The Indian Journal from Eufaula, Oklahoma on July 3, 1958 · Page 2
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The Indian Journal from Eufaula, Oklahoma · Page 2

Eufaula, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1958
Page 2
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. There wort- 15 ni Rundny Wefe forrnf'd wifh the rrfnilfir Sandfly dlrifif-r Kuf ^sts in nw W. p. Frflhklln hoirif- wcro: MTR. Jedflelta Ilartrkl^^', Tnhlpfiiic'ifi, Mrs, ffolhn Sitfifford, El Hcno, MfS- Leflh Stftf^cy, Rickey nrul Jetry flml Miss Lntirn Tnhl, Musr kdgee, and Miss Mfic. Mrlntosh. JBafatilfl. Mrs, W. P. Fffltiklin, Mrfl. f<!o- Ifttt Staffotd and Miss Mno Mf> Intosh were Muskogee visitors SatUfday. Mn and Mrs, Alfred Mfijors and cfiildren and Mr, nnfl Mrs Marion Littlcpfigo nrul family had supper with Mr. nnri Mrs Ci ^'B. Birks, Saturday evening. Gary Majors played boll in Chccotah Monday. Wallace Miller of Ma /ie viRitfd In thfe homo of Mr, find Mrs Al fred Majors Monday ni^ht. Mr',' Mllffi .f'lhmou find ^RfelJa Anrif', IfMitycIt!!, rind IVIr,s, fl F. fi.'ikci il'-rf IVTr ;irid Mf>, (' 11 Mir I: ! (.v 'l II" •••(•fluni\ Mr' f V' \'.nk'-, Mr" V' F, l 'iril-.( I ,'itKl Ml': Rllf 'ti jfilirisori v.'cir •.iipfici (;tK"-ts of iVIr,'^. Mnr- (lifi W\i(''\:in<\ ill (,'firi;idiriii Mrin- d.'iy nifdit Mr. find Mr,'=, ('• V, links /iiid grnridsnri':, Tirnniv fnul Tr'rry Willifirnsofi. W \i^- P> F Mfikfr, Mr.': Kllcn ./nhnson .'ind Stcll;i Arid visitcfl Mr. ;ind Mt;-: W M Kpfirks fil '['cxdfinfi, Hiindny. C. B. P.irli.'i took cattle (o Mr- Alfflter rriarket Monday Lcona BHrnoH spent Saturday witli Jeannie Majors, .Sherman Truitt spent Friday with Gary Majors, Mr, fiind Mrs O. U. Turner called on Mr. and Mrs. Earl I,ac- key Sund/iy nfternoon, Debbie IJaldwin .spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs, Earl Laekey, Miihjud ,'ind Charle.s Burn.s .'jpont Thursday with Mr. and Mrs P 'iH I I.iickcy $ !^ $ $ $ Win yoisr share of ^66,000 in prizes! Get on tlio Gravy Train! If you liovcn'f nlrpody cnlircil the exehhig Phtttfp« 66 RHYME=A-1,FNK GONTESI. don't wait any longer. Drive in for your enlr>- hiank today at any Phillips 66 ctotion. No purcbiiRc rcfuiirod —just write the last line for a simple limerirk. IstraiZIl Aguoronteed Incom* of $225 por month for 66 monlht (0Vi yeart), or $13,000 In caihl 3ml MIZIl $100 per month for 66 month*, or $4 ,600 «ni MIZIl 13500 In cathi AUo 6&0 Valuable Mcrchandiao Prises — 10 V-M Stareo/Fldalli Hi-Fidellty Seti 10 WeillnghouM 13 cu. ft. Upright Freexert 30 Revere 8min Camera & Projector Seti fOO 'Stmbeom 20" Rotary Power Mowers A90 Svnbeam Avfomatic fryponi Enter as mony times as you wish. Kiilcs : •• printed on your entry blank. Hurry ... all ^sntries j , . i Im post- morked not later than midnight, July 26, 1958. GOOD LUCK I 0^ ^'11IC - m STdRS By tYM ttfUatAAjIt S tAN rilEflfittO flays that BOtnO (\ny "vfa will have kerosene 'fV . , . When the picture ffcts blurry, yrni just trim the wIck" . . , Ro- ofpsK .n? AOC -'rV, NBC -TV and CUR-TV firo .ssod 149 ,594,212 In Jan- D.iry time sales, 14 per cent better thnn Jnnuary 1957 , , , "Matl- nee" lins received the snd news-^ It's through . . , The daytime drama was costing the network n million dollars a year and the ratings Were sagglnff. NBC-TV is pitching Milton Bcfle for two formats, a half-hour, live comedy show and a half-hour drama scries In which Berla would narrate and occasldnally act , , . This boy was really In the groove for the Emmy telecast ... Ho hadn't bocn on camera for so long that he got carried away and went over eight minutes, much to the irritation of others (including Jack Benny) whoso lines were cut to make up for lost time . . . "Death Valley Days," TV and radio, has had the same sponsor for 27 yo .Trs and this should surely be some kind of record. PLATTER CHATTER "The Great Ollderaleeve" finally fades from radio after 17 years ... Hal Feary and WIHard Waterman starred bi the series ... Hal March ta golngr to star in a TV situation comedy series with the pilot already making the rounds of prospective sponsors . . . Nat Hiken, who created the riotous "Bilko", has another series going for him, "The MagniHoent Montague,'^ starfinf Sir Cedrlo Hardwick ... It is reported the two sponsors of "$64,000 Challenge" will drop that one in favor of Hiken's show. Marie Wilson Is attempting a comeback with a series called "Ernestine" . . TV film commercial business will hit $25,000,000 this year and three-fourths of the total will be spent with Hollywood firms. LAFF or THE WEEK PARKER OIL COMPANY, Distribuior Checoiah, Oklahoma CRISCS, 31b.caii 85c FiOUR, PiUsbury Best, 25 lbs. S.79 SAllION,... Cowboy 1 lb. can 49c FRUrC COCKTAIL, Hunt's, 2 cans. 49c PEHCHES/Red Bail, IVi size,.. 4 cans.. $1.00 COirtE, Folger's, lb. 85c OLEO, Headowlake, 2 lbs. 49c GRAPEFRUIT & PINEAPPLE-CALFAME JUICE, 46oz.can 29c JELL-0, 6 boxes 49c CAKE MIX, CINCH, 5 boxes $1.00 BEANS.-..Pinlo, 41b. bag 49c CHERRIES, FOR PIES, 4 cans.... 89c PI.IlilS,RedTag, 4cans 98c ^N,.. Konnty Kisl, 5 cans 69c GREEN BEANS, Griffin's Whole, 4 cans... 89c PmWPLE,ReilBind, 5cans .... $1.05 SUGAR , Powdered or Brown, 2 boxes 29c Strawberry Preserves, Zestee, 2 12 oz. jars 49c Peanut Batter, Hale Leader, 24 oz. jar.... 59c Pork & Beans, Campf ire. No. IVi can, 2 cans 39c N0RTHERNTISS1IE, 4rolls..... 35c FRYERS,.. Swift Premium, lb. ..41c BACON, Wilson's Corn King, lb.... 63c Meel your friends at the Air-Conditioned S & M FOOD STORE ^hone y{f>0 Home Owned A nd Ooerated Kufaiila Okl», "Now here's a nice little ooUectiflU of repairs in Just the price range yon mentioned." CROSSE ideaJ ifofrt 6lhe^ t^AUoti PasscngcT cars were involved in over 78 per cent nf all U. S. traffic fatalities In IS.')? and In 86 per cent of trafTlc Injuries. • • • Trinidad, once known as "The Land of the Hummingbird," still has a largo hummingbird population. • • • Trays, platters and serving dishes are now being made of nickel- containing steel to complement stainless steel table flatware which has gained widespread popularity. FAME NEWS MRS. ROY WHITSON The young people and intermediates of the Training Union of the Baptist church are sponsoring a "Traveling Party", Saturday night. Beginning at the home of Mrs. Bruce, where they will play games, thoy will walk up to Mrs. Selfs' home for refreshments and on the Roy Whitson home for the devotional and fireworks. All the young people are invited to attend and bring their friends. Visitors at Church Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Dobson, Jean and Hal of Checotah, Miss Rhetta Huff of Ada, Miss Reba Turner and Mr, and Mrs. Clark Kingsberry of Ceradville, Kan. We had a large crowd at speaking Friday night and we certainly thank every one for helping to make fhe pie supper the success it was. We hope to soon have the cemetery in better shape. Thanks again for every donation and every pie that was bought. Mrs. Al Rosenblatt and Betty Ann of New York City, flew to Tulsa Saturday. Mrs. E. E. -Downum, Leonard Farrar and Kathy met them, and they plan to spend the summer. Other visitors in the E. E. Downum home over the weekend were Mr. and Mrs. Mutt McCoy and girls of Shawnee, and Mrs. Johnie Brasher and Linda of Eufaula. Mr. and Mrs. Garland Francis of Mountain View visited Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Turner and family Sunday. Mrs. Jenson of Stidham and her daughter of St. Paul, Minn., Miss Reba Turner, and Mrs. Margaret Kingsberry of Cerad Vale, Mr. and Mrs. Don Askins of Fort Worth, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burdine, Jon and Gail of Eufaula, visited Mrs. Flora Dalton Sunday. The Suttles family had as their company Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Garland Weeks and David of Okmulgee, Mr. and Mrs. Kelow Gentry of Okla. City, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Duncan and family of Tulare, California, and Chucky Gentry of Tulare. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Williams and Vicki, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mcintosh, Rosemary, Stanley, Rebecca and Roily, Mack Whitson, and Cleo Harris left Thursday for Columbia, Tenn., where the men will be working. Miss Barbara Williams attended the Youth Revival at Stidham, Sunday afternoon. The C. C. Suttles family visited Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Gentry and other relatives at Keota last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Beryl Thomas Cook, Sherri Lynn and Iva visited in the Reuben Turner home Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Folsom & Lynda Lu visited her sister in dhreveport, La., last week. From there, with her sister they went to New Orleans, and Lake Charles, La. Mrs. Lowrance Nix and son, Bruce of Lompoc, California, Mrs. Bonnie Treat and Mrs. T. C. Edwards and grandson, Orville Burdine, were visitors in the Joe John.son home Monday. August Luelf and Paul Hampton have returned home from Camp Meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Jacobs and family, Mr. and Mrs. Rass Thorton and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Joe Johnson, Sunday. Brenda Neuenschwander went to Checotah Sunday with Joyce Thorton. Mrs. Lester Overmon and Mrs. Joe Johnson are on the sick list this week. Tcjtasi When a inlented person works well below the peak of his cffeetivenGss and his capacity, then everybody suffers. Particularly does everybody suffer if that person is engaged in research, in mass production, in education or one of the phases of otlr American wajj that eontribtite to keeping U!^ the best fed, best clothed, best housed and happiest people on earth, More and more business executives today are stopping short of their capacity. This Is a grave Injustice to themselves, to the companies they work for, and even to the society of which they are members. What causes such meh to do less than they know in their hearts that they should? The answers are not hard to find, it's close at hand and touches us all In fact, it just touched us all — some with the force of a rifle bullet and it's the vlscloua personal income tax. It's bad enough when business executives of many years of experience start cutthig down on their working time and in turn on their earnings? But when youths start doing it, that's even worse. A young Center man said the other day, "I'm not figuring on working more than 40 weeks- this year. Last year, I worked 50 weeks and thai teeorti* ta* mi such a lick that 1 wotked ^uHe « while just for the Government," Vou can't blame this yoting man, But we could and should! do some* thing about fhe situation that brings Sf ound this type of thinking, Where would the tJnited StatW bo todiiy had men like Thomas iidlson, Hehfy Ford* Abraham Lincoln and Oenotal Douglas Mad* Arthtif wofried themselves with the 40 hour week? Did you know that a recent poll in England showed that 60 per cent of her yout^ wanted to leave the British Isles T Here is what a distinguished American research outfit had to say on this subject last week. "Naturally, the reasons are many and varied. But one of tho big ones found in England's wel« fare state. Government control* are rigorous, and along with them has come a crushing burden of taxation. Opportunity for most young people is limited to the extreme." "The heavy hand of an entrenched, rule-bound bureaucracy is felt everywhere. The principle basic Industries are still nationalized, and even the major private^ ly-owned enterprises are doml* nated by the government." That's in Britain. Could it hap> pen here? Think about it. Bark, long awarte product of additions of nickel, gea. tba Imttber Industry, if now being *>«l<»w five per cent, greai- ooBV«rted into an unuwally effao- ^ to»P«>^« ti»e strength, tougb- ttva aoQ buHdiMr. nen and wear resistance of steaL All Air Conditioning is part electric so to get the most of the best buy Air Conditioning that's ALL-ELECTRIC wonderful electricity does the most for more people . . . raasonobly, too THE STATE NATIONAL BANK STATE NATIONAL BANK Eufaula, Oklahoma CONDENSED STATEMENT AS OF JUNE 23, 1958. RESOURCES LIABILITIES Loans and Discounts _ . $483,997.92 Overdrafts - 609.07 Furniture and Fixtures 3,101.00 Building ---^ LOO Federal Reserve Bank Stock - 6,000.00 U. S. Bonds 872,300.00 Municipal Eds. & Wts. 154,039.75 Cash and Exchange 466,078.29 1,492,418.04 Capital Stock Surplus Undivided Profits Deposits: 50,000.00 150,000.00 154,077.74 1,632,049.29 $1,986,127.03 $1,986,127.03 DIRECTORS— R. L. Simpson C. L. Follansbee R. L. Simpson, Jr. W. D, Renfro R. J. Guiou OFFICERS— R. L. Simpson, President R. L. Simpson, Jr., Vice- President W. D. Renfro, Vice-Pres. R. J. Guiou, Cashier Sybil White, Asst. Cashier L. M. Sims, Asst. Cashier Wanda Truitt, Asst. Cashier The above statement is correct: R. L. SIMPSON, President R. J. GUIOU. Cashier Deposits Insured By Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation $10,000.00 Maximum Insurance For Each Deposiior $10,000.00 FAITHFULLY SERVING McINTOSH COUNTY FOR 47 YEARS

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