j *.n i •> loaders «nd exe, d n B down to the Mav 5238 2 l 2 6 14 M to attain If everyone will) • appreciate how mv,-U Is done with Coffin Handles In Loot every dollar contributed to combat FORT WORTH, Tex. (UP)—Two. tuberculosis." Referring to this hundred and fifty coffin handles . quota, Afrs. Banlstrr explained were dl?coveied by_ police here it docs not Include towns sur- where they evidently had been SnrliioneM rin<< " I ' "" " " — ' ~ "" ' ' ™ „'"•; rounding BIythevilie in the Chick- abandoned by a Dilef—who dls- unngncM rnic. | -523-8 O sawba district. .covered Ills loot was worthless.

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