The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 6, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 6, 1936
Page 3
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jjWBAY, NOVEMBER S, 1936 BLYTHEVILLE Trial as Slayer of Baby Delayed i Finds All Pre-Eledion Questions Answered in Roosevelt's Favor By RODNEY 1HJTC1IKK NEW YORK.—It takes more thnn one, two, or three explanations to account for the amazing HooseveH majority. You Imve to lake all the factors which MIC Dsmocrat-s said were op- crating In- tluir favor and whlc.i the Republicans satd were not Then you must add certain Issues and vote-getting devices which most, politicians thought were Hiding Governor Landon, but vvhieh now ceeni to have been doing him more harm than gocd. The masses have begun to vet? as masses and the electorate has swung, toward the left. Th? K«- liubllcans missed the boat tour years ago and this year t'«y «-e Etill trying to catch the same boat. Wlwre most of us made a mistake in underestimating Uoase- velt strength was In the rural areus and small towns, where voters were fniipxffl to be ovcnrlielmlnply against the New Deal. Returns show that most such sections gave the president something like an even break, which meant that pluralities which were expected in the cities were not appreciably offset. Many Queries Answered The returns also seem lo have answered other questions such us- liew solidly would WPA workers tupport Rooosvalt? Could the labor vote be delivered? Coulrt the Republicans regain before election day their oM standby, th" Ne"ro vole? Would th- farmers bite Hi; lavish New Deal J-.and? What did the jitge new registrations portend? could the many new Democratic political machines in big .slates and cities be depended on for big help, as against Republican machines out of power and some- limes , demoralized. All these questions have b"en answered In favor of Roosevelt and • this writer also has been hearing on every hand that the two bi« Republican "scare" campaigns r,»° acted disastrously against Landon and Kno.x. One refers to the effort to paint the New Deal as Communistic— with Its sideshow indirectly play- nig ID race prejudice by rounding on the Jewish name of Dwicl Dubinsky of the International Ladies' Garment Workers—and th» effort. 1 tq''convince workers that " le So?!" 1 , , fecVurHy ' act was a fraud ..which Amounted lo nothin» but a 'wage'cut. " ;: - n Oraanizzd labor snortsd Mail I 111 Society — Persona and Roy Wrlu'ht to visit in Yuuia, i nay White I left yesterday i Ariz. Mis. Joe Ashabranner of I'oii- j tiac, Mich., It visiting friends and ! icliitlvcs here. She will return In j .-.'< weeks. l Mr.?, Jackie Vnjixniit returned : yesterday from Forrest City. Ark., 1 where she has been visiting tor [ w. weeks. I Miss Virginia Smith returned to ' Manila yesterday nflec n two I weeks visit in Hot Springs and 1 .*unphls. l < rtllcna Dcxld has returned from | St. Louis, Mo., after a short visit. ; W. L. Griffin nnd son, JJnrberl, I nre leaving tor Memphis i today to visit Mrs. w. L. Griffin,'who was operated on recently in (he Baptist hospital. She is reported, to be improving nnd Is expected to j '"in home with them. Mr .nnd Mrs. Mike Thleiny of, Mo., are vlsltlliig the Inltcr's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs' J. M. Hntlon. They will return home i. itay. Dr. V. R. Pox, Mr. and Mrs. James Moore. Mr. mid Mrs. Richard Pox left Thursday to visit in Marion, Ky. They will return to Manila Sunday. Edwin Hudson, son of R. s, Hudson, cily attorney, wll leave Sunday for Slim-field, Mo. He j ty there. I Greene of >a ^- — ^'j^j-V gTAMl' collcclws may expect c rush of Spanish stamps, overprinted by (he rebel fortes as soot. ;is Ihey captured ,111 Imporlonl fily. Kirsl canic' those of (ho, island of Majorca. Now Seville li;u an overprinted |ir |, !ln ,i soon ( ] 1£ overprints of; other large cenlcn iniiy he expected. Some overprint) set in lype, others arc rubber- Will Celebrate PAGE TEHEE P - n .-, T IFoiirTroiiei'.s In h.rm E Mt of Town ir ( , alllrc R Qf Armistice Sunday. / twa ^ m ^: ow,«,,i uy •' ' C ' "• •Suiiiticl, Is cii'jilln;; much CAKUTIIKHSVILLK. Mo. Nov G i ?i"! ,, T""" nf lts l»cultnr -l!'tween 300 nnd 500 ly'slojiiialris ' » i ( " ow slx illcl ' M lo ? "I -Southeast Missouri niv exiii'cled ! „ , S , ,, , 1 "' oa(1 vvllh . ft r 1 '" ''I'll' Stmdny nfiernoon N«V B to ' ,'""' '» 1>o<lv nl >o»t the slw> of iwilrijwie i,, , !le a mitml -Umi.s'tk-. I m, i'! 1 "''' ,' J<l1 ^ |U1 " " u ' h tn " '' "» »->y parade, arri.iiKed by -i ilscot M ° " nlm " ls ta <* tind Hie hind i I" <ii <--™,ny post of the American L«- ± "I ^" lls ">"S " s «»<» font i <">"''•- |«! the horse. This ! s Slayten's first venture In harness, racin* 1 """-l> lie 1ms been, interested" •ly in ruimlng horses and i '"" cvc " tj » to bo held at, Inter'" "' v " Js «»-°"Slioi.f ll,o .vfntei here. —' „> "mi i nvjji, i\uv. a ic) • ., II... , „ , "-..>• ui ---/» "ixt u LI. t; HL i np i til (""rrmiirt" in in/limifi,in.if - - ° IwilHjwie In the aimtm | ^rmls i" I ""F 1 "' fllc , '""' " u ' h tn » '* '»> '"»' '«"• (".tiers .mite £ ' s -<!l and « n " J" a Mft " mo &«rr*krs^ & x -w^riSti rv""- - =i j^ % - -»- ^ '- ftt l " 1)rcs - "'»«' oul-o^ioiv, L'»tomi-lrs '. lli ,V! C "'"' 1 ^"^ ls llominl "'' *'< «•' Mi" n S ' < "'' Ve ' 1 by ' ' '"ay lake |ml. '-t'0»n.ii K -,„_(,,. n , mat ,, s (0 U;i - () ; ; R 0 i' m< i. \., 1 (osc "" >r J r . "riven > «;;x""T -'»-^»«.^i^'u^ns^^'ir-:^^; .^ivr'ng: ^» -r^^js,?^ rti.mli} aflernoon. . i nc visitors' Huiinini n,,», ,.„„.' ,..".,.':: . u >- |)ncln« rnc«. v,l,i,.i, .,.:., tis Hill Irntisi-rs ^r, «,„„, • ^X-T wi " k -'»«'=»:,-r^^r:s^^»r-:v«;n» .r^-r^ - «-• -^ IC LS S',Sr^;:s35^- : ' = - ; '""(tins.' J!inmy' 1 f-:irathroorr mil T "" E . ;.:.,,!!,'l;". ^ lil ! l ?" li »'«" vioi.i , u,, v «r.l, nV-s 'rh rd , u, C.iile on -n e wl , ,' '' ™ ' one mils east' or l:mi. Efi'g ! ? .acc at Game Julio 193G." * *.' * France has adi-.iiiccd Its highest value in stamps from 10 francs lo »• new issue : of so francs, which I'tiu.ils about S5.Z5 hi United •Slates money. This new high value is sin nirm.iil issue of the oank-notu lyjie, and is used mostly for registered airmail matter. .* « * Oo'jil used copies of tl-o all-blue tiny lias IJPOLI sold win aniivmir-d i "i" ''' ^ f ' l ' 1> ' l(!n of Hyeisbur" lf'1111,, Ljy C. CI. S '" IB-cent kovury nlrmnil slaiijpi >v,-re bought recently In a New York auction at 17 'cents a mpy. . Khal!f:l bin !Iilrub ' wi » are vlsitiiig Mr. and . McKinnun. They will jday. Miss Mona Crimson has return- to her home in Biggars after '•UK relatives here this week Mrs! R. j'. I return Sun- j '"'fil, Facing Inal on a charge similar j .-;" lo that of which Eli 2 abelh Smilli c<! lo was con.icted recently — killin"' *' " il1 an illegitimate baby hy dropping Mi »' 01 ' C. W. Tipton : ~and it to its death—Rose Lucks, New daughter, Anna, and J. P Horner YOrk tVni«;t Inncnp t*n..- t :.. ll'icilo/l !T, Tl 1 *__ „.. - — ^.^.....—nv,^^ uu-n&, York lypist, leaves court ,„ Bronx, N. Y., utter refusal of judge to try her at once instead of on November 13. " C ° St 58 '°° 00 ' »" ^ » r?,™ '° b " ild Jap ''" 1 ' s " clv Dief r " " g ''! T° ki °' " nd ils complCJ l,on is celebrated with n set of .four commemorative stamps, in two designs. One pair shows a • view of the new building, nnd Hie ..other pair pictures the entrance. <Coi>yrlKlil.. mo. Ni;A Service. Inc.) reaction against Landon was as Harmful as most politiciaiii b'- ieve, but the vote shows Repub- icnns far overestimated the efljct of th2 two big "scare" issues. KooLevelt Wins Voters Constantly wearing clown Repub-' g 11 'ican si Roosevelt visited in Pocahontas Thursday N. W. Wagner nnd family visited relatives and friends in" Winn- ficld. La., this week. Rev. St. Clnir Slatton of Para- Boiild will preach at the morninii l-.our in Ihe Church of Christ in Miihila Sunday. He plans to move lo Dyess Colony to carry on evangelistic work there. Rev. Maurice Howcll. regular minister, will nil at Clear Lake was 1 the fact 'that [allied popularity and raged al hearing o ,,e 3f i t3 most campaigning n nd that Landon's lampaign efforts failed to build •ilm »]). if they did not actually ose him votes. .leaders have ever been able to gain as muny votes through travel^'and speeches a s Roosevelt. A Confidential and .-trustworthy Democratic poll;'foVifisliilicet ihoa 1 '- cd that after his visit to Dubutuie, IR.; th'e' ! president's popularity ratio Herbert Poe of Manlln was called to Memphis, Train., to begin work there tomorrow In n clcuart- ment store. * B * The Epworlh League of the M. Ihe Democrats, who were nmnz-d by the Roosevelt vole, was fairly well expressed shortly be Tore midnight, by Ruth Baker Pratt lovely and wealthy former ' con- im°,A'."V'T"""= 0 " e 3I lt3 most "'"'-'; M '" '" ""« «V irom 33 per grasswoman . from New- Ynrlr Important leaders-who happened CCI " to 53 p 2r cent. . -. when she said- "I was ne j „ v n ^.L ( ? 0 l S !:™l,L Ckct ? in New t,, n™!!!:^'.^.'..^ 0 ^ 0 mcrcaso I completely bewildered in nil m.v popularity rao increased in that city from 33 per E. Church, assisted by the .....,. u ., will give their annual b.inqiiet Wednesday night, Nov. 11, at 8 o'clock. Eugene Matthews of .Llt- tln Rock is scheduled to be. the principal speaker. Miss Almcda Beery is chairman of progrnin committee. Robert Kllllan will rerve ns toaslmnster. Robert West and Don Thomas are directors':of oriuinal stunts. The Baptist Missionary society I], /i ^:, " - "'•">'>"•<•• nets ""- "-•'<• «".*o^, u wa-, annaiiiir-d .," ^- s 'ay'cn or Dyeisbur" ni 11 -v ,'m >r °""" " ml Olll:r i y ~ , Ti ,"' ™ I>(> wl " b -"' lf "'i *"-•<•!;""" '';' P- a s ""'>i'of tin'i "i-iui.f, will be presented. .(ween halves c[ m.. li.'yt^..,'! 1 ,.: lt .' lll »' V.ornc Yoim,,|,iood of ^ At 5:ao the -.Lsgloinulns will' K: "' V|JOI ' t K->i»-'. "" i''• nvl -"' 1 sli. lud., \vjio .li.lmiy t /,vn- v-'iiv! Is also'flii taid-' 'I'm first directory of Lordnn' : !V *"' '' t *' lf ' Ji ' *~" ~ , . Jincl' a roynl oii','ln, Iji-lnu ..Hrtr-d ' ''•* '-•-.fK'.iimlres are expected lo be 1 J'. Charles 1., wlm wanted'a iiki 1 ••"'-• m from Cap; Giriidriu. ° r citizens who could loan him' i] u.,.0 1 .!, o^.\!er, l^nlar niiitl' money. i f COUGH DROP " wiili throat-coothina" of Vicks Vaj-oUub ' r A Wdeome Oi:l=on, '"i''J-», J.icksiin, mm:,, O rnn. ''Jo". Ko,likoinn 3 , Hlccmib'.d. •'!! -u, 1'isk, In Missouri, and lily-' . U.D, Ark. «taltied the Manila' Uon's '> with n luncheon TlHirsdny ; "'"':. Marc-us Evrarrt of uiy- '\\f. vilk' was the |)rluclp:il r ® %l$ well ,, ,„, - s ""• t'liaiifc <T a lifetime fur ,111 -imi,, „.),„ i,.,., i,,.,,,, hoi]f|1(r f()I . ,, ,,„..,„„.,.,. „,. us c-uii—mill oiu- lli:i| i, u H in )„, PKOUD (o mv|1 ..,.u.' 0 | 3 I™""' "i ' llstrltl " 101 r "r a Hnr of mnvlmmllM ol «m>s doHnnii"' C ?" S ""' lio "' " ilh "nivi-rsal and c.mlin- •«ake $uoj"t« 5M P Oa''"cr^i"rclra7'pi'uTll ; ""' "'"'"'" 1-rss than half the SI.OCO will >„• in Ibis ami (lie rcsl will \ lc your „.„,.[, If you think >«„ are TIIK MAN, (he ,l| s trl ( . ( aprr iranls („ ,. :1 || „„ voll „,„, ( || Sl . llss i( ..... . Inirs liclow and mall (lus adv tn SIMl'SON' AllVKISTlSINf! [;() .),.-, O |hv- 5( ST. I.OL'tS, MO. ' s?ll]ir r raji It al. In the We have the nrnrsL -.tjle-; In lamps, lamp thaUcs anil filler gltli s\i!l:Ui| L - for lulilxc |-rl««. We Imve priced them very rrasr.n.iblc, too. In fact, uo liuvc diver llllln ubh laiaps wo :irc, sdlliij; for .00 ^ 111? Genuine \VesliiiKhoiisc Appliances - - «'s for Homo ;IIH! Office. •__JICS!fSSSSKifX3g'. York £ late r brunded a Communist by Republican politicians. Attack Is Boomerang •Ihey knew better. So did the Jewish voters, many of them already embittered by. slurs from ---. , ,...,_ <>rtio.Ki; lllUiUiiSP ' \-UJILJ m Roossvelt sentiment ran aroun-1 ! life." 15 per cent after his visits and speeches. The president's carefully planned attempt to build himself tip as a statesman with sympathy for the common Father Co linsii voters in New York against" Go7- ernor Lehman. Jeirish triends here and elsewhere say those of their race voted nearly 100 P3r cem i or R OOS ,, v( ,] t I "anaicappcd by Hoover Democratic leaders admit the ,, The La rld OTI-Hamuton-Knox payroll envelope attack inMit > bluil:lcr s « : ere too'numerous to . = - ITlPnMrtn «i 11 i ••. - V|F r ..vili -il ""JliHIUH Jj-J K^tJ I -• ic-r Couglilin and by the not!™ 1 the unspoken implication that iccessful effort to line up Irish Lan °- on was a comparatively weak "" '" " " second-rater who couldn't be depended on to keep ILS out of war nnd oter troubles, ivne n,,M,,«,,n.. *-- ""mLJV llll^lll have been far more effective had it been held until a week or 10 days before election. It began .-arty enough to give union labor time lor a vigorous counter attack, to give Roosevelt and hundreds of other speakers a chance to hammer tack at it again and again, and to e^ the social Security Board at Washington time to throw its maeJiinery into high gear in a, intensive campaign of education " is hard to say u-iuther the mention. ,,,ost politicians are . s are willing to admit that the Landon- Hamilton-Knox campaign Rave m«t voters the impression that Landon was scarcely distinguishable from HODver and everybody knows that Hoover and the insmory of ^ini were a major Landon handi- These arc random observations. 1 Ihe feeling in bo th , election night, including that of PICKARD'S GROCERY THE SAFKST 'PLACE TO HIJY YOUR MEATS & DAIRY PRODUCTS \\'e receive Swift's Premium Beef twice weekly. Green's Grade A Pasteurized Milk twice daily. We li a v e the most modern Frig- idaire meat equipment. Variety O f Cold Meets iind Cheese. Fresh Vegetables Daily. \Ve Deliver. Phone 673 10-l'l Chfdcasawbn HEAVENS! i MWHT HAVE KMOWM DICKY AND DAISY WOOLDMT INTO THE M!l K ffiB f CRAIG'S DAIRY THEM HOM '/ ^~^» *'''. / ^l-./l If you rxr.cct to become another WH °«'KSOJtK CRAIG'S GRADE A RAW MILK «rt ]0c ' nl ^ liutlermilk, Qt (ic Belief In Each Other —is Ihe foumliilion of Hie rcla(i«nshi|> between a bank and ils customers. The bank in accepting deposits from its customers also receives their confidence anil tvust. In granting loans to borrowers the bank expresses its own faith in their trustworthiness and business abilities. A bank's position in its Communily, therefore, is founded both on its confidence >n customers and its sympathetic understanding of their aims and methods, and also on the confidence of its customers in its own business methods and policies. i his bank's loaning and investment pi-act ices, its facilities for protecting depositors funds, a m | ,-j s careful consideration of all loan applications have brought us the confidence and bankiiifi business of many people in this Community-. TI, I- Deposits Insured liy me J'cdcral Deposit Insurance Corporation Washington, I). C. ia.OflfJ Maximum Insurance Tor Each Depositor Farmers Bank & Trust Co. lilylheville, Ark. "'nIK. COM 1 -JOTS ISLKCTH1CAI,- STORE" 2C8 \V. Main . .'•''• ,„ -."':" ' •-^^^•sstt&Sij&sss. W. -ITS 4 /"'~2 j / > ? ~~-,. > f ,«,,'<> ^^ f /-ffftof ' vl ; vfS> //:"'; /-"- '///?<'*&$>* '", '„,> ' f ' OF RICH, RIPE-BODIED Block tlint cough...that raw irritation...readier T. light smote...* Lucky! Whctheryou're shouting, ind cheering the team, or just talking and singing and laughing at borne, there's a tux on your throat you can hardly ignore. So when choosing youc smoke, .it pays to think twice. Reach for a light smokc.;.:i Lucky.., and gee the welcome throat protection that only Luck-res oftcr-thc exclusive protection of the process, "It's Toasted." Next time you go places, take plenty of Luckies.They not only taste good, but keep tasting good all day long... for Luckies are a light smoke - and a light smoke loaves a clear "throat^a~dean taste. I've only missed sending in my entry 3 iimes"-Sailor Uncle Sam's s ai lo rs fi nd ri m c t o try th ci r skill in Your Lucky Strike "Swccp- t.Tl-ci." Se^nian Spangcnfacigc- of (lie U. S. S. Mississippi, nn cr.thushst'c ) Sweepstakes" fan, writes: 'Tu; on)/ missed sending in m>-entry three time! —1 mail them in whenever the ship is in American waters." f lave yjiu entered ye;? !T;,v j-ou won '-'' ' I.ucKs' 5. ::.^- ~ 7, u tul V'unc Hit Parade"'—\Vet!nc! ' nil Saturday evenings. Listen, ju*!<t-, arij compare the fines —then try Your Lucky Strike "Sweepstakes." And if you're not already smoking I.uckics, Iniya pack tmiay and try ihcm. Maybe you've been misiiitjjitmiettin;;. TOBACCO - "IT'S TOASTED"

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