The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 31, 1941
Page 8
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Hogan Falters, Little Fails After Gaining Lead; Hank Dons Robe And G liants, Indians Wise Money Wig er ASHEVILLE, N, C.. Mar. 31. (UP)— First money of! 81,200 in the Land Of The J Sky open golf tournament for the second consecutivo year boosted Ben Hogan 's money-winning streak to 45 consecutive tournaments to. day and put him far in front BY HF.NRV .McUCMOltt-: United Press Staff Correajiontleat A1UHISTA, Ga., March : (UP>—Hani! me down wit'' and robe, son, i am my ^o- to sit in judgment on' Johnnv Guldahl. Thrv'rt Bulla and Ralph 1 , of the rest of the profession- know, ft a two under roirui for P a- feuding, started in Lawson Little als in the dollar division. Hogan, w3io won the Land Of The Sky open with a thrilling stretch drive yesterday, recorded par 69 in the last aggregate of 284. In the morning round of the 36- hole finals, L'aw- son Little picket' up nine strokes on Hogan tiud led - 210-215 n the end of 51 holes, He shoi a G to Hogan 's 75. Kogan started whittling on Little's lead early in the final 18 with birdies on the first and third holes and kept up n hot pace 10 blaze oast Little. He finished two strokes ahead of the National Open champion. Little collected S750. Blow Hot and Coltl Lloyd Mangrmn of Chicago finished third with 289 which was g'cod for S550 while Craig Wood of Mamaroneck, N. Y., wound up fourth with 290 to win S450. The finish put on by Hogan proved conclusively that lie had the heart of a champion. Going into the final 36 holes Sunday with a four-shot lead over the field, in which Little held second honors. Ben blew sky-high and fired a 75 over the soggy course as Little ran down Ion? put Us and hit almost every srreen in superb fashion' to fashion a 66— best .round of the meet. But the San Franciscan could not keep up his "hot" golf even with a five-stroke lead in the final 18 holes and shot an amazing 7C to Hognn's 69 that- cost him S450. Musters' Is Next Hogan won this time with an 11 -stroke addition- to bis winning tnfnl of 1940, "as"" wind and vain whipped Forest Country club links throughout the tournament after rainin?. but the first day's play. The Master's tournament at Augusta is next and the last winter tournament on the pros' schedule. star tin? 'April 3. y ° u A she- tlie VAT.POST A On.. March 31. <UP) --The M""- York Oinnls snul Clevp- ln>"! Indians beuin their annual '" v !'il)ition tour today. Sinn- the 1 \\m '-'li'lv; bpji-Mi lnl:in» the homeward tn-k toother in l!J34, the OirT".- |i}tv ( . v/on 44 fames and the Miekev Witek's triple with the buses loader! yesterday fentiired :i. foi'i-.rim rMlv in the eighth inning v-hk'h fuve Mie r-innf.s a 7-4 de- over i ho Washington Seiw- rision tors, villo when Hulla (jiiit Kanr! Of The Sky open golf i •Mjnwrwnt rather than finish .'i j round with Guldahl. "Too slow," u said Bulla. "Much too slow. IV! J, ladu-r never win a tournament. ' > i-inn pi.iiv with Gulduhl." H<il<ls Timers (UP) The Brooklyn Dodders A iiJul uhiys tlie Dallas Slews of f Texas I.-ormuc today while the , i - division meets 'he Detroit Tiuers. j Luke H'.imlin pitches for the B Let. us con.sld-|.'eotion while Hal Mewhouser will er the case. ! '"ork lor the Timers. Dalli's- trimmed Ov.'hhihl is.slow. -! !1 ' flirt hsilf of the Doilrers. ,'}-! there can bi> no ;* r '-sterd:iy and Kirbv Hi»be held the r'"iibt of thai.. vuV-'H^, he He f ' r i"er.s- seven hits for it;- '.triumph over Detroit, lie squirms • nnd hi. 1 ii'-i^hv; before makin<? a •-•hot oil' t.h" tee. 11 v i.s cl«libiM-ii'..o to (lie noint of pxa.snrni'ion on Walk Off Too Soon P<\N ANTONIO, Tex.. March 31. 'UP)—Ronort.s of a possible I rude between the New York Yankees mid Washington Senators involv- iii" the swap of veteran Shortstop the (airway, uml j j.Ynnkie Crosetli remained imcon- I finned today as the Yankees ar- I rived to meet San Antonio. Hous- lon of the Texas League handed I he Yankees (.heir first defeat of I he .spriim by a minor league Learn yesterday, 4-3. The. Yankees thought, the gnmo was won in the ninth after Catcher Hill Dickey apparently nipped n runner at the pinto for the third out. The umpire allowed the runner to score as well as a succeeding runner while the Yanks trotted to the clubhouse. Friseh Gets Tough SAN BERNARDINO. Calif. Mar. 31. (UP)—Angered at the poor baseball form of his Pittsburgh Pirates. Manager Frankic Friseh imposed a rigid workout schedule tcdav with the added tin-eat of wholesale options to minor leagues. Henceforth the Pirates will be in uniform at 9:30 a.m. each morning. Friseh said, and "if they don't wake up here, they may wake up in the miners." The Pirates' sec- cnd weekend defeat by the Chicago Cubs—their 12th loss of the exhibition circuit—was the immediate source'of Frisch's wrath. Rend Courier News want. ads. when lie reaches the g r ce n h e studies a putt as if jl, were n *'tran»o nnimnl. washed un on the shore f'-om some iwthicjil land. T have heard it said that a jar of molas's'c.s—sriven a njiir of kn'i'kers ;t"d vet uf clubs— ei-ul«J hea< Knlp'i I'mmul a course, even in frcr/intr «'ea- (h"r I have also bisml H "••aid <''at on of the reasons he 1'as to study :i jmlt so lonzr is tiiul (he rr»ss irrows and r'm' 1 lie addresses the ball and finally <:i"s it toward tho hole. I'll* rinn't. let us over-look this r «<-t Gulrinhl's noim '"•ire on the . United '•'"nol Onen cun. That, is the blue r'bbr-M of eolf. the Onen. and to •"In it once i.s the "onl of even* nmrs who swirls i\ club for rav. Bulla'.s name i.s not on that cun. One must wnncl^r if Bulla wculd nrlont n more leisurely pace " v n\ind the Bourse if he knew de- Ub^rntion on every shot would w v i^ it, o' 1 the biu silver mu fr . •Put a M)d"-e must study both of the ni-Ejument. nncl Bulla one. whether h n wivs ' a j Onen or not. Guldahl— j ?nrt I nri sure he rloe- iiot do it j v-ifh • malice aforethought—is un- f-iii' to ni.-inv oi his fcllov/ profes- ^i^nnl.s when h n plays so slnwlv. The nvorr^e nrofessiotuU ^olfer is iTir~]i f-.>r.tpv than Guklohl. He mnkes M" '-hot and moves a'on<i. Too. the nvera"T> professional is n hi°h stn.rp" r.renture. My .s»n»m:ition: liulla was factlrsv ;»ncl ni'lr in niaUin» l'?s break with GuJdahl so ol>- vicus. Gukb.hl oouk' be more cmisid- ernre. He cm'Id ulav a bit faster "'ithfuc hurting hi- siame. In my opinion n man who knows enough nbcnl: pplf to hit the bill as well as Kaluh does, stains ncthinu from a fivr minute .study of every life. ; rve'-y roll. He could reduce this . rtuch- b.- two minutes and be just I efficient. J Here bov. take my robe and I wig. I'm finished, and ne>:t time j brin? me n' wig that doesn't have 1 n cowlick. Canls Win 'Vitumin' Tilt HOLLYWOOD. Fla.. March 31. John Grod/.icki. Elwin Roe is written ;»i'(! Bill McGee will see mound duty States Nn-; today for the St. Ijouis Cardinals :mninr,t. the CoUmibus Red Birds. The Cftrcls- yesterday won the second of tlieir "vitamin scrie.s" with the Philadelphia Nationals. 9 to .'J. at Miami Beach, although they were onthit 10 to 9. Enos Slaughter hom-M-p.d for the Cards in the first innins. «iClU!L\V^ VlJf'VV'* iy™i I rrvfn*; ' - •••'j|f''' : (ll' lili i '''• '''•• > : ''s*'*' ;'!3J|j.C!$i'i'i[U.rv'••';/' Idaho U. Team Wins National Boxing Honors STATE COLLEGE, Pa., MONDAY, MARCH 31, 1941 Tourney ORLANDO, Fla., March 31 (UP) The Sports Spotlight By LA VIM ONI) CRUMP A noted brain has designed a plastic-lined cap to protect, baseball players from being in 1940. with the unofficial estimate of 3.205 of the fowl in the state W. O. Young of Russellville is Krowns Jiasli 15ees SAN. ANTONIO. Te.x.. March 31 (UPi— Tlie St. Louis Browns were .scheduled to break camp today to begin their northward trek. First stop will be at Houston, Tex., on Wednesday. The squad will bo reduced before it leaves as club officials assiyn players to Sun Antonio, Toledo nncl other Browns' farms. The Browns yesterday col- k";tfd 1M hits and smashed the Boston Bee.s. 10 to 2. "beaned." Dr. Walter E. Dandy of' new chairman of the state fish and Johns Hopkins Hospital at Balti- ' game commission, which has no more, with plastics technicians of * Mississippi county representative. E. r .DuPont Nemours & Co.. is the ; It's Private Frank Stiedle now. designer of the latest cap. a prac- i The ex-Arkansas golf champ, who tical. unobtrusive helmet lined with : won the state Amateur champion- "Plastacele cellulose acetate plastic, ship in 1936. 1937 and 1S&>, is bta- Membcrs of the Brooklyn tioned at Fort Sill. Okla.. with other Dodgers' thib. wlio haven't, shown draftees and says he is enjoying signs of daffmess lately, have worn the army and thinks his golfing the caps this spring and express w»* a great aid in keeping him fit satisfaction with them . . . the r °'" walking demanded of soldiers. I .'\ c;it> has pockets in its lining into i • — r championship for the second year after winning the seventh National Collegiate Athletic association tournament here Sat- U'-'Xv niyht. When all three of its finalists came through with victories, Idaho finished up with 15 points.' nosing out Southwestern Louisiana Institute, with 13 points. Penn State and Wisconsin tied for third with nine markers. The Kara brothers —Ted and Frank—figured largely in the Idaho victory. Ted defended .successfully the 12f>-poun<-l title he won in 1939. defeating Don Harper, of Southwestern Louisiana, to become the first coll-'^iale fighter to win three consecutive national championships. .„, Frank won the 127-pound crown,' hind the cheerful exterior bhere defeating Edwin of "south- j heals a sad heart. He needs a lot western Louisiana. i cf everything, including pitching Laune Erickson, of Idaho, with hitting, catching and new blood .'e:l Kyi-o . the only defending I For UlR last four yenrs Washing . ;dso | on gi-adually disintegrated, cli'oa- (t<. IS, nillP f\ fpM- nn 165- Saur Featured On Wrestling Program George Saur will headline a tag match wrestling bill at the Legion Hut tonight when lie teams with Mexican Carlos Rodrkjuez against a of speedy foes, Eddie Malone and Jack Curtis, hv the main of Promoter Mike Meroney's weekly program. _ . _^ TWO'preliminary matches will be .staged, the first scheduled 10 open at 8:15 o'clock. Saur will engage Malone in the opening preliminary that i.s billed for a one-fall, 30-mimue time limit length, in the first, appearance* of ,the big easterner who is' touring I tin's section of the ; country after 1 leaving ' the' big-time rings for a while. Saur' is the brother of Ray —It took just 10 minutes in the'!steele, claimant to the heavyweight dugout with Bucky Harris, the one- (wrestling championship of "certain time "bov manager," to find out parts of the world, and has a long, that the Washington Senators have no designs on the American league Bucky still can smile when he talks about his ball club, but be- '" of pound division. Onlv one of Southwestern Loui- n few points falling into .seventh place son. Tii the clays when Harris was the "boy manager" and the toast siana's three finalists to win was " f W T > , *™ ™* ^^ Louis Campbell, heavyweight who f Washineton. he brought a club easily defeated Gates' Kimball of' ° m follrth place to the Pennant North Carolina. The .1942 boxing championships will be held at, Louisiana State university, Baton Rouge, La. in one season. Getting his present outfit, out of seventh place will be a considerably tougher job. So hard for power are the Senators that Harris has had to install third baseman Buddy Lewis in the cleanup spot. In five years in the ibig show Lewis never has driven in | more than 91 runs in a season. A i bacelor, Lewis may be drafted this ANN ARBOR, March 31. (NBA) ..summer. ^<uiea cms —Aquatic stars from the for swimming championships in the Swimming Crowns round out a University of Michigan pool Three defending titleholders expected to enter are Tom Haynie. . „„,,,{,,„. Detroit Athletic Club. 220 and comm * - - - • spectable starting trio. Beyond them Harris is up a tree. Walter Masterson. who showed signs of may get the , L last season. spot. Steve Sun- successful record of his own to match his brother's; reputation. Kodriquey. and Curtis, who wrestled viciously in a. Ihiee- i'all scrap lust week that £avt the decision to Curtis, a Vicks- but'K, Miss., newcomer who ile- cidedly c:in take care oi' himself ami uses the kangaroo kick just like a kangaroo, will be re- matched in the other preliminary. Then comes the tag match, a continuous, exciting bit of everything possible on the wrestling mat over a 90-minute time limit period if necessary, with the decision going to the team that first wins two falls. When one of a team is pinned, he must leave the ring and let his partner battle it out with the other couple until he whips both, alternately, or is vanquished himself. Then, after a short rest period, the teams start battling over again. If Rodriquez goes about, his part of a wrestling show in his usual manner, he's likely to infuriate both his opponents and make it a tough evening for Mr. Saur, who has had ruffled foes to deal with in many big-time bouts and may make the fur fly tonight when the rough stuff starts. An -advance ticket sale at the 400-yard free style- Adolph Kie- , ay &- ec uie ™°- « S » OL - steve Sun- ' «» -ac«vance ticket sale at the fer.'back stroke, and Otto Jareta Wll ° won n strai £ hfc iri 1939 Gr eyhonnd Bus Station will close inn'.vivr! Vi. DQ cf,-io T»^ i'. 1( , Q 7 but was able to coo onlv four i il t 6 o'clock, when tickets will be 100-yard free style. The latter, pair represent the Chicago Towers club. Rookie Injured games last season, was bought from the Yanks and is likely to see plenty of action. The veteran Danny MacFayden was signed as a free agent after being cut adrift by Pittsburgh. Alex Carrasquel is left to fill in. HOLLYWOOD, Calif.. March 31 (UP)—Tho Philadelphia Athletics wore .scheduled to meet Hollywood here today. Their gumc- with Sun Fnmcisco was mined out. yesterday and the only news was a boom in the plans to have May 17 made a na'.innal "Connie Muck Day." That date already h:i.s been set in Philadelphia n.s "Connie Mn;:k Dny" tit Shibe Pnrk, VENN Ulil.AVS A PR H, 25-215 PHILADELPHT A —The University of Pennsylvania relay carnival will be held on Franklin Field. April 25-26. j which protective sheets of plastic j are zipped . . . the plastic is ! strong enough to prevent shock but ' extremely Hf;ht,weight . . . !'layers may winir only one- h'.tif df the protector while at hat . . . That is. a riKhl-liiind- eil hitter can wear it on the le.t't side of his head and vice versa for a lefty . . . and fans don't even notice the helmets, which resemble ordinary hase- ba.H nips, until told about them. . . . SOUTHERN You remember the Dodgers. They .lost the National league pennant' , ^ hist season because two key players' 1 ' 10 sca horsc were "beaned." Pee Wee Reese. Suullirrn S()Uti\tnan. AuMin. T»ui Queer Fish Some fish are unusual with respect to their body covering-—not all have scales. A South American catfish and are armored with bony rings, and certain gars of North America are covered with were "beaned." Pee Wee Reese ° '" |B!>> """ ctliam gars oi s-hin-tsiop. and Outfield Joe Mod- worth Amencn nro covered with wirk were forced out of action and ! haiU b ° ny W*«™^ P^es. with were unelTective all season be-!' 1 " ,°" ter sllar P- c «H«ng «'due. The ci.use of the aividenUs ' ! b:U!lshes *™ complotely covered April Fisherman Must Act Like A Trout To Catch One; Tips By Michigan Guide Tlie, of baseball .,_ intentional or accidental, reads Mke a "Who's Who" of the diamond ! sport. The first, .helmet was pa ten t- j<ri in li)05 and many other caps and h"lmet,s hnve been designed in the last :u vein---.. Hockey ptayers ttciw wear In on; v.ear them jockeys, automobile racers and polo with bony tubercles; the putl'srs are covered with prirkle.s; the porcupine fish is sheathed sharp spines. Watch Your Hiuuls! Perhaps he's too little to keep now- LAKELAND, Fla., March 31. (UP)—Ned Harrir,, rookie outfielder, is lost to the Detroit Tigers; a week because of a p.osej wh o ni t below the belt here are TORONTO. — Main event boxers >^-** Ll •» V V. *,Vi O^w^CX LtO<- "JJ. CV liUO^ 1 fracture suffered before Detroit's rinecl 5-'o. same against the Brooklyn Dodg- nrs "B" team Sunday. Harris was hit by a batted ball while fielding. Pitchers Tommv Bridges and Bucl Thomas held the Dodgers to five hits while their teammates were taking seven from Brooklyn, but lost the game 5-2. transferred to the Legion Hut. CONCRETE STORM SEWER For- Sale- ALL SIZES Osceola Culvert Co. Phones 253 & GO D, S. I.aney Ed Wiseman Osctola, Art -. ^.., (J1<1 ^ 10 -^it hc-'ll grow and ini^ht be j elmets. football play- ' tllc rf'fTerencc between success and -•m . . . so do race } failm ' e on your trip next year. So I Phillies Lose. 10-9 MIAMI BEACH, Fla.. March 31. (UP)—Seeking a comeback after a 9-3 exhibition tilt loss to the St. Louis Cards, the Philadelphia Phillie.s went against the champion Cincinnati Reds here tctiay. Five Phil errors gave the Cards the game yesterday as the Phillie.s outhit the visitors. 10-9. CKEIGHTON RANKS FIRST PEGRIA. — The Bradley Tech basketball team, which played from | New York to California, selected i Crcighton as the best all-around j team faced during the season just ' closed. It named A. D. Roberts of j Oklahoma as the finest individual opponent. ' By BOB FORESMAN Michigan Guide. Written for NEA Service ALGER. Mich., March 31. (NE.V —Anril Ls the month trout fishermen drasr tackle from the mothballs and hie forth to favorite streams. It's well to be prepared for anv eventuality—min. snow, .sleet, and evf>n a hatch of mosqnitos! The early-season t router ha.s more oroblems than anv other fisherman. Water is likely to be hteh and roilv. whic.h nresents the question of lure selection. Seldom is the rirv fly nroductive of fish at this season, although nn angler without some Honors generally runs into R flv hatch "and finds his sunken offerings isnored. '•"Streamers Good l.ure In hieh and muddy water, the most effective lures are streamers, nymphs, crayfish, rhiib tails and .spinners. Usually the latter two lures are used with a .smnner. A double No. 3 copper .snlnn^r with a chub tail on a double hook is most effective with lar?re rainbow and brown trout during hiqh- wjiter periods.,. Streamers and nymphs, the latter tied on hooks not less than No. 8 size, are employed to advantage in riffles. I advocate the larger size hooks. You'll get bis- ger fish. FLsh downstream in high water. Cast across and allow your fly to be carried down by the current until it has reached the length of the line uirectly "below you. Retrieve in short jerks. If no strike is forthcoming, lengthen the line about a foot and recast. ksl^W •?>* ^ v ^•••USaSWd ^ v »j . vv „ s ^ ^X^-5, A v V \ *• v , ^ •• ^^ 'X!UT*v- x -» .. l^-^^'- ;t ^'^*fi«is I'hivt-rs who li:ivc worn the c-ap say (hry artnally forget and wear it while in thr field . • so it appears that no hardship will br imposed KoUi ;\k-dwiek tind Keesv say they xvill wear them all season lieeause, with them, baseball is not only a .sport, lint a fmsi- LKAVES TRACK FOR;AIR - - -- j LOS ANGELES. — Art Reading. carefully. Mr.' Southern California half-nuler. has Before releasing mvjersize:! given llp his last . season of com _ i from the hook, wet ,-our hands, petition to enlist in the navy air \11 t f»llon n Hc*itn'itKAl.... i..^_. _i_ - I Baseball's most progressive siep j l\\iM be the adoption of a rule re- ' j quiring a play.T at. bai to wear l < | the highly scientific, liuhtwei-ht Up . '? s . a novelt - v ar drawing-room protective cap. And the rule si urn Id If you (ouch a fish with dry hands. you're apt to break the mucous j coating of his body. This makes i him easy prey to disease i No Buffalo in Ameriea There has never been a buffalo in North America — except those in zoos. Our so-called butlalo is a bison. The true buffalo are found only in Africa and Asia and have Mr humps such as dn the American bison. Kn-caw-serolc Crows are not only being dished corps. be- made before someone i.s killed pot-k:cks and cross-road picnics, but are being offered in the cornet meat emporiums of some cities as be too late, for ;he r.layer who was we didn't, warn ou! struck to protect himself -- mint ins I wild turkeys and know where to ! find them, you're free to buckshot : the birds for Ifi days this your i brginning April 15 . . , (he season j closes April 30. 15 days earlier than Liingfish possess n functional iung in addition to gills like other fi.shei;. When the water in which .they live i.s impure, they use this auxiliary "lung" to breathe air entirely, just as mammals do. BEAVERS BUILT A DAM ON THE J EFFERSON RIVER, MGNT&NA, FEET LONG/ GO A LONG WAY WITH PUTSAUJ^CLE iKi YOUR MOTOR v Big bend . In ever increasing arcs, you a large .section cf water without moving and disturbing fish. A wet fly action rod is the accepted tool used with a tapered line -which isn't essential, but better for casting-ami a tapered leaaer of not lass than 7>> feet in lengtn. , ^ big: trout, • The tip of this leader should ; test not less than five pounds, for ! you're likely to hit a tanker at this i time of year, and a heavy leader \ will hold him. ! In the .spring you'll find bi^ ! browns and rainbows at the mouths of creeks or springs entering a main stream. HOUSE PAINT IHSTRTOI'TORS: JOHN MILES MILLKU 123 W. Ash Phone 1158 or 375 WRESTLING TAG MATCH Jack Curtis & Eddie Malone vs. Carlos Rodriquez & George Saur 2 out of 3 falls—90 min. time limit Also 2—one fall 30 min. matches Webster must have been thinking oi BEER! In compiling his famous diclionary, Webster must liave been thinking of beer, a beverage of moderation, when he defined the meaning of icholesome — because .... Beer is made from wholesome American farm pro- duns under rigid tests for purity and quality .... The Arkansas beer industry's self-regulation committee has just completed its first year of pledged cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Revenues and local authorities to maintain conditions in retail beer outlets as wholesome as the beverage itself. ° Today, as our Committee enters Us second year of self-regulation, we renew our pledge of cooperation wilh law-enforcement authorities to help maintain wholesome conditions in the retailing of beer Beer provides employment to more than 8,000 Arkansans and, as a §10,000,000 Arkansas industry, pays approximately §1,000,000 a year in slate taxes alone. You can help us prolec! these benefits by patronizing the law-abiding beer outlets in your community. BREWERS & ARKANSAS BEER DISTRIBUTORS COMMITTEE J. HUGH WHARTON •TATE DIRECTOR 407 PYRAMID BUU. DINa LJTTLE ROCK, ARK.

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