The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1936
Page 3
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^SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 193G Changes in Styling and Body Construction Feature 1937 Line _Speedline Features New Chevrolet BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COU/tlER NEWS Farmers To Heat O'Neal £t Bureau Rally Wednesday ness and grace. The change, how-, ever, goes deeper than appearance,' lor the new bodies introduce uni- steel construction, in which solid steel turret lop, steel side panels,' steel double cowl and steel floor are welded togther to form a per- • j/manently silent unit. ! The bodies are mounted on a Into bodv nnrl rtnn« -m,,i- ,„,,„, 5 " d d °° rs "m""*""* l"o sleekness of the now Clievro- ' 1>10re r °° mi ' ' 0 ' S ' Co "" lletcl - v '*». l "« «« model, feature "xle drive gears, n lighter, stronger box-girder chassis frame and a * Chevrolet's new passenger cars for 1937, comprising two new sc- ries of six models each, made their bow today at tlie Tom Little Chevrolet Company's salesroom here snd in public showings througn., the United Slates. The two series, known respectively as the Master and Mas(_'i De Luxe, are identical except for front £ |irlng suspsnslon, real axle and su'erlug g. ; ar ratios, and accessories o«ti trim. Although the cars are described as new from bumper to bumper,' A spcodltne thai extends from hood the change most obvious outwardly has to do with body lines. A 1 new treatment, described as "dla Farm Relief Not Found in Tariff ^chassis a new six-cylinder, tod™ V.rtrr Note:—This article, which gires practical examples to show the adverse effect of the pro- producing cheese. But the trouble ' farmers but whlr-li Kdward A. O'Neal Several fanners from Mississippi' county arc planning to attend Hie Northeast district meeting O r uic> Aft " n "- ~ Uureau Federation New 1937 Ford V-8 Announced f AGE THRU „ ...un 11 il*. W OIA-l^J I1I1UVI. . nigh-comprcsston valve-in-head engine developing 85 horsepower, new box-girder chassis frame and liy- poid rear axle drive gears. . Sedan, coach, business :0oups, sport sedan with trunk and town sedan with trunk are available in both series, in addition there is a sport coupe with rumble scat <•- tlie Master Ds Luxe series and Weekly, publ.sheii at Dallas, Tex. BY Hit. C. S. POTTS Dfan, School of Law, ScutJieiii Meliiodisl University It ' c shows that more than CO i>cr cent : .,„' If y °" hldes f""n"shcs still of al ees ' ' °" 1£ ' rw v*™ few If any far- *" ui'ture, is rciirinled from The of all cheese produced in the sin, and that more than 80 cent ' Ncw . lows that the tariff on cheese can pei . ', ' c ?''• a " d tentuu. of the all day meeting be an address by Rlwarcl A ' a ceese prouce n the ' . n - ss y warcl A United States is made In Wlscon- }"°!1 1*, 1 , 1 . 1 bfe Benefited. Before the O'Neal, president, of' the American sin and that more . '' ' bil1 of ' 193 ° w »s pa.ised, hides, ">«" Uureaii Pedcra cabriolet with rumble seat on the ever' f ^ MilStor r.h!>«ci r , C1Cn D > Master chassis. Prices of the Master De Luxe models remain approximately the same as those of the 1936 cars, according to an announcement made at New York today by W. E. Holler, Vice-president and general sales manager, upon -his arrival for the National Automobile show. The coach and town sedan models have been reduced $5, the four-door sedan and the sport sedan prices are — _—„..,,, ui...^*jnj "only benefit tlie milk producers necessary at the outset to in reach of these cheese factories remind the reader of a very fim- and the few farmers who produce ' '"' ' ' ' understood cheese for the market, white thc students of great muss of fanners throughout Is made In' that State and c ,?''• a " d P 00 ^ u "d shoes were - sjwok nl Ihc af York taken together. It fol- i ?" f le , frcc ,! bt : Tho nc «' larlf f Cl tlllks «'»> •» , *™ lle armer plac ' ' Vl 1>rC5l(lsnt ..' , , u "d shoes were - sjwok nl Ihc afternoon session oth- ' Will OFFER r Smaller Power Plant Will Be Optional in 1937 Models „, ' , n ° f - 10 /« r ccnl °" i... , t \ '" ne " al • , . P"nciple, elementary a *,,,.,* uj ULIllt I economics, that a tariff is levied The country are~~compelfii'7o B ')"ay •Is. not on exports, and more for this important .toad t>ro- iriff levied on a product duct. our- Foi- another striking illustration ., ., "J ™ lei 1B tnke fllc s «ear schedule rjy tne producer whlcli has been the subject of 10 by the consumer. It is many congressional scandals from fa™TrCs,''such h as [o'tf * ° f ^ eimh ! r - Got ™ n ' n cotton , ta unchanged, and the prices of the ?,""', r ,, coupe and s '' S " r ' com and arc ordinarily ; of our needs COUIK and sport coupe have been raised $5. Prices of the Master D- Luxe line now include knee-action and safety glass all around, formerly optional at extra cost. The- Master line, identical with the De Luxe line except for knee- action and special features of equipment and Interior trim, will sell at prices uniformly $60 below those of comparable models lu the De Lnxe line. a nd plained reversal of the Pro- free sugar of certain nn the Senate. Tile duty on , " vote on sis of r. .. ~"~ ~~""«-. inu UIILV ua sunar must find Us imported from Cuba is two cents fn nil cii/ih *, — » ... • '-*-'««* /™ h four - <= d Buck Aroused by Bird Shot Fights Hunter pound, and on sugar fmuort- the vafup nf in f— T>" fr ° m " le reit of tlle worl <l s^r s^-iaS ^^^^. o ^^^^" a ^:^ been overlooked almost entirely in Ho^pou'iKls of" sugaf a™ of this subject, and ed In this country, fhe mcrea-w that is that tiie great majority In our sugar bill die lo totar of farmers are not benefited but iff amounts to about are aclualy injured by the tariff Of this added burden when lev.ed or. an article pro- ers pay according to duccd in this country in quantities about $10000000 ' far short of our domestic con-1 Now, this is a heaw biint.ri *„ sumption: It: is true that'such an lay on our sU S™ ' rfrm. article'is imported In lan>e nuan- Hmv m.n, r n ,L"""'™ J"™ ers but at the same time it also placed j-.-^.x ty ninn John W. Mor- .K>ndence Coun- Burcau, Waldo Prasier, a duty of 15" per cent of the 'leath"- J sas Farm Bureni? Fcderatlon^Au- er, saddles and harness that he '.brcy D. Dates, farm organization must buy, and 20 per cent on boots I specialist, Dan T. Gray dean n and shoes for him HUH M? fn,,,n,. airccim- nt i\, a /-.-n , , oos , nn . (jray dean n and shoes for him and his family. | airccior of the College of Agrlciil- '"° Accordlngr ( 0 tlie census ol 1930 the average farmer would have on . . -*™' 011 . administrative director of .. "a -> «««u ITIIO. U. S-illce, secretary of tlie state council home- demonstration club to the burdens (he tariff system as and shoes produces a proportionate raise In the price of these articles, the increased • expense of shoeing his family will offset several times over the increase In the value of his hides. And this leaves a whole places'uTOn out of account the increased price' ; . Afler /very c«"f u ;"™r w , lie will have to pay for his sad- the effects of the llr n o r ior/ Ses*™dfornr"" ° l " Cr "- ! ^,, A ™'>»>^ Fed" » maoe of leallicr. oration reached the conclusion that ,, 111 "« case of cotton, as more !•«"<** O'at act thc farmers were than half of the crop finds Its''compelled to pay, a lotnl or *«« market abroad, a tariff on ordl-'J °°°.W«> per year in u, e increi nary cot t ons ^ as usc , eM ^ an -!,cost of w h at they had to buy in ice factor}, in Greenland. But a : ^ to secure 5125,000,000 of pro- few thousand'bales of long-staple I lcctl0 " on what they had lo sell cotton arc imoortcH fnr *tv»Mni ^..^ i*If bhe rntln hnc. Kn«., _, . . So the uuita 01 long-staple "--"«" "" wjuu tney had lo sell "•led for special pur- '" bhe r "Ho has been changed by new tariff act, to 1 the tarl ff of 1930, it Is not likely staple cottons, levies a auty' :!l is in T-ITTPtrVxTT^ri xi ir I --:-f"--fr •" 'J "* uc IAIHL EIUCIL ml lay xS^H"!???^'^"'-' =S ?«r=,'trwffls 1 S«;iK ,„,„ _..,., nl P liUl . on - he ^'d. was so farmers arc engaged In producing the farmer asked for I read' "lin'cdii-'Pp,'-' ." •'-•' ' '.':-""•"V ;' in? .soAie .tlectnc Chair Ready ' JCr sthhln "f-i '»r , • J for Use in Connecticut ••• " ' l— *^™"™^g^^^t Keynote of lines of the new Ford V-8 for ID37 | s sounded „„ thc fronul appenrnnce, pictured nlx,vc. • The nose Is s |,arp an,l rakish llk« the proiv of „ s , KC d boat. The uer ar. .", " "" ;u "" uvc - i" 0 nose Is sharp and rakish like the proiv of „ S|x , ct , !„,,,(. Tlle UM)C1 .. , wl . t of .,,, 0 rMHll[or HB ^ J i-led back In a pleasing curve deeply Into the 'hood side. Head lamps are in "tear drop-', form, faired'Into the, streamlined «p rails The hood top ,s hinged at .he back, lifts from the fiont, locks »li h ,n airplane motif radiator emblem Robert Elliott Scout Executive Iti Te.v-Ark Area Robert L. Elliott, son of or and Mrs. P. D. Elliott, is-now-a Held executive of uoy Scout's at Texsr- knnu with jurisdiction , over 13 counties' in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, that comprise the Otex- Ark council. . . In a recent special <!dtt!on o f the Texarkana Daily News, devoted to-scouting, Robert is cited as one of thc most outstanding leaders. Elliott, who now works out, "of tlie office of w. H. McMullen, joined the local Boy Scouts at the a s c of 12 and during his membership held all offices In Troop No. 1 here and was later scoutmaster. He was later honored by election to tlie coun- cll oxectulvc board and during t.he national council meeting at Mem- ]il)ls In 193i leprescntcd ihe lily- Ilicvlllc council .Hefore entering scoutlnx professionally, Elliott taught, school st Wynne, Ark, and later qltended the Forty-fifth National Training School for scout executives at Schlif Rcscnalton, Menlmm N 'j The paiwr also carried a picture ol olcnn J. Durham, of Hope who Is a district chairman of the Boy Scout council there He formerly taught lif:tbe city schools here Huee Gasoline Order PUced SAN PRANCfSCO (UP)—United Air Lines |, ave pi ace j w [, a(j Xs said to be the largest gasoline or- 'icr; It call.s foi a minimum delivery of 27,000000 gallon's of gasoline In thc next three years Denmark has the most highly organized agricultural industry in the world.- f DEARBORN, Mich -A new Ford V-8 for 1937, presenting advances In streamlined silling and powered with the 85 horwpo*er V-8 engine nov. In use or a new 60 horsepower V-8 "economy 1 engine which Is a smaller counterpart " : 0 f Its elder brother, wa<j announced today by thc Ford Tvfotor Company. Tlie neu cars will be shown fpr the first time publicly at the Ford- Lincoln automobile shovj opening next Wcdnesdaj at Kot"l Astor New York Oil) | hi. Ois .on go on display IVM i.ii nd , at Ford dealer shonrooms i 4 hout the United state? Ihey nero shp»n here for tlie first time yesterday at a huge Ford dealer meeting, the Ilr'sl general rally of Ford dealers from alt parts of tile united states ever Jicld with Jienry Ford, founder, und Blsel Ford, president , of the Ford Motor Company | Disclosure of tlie new lighter cconomj 60 horsepower engine as an optional |»«er plant for the "e» Ford V-8 for 1937 »1)1 set »t rest rumor's of a new "baby" Ford which Ime been circulated in the automobile Industry for several years • , . ,Thc new engine, todays slatc- I nient said, will give surprising fuel economy of a type new to present- day motoring in the United State? Bllliough ft has been available to motorist' in Europe for some years Farmer Says His Dog Chews Tobacco Daily AUDUIJON .years Dick, a large collie, has r.e- wlvud a plug of, tobacco from his "uwle^Bam McOarnn. a l»rmer, near Exlra , ' < Almost to the hoUr.'at 3 P ( ML the dog take, its d.Uy chew, ' He (Ion t just grab It and swal-- low It, but has learned to chew It to quite a while/, McOaffta de- The late Ring Qeorj(i) of and made a hobby O f the tralian love birds orer J« HMW- man •m* MA»"IH FhOM Mt great that 'he forgot all about rabbits and turned the light weapon on' the deer. Tlie pellets merely stung the deer, antl Clark, and .Da-vid .Cald- >'cll, a companion, ran for sheller • when the animal charged. The pair dodged about trees and the buck strayed ahead, Clark reloaded and followed, only this time lie used heavy buckshot, ordinarily used for deer. He trailed the deer for six hours before shooting. The anlma! dropped and Clark approached with his knife for-the kill. But the buck jumped up, and rushing Clark, broke his gunstock and ripiwd thc .hunter's clothing. A moment later, however the buck fell dead. i -'««B . au£Ui ut^LS ' rpn«*Mi Mm* t . u mainly in Michigan," Colorado i u,nu™d t ,° nC farn - ier "' * „ Utah, and California. The census' Jnrim ' If lon ^ la P 1( - : 'cotton, ire in position of 1930 .shows that ISSOOo' farms y solls ''"Id rclimatcs are the increased reported, .sugar cane and 35,000: "5' ^ uited to "s cultivation ''"BUI : >r,anns reported sugar beets,' mat- altllou 8h this duty can beneflt'on-' an IIP m! ,rip i«» , ,„.„, ..,.-„, .- .• .. ly a few farmers, the manufactur ers of cotton .gopUs; of all dcscfir,"' °"f, a "?..^ d -.a« 8 iven d n P : such article and are to benefit from price. This plain, by n few illustrations. Take" nitlch for example, the tariff of one the PHnciple can be made Eg" a M'SSMt^ V a few lIlllKtrnfinnq TtiVp r,,»«K .,_ ^ "yt,ujiiy H number... -received smaller. it Read courier News Want Ate. and lemons. • 1 bulk of the of ehe n i rf .„ • cheese, sugar. And not only are tlle fann- doubtless raises the price of ers taxed, but every " cheese produced on farms country, and also the p milk sold to factories engaged in which is supposed ToTeip the r pouna-come of the one that does produce , s """• m "use. time cheese, sugar. And not only are tlle farm- ^ is'able'to buy. price of ers taxed, but every day-laborer Atui 3° "'e might go o ; in this throughout the land will pay-his wlth one farm product Price of 5 i, ar e O f this $120,000,000 . tax,] other - If it Is an article E»\20d in IvhicVl ic cuniincorf f« fri n t_ *i_ _' bV a Inrtrn nr/M-m^*: _* terial raise j from : WETHERSHELD.' -Connecticut . Slate Conn, (up) . . ~...n. Penitentiary one. of the oldest prisons In the nation lias substituted tlie electric chair for .the gallows '-Robert Elliott, official executioner . of several northeastern . sea- d. states, will .throw the. switch tne first time next Fbbruarv prison officials expect. , """" ten .await death here'du'r- t -month. Prank .p^u,,, N. Y.: the. cot- Horse Is King at Madison Square Garden _ proportion of our l( ers it is usually nn article of export and a tariff L 5 useless in| f ; produced by a few only the few are beneHted by the tar ff at the expense- of thc many T, » - e raw material, the benefit of " tariff to the producers Is °L neutralized by compsnsatiiw di , to the manufacturers, and hn7h ^-'^^ttir ^^S^JSK there are a few articles that arn produced, to some extent at least by a large majority of fanners and are also imported at times iti «n preciablc quantitie.s. Such articles 'n rCf , b , U " er , and cgss antl Poultry But th e value of all such commod tics is small when compared to thr. value of the great staple crops on .which the tarift is of no appreciable effect, and the benefits the farmer receive sfrom tariff duties on them 15 trifling in comparison . - d " rns a ^ore v; Jnme5 J - aven, was sentenced . McElroy is scheduled to be the ven ' erc /s somc '"t vention, - McElroy will go to his " I," 1 ,'" 6 l " C Week ° f ™Palka is scheduled to luring the following ;vcek. -Both were sentenced within hours of each other. , I" ;a " lers Go "nicselizciT HONOLULU (UP) - American sugar plantations In the Hawaiian siands are going "dieselizecl." Dur- n ™ M C Plantations here. inslililed '"e WE HAVE SECURED THE SERVICES OF *N EXPERIENCED RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee to repair tiorT ° l ° flrsl c!ass con<t: A Complete Line of Tubes and TT ,, rk ' ' ?< st p "«s Hubbard Tire & Baf. Co. Phone 476 " "^r °i -SfSuS n lhat ,7 rtvin ^ , C ttrc " a ma Is rivalled In spectator's interest by the display of Jewels and furs in thc society boxes on the arena's edge. a " d ^"'rlat r.ib shoulders at the ^1^ at has e ° M lo "• New York 't most colorful jllml)ine: leanU; of NOW ON DISPLAY i the Completely New 1937 CHEVROLET Show Rooia Open All Day Sunday TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. See Monday's! Pap^r For Complete Details on the BIG ARMISTICE DAY CELEBRATION To Be Hsld At BLYTHEVILLE WEDNESDAY, NOV. 11

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