The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania on June 19, 1936 · Page 11
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The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Franklin, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1936
Page 11
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w THE NEWS-HERALD, FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 1930. at ISa II-. " n(arod "or t'LT a "d Um ttoBrT - wa Urn- Woman4""!' Is open to man 6f ' earn tJ ? ot vnngo County, of coum !aIary Visiting residents acQuaini! .of r,tf nd have Wide land fi;Vv?Lvms P'ao ot residence . -y"une number. W WANTED. V.n.?r oman to visit residents of havn Countr. Applicant must li.nt 1 be wel1 known, be Intel-ana not afraid to work. Ex-Wri1 r remuneration guaranteed, eivint - flo tt9 Franklin, Pa., idlnrl lgtJ "PStlon, place or residence and telephone numbef. , A 8POoegTiojf to the Bonus Boys: j rut at least part 01 mm! your money in a home. You may never have t,.. outu a uiianuB again. rnos art way down and terms easy, PHONE 196 808-15TH ST. I EL ICO 1 1 1 NOTICE! The price on properties ft JlS-12tu Street and 413-Uth Street and H15 Liberty Btreet have been reduced for Quick sale. Offers Considered. W. S. Covell, Realtor ties, phone, S38. FOR SALE. i FOB BaXE Heal estate brokers sell 10 i and 20 acre Florida Certified Subsistence i Homestead. Inquiries your vicinity. . Advertising, Personal clewing assist- ; ance. Sale assured. Florida Subsis- : tence Homesteads, Cocoa, Florida. : FOB SALE Lumber, brick, tile, cement, j sash, doors and paint. Estimates free. ' Can also furnish carpenters. Moss Lumber Co., Cochranton, Pa. 13-7t ; FOB BALE Corns in and see the quali-: ty of goods I am selling. Do not Judge i without seelne. Hlffh nimlltv eoorts. not shoddy. Open evenings. Sands, the ; Tailor. 10-tf FOB SALE Fine, healthy plants. Cab- Dage, iuc oozen ; tomatoes, lo eaco. AU kinds flowering plants, sweet peppers, cauliflower, etc Giant tomatoes. EaiBburg's Greenhouse, Sugarcreek, phone UQ47-M. Jl-U FOR RENT. FOB BENT Second-floor apartment, live rooms and bath, private entrance; renewable rent; good location, Phone 133- 839 Elk St 18-U FOB rem sis-room house at 515- 12th Street, 130 per month. CaJl Mrs. K. M. Jewell. Phone 1321. It FOB BENT House at 1541 Liberty St I 8 rooms and bath, open fireplace, laun dry, lurnace ana garage, inquire Mrs. C. H. Sbeasley, 1339 Liberty St. 30-tf FOB BBNT Six-room house at 101 12th BL Inquire of C. V. Clark, phone WANTED. WANTED WIM pay you "more" for rags, copper, braes, radiators, batteries, etc. fie convinced. , Get our prices before you sell. 1 Hdnest Weight. Big 4 Shop, no. 14-11, 13U1 ttt, 19-31 WANTED 'Washing, with or without ironing; curtains and blankets. Work carefully done and prices very reasonable. Address written letter to' R K J, care News-Heraia. . i8-t WANTED Electrlo refrigerator, radio and washer service man. Must be experienced. Sears Roebuck Co., Oil City, tJa. 17-3t WANTED Work In exchange for room And board, by business college girl. School hours 8 to 12:30. Phone 685. tf MISCELLANEOUS. I REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU HAVE BOLD when or .where, your age, part or full time, I have something for you that people everywnere actually need, want and buy 9 times out of 10 ; no deposits, delivering, collecting or investment; your money is paid you every week and our representatives average $25 to $40 in commissions. This offer Is to men wherever -this advertisement reaches, so if you are sincere, really desirous of a nne year-rouna connection, write ai once for full details to BOBBINS, .NEWARK, NEW YORK. i PERSONAL. Men! Get vigor at oncet New Oe-trex Tonio Tablets oontaln raw oyster invlgorators and other stimulants. One dose peps up organs, glands. Regular prioe $1. Introductory price, 79c Call, write Eckerd's, Inc. COMPLETE GLASSES One ft SA Mm $7.50 1 UNIVERSAL OPTICAL CO, New Location U Center St, Oil City, P. CASH Paid t.r J tink. Bags, Papers, Manila Gall S18-G and oar track will call FRANKLIN SCRAP IRON CO. lit Howard Bt. FraaUU, Fa. REGISTER FOILS BRIDE. PARIS CP Madeleine Aimee, pretty, 18-year-old Paris stenographer, sannot obtain a marriage license because the official birth register eays iie is a boy. Because of a slip of the pen 18 years ago. she will have to obtain a court decision establishing her a a firi before shecan be married. If yon are thinking of entering the IBetter Business Campaign as a contestant, send your name to today or phone. Oome to campaign headquarters and inspect "the display of beautiful premiums .which will be given for B. B. Stamps. ' Brewing of malt and oarley bwrer-a.ges dates back to TWO B. C. Use of Itops to brewing date fca to the eventh and eightn oenturieg . u. SEEK MUZZLE FOR JIM FAHELY, NQW DEMOCITIC GOAL Cloudt of Dirt Already Flying; Drop Income Tax Indictments of Long's Lieutenant.' By RODNEY DITCHER, NE A Washington Correspondent. WASHINGTON, June IB, The -gog Jim Farley" movement: is gaining strength here anil may soon make some headway. Many, of the boy and girls in the Administration are convinced that the postmaster general-national chairman is showing up a Liability No. g in the campaign and that practically every time he makes a public utterance the net effect i all to the bad. No one is trying to get Jim out ot his job as campaign manager, but in many quarters you hear the wish expressed that ho would cease appearing as chief spokesman for the New Deal and the Democratic party and confine himself to getting the votes. The idea is that Farley may,arry an appeal in INew York and perlmps New. Bnglpnd,, fcut that when yoi go west from there you start running into an anti-Farley, anti-Tammany prejudice which ought hot be Inflamed. There are other men who might speak up for the party. It is argued, for instance, that It would bare been much bobber for Secretary of Agriculture Wallace to hare made the charge that Governor Landoo in 1963 favored paying off the Fourth. Liberty Loan la greenbacks. At handled by Farley, this one fell so flat that Republican Chairman John Hamilton was able to make t biting Tepty to Jim's other remarks without being forced even to mention the greenback charge. Dirt Starts Flying. It Ibegins1 to appear that some Democrats are willing to do practically anything to win the ejection. Current charge that politics induced the Administration to drop income tax Indictments against Huey Long's old lieutenants in . Louisiana and that postmasters are being used for collection of small campaign contributions have added to the odor of suspicion. Republicans are" enabled to point to Farley's prediction that this one would be a "dirty campaign" and hint that he was referring to his own plans. Since it obviously Is Farley's job to take cafe of such dirty work as there is to be done and because the more sordid as well an the normal political maneuvers have been under his supervision,' the tsVfure of a rather sinister felknf has been built up. , j various prominent New Dealers who consider themselves "purer" than Jim have helped in the building. And the picture become easy' to sell in areas where religious prejudice i Mill strong. Every lnsiJer knows the campaign will be "dirty" and that it will be" "dirty" on both sides. Anyone who knows politics end politicians hi no right to expect anything else. But the Democrats will beve to decide whether It's safe tactics to hare Farley acting is both party scapegoat and party spokesman at the same time. Ready to "Tell All." You can expect etpkmlone soon from men now working In the New Deal who are aching to get loose and "tell all," perhaps for a price, Every administration has its skeletons and recent Inquiries from G. O. P. "bra to trust" headquarter lead certain officials to believe the enemy already Is seeking to piece together some exposures which are based on leaks from the Inside. Iekea on Top Again. If the New Deal take licking next November, Secretary Harold I Ickes need hardly worry. He could get a job in any circus as the "India rubber man." For three years Ickes has been demonstrating his ability to be knocked flat on the floor and then after an interval suddenly bounce high In the air as if released by a spring. His PWA boys, celebrating their third anniversary, brag that they hare outlived the other members of the New Deal trio, NRA and AAA. A few weeks ago, with the approval of Roosevelt and Harry Hopkins, the referee all pronounced PWA as definitely dead duck. No money wa being asked for another PWA program. The etory of how PWA rose tike a phoenix or something from the ashes is a devious one, featuring some grte biting and scratching in the clinches. But the current chaptef li tha Icke get (900,000,000 to give away, wfccfc presumabtor means a construction program of about $750,00000, Since PWA had only $320,000,000 laet fiscal year, Ike does relatively better thfl the Hopkins WtPA or the TogweB Resettlement Administrations, whose ap nronrlsvtlonii are curtailed Also, say the PWA boy, they wontl be subject to what they call "Boptinsf trouble." They charge that Harrjs, who will have nothing to. say about the 300,00000, has been delaying and blocking them for the last year. (Copyright, 19M, NA Sefrice, jftd) i. . MARRIAGE LICENSE APPLICATIONS. Robert Ross Kaylor and Margaret Viola Mong, both of Franklin. Harry Riddle Moyer, Cleveland, and Uyra Grant Campbell, Franklin. Jesse Wilbert Kreidler and Mary Louise Campbell, both of Oil City, Allen Edward Jones and Mary Lu Rowe, both of Franklin. , London's Mayfalr was cainefci for a fair which has been held there-in May ever einceHho 16Ut oeutut. A REAL FEIItliYlVAIIIA BYE FORPQiflSYUlS UlXadic PENNSYLVANIA O FDJMSYLVANIANS Q Jht PINNSYLVANIANS ton a ctD-Tna uxe Gamnnntt w Spuuouakt PINT COD6 Ml CODE 142 Mil I mm toat FIGHTING BANNED. SrtiGAPOTtK LP Alor Star, a small town to North Malava. which claims to be the last town in the British. Empire where coek fighting and bull fighting are permitted by kvw, is to lose its fame. The Sultan of Kedah has at last accepted the suggestions of his British advisers and decided to pro- hibit both sports. - rj QaBBBBSSBBBBBMBSBBBBBBBBB I L.-1 .-T:,Ari!in'W : 1 iii t I I asm' - .W. at-I ID I At CkT .M. I 0 Bsc. Wr4 j9m M.oo SHEER COTTON FROCKS Right when you want them moat. Delightful naw frocks in cool, sheer prints. Youll wear then right now and all through the summer. The smart frilly touches give them that dainty feminine look, so important thia seaaon. Sizes 14 to 52. SPECIAL NO. 1 fast Color Wash FROCKS 32c Eat" : rfifc- i OHJHff-O jdoi peasant doOk 12-20j PIECE GOODS BARGAINS Sheer Fast Color WASH GOODS 3LQcyd- Part Linen CRASH 5 yds- 43c . Good Quality. Women's White Cotton Hankies SPECIAL NO. 2 300 YARDS FAST COLOR PERCALE 5c Yard Be Early For This! BETTY CO-ED M A S For Warm,. Sunshiny SPEOALNO. 3 WHITE SUMMER HAND BAGS 25c Each Washable. Clever Styles. 42x36 in. Belle Isle PILLOW CASES QC each Unhemmed Torn 81" SHEETS gQC each SHEETING 81 in. tclde 19c yA- Women's Summer Gowns 29 C each Hand Embroidered. Sizes 16-17. Extra Size 59c SPECIAL NO. 5 200 Only WASH CLOTHS Plaid Terry q each Quantity Limited. TOYO HATS v Special For ; Saturday tVery Smart. Very New. , 98c 4sP Smart, Cotton Sport GamTO S19 &me w tth ylssta, ansae with p4et tfimmlail SbaotsBit, desert cloth, pkrae, sad linen. Lots of krvery colors. 0 Glcttrow Smuttier See These New Cool heer DLOUCHO S'nts $2 All 7C3 Tallocod end drway! Ortaav dy.Uwa, dimity, and pioMtt ouH want sctw era! bfoossa at tia aaamaiBfiy low price. BARGAINS FOR MEN WASH TIES Men's Athletic Shirts and Shorts C each Men's WASH SLACKS 98c SPECIAL NO. 4 20 DOZ. ONLY Men's Mix Cotton Work SOX 5c Pair Quantity Limited. Be Early! YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO SAVE! PRE-INVENTORY BARGAINS! FKANKUJi, Q ! r 0 n (i (h f, lt o (tj j TRADE IN FRANKLIN i MV&mm o cm iOb if & m is o; David C Butcher, of Washington, D. C, Business Man Evangelist TONIGHT (FRTOAY) : 'LESS THAN THE LEAST OP. TOlMR. BUTCHER'S UPE STORY DO NT MSS IT! 1 ' SUNDAY, 2:S0: 4THE ItrPTURE.w ... CAMPAIGN CLOSES SUNDAY SPECIAL MUSIC SUNDAY, 7:45 : THE TRIBULATION PERIOD.9 a a - -EVERYONE WE1XOME

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