The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1936
Page 1
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VOL. XXXIII—NO. 201 niythevllle Courier VMylhevllle Herald Blylhevllte Dally News Mississippi i valley , t, A Prospect for Some .Unemployment Jiistiranee SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS MADRID mm IITO OF DEII1 Describes Symptoms Dining Two (lours Following Heart Attack NEEDHAM, Mass., Nov. 7 (UP) ' —Stricken with a fatal- heart at- ' tack, a retired physician, alone hi: Ills home here, carefully recorded his symptoms and. reactions for two hours before he died. '. The: [Knelled noles were found ue.slde his body at midnight. the physician was ;Dr. Harold Henry Beieirneister 53 >ear old native of Biookljn N Y and formerly a general practitioner J Mrs. Walter E Goodwin a sis ter. who found the both on the Kitchen floor of their Needhaim Heights home, revealed to the United Press the_ contents of the extraordinary notes in v,hu.h he chrcnicled his painful passage Into death. The notes were scrawled on t»o sheets torn from a kitchen memo pad-the only paper within hib reach-when he was stricken i i Time 8p m the first line "Raising right arm over- head- hot water-relief (Dr Beieimels er had a hot water botlle beside urn.) "Ansim _ nain red.rnj,^ three lo five minutes-gradual and gradual let up , oiA ". hou f elapsed Then the doc"fl p. m. T.g»it tcann, pain Bronchial spistn mpr * Fifteen minutes later' t "S:lo p. m . Spasm' under breast "Pain in left arm. The .last note untimed and barely legible read My arm* Identical, to paralysis at elbows AHEM — TELU ME" MORE ABOUT THIS SOCIAL SECURITY PROPOSITION , "Closing trachea. 1 ' Overrules TVA MoTion , To Dismiss Actions' D , C °^^ IIiE T™ n t*OV ,7 CU .r . the Tennessee valley Au thority today lost an attempt to shake, off the suit of w private power companies attacking*^ TV* constitutionality when federal Judge Jtan J Gore overruled a TVA dismissal motion Orplmns of Spin's Slomi Ciaciola Found '•'fin in Back Room of Golden Slipper .MFMI'lilS. Nov. 7 <UI>>—Three liaiidlts, two white men and a n'-'Bio. murdered Clinrluy Clan- <!-ln, 35. operator of Hie fashion<•'•'" Cio'd"., pximer i,[,,|,i dj,), , norlli of here hi Tlploii county | -'"v loday. ' I They bound up 'a helper: and ml bed the. place of $CO, three i slot machines, ft wrlsl 'Walch and } a nislol. Ofanclola's bodv was found In a back room of the .club. He tmd tel'ii slugged .several limes and shot once through Ihe head. William Jennings, the helper,. ...„...„ reiiortcd to ShcrilT Vaughn of] i cn nni; Upton county that three inenl . . - •.•».•.•«. i |lt , present: a picture of ;the pathetic plight of iine yount; An old woman wearily slumpeil „„ (be c.irb-n baby ">r,on,,y held up the' club. He ' d foot while .the robbers rc- | maincd In the place about '" an 1 '-p' 1 '- and a half. . Jennings snld the robbers fm- i ally decided to take him nut tin the highway and • "finish Him." but Instead walked him I down Ihe highway some distance, loosed the bonds on his hands I mitt told him. to "keep going." : At this time, lie said, Clanclola «ns alive.', •-•'.'• Sale of AI Capone'* Estate Is Called Off n the. --"I Beach'estate'of Al Capone. imprisoned former Chicago gang czar, scheduled for Monday , , Chamber of Commerce Repoits VASHINGTON NOV 7 CUP)— The United States Chamber of Commeice todaj reported Ameri cari, business has made ^ID most substantial recovery tn the period since Ma> 1935 that has been noted m nrty period of tile pist ' w^..-..//,;.: ...^ii^lifc;,:. lapal. Accord Seen in Visil lo Hitler teh' years. It is> necessary to go ' back , en care of. decade,: the' chamber- said' in its summary of business conditions/ 1 ......a, "to 'find-another .period in which liens. bl 's!ness momentum had' within when I " self e Q«al elements, of strength." v- .*,,, umce -here' Tri^ chamber said that despite 1 the liability has been I f lle consistent Improvement in bus- 01. i in*»«:c j>nnr1itln«'i. + v,,-,.-_ _._" ' _.:. _i. • cancel «l revenue - iness conditions there was small "Chic" Sales ,.__. Relapse Early today HOLLYWOOD, cal., Nov. 7 (UP) -Charles "Chic" Sale, veteran co- incdlan of stage and screen, suffered a relapse today after a brief Improvement in his flght against pneumonia and physicians described him as "very much weaker." New York Cotton chance of back. any immediate set- NEW YORK, Nov. 7 ' (UP)— Cotton closed very steady. open high low. close Dec 1181 1194 U80 1190 Ja » 1175 1191 1174 1188 Mar 1175 1190 1175 1187 May ..... ins H90 1175 1187 J»l 1169 1181 1168 H79 Get 1130 ]]42 J130 1H2 Spots closed steady at 1235, up 8. Spot Avenge Is 12.20 Sf, avcra S c P ri « of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the ten designated spot martci.s today was 12 20 according to the Blytheville Board of Trade. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 7 (UP)Cotton eased a few points at the start today while absorbing the early hedges and evening uu sales in advance of the burcaii Closing sales were seven lo eleven points up for the active months open high low close Dec 1180 1193 1179 H9I Jn» 1H3 1180 1173 11841 Mar 1174 1187 1172 1135 May 1174 1187 1113 1185 Jul 1167 1118 1161 11751 Oct H30 1135 1130 ' imi,, v.o vu Spots closed steady at 1236, u(> 6, 1 London Free Homestead Proposal' - Only One Disapproved By County Voters -Proposed Constitutional Amendment No. 23, popularly known is the Cazort free homestead amendment, apparently safely npproi ! cd- by-voters of the entire state | was Ihe only-one' of five "pro- 1 pastils-submitted in tho ivny of constitutional amendments and initiated acts' to' receive disapproval of Miisissippi county : electors The Mississippi county election board. In session nt Osceola yesterday, certified .the Mississippi county vote for the amendment at 2,010 and the vole against at 2.530. All other proposals were an- provcd by substantial margins with Amendment No. 25. providing for enforcing re-apportionment of the stale legislature, carrying by the biggest margin, 4,544 to 208. Hnle Jackson, Democratic candidate for sheriff and only nominee of the party for county office to have opposition,'received 4.875 votes to 147 for B. W Thwcntt, Independent candidate Carl E. Bailey, Dcmo:ratic candidate for governor received 4,936 «- Q.~-L.« .v. me it-ui votes iu the county ns aonlmt the Dow-Jones Industrial av-i 219 for Osro -" a made a new high since candidate. I The county three-mill road anu T 182 3-4 carried by a vote of i 147 c «PPer 547-8 to 528 against. 75 5-8; County votes on olher amend- 131 5-8 mcnls and acts were as fol 4 | lows: "1 ]-2! Amendment No. 22. to provide °' 1 - 8 , for prosecution on the filing O f| '« t information in felony eases, 4,061] 76 1 " 1 for and 614 against. . | McKesson-RobbTns"™ l<U \l 1 J rtct ' Na 31 ' !o 5lm t"'fy criminal " ' "" 61 1-2 coll . u l )rocorturc and Place prose- Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. 7 (UP) — Mercantile shares, amusements and motors—stocks that were ex- peckd to'anpreclate by heavy divi- ou.ce m nave oppo- dend distributions and wage in-' ,(875 votes to 147 creases-featured „ m . lu .. 5 stock market session today, ens of _ .stocks were carried ground for Ihe into , t for '° r Bethlehem Slecl Chrysler Cities Service Coca' Cola '.'."." General American Tank General Eleclric General .Motors International Harvester Montgomery Ward New York Central .. Packard 61 1-2 45 13 . i cuting attorneys on salaries 4 P4 ' for nnct 506 against. ' ' " j ^HCKKrq b ,^ 'U' JUKI tvv ug.ituav. Phillips Petroleum".'.'." 48 [.4' Act No. 1, Cazort free te\l Radio Corp .__ U7-8 1)OO ' C I'foP 05 " 1 ) 2 > 83 5 for and 1797 St. Louis-San PranMcy. rt , n n np.iinst. ' St. Louii-San Fraricisco Simmons Bed . Standard of N 1 7-8 I 3-8 Standard of N J " BI ^ «' ^ co , ;;;;;; St"! Texas Cotton Picker's U H Rn\pltln(r --._ __.. _ * U S Smelting U S Steel . Warner Bros Zonlle 92 1-2 78 5-8 16 1-2, 7 3-4 . Moherless Baby Dies Federal Court Holds Tliem ^Liable- for $14,000,000 of Bank Debt t' 1'K*"! up | n the. sutler. Tocher they ' and old In to pre' vent capture of Spain's cnpltm by. the rebels. Pope Will -Have Famous; Sistine , Frescos Draped VATICAN CITY, Nov. 1 {UP) — The Vatican -nignounccil ! loday 'that Pope Pius XI. ordered draperies jinintcd on several niides of Michael Angclo's famous frescos In the Sistine chapel, considering them dnrlnir and offensive to Calhollc morals. Opening of Avenue c; Be Started oon Mayor Cecil Shane said today ¥ lB -,io-D& artist, already K^alS r^c^hor^ has mounted m, Immeme scaffold- Iv lo prepare a crossing over IIs liwr and started painting flowing rlght-of-wny and tricks at the Women and Chiklicrj; Seeking, Safety, Endangered by AiHlleiy LONDON, Nov, 7 (111 1 )—The Excli u BD Teli'eniph's i ondoil tcrriiiioiideiit rcimrtcd todiv Ihat GUI lose V.ucU 1 -, rebef 1 iirmlrs li.irt reached Ihe Tuerli dol sol,! In (lie i.iirt W Mii'ilrlil A ilUpilth s-ild thil violent lighting HJS oriurrlnif in the 1'iici-la dtl Sol .LISBON, Poitugnl, Nov 7 (UP) —The ne\is was Unshed Horn Madrid today In diplomatic and tin- offtclitl clKpatchcs Hint the nationalists hnd ellteied Madrid mid the cabinet had tied by ahphnc to Vnlciicla .A \var commltlee was left b"- lilnd, the dlspalchc-; said, lo cl-- fend tho cltv and. if the rebels could noL be -ito|)])ed, to fight a rear (juaul action that would de- my as long n\ possible. ' A column of Moore were In the city piopei, It uns n-iseitcxi almost unopposed moving first "long tliu bank of Ihe Miuvzan- nres ilvii from Carabanchel barracks Hi the suburbs and cioss- unr • the Toledo bridge at tho southern sltte of the city Thej moved in, it «as said under coicr of a torrinc artillery bombaidment In the open ncld-i Just outside the city, M 11 !, 11 !! ^ Crc cx l )lotll »B '» the vlclnlljij of the Medhxlla miv . rout station at the southern edge of- the city V, . "" i'»»"'»i B uvisuiK ^Hiiv-ui-\suy nmi tracks at tho ^ veils^ and ^Imperlcs'around parts east end of Chlekasawba averme IV expMte'trt flnlsli as dt,-ccted -by tljp clty^councl' Thousands of »omen and children. fleeing the city to the. e. east, v ere reported endangered by 7 '(UPi—Fed- H. Wilkcisoii V CHICAGO. : Nov. eral Judge James ... „,.„„„„„ . today upheld the Reconstruction Br 'fhn Finance Corporation in a suit lo I"™!. 1 collect r|-oroxlmainy $14.000,000 ~" from .stockliolrters of the Central Republic Bank and Trasl company, lie held the famous $90- COO.OOO loan to the "Dawes bank" was legal. . The decision ended a four-year court battle on .the. part of the R. F. C. to collect from 5000 stockholders of the bank The $H..CCO,(XW s-lll moke up In part n. deficiency in repayment or the $90.000,000 loan Dnnlole da ' Voltemi ' T io over • mules coinnrisiIIP •^^^:^'^^^i^ 'r\r\f ,i.ill \,n ».r -; • •• ..' , . Wllkcrson ruled that the stockholders were liable under the Illinois stockholders liability law. The decision affects 3,500 Illinois stockholders. Others outside Illinois have been sued In other federal districts. The suite probably will not be tried but will "be determined by outcome of the Illinois case. un- work cast across the railroad and back of court house property street. The average person makes use of between 8,000 and 10,000 words. I Doctors, on rm average, 25,000 and lawyers 23,000. Manila Man Brought Back Given Plan Burial of Ballard at French Lick Springs HOT SPRINGS, Nov. 7 (UP)— The body of Ed Ballard, 53, former circus magnate who «'ns killed last night In n hotel room, by Robert Alexander 55. of Detroit, to Court ajid Five- Year Term Malay Sultan Is England's Guest nationalist artillcri fire, df- on the Valencia road area ^iiFtyanT Against Spending LITTLE ROCK. NOV 7 (UP)— ov. J M Kulrcll salt! tadiy he will-start woif, soon on the speech he will delhei at the opening ol_ * of Ihe J^OT 111 6CTO "" «ly°<', to Second The speech will be in the fonn^ of a message of recommendation" to combine house and, senate it L> expected to touch on schools and words, taxation know The govcrnoi, according to -] friends Is much opposed to additional taxes or decision of any more.of the stales Income to the common school fund and it was expected his rennrks would be ratlier sharp -James "Tuffy" Williams' "ccl-- bration" over being released, after pleading guilty to a charge of burc- lary in circuit court here earlier-In the week, proved costly yesterday I when he was given a five-year penitentiary scnlncc by Jucl B e G. B. Williams, reputed Manila "bad boy," imbibed frcMv followim. his release and created quite a disturbance in Manila, broggin. as well about his ability to escape imprisonment, according to reports. As a rssult he was • picked up by will be shipped to French Lick As n rB£ " 11 - he vas picked up by Springs, Tnd., for burial. joHicers and again brought before The body of .Alexander, who Jl "'p Kcck - Wi1 ° earlier in the killed himself, «ill bo Jlilnped to .^r,. " nd Bunted the request of killed himself, «ill be shipped to Detroit. Roosevelt's Lead Passes 10,000,000 Vote Mark • t NEW YORK, Nov. 7. (UP)— President Roosevelt's margin of Chicago Corn HWT low close ! ..™ bab ^ open Dec 101 1-2 May 1-4 96 7-8 94 1.4 gg j. 8 w cose 1-4 102 3-4 t' mc ago. He fe survived by H, Mkm y An hour's interview with Chancellor Hitler at Berchtesgatien, Bavaria, by Michael Cardinal Faulhabcr (above), Archbishop of Munich, \va.s Interpreted by ob- I servers as a new bid for accord four- between the Nazi government and ft was Faulhaber's \vith the momi:,g, | l "" vl ' 'j 1 ,^, ' C0 ii(| cm nerl. ' ^led some . : -. request Williams' lawyer, E E. Alexander, that sentence be held up during good behavior. He had entered a plea of guilty to the burglnry of a Manila resident's" chicken house. Judge Keck reprimanded WJl- liams for his conduct and then passed sentence on the defendant Wllllamj won acquittal In circuit court here sssssr for Little Rock Pastor to Speak Here Sunday Dr. Olio Whtlllngton, pastor of Emanuel Bapllst church, Little Rock, will speak at 7:30 o'clock Sunday evening at the First Baptist crmrch. Dr. Whitltnglon conducted a revival meeting in the 'ocal church several years 'ago. Print .Medical Encyclopaedia MOSCOW (OP)— The I f i i."—- in VWI1V,I1 a defendartj received acquittal at 1 the hands of a jury. Woolen was i represented by Gene E. Bradley by .ip|x>intn!cnt of (lie court Three Seek Divorces Three divorce suits have been til-1 «i recently in chancery court here. Husbands arc plaintiffs in two of i the actions. Paying his lirsl visit .to Eng- Striker Is Slain At v San Francisco Today SAN TRANCISCO, Nov 7 (UP) -Emar Kopppcn. a strlklno seaman, was slain today but fears that his death marked the outbreak of violence In the coastwidc sir*-" Avere-allayed \\hen police said it mid no direct connection «uii the. ' Koppen, a Norwegian; had b°eVi on picket duty until c o clock fast mgm. He was found unconscious In a street hours laler, his skull, fractured liedied In a hospital Unusual Smelter Uses Oxidation Process THE DALLES, 'ore. "(UP)—The {Dalles lays claim to a unique smeller tn the Industry—one that extracts metal from ore through oxidation rather than melting Under the system — which the . Inventcr. Albert J. Koebel. says experts have always said was 1m- j possible — pulverized ore Is sub| jected to such terrific heat that 1 It oxides Instantly and the metals, in gaseous state, are draw off by suction, , By a process, which in principle. . Is the same as a vacuum cleaner. the gasses go Into bags. Oxygen is then withdrawn and the melal remains WEATHER James. I,uker is asking a divorce i 'and, Sullan Suleiman'' of Se- from Alllne Lukcr on the ground i linger (Malaya) is shown here or Indignities. His attorney is Ed! .' n London after he had received B. Cook. latlicr and two brothers ^"±,^,^^^0: Chicago Wheat 'lo^cf ,„; iZ'^, W- B - Cook - thc decoVoii™ vr^io,™;;: P**** Encvclonpriu imrinrfji™ !* Bcr "i«! Fra^r Is seeking a dl T Knight Commander ot (he Royal j Memphis and Mcmity - Partly vcirs ™ h ul , ldcrUken , nlll ° v °«* from J. W. F-razler on Ihei Vicfcrian Order from King Cloilt1j ' tonlght ' Sunda y sll § ht >>" i-h. -.??.-."..." .^'"P'clcd, ground of desertion. Hirattonnv' Edward VIII. Thp mnnm-r), 'colder, clouds, possibly becoming I Arkansas-Parlly cloudy, colder in northwest porlton, freezing lii extreme northwest portion tonight. Sunday partly cloudy, colder hi north -and central portions, probably freezing in north and central portions Memphis and \lcuiity — Partly , open high low close |Dee 115 1-8 110 1-8 US 115 1-8 I May 113 1-4 114 3-8 113 1-8 113 1-4 'u.i.(,- iivmi j. w. rrazier on tnei vjcronan , urocr rrcund of desertion. H;r attornsyj Edward Vltl. T ^5' E. Alexander. > i went to London to „ "•" 'i is a^kig a divorce from i tors, and to discuss succession Morris on tlic ground.! to his throne, over .which he has 1 IlOrn rving 1 ^'"""J iunj & ni. UIMLUC,^ ailgmiy The monarch ' coltlc ''. cloudj, possibly becoming !„ —-..i. j,_ unsettled «n \ MM «te rr ^ ccesson cover 9^° medtca"" nd kindred"suh I J"^ f"" 1 Morris °» "'"ground! to his.throne, over .which he has iwci jo medical and kindred sub- of indignities. His attorney is I .been '&\. odds with the '• Brilisli ' • : I Claildf* P.- rvviivir ' --'- .,'^T«,.r*l -(»--•- V;: . 1 Claiide:;F.- Cooper. sfflce,"; .'' Thz maximum temperature hero yesterday was-58, minimum 23, deal', according lo Samuel P. iVcrrls, official weather observer, -\, 4V

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