The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama on July 15, 1924 · 23
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The Birmingham News from Birmingham, Alabama · 23

Birmingham, Alabama
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 15, 1924
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t-W . sfLtfta M.. MMEI2C I AL - FIN ANCI AND M ill AILS SNA TCH LEAD LIKELY TO GO UP FROM INDUSTRIALS kigher Corn win Boost Hog Specialties Take Spurt, But Oils Recede On Values, J. C. Royle Thinks. Sinclairs Troubles. Financial Notes NKW YUltK July U The ftuuc-UI Oialrtet I iv with rumor ul impend tn ratlmod toMulMiikitii AUituunh ulftdol uf (ha t'fekagu kto.tsrn MU itotl disclaim kMwM,. ul (ha t urroBl length In lh aUK-h u that rood. (ha " " odt&M wo rumd l,,nd, which . U. MINI In buM by ih. ,1 Waudir liorr. IV. O-COTTON July Still Shows Signs Of Mondays Flurry; West In Need Of Rain. U.w4 Win i. TVs uJSLHX' US Ntw Mha. NKW VOKK. July if "Kilwy hr ailrarled attention on the dock exchange Tucday nd. during the re pan ol ihr .ration, o rr .hdowrl in importance (he movement ol iiului-Irihlt Ihr lallrr became more irregular, with a Uffer number oi i.iur luting ground, but. on Ih other hand, with a dill Urgrr num her uf specialties rstaUilishing top prices under the influence of pool m aelivttie. In the rgilwty aection, practically all claatn ot n urine baahtng and buamava r.mdiduiu ! participated while the uptwing wat im progreeg. There wat again an abundance ol outaide new and the market to a great eateni waa a professional affair I mwl I J air U lXjuidaii.n of i plr 4ab(. u In fulf awing anwwi lh I rinara of I ha femlharwaal aad Middle- with consequent imueuvamcal ad I firouglMui (ha country aa a whole Oklahoma and Teaaa (ha wheat are sat practically la owar and It la jlMly nearing rsnplitlss In Kaaaee Irala la moving Into Karuna City at the of tec rr ur more a day and are eg parted to advance to care anon Othay rantaea are -rlsnclng atmtlar nurvemanta. Tha .vsnMnt waa only half aa grant at j He lima laat , Missouri Fertile, John W Italian, chalmann of tha chiengo i Kaatam lift nuta, aald ha hnw of nu merger plana and could think of nothing lo ..plain (ha activity In (ha mark. Announce-meni by (ha Van Itw antigen iniaroata of ( 'I v eland ragardlng a consolidation of tha "Nlehal mala," tha Krt and Pam Marquell. la espeeied rhl. wash, be aad on a meeting of Ir Marietta directors Wdaday, Tha Van Ewer-I ng ana are aald to eontrol 10,000 ahaiea of Para Marquette and Wall beara lhay plan to taka over tha Krc ew ohtjeahh. u !, u - tw eaiut steady aa a. -rep wdKs, la g ttoaa. d I t. i axels Mill U uatlcv Ih. leftucet. M try aad epwwd a t ii. ai V Me aad eaaad aff 4$ ftdeu adan. 1 to ff, Or UjI aa, nwtww la lit. tuul a. tong 7Ub w wp ewalk. aa.d aff .111.11 .ft tha agaajgg call, call Ihtata-f frSHeleg la M-4to. aa d -ut WI-- ih. VUMW dear. Tver a reU, to-seat; m report, af Hah (esnperatar-s tad lech af rata la th qi- lineb.r aaacd m aad irataanar i. jnv t t. trata the lua .aa J " Ik p int. la M Hi a. M petal. p ebava dial. h fen m Tha uiark.i aaaed uff fallauta. is. puottn af OW weeth. i nop .haaiaa lew rata lu th. A tl.alh aad brearaa araeh row ua th. ..f ft let fotura.t fur .af.Uy ftp 'th. Ih the aaatraa aaa can. I ban. Th. dertn.. Idea pw onil twlMi tvpurt hr w H Ih cadlliee tl I .Ml thr 13 JOo taw lain tt. Mttlmural pera and Ih. Virginian and ! bar-., taekl rue ifirtiiM In !4o n W.dn.ny n4 ; ! ih the MMrUlSlf to th uutroms OhUf f 1 the Votk. ( no far aa II concern, putting th. Dnwaa gt- Larula report Into affatl. ll u not eurprta . m f.,l,d..g !. loeo-I JIAOU. w M i-tat. B motlvea in need of repair, on June U, mdyMa th. Wa. r th. nuusit.. at 17 per cnt f th number "n line, ) MEW otULAna ociiDI utui.s . ,h- ge.lrshlr of forcing thH" lnrr ut tn ovr ,h nBw OhLKaha Id. Laly l Tb. Il around Ha beat prh ua of Ih. year mnd ' J ' r ' f .. American Railway Aaaoclalkm report., (pnHta m ih t.hiua, htglwt. P.t aa. nmra - l the fleet II ra a v -. I OWVf IIMg RNi rt wntOfH woUll llUAll ilti' Pat meat of farm debts began almost j Th, .nar. of th ao-raltod coal carry-Wuilianauualy with shipment of the I tnf roads, including Iratswara Hud-tare. (Touatry bknha are paying u, lbigh Wall y amt irala wars, l-ack-t (heir loans front larger InailtuUona gwanmk Western also Alallngwlahad d Ut haaka which have failed In lha tbamsaivaa. The fleet named got Ip It. hlghaal for the year, and Irahtgh Valley waa bid up around lha M level l to yaara. Sauk falluraa. which titles years wars frequent la Tsana. ... diminished to a point where not baa bean ra ported for flag months Harvest Hangs. In Kansas lha 'estimated wheat yield mini. UQ.MO.OIIO bushel, compared b K.imu.oM laat year. Tha Oklaho-rstlmate la 13,000. 000 buaheh. an In-rsea of 1,000. eon buahala, la Nabraa-snd Colorado the rsparied yields are ) and 2t.QOO.OUO buahala. mm with rt.OM.OW and IJ.Ow.OOO ra-lively In Itn. Oklahoma and Texas had enough hsr- bands, although (bare waa un. Islay In arrival of workers In North-Vaatarn Oklahoma. This, however, did rtault tn crop damage In Kanaa. Irgar area demanded more man at tha Other rails shared In lha upward movement In (hla quarter. Naw Havun wa. a favorite al lop prices. Wheeling tk Iraha Kris taeuea and Koch Island font moti and preferred gold al naw high., and thara was further buying In Par. Marquette An announcement regarding tha Para Marquette, linking It with th Van Hwerlnfan nterett, U brllrvrd lo he Impending American Cnn'a wa. nm. worthy. Thl. alork waa ox. if the supported among Ih leading Industrials t 'tilled Htat.a Cast Iron Pipe warn Into naw high ground, and a Urge Hat of epaclaltte. ware pushed nhaad. A cut in apacUl grade, of crude U ,ul, of m(n4 by, IM by ih Hlnctotr OH purchasing company , b, ,,ekonad with. (ha object of. say that th. deflation ; procaaa involved would call for too great a sacrifice on lha part of Urltlab trade, In any case, the movement of starling la Of lha greataal interest because of Its hearing on our own money situation. Tha London conference moat alao wrestle with tha problem of tha (Jarman loan, without which (ba Dawes schema wilt not work, and no German loan ran succeed without adequate security for ih inventor. It Is not entirely certain how (ha American ! public will taka a Herman loan, no mutter how secured, but they certainly will not support surh a loan If (hare la any question as (o Its taking precedence over hny other Malm upon German asset.. American Investor. are non too favorably disposed to foreign .ecurltis In any case, and tbatr tv nfldence ba. not been enhanced by development In Mouth Amer-lcaThla may h an entlrly Illogical must IHaa tea I... M.M H.M HW if,M 'M al im U ti ; 3i I n n st 33 mi l oCAI. acor coTTOK, mnr miouiiuc ... ItliiiflM I, i tin 9V.A SBnUr whOm . -Ju Business News LOCAL SECl fcf W4 m !lly a r bteKtoalwM t ! n, 4 ye' aval Wat. emiaa 1.lau 1 el .--t uaele effevwaa Oonary Wot a. Fewer ft. to. IMI .... . v, . f a. Tract las. It 4 rw to INI. M a. Steel A HhtobuiMlaa it into tot bate By,, u I F, lift N , H MHIhatiam w.larwaek. Va ISH IM rich i. IX.I IVwy laat. o ft le I ra per real la iaffartuMi heally motlvea ware rapalrad and lurn.d ut '" of atop, against S3.MI In tha laat j Jalf half of May, I ' aaa Numerous aeleoted atoclt.. In which pool operation, presumably ware el work, moved forward vigorously, bul Hu 1 change occurred In pivotal Industrials. Western Railroads also failed lo ahara In Hie strength shown by th Kaatam ogrrlara. Untied (dates Caat j I toanufactura ritamhaU, paper and Iron Pip. advanced Liverpool Cables Relatively mul ,rd' 'nrr" V S. c. ROVt-B lltH'MKBTIIIt. N Y., July 13- I'h. g.eulirto price war hr, whbb ha. brought lha price of independent gaao line down to U oolite a gallon, la causing lha sell. re a loa. of about 3 rent, a gallon. Th Mandard Oil product sllll J MsasUaaaau la Riamuused al tl eagta. although ! 4. 'fL' dealer, aay lha war may ba eu hr-rad- KIU r. . isei ened that It Will Include tha Standard Ala. Fewer fa. to. IMI product Th struggle waa precipitated j Trarttoe. U hi I he .pen Ini of numerous new ftllliig rial ions througboul the etly Oil man 1 WraklHV expect dewtor. will continue in luxe - 1Ng their loaasa until enough of the surplus i unauX Chkn, "1 latlons hie put out of bualnra. lu lea sen the preernt etlff Competition aaa aftoiwwi healty to. IB1 SKATT1JC. July I. Pa. here and j TeamU tL ism hankani closely associated with the eel 1 I ran taaaalld.tad b, Im man packing Industry eaperi ih,t th-Alaska pack will he cut an average of U per rent a a raaull of new reguht tlotia pul In force by Henry O Mailer l ulled Slate, flah.rle. commlsatoner ICarty report, that th. Alaska pack will l-e reduced from 31 lo id per cent b regulation, which went Into effect Jun-71 are lielleved lo have bean Ig aerated and heat available authorities Place Ihr minimum of reduction at S'. I per rent lai.l season the Alaska pace t'.taUd 3,013,340 a.., .,f ( on pound can. each Tha effect Of the new law In force In Alaskan wal-r. cannot b defli.ltel) determined hef. re Aug I aaa l.i:VKI.ANI, July IS General In-luairlal empluymenl Hu fallen off v I jam t J pet cent In Ih- la.t .lx week. Jhe laige.t drop being In aultunolulej lo- xrraat (.31 w An pee K V. IM j K-rtk B , Security i I rad ra M alskaraa h.tu I : I KH active h Ala, Power r aii.MRM Atnerl. .a tl-sr Ul in AiMdato t, record high lel at 1 a point or mma were scored by Dupont. I Houston OH. Rears Roebuck and While I Motor. Scattered realising salve caused a fan sharp rare.. ion. Davison Chemical and General Electric each falling Ito points Blewart-Wsrrur extended II. loa. lo 3 points and B: nr lair preferred declined ' a point on unfavorable dividend ru-I more yhcelgn sachaugss opened Irregular. Easy; Crop Lacks Moisture. m time than to iwnl sad the num ,nd lh prospect of unfavorable dlvll- i Tur,ty , .cttv,u ln ,h, ttock m,r. r recruited and brought into the state I d,nd'artlon by ih glnclatr Consolidated j wrr, ,nouh. a far as recruited and brought Into the .tale heavier than laat year. Tha il.H acre, of wheat Hi Ito three aisles re Hired (Q. (XXI outside hands to harvest he in J director, this week Induced further Mil Ing of Bine lair .lock Othar oils wart similarly affected, with lha oil statistical position still unchanged Heart ton cams Into the exchangee. hlch Mondays a cent of the Kanaaa farmers who are finishing up Ire. now dlr.rtlng Ihelr outside h-lp loTpartU-nlsrl .lerllng, Lulnts In Nebraska, which sent, how- 1 - ' ver. Win not require an unusual nurn-of worker., although temporary Held radquartcr. of Ihe I'nllvd Htwles em-ciynier.. service have been ealabll.heU It Omk to route them The Istr.t wheat rrop advice, from panada have relieved somewhat th nensre of s heavy Canadian crop lo ompste for foreign business with .truer- I grown grain. The season Is two I that political consttferations cannot be (bey related lo (he dividend paying rails and to the shares of those carriers In a position lo Inaugurals or rs-aume dividends Many of these .lock, have been selling below their Investment merit for a long time and current earnings are not so Important as the fact that confidence tn Ihe future of the carriers generally Is being reestablished But when this speculation goes so far as lo Incluge stocks of roads N3SIV YORK. July Tke rwtloe met Set ... tucker p tMedsy . eertj Ir.diaa . lag l rue t. nu u firmness f July sod a bell." that rt real seller, bed '' tag nM Jsiy twagltlua Itcure. nen tlwn were "Tt Irregular, new, price, teteg taint, lower I 1 taint lileh . ra In rvvpease - relilveiy easy l-i vet ai Hotuilon Oil Company of Texas earned ! ,atle. but the market moe timed ap ym rr n( of II.SM.WT In I bo Urn j half of 1124, oqual ofier jwfrrod dlvl- , romlaim f (? dends of IS H a share on Ora common. now. eastern bell ractlotw. inly W up aroa. earning of tl.IM.0U for tb six j ra SAthr aad txistor lu Jh. " months compared with 11.463.247 year arli.nce h carried lo within and a half of the high olnt year !( had been the fashion lo .(tribute lira recant movement In alerting lo ttoHIHIMBRMPBWBPNHH relatively greeted demand for money Ini which no one Imagines are In a position London over that prevailing In New to resum dividends or which have In-Turk and this would be a perfectly net- com. honda outstanding on which there ural ex pi nation under normal condl- . large arrears of unpaid lnlrest It tions Hul TuaadaWa market showed j I. time for the Judicious lo exercise Me ration, cannot be j caution Th outloo for railroad Is ago eaka behind In the prairie provinces Ignored rain la badly needed In Urltlsh Col- With the convening of the Inter-allied I of Osar Corn And Cheap Hogs. With corn quoted shove II per bushel, formers In the corn trail are seeking to art a course which will yield them a despite lha wide divergence be -" cnnrandH i are nearly 0 per cent higher Oran this time laat year, while the esti-xtes of the Department of Agriculture ndlcata a corn yield nearly IT per cent Oran In ISIS. Much of the corn rown la not a "cash money crop. A proportion la sent to market in the of meat. Both cattle and bog ca now are low. Many farmers, therefore, are rushing hogs and cattlv to market to a run caution. j not so rlear (hat differences In earnings financial position can be Igntrad Lorenxo M. Yarbrough, of Wesson, died Saturday at the home of hla brother. M. H. Yarbrough. Ha I survived by bis widow, four daughters and Ihre-sons. Accompanied by relatives Ih former home for burial and Interment. MISCELLANEOUS MARKETS CHICA00 B( t Atm, in . Ji enibg, klgkevt, oe lb. CkU-si CHICAGO BOARD OF TRADE rHIi Auu. Ill . July IS - The raliowtag an tke epeolag. klgSevt. Ivuast sag cloalag quau- Wheat July Cota feeding high prlc-d corn to low pr'- el ?ep,-'n'."-r nlmals. Slaughtering. In the laat I month have rua about five per cent those for the corresponding pe-i year. In order for tha farmer translates hla corn Into meat to . . xke. a profit, corn price must decline : V? livestock price advance Hog and! stitu -ltl prices now are near the 1323 low j July point. September Livestock Likely To Rlso. jHItor '" With the Indicated yield in the eight ! July Hates producing Ihe most corn 16 per ; cent lower than laat year, the lmprea- Ofl0fr - j .Ion prevails that an advance In live- CIIIE 6ERTICE COM? lock quotations Is the more likely. Thr 1 Cltr Debesture. Opes. Utok Lew. (1.31 (I iJ 11. ZZ .. t. 1.337, 1.31 S .. i.3b i-3i tx 1 311k 1.24H I the farms than In 1323. Slaughterings jup to July 1 broke all previous records The number of sows farrowed last Igprlng run 11 per cent below those of I the Spring of last year, while sows bred I lor Kkll ferrowlngs were 6 per er nt. I fewer than was the cas elaat ear. aCt-I tie have followed the same general trend, " though slaughterings have not been rel- atively so heavy. Advance In livestock and wheat price I undoubtedly would be reflected ln meat prices to the consumer. Those corn growers who can market their grain di- reet will benefit by present high prices, but these do not Include all who raise I that grain. Cities Her, ice Hanker. Cities twrrlcv. oaninon Anwrteaa. Receipt 7000 hale, lartudlsg 3.100 Amer.cB Future. rlud .t.xdy; July IQ. 1,1: Orfober 14.701; December 14.371 Jxu-usry 14.324. Mtrrb 14.331: May 14.134. CHICAGO PRODUCE. CHICAGO. Ill . July 13 Cantaloupe. Tur J3 So Urtrl, .'ud.rd. 3SW3 SO; Jntbo. ,Jegla Hyleys crate, aad bushel. II. 734(2.23. Carman. II 33tol.60. tCWau'-d 33-404(2.26: repacked CHICAGO LITE FOVLTRY. CHICAGO. Ill, July 16. Ur moiltry lrr.f Msr keallera by frvigto 33Me: by exprra. B Me: fuvls by freight 2: by eiprras ltrai 23c lUMtvrs by freight lie: turkeys by frelrht Mr. br express 2Ht0r poultry leragi I try Irragulsr. eklckes. 32(M(r HAYAL (TORES XAVANXAH. tix.. July 13. Turpentine 77 tic: Mira 300; receipt ihlp- ' slock I1JTI mem. Ooote B 34 40; II (4 M: T. T 34 (Cl,. O to M 34 B. N 34. W): WtlliTS; WW X 16 23. CHICAGO GRAIN Wheat Prices Again Touch New High Records For The Season. The decline .Headed In 2S.04r fW etubr I rnsklsg set lses f about I" Sd nolat. of f-rine UprrvU ol Ihe. flfurrasudtb. mll-sftenraou market wad Stexlr wtdlx prtees I m-veral point up from lira lowrat on rtu The tarty advaneaw a ekarked vIjfb UKiiIii r recfectl 2 Mf Prilc tumrd rtil'r on th fYrbl Irn UII , fsrec sal and scattered Jilr I llquldatljm. Jul ' ...ll off to 30 03: and uetober la 33 r. arak lux o.l drenae. of I to 2 radut. The market at niKMay a. wlthla a few point, of thew figure, with trading compare quiet. Mrw YORR OOTTOM mTURER. NEW UIRk. July 13 .-The foil... lug are CHICAGO. III . July ll-WIH prl rg jumping Wlliif w,,h JMU Kxcit; Kr.V tttflfmfeto rrop report fitro CimJi. ttw- j,Biry JJ fj jJ-JJ jJ'Jil wlid-at mark i her atMi p quickly Twdpy March U-1 jf- tn nw high rfH fr th bo0 Kurr May JJ'jJ Tl 2qa f howr in Ctngtfi. bmTr I4 tu In July 8'2 fi'J! 2 S S (h -rRd iI11ug prrB-urw on th n.l 1 Ortobr g g 55 2 u 'Biid rapid flortuatlDA that Atrn4d our j wnber - .4 Ml range- f nbiUt thr-p rot. Tril hm on n Yrf a'l. but m orb mor Of two pilled rh rrtr than U retlr ln ti.w nil r oprfitog prlr Whlrb uf from unrbEmrwl flgur to lc hlrhrr, ulth Hptemtrr 1.23; nt a i Vuer Purchase Of Large Blocks Of taler by a aorcraelnu of evtft change., nrastly Kit .her. m.what. There I general belief Ural (he low point of activity has been passed. a a K ANNAN CITY. July IA The Continental Gas end 33elr(c Corporation, which owns the Kansas CHy rower A light I'ompany and other public utilities. report continued gains In earnings. For th company's last fiscal year, net revenue rasa from IJ. 62.441 to li.404.6J7. N. Y. STOCKS NHW YORK. July (3 -Tb folio. In are Ih, opeolns en-l 12 0 m quote l Pm. a lira N.w York Stork Erhsej- Opes Itlgh. low. 13 30 p. ...1144 II7S II4S lit ... 7 ... .... 7Ml I ...I4H 14 ... 43 .... .... m ... 37U 371 17 37 1 ..133 4 133 123 I23tql ... 304 not 30 4 30 . . . I talk ut US' iiai, t ... on', , . on t, ... 404, 44(4 40' 44i. I . . .1011 I02U 101 ' IOIL I4 14'. ... an Mtt Ml MIU I ... im us ic. up .. 4 4H 47 S 47U. ! ... 731 73' 72'4 73V, M lUV 31 13 j It t ontocl Mia iFkJ (M ll ft.. hcf field Hi ItaSfP HNr4 Iraa 7k. U IBj U W Brazilian Bonds Still Tottering NEW YORK. July 16 Copyright 1334- Except In lha foreign group, bonds I were quietly firm In Tuesday's market, Kn among lira foreign Issues, ll waa ; only lha IJrssll bonds that displayed any real weakness Naw Iowa were made by most ftraalllan obligations. Including ! (ba (a of (ha federal government and Ihe la of the stale of Kao Faulo. In gen-! eral, however, lha sailing was not so j persistent as on Monday Other Houlh American Issues were falrti steady end there was no weakness I In Kuropean bonds No significant changes were observ-: able In high grads domestic bond. Most Libert y Issues were a trifle higher but i trading waa not heavy. In railroad bonds thara was some buying of Kt. ; Louis, Iron Mountain and Hnuihern 4a. and of lira Itlvar and Gulf divisions, the latter advancing a point. Although lha ! technical market position of these Mia-' sour! Farlflc system bonds to not par-I Hcularly strong, earnings would support I higher prices Th samebitruaolln- I .. eo , f In,. I H bM w. B AX i I hM W ir uiaa li T Mt yW - ' 0ttW4fV . , . a . kd a S- ft I r f l r uf land r . . ... no iixm jj tofKk f mxliifhRtoi lh4 t'. iiif ff JtMb lsAP pw s. if s(it3bi cm Titott hi Cm. m.i .MI NKilfcHdrfB Kip' ftl, i A ittaf ih rtif'iloA m b mmt m rm new si uf th dvakr In H ih Krlff , txund. pnd a hr upturn In I Air lain Adjust mnt A- Naw UffliK tl Wf Artlvi and fritfiOMlIj j Naw llavn 4. of IHt. wt up A t and a half. In ih iriril4ti, ihr waa in rrtftff movmnt in IVtrrdt InftAd 4A. Nw iMura included U,014,MH) tlty 4 mid 4, dtit pfktlly lo from 1 tn S II pt cft Aod IT Ud.hOA Clll of Hlrhmnnd, Va., 4H ua ItM. td yl!d 4 1 p-r int. . . - . . i i mil -1 nrrr - ' Raw Silk Hardens; Cotton Cloths Quiet trrnUon (Jr At Northern. N'w Or- I lrn, Tfii nd Mxlrn, f which j rdii Ar tj l tAkn Into th grAAtrr Mi our I I'priftr eombiliaUon Th mor iculAttv rAll wr d- ' rldrdly trrcKulAr. VAknA AppAarAd - Aih in ChlCAfo A KAAtrrn Iklmoi S. which j rrm-y ktra V3 f dropped a point. And Ht. Paul bondi'MMIluVt rrAmrr unii un I Al 30 were heavy on forecs.l. that June rarn- totoN' rfv, rra.Y ings would make an unfavorable mm-1 extras 37V43Sk: 4b. Orate aiQgae. partson with the results of s year ago. tlw-rae seek: rccT.te 24S.3XI )ueds. NKW YORK. July 1 6. - 'opyrlgtot, 13JL (Joist ruled tn lira Worth K'rvaf market for cotton clothe Tuesday. Das mand was slight bul prices wars main. Lined at Monday' level of IK cent fur G 4 by 60 print cloths. Th raw allk market waa firm an unchanged tn Vokahomn hut prteeg for' most grad, her regained Ihelr tonne of Monday. Quotation war; XXA, IMS. XX It. S 16: extra. : heat N to I X. 6IJI; Canton. 16-14. S.JS; Cato ion, 20-22. 14 70 i HEW YORK DAISY. xr.w YORK. Jolr IS - 51 retpt -- --- . f)ral Klcirlc , . , , iulf Nffr Ntl Km. Oup. Orp. . . f htb V!lr .... lytAl A Nin Merc. Marine, pfj. 'IUmhiI PArlflr . X. V. fAtrpl .... .V. I. e. H. A H Nor. A Vt. . ... Mortiifrn Pacific .. Poat iAnla R. R. Low-Priced Rails Stimulates Activity. n firm; sate 1,531; receipts 4.134; util -201: stack K IM William Waisbarn. Funeral service for William Weis-barn, 40. who died Monday morning ! at a local Infirmary, were held at 3 oclock Tuesday morning from the Woodlawn Catholic Church. Burial was ! ff- j. POTATOES MARKET. CHICAGO. 1U.. Jsly IS. l'otstee market weak, trading fair: receipts to rare: 3 an track. Tutsi Lulled 11 tales sklpuranta IjOOO Kansas end Missouri sacked Irish cobbler, 31.3341 1.30: few fancies s sl.nd. higher; war ,r down to 31 00: sacked eatly OMw.1.2 1.40; lllinole eeckol rerly Dhlos f 1.25ft 1.40; Virginia tuirrel. Irish cobbler 13.2a: .North Lsrulma barrel Irish cobblers ,3. 00413. 15 rLOIJR MARKET. NEW YORK. July 13. Hour firm: Spring patents 37.2547. 73; soft Winter straights j 604i 5.VU; hurt Winter straights 8.50 4(7 00 Rye firm So. 2 Western lUVae f. . b. Sew York, and 91 Vic c. o. f. export. I'ork firm mess 826.00ft 27.00. Lerd strong. Mid die Wee. VES. NEW YORK. July 15. Bar silver 64Vc; Mexican dollar 31 r ST. LOUIS POULTRY. ST. LOl'18. Mo- July 13. Spring 2e; other n nr hinged; butter 301c; egg un-chcnged. In Forest HIU Cemetery, with Ltge Loy in charge. Mr. W. L. Phillip. T uscalooia. TUSCALOOSA, Ala., July 15. Special The funeral of Mr. W. L. Phillips, who lived near the Byler road about 23 mllea from Tuscalooaa, waa held In that neighborhood Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Phillips died Saturday. Mrs. C. B. Clarke, Clayton CLAYTON, Ala., July 14. Special Mrs. C. B. Clarke, of Clayton, died Saturday ot a hospital at Dothan. Ala. Mrs. Clarke was a young matron, a member of Clayton Baptist Church. She leaves a young husband, father, two brothers and one sister. The body was sent to Malone. Fla., for burial. Infant Flower. Funeral services for the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Flowers, who died Monday at a local Infirmary, were j held at 2 oclock Tuesday afternoon from Elmwood Cemetry, with Ridout in charge. Mrs. Euphemia Miller. Mrs. Euphemia Miller. 47, died Monday morning at her residence. 9X5 Green Street, Graymont. Funeral service at 3 oclock Tuesday afternoon from the house. Burial In Elmwood Cemetery, with Ridout in charge. Mrs. Catherine Staley. Mrs. Catherine Staley, 67, died Sunday at her residence in Nashville, Tenn. The body was brought to Birmingham Tuesday afternoon. Funeral services were held from the Louisville & Nashville railroad station. Burial was In Elmwood Cemetery, with Lige Loy in charge. Abraham Touchstone, Meridian, Mist. MERIDIAN, Miss., July 15. Special. Funeral services of Abraham Touchstone, a well known local merchant, were held Sunday from the lamily residence. Rev. Desman officiating. Interment was in the Orthodox Jewish Cemetery. He is survived by his wife, one daughter, and one brother, Morris Touchstone, of Griffin, Ga. L. Ygrbrouah. Wesson, Mis. MERIDIAN. Miss., Jufr It. Special. LIVE8T0CK MARKETS. NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 13. Cattle 100; tliidy; Iirarr ierr $7. 5018.00: beef iteer uOfti.lXI; heifers 6H.O0ft38.50; cow 3.00 ftlOO; feeder (5. 50ft 0.30; stuckers 63 50ft 00. Hog 500: it eg dr; heavy hog 67 ,40ft 7. 80: medium 67.25ft7.60: light 66.25ft8.75; pigs 64.U0ft5.5U; throwout 63.003.73. Sheen 800: tedv: choice lambs 6310 lo 612 60: econdx 63.50 to 6U.S0; rul lambs 63.50 ft4.50; fst sheep 63.50ft4.50: medium beeu 62.UOft3.00; cull 6100 down; buck 62.50 down. KANSAS CITY. Mo.. July 15. Cattle receipts 12,000; calve 3.000: desirable bandy-weights and belter grade yearlings fully stesily; other beef teer xlow. steady to weak; odd lot bandwelgbta 610.20; full loads fed steer 610.10; early bulk 67.504 9.50; few loadi Texxa cxke fedi 68.34i 8 00- teef cowa 63.75ftO.25; bologna bulls 64.50ft 4. 75: ealvea 50 cent lower; beat seal-era to packers 68.50ft8.75; few up to 69.00. Hogs receipts 9.000; ihipper market uneven, 10 lo 20 centa higher; bulk of salea 67 134 7.50: packing sows 6006.75; stock pigs 23 cents higher 48.504x800. Sheep receipts 4,000; lamb around 25 centa higher, top natlvea 1.400; better gradea largely 413.2541 13.73. ' LOUISVILLE. Ky July 15. tle receipts 200: slow; ateady; heavy steers 68,11048. 75; beef ateera W.OOf' 8.50: heifers eedera 65.00ft beef steers 48. . 45.odS8.50; cow 63.00ft8.25; 7.00; stockers 48.0048.00. Hog receipt 800; mostly 15c higher; 185 pounds up 67 70; 120 to 165 pounds 66.50: pigs 45.00; throwouta 63.70 down. .... Kheep 8,30; ateady; top lambs 613.50; choice J1KA8T ST. LOUIS, III.. July IS. Hoga re ceipt 21.000; active and 13c higher: heavies 67?,0fc7.ti5; 'light weights (7.25ft7.60; pigs strung to 23 cents higher. Cattle reeelpta 7,000: lower; vealera 49.50ft 9.75; Western steers 46.OOft7.2S. Sheep receipts 9,000; sheen active, steady: practically 613.000; cull 66.50; fat ewea 43.50 CHICAGO. 111.. July 15. Hogs receipts 31 000; desirable grades active; 10 cert to mostly 15 cents higher; others slaw; big packer inactive: shipping demand broad; slaugh JOHNS UNDERTAKING CO. Funeral Director Ambulnnea Service Wcnn Mat 10 W1 4Hi Avn. " OF'' . lit a ,. ter pigs weak to 25 centa lower; top 47.86; better 170 to 323-pound averages 47.4067.83; ood and choice 140 to 160-pound offeringa 7 00ft7.35: sow 66.75ft7.10; strong weight killing pigs 40.0041 6.26; heavy weight 67.45ft 7.65: median. weight 67.40ft? 115; light weight 67.00ft 7.80; light llftits 68.00e7.40; lacking hogs smooth 488567.25: parking hogs rough 611.4548 83; slaughter pig 45.3R.35. Cattle reccnpta 8,000: beef steers and yoarl-lnga uneven; generally ateady to strong; top ond handy weight steer 11.000; few ye ring above 810.000: bulk fed teer and yearlings 8 75ft 10,25; ft he stock rather slow; bulls 50 and 23 centa lower: vealera mostly 6ft cent lower: bulk to packer. 10.00 10.50: stockcra and ferdrrs nominal. Sheep receipt 9,000: ctlve; killing lamb and yearlings around 25 centa higher; nwt or natives 50 cent higher; aheep strong; feeder , .ready; early hulk better gradea fat native lamfH. 41S.90ftl4.25: few to packer 414 HO- sorting light; no choice rangers of-frred ' few good Westerns 618.50; cull scarce; most tv 40.50 ft 10.00; hulk choice yearling withers averaging 103 to 105 pounds 811.50ft 12 0o' odd lot fat ewe. 68.00ft5.76: feeding "ciNcnNATL Ohio. July 18 Hog reoelpt 4.500; 15c higher: stags f4.0OQ4.5O; heavy Int sows 65. 00416.25. Cattle receipt 400; ateady: calve tedy; M8lMrap rav-eipt 2.800 strong. Lamh active. LIVERPOOL COTTOK. prtLcLTOSrU(biSlrm1.6dd5S,,0?7.?IS 'Pi dllnt ag 1 5.83d: d oritair 13d; Sties (.000 bate, 4jS CHICAGO DAIRY. CHICAGO. UL. July 15. Butler lower; receipt 20.948 tubs: creamery extras SSLc: standard 3Me: earn finis ITUftShc; firsts MftSOtoc: seconds 33033c. Meg unchanged: receipt 25.997 ces; first 2JQ26r; ordinary first 24ft24Xc; storage pack firsts 28Vkr. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN.' CHICAGO. III.. July 15. Wheat No. 1 hard 61.28; No. 2 hard 61.210131. Corn No. 2 mlsed 81.131 1.14 th; No. 2 yellow 41.14ft 1.14V. Oe! No. 2 white 354 HOn; white 574S7V.C;. Rye Xo. 2 or. t .lisrtey 7ftM6c: timothy teed f823ft8.26; e lover teed fll.004l.l9.iU. Iwiii ...... 410.50; bellies 41 1.12.12. FOREIGN EXCHANGES. NKW YORK. July 15 Kurel-ti eesler: quotations in cents: Greet Britain de mand 44.381a : cable ai nuVi ; nu d. (( I' BOkf $4 .3H. Vnnce demand 6.18; rabl 5.17. Italy 4.0. 4.11. Illinm 4.67 d 4.fi7H. irmany pr trillion) .23 Holland 37. 0; Norway 13 47; 8wdn 28.50. In- nurli 14.00; 8wltdrlnd 1A.25: Hpaln 13..1I; ;rr 1.71; Poland 19: C'icholovakla 2.93; Juffoultvla 1.19; Austria (Mj14; Hu mania .45; Arrant inn 52.75; Brazil 9.3T; Tohio 41; Montreal W 11 2. well thOY MradsT B ftniBh Jtirrld buylrr u the mr of thr prerlou. llr rarriftd ftptmbr rm iu. sUt any priev hrtDfor fFtrhftd this Tftir .is soon s dF-msod from this msiptf wat filial, flxmci. tb market underwent a sharp reaction. Th extreme spread between top and bottom fg ! NKW TOIlK. July urea for September dorln thl. operatWm tlnsed their mard Tbjjlajr i inoasted to 5 rents nor tmohel. with the purchase of Urx the market a a whole finally st-sdrlnr at duo s encouraged trading '' jtaHlel again frarttoa ander Mraulsy a finish The opening long side la o that tectlou. byeclaltoajg j was at unrliaaaod flture to 7 hlirher. Rep wot in denmad ember Sl.M to ftl.ORH. tb Utter the top Joint sttsloed The rlo of the market ape I reared to he reernad slmoat altocetUr by temporary pecalsflve pit oulltloni. Oats folio wed the ehanfe lo but kept within rlirttelT narrow limits Rtarttns; iinrhanfei! fo H blrher. September 47&r 4744c. the market seored the amall reneml adra are and Inter showed tome loaa all rawad. Hif her quotation on ho ate a material lift to the provUtnu market. Better weather had a bearish influence on future dellverle- of corn. Caah corn, neeer-theleaa, was in urtent demand with Ns. 2 yel low at 1.14 Vj. new fop record for the Hhhihm Erl referred reacuel blab lake. RtrSitb Of b .railn-U xtoMi --d I Readlnr HftiMiblJr At ) Rock Island . . . S!o fthefftrld Southern Tarlflr Southern Hy. . . . ptadebaker Texas Co Tobaeea Prndocta I "Dion Pacific lU. R. Steel U. 8. Steel pfd Utah Copper ... West. I n Ud Tab ? 4 S7 81 -1M 137 ? 1S6 137 Vvstingbnaaa iuS loan. ioovk titoft 1 122 70 70ft -m . rp- . qn 82 82 Vi v kw,oleanr (FOT cotton . 'ESS'V wSkOaSB "t ' 7n th"pol23. o'Viri vr u. pop1 ..tcral of whbl non.. Jftlddlln, U.3.V. mld 23.09 toMiu pr ad to the L n 1 1 eii - iMUFi New York Centra). pelawan- nd Hudson sod Norfolk and West others nioi In up 1 to 2 points vnwrf.s1 Can ami' fvw pufillv utilltls. alv drtm"l tndPnd.nt strength Waku.-wft most prunounced in th t bum cal aud ns. ror T'Jurl. Atltntb- R. fining. I nlt.s snt season, future closed wrak. 1 to 4V4 states lduttrlsIAIcl.Uoiicoisumandtu not lower. September 81.01 eral EKctrlc. Despite tbe nisettlM cbsrac Immense profit liking sales, togrtber with s ter of the dealing. .4 toSkVIt,,h, ... peak prlco for the year during the morning sessmn, mon opened at 2 per cent droptMMo 3 points. Th deminl for rail ftwl middling 89, c; receipt ST; TtoA 00 ..irtad witli the low-priced carriers IfT. ' nien - Vnlted state dl ilrnd psy - One of the outstanding advantages of our 15-Year Home Loan Plan is that The borrower hu the option of paving off the loan in full after 3 years without bonus or any extra charge whatever. Jettison & Company tfAlUTATt - BOrrCACf LOAMS MVOTNOfT OAMKtftS (flNorlh Twentjs4lrft Street Telephone Mein 5280 i Mf Iri-up In bnrlnc bnmrht about a auddn break in what ralua drina the laat half hour of th board of trad scnaloo. Tb clra was iiMtt)d. 4 to lb cftot net lower. 8ptm hr U.2l to 1.21i aod December 11.24V to 1.25. KlEttATOLlS FLO IT MINNEAIOLfS. Mina.. JuJ.r lft. tin rhlofd to !5 cm to higher. In car load )t I ill o 2 7.45417.75 a bar- MtM,"lwrb' Shipment. 28,. Pevls " Hon-elng uf tb' styurt Intere.t in Chemical, which csraLd It up over 3.s n!, from lb low level of Ih forenoon end th of round smounts of publlc utlllty ! fc 3Ar." caused J&'nSi w -vsks: J.1;;.:"-.?;,1;;;:: cnntluurd hoevy Atlantic Keflnlng JI Tld vvatcr estabUshlac nw minimum PJJJjf ff the year at 82 and U1HV respectively. been on a five-day schedule, has closed for three weeks. STEEL. P ittsburffh. July lo. Jobber of sheet and wire product are replenishing stock. Few export orders are coming In for tinplate hut P'P mills are taking orders for line work and the building trade, although not in large quantities. Philadelphi., July 15. Bids for 6.000 tons of silicon steel and 16.000 tons of carbon steel for the approaches to the Delaware River bridge will be opened Wednesday and the contract awarded probably before the end the week. Steel for the bridge proper will total 18,500 tons. CEMENT Atlanta. July 15. The state highway board has let contracts for 2,000.000 worth of permanent highway construction In various sections, 11 contractors sharing in the awards. HONEY. Fort Worth. Tex., July 15, Texas bee keepers report that the honey yield this year is one of the heaviest in years. An abundance of rain caused many flowers to bloom. . .. SILK Seattle. July 15. A shipment consisting of bales of raw sllk and 125 cases of silk goods from Japan, valued at 5.000.000, is now on the way to New York under passenger train schedules. This is expected to be followed by other heavy shipments. KANSAS CITY OKADT. KANSAS CITY. July 1.1. Wheat No. 2 hard 1 141.35; No. 2 red 1.20il.31. Torn No. 2 yellow 1 14; No 2 mixed 1.0 1.09. Oat No. 2 white flli82c. RTF FT VAtkTT NEW YORK. July 15. Bteel unchanged. TOLEDO GRAIN. TOLEDO. Ohio. July 1.1 Cloremeed $11.75: October 12.85; December 12.50: alalke caah 910.65; August 11.80; timothy peed caah 3.75; September 64.15: October 4.00 Choice Steers Rise At Chicago Market CHICAGO, July 15.' Copyright. 1921. Mondays hog gupply failed to break th. previous record for one dav but it went to 901.95. Big packing house report that export trade is much Improved; ln fact, good enough to prove that Europe's buying power now is much greater than Indicated during the past few months. The big decline in prices for Iambs last week cut the supply this week and values went up again. Receipts Tuesday were 8.000 cattle. 31.000 hogs, 9.000 sheep and 3.000 calves. Choice steers were In good demand and values were steady to strong. Some light fat steers sold at 111 but most good yearlings went at J939.75. Cows and heifers sold slowly at steady prices, but bulls were down 1525 cents. Good bologna bulls went at J5$5.25. Bulk of veal calves sold at 10$10.&0 on a 60-cent lower market. Best hogs held at the gain quoted from the outset, and most of these were up 10 15 cents from the levels of the day befoic. Other kinds, hewever, were only strong late In the session. Top lots sold at $7.65 but many sales were made at the price. Smooth packing hogs went at $7$7.25 on a strong market, but pigs were down 25 cents. Best lots went at $16.25. Western Iambs showed medium quality and few sold at $13.60. Strictly prime animals were quotable at $14.75 and down. Top natives made $14.60 on a 2550-cent higher market. Choice yearlings at $12 also were higher, while aged muttons sold strong. CANADIAN WHEAT CROP LOW. OTTAWA, July 15. Government officials announced Tuesday that the latest available returns indicate that the condition of the Canadian wheat crop on Jun 30 waa 96 per cent of the average yield for the period 1914-23. Estimates based on returns up to June 30 gave the probable crop at 318.640.000 bushels, as against last years record crop of 474,19.000 bushels. Other reports indicated that droughts in Sas-katohewan were not general In the province. HOURLY TEKFERATUEER. (Issued by the Westher Bureau.! 8 a. m 72 9 . JJ 4 t. m TJ 10 m M 5 t. m ..-71 It " JJ a. m. . ... 72 12 noon 7 a. n, 73 1 1. m. ....? 8 a. m 75 2 p. m. ... 90 Relative humidity: 7 . m.. 5 per cent; e. nr.. 7, d.fteee; FRUIT. Atlanta. Ga.. July 15. The bureau of estimates here figures that the 11,000,000 bearing peach trees In this stale will produce 7,568,000 bushels of fruit this year. Wilmington. Del., July 15. The Delaware early apple crop is expected to total 600.000 bushels, valued al from $1,200,000 to Jl. 500.000. The total crop. Including the late apples, Is expected to bring in $5,000,000. RAYON. C 1 e v e 1 a n d, July 15. The Industrial fibre plant, makers of rayon, or artificial silk, is running night and day with orders booked far nheud Production for the last six months has been 50 per cent above last year. LUMBER. Seattle. July 15 Facing what the chief forester of the United States declares is the worst fire hazard in the northwest since 1910, at least 76 per cent of the logging camps In Western Washington and Oregon have ceased operations. There will be an acute shrinkage in sawmill cut, as the visible supply of the logs in water Is the lowest ln years. RUBBER Boston. July 15. The Chicopee factory of the Fisk Rubber Company reopened on a five-day schedule this week instead of the three-day schedule In effect when the plant closed two weeks ago. The Firestone Apsley Rubber plant at Hudson, which has Home Building Homes spring up rapidly in cities , because there are institutions that are ready and willing to help the good work by financing the home-owner. JEFFERSON COVNTY Mr. and Mrs. Birmingham The City Curb Market Opens Wednesday, July 16th FreshFruits Vegetables Direct . ..A From the Grower For the benefit of the general public of the city and the farmers of this district. Farmers, trucks and wagons will be parked at the curb surrounding the municipal market, 3rd A ve. ahd 23rd St. Fruits and vegetables will be sold in wholesale and retail quantities djrect from the garden and orchards. i Daily From 5 A. M. to 9 A. M. A chance to buy from the grower himself. Bring your basket and take advantage of it; everybody is welcome; anybody can buy the freshest and most wholesome foods right from the farm at lowest prices. m r. m Jackson, President 113 N. 21d Cheppe'l Cory Pr W. Vice- H. Woolvgrton, Atty. W. A. Pettltl, Gen. Mgr. T, B. Ridout, Tree. Ervin Jackson, Asst. Mgr. Wst degree. WST1 :r; f i 12 Remember the Hoars S a. m. to 9 a. m. Remember the Place Cor . 3rd Ave. and 23rd St

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