The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, November 24, 1939
Page 8
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• ''PAGE •SIX Chickasaws Will Be Russellville's Foe In Homecoming Game nUSSEUA'ILLB, Ark., Nov. 24. 'The Rlylhevilk- Chickasaws and Kusscllville Tonuulo await the whistle for (heir conference football game tonight, the first alhlclii: between the two'.schools. Conches Joe Dildy and Mitchell* ___ fr '(AP.K.V COURIER NEWS Best mid twenty live members of the Chicks arrived early last night and went through a short but 'spirited unllmbcring before retir- • Turn Aside From Inter- scclional Games To Own Back Yard I! and when such a bid does conic it would save time to know how. SLIGHTED - Our good friend, J^? £< fflfllll I'M I'llCin Illllrt .-1 ..,„« ,t,. Htm . V . . '. Hnoul Carlisle, who spreads the good (and bad) tidings of (lie 1'onest City Thoroughbreds, lust opponents for tlie Hlylhcvillc IJ( j | Chtckns»\vs,_ couldn't ".see" any ol fere "Wild and Alvln 1" Clod- JustlcP, Coach Dildy expressed serious doubt that his Uvo cripples, Sonny Lloyd, crack iulltack, and Captain Danny Warrlngton, all-stale end, would be ready to stall and nain,., 1'aul Bl.ickwood to replace Lloyd,i""and Jack Jenkins at Warrlnglon's I"]", right terminal. John Paulk, regu-'" lav blocking back, was slntcd lo open at right guard In the absence of Travis Bennett, with Geuc Hood at the quarterback post. Otherwise, (lie rest of the Blylhc- vllle lineup would be Ihe same as i the group which took the field i eleven, nnd"gave "ilo«-nr<"f BaT-' against Riley High of South itaid. ringer, Joiiesboro llanknien, (he Inl, last week, Coach Dildy said, nomimition for Ihe position on the It included: Buddy Baxter, left second learn end; L. 0. Johnson, left tiicklo; ,, ., ,- ., , Raymond Bickerstail right guf.rU ' b ""«' ne . d ' cl '»« "Wperback of Bill Godwin, center; Alvln Jus-l^...^'^^^; 0 /""^^ 1 ' tlle ,,M' n , , loshig 22, tying four and win- ™dy Dynamiters when pick- nlng 18, but only two of those dc- >lk fll-«l <lll-clnl n <no,,v *....! frL , J IIIWJH- Ut feats and a pair of lies can be rsl all-stale learn, and only group. They win, center, rislit tackle. He chose LnfUtc of Pine Blull over the tribal leader, Danny Wnr- rinelon, for right end on the No. "«[" ti i T"? """ il '"'" ul UOH uan uu t ' nm ' swarmng al over Hie lxefV[ os n Win ™n"°r , cl! l ltai »P "eainst Ihe top-ranking Talrvlew back!' and splk?n- he Memphis 47. After-an Incomplete W " (1BII) ° 0 "- clllbs visitors' offensive amis imtH mid-')'"»-Mancss took the ball on an *>«" of the fourth quarter when'"" 1 rlnl 53 V artls lo £C01 ' C lllc " Memplilnns nnnlly gathered l )llln S e(l fo1 ' ' llc extra point just ...n1.. A .. . t _ _i. . . .. . . .it- Ihn (Innl nililcMn unnnrlo^l Bill Godwin, center; Alvin Jus- ' -—•••••'" '«" , • »"«.-n u "<- tlce, right tackle; Norinau Mosley. 1 , ' , m ' is A,, ; ollil > W ' wns left halfback, and Hugh Hnrbert.:! 1 !? 0 "..?™ 1 : a«Kvin.for the ccnler right halfback. i . Wallace Bailey, head mentor of| "dropped''* hairSuBht'an'd|}; lM " J""'""^'"^™"!''' 1 .. . .. -_ _. . . s . . .tin KQCK .J I 3 \1nnrn Ttfntnt\ I lop ranking, lie overlooked the entire Chick disappointing 18-14 decision to Forrest City. He blamed the defeat on tough breaks rather than poor playing and said it was his strongest combination and expected them to bounce back to normal against the visiting Chicks. Parish arid Young will be at the ends; Gilbert and Islng at the tackles; Hyc and Wilson, guards; Satterfield,- center; E. Fryer, Baker, Hughes nnd Keeton, in the backfield. The game Is expected to draw the biggest crowd of the season, not only because the Cliickasaas arc rated as <nc of the most colorful and powerful teams In the conference but because this game has been designated as the Homecoming made no bones > Moore, Bcnlon, were named for the ball carrying department cf the first, team, one back IseiiiB omltlcd. Turk, Forrest City, Keelon, Russeilvillc, Durham, Jcticsboro, and Carter, Little Eock, were given the noil for runner up. Carlisle was In the stands for Die Pine Bluff alfiilr and .saw the tribe at its lowest ebb. Doubtless, he used thai game as a basis for his picks from tlie local ninks. Just why he omitted Sonny Lloyd can not bo figured out. Sonny was Ihe outstanding player In that game and Carlisle praised him highly during'nnd after the game. Maybe he Intended him for the missing halfback. We'll .give him the benefit' of the doubt, since, he mentioned Warritigton, Godwin, Lloyd and Justice as all-stale ma- . Game here. over his hopes for a victory over i tcrlnl in his letter rirnlvcd today tlie Dildymen. He based his hopes - • - on a strong, hard charging line, sparked by the brilliant. Bob Satterfield, crack center, and two fine backs In Captain Keelon, fullback, snd E. Fryer, quarterback. The probable lineups: RiiEsellvIlle Pos. Blytlievllle Parish (175) LE Baxter (175) Gilbert (185) LT Johnson (135) Wilson (170) LG B'slaff (175) Satter/iefd (SCO) C Godwin (210) Rye (195) RO Paulk (105) Tslng- (IDS) RT Justice (200) Young (180) RE Jenkins (HO) E. Fryer (150) QB Hood (155) Baker 150) LH Moslcy (157) Hughes (155) HH Hnrbcrt U55) KECton (c) (170) FB B'wood (170) TTie Dope Bucket Bj JT. P. FRIEND WONDER— Announcement from Memphis that 14 seniors on Arkansas High school football teams would be asked to play In a charily game In Memphis December 31, with seniors from Mississippi and West Tennessee schools revived the question of hew they were going to get around the Arkansas Athletic Association. The AAA strictly forbids post season games. No member of the association is permitted in football contests after December 2. The penally is expulsion from the organization. As far as we have been able to find out the rule is not retroactive. Tins last, statement Is based on experience of the Blytlievllle high school officials, Several vears ago the Chicks were invited to participate In a post season game at Memphis to declare a mid-South champion. Superintendent William D. McClurkln applied to me president of tbe AAA and was politely informed that he (the president) was without authority to grant in which he sought material on the Chicks In the P. C.-Blytlicvlllc game buildup. ,_/ • His selections arc: 1'IltS.T TKASI— Hfs first eleven reads like, tins: OSMENT, JONKSKOKO ... I,F. Gcclzer, N. Little Ilock LT Atklnsim, I'lnc UlulT LU Siilterfleld, Uusscllvllle C GiirdloL Little Uock KG WhlUinglon, Ft. Snillh RT Lafitlc, Pine UlulT KF, Hob Unison (c), I'. HlufT .. QB Hughes, Lillli- KocJi HB Moore, Hcnlon FB SECOND TEAM— His second eleven runs something like this: Maack, Little Hock LE Williams, Forrest City LT Franklin. Fort Smith LG Gcdy, in, Blytlievllle C Harris. Forrest City RG Justice, Blythevillo • RT BARRINQEU, J'BOHO .... HE Turk (c), Forrest City QB Keeton, Russcllvllle HB DURHAM. ,1'BORO HB Carter. Little Rock FB permission. And to gel such a permit a poll vote of the entire slate Ambers' Manager Makes Caustic Ace u sa t io n Against Champ NEW YORK. Nov. 24. <UP>Al Wclll says. "I'm afraid Hours' HALEIGH, N. C.. Nov. 24. I UP) Soiillirrn Conference football team put aside hilersecilonal competltl-.n Fail-view (Memphis) Team Is No Match For, Papoose Squad FRIDAY, NOVEMBER '24, 1939 ; Tlic spirited foolball tables ol Coach Join) Ed James oiitfotiuiit mid outplayed the much heavier Fairview Juniors to pile up n s ur- prlshiB 37-13 score and win the fourth when "Hank" Hnlnes recovered' fumble on the Memphis 35. The Paps failed to net their yardage on passes and Victory booted n short one out on the Today's Sport Parade «y HENRY McI.KMOUE SOUTH BEND, Ind., Nov. 24 (UP)—Even here, in the hom« of It was a particularly' satisfying cllmnx to the Papooses' 1033 iile, us II gave thorn wins ow the only two Junior teams they L-II- coutiitied, although diey lost a return contest to Joneshoro a short j play --. - - • -•- fighting Irish, (lie football Besharse. intercepted Maness',Player who is talked about is Nile pass on Ihe 30 yard line and was dragged to the around Just Inches slioM of the .score, which Tommy Little made on a Hue play. With about Uvo minutes to play Coach James replaced his entire against traditional backyard opponents. llme ago nfter plastering a one-} 'cam with the Papoose midgets, sided defeat on the Whirlwind most of them scaling 85 or 00 pounds at the most, The ball was 1930 season earlier in (he season. Two defeats charged against the Blythrvlllc Juniors this year were at the hands of high school second teams. Last niisht's fame saw the lightweight Papooses stage a -iletwiiim- ed fight against . u f<ir heavier team, swarming all over Hie Ixefv! put on Ihe five yard line where Uie IIUIc ones were lo try for the extra point following Little's touchdown, but a pass from Roush to N. Stone was Incomplete. On the klckolf Roush Inlentton- of bounds on the clubs. Duke, Clemson, North Carolina :iid Wake Forest, nccnmtcd for 11 of (he 18 victories against forel"n opponents, nnkf. nfter losing to Pittsburgh, licked Syracuse, Colgate Georgia TccJi., Ctonson and _ _ ____ taken by Tnlnuc. 'but trimmed Navy. Southwestern and GcCrgc Washington. North Carolina de- •feiited Pcnn and NYU, but was tied by Ttilane. Wake Forest dOiMicd Mtain'l, Marshall and Western Maryland. Doth, of the losses suffered by this group were by a margin of one p:int—Pitt beating Duke 14-13 and Tiilane winning from Clemson 7-G On the other side of !he ledger, five tennis--The Citadel, Maryland, William nnd Mary, South Carolina and North Carolina Sin le—absorbed 15 of the 22 InlersMttonal defeats. The Citadel and Maryland each last fair outside games, North Carolina State and South Carolina three each, and William and Mary, one. Two of the non-conference clubs that rolled over Ihc North Car. Una Slate squad were Tennessee and Duqucsnc, still unbeaten and unlled. The Citadel also was crushed by Tennessee and Mary- Hind was defeated by such teams as Pcnn Stale, Florida, Rutgers mid unbeaten Georgetown. Southwestern Teams Suck Title DALLAS, Tex., Nov. 24. (UP)— -., — „« uul ,,^ They never repeat in the South- j cd into Ihe Fairvicw end zone wesleni Conference, so tomorrow | gnvc Blytheville (heir first touch- the league champicns for the last down. O. Cathey of • Fairvicw was tu>r> Move tatitrifi in C aa ...K4..1. ~.*~ back on his 9-yard line trying to punt when Stone charged in to lilt. ...,,........, u.imiy gutijrl-.-n • — - • .- • ' themselves for n drive that • mi-1 lls tlle nnnl whistle sounded. rled them io the Papoose Ifl and' Line-ups and summary: where a penalty assessed by fief- IHyHiovllle free Marshall Blackard placed I hi' Haiiics ball on Blylhcville"s one from S [0 " e where Charles Pugh, (he Fairvicw J- l! °od , 180-pound fullback, smashed over Stafford for Uie first Memphis touchdown.! Allen (c ' Although the Blytheville back- • P°' a<1 }' . field combination of c. Hood uc-1 Wal ' flnElon shaisc, victory and Little reaped c ; Ho ° d most of the ..offensive glory, It was Vlc ' 01 'J' the little Papoose line which Bcsharse charged viciously ml during the, l;iule game that spelled the difference' Substitutes: Blytheville — Cain, LE LT LG C RG~ RT RE QB LH RH I-'B Fatn'lew Hall Boyd Lamb Williams WILson Dlckson Burnette Pov, r ell Clarke Klnnick of Iowa. it would be just the same if I were in Minneapolis, Champaign, or any other fore that side ct Uip Irish line apart, Against Wisconsin: He threw three touchdown passes. Against Minnesota-. In 80 seconds ho drove his • 80 yards °» four; plays, throwing or carry»>(,' Die tall on each one. He came oack, and in six plays, on five of which he handled (he ball, he rolled what Bert McGrane of the --- Register has aptly termed "Uie heroic handful," TJ yards for Ihc touchdown that 'leant th c game. After SCO minutes of bruising play there isn't a wound on. him. |'Hie worst injury he had all year- is ,tlie player of the j was " pair of red splotches on his Wlifn driving In n fog nfte dark, It, Is wise to drive slow!! and be guided by the right sid; of the road, focusing the spotllgfr; in this direction, rather than rely entirely en thc headlights penetrate the mist. ( ..... ..-. -. .„ year as far as this section is con- shoulders, wound cerned, and after 24 hours ot listening to accounts ,of his prowess f am convinced that if he doesn't get the Ifeisman memorial trophy for the standout grid- Iron performance of llu; .season, then that award might us well be split into kindling wood to start, somebody's fin'. Here is a 170 pounds, j „„„„, , blue-eyed boy with an all- .stripes earned itin who weighs only just a sturdy little when driving in against men pounds heavier. He isn't" . A senior, hi s f c ur year:;' average mark in the classrooms is two percentage points higher than Is necessary to qualify for Phi Beta Kappa at fowji University. He majors In economics. He is a belter basketball player than a foolball player, but refuses to go out for the Iowa cage scpiad. Biune inai- spejjen uie difference 1 >jnuaniun:D. ormn-vun;— L,;UII, in the score. Tlie Papoose for-1 McGregor, Thompson, Wilson, Blo- wnrds, led by Captain Jimmy Al- j "layer. Tinker, Atkins, Simpson, len and featuring sonic outstaml-! Affllck, Caraway, N. Stone, Greene, ing ivork by Tackles Elmer Stone.'Marsh, Calvin, M. Bestiarse, Nicli- and Hugh Dozier, kept the Fair- olscn, J. Wilson, Slrlckland, Mul- vlcw runners back on their licols I Hns, Sylvester, Roush, Pipkin, most ot thc time. Offensively, llic Papoose line v/as just as eo«l, (Charging the Fairview forwards out of the way to open gaj>s for -.. — — ,, ...... .»,, ti.i-uvft "- — — " »". LIIV; juivix i;ugL .^l|ILllll cowlick for a haircut. Yet he has ™ SR Vs it would take him from played 300 consecutive minutes llis s '"dics. against six of the toughest football Nlle Kinnick Is frightfully m'od- chibs in America. They haven't es( " wll en the townsfolk of Iowa even had to call time out for him elt y love the precincts of (hat town He has run into and lackletl the ft l ml afl er the Notre Dame nnd biggest guys in the biggest league Minnesota victories, tlie Hero without once landing on the flat Wfls "'l there to sec il done He of his back. He just ducks a shoul- .earefully sneaked out of tomi lo der. tucks a chin behind it. a)id, avui<1 bei »8 lionized. pours it on. He isn't last and he i Imva will lell yon that (here is Maness (c) j s ,,'t tricky at lugging the ball. on 'i' °»e thing to prevent his bc- o. calhcy There b; nothing cute or fancy '"" elected governor of the state i L 'sn ibout his running. He plays it the al (il e next election, And that is <r " Dh '""" ' 'ha y, i .""t, *umt v^ttitci nositau? But he is as tricky as a snake lllim sllc » a slight honor. on a. rock or a red-headed gal when it comes to throwing that ball or calling plays that, capital- --,..„. ,„—„..,.., vlt( . ize to the fullest the smallest' President R. C. Clarke of the East- left bail the Papoose runners. J. T. Victory, Blylhcvllle's halfback who carried the „«» more than all the other Papoose backs combined, was credited with four touchdowns one of which was the result of n pass Inle;-- ceplion and a 90-yard Walden. . Fairview—Sullivan, Rayncr, McBride, Garner, Bailey, G. Cathey. First downs—Blytheville 8, Pair- view 7. Pusses: Blytheville attempted 14, completed 4 and had two intercepted. " Fairvicw attempted 15, completed 5 and had four intercepted. Scoring touchdowns: Blytheville —Dozier (blocked chink in the armor ot his foes, lie knows how to fake when he Mes back to throw a pass, and when he lets it. locse even Annie blocked punt by Elmer Stone punt); Victory 4, (pass from Belli the first quarter which was cov- tivo years tangle to see which one will end up In last place. always unpredictable block the kick. In . , _.. conference Texas Christia'n, the defending champion and one of Ihe top teams in the country last year, will be seeking its first league win over Rice, the 1937 title-holder, whose best effcrt Ihis year was u lie with Arkansas. In addition to this tilt at Fort Worth, Balyor mcels Southern Methodist at Dallas in the only other conference game. Baylor's Bears, wh;. have lost only to Texas A. &• M., are rimnersup to the Aggies in the league standings, but they have to beat SMU lo retain their, 'chance for^tlip title;.,,:-, " Arkansas, Texas rind tiifc, 'Aggies do not play this weekend, but Coach Homer Norton is not permitting his A. <fc M. club any Idle moments. D:wn at College Station 'Coach Norton appears to i)e filming a miniature "war. of nerves." He is fighting ofl a Avave ot "bowl talk," that has engulfed the ssliool 'and the entire state, with as .stiff a series of practice sessions as they have had all season. The Aggies are In t:p physical condition. The club snaps through plays like a piece of fine machinery, but Norton' maintains -that work', work, and more work win prevent the.boys from gaining any cver- conndcnce. He wants no stray postseason bowl game conversations undermining the prime project of Ihe moment—licking the University <f Texas Nov. 30 to win an undisputed claim to the conference title. If A. & M. wins tills one, it will be the first time in 20 years an Aggie team has completed an undefeated, untied season. Armstrong run out on his . " "" Vlut UIL Ilia scheduled welterweight championship defense against Lou Ambers at Madison Square Garden on Dec. 1. "I'm afraid Armstrong and hh manager. Eddie Mead, figure that they've double-crossed themselves wculd 'be necessary" since "that n" rt lhilt . Armslron S is sure to gel would involve not only expense ° Wors , lickillg of llis llfc - lf but time and even then it was J Cy ,. B ° ltaoilsh wllh lllis "BW- problematical that the request i ., T .'" ^"'""e «»r day lo hear would be granted, the matter wa,! ^*™, slTon « ' Wsr Ukc " * " mollt dropped. I l jcmacr ' because of a training in- Now if the Memphis organi/a- r"™? r . somc ' hil )2" tion which is sponsoring thl ganie Uwite 'tZtn""" between Miss-Arkansas and WcstlroS f, w i, C ' Tennessee schools.does succeed in 1 getting special permission Iccal ; am j UlC 1UOsl mAc by "»" a f, cs .t &^uuum.uues sucteed in - liwhi-vfi- i i \ * -"i.^-^ •"" »^«» W.M.IS. mf nv;iu«cigtit crown special permission lccaU ami MT ° , ™ m l™ n Lou Ambers which Lou did." tt?,^,*Ka iTt^S^^? ^ r ^c,SSf^r^ l ' , "', hcltcvln man of few „.,-,_.„ f,t,r liis; i tl,jpt:. |^[) Ideally situated near Memphis and i n in the habit ot turning out stron" w < teams, Blytheville stands an ex- |, is liehlrr? tu.' "' cellent chance to be invited often selves ' ' i in post season games But Al breaks through his cha actcristic silence today, "so that the public will know what's going Armstrong takes his Armstrong and — ^ ..— .........— ,,..j u .. 1>tl ., *. v . aiimau/ vptiab iiiLuiuupLiuii mlu yo ered^by Do/.ler after it had bound- yard run), (line plunge) Little (line plunge). Fairview — Pugh (line plunge), Maness (53 yard run). Extra points—Blytheville, (plunge). Fairview, Maness (plunge). Score by quarters: on when p:\vdcr." Wcill .thought ,,, u ,., llullg i,, m , Manager Mead made this welter- I weight title match under the supposition that Challenger Ambers would withdraw from It—because' of Ambers' recent marriage and because of Ambers' apparent lack of interest in the welter division. Welll says, "You remember that, Armstrong wai the lightweight i championship from Ambers; then; Ambers regained the crown from J Armstrong. But—Armstrong would- j n't give Ambers a return shot at' the lightweight title until Lou agreed to act as challenger — &nd I take thc challenger's percentage— 1 lor the welterweight title, in case ' he wen back the lighUeight crown which Lou did." Blythevlllc's second score came in the second period alter Victory had put the ball on Memphis' 24. Little hit the line and on the : next play Besharse threw n perfect 23- yard pass to Victory for the touchdown. -,.. ., Longest run of the game 'came when Victory halted n Fairview drive with a pass interception on Blylhevllle's two-yard line. Speeding toward the west sidelines Victory went to midfleld before « defensive man threatened, then .just as the Full-view safety came charging across to make the lackte Hugh Dozicr blocked him out and Victory was given an open field. The run was good for S3 yards nnd another Blytheville score. Little made Blylhevllle's only extra point of the game with a 'line plunge. Victory again scored in the third quarter on a sensational run when he took the ball on his own 47 and cut off tackle to outflank the Pjlrvlew secondary on a 53-yard run. A few minutes later another Blytheville touchdown was annulled by a clipping penally aflcr War- rlnglon had intercepted Captain Lynn Maness' 'pass and raced 40 yards to cross the goal line. Bly- thevllle's penalty gave the Paps possession on Uie Fain-lew 30 and In three plays Victory passed 15 yards to 0. Hood for first down on tlie Memphis 15, then Victory; ripped off eight ofT tackle and finally went off tackle for the touchdown. Taking possession on their own 46, Fairview made a sustained drive, thanks to two long runs >"y Hall which put the ball on the Paps 1G. A roughing penally gave Memphis the ball on Blythevlllc's one and Pugh plunged over for the score. Blytheville moved into position for their final score late in the Blytheville Fairview ihnrse) (pass interception and 98 The name rhododendron comes from the Greek words meaning "rose-tree," but the fltwer neither a rose nor a tree. u'ay, 'hat Iowa , hesitato ( 0 pay Air Ticket 10 Feet Long BANGOR, Me. (UP)-Whcn Vice Oakley would have to stand up and holler "boys, there's a guy who can shoot." Here's a few things he has f.'or.c; Against Noii'e Dame: He couldn't run to a score from left halfback so he changed to right half and' ern Manufacturing company left on a business trip, he carried a ticket 10 feet 2 3-4 inches long It took him en a 5,344-mile air trip around the country. STANDARD TIRES HHD YOUB OLD TISE 4.40-21 4.50-21 •OTHER SIZES ,. PROPORTIONATELY t OW /,' AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! As Low As Per Wcel- On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR GO. WARNING ORDER N THE CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Emma Sue White, Plaintiff, • vs. No. 7055 Cleatis White, Defendant. The defendant Cleatis White, warned to appear within days in thc court named in caption hereof nnd answer — complaint of the plaintiff Emma Sue White. Dated this 23 day of November, 1939. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk. By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. Claude P. Cooper Ally, for Pltf. Percy A. Wright Ally, ad Lltcm. f k Ior tllcm - Icr or 147-pound crown, and fn- slstlng ui»n going through with thc contract that Armslrcng offered merely as an obstacle before their' last lightweight title till. Soy Beans We Are Uuyers For AH Variefies of Soybeans. See or Phone Us for Highest Daily Offer. Blytheville Soybean Corp. So. R.R. St. Phone 555 NU-WA laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompl Laundry and Cleaning Servict 24-1-3-15 R.D.HUGHES&CO. TIMELY BOTTIED !N BOND UNDER U. S. GOVERNMENT SUPERVISION! "" Metropolitan FARM LOANS Jas. B. Clark GLENCOE BLDG., BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. 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