The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBRR 'I, 193-1 ULYTHKV1LLK, (AUK.) COURIER NKWS in mi Kintjfish Fights lo Hall Rising Menace lo His Political Career BY JAMKS E. UCOWX City Kililur, Nw Orleans Stales (Written for NKA SiTvii-c) KKW CHILEANS. Ut. — Scllaloi Iliii-y I 1 . .winging cvcvj ounce of liis po-.ver against his opposition lo win the New Oilcan' primary on Sept. 11. He is employing nil his .skill ii (lie- air and on paper, all his control m'cr Ihc men of his machine mid all Hie inlimidation lie can throw against tlic people generally with aruu'd men iu unilovm am out of il. to enicigo victorious. If lie ULUI BO to the next open- ilia "1 Congress with this viclori In his credit, anil if he can fjiov, by a triumph i;i New Orleans tha 1 he has whipped the entire Mali into line --for he docs mil belief iinv part of Louisiana would op- jiivi- him if hi- wins this fight—hi hopes (o lie al:le lo smother am attack against liim in Washington where In; K expecting trouble ii 11 IE Senate. The federal income lax invest! Ciilinn i.-. pressing close to htm am his principal apiwinlecs. flack ol the ordering of troopi U> N-.'w Orleans; back of the spe ciiil .session ol Ihe legislature, will ils liiiiiizmii measure* lo snatch lo cal f:ovenuneiit control from a] communities in this stale anil pu the power in his hands; back o Ihe dcierminnlinn lo throw a hoidi oi armed dep'.itic.s into every vnl liiB iilace hi Louisiana; and hack ul his, defiance of Ihe courts, i LOIH;'^ battle plan wl'.ich he ha consistently followed since he an r.oiiniTd his intentions after win hi[3 Uie i;ovcriiorship in 1023. GOOD FOIl SO VEAltS To Col. Rohcrl Eiviim. a ixi lltic; 1 ! wnr Innl and owner of news na|ir.'s in New Orleans and Shrove l\url. Ihc man who made Lou jiolitically, Lou? said a fe-.v week belorc he entered the governor' Long Is now cciuerins his BUUS ipon the first and second districts,' f$ ompiising New Orleans and St. Bernard und Jefferson parishes, f he can puil his men, Joseph 'ornaiidi'z and I'aui Maloney. out if the lire. I-oiiB will have a :!ianic to rebuild his polillcal nia- •hinc. I To do lliis. he is counting on the : swollen volt- of SI. Hernard and Jefferson parishes, for he won't .jet much more than his payroll, ote in New Orleans, ft Long can swing those Iwo •lections, he lielieves that the hor-! ilile example of what happens lo' -cccssloniMs Iroin his empire will irive li:e enlne suite back into ms control. •Since he was 18. Lou;; has denounced ihe New Orleans rhife. He i his first office on this platform, wilh UK- MiujHHt ol Colonel hiLj, who aUo fishli line. UKTfi IU<; (.1TV HK1.1 1^r. Jxmg's counlry inflnuhce ailed, and Ihc neeiled New Organs lo bolster his power. Hence coalition with the ring a few '!^ Kiiigfisli-Cariealure by Clyde Lewis ' ----- • -- • --- • ------ • - Wife Best Aide, OUR BOARDING HOUSE But. ihc coalition didn't work nut. as K-ell for Lon^ us h<- hurt ':r;j!cd. In Alexandria, he was country. Lonf flouted Ihe courts tulional. He liircatened . Cily Hall, and the mayor to seize armed Sinclair Writes NOW US EN TO TOBY JUG/---1 TOU1 YOU 7 WES, 1 BORUYtt) YOU, YOU TH' Bttt) TO NAY MINE FOP SECURITY—1 COMES wrrw CASH,TO ' LOWM.M-i HERE YOU'VE: NAY L GOT YOU CUT AN OWtO, Ct-UPS,TOR SUVT/ LOAN , ANt> THEN TTER Nt>U WtAR fvMNE WA& SOU? SUE fV\t VEPY WELL SUE/ COOL OFF IN THE ICE li-il K I,V. iiis [i];m ^. lutli-h s<> In announcement on the jack It out of line witli our har 'On that point, ho»rever, : >th«re difference ol optrU«6..> -.1" ; of -Liberty' feMattn* I el of (he book, aficr Corn was weak due lo public ills usual exuberance of ihe 'Tarzmi and -th« ;Uon Inteivsi rather than to is the greatest, .Mid thoiiwnd* t< milking amends for that, we urc wheat offered .some support nenr the clos;. The country hold hack on nfrte ' whMi' • (htm. ' . Now we le»»c It tb you. -Wltaf -'li and only 10,030 bushels ixxircsl Tar/Jin novel he has ever were booked lo arrive. time In months there were no cash sales of nny grains. Wheat continues to Juslify Its underlying strength iind loots Irregularly higher, subject to recessions from time to time. H«»d Courier New tfiuit cjijcd. Throughoiil the nelectio!! C'jntlnucd—and im:reas- I.OIIB delirmriicil tu brci'.k with the ci',y. and raii-eii ihe age-old issue ol country vs. city. How does; Lent' keep his men in , line—men whom he calls "sicks of I potatoes" with a known market- price? ; PAYROLL HOLDS 'KM Al least live- state senalois 'have six relatives each on the stale payrolls. Seven senators have four relatives each on [hem. Nine sen- ato-s have two to three each ihere In .some instances, the family of' /V/,,,1 Ynrlf /Wtnn a senator drags down $1400 n 1 '\CIC I OrK COltOFl month from the stale payrolls I This light in New Orleans is Ouster's last stand for Long in Cotton closed steady. ins desperation, he forced Gov. o.' '"' K. Allen lo declare partial mar-'l Oct ••• tiiil law. and for a month Ihe na- • Dcl: ••• lional guard has been quartered Ja " ••• in the registration office, heavily M!ir •• armed. May .. Today's Markets NEW YORK, Sept. 7 lUl') — industries would walk out Monday and asked Washington for federal lroo|>s lo p'rotccl the strikers on Ihe ground that nalicnal guardsmen were betiiLj in parts ol i 1 Jnl 1338 1338 1330 l'J31 1341 13411 1331 1338 1452 135U 1344 1345 1357 1358 1351 1353 isT'im" iiw' im ' llc solllh to bronk Ulc strtlt " c -' ^ i m ?is ni? w? rct " y of Lnllor 1>crkllls Wl'vesscil! 1331 1335 132G U2G cnnfijen^ t lmt the new mediation! board would settle the strike c-nc-' cefsfully. On the whole. Ihe strike leaders have had more success in mills than at first aiitlci- they ruled tl,at this'was unconsti- Slx)ls doi ' crt 6t «i d S' at 1335, un- |, a ted° rlinnuect. The two private estimates received today placed yields at 8,985,000 Int. Haivesler MontKouu-ry Ward N. V. Central - 1'ackard 1'hillips I'cl Radio Simmons Beds Si L.-S. i\ Standard of M. J. Texas Co U. S. Sleel U. S. Smelling 121 1-2 pen Long drove his "Cossnck" Chicago Wheat open high hnv IGU I(W5-8 105 1057-8 107 3-4'1W close 1015-8 The Aldan Valley of Siberia Is so abundaiH with |ilt\Ununi thftt natives are said to make bullets More than 250.000 persons wlt- Inessed Ihe annual Royal Air Force display held recently at Hcmlon, Bug. in tile tH-nale; am! "Thirty lat and juicy ycar.s, and when I'm CO. I can rclire. travel around luc world and enjoy my- :cli." This was hefure liu break with E-vii>{;. 'Ihrj'nfsl thud ol ihc 1337 J331 1343 .1343 1347 1347" . at 1332, tin- will jump lo his master's voice like all tlic othur Louy jobholders. And EO un. Ihr; cycle to be repeated lv. p jc<! mnre. HUT— MOXHV is IIU.VMM: oin 1 Tlic federal r.ovciimii'nl, on ll'.c Bovcrnor. evcrytliin -mi the constiiulion! NEXT: And 1,0,1- iy else; T stood unchanged ami practiclly mu- -n, c lionlcjs for Ihe greater part ol Ihe session. Jluey Long. There was nothing in tr.c news «'iiy. to affect sentiment to any extsiit. allhoiiBh reports from the sirik^ in- Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. Sepl. 7 (UP) — Wide ilnclital'ons in silver is?uc-s and wet stocks furnished the interest on tlic stock exchange today. Prices in the main list declined modeialcly in slightly more active trading. Uniled Slates Smelling extended its yesterday's loss of 14 1-2- points Ly six points and other silver issues dropped with il. A. T. and T Anaconda _Coppcr Beth. Steel Chrysler Cities Service iine l-.ami is pusliing ils income! Ai-cording lo an cducritioiiai cx . dicacd more workers had joined in Coca Coin tax investigation m.'ainsl LO:IK with !- m - t: c average boy changes hisitlic walkout and threats o[ violence' Gen. Am. Tank all tlic rcE&mccs at its LOimnaml, ™ c . auo " fol ir Minis before the cii-clwcre spreading, strike leaders inli- : Gcn - Electric nnd nn the other. LCIIL; Ims suf- cf -D- ' -mated liiat workers in associated ~"n. Motors fcrcd enormous loss of pre-~tisc Hiiioni; liic people tn whom lus v:oiti was formerly the ins|)irc<i voiuc of liic temi)le. Tim money is running out-the: hundred million dollar bond issues tf. '.lie slnle and of ihe pniishcs, Hit siKiidin^ of which Long con- liuiled eilhcr by his own hat fjr Lli.'oii^h court house cliques. Withoul money, he cannot hold '. his voting ranks firm. This is inn ; n-jsoii for hio atlii.-k and liis rais- ] iny of Ihc vicc-^rafi battle cry in isr>" Orleans. There is p-cr.ty of vici-. yam- j blrn^. and That have MHI in New Orleans, bin there is plenty of Hit I .siiLic in the adjoining parishes ol' St. Ucrnanl yr.ti Jefferson, which HIT- part. <il the city in every seme r.vC'i'lil a s :t) 'llical one. ' arc two LOTII; slrnnyhokls, Hi 1 : frsl ol his miuliiy camps in Ihi- ^'.ate. wilh u^wiivd vn'.imj; rr^- Istiatinns Bica'i-r Hum I he cnliie liupiiiiilion iis given in ttic Unitcit Slates CCILSIIS. ! Lung h:is ntit mined n nnacr luj .s!o|> Iho Kainbliny. etc. in .lello--] son and SI. Dcniaitl; nuil ho p!;J icaris. to unow uocp.= anu nifcaci- I Ballon committees into New Or-1 ICHHS wlicn aim if i lc reduces llrsi ciiy to his vasiiilsg;, now Ht: si.i.%,,.. iv In Louisiana, his ln_ d[iy Macks up i,\ M t],, s: ""..."" " i Third coii!;ief.sional rlLstiicl:! Niima Monlct. a Lnnir man. wirr: lo win. liul Montcl has qiiarrcled. i with Ix)HH iind may IHHIK wmii him. 1-1:111 Hi district: .John N. S:ni- dlin. :inli-Loii 5 candidate, alrcad}' cimi'i'drd. to he the winner. i l-'iflh district: Joseph Rilcy Wil-1 v.n. nnti-I.oii5. will win. I Pixlh dii-trict: Jaicd Y. Sanders.' .Ii. hitter anti-Long candidate, un-1 Seventh district is "in iloiibt, lnn,1 liir- anti-Long loiccs am now in ll:r majority. Elshtli district: clo.iM.ind Dear. 113 1-4 11 1-S 28 3-8 32 3-8 2 134 1-2 32 18 1-4 28 3-4 Chicago Corn open high low close 78 5-3 7d 1-2 78 1-2 19 1-4 80 80 1-2 79 1-2 80 1-4 W. K. KH'HMOM) & t'O/S . . AFTKIINOON CHAIN LETTER CHICAGO. Sept. 7.—Wheat pursued a rather erratic course at times today, with considerable selling during the morninj. yet sufficient buying appeared in the latter part of ,lbe session to recover substantial losses and c!c:e al nel gains. The decline ol the morning was regarded as due mainly to Icchnl- cal conditions. T.~cre was no cvi-' deuce of any weakness in the cash situation, however. Reports cf Imports of Argentine ivht-at heard during the day found credence in imporuut circles. Including duty Arg:iHinc .wheat coming into (lie Uniled States ivould figure ,-iboul SI.18 per bushel at ISe seaboard, which apparently s, you i to sec MORSE & K1RSHNER ABSTRACTS City & l-'arra I'rorH-rlite. Sptdal 'IlUe Sciikt Hyde Park PREP SUITS TailftriMl rxcltisivcly for Ila.vncs Alcn's Slui|i llirsc .suits arc Hit 1 sriii|i|)iu.-l yini'll set 1 tliis .season for tin: nioiu'.v. They an; care fully tailnrcii of higli g v i\ A c worsteds :i n (I homespuns a n d a r': shown in a good variety of new fall patterns in grey, tilne and brawn. Tl\i'.-c styles include the popular Hi-Swings. All $9950 With Tv,o I'nir I'anls Haynes Men^s Shop PINK EYE! That ilreacl dhease of the hot siiminsr months need no longer be a cause for worry. Cross Sttlve that lor slmost i\ thlnl o! century • has been overvorning the mosl obdurate human tores has been proven equally effective in similar animal ailments. A liberal application of Cross Salve applied to the infected eye causes all Intlnmalion to disappear in 24 to T2 hours—restores perfectly normal sight ol- ten when II appeared (hat vision has been ]>crmanently cic .slroycd. Try it on any wound your stock may have—on sore.s. Infections, or sprains; it is raid under an honest guarantee to give absolute ERtUfactlon your money refunded. 30c find aflc at all dealers. The Crosi Knlve Co., Inc.. Marlon. Kentucky. Horner Pajamas •Se« uur clever new Hne of sleep i n g garments, They urc really swirl . . . new colors and pat-;- leriw. . ... ' . -. , . We hare your site. to Haynes Men's Shop Radio Fans, There s a NEW thrill awaiting you! U\K sporl cvtnls, niajcsllc syniphmiitfi, mclodions nrt'heslni.s, inlfrntilimi;)! l>iuiitltiists . . . .til tome to you more vividly Hum ever before through the now mode I Alu)atcr Kent Radios Honestly, you'll hu ;im;r/.c<( at ils new tone qualities (hat make yon feel yiut'ri' right there. And the styles are as niotlcrn ;is i-nn Inr. \V'c have just opened 'mi' new radio store with .a uimplete line nf fahle and i-ahincl models, and invite you to see and hear them.- Will you lei us give you ii demonstration? We al^n him: a line, of l><t:t<:ry .srls I'ni: i'iu'in homes Cavitt Radio Co. C.liffonl Ciivin, jVlgr. J'hoiic 233 Gleiicoe Hotel Bldg-

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