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Weekly Call from Birmingham, Alabama • 4

Weekly Calli
Birmingham, Alabama
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Fi oT ILL AS r5 PAGE FOUR Hawaiian Is. Marshall Islands Newsmen Admit Apprehension of A-Bomb Mission By WALTER A. SHEAD WND Correspondent ABOARD USS APPALACHIAN (Via Navy Radio) Civil and military welcoming committees out of the way, with the beauty and color of the Paradise of the Pacific a pleasant memory interlude in the midst of this serious military experiment the "Big Apple" today has her nose pointed westward on the second leg of our hop toward Bikini atoll and the atomic bomb test, the results of which may revolutionize naval tactics. Ihe waters of the Marshall Islands are not new to the Appalachian and the members of her crew who first took her into If Pilotless Sioioqfaphic Piase ite i loot No ot Ct free it oi mev Solomons, press ship of Adm. W.

H. P. Blan-dys task force and aboard are I QUEEN SIZE ORANGES Selma Rocker, Orange festival queen, Bartow, finds that the oranges are bigger and better than ever before. These vitamin packed fruit look as big as grapefruit. combat duty in these very waters the conquest and capture of Kwajalein, which is our next port of call.

She is a sturdy ship and bears few scars of her tour of duty in the war in the Pacific in the Marshalls, the Admiraltys, the Sta roba atas, etteT test nt, ed. Hot he 1 ama ons reqi stat rt libitt at Leyte, the Marianas, at Guam and other action since Pearl Harbor. On this tour she Is the Ca SETTING FOR OPERATIONS CROSSROADS Where historys most important explosion is expected to occur some time this summer. This authoritative drawing from Popular Mechanics was made from information snpplied by task force headquarters. At Bikini Atolf in the Marshall islands the target will be an assembly of more than 100 unmanned ships totaling approximately 200,000 tons valued at $500,000,000.

Sta roba lsen ettei test ited June Hav ersoi tl Es ver bate ve men IAR Ca CHIEF YELLOW THUNDER AND PIPE PEACE Chief Yellow Thunder of the Winnebagos, Wisconsin Dells, as he appears as the star of the Stand Rock Indian ceremonials, held nightly through the summer. 14,000 Indians have returned from armed forces to take part and witness ceremonies. DISCOVERS NEW PENICILLIIJM Wayne Slmmonds, 29, graduate assistant at the University of Wichita, who has discovered a new strain of penicillium from fungi peculiar to Wichita, area. St rob, 'liftc et said lersi the ige anty al tate ified nt NEW CHIEF JUSTICE AND TREASURY HEAD Fred M. Vinson was named chief justice of the U.

S. Supreme court by President Truman, and Reconversion Director John W. Snyder was selected to succeed Vinson as head of the treasury department. Left to right: Fred M. Vinson, President Truman and John W.

Snyder. The new secretary of treasury was a former St. Louis banker. Vinson served in congress and on federal bench. COWS SAVE FIFTY DAYS BY FLYING This bunch of purebred Guernsey calves pre the first group to be shipped to a distant point by air.

They took off from Teterboro, N. bound for Bogota, Columbia. The trip will take 2 days, instead of 52 required by sea. Cattle transported by sea have taken six months to a year to recover from the rigors of a sea voyage. The result of the air trip is being watched by agricultural experts as well as air specialists.

CZECH Czechoslovakian Ambassador Juraj Slavik who upon presenting his credentials to President Truman expressed his governments appreciation for the aid given by the United States. Und ntair iton rded Mo dge ortg; -red agan nuat oe ges Je quet 'hite tr. age re i ount the ortg I the A it hi 946, win A dock 617) ccon sai -artic i fc este tl vith me, vith orti vith eet; lortb eet laid ling jewei the Alab; Th in sa TO DROP BOMB Major Harold Wood, age 30, of Bordentown, N. responsible for bullseye. picked newspaper men and representatives of the other media such as news reels, radio, technical magazines, television and others.

Although most of them are on other ships of the group, such as the Pan-amint and the Blue Ridge, there is a sprinkling of scientists aboard and a sort of friendly ribbing going on constantly between the lay or mine-run members of the press and these scientific writers, many of whom are members of the I Am a Frightened Man Club and predict dire results and dangers to personnel of this task force when the bomb burst, scheduled July 1, takes place. In spite of their fun-poking, the newspaper men generally privately admit they feel some apprehension and beneath the raillery there is a feeling of tenseness among many of ns which Increases daily. The trip thus far from Navy Pier in Oakland to Honolulu, where our two-day stay was all too short, has been like a pleasure cruise but now we are getting down to the serious part of this most stupendous military experiment in history. The information officers aboard ship offer every facility and we are scheduled for a series of roundtable conferences to orientate us to the main objectives of operations crossroads. One of the most interesting phases of this operation is the time element.

Fourteen different time zones are involved in the operation by virtue of the location of Bikini west of the International Date Line. For instance if the first atomic bomb is dropped at 10 a. m. Monday, July 1, it will be 5 p. m.

Sunday, June 30, in Chicago. As this is written out of Pearl Harbor we still have some 2,200 miles of trackless blue water to traverse at a speed of approximately 11 knots or about 13 miles an hour. Before we reach Kwajalein where we will spend a day viewing the elaborate installations which have been set up in quarters, laboratories. air facilities as a base for the army air corps which will drop the bomb and the 37,000 men of the joint E. I At The SENATOR JOHN HOLLIS BANK-HEAD The death of Sen.

John Hollis Bankhead removed the name of a famous family from the roils of congress. The Alabama senator was co-aathor or supporter of Bankhead cotton act, the Bank-head-Jones farm tenancy act, the FSA, AAA, soil conservation und parity prices for agricultural products, and many other bills for the benefit of the farming industry while in the senate. MR. AMERICA Bobby Townsend, 9, as he envies gorgeous Alan Stephan, 22, Chicago, who won National A. A.

U. Mr. America contest at Detroit. Exercise, diet and sleep did the trick, Stephan says. SPARKLING WATERS VACATION TIME Vacation time has arrived in New Jersey along the coast and inland.

Sparkling lakes mark the inland and mountain areas where sails are being set with all manner of craft. Insert shows that the children love the surf just as grownups do. CHICKS FOR CZECHS Cargo plane of veterans air express, piloted by former AAF pilots, took off from Chicago with 60,120 hatching eggs produced in Illinois. The plane was chartered by the UNRRA to rash the eggs to Prague, Czechoslovakia, to help restore war-depleted fiocks. Claire Sannders, left, and Lillian McLeiian see eggs off.

The Ci Al ye I Regi year post Hele asce: ther Resi the orde mad weei pnbl reqc to 1 Con of 3 day) be 194. The task force. The logistics and the planning which have gone into this operation will rival those in the invasion of Normandy and scientists in and out of the navy have ready for installation the most elaborate measuring devices to meter actual effects of the explosion on the target array of combat and other ships, army and navy material, Uve animals tethered aboard some ships and ordnance for army, navy and air of all descriptions. In addition recording devices, specially constructed cameras for television, radar controlled drone planes, which will fiy through the atomic cloud at varying heights will bring back samples of the radio active materials and vapor to bo rushed to the laboratories for test. It is this radio activity for the exploded atoms which may be used for the benefit of mankind In peacetime pursuits.

As a matter of fact, the Manhattan district is now releasing or has released small portions of radio activated substances to universities and laboratories. i RARE CHINESE FAINTING This 18th century painting was presented to the American Association for the United Nations at ceremonies at its headquarters recently In New York, as expression of good will and friendship of Chinese Association for the United Nations. Dr. Wuo Safong, left, representing Dr. Chu CMa-hua, minister of education of China, turns over painting to Clark M.

Eichel-herger, American chairman. HONOR ATOM SCIENTIST Dr. Lise Meitner, German-born nuclear physicist, as she received honorary degree at the University of Rochester. Early work by Dr. Meitner was on atom bomb.

MUSICAL OMELETS Murray Weiss, Brooklyn scientific poultry fancier, found that music hath the charms to make biddy lay more generously. Advantage la that the hen doesnt haveto cackle. AMERICAN STARS IN ENGLAND The U. S. WIghtman cup team who played Britain at Wimbledon on June 14 and 15 are pictured before the big event.

Left to right are Miss Louise Brough; Doris Hart; Mrs. Patricia Todd, the only married woman on the team; Pauline Bets, and Margaret Osborne..

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