Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 2, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1896
Page 5
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For .sale J-n Logansport by Ben Fisher and John F. Couteon 4 druggists. Awarded ; Hfihcut Honors—World's Fair. ^ -DR; IN SHAPE NOW League Has at Last Got a Good Start. RUSHVILLE IS HERE National League Games-How They Stand. STANDING OF THE CLUBS. Clubs Won Loet Per Ct. MOST PERFECT MADE. V • P ne Crape Cream of Tartar | f Ammonia, Alum or »ny ot 40 Y««s the 4 .tic? .500 .•400 .aoo Logauspart 3 Counersvillo - Khvood - Vmlcrsou 1 Kokomo - Rushivllle .' 1 At lost Die loiisno is in shape to do isiness. Every club is hi playing con- liUou, ;uid tlie games today will be watched with interest, us they may mike a bis change in the per cent, column. When Uie Ramos played are few, the difference of a KIUIKJ wwi or lost cuts n big figiire. There was no game at Kokomo with Anderson yesterday, cm account of wet grounds. Tlie Bush- vllle club came In last night at 11:20 and I* quartered at the Johnston. The Loganspon club .Is also domiciled Iherc. me game, with Rushville this afternoon promises to be a hot one. The club gave us a hard tussle twice, nnd is bettor able 'to do it now than wlien tliey met the Logan^iiorts at UnsUyllle, and played us - to 1. Conuorsvllle, Aug. l.-Spec:al.-Cou- nersvllle took the second game from Hie Rusbvilles this afternoon by the .score of 5 to 1. Tlie'flrst game pliiyod by the Couaersvllle club as a league team demonstrated that the club is able to care for Itself In State league company, the RusbvJllcs being defeated by the score oC 12 to 7. THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. Cleveland Broke Even With St. Louis- Cincinnati Did Not Piny. STANDING OF THE CLUBS, ^lYTT^^f^fsfr^^ Olnbs Cincinnati . . Baltimore .. Cleveland .. Chicago ..... nttsburg ... Boston rhUtidolplilfi Brooklyn ... Washington New York .. St.. Louis,... Louisville Lost rorCt. :n 3S' ao 3'j 4(t 4i3 47 40 nn ra .077 .075 .tU4 .582 .:,n .530 /inn ,4"i9 .41!) .400 ; ,'J'J .250 Won ..01 ,50 ,50 .53 ..40 .45 .30 .39 .34 .34 .28 .21 Cleveland won one and lost one yesterday. The second game was only seven innings, but It -wns enough to lose, and that Is the one tlie Spider* lost. Baltimore shut Washington out, and Cincinnati and Pittsburg did not pln.v. Following! are tlie scores of tlie gnmes yesterday: • ' • -•At Baltimore—Washington 0, Baltimore'". ' ' At' St. Louis—Cleveland 5. St. Louis 2. (Second game) Cleveland 2, St. Louis (i (seven Innings:) At Boston-Philadelphia 3, Boston 3. At Chicago—Louisville 3, Chicago 8. At Brooklyn-New York i, Brooklyn 3. COMES UP nONDAY. Does the Case of Albert Scott, the Gal veston Saloonlst. [ The 'trial of Albert'Scott, the Ga-lvo.s-. .ton sa'loontet; ^vhose quart rfiop has been mn<le ititt...c.b]eot. of 'tlie wrath of the citizens of Galveston, .will he held ^ton- day afternoon-at tlie. court of Justice. Tttbbs'at tmcolia.--There-will be a big delegntion of the citizens of Gnlveston .in ittitwdajice at -tte .trial. " is said that-there are other case In reserve, In foe event that the liquor maa te not convicted In tihls one;-,"The suit for !f300 clnmnges brauffhit by o neighbor, A. J. Shirley, will-.also be on at the next term-of'the Circuit court, The round trip fare to St. Joseph Is $2 on Sundays, In stead of - ?1, as has erroneously appeared in last two tewics of The Journal. The Ring Ticket Failed to Pass the Convention. THEY DIDN'T DO A T'INQ To the.nen Who Furrilsh the Political "S!news,,o.f War." Old Party Workers Were Given a Sharp Rap.O'er the Knuckles There'll bs "Blood, an' Ha'r an' the Groun' Tore'up" as Sam Jones Would Say. ; It was smash and' b'ongj Tarty leaders were not in IfV" Exper'lopce and efficiency counted for up.tltins. '.The l" ss competent tlii.' crfncl'lda'te the larger his vote. What is thiisjjiut.nuj.b'.Lui.t? And this they cull democracy!' It cannot,b« that intelligent 'democrat's: "Ot Cass county will indorse such action. The loaders had a strong'nitd wi'll jselHCh'd- ticket. :,-.:-...'— ' ; The slate was "busle.d.", : livro! a thousand fragmuuis. TJiett.'s .iiot.' a piece left 01' It hirge enough to-write the mime of a defeated eandldtrte.-on- with a diamond pointed pencil'flhd^ a magn1fyl>ng glass. It was a c-om:i>iete : rrlimi'i)h of the aiitJ-rlngisters aga.iniriliL-'.Tl.ng, exc n pt hi a few scatieKJd'.i.ii^tjtiiCLS... -Firsr of nil, 'the rl-ii}.' was not In favor oC passing a.resolution of tudorsemeu-t of the-State and'National plMfonus.. - TJiey. walked to pass tJie wu.Wject of,, resolutions by witlioiut comment. '•But'whou the coni- mlttoe'on resolutions was'-iippoirifcd, it understood that. 'It ^vas'iiot. 'merely an onii'innciiliil bit o'f/rJie''machinery of Llie convention,, bill thill tiie.rinijp.rUjr of the delegates wanted ivs<>lutloii<s,';and- rc-siiluiticiiis that would: dtdare the tin- dyimir'adherence otLU«'.cpcuiocrats af tUe'cov»ty to -steeii lo'fme."'' They g"t what they wanted, for the resolution passed indorse -the -State 'and National platforms and declare.fot: .the silver stanOai-d . at tie .ratio. j>i;,,go «old ami ptonty- of cheap .silver...,"., f .-. • It was an all day convention, beglu- .ntog in the morning =at ,10:30 o'clock with a speech -'from' The-- Hon. B.-P.. Shivcly, tlie Dcnioci-ntie-cnndldate for Governor. Mr. Shively, as :i spoaknr. Is a disappointment.^Jl.e.liu» not the clear and logical nianuvr oi''e!xj)IahiliiR his position which the voters 1 who arc seeking for knowledge>w;*U,.;to. li«ton 1.0, l>nt nither deals ii'n KtlttCTltig general^ ties and platimtdes whk-li explain not!i-. tog. He .was vigorously- applandod. tlirougHout his speech, but \i was the. (loifcliiu^u ot tiic i'ft-oii-~w l 'li(?'li | fl"^'C liiitl tliu. crime .of '73" piWcjfed jo;iclwm. iinili t-hcir fancied wro"i)gs""(ire'.real,|and who are ready to llsteii-to^iuiVar^niiWBt that denounces wtthoiit. «jcp'li>in-i«Jtj the-b*.uo which domngoguer-y untl-Jiopucracy hns made parauiount-:-:rrv'- 'fa'- -. THE NaJUN 7 ATIN<$ CONVENTION., After the speeclf^of <Se : 'Hon. Mr. Shively wns coiicraitedl'^he, donyenUon adjov>med until''ioycl$:k:; ] r l?h,e;,dclt;-, gjites were slow In gat.heriiig';ind It was almost 2 o'clqt*/ wiisii^^eniin.nont Chairman.. D. D v Bytornnn-; 'called the body to order andiirnwunced tliat the business of the c«iVelJtIi»"'w«s. to .nominate candidate -forMhe-"eouuty onlce,--, A. G. Jenklu«.;;V?P!,.;'S 1 os!.en' reading clei-k, .Tolm W.':ffarjfg«,,',^i*'ary and ,7. C. Brophy wn*, : J!iJpolntc(i scrgeiuit- at-arms, to .prMwvtoWflprstji- ; the convention, -rwKl rigltt-inWI 1 ''lW uld,Jt .too. Ciipc. Brophy has had some pperlencft .in couvcntjo-ns, Irilvlpg been one of tho assistant scrgeaa'lWiifiiin.s. lin the late; Olilcmgo convenii^ W'^'^ nlwlt <l>e task of keeplnjjrAhPv.Ji^fates 'in their «eats n.nd itWljetr work In a systematic mmnier and^suoewded, 'ably, ' t.^»cr f,c..i ! Xo time was wkSK'lfl'n vVdllmluai-l.es. Init'the tlrst on ' was was a;.j., called for Bomln|'tiip«,..f9rthe office of Kepre.seDta«v& "ftn^iill-^f ;tlu> roll of townships, Deer:Greslc''pln<;eilI.thH nrtmu .of Frank Seiwe .IftKwWlifr convention; .the fourth ward3fl.TOWdiiF.rnnk Stukey: the Fifth wnrdrtli'e^nnme or Joseph Gutihrib; Washkn'prMTow'Mh'ip prasonj; 'Ay: 'Burk'hnM.-iiuthe decllued .,... tlmt tlie ionyerrtloE ws.,to .. State. Semi'tor. and ,lntiinatiiw.;thnt.thht .wa's j th€ oflice.'he-,was- after. J Chainiwh Dyfcemn'n-lofo>iped;tho convention that. -under the niling'oi"*'e' : Suprem« ; eoim. .'rlio.'nomln'atliaiiiicf n Senabr^youUV lw- n waste of ,t1m<?;-'as'tlip-Jio!d;Ov'er Sena-.. tor would occupr ; *'i« ! '"« <?flt - The n 'S ! . hallot wa«5'thcn r raRSH-'flQ'Hievnnjnw pr.c-, seii'ted 'to"<lie r> c ; onveijfl;5p.';"'and '.reunited In n yote'of WVMMJB, G-for Stukey, 41- for Gnti£le!"'a.ttq- B .'oine blank. Two ' hundred' and" fifty wt.w-ln Ih^.^onTen- tionr.nece-=sary-, : :-to,n. cholcrf ,^2(1: _ ,^r, e wns-:..theretorej'iio'nutited,;(>n.,.^jo bnllot; ;' 1 ••'•'•' And .liis SPRING -NECKWEAR,' •SPRING OVERCOATS. JOS. Q. GRACE WILL SELL YOU A SPRlNq SUIT TODAY FOR LES5 MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN LOGANSPORT. LlNECOflPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. ; K S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't for- cret ni^ line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing O ... y.-':.,v - - • ' that the riigsfeJrs sot tied back in Mielr (toili's .with, a satlsflcKl. smile-and cou- (Hleutly 'aiwalitod/tU'eir'-' a.ntitlpa.ted tr!- nmph with t.he,.\vholc ticket.; '":nic oflice" Sf :; -riosccutiwg At.tonwy was next on the list, and OMiuou township named Wlllhird Flr/.cr; the Second ward,.George S.' K'istler; the Fifth ward, John C. McGregor; Noble township, the uirnio ofjJohu. W. Harvey, The ring was again '.successful nnd Kistler was nomiiKiitwl ou.Uic llrst ballot by the following vote: Klstler 130%; Fltxcr 31; McGregoi' 23 1 /6;.,Hurvey 13; u*>t voting J.. "it 'looked ra be a sure thing that, the whole rlitig HcUert, as named to Tho. Journal yWtewlay nionvlng. would go tiiratigh with a 'whoop- but the out ''to.wnsh.lp detegntes began to "smell a Utice," and vrhctV tfie time came for 'nomiinnitlons' for Clerk, they ; GOT THEIR HEADS TOGETHER And began, to canvass the situation. Bpone township rtnnnod John M. 'Bliss; 'flic T'hiird ^M,!^ ltl10 name of An<]y rJyKu lHsr.ore''iiie"'coiiveavtloii, and the Kliftli ward named B.'C.'D. Read. As l-he'roil of nie''Co.wnshii>s was called for the vote,' "it, became evident that the rlii-g was to receive'lisnrst setback. In the city Bliss'led'WS 'rvphoaent by fifteen votes, but ttie'''dof&ra,tes from the out townships saw'wlijch wn.y mo cat was juuiptag a'rid liogiin'to swell the'vote fo* £! Fiy-nn ; .'' When the secretary announced thc'twiVU of th« vote. Bliss 108, 'Flynn 128,''an'd:'i!'6nd 14, a nowl' went up tlm'r shook' ; rijc''. m.ffejs of'the old rink, •"" I". 1 "'. "' ••'-•••'• TBTE SrEIlJ. : 'WAS BROKEN' And conjiternatloirwas depicted on the f«i<.os ofihe'dweU'ere'ln'. "Uogi'.'o Rw," ns they smy'thafniioy were, to be turned down'by flip'inch' they hnve ruled for y'piir.* 1 wiih"a rhd'of Iron. ' "' wii'e'h" ri'onmintious for the otllco of Treasurer, werd'ert'lled, the rlngstcre t)'- g.tn to'-'hrist'le: '"They MW Hint If they s».wd th« ixilii-nec! of their slate, they \vonld'be'coiiipUltvl to do some plcad- Thi'y '" ' '•'•'' • »£EiVDV-Btrr' ALL IN VAIN For .the' sta-iuire'de bad brgiui and th'j ing. .slntc' brpaketii'lintmnlwl that it should conflmie. : -The : caji of llw.towushlps for nomlimtloiis 1 ijrocecaod until i.he .First <nfl \yii* '''rawijed;" whcm' the niiuio of " 'nii(i:ooihe so easily Will M. "GraflV'vyas presented; the Konrtli w)|.d ; ji:uuo(i I. N. Cash nnd Julius Kaitrfnirin-' tlia Flftli : wnrd. C. S. 'IVckhiwn: Tlp.ton- township. 'Samuel rnnmil>iikb'r,.jr.; WaihU-gitou township. '.\' D. RItror:'"'rSininabaker, was' the diflici! of'tiic'rljn^'hi-* niinie having Deon decided'iilioii yesterday rimrnlng. when It was:s'eeii''.th:it GraffiR could nor •be'nomi-uatiid".' -6'n'tho tl't'st Millet Cash led with no'votes-, and Rltter.wns scc- oml with 71, ranriiilKi'kcrUrlTd with oa- ly r,n. "Ca.«h' i-i'iiicd \\on<lwru'lly on tno second liiiilopilriir li'ls- iiomiii.ation' was a' foregone co'tic'lus'lon, Gr;i5tli', reekham iinil Kuuffniau droiiplng out on.the second ba'lie.!:'',,'pn 'the third and fl.mil .ballot 'Cn*h; received'-130.-Ritter 81 and Panna.baliej-":W;'' -fhe ring vote...being slumped'to dfl'sh.''a.« against IMtter. Then cnnMl$.uoiniu;itlcn of a Sheriff and tlie'slate breakers-made a min- BiicWn:fon;;";The} ?: did not expect Miat n'nomYn : ntion"'wbuld he reached'on the first feillol. tfiKl the votes that had been picd«c'<t''"to 4 Honibu : rg were cast as a compHmaat.' "He^hiid a large number pledged to vote once for Mm. and then they wore free to go where they pleased. They expected tlKi-t no nomination would be made on the first vote, and that they would be nblp. to head a break to Emwy on tho swornl ballo-t. They made • A MISTAKE OF ONE VOTE. Clinton township named Charles Hom- barp; .Tackson, G. W. Emery; Wash: intfon, N y . B. SIcMaraw. When the .reading clerk had finished calling the roll, a dozen voices in delegations near Hie spankers' stand said; "No nomination." They were mistaken. W.hon the secretary had finished the count and It' had been verified, another ring, candidate hnd slipped in by a tare majority of one vote. The vote w.is announced, Honnburg 120, Emery 03, McManus r>0. The ring setup a howl and called for Homburg ,who responded' to the demands of the ant;s by declaring hhnself as "steen to one." Tho vote for Surveyor was not con- tft?tcd VCIT warmly, .is the ring did not cn.ro much which candidate wns selected. Harry Troutmnn- was therefore chosen on the first ballot by a vote of 142, Harry Coleman receiving CM, and Cha'iics Relder of Jackson township, 43. Dr. F. Bosjalm was nominated for Coroner by acclamation. The, ring got ANOTHER BLOW IN THE FACE When Channcey Custer went down to defeat In the race for Assessor. Clay township named Clwmcey M. Custor; Clinton, .lohn Hlnes^the Flint ward, A. F. Murphy, of Washington township; Tjntou, sWhen B. Yonnglov'e. It took live ballots to nominate, and the vot? was vM'.v evenly .divided on the first ballot, Ciwtcr receiving 72, Illncs 7t),- Younglove C5. C\i,«tpr lost on the second ballot ami Younglovo and nines Rallied. On the third Ixillot Cuslcr w^i* not in the race, nnd Yonntfove eame within five votes-of the nomination. Th<> ring fheii switched its vote to Hln<Wo Caster nnd Mutphy having withdrawn. Hints had 124 and Younglovc 120 on the fourMi. On the final ballot Hine* h:ul 14r.M- and Younglove 103Vi. «ws nominating Hiiies, • The contiwt over thr selection'nf Commlsslonci-s, while spirited, did not entor into the calculations of the ring. With the-d^ear of Cuslcr their slaw \\-as smashed beyond recall, and they did not care what became of the Commissioners. -Daniel Woodtiouse of Adams township, was'named on tlie second ballot for Commissioner of tin- First district. It. took four ballot* to nnmo Washington Neff of Clinton township, for ' Commissioner ot tn<- Third district. -When that was done, :tli* work (rf- Hie convention \ras.-finlshcd and ir was adjourned. • l>lca.?od with, t.he results of li-is trip. Thr horse was takcu wliile at Laporte, at- tondiug tlie rncw. AGAINST THE PREACHER. Arthur Stuart Will Testify in the Scott Case. 'GOLD MEDIUM FOUND: 'Gold Medium., .1. D. Fi;r(ni»oirs f'ist horse, is now. in the hands of,tho Sheriff nt Danville, 111., and C.'Champion. Who at one time claimed the pacer, and was thought to be .responsible for t!ic horse's disappearance, is In Jail »' r»»"- vllle. The horse wns recov«?re<l tliroiigb in advertisement and.description published In a Chicago Horse Journal.., Mr. Ferguson was at Danvi-llc yesterday .to identify the animal ami the alleged thief, and returned last evening well Rev. Oeoj-gc E. &-ott, the Waterloo preacher, is making a hot light for life liberty. Sheriff Adapis jvcMvod a letter .from G. W. Dawsou, the prosccutins attorney at the Iow.1. lown. wluch read*'as follows: Waterloo, Iowa, .Inly 3D. • I. A. Adams, Shwiff. Logansport, InJ. Dear Sir:— I wiish to inform you tb»t tho preliminary examination of G. E.' Scott has been hold and that he tarn bound over by the Justice to await the action of the grand jury. After tic Justice had bound Scott over his attorneys got out a writ of habeas corpue,a«ii have gone before the District Judge, on the ground that the evidence wlifch was taken before the Justice on tbe pits- . ttminary examination was iusufficlcst to sho\v thai there had beeu a criwfc comtaitted in this county and State. On the preliminary examination cnrv Sberiff testified in reference to seelne Scott's name "H. Henrj- and w!f«," >ai the hotel (register, :ind the Justice admitted the evidence. It was objection- '•' Tjble on the ground that.it was bemwy. evidence, :iud .this tlie Judge lias al». held; so he has made nn order continuing the habeas corpus proceeding unttt ' .Monday afternoon; August 3. so t.bit;' we can secure t.hc attendance of the fco- rci clerk who saw Scult write the name . on the hotel rogislar. We desire yo».. to go see this clerk and have him «««. .here TO that ho will be In .itrojj<l«noe*t. the trial Monday, August 3. Have nhn 'bring the hotel register with him and \ve will see that he is pai« h:s fee for ,'comW. together with n rwsonahk; eom-ponsation for his lime. - e Rospect fully. «. W. DAWSON, County Attorney. Sheriff 'A*IUIS made the necc.wiiS' «f- ningCDioiits with Arthur Stuart, day. clerk at the Mm-dock.' where Scott ati« the girl stopped par) of the time, white 'here, and Mr. Stuart left this morurax. for the Iowa town, carrying With him •the telltale register bearing the signs- .lure of "H. Henry nnd wlfc.Dcs Moinos. low:)." REPUBLICAN MEETING. Hon. W. D. Owen at Walton Sat, urday August 8th. ' Hon. W. D. Owwi. Secretary of. State, , w ui-addn*» the cinteciis.cvf Walton a« . vicinity. 'S;i tin-day ovenlng. Augu*l Sth. There will be oilier good spnaKOT present, m^ic and :• goo.1 RspubKcu.' ,t.lm« for nil. Rwiu-mber t'he date; S»»- urday. August 81 h. Wo wl'.l sell linen pants :ind V TOc Upaca »'»' " loll!lil ' co - li -ooi-h -f-l-HO for Jf-i«0.-;aatry. F

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