The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 7, 1934
Page 3
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1934 ' BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ejkoni MISS LOUISE DIXON MKS. RUTH CAMPBELL MRS. BERTHA M. HARRIS MKS. EDNA R. CRABTREE MISS EDNA M. FERGUSON M O D E R N-H O M E-IN E WS °"^*»-«^i-*«^~ T T ^ PAGE THREE LECTURER I once-, ihe liquid lor (i fricassees, ialways stock, snuce or gravy. nev-| jcr Just water, us Hie braising may : bc. It Is also a slow process and i is usually uppllcd lo chicken and fowl. Kryin/r Is Drrp ur .Shallow Usually a recipe will stale what type ot flying Is to be used, that is whether ti frying pan with a lew tablespoons of fat are called for, or the deep fai kettle anil n pound _ | or two of fai Is needed. Bui In Mrs. Thurn Explains eilhci ' ca - se thc (c " n " fr >"' )s m '\vi ] r \ c i 1CCL ' il mc ' nns '° cook u . v '»>• Words Loilimonly round mcrslcm in hoi fat. But ••paiibioil- |V| , „ ; r I I I '"i!" means simply to cook in n Oil MCIIUS, 111 LookboOkS staling hot pan wuhout adding • • ; as iu cooking lamb .chops, War Fiiriids in Hlyllievllte: ham. pork chops, bacon and other While my lecliues and articles fat-trimmed meals, are usuallv planned for boiii the to "scallop" a dish means thai new housekeeper and ihe woman a mixture 1 of meat or vegetables ot many years of houiemuking ex- or chicken and cream snuce. with jxrieiic-c, 1 fiiul that cookery twins a covering of crumbs, is set in a differ in inierp.-otaiion in differ- liot oven complete or finish the, fnt puns of the country, and In cooking, n term seldom applied lo many instances some standard uncooked mixtures: the ramekin, pluaie in common use with home shell or casserole. Ihe scallop shell minoinlc spc-cialibls Is completely and oilier .smnll dishes are used in misunderstood by the non-profes- scalloping. If the sauce and fional housekeeper. crumbs ore used" il Is ecu reel to Noi long ago 1 glanced through Fa >' " lnl tllc ills') i& iu gralin also; a new cook book in which many a choice of terms depending on such lemis u - erc misused, and one whclher you want 10 give a French error wns the misuse t!u 'B to i' our nicmi. of [he term "nil graiin." Au sjiatin When .something is to be "sini- is not the brown crust on a cook- mered," it Ls cooked in water ed dish, but is a method of finish- wl'lch is kept hot, but Just below ing a dtsli by cooking il in a cream " w Imiling point; tiny bubbles rise fniioe in tlie oven, lopping the continually to the surface. But di$h with crumbs or chee°e or "steaming" is a broader term arid both. Bui lo brgtn with the ABC's of cookery, "to bnkc" means I'tliiE dry heat to cook food, usually In an oven, but It may also reler 10 cookery on coals or heated stones; it may bo quick or slow. Also waffles and pancakes are "baked", not fried. "Brine to boiling" means heat ihe saucepan of food until the surface is covered with bubbles—not just bubbles around tlie edge. "Tn" menus to cook in a covered dish in the oven or on top of ihe stove with a small amount Rice Plays|Many Roles in Modern Cookery MRS. NANCY ROTE MRS. CEORGETHURN MRS. EMILY M. LAUTZ MKS. J. WATSON SHOCK1.EV MRS. FRANCES NORTHCROSS mny apply to cooking 'food In a steamer, that is in u i>erforaled nrans ulcllsil M ' »' another partially filled with boiling water; or by pies- sure in a pre.ssure cooker; or n double boiler where the steam rising from the boiling 'water in well with sliorti-nliic and tlien' fliiim-ri. Huki- in ii motti-rutr oven (fill di'itri'i-.s. lor uvu hours mill tlili-- ly mlmili-s. Or Iraki- us Uvo MH-.I'.I t::. fur iilnni! uui limns Cinv: li iniKhii fioiilng. or k-un' plain. ' K.ilsln J'U- Tivo cups si-i-dtir.s rnlsuis; hvo Irinons; inn- orani;?; line ;ind on:' ni|K liti water; 0:11- cup jjriiu- U'il M\»I\V; mil- nip walnut iiv.-iits. i-li»p[:-.Ml rnaisvly: uvo u-nspsuiis c<i:nsiaKli; pas'.ry lor Hvo-nibl |)!i>. I' llu- raisins In a tm-.rt. ;iclc) 111:- ni.ilMl rinil iui[| tin. 1 Mi-tilm-:! jiiUvs ol hunoiis ;nid orange, l:oi u'.ilrr. jinis mid MII'.JH-; mix and IIITTI htlu mi niami-h-j i.:iuci']i:<ii HIM biln-j slmi-ly ID Iralllni! pulm. '1'ln-ii Ihlck.'ii with tin 1 roriisln-!i in::.. J v.-llli a Illllp coM \\aU-r mid li". .slinmi-r lur mo IK llin-:- m!n- 111 -S. '111! II (.It 1 . Illl'l li'| ccjjl. Wiillli-s anil CI.-.IIIIL.I I'H'pill't- u:iMi"% \uiii it.: ux'i[.i' and -TIT:- pl|:i i-ii'iiiiii-d rlili-kc-n and I'slni i-lilrken i:iuvy—It'.-i jusi fcr n Si.jiciiiy jnvlit Mijijir ( IHrkcii vein lavni- :; ll-:l Mil. jlintv " The recipe for this delicious j»rk cutlet with rice stuffing is given kelo-.v. Here Are Suggestions Tor Vacation End Supper ,i"p shortening; one cup brown sn- ggs, b--alen; one i:ii]i p nio!u>.st ;; four cii[i [ ; Pork (iiillds \V7fi Hi<:<> Shilling On« anu one Iv.vlf ciipi boliiM vice; I six ]>"rk culli-ls; two Miialj ouloiKi , rhoppr-tl; four lnhle.-:|vjotis .shuru-n- inj; otio rluiUh liiblcsjiooti rjc'p|>er; imi- hall cup Inmato paste; o iu- liall fii]i \MHoi; one hnlf Ialj1i.-.,|:t:oii of liquid, a combination of roasting and stewing, slow, but making for great tenderness and good flavor. But while to "fricassee" is much like braising, there is this differ- SATURDAY SPECIALS CHERRY CREAM PIE 19c Eat-h BLYTHEVILLE BAKING CO. cooking heat for the food in the upper kettle. FJrnwn bread and puddings usually steamed in a mold or can sei in a kellk- of boiling water; or in a steamer above boiling water. Recipe Terms \Vhcn a recipe says "stir the mixture." use a cncular mulion in the center of the. mixing bowl or in thy saucepan, widening the cir- , cle as die mixture is blended and! ,ihe whole contents smoothly mixed. When Ihe recipe says '-beat" use a rotary motion, lifting the spoon or fork and turning the material over, bringing Ihe bottom con- slanily to the top. Beat with a lorn; swing. A roary beater is the wheel type of beater with little circular whirls on the beating end; I turn the v.-hcp] and these turn rapidly. This type of beaer should be moved about in the bowl or saucepan until all of the comenls .are, mixed. To "cut and fold" nso repeated downward motions with spatula or spoon, as if you were cutting the 'mixture, at the end of each turn the spatula or spoon and cut back; continue until the mixture is thoroughly blended. When you "blanch" something you may either pour boiling v.aler jover it. drain and rinse in cold I water, or drop the focii into boil- |ing water (as m:ts. when the :;kins are to te removed). The j former method is used for rice and macaroni; for tomatoes and penches when skins must be loosened. To "parboil" n dish, you cook it Initially, one third of the time .of usual cooking; then finish as directed. To "marinate" is to let food lie With college students abcul to relurn lo school, and lingering nle summer guests discussing ilielr departure, il behooves the consider- ale parent and ihe thoughtful hcs- less to plan -some farewell festivities, Why not Saturday night sup- j liers .such as these; Spaghetti svilh Italian Sauce Cold Ham Root Beer Glngerale Apple an:l Nut Salad Hot Hutlered Rolls Coffee Mousse Coffee Meal Loaf Tomato Jelly Snlail Anchovy Garnish Bread and Cheese Sandwiches Iced Fruit Punch Peach Shortcake. Cream Coffee Waffles and'Creamed Ham StulSed Baked Potalrx-s Toasled Cheese Crackers Iced Coffee Iced Tea Orange Ice, Cookie Chafing Dish of C;eamed Chicken Grilled Tomatoes Bread aiiti Butter S-indwiches Grapefruit and Pear Salad Brownies Ice Cream Coffee nnd mash. Add butler, milk, onion spuon t ;n,li-.-i imlmesi;' <iu?. and salt mid p:-p]ier to [asto. Mix , i-liupp.-d nuts. '» to uotato , iit , ni | ., lu , m . :1 in g -,,, n paprika and I j,,,,,,,,^ „,„„ . (Jl] ^ ]n1 j^ well, shells, pile mixture sprinkle with put into hot oven until llgtii brown. cWp'.fre <il clean strlnij. Drawn ul: i-i jnnlui :<nd itie cuilets In : i linu ln*,biitl»r. ;\ci:i lomnto lra .='.e unit \v.i- - mn-.tcr inul bring t" tolllnj ju-ini. Kc:ii ...^^.,, flciiii- sliinl wll:-. salt, link- ion t" laslr wit.: Mill, p-pprr am i ins powder and -ipjves. Add r.ilslns-a null. £ ,,,, nr . P onr into n'cns- ! which havo \yn-n lltiired, nn:l nul.s.j:c-ro:c and bnke In a liot ov.-n. -100 ,M!v well. Ti:ni |i:iu a hir^i! ionn.11 defrri'i'S, twenty to U-enty-flvc mln- IcaRe pan wblMi has been nibbed i ul?s. Kr:nuj.ii tor si:;. in a order sauce, brinr or dressing to bring out flavor. Mrs. George Thurn, | Criss Cross Grape Pit i Separate the skins from the pulp of 1 cmart blue grapes Heat pulp unli] seeds are loosened, then press through coarse sieve to remove seeds. Combine pulp and skins. Arid 3-4 cup sugar and 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Pour into a pie tin lined with flaky pastry. Cover top with narrow strips, lattice fashion. Bake 25 minutes. try this tested recipe- For Better Baking Results Shibley's Wonder White Cake Cream 1 '/^ cups sugar and '/a cup butter. Beal till liBlit. Sift 2>/j cups Shihlcy's Wonder Flour, y~> lens|)oon salt and 2 teaspoons baking IKW- iler. A d d alternately with I cup milk. Fold in 4 stiffly beaten egg wliites. Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Bake in moderate oven. Frost vdllt lemon icing. SHIBLFVS WONDFR FLOUR OLD TRAIL FLOUR A. G. SHIBLEY Wholesale Grocer ME NUTRITIOUS Here Are Some Recipes for Delicious and Economical Dishes i The year round, we find the nutritious, delicious and useful rnisln I available. It is at its besl In baked | tk-sserls such as pudding and cake, f and one ol Ihe prime lavoritcs for I pie. Here are some of the selected recipes featuring Lhis dried fruit: Brown R.tkin Cake Two cups seeded raisins; one Furniture .. . Repaired and Re-Finished \Vu can in;il;c your ;inti(|iios and olhnr |)iocc-s ol 1 fin-nil lire liko new :ijr;tin. As!( for fret estimate. And lot us give you liKl ot" cusUiiui'vs \vc Iiavc (Innt- work for ruc'i'iilly. PAGE & BARKSDALE N. K. Corner Wnlmil :inil Second in *" Wear-Evw" Aluminum Your Kit oho n Needs One! MIXING BOWL , Green Glazed Domestic Kar- jtlienwin-e—This howl has :i sciiiarc bottom wliich permits lipping without tnriiiiiu over. 15c Corner Main & Hroadwav Spaghetti with Italian Sauce One box spaghetti, one ciuarler pound salt pork; one clove garlic; one tablespoon olive oil: two medium-sized onions, minced; one cup [ „,, , , „„ fresh or canned niusliroom.i. finely: • '* lnc " lip-Over minced; one quarter cup parsley, minced; one half cup tomato past*: one cup mushroom stock or water; suit; pepper; paprika; two teaspoons sugar. Cook spaghetti in boiling salted water until tender, about seven] minutes. Add salt pork, cut into: very line cubes with the clove of! garlic to the olive oil and fry until j light brown. Remove garlic. Add' (j repn (ll a .,p,i Dnmnutii. minced onions, mushrooms and par- I V 1 eel) (jl;UC(l UomCbtlc sley and cook three minutes. Add lomato paste and stock or walcr and cook five minulcs. Season lo taste with salt, pcpp;r and paprika and add sugar. Serve with drained spaghetti. Instead of tomato paste, two CIIJB of canned tomatces may • be stewed until they thicken an:l| then pressed through a siovc. Waffles ! Tro and one half cups flour; | three quarters teaspoon salt; four; teaspoons baking powder; two eggs: [ ouc halt cup melted shortening; i one and three Quarter cups milk, j Mix and sift dry ingredients, i Beat eggs, beat in incited fat. add milk, stir well slid ndd dry ingredients, all a I once. Beat well and bake in a hot waiite iron. Creamed Ham for WalTlrs Muke a medium white sauce anil for each cup of sauce add one fourlh cup boiled or roasled ham cui in small pieces. (Trtarued chicken Pour tablespoon; butter; one cup sliced mushrooms: one quarter cup green pepper: three tablespoon; flour; one half teaspoon salt; one half teaspoon paprika; one and one half cups milk; one lialf cup cream; two egg yolks, bealciv. two cups cooked chicken. Melt butter, add mushrooms and green pepper and cook five minutes. Stir iu flour nnd seasoning. Add milk and cream slowly, stir- rlne constantly, until mixture bolls. Add a little of this sauce to the beaten eg? yolks olid sllr Into the rest of the sauce. Add chicken heat and serve on hot to«t. Stuffed Baked Potatoes Six even sized potatoes: one quarter ciin butter: one half cup hot milk (about): one tablespoon nnely minced onion; salt, pepper, paprika. Bake potatoes In hot oven. 500 degrees K, for ftft«n minutes, lower temperature to 350 degrees p. and cook until soft. Remove from oven, cut off top. remove contents A Great Coffee Discovery A jfi-oal university discovered ho\v Ui m;i In 1 mosl dolitiou.-i cofl'ce. "\Vcar-IOvtr" gives you this discovery in those bemttit'nl new I'ercula- tors. TriiiliMeslod. Delicious cnil'i.'e r-very time. Approved Ii.v G o o d HoiisekfopiiiK In-.liliilc. \Near-Evur Percolators -1 Cup (i Clip $1.75 S Cup 12 ('up $2.35 — also a complete line of Wear-Kver K ifcheinvarc Hubbard Hardware Co. -TASTKS A jjrnj-: KKYVKU SKUVKJ) ON A-miACTIVB D1S1IKS vc new chtiuwaiD In iho Inlest pat- crus nt very ]X>])iiliu-|jricc.s. AildUlijuul itwl: nnivlnu >:oon. ' . ' If ili-slnd. this rjilnn may tc touclit by (hr- plcco for (jlfls, IV\TO'IMYANT, JEWELRY KXl'KUT WATCH KKI'AIHINO I Thi.s W-KB v !tr •• ;1 <^T : ANCKI, FOOD CAKK Only ;J9 ( . AT . Au'fillOCKUS "l-.vcry Ultj A Oelishr win HIGHER MARKS Have Your Children'a Kuett Kxamined' lief ore School Starts Poor Vision Now nicanx Failure Later IWtii! I i v i; cyc- JjijflH fun ruh you of your Humci! ;>l (In: head of your i- lass by i-Husini; ih'srom- f»rl. mid nicnliil futiKnp. An ox- ivrmnuUoii n o w will reve:il your eye r o <j u i r e - inoiUs. Dr. J. L GUARD RegiHtcrcd Optometfist at Guard's Jewelry Store yes sir t We nrc Exclusive Distributors of the the famous Snuer's Products DUKE'S Ilmnc-Madc Mayonnaise Sailer's Extracts Tea, Sp.iccs and Staple Drugs. Snuer's - has won 18 highest American and European awards for Superior Quality. SA UEKS Salad Dressing Merchants Grocer Co. Itliilheviilc, Ark. Tel, 111 Tel. 1814

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