Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 7, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 7, 1898
Page 21
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JOHN Holiday Handkerchief s Is, as usual, the mo>t beautiful shown in the city. It ig only necessary for us to announce our annual holiday "hdki" sale, as you know from experience our's is the place to buy. All oi Insur- lasurance and Loans. .noeanJ Bond, written In first olas. com- punles. Money to loan tt per cent. S. M. Closson,3l9 Pearl St. UDl LMRE IMPORTANT CASE Decided in the Circuit Court This Morning. Judge Cnase Ruled for ih«. Bamette in the Salt Bronghlt by Wller A Co. Held That the Transfer Was and There Was No Intent to Defraud. Legal in House, Cor. Thirteenth and North streets, Professional calls answered promrtly. Logaasport Messenger Service. •n A MOOR' 1 ! has put upon the streets a elty. Leave orders at Eel River Livery Barn, OM Phone HQ88 308 Market Btroet, Hoppe Building Daniel Killian & Co. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, £J*ne»2y"cone. See him 324 PEARL STREET. DR. C. D. EVERSOLE'S DEI2TAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store. Corner of Fourth and Market Street3 Dr- Ev S- Hunt, -DENTIST- Ail the latest -iiscoverles in medicine and on Fourth street. C TJ Telephone No. 328. McConnell&McCoflnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DA1LYIHABOS FRIDAY. JAN. 7. 1898. OITY NRWS Dressed chickens. —Rothermel. Sat. Boats-6} p'lig.—Keystone. A good I5c broom, for 3o Satuidar. —McCaffrey. Are you'ons goin to the korn kar- alval Monday nighi? Remember that we have the only eelery on earth.—Keystone. Shoes repaired at Willey's Cash Shoe store, 3d and Market street. A.sawmill is in operation on the Ternald farm, northwest of Curve- ton. Rev. Bunnell Is holding a series of meetings at the Baptist church at Fulton. Amos Maudlin, c:t Fletchers Lake, mas gone ou a ten days' trip through Miohlgin and the northern part of this state. Mrs. Anna Rodabaugh, of Gal- •»eston, met with an accident last Wednesday. She :!ell and suffered broken wrist. Rev. H. C. Neal is holding a series of revival meeting!! at the Methodist church at Royal Center. He will be assisted by Rev. Fiddler, of White Oak. Wm. Smith, formerly a resident of Toung America, is, now engaged as principal in the pu'bhc schools at Ft. Branch, Ind., with a salary of $105 per month. Mrs. Commack, of Marion, gave a series of lec&uros "his weak at the A. M. E. church ail Galveston in the Interest ot the State W. C. T. U. She also lectured! in the public schools of that plaoe. The teachers ol! Young America will hold an instil ate on Saturday, January 22d. A new feature, con ulstlng of a class recitation by one o: the teachers and piiDils, will be added to the regular program, • Mention is made in another column •£ the decision of the appellate court In the caw of Ballard and others mgalnnt Wilton, trustee, appellee from the Caw cllrcult court. Tw attorneys w«re i Airy & Mahone Md G. W, Walter; for the defend an and Mage* * Fin t for the plaintiff Judge Chase this morning decided the suits of Wiler & Co. against A. C. Barnett and Johanna Barnett, brought to set aside the conveyance of tbe Barnett hotel to Mrs. Barnett by her husband in 1S95 and to collect an account of »2,500. The facts as found by the courii were substantially follows: In January, 1895, Bar- ettsent for his attorney, Hon. M. iVinfield, to come down Do the hotel. Te then told bis attorney that laims were due against 1m which he could not ay and wanted to know what odo. Wiofield then sat down, in be presence of Mr. and Mrs. Bar etr, and figured how much Barnett wed and discovered the amount to 3 e between $28,000 and $29,000. Some of this was then due and a con Iderable portion would become due n a short timfi. Judge Winfielc Lhen told tbe Barnett's that Jarnett was Insolvent; thajti the only say he could suggest to release him rom his embarrassments would be .0 find a partner to-buy.a half interest n the hotel (the partner to say cash) and with this cash „„ could release himself from his embarrassments, or to lease his hote ind sell tbe furniture; that it would tie Impossible for him to continue to run his hotel, as there were mortgages against him covering the furniture, which provided that in case the furniture was levied upon by execution or otherwise, the entire debt would become due and the mortgagees would be entitled to a receiver. Judge Winfield told Barnett that, under the circumstances, unless they followed his advice, the property would be thrown Into the hands of receiver and everyiibing would be lost. Thereupon Barnett. advertised with a firm in Chicago, whose business was to sell hotels, lease hotels and sell furniture, for a partner, or to lease his hotel. The result of this was that the Logansport Hotel company, with which E F.Keller wad connected, made a proposition to buy the furniture for 110,000 and lease the hotel for five years, with th« privilege of ten years, at an annual rental of $3,000. Before this tiime Judge Winfield, during thH adjustment of the insurance upon the hotel, which was burned, met with the objection that the Insurance companies would not 'adjust the loss until a certain suit of Baxter & Co., of Chicago, commis- too merchants, wherein they had ued Barnett and garnisheea the In- urance co-npanlies should be settled, nd Wlnfield, to release the attachment, obligated himself to pay the udgment. Winfield and .Barnet't went to the St. Joseph hospital, on the Southside, where Mrs. Barnett was sick, for the purpose of Betting her. to sign the mortgage with her husband to M. Winfield to ndemnify him against all liability n Chicago and to indemnify the Lo- jansport Hotel company against lability on account of these mort- -ages upon the.hotel furniture; that flrs. Barnett refused bo sign these mortgages, saying that she had signed so many mortgages that everything she had would be swept away. Thereupon Winfield suggested ,hat the thing to do to protect her was to let Barnett convey the jroperty to her. There were at that lime against the property in mort- and mechanic's liens about >t the State National bank, when he •eslgned and Wlnfield was appointed. Judge Cttase held that this was a good, sensible business proposision; that there was no fraud in it; that f a receiver or an assignee bad been appointed,the whole property would save been wasted and nothing woul d have been saved for the general creditor. The attorneys were Lairy & Mahoney for the Burnetts and Magee & Funk for Wller & Co. ANOTHEK SUIT. Magee & Funk have filad another suit in the above case for Wiler & Co. against Winfield, as trustee, to secure an enforcement of his trust; or, in other words, have their claim of $2,500 classed with those of tbe •eneral creditors of Bsrnett and wife STILL ANOTHER. Still another suit was filed late this afternoon by Magee & Funk for the City National bank against A. C. Barnett and wife to foreclose a mortgage for D,200 on the hotel property, given by the defendants to John F. Johnson. This mortgage came into the possession of the City National bank with papers alleged to have been turned over by Johnson to the Dank. DEMOCRATIC MASS CONVENTION. Memn Bnsinoss The lumber is on the ground and the work of rebuilding the Vandalia station and office building will be begun next week. The new building will be as large and much handsomer than the old structure. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. in Will be Held at North Court Room City of Lofjansport, on January 8th. The Democratic voters of Cass county are hereby notified to meet at the north court room in the city of Logansport, on Saturday, January 8th, 1898, at 1 o.clockp. m.,in mass convention to choose delegates to the Ele-enth district convention, to be held at Peru, on January llth. Under the ratio of apportionment Cass county is entitled to a representation of 24 delegates In the Peru convention. BENJ. F. LOUTHAIN, Chairman Dem. Cen. Com. M. A. LITTLE, Secretary. DOWN 400 FEET. Easy The Well on the Burnett Farm for the Drillers. The drillers at work on the well of the Logunsport company on the Burnett farm have had good luck and have found easy drilling. The drill stuck yesterday for a little while, but it was soon released and drilling resumed. The drill was down about 400 feet this morning and the contractors expect to reach Trenton rock next week. Must Produce lie Letter. Upon petition of Lairy &Mahoney, attorneys for Herman E. Sobbing, Judge Chase, summoned C. H.V/al- ton, superintendent of the Chicago division of P- C. 0.& St.railroad, to appear in court and produce a letter to be used in taking depositions. Robbins, Panhandle agent at Mill Srove, In Blackford county, was discharged a year ago. He brought suit against John W. Paterson, John E. McFarland, Wm. T. Russell and Wm. Hunt, alleging that the discharge was due to a slanderous letter written by them to Superintendent Walton, and demands pers-onal damages. Lelry & Mahoney, attorneys for Robbins, obtained an order from Jadge Chase requiring Walton to produce the letter for use in taking dispositions. Walton refused to deliver the letter on tha ground it was private correspondence, the result stated above. See Ellas Winter's ad. Send us your orders.—Keystone, Try our fancy teas and coffees.— Keystone. Dressed ducks ancl chickens at Ray's meat market. Leverings's coffee 9Jc l Lilly coffee 09 package.—McCaffrey. Tbe Royal Center creamery has resumed operations again. Special bargains In all kinds of fcotwear, at Willey's eld and Mkt. st. Protracted meetings are being held at the Shiloh church ID Noble township. The Young Men's Dancing club will meet tonight at the G-. A. Rhall. Ex-Commissioner George Renbarger, of Jefferson township, is again seriously ill. The Democrats of Oass county will meet In mass convention at the north court room at 1 p. rn. tomorrow. The Ford school house in Jefferson township, recently destroyed by fire, has been rebuilt and is ready for use again. Miss Theresa Dewenter is up from Lafayette visiting her brothers, Messrs. John C. and Herman Dewenter. Mr. Benjamin Banks and family have moved back to their home in Fulton, after an absence of oiae year spent at Dal ton, Kan Miss Delia Brown, who has been conducting a millinery store a Frankfort, and lately removed to Goodland, lain the city. Miss Margaret Hckett and neice Geneva Reardon, have returned from Dayton, O., where they spen the holidays with L frlends and rela tives. JohnM. Buck and Ora B. Clous were united in marriage today a the office of County Clerk Flynn Esquire Laing officiating. The parties li?e at Thornhope. Marioia Dukes, of Royal Center, intends to move his saw mill to Fords Crossing- in the near ifuture. He expects to saw about 100,000 feet of lumber lor the Barr brothers. Mrs. Christina Jenness, of Tipton township, mother of M. C. Jen ness, Panhandle train dispatcher, died this morning aged 72 years. The time of the funeral will be announced tomorrow . A. Panhandle brakeman namsd Duk«a had his right hand pinched while caaking a coupling today,necessitating the amputation ..'of two fingers. The operation v?as performed by Dr. Hetherington. Another new gas well has been developed east of Kokomo, near Sway zee, with a capacity of 4,000,000 cubic feet in a day. This is the second well of similar proportions which has come in within the last ten days. There are 908 prisoners in the Jeflersonville reformatory,'an excess of 148 over cell accommodations. Any number above 700 must be stowed away on cots. It is predicted that the number will reach 1,000 by Jane. Beginning Sunday night and thereafter during tbe winter tbe last Elevators The Appellate court has reversed he case from Rochester of Franciu M. Drudge against Win. J- Lelter, nd: declared.that, when an elevator r mill in which wheat has been re- elved for storage, barns down with no ugh wheat of the required kind ndi quality to have restored to the wners all that has been stored, the wner for the mill or warehouse is ot liable for the value of the wh eat, urned. Bat that, If there Is less ban this amount on hand, be Is iable to each person storing wheat or a proportionate part of the deficiency. Annual Gas Rates. Artificial and natural gas bills are now due and payable at the com- jatiy's office. Natural gas consumers desiring to avail themselves of the annual rate, commencing December 1st, can do so by calling at the office and arranging lor same. All bills must be paid on or before ihe 10th of each month. .OGANSPOET & WABASH VALJ EY GAS COMPANY. A WONDERFUL STAIRWAY. A Great Slaughter i SALE OF FINE WINTER SHOES "Which must l>e closed out at one-third their value to make r«pm for onr large Purchase of Spring- Goods. These shoes are first class and must sell, Gome while the sizes are here and get your choice. EUflXWfflTEL Shoe Store, 510 Broadway, AMUSEMENTS. that! streetcar will leave Fourth street with 522,000, and It was agreed that In consideration of her signing these mortgages, should convey the property to her. Also, It was sag- Bested by Wlnfield that, to provide For the general creditors, $100 per month of the rent should be set apart and that John F. Johnson be appointed trustee to- receive this money and apply It upon the general debts- Under the advice of Wlnfield, Mrs. Barnett consented to sign these mortgages, which she did, and Barnett and wife tit the same time executed a deed to J. T. Tomlinson, in trust for Mrs. Burnett, and Tomlinson at the same time isxecuted a d>aed back to Mrs. Barnett: that In this transfer, Mrs. Barnett was to tiike care of the Union Trust company's mortgage of $12,000, pay the merest upon it, and taxes, insurance and repairs.The ill.OOO.recelved from the hotel company was applied by "Johnson upon BirnuU's debts and John F. Johnson, acting as trustee, received the II00 and i.pplieij it upon Barnett's general lifibta until the failure Colored Society Brent. A masquerade party, composed of the Hooker T. Washington Club met K the home of Elwood Winslow, colored, Wednesday evening to help Mrs. Winslow celebrate her birthday. The following were present: George C. King and wife, H. B Turner and wife J. A. Carter and wife, B. Kelum and wife, Chas. Parker and wife, Wm. Anderson and wife, L. G. Broofcs and wife, G-eo- W. Hodge and wife, C. J. Lewis and wife, H. C. Ford and wire and George Allen and wife. The evening was spent in the social diversions of the season. Befresh- ments were served. Spot on the Sun. Get a piece of smoked glass and take a look at the sun and see the spot which the astronomers says is 145,000 miles in lenlih and 35,000 miles wide. It is also said by astronomers that there is an unusual con fldgration taking place on Old Sol, a,nd that flames thousands of feet high can be seen through the telescope, and that there i:i a crater of boiling, furious fire into which the earth could be dropped without touching the sides. la fact there seems to be a hot time on the old siun these days. Forcy-Harrey Cine. The jury in the Forgy-Harvey case had not agreed upon IL verdict at ;t:30 this afternoon when the Pharos went to press. They retired *t JT:1 yesterday afternoon and came in for itother Instructloni at* 9:30 'this morning. . ,,..?»- or the east at 10 p. m. instead ot 1 o'clock as heretofore. The last ar west-bouad will leave Twenty- Fourth street at 9:30 p. m. Dan Pratt camp No. 21 Sons of Veterans of Galveston has passed a unanimous resolution to present the name of H. M. Garret of that place or junior vice commander at the next division encampment which will meet at Columbus, May 18th and 19th. The Shiloh Sunday school of Noble township elected the following officers, for the coming year: Super- ntendent, Jacob Myers; secretary, Elijah Leach; orgaist, Miss Laura Brandlit; chorister, A. 0. Brandt: treasurer, Dan Bnrket; librarian, Oliver Leach. Mrs. Joseph Watts, of Harrison township, suffered a very painful injury recently. • She was holding team when the horses became frightened and ran away. She re- ceiTed several painful bruises about the body and was rendered unconscious for several hours. Dr. Sistler dressed her injures. Mr. Charles Watts, general superintendent of the northwest system of the Pennsylvania lines, and a once popular citizen of Logansport, arrived In the city last evening and remained until 4 o'clock this afternoon fisitiog old friends. Mr. Watts has been sick, for five months, but is greatly improved, and .will resume his duties within the next few days. T»e Weatfcer. Rain and warmer tonight and Sat- nriiay rain, mow and much colter by Saturday pjght. _ beans for Saturday trade.— Remarkable Ruins That Have Been Discovered In Central America.- George Byron Gordou, the explorer, in The Century gives an account of discoveries at Copan under the title of The Mysterious City of Honduras." Mir. Gordon says: The most extraordinary feature that our excavations have yet brought to light is the hieroglyphic stairway already referred to. Facing the plaza at the southern end, it occupied a central position on the western side of the high pyramidal elevation that forms the northern wing of the main structure. Even in the sad state of ruin in which we behold it now it affords a magnificent spectacle. "What must it have been in the days when it was entire arid reached from the floor of the plaza to the entrance of the temple that stood on the height 100 feet above! When discovered in 1894, this .stairway was completely buried ben£2th the debris fallen from the temple, ot which not one stone remained upon another. The upper part of the stairway itself bad also been thrown from its place as if by an earthquake and lay strewn upon the lower portion. When at length, after months of labor, on which from 50 to 100 men were employed, the fallen material was cleared away, an acre "of ground was covered with broken sculptures removed during the progress o:E the work, and the lower steps weire found unharmed. lu the center of the stairway, at the base, is a throne or pedestal rising to the fifth step and projecting eight feet in front. The design upon its face is rich in sculpture and delicate in detail. It is made up in part of handsome faces, masks, death's heads and scrolls, beautifully carved and disposed with perfect symmetry, but the ensemble is perfectly unintelligible. On the face of each step in the stairway is u row of hieroglyphs, carved in medium relief, running the entire length. At intervals in the ascent the center is occupied by a human figure'of noble and commanding appearance, arrayed in splendid attire, seated on the steps. The upper parts of all these figures were broken away, but the pieces of several were recovered and restored. On each side was a solid balustrade two feet thick. The upper parts of these were also broken away, but by careful study and comparison enough was recovered to enable us to make out the curious and complicated design. Portraitlike busts issuing from the jaws of grotesque monsters', standing out upon these balustrades and repeated at regular intervals, formed their principal adornment. Notwithstanding the arduous toil under the fierce rays of a tropical sun, the exhuming of this stairway, in the construction of' which the ancient sculptors exhausted the resources of their art, was a fascinating labor and was performed under the constant stimulus of expectation and the excitement of discovery. When the lastf day's work was done and I stood upon the broken throne at the base of the stairway to take a last look at the scene of my labors, so familiar had I grown with every feature of the D OLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. WJJ. DOLAN, MANAGER. Saturday, Jan 8th '98. * Mark Twain's PUDD'N HEAD WILSON. , Dramatized by Frank Mayo. Direct from lone eogajremen w in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and ban Fran- 'i he original supporting company of high- class players with Mr. Edwin Mayo Tn the title role A play that has taken its place among the classics. A story of love, comedy and **iho«, enlivened with Mark Twain's Witicis«s. Prices: 2 rows circle, $1.50: balance plurt tl.OO; paTquetTSc: circle, ti.OO; back row 75c; galU ry 60c and 25c. (Established 1887), (Incorporated 18W). Employs mere persons thin any other similar institution m this part Of the country. Hall's Business College Has secured more positions for worthy young men and women during the past year than all otber commercial schools in tbis part of tho State oomb:ned. Hall's Business College Has better rooms and 16 better equipped tha* any ot ils competitors. Hall's Business College Enrolled more students during tho year 1897, than o uring any previous year. If you want u» secure a position attend Cor. Broadway and Oth Street. C.F. MOORE Prcst. THH First National Bank I,&»-ansport. Indiana. CAPITAL 5250,000 A. J. MURDQCK, PHESIDENT, W. W. ROSS, CASHIER, J. F. BROOKMETER, ASBT. CAHBJBR. PIBKCTOKfi: A.J. Murdock. W. H. flringtazrK. Donnli GU, B. S. Rice, B. F. Yantis. i M.JIanroofl. W. T. Wilson. Banking In all it« Departments promptly and carefully done. Safety to Customer* wsd. «toolrtolfi«r nosght for. Strong Be«erve Fund Maintained. place that it seemed to cost but little effort of the roind to roll aside the mist that bid the past, and restore again tbe shattered fabric. From my position J could see tbe whole plaza, with its monuments and temple crowned pyramids. In front of me the smooth cemented pavement stretched away •westward co a range of terraces that bounds it in that direction, but leaves unobstructed the view of the mountains beyond the valley. In other days the parting shafts of the sun struck the temple, and its sculptured walls, adorned with paint and stucco, flashed in the light, until the shadows, mounting the throne and climbing the stairway, shot above the highest tower and left tbe city wrapped in gloom. For a moment the peaks stood dark and gigantic: against the dazzling sunset hues, crowned with glory; then the colors faded rapidly, giving way to a pale glow above the mountains, while endden darkness fell upon the valley. Musing on the scene, I was dimly aware of a lotg array of shadows projected from the -past. Nor was it altogether fancy. Tbis plaza iias witnessed many a scene of august pomp and many a glittering pageant. Many a priestly procession with solemn rites has trod these sculptured stairs, and berej-doubt- lesE. on many a day famous in the annals at the nation the plnmed •warriors of Co, returning with victorious banners, lixjwed before the throne where their monarch sat in state and prondly reviewed them as they passed, . Nothing is more evident in the win. keyntone. ter imahions than i gnorfal *ffeofe clinging Searching for Clues There are any number of clttt* found by the detectives in A CONFLICT I OF EVIDENCE This is another r«nark«H»* story from the pen of Rod* •: rigues Ottolengni, who •**•** • "An Artist in Crime," «o«- ; ceded to be the strongest d*-' tactive tale that has appwnd; in years. "AContietof JS«ri-' dence" will *ddt»fhei*p«l»-j fa create all who have Ihs'o^j portanity to read. Jt .'.] ' W* iuive provided far iwadcrs of this paper toy •hiring th« ferial riftot*. tat chapter* nd! 9

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