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Niles National Register from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 14

Niles National Register from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 14

St. Louis, Missouri
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n. 280. NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER-JULY 4, 1840-CONGRESS. 1 1( 1 1 to close the present session of congress with as little de. reminded the gentleman from Louisiana (Mr.

Bice ate a good deal of amusement, until half past six, lay as 'Possible; and whereas much of the indispensa. Garland) that he (Mr. WK.) had, on Thursday when he concluded, and Mr. Hubbard, of Alabama, ble public business is yet to be acted on: therefore given notice of his intention to move the printing of commenced a speech in support of the bill, and in the said committee be discharged these papers. Mr.

Rice Garland. Is it a fair pro. epposition to which he said was the from the consideration of said bill from and after Mon- ceeding to force this matter up in the absence of the great support of kingcraft and priestcraft. He made day next, unless the same shall be reported to the house at an earlier day; and that said bill, with such amend. gentleman from Virginia? Mr.

Craig called upon an argumentative speech, and concluded about half ments, if any, as shall have been adopled in said corn- the reporter did not comprehend. Mr. organ, of New followed on he "th democracy to do" something-7-the nature past seven. mittee, shall be taken up in the house on Tuesday next, whereof at eleven o'clock A. M.

and be the special order until The speaker, who, during this Irregular conver. posite side, and made a speech which occupied finally disposed of, reserving to said committee the sation, had let gentlemen have pretty much their the committee till a quarter past eight o'clock; right, according to the rules of the house, to report the own way, now called to order. The clerk thereupon when Mr. Hill, of Virginia, took the floor, and ad. same sooner if the discussion shall terminate.

proceeded to call the roll; and in members an dressed the committee in opposition to the bill until. Mr. L. Williams a call of the house; which swered to their names. And the names of the ab- past nine o'clock.

being ordered, the roll was called through, and the sentees having been called, 156 members appeared Mr. Crabb, of Alabama, followed; but, 'disclaim. names of absentees again called; when there appear- to be present. And, on motion of Mr. Ramsey, ing any participation in the arrangement as to time, ing to be 160 members present, further proceedings all further proceedings on the call were dispensed he went at large into a discussion of the bill, Which in the call were suspended: ayes 100, noes 30.

with. he certainly did not spare. When he sat down, at The question then recurring on Mr. Clifford's And the question recurring on the motion to sus- a quarter past eleven, half a dozen gentlemen made motion to suspend the rules, Mr. C.

at the suegess pend the ruleMr. Tallaferro stated that his col. a leap for the floor; but the chair gave it to Mr. lion of Mr. Brigg's, consented to modify his reso- league (Mr.

Boils) was necessarily absent with his Chillenden, of New York, who opposed the bill, and Julien by striking out the preamble; and on the re- fatnily, and it was his wish that the question on re. made i reply to the speech delivered some time solution thus modified, he demanded theayeas and ferenre and printing should not be taken unless he since by his colleague, (Mr. Floyd, of New York), nays; which were ordered, and, being taken, result- were in the house. on which he commented with no little severity. -ed as follows: yeas 127, nays 53.

So the rules Air. Craig said that the gentleman from Virginia He concluded at twelve o'clock; when Mr. Duncan, were suspended. (Mr. Bolts) had told them on a former occasion of Ohio, obtained the floor, and moved for the risieg Mr.

Clifford then demanded the previous Ties- svith much emphasis that he had "tied them up to of the committee. lion. The call was seconded, and the previous the bull.ring;" and he (Mr. begged leave to be The motion prevailing, the. committee rose, and question put and carried; and the main question be cut loose.

The documents were here, and should then the house adjourned. lug on the resolution, Mr. L. Williams inquired of go forth tothe people that they might have the During the delivery of most of these speeches the chair whether the adoption of the resolution whole truth before them. the committee was very thin; there being, on one would not work this effect, viz: that all the appro.

Mr. Thompson, of Mississippi, said I had moved occasion, but 17 members within the bail priations contained in the sub-treasury bill would the previous question before the reading comtnenc- 29. Mr. Peirikin moved to suspend be adopted without being previously- considered in ed, and I have no idea of withdrawing it; so that the rules for the reception of a resolution that con- committee of the whole? The chair replied that the the gentleman from Virginia, (Mr. Boils), even if gress adjourn on the 15th of August next.

The yeas resolution V3S before the house and each gentles he were here, could not say a word. So far, there. and nays were demanded, and being taken, resulted man must judge of it for himself. As it involved a fore as any injury or hardship was concerned, the as follows: yeas 63, nays 43. No quorum having change in the older of business, it would require a gentleman would have no more right to complain voted, the roll was again called, when the vote re vote of twothirds to adopt it.

The yeas and nays than any other member. Suited, yeas 81, nays 89. So the rules were not sus. were now called, and resulted as follows: yeas 123, Air. Monroe then moved to lay the motion to sus- pended.

nays 58. There being two-thirds in the affirmative, pend the rule on the table. The speaker having Mr. Briggs moved the following resolution, which the resolution was adopted. suggested that no more time would be required to was unanimously agreed to, viz: Mr.

Sergeant moved to take up the hill from the dispose of the one motion than the other. Mr. Resolved, That the clerk be directed to py the funesenate called the bankrupt bill, that it might be re Monroe did not persist in his motion. An inquiry rat expenses of Eleazer Early, late a clerk in the office ferred and printed. Objection being made, Mr.

S. was here addressed to the speaker by Mr. Jacrein, of this house and keeper of its library, who died at his moved to suspend the rules for the admission of the whether the motion of the gentleman from Alabas residence in this city this morning. Briggs moved to suspend the rules to go into motion. Mr.

Droingoole demanded the yeas and ma (Mr. Chapman) was to suspend the rule gene Mr. nays, which were ordered, and being taken, resulted rally, or during the morning hour only? The specs. committee of the whole on the state of the union. as follows: yeas 88, nays 88.

ker requested Mr. Chapman to state what his pre- r. romgoole appealed to him to withdraw the motion on motion of-Mr. Vanderpoel, the rules were sus- motion was. Mr.

Campbell, of Tenn. said that but Mr. B. referring to the fact that this pentled, and the house went again into committee the gentleman from Alabama (Mr. Chapman) had was the last day on which the sub-treasury bill could of the whole (Mr.

Banks in the chair) and resumed 1 hbe debated refused to withdraw. distinctly submitted a motion to suspend the rule the consideration of the sub-treasury bill. during the morning hour only. The speaker said house went into committee of the whole on Mr. McCarty, of Virginia, who was entitled to the gentleman had a right to modify his motion at the state of the union, (Mr.

Banks in the chair), and the floor, addressed the committee in an animated any time before the question was taken. Mr. Chap. resumed the consideration of the sub-treasury bill. Air.

Duncan, of Ohio, had the floor, but yielded and argumentative speech in opposition to the bill, man then modified his motion so as to embrace a i until half past twelve o'clock, when the floor was general suspension of the rule. aft. Andrews was at the request of Mr. Floyd, of New York, who wished obtained by Mr. Biddle, of Pennsylvania, who ad.

willing, he said, to vote for a suspension during the a charge to make a personal explanation in reply to dressed the committee till the hour of recess, in a morning hour, but not for the whole day. And he arge made by his colleague (Mr. Chilienden) masterly speech in opposition to the bill, which he asked for the yeas and nays; which were ordered. on Saturday evening of having made a false state. ment i relation seemed merely to have commenced when the house Air.

Thompson, of Mississippi, again adverting to to a sale of New York stocks below took a recess till 4 o'clock. the fact that the previous question had been call- par. Evening session. Mr. Biddle resumed the floor, ed, said that gentlemen need entertain no fears that Messrs.

th ons on ground of order were made by and coecluded a speech of thrilling eloquence and the subj ect would occupy. more than the morning essrs. Slanly, Naylor and Morgan, against Mr. power at 5 o'clock. hour, if his friends would at once meet the question.

going into an argument under the guise of a personal explanation. The chairman then gave the floor to Mr. M. A. And the question was then taken, and decided in Cooper, who proceeded to speak in favor of the bill; the negative: yeas 105; nays 58.

So (two-thirds co Dir. Floyd disclaimed all such intention; and, in but in a few moments yielded to his colleague, Mr. not voting in the affirmative) the rules were not nclusion, read the subjoined extract from the N. Y. Journal of Commerce as the authority on which ailord.

who, after some explanations as to the rela suspended. live political position of himself and several of his Mr. Briggs moved a suspension of the rule for the the assertion in his speech had been founded: A sale of 8100,000 New York and Erie rail road colleaettes, gave his views at length in opposition purpose of going into committee of the whole on stock, bearing 4 1-2 per cent. interest, payable quarter- to the bill. the state of the union to resume the consideration of ly in New York, was made on Saturday, at aUction, Mr.

M. di. Cooper then resumed his remarks, and the subtreasury bill. And the rules having been under the direction of the comptroller, and taken by concluded by a little past ten o'clock. 'suspended for the purpose, the house again went Messrs.

Prime. Ward and King, as follows: $10.000 at The chairman gave the floor to Mr. eimpbell, of into committee of the whole on the state olthe union 79, 810,000 at 78 1.2, 830,000 at 78 and $50,000 atI71-2, Tennessee; and then the committee rose, and the (Mr. Banks, of Virginia, in the chair) and resumed the closing price. The stock is redeemable in 1859, house adjourned.

the consideration of the subtreasury bill. and was soh on termsonethird down, and the ba. Saturday, June 27. The journal having Air. Campbell, of Tennessee, who was entitled to lance in thirty and sixty days." read, the speaker, by general consent, laid before the the floor, addressed the committee in opposition to Mr.

Chilienden replied: denying that he had charg. ed Mr. Floyd with falsehood in asserting that New house a communication from the hon. 'Valiant L. the bill until a quarter past one.

Sloors, of Connecticut, resigning his seat as a re- Mr. Hand then obtained the floor, and spoke in York stock had been sold below par; what he had presentative in congress from that state. favor of the bill. charged was that his colleague had asserted what On leave given, Mr. Chapman, of And, at half past two o'clock, the house took its was not true when le said that the legislature of sented certain tnemotials; which were appropriate- usual recess until 4 o'clock.

of New York had, under whig auspices, embarked ly- referred. Mr. C. then moved that the house re Evening session. Mr.

Hand concluded his speech In the credit system, and by so doing had brought sutne the consideration of the report from the navy at half. past 4 o'clock. the stock of the state under par in the market. department touching the case of lieut. Hooe.

As he took his seat, five gentlemen sprang at Mr. Duncan now commenced a speech in support The speaker said that the general consent of the once to their feet, vieing with each other for the of the sub-treasury bill, which occupied the residue of the morning until the hour of recess. and was not house would be requisite for thia purpose. Mr. preference of the chair.

For an informal agree. Campbell, of Tennessee, objected. Mr. Cacipman ment 3d been entered into that, as the dutation of then concluded. then moved a suspension of the rule (luring the the debate was now limited to Monday next, and The house took a recess till 4 o'clock.

morning hour for the purpose indicated. Mr. Care more than fifteen gentlemen still desired to speak, Evening session. At four o'clock Mr. Duncan re-Johnson asked the yeas and nays.

Mr. Lewis 'Va. each should occupy but one hour. sumed his remarks in favor of 4 the bill, there being 18 lams moved a call of the house which which was ordered. Mr.

Reed, of Massachusetts, was the successful members present. Ile concluded at half past lour Mr. Rice Garland submittedirrthe gentleman from man and went into one of his plain, direct, common- o'clock. Alabama (Mr. Chapman) whether, in the absence sense speeches in opposition to the bill.

Ire con. Five gentlemen sprang simultaneously to their of the member from Virginia, (Mr. Bolls), who chided at half past five; when Mr. John Davis, of feet; and the chairtnan gave the floor to the chairs ltad been called hotne, as he (Mr. had been Pennsylvania, gut the floor.

Mr. Hand pressed him man of the committee of ways and means. Mr. told, among other reasons, by the indisposition of hard for leave to make some explanation in reply Jones, of Virginia, who spoke in favor of the bill, family, he would press the motion at this time. to Mr.

Reed, hilt i butt Mr. Davis refused, and went on and in a general reply to the arguments of nume- Mr. Chapman said something which, in the great in a speech, particularly reply to his colleagues, rous gentlemen on the other side of, until half past confusion, the reporter could not hear. Mr. Messrs.

Sergeant and Cooper, which seemed crea 8 o'clock. 1 11; I i 041 I 4 i LI I 4 1 1 4 I I- 1 1 t' 1 If'i, 1 tti. i i' 1,:,, .1 i I 14 1 i 4 i I' i it i I i 17 1 4 1 0 1 0 4 1 i 1 4 I i I 'i 1'1 A 1 3 1 1 I I 4 1.

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