Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 5, 1891 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1891
Page 1
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';/" VOL. XVI. XOGiNSPORT, ISDIANA, TUESDAY MOSSING, MAY DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats S T I BEST L K STYLES ADE, SPRING Now on Sale D E W E N T E R, The Hatter. Spring Suiting, Spring Pants, Overcoating, The nicest, prettiest patterns ever shown, just received at JOS. S. CRAIG'S. 1. SHOT DOWN. Another Fatal Riot in the Coke Eegions, A Striker Killed and Another Mortally Wounded by Officers—Labor Disturbances Abroad. WILL, CURE =• r BVEI ^WHOOPING COUGH. -BRONCfflTIS.- ~ST,/ , IND. Is all that you heed whan a perfectly plain proposition is made 'to you. Every man wants to be convinced that he is right before he goes ahead and some subjects will bear a good deal of discussion, but the point I want to emphasize doesn't call for any waste of words. The long- and short of it is that my stock of Summer Suiticgs is Superb, Some new things in light colored Suitings just in, Extreme good styles, See them. MOBK BLOODSHED. .Pa.. May 4.—Another collision has occurred .between the coke strikers and deputies, the result being one striker dead and one seriously wounded. Sunday niphtSuperintend- ent Gray and Pit Boss Callaghan, of Leisenring No. 3, went' to house No. 17 to rescue two of the men who had been at work and were being held at that'house by the strikers. They were set upon and stoned and the deputies came to their aid. One of-the strikers tried to take a gun from one of the deputies, when a shot was fired by the strikers. Superintendent Gray then ordered the deputies to fire, and in the volley which followed John.Mahan, a striker, fell dead, and another, whose name is not known, received a mortal wound. The strikers then scattered, and the two men who were held prisoners were rescued and taken to LeiBenring-. The situation is now reported quiet. John McSloy, member of the execu- ;ive board, just arrived here from Dun- sar where he swore out wan-ants for ;he arrest of Superintendent Robert Gray, Yard Boss Agnew and Pit Eoss Callahan and two of the Pinkerton j-uards, charging them with the murder of Mahan. The labor people are swearing vengeance, and more trouble may follow in the next few hours. A CRITICAL SITUATION. PARIS, May 4.—The detail iof the la- 30r trouble at Fourmies .mmensely leightened the political importance of ;he incident. The fact that six women, several children and eight men were killed on the spot,-while twenty were seriously %vounded, several fatally, gives the affair the character of a massacre. The soldiers were merely exposed to stone-throwing-, but they replied with successive volleys from Lebel rifles,. inflicting frightful wounds on the victims. The houses exposed to the fire were riddled and there is every sign that reckless and wanton inhumanity was • shown by the troops. The local popular commotion is intense, and it finds a response in the growing excitement in every working center. Fourmies is practically in a state of siege. Cavalry patrol the streets and are everywhere greeted •with yells of reprobation from excited groups of men and women. The tension of feeling may be judged from the fact that the military are hailed with. cries of "Vive Prussia." A.section of the left and the socialist and Boulangist deputies join in demanding a vote of censure against M., Constans, minister of the interior, as responsible for the slaughter. A motion to that effect will be made in the chamber of deputies A majority of the right and left approve generally the measure of the repression taken by M. Constans throughout the country, but will advocate an inquiry into the conduct of the troops at Pourmies. Parliamentary circles view the affair as shaking the position of the ministery. Labor centers throughout France are profoundly moved and public meetings here and at Marseilles, Lyons and elsewhere are being organized to protest against the precipitate action of the authorities. The actual state of public feeling can be best judged from the fact that many of the leaders of the popular movement, the best known representatives of the labor party, have started tor Belgium in order to collect arms and dynamite for use against the troops stationed here and especially against the infantry regiment which used its rifles with such fatal effect upon the populace on Friday last. A report has reached here that 300 kilo- grammes of dynamite destined for the people of this town.has been seized while being smuggled across the frontier from Belgium. The government has sent two delegates here with instructions to make a thorough inquiry into the causes which led to the disturbance on Labor day, and into the action of the sub-prefect who ordered the troops to fire upon the people: .THE SITUATION IN ENGLAND. LONDON, May 4.—The bricklayers in most of the centers of England have;_gone out on strike. The men demand an increase in the wages paid . them. As the present period of the year is the most brisk and busy time for building trades, the strike of the bricklayers is causing much -annoyance to contractors and others, and has also thrown out of work large number's of men belonging ,o the-associated trades, who are compelled to remain idle so long as the Bricklayers refuse to work. LONDON, May 4.— The attendance at' ihe labor meeting in Hyde park Sun-,, day is variously estimated from 200,000 ;o 300,000. The procession in eonnec-, ion with the meeting included workers at all the trades, and was many miles long. John Burns, Thomas, ,he president of the Dockers' union; Benjamin Tilletts and Mr. •raham. the socialist member of Parliament, were among the speakers, who were assigned to twelve different platforms which had been erected in the park. An identical resolution in favor of a compulsory labor day of eight hours was moved on all the platforms. K10TING IN HUN&A.RV. VIENNA. May 4.—Dispatches received from Pekes, Hungary, state that*there were renewed scenes of disorder there Sunday. Immense crowds surrounded the prison and demanded the release of their comrades who had been arrested. The police present were unable to control the crowds surging around the pr:-on, and consequently it was found nect,.^- eary to send for the troops. The military soon cleared the streets, many oi the leaders of the people being ar rested. BELGIAN MINEKS IDLE. /BRUSSELS, May *.—The northeastern French and Belgian coal fields are, in the main, idle. The men, however, are acting in a law abiding manner. The only scene of disorder which has been recorded occurred near Liege. There was a fight Sunday near that town between the strikers and the gendarmes. The latter were getting the worst of the encounter and finally used their revolvers. The result was that several of the rioters were wounded. SEVENTEEN THOUSAND DISCHARGED. . VIENNA, May 4.—Fifteen thousand weavers at Bielite and 3,000 employes at Pesth have been dismissed for being absent from work May day. A BIG FIRE; - It Swe \PK Away Property Valued at S140.000 In the Town of Lyle, Minn. LYLE, Minn., May 4.—Fire broke out Saturday morning in the Wheeler house, a vacated hotel, and in less than thre.-. hours aft. r the fire had wiped- out property valued at 8140,000. The town was entirely without fire protection, and the flames • spread so rapidly that before assistance from neighboring towns could reach there the fire had done most of its work. The "Simon depot, belonging- to the Chicago, St. Paul & Ivan-gas City, and the Illinois Central, together with the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul depot and two grain elevators were consumed. Among the principal losers are Lund & Lundland, dealers in general merchandise, stock valued at -520,000, covered by $12,000 insurance; John Myber, general store, loss 518,000, 810,000 insurance; Myers & Frazier, loss -?8,000, S3,000 insurance; A. J. Kudson's hardware and agricultural implements business was a total loss, estimated at §22,000. The Commercial hotel, Stanley's barber shop, Hart & Connors' saloon, Arens' meat market, McCarty Bros.' saloon and a number of residences were burned. There is strong suspicion that it was- the work of an incendiarv. HOSIERY SALE. We have placed on Sale, 200 doz. full regular made ladies 3-threaded hose at 25 cents per pair 75 doz. the finest inaco cotten (Egyptian) at 3fr cents per pair. 150 doz. Boys and Girls French ribbed extra length hose x 2 pair for 25 cents : ; These goods are all from the celebrated KERMSDORF Dye works, Germany and are absolutely fast black, and will -not crock. Get your suply of hose for the Summer to-morrow at our Special Sale, WILE.R & WISE — t~\ ~c^ —— \j jp THE NATIONAL PASTIME. Standing of the Clubs In the Race for the Varlons Baseball Fenmints. The following tables show the standing 1 of the clubs in four leading professional baseball organizations: Always Here With the largest stock, lowest prices, most reliable, best watch work done in. the city. Try my rainbow pebble spectacles the only- perfect lens made. 41O Broadway. D. A, HA UK. me Jeweler and Optician. JOTEH-STATE LEAGUE. Per Won. Lost. C't. NATIONAL I.TSAGCE. Ptr iron. Lo*t. C-t. Boston 0 4 Cleveland. 6 4 Chicago.. .54 Pittabur'li. 5 4 Phllad'hia. 5 5 New York. 5 5 Brooklyn.. 4 8 Cincinnati. 3 7 AMERICAN. ' Per Won. Lost. C'l. Boston..,.. !2 5 .70f. Baltimore..la 6 ,66<i|Denver 8 Louisville..13 9 .MOiSioux City. 8 St. Louis..12 9 .fi71 Omaha 7 .eOUKockford... 3 .600 Davenport, 3 .535 Ottawa.... 1 .KM Otturowa.. .Mil .500 •400, .3001 Quincy Jollet 1,000 1,000 .500 .500 .500 .500 Columbus,. 9 Cincinnati. 9 Athletic... 0 Washi'ton. 4 .403 0 0 1 1 1 1 E'p's 0 2 Aurora 0 2 ... WESTERN. Ptr Lost. C't. 5 ,5S3 6 .671 0 .571 .537 .500 .4«e Won Min'apolis. ' Kan's City, 7 Milwaukee 7 .353 St. Paul... 30 Llacolu.. .461 .305 Honoring Dr. Cronln's Memory. CHICAGO, May 4.—The memory of Dr. Patrick Henry Cronin, who was murdered in the Carlson cottage on the night of Saur'day, May 4, 1S89, was honored Sunday hy a touching demonstration in Calvary cemetery. Over 1,000 persons visited the grave and "offered prayers for the repose of his soul. The mound was complately /covered'with floral offe rings. ' voluiig-e DuriiiR Ayrll. • ; -.'WASHiJiGTON, May 4. — Director Leech's statement of coinage during .April shows that 117,000 g-old pieces .were coined, of the value of §1,920,000; '4.438,000 silver pieces, of the value of $2,898,000, and minor coin amounting' to • 2,072,000 pieces, of the value of 350,400. F»t»l J!ai)ro;ul Wreck. OMAHA, Neb., May 4.—A heavy freight traintn the Union Pacific yards •was ditched Sunday night through the engine jumping- the track. Conductor George Gleason was killed and Engineer Whitney and Fireman Hamburg were seriously injured. ' ' -. Sure -* Death! To Cockroaches, Rats, Mice, and Bedbugs. FISHER'S LIGHTNING EXTERMINATOR. at Ben Fisher's Drug Store, 311 Fourth St. FACIAL BLEMISHES. The Ur;tite>taVl!ihm«nt | 0 the world Cor ibe treatment of tn« tkln tu>di»!p,«CEMji»,iiiolei.i*Rru,iiji>er- flaOBi hair, blrlhmMki, nolb, frKkI«i, plinple».if nolc- |M, red pole, rod Tilni, oily ikfo, »cno, blKcbb tiirlieri' itch, tori, plulngi, powtltr marki, f Jevelopment, ate.* Consultation Frte, ElofEcegrtjy frlter. 128-pctgo Book on vll Skla mdSciiIp Affec- tloui »ud th«lr Treatment Bent (»e»led) f«r lOc. JOHN M. •WOODBTTUTr, D>rm>u>k e l>t, 1*5 W. **<ISc.,N.TT. City. For Sale by Ben Fisher, Druggist, Woodbury's Facial Soap For the Skin and Sc*lp. Prepared by a DermntologiutwiUiaOyMirr experience. Highly indorsed by thamedi- cal profession; miequ»led ; u • remady for- eczema, scaldhead, oil}- skin, pirn pi", {mil worms, ugly complexion, etc. lDd»p«»w- able M a toilet article, and a «ure pr«Y»i*- ivo of Ml diseases of tho «ltin and eoalp. At OruKBl'tior by maid Prto« VOo. Perished In tho Flames. ; ROCHESTER, .N. Y., May 4.—At S o'clock a. m., a two-story building at 148 Nassau'street was destroyed by fire and Herman Stephanski and his wife •were burned to death. Indicted. NEW YORK, May 4.—The president and cashier of the North River bank, now in the hand of a receiver, have been indicted for falsifying- an official statement of the bank's condition. Four Persons Drowned. POMEKOY, 0., May 4.—Bertha McCain, I/utie Kidenour, Charles Frank and Smith McDole were drowned at Shad river Sunday ; while., returning- "from a dance in West Virginia. JOHNSTON BROS. "The Corner Drug Store." Johnston Bros, .have removed to the - . . ,. Cor. of 4th and Broadway* ( Strecker Building.) A Full and Complete Line of: DRUGS ON HAND PRESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY COMPOUNDED.

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