The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1941 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 31, 1941
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BLYTHEVILLE TllK DOjUWANrr Mrmrr..-. . „. VOLUME XXXVIII—NO. 12. Blytheville Daily News Blytheville l Blytheville Courier Mississippi Vitliey'Leider BROADWAY By WALTER WINCHELL NEWS Memos of a Colymner's Girl Friday Dear Mr, W.: Among oilier items too numerous io mention is that Gilda Gray is a sotto voce bride. He is a former horse owner, now her manager. At the Paramount Hotel . . . Clare Soothe apparently has .shelved her plans to interview* Hitler. I hear CBS Is booking her for a lecture tour . Capt. Elliott Roosevelt is in town. Says he may hop to London, etc. . . . Mrs. the former La Toto, has had a heavy chest cold since arriving at the Ringling- Barnum-Bailey Circus grounds in Sarasota. That is what's holding up the honeymoon. Mrs. Hoyt, her nurse, phoned New York's greatest lung specialist for consultation because Toto is no better after Mrs. Hoyt administered three vapo rubs and a gallon of alexeterpihydrate. BELIEVE WJILR, ARKANSAS. MONDAY, MARCH JM, i<). "——•»^ M »_^^_ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Imagine! What was labor leader John L. Lewis doing in the Waldorf's Norse Grill the other day? It's non-union! ... in other words the Yugo-Slavs refuse to become Yugo-Slaves. J. Von Sternbcrg: has been two years writing the memoirs that are destined to film all the critics who flammed him in the years when he was a big movie director. But he* has one consolation: Marlene likes him better as an author Gaylord Hauser says he is very sorry but he is not wed to Greta . . . J hear Bellinger is finding time to do the movie (on Texas Guinan's career) he's always wanted to screen. Alice Faye would be perfect for it ... Sherwood Anderson left an unfinished play—only one act—but George J. Nathan tells me it has a great idea . . . You credited Guy Kibbee with a "typewriter ribbon" which you credited correctly last Christmas to Benj Franklin . . . That reminds me of Mencken's definition of a club: "A place for a man who hasn't got a girl." Here's a new one, I think: William Rhodes Davis, the big oil operator (named in the Verne Marshall No Foreign War stuff) was formerly a vaudeville pif- fawmer. In show business, I hear, he "was Billy Davis, who originated' the ^comedy, waiter routine. •Sherman' Billingsley says' the Stork "cub" annex cost him S26.000 to build . . . The hour was very late, and someone in the party said to Bob Benchley: "C'mon. " let's go home" ... "A good wine," reminded Bob, "knows no country!" .-'.-. A certain recording waxed by Crosby (and never meant for circulation) may be heard at The Main St. Cafe in the Villidge. It's a wonder the platter doesn't melt. Remember Pauline Starke, one of the real stars in the silent film days? I hear she is still beautiful and is getting a chance again at The Duncan baby-ghTd at Columbia Studios. Renaldos were CfflMIFFICES Interest Centers On Mayor's Race and Contests For Alderman Posts Blytheville citizens will go to the polls tomorrow to name a new mayor for the next two years and to decide two aldermen's races in Ward Three, with one of the largest votes in many years expected in Uie municipal election. Voters will also decide upon an initiative measure providing for pensions to retired firemen and to widows of deceased firemen and deceased retired firemen. The mayor's race is closely-drawn between Tom A. Little and E. R. (Rabbit) Jackson, only candidates for th ecity's highest office in the race to succeed Mayor W. Marion Williams, who is retiring after serving four years. J. E. Lunsford, incumbert alderman in Ward Three, is seeking reelection, opposed by E. B. Woodson. In a special election held simultaneously with the regular municipal election, Ward Three voters also will decide between Rupert Graf ton and Dwight Bentley, seeking the other alderman's post vacated by Mr. Jackson, who resigned to run for mayor after serving 11 years as alderman. Incumbents in both Ward One and Two are unopposed in seeking re-election. E. R. Jones in Waard One and John C. McHaney in Ward Two automatically gained re-election when no other persons filed before the filing period closed on March 15. A heavy vote is expected because of high interest in the mayoralty race. Absentee voters mailed in theiJ- ballots Saturday, with slightly m °0. Jhan^the usual vote anticipated """by absentees" because Mississippi County's National Guard regiment. Company M, is stationed at Camp Robinson in Little Rock for a year's military training. There are more than 1,600 holders of poll tax receipts this year, over 200 more than the year pre- Rice Namel Revenue Supervisor Police Chief E. A. Rice, he; of the Blytheville police deparient for eight years, will assumithe position of supervisor for the ate revenue department for dirict Cedars of Lebanon two weeks ago . . . Crowell-Collier's haven't any connection with that new mag "Who" . . . The Social Security investigators are trying to collect $160,000 from Billy Rose, not 20 as you recently heard.' Covers a period of five years . Despite ail that buzzing" Hal Wal- Hs will probably get a new contract from Warners' when his present one expires in May . . . The newest campaign in the ad agencies will be: Watercress is best, for a hangover! . . . Intimates of Mr. Dewey insist he will run for Governor again. Very funny. The other day the H'wood Reporter eulogized photographers "for always taking liquor bottles off night club tables when taking pictures of the stars" In the same issue were photos of Merle Oberon and Alexander Korda with laughing-milk on theirs! Tsk-tsk ... A New Jersey man dropped $78.000 at the Florida track m the last 4 weeks . . . Reynal & Hitchcock will publish those veddy sinful sketches, skits and lyrics (in a private edition) of" the Dutch Treat Club shows . . . Saw John Mason Brown at the theatre. He told me this grand definition of an optimist: "A fellow who thinks the future is uncertain" . . . Have one by Bobby Byrnes: "Imitation is just, plagiarism—with an odor." I looked up the "For Whom the Belles Toil" crack. We used it on November 27th. 1940. in case anybody wants to bet it originated Hollywood vious. In addition, any person who has become 21 years of age since April 10, 1939, and has not purchased a poll tax. may cast a "free" vote in tomorrow's election. It is expected that approximately 100 such votes will be included. Location of polling places had not been officially announcer) by the county election commission at press-time today. The cominission- 3 o'clock county and M 15-coumy e after April }. Governor Homer Adkin.s m- nounced late Saturday the- ip- pointment of Mr. Rice, whcre- phice.s R. B. Stout, also of Bhc- vilJe. ':.! The position carries with -!a sciary ol $200 a month, plus ily- elin» anc! operating expenses. ' Mr. Rice served in the V;]d War in Prance and came toiy- theville in 1924. He served as v,ds superintendent for the Chicago.'ill and Lumber Corp. for a nuier of years and remained in ,at business after leaving the mi; The police chief first serveln that office under Cecil Shaiin 1933 and remained with Mr. tine as chief during his four-year :m as mayor, then was re-appoint-by Mayor w. Marion Williams, m- pleting his second term this ek. Mr. Rice. 46 years old. is a no- ber of the American Legion a past commander of the diet Legion organization and of thical Dud Cason post. He and Mr?.lce have one son, E. A. Jr.. 17. •• Mr. Stout served in the raiie department post for four ITS. His replacement was 'one of tfies of wholesale changes mat-by Governor Adkins in thp iiiue department. ' The governor also annded that Jettie Driver of Osceol;mTc replace Millard Tornpkins. -o Osceola, as county i-evenue pec- tor of Mississippi county, f.tive immediately. s IN FIRST PIE thu. , , this afternoon to decide upon poll- nlace i no* r\1 'irtocr Blytheville Places irlh In Annual Jud^iaon- tests At Jonesbov The P. P. A. chapter c/the- ville placed fourth Saturdr.'an- nual judging contest hel.Ar- kansas State college at ,boro. in which the Shawnee schhap- ter of Joiner won first hcwith 2.960 points os 600 vocati students co:noeted in 54 dements. Blvtheville had 2.870 poWal- nut Ridge was second \ 2,932 had 2.883third Dean Margaret Juslin Tells A. A. U. W. DeUn,,,, \ %, r ^ ~ r^ " *^ loBoP rk After British Leave; oslavia Rejects Pact 'ar aye ih< 1 democratic u>m- Ihe ck'iuomuk- jrn-lhod and '! n ' < lll »»->n-atU- lu-mt Ls the „-„-, ol women in national defense- Drm Marsaret Justin of Kimsus'state College :it Manhattan and ;;ec director ol the American tln » of University Women (old dok'gutc.s to the annual .stale convention of the oriinn was said in quarUM-s l n . | 0 By ORATTAN I'. McGROAKTV *" ">' a.'ul Lo l.j llnd ,t ,x>acefuJ sol - tioi to Liu- current crisis, w . o U lW I r,,,.., ,, . ! on .session, I hi? luncheon at the Hotel Noble» business session and at the First Prcsl church Saturday morning Pm-Mtmg her .subject, Dean Ju.s- »« warned that the democratic temper may be driven lnto wan.on uiuwusoimbleness. Mun will be so busy in the war program tmit In- will have iitue time to !^ mit . ; such ""reasonableness us the World full r, M llKOSlaV ' U j » U Htuti of I ' was noted hore eventuality that while ire Autopsy Reveals That At torney Died Of 4 '/ Phyxiahon and Burns i no* r\1 m pi evidenced mere-lore, women will have o assume the duly of preserving th -s democratic temper, .she .said Women must assure the contin- - uance of the democratic approach g to problems in both the .schools lephoto) and homes. Denn Justin warned that ihcy must make the tiemo- cratic method secure A democratic heart must be mamiained, Dean Jui j Lin sllltcc , nnd it will be woman's place to sec unit the approach to life is' tat- that there Ls a BenTn^acceptnnce I 01 the lact Him dcmocracv Is strong. • Great emphasis was placed on proper nourishment, because "only i we are healthy, can we stand the coming strain." other duties ol the woman urn'be to .see that consumer education carries on 'to seek values back of things rather the material value, to use a lific mind which will help to clarity thinking on important is- fllCrS, KM I.Jons to leave. Uieir le- ousted government, before pro,)os,v) , trl -> x)wcr Pact, hud Piopoicd a non-aggression an'i I' !•<,>, ,,],,\, | mil r o • "uhu to here pathiogist of Saturday night per«n autopsy on jy- told a coroner's jury Buckcj- s death ,va.s caused manner. in that 3 ' i V P S: the ' Pl!blic Firstscom ^ n . , . Three— i Raney. Walnut Ridee: se'Du- E. R. Jackson serv lc e station; Ward ; men "Walker. LenchviHhird. Two-Hardawav Appliance Co.; j Robert Fowles. McCrory. •• B cUeys charred body was found m his office on the second floor of Ward one-City «.!.. municipal I courtroom. Hrtlaw- Inee; second. Evening Shr-hird, The polls will O p*n at 7 a.m. and s Forrest City. High point John will close at 6 p.m. Livestock Hogs 17000 Top 785 170-230 Ibs. 770-780 140-160 Ibs 700-750 Bulk sows 660-715 Cattle 4700-4500 Steers 1200-1250 31. Steers 800-1325 Individual Heifers up to 1125 SI. Heifers 725-1175 Shasteen. Paragould. Dairv judging: First. C second. Shawnee: third, Ca^ock. His'h point man. Hugh JoPar- kin. '" Farm shop: First, ''Hie; business Was razed by ng damage estimated at lvhich $8000 Wlth one reportedly B considorecl by the new cabinet. U' thai, was rejected by fh c Ger- government. ^ ufjoskivla's minister to Berlin arnvj.d In Belgrade todnv 'Tor filiation with the " con- Rovernment." War Bulletins A N'u/J s|jok«sni:in 1J 'i'l AIIUM-H.;,!, Julian and bt> nu ovoiit •<t. (HI 1 ) — said todnv oV • s '>il)s may import- "j'^or the ai.uir»vas7tUrd- j ;;! t " < ; f ^'«H'» Barters fts -:IH 1 not teft, it was losses: sunk. w< A U1 " anti Zai 'a, Two destroyers, the 1.729 ton vin -•emo Globertl and tl o i in ^" Maestrale, sunk l ' 449 tou ih A 35,000ton Llttorlo class _. damaged by for Berlin ,> XVfu; n ot known Thn German minister delivered u new note to Yugoslavia* foreign office demanding clnrincallon of Yu'o- aUitudo toward the tri- Pfiet. but indications were Grout-Serb difference over "ttltude toward the "AXIS to have been .settled, quarters speculated on v,,, m i •- -ierman attack i ugosmvm. -'.flat lands of Hungary mul mm. they snid, would be the best route for ft German attack permit con- pro- K r business before it was brought un- and firemen, has not vet been determined, but local and county officers are still investigating The inquest, conducted by Coro-, - -—. ~ iuiiy IUKI Mrs > J. V. Moore, was started early Ruel Butler of Luxora H uu-lm rvi «rday but was continued until six pictures of n c^H W W J > St. Lou,s natlin^, ™,,,, „,. of Hot Springs . which are part o/ flirt ^1^.11 » * * .-_ ' V V*l "Woman's place will be the muance of life, the care and ,„„. ecjon of life, its enrichment and ulnllment. Closing with the quotation from Ulysses, "to strive, to seek to find f " ol . to yield." she urged that he University Women like the oet find the values which are aramount in n democracy nnd ever yield them. Mrs. Jamas Hill Jr.. local pr c .si- cnt, who presided at the luncheon nclc the address of welcome and traduced brand! presidents. Mrs v. C. Askew, of Fayettcvillc. rc- sondcd to ihe welcome. The vocal 10, composed of Mrs. Paul L Pton, Mrs. Geor B c M. Lee and Mrs Russe'l F ? .rr. snd ensemble students of Miss Nannie Clarke Smith presented the special music Following the luncheon, the group' viewed the educational exhibit, in the Rose room which was arranged by Mrs. Bancroft Terry and Mrs i , - — ~* *«nt.ii ItL/HlUJV. but some- doubled whether Hun- LMII-V „„,, ft immn j u to Hict. The Yugoslav government moved nevertheless to "take certain measures" for the protection "™ C L^ 1 ™: 9. ovcr " m "H quar- mens- es jjumicfi out, that these mean 'jeT'''b"'° Ul r d ° nUW "° anxlot >' <'° M»rcli :u. (UP) — sources said 1C ••""< »icni was made ,<Hm arier German informants '•ail asserted ami Unitarian •sources hud dj..«i e( | u, at ' „„, had ordered frencrnl n, 0 . C:UI1C aul iorli«u v<J . Gii . mBII at last n:«elved of u.e ,, cw which lnsLslcnt| y -.SnmVu; 5 '^ 1 "* 8U " «"» .sunk. Another destroyer, possibly the | 05S »' h -rtnllnn ships and it'was thon»i^ they were. firing at each othei '* There was no possibility, he said. foiir Italians was Probable because it wa they could not distinguish he r own forces, especially j n view of te r ° Ut which ' had b t after the first G -, ..... «.«„. Ailot , r^^, f , second. Jonesboro; third ords- . bL Loui - s Pathologist could ar- ville. High point man Sha- "^ . nnri Perform the autopsy which was ordered -after what ap- ver. Jonesboro. Chicac/o open high Idose May 911-2 923-4 901-1-4 i Sept. 91 1-2 92 1-8 90Q5-8 Five Persons Treated Here! In Week End Auto Mips p wore peared to be skull fractures discovered in Buckley's head - dicating that foul play mav 'have taken place prior to the fife Dr Allen tolci the jury that he ? concluslve ^-klence that Buckley was alive when smoke the collection of flowers and trees of Arkansas in which the A A- U. w. and other interested groups are attempting to Blaze Sweeps Structure At Holland Early Today; Explosions Reported Three explosions were during n fire whicl Crescent Night dm o'clock this by Holland T hc reen To Attend Meet- On Food Stamp __ IU-IKU, nwritx;,' Dy Hubert Utlr>v ) i S?S., JU 5! RO Rola "d Green of !**" pndlocked for a month! Th, f lrvlv °™' lncludliVei"om: '«s not covered by insurance r ° ' l Wfis C 01111 ^"' 1 ^ f " '- 11 Tl C'" tr» yrt »**-» ».*- ~ * p wl " mcct - « loss Rock Thursdny morning with -According to reports county judcos of the other 1G Ar- J Three ' the fire hit him. i •sect and burns inside his found interest in order that they may be purchased and remain in the state In the morning business session it was announced ihat the Southwest division has reached its quota of its contribution to the Vassic ^...v. •-%<! ii L i ui^iut Ills llllK'^ T n*** v <i.v>u he .said, -but found no fractures 0 S HiH Fell ^v.ship fund. Th- nor any other indication of f ou ' f° ullp votecl thal in the future con- i J»butioiLs to fellowship funds would be made as individual branches saw State division recommended that The jury returned a similar verdict in the death of "Happy Jack " ^ legless cripple whose bodv also run into remnants of the which the British had beaten an« a mutual,mistake occuM Oerman dive bombers appeared over the British fleet, but dW M damage because O f a deadrJ fSe iuac" anli " airCraft 8Uns a "^ the two "f IM ' S ^ fi.?hicf planes and The British 1 neet'SowTback' In it picked UD some 900 Italian ba- to leave 300 on rafts and In life•he presence of nnr man planes. mlT, hcC « aC < i0n r t0 ° k place about 150 miles west of Crete when the Ttal ian fleet was taken completely bv Os ;;rf-i- puch . *»*'*£& others persons received 'or injuries over the ™ nds - ™ an accident Bar- in fieW at 10 ° >Clock ^t -iSix here. His le had beo sved lh ° m ^»^nance of refuse fit. the project for the branches attempt to" contr7bute C ' U ' to Persons who hafleft -end in Mississippi county and Blytheville and were Vriear Southeast Missouri, and more than the second levee nine from »« f most of flrst aid treatment. H and - h ere were in one automden them requiring by Charles H. Gaines the- villc< that The Book of farmer, and nenr Cootcr at 8 Ihe Month selections in June will be "Darkness at Noon" and "Junior Miss" . . . There's a swell piece about a small-time m.c fand the ^ • Miami joint atmosphere) in Col- I dnve " by Ed Hers of last week . . . Gertrude Lawrence has a nine'inch statuette of Churchill, sculpted by- Suzanne Silvercruys. The first that the British-American Ambulance Corps will sell for S2 . . . Despite their denials, their friends contend Stuart Kellogg, of the corn-flakes tribe, and Jayne Manners are meddied . . . Life is doing an 8-page spread on Vic Mature. Say, he's broken the record for male free ads, hasn't he? Most seriously inj\ired was Mrs. ' driven by Arnold Beckei'the- G. W. Roark of McMinnville. .-ville. .? Tenn., who suffered a fractured Robert Moore. 18 ville: jaw and possible internal injuries, i Nancy McLain. 18. Ro'-imd The 46-year-old xvoman was injured ! Gaines were taken to Rosin an accident involving an auto-ipJtal. all suffering scsmds. mobile driven by her husband, a Gaines' injuries were Sous VCrsit ^ immediately below the hps mn accident years ago and he had State grou P Passed on the amend- managcd to get around on u little | ment to tn P Southwestern Divis-mounted on roli?r skates j lon constitution that meetings in ooard Arriving a werk ago, ho hnci so- ! tne licited money on the streets herel -stoaci of conventions be called congresses in- another machine than the other two. of near Steele,! bruised were Neda and Buckloy had permitted him vo .sleep in his office-. A. G. Sanders, a judge of the i Pemiscot County Court, Saturday' attempted to locate relatives Hie cripple in Arkansas and' pare In the food stomp program includes free food stamps to clients under certain classifications with purchase of certain stamps and outran free stamps to certain direct, relief clients. The 17 Arkansas counties, including f,ve counties in which the program already is In operation include Mississippi. Polk, Crawford Washington. Sebastian Pone' Frankhn, Logan, Johnson, ' Hemp-' stead. Garland. Union. Clark, Poin- sctt. Independence. Phillips. Pulas- Murder Case Is Underway Here Today ., ™°, t pr " tcrm of Circuit Court snrh Springs and Dallas. cffc «on. Hot , Wynne presidins and first of six murder trials on Ulster - ^ naval mstoiy. it was asserted her- that he Italian fleet hardly exists *ny moie except in name and on na- S, JH\ ^^ r ° rce has reduced to n shell. j Firemen Are Called To of was unsuccessful, m. yesterday. Joyce Morgan, Dell, whuck on the head in the land Also slightly injured were Mr -- -— .-. Roark and the Roarks' three daugh- ! Cecil Allstin of McD$Mr. ters. Geraldine, 20; Ruth 18 and! and Mrs - Be cker suffer^in- Addie Dell. 4, and Inman and his i - turies - Both Car s son and brother. Witnesses said badly the Missouri car was struck as it A Sat "rday night '1'n- was buried in a grave on the Pemiscot - ...... - Gosnell Sawmill Blaze fire at the -sawmill near Gos- Ju-dge V. G. Holland j i Mississippi and other counties to e crowd ed docket began this af- Jcncf.t under hte program will ternoon in th ^ case of Roy Houston bcgm operation of the plan prob- nc * ro char S ed with murder in ably late in April and not late.r! COnnccLl011 with the death of an- jihnn May 15. Offices will be set OUier ncgr °up both at Blythevilie and Osceola {£- tl »s county, with the Little Rock office of tho SMA furnishln expenses for upkeep of ffldals 5i offices. the Blvthe- -"'"'or Chamber o Commerce Draft Boards Notify 21 Negroes In County Twenty-one Mississippi county negroes were notified today by local Draft Boards A and B to report jor a year's military training ne\t month. = Seven will report to Draft Board B officials on April 5. The others were notified to report April 17 to Draft Board A. They include- April 5-E. D. Ward, Jasper \y- cox, Harold Garfield Walk. James Cleggett and Mose Ellis, all O f Luxora, Willie Branch, Osceola and Adam Vanhook. Dell. April 17—Willie James Hamilf-rm i*«?S1^S£ SH^SM- |§ Tiie negro is represented bv At- rneys Percy Wright and ' Greene. ~' ham Sudbury. crossed the highway and wa S ' i ^ lred thrown into a nearby field bv I rv» wrt f\ 4- "^ ,T"—^ T-\ ^ t - *' slightly of ^f^luim 0 - miH nnd a S3 -°00 h ^ SOU8ht iljc f00 ^ stomp pro- Houston is charged in connection •dav "before f °Rivn^ r -n h ? Ur ' S ' the^Snl!! 1 ' ^ voral . w ^ cks - Both [ ^^h the fatal shooting of Harry v uciore Bljtheville !uc- j tl 7 .^cittaiy of agriculture and Cu «"'ngham, ne»ro "t wir»v m ^« -succeeded in mmiihir, fK^ officials of t.ho RMA i,, «,_..,. : _. io t .« -ci^n ™. 41V -=> 1U - tlt wickman quelling the SMA in approved the _ . . York Cotton A T , he .f re st! "-tcd in a large saw . ! Uci P aUo » '» the program' last for par- A , . ' thc wind 'lunged. Ma, Eight persons were cut and bnnsed, two suffering serious scalp north of the Missourjline, j -July Oct. Staten Prince of treated for a gash acr-iead, at Blytheville Hospm : open high H07 1103 1128 1131 1120 1105 1128 of department Mar. Fall. The case was expected to end late today and it was indicated that grand larceny cases would be heard tomorrow. Affirmations of several Municipal and state cases appealed after con- Charlie Williams, Rufus McCombs Edward Letoy Pips, James Matthews Moore. Cleotra Harris, Willie Bob Robinson. Thomas Lee Henry Emmett White, Sam Lackland and Albert. Stokes, all of Blytheville. 1103 HOB burned. Cct. 1121 1136 1134 1125 1132 ma 8 1127 7 1117 HI8 1H9 1107 1116 1121 ins 1112 1115 whose trials are sched- n this docket pleads this opened. FORECAST BLYTIIEVILLE-Pair and cooler tonight. Lowest temperature 42 Tuesday, fair. Highest 56 IHEMPHlS-CIoudy tonfcht. Lowest 46. Tuesday, partly cioudv and slightly cooler. Highest 60. " ARKANSAS — Fair and cooler Tuesday fair.

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